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As time j»*n-s on through space it leaves behind marks of distinction and pros
perity. The world is a unit in casting away it- sorrows and mingling its joys with
Us deaf ones on that eventful day. Parents will deny their urgent wants that their
little ones may share Santa Claus' favors. Children, unconscious as they are_p_ the
surroundings, will let the whole world know that Christmas has really come.-. This
great store is .live with the Christmas spirit, every department, ever) nook apd cor
ner breathes the welcome spirit. The kind adherence of the public to "in request
for early buying, with the careful co-operation of our employes working earnestly and
Don't Forget When You Start Out to Select Your Gifts That Buying Here Offers Incalculable Benefits
The Great Christmas Department
Our Always Busy Basement
Tlie busiest place on earth just BOW —Fa-t sclliti)** moment in tlie largest am!
bent selected stock nf new up-to-date China Cut i.lasa Lamps an.i Silverware. — ;
shown in the entire Pacific Coast For Friday we have arranged a most Interest
tug Bargain Sale. All lines are complete, fresh and clean. The Biggest. Brightest,
Liveliest Sale of the Year.
Clocks for Christmas Here's Cut Glass That
Presents Will Surprise You
____„. . . Read the Prices
Friday v special Prices Will Interest H riniant American Oat ni___. ia_ .nd Pepper
oil Shake i». »tcr ling .11 i.r 4"*
Oold Cloelu mad* by the New Haven Clock ! „,'t't ■» special for Friday each I _- W
Co. richly ornamented, earmt time keep- j,..,.,^. „_._,.„__ c _, GUj _, ...,___ Tr _.^
tor mday $1.39 -__r^5T $6 oo
.sickle Plated Tattoo Alarm dorks: etrtra Itrllllaat Atneri _n Cut <,;__ mm or Orange
special <J».f £■#* Howl. VlrgtnU paUern. _*•_» Cf\
fr $1.50 -h-r-- $8.50
rrtday _„._ -^stsatsw „,,_ wvodai tor maar T^Y' 1*
M.satoai Clocks, eight day time; extra spec- I Brill-sat Aaer(.-_» Cut C.-a*. Tabt*Tumb!ei"s.
I*l «a «^r *_^ RQ optic ru.rtrlty $4.89
„. S» <KH engraved, pc r dot; *a- _)-4e0%/
rod_-7a... ............. ..T,-' ,D3 -» .pe.i.l for Friday *f ~' V W
♦"•'■•*•*•* Brilliant American Cut __MB Oil re Dish. Mont-
Gold Clocks total* by the New Haven Clock r ,, w _*• a I™ rt
Co., richly cirrs-ir-iented. iiirrt. tco qq eu - SflsD
tlae keepers. extra special «Pfc,sjs_. •»*••**• *Pe**'sl tor m.i 11 ,ww
tor Friday Drttllant American Cat (Haas Spooner. Moot-
Iron Cloaks, mad* by ths New Haven Clock ros* CQ f-rt
Ox. v day strike Ivory dial. _» mm mm m peuerm; 30.9U
gilt trimming* i.irr_-t Ume; 2)_) HJ) extra special for Friday i.****"
extra spe. i*l tor Friday . . .^ w w
flMl<aorl i__ mne t„H America's Best Makes
Decorated Lamps and of silverware
and Globes for Christmas Are ah Represented m Our Always
Presents Busy Silver Ware Department.
rres-nib For Friday We Name %
Friday's Extra Special Prices Few Hummers
Head Painted China Parlor _»..•.;>.. decorated Rogers Brothers' 1147 extra Al Plat* Kalvse.
with roars, pink globe, gl!' *•._•• rt rt Windsor Sat in _** _*! C__
fount and foot; extra sjre,- *S <H H nnl«h: !_J .3 .*) If
tal for Friday er-sseaww *ttra *pecUt for Friday, per „„. *T *_**■ *■" as*
Hand Painted China Parlor ta_mpe. decorated -*__-*_ m m mJ rl**' Co^! <4y**nm%t Plated
with daisies, blue Hob*, gilt *«•*_ art Mreail Trays. \lataa* French £4 rtrt
fount and foot.stands-3 ln,hf-S_<__lH trey pattern rl- Mv ornamented; jI.OO
high; extra special for Friday. "** W*^ W •*•*'-• »P«>»* for rr«****'r
The World* Famous Forbes Silver Plate Co..
Band Painted China Parlor lamp., decorated ? Smokers' gets, quadruple plated satin finish
trttli rnaets. brown glob*, (lit fount and richly engraved, ronsltta of cigar mug.
foot, stands *« inches __* _, AA match holder, ash tray _*» ****•» 4} rt
high, royal sight .Iran burner; 2)OsJ_laJ stul trty _>_S.IIJ
_ sxtre .peaial for Friday ***r****' **** ltr ammmt Air Friday *mm aam
Hand Painted China Parlor Lamp*, decorated Benedlet Sllt.r '*'■•»■' Co.. I pier* tract. !"*" !
wttb rosea. I Inch globe, gilt _*»__ rtr- •**•>•• Pl*"**- «**'» n___. rt-hly rngrs»ed lea
mountings. No 2 burner. J_ll_.__:D' P"»- »«*«". apooner rtrt FA
Illtr* spe. for Friday *>X « a Be. w tn. rrrtm.r; *J)OeOU
extra special for Friday ~
name Atwood Nlrkl* Plated Parlor lamp, | n,a*-dir' Sliver Plate Co. eke Basket*. quad- I
royal tight draft burner, richly ornamented. ru ,,> „iaied. Vintage French (rey pattern,
complete wttb tripod and £ _-» rtrt richly rt-rt oft
th--'.. extra spec- |J__.b_-10 ornamented; _>_S._lC_.
Ul for Friday *^-__-_*'_» _..__ tpwla , ,_,„„ *tgW.S-»W
Hand Painted China Night lamps, richly da- Hoi—an Silver Plat* Co. Tern H..he*. quadrupl* J
rotated, pink bmst and _.__*_ plated richly ornamented wtth rtrt ___ Q !
globe. JJ)C » p._rc*tla» lining jj.lfj
extra special for Friday w extra special for Friday T r
Friday in the Bon Marches Toy World
"Dear Old Santa" is by far the proudest man in ,i!" Seattle now. Tomorrow
he will overflow with joy— the liar-fa' we have agreed to offer here Friday tick
les him all over. Our Toy and Doll Assortment it complete in every detail. Chir i
big purchases enables us to show up to the last moment of the holiday shopping'
here a complete assortment of everything that is new, novel, and interesting in i
playthings. Xo other house on the Coast endeavors to do this. The llig Store;
insists on supplying your every want at all times. Remember this Toy World is
the best ventilated now in America.
50 Dozen Sets of Toy Furniture
Just receiver! yesterday, almost too late for Christinas, but not quite, be
cause we have priced them at half their value. You will find thrin on a big bar
gam table in the center aisle—Bon Marche Big Toy World.
Comple(_y fyied Christmas tree storking*; I ■_._..-_ ___..__, !_._,.. "F__.••_*.
special Friday at 1,-,.. 2i)c, ."lOe! iron roys iron Toys
Worth Donble *"■..*■'
Regnlar ssc nuckboard Desk, large chart on Thousands of til Strongest, Most
rollera. handsomely finished; Friday Uancaln Interesting Toys for Boys, all a'
price .each ... . ♦!■""' Startling Bafffain Prices
Boya' Completely Filled Tool Che*(s, regular c VI
tt.£o kind; Friday bargain price.. 51.19 lOr rriday
•"Shoo* Fly Rocking Horace," regular SSc kind. my. _ . —. _ .
.nicely painted .nd finished; Friday bargain (jive 3 Box of rine Lrdndv
price, •*-*' 59"..
Mtt elegantly liressed Doll, on Special Halo A C—rta_—Ul without a bog of fin* Candy
Friday. Tbey are ail regular fi*Je, tjc, 89c would be much like a banquet without a din-
Drills, some worth as high as Ma We will j n-r foe get the finest and freshest goods .
place tb* entire lot on sale Friday at, ' In the mark- - here, put up In fancy boxea.
choice of each lilt* snd avoid paying fancy price*. These grand
tOO large size Wash Sets, with wrlnger.clothes | box specialties should he Inspected before
rack, lub, pall, wash board and clothea pins, you buy elsewhere, principally chocolate*
regular prlc* $1.00 get; Friday bargain an Hon lions; price* per box
price, complete 59< t I ,-Jo<.. 7."*<-._r.l.CM>. SUM
Glove Orders! Glove Orders! j
That's what you want for a gift for mother, father, sister, brother or friend.
They greatly facilitate mattcr-i—they make it possible for you to give a pair of
Gloves and you do not need to know the size, simply purchase at our lilove counter
an order for the amount you i.li to pay and present it to the one intended, the
Gloves -will I"- delivered to the holder any time after Christmas.
We suggest for I-adle* tho Monarch Tka -Mil the beat and most satisfactory
at 32. Calove In the market 81.00
-„ it..'. - Sued* For Men we hay* dressed and undrraai'd klda
st *1.7_ »* 81.00. $1.25. 81.50
_be Fanchon And (he Dent Aileron
•*» 81.50 ■■ - 52.50
Shipment of New Leather Goods
, Just in time for Christinas and just the goods that appeals to tho lu-iiDritv of
gift seekers, such as Hand Rags, Purses, Belts, Card Cases, ami all sorts of leather
novelties. A few mentioned here—Read
Hand Bags, Wrist najs, Peggy from Paris Choir* new styles Bilk Fabric Ilelts In as- .
Bass—new style*, aisorted akin*, fine frame*. , ort . d pattern*. B , caly mjxiei sw , lrlm .
good handles, well made, choice lining*,
nicely fltted; worth 12.25 at 81.40 n,'n *.*' ornaments and mounting*, all elans.
Handsome styles of new Wrist na*s, .'land t.lac-lt and color,, worth 11.00, at ... *rrw
£•__, and Opera Bags, In all lb. '''."■'l'" 1 Opera R.«a, Dolly Varden styles, gilt tiomam
foreign and domestla shapes, beautiful In- _ . _ .... . . . .
Bid* fittings, Hne linings, assorted skins. **'* ■"•»•••. *M}f "*••"-. <••■••••.. pretty psf
lateat creations; rant* In price from terns *o*l showy effect*. *ul(abls for an ac-
"82.50 *• 817.50 eepubls gift; worth 11.00 st 50**
.iMMMBMMMB.M_IMBa«ffIML. I i,i -a__iir»,a-_*llMi-_.!i l n —— ■ -----b*W*---»--b-^^
TftlK S.'-ATTI.E. STAR THURSDAY, DEC >_. 1904,
Celluloid Holiday Novelties
One-Third to One-Half Less Than Their Value !
la April tar placed an order on Fancy Holiday 'mod* to be delivered rarly in
the fall. llir goods were billed oul July 30 and shipped via the American-! lawaii
Steal—ship Co. The ship Wtß delayed owing to serious damage done to her in
transit ami hat just arrived, (htin^ to the fact thai only a few days remain in
I »*•»« to ilis-Hi-... nf thr ne jjnods we offer idem at one third to one-half less, than
their value. Celluloid Novelties including lilove and Mandl-erchief Boxes, Jewel
l.oxes, llonbonniere Uoxe*. Fancy I'm Trays, Hair Trays,*etc, etc, All ..at
One-Third to One-Half Less
■ Mr Celluloid Novell***. _.--,,. I„& Celluloid Nii.rlUea S I .OO
I «Be Celluloid Noveltle* ••- _. |1 S3 Celluloid Novellle* 81.50
1300 Celluloid Novrlilft* «l "1.1
1100 Celluloid Note-lie. ' t( i C ,_ (V „ u , o i,, N() ,,,„ r . 82.25
I 111- C*llulol.| Noveltle* •• ■ 7.%r » Celtulotd Noveltle* S2.OS
, Loud Cries for Christmas Slippers
Have ymi tren uur Srcund avenue window ditplay? It contain*, sample, of
the mott popular, heat made, mo-it terviceable nd lowest priced Slippers for pre-
I sentation purposes ever brougru to Seattle. Read and heed—
Ladle*' (ires or Re.! Kid -.tied* Jsjlli-t* with Man's Tin. Win* and lila. k liongnla Kid
fancy trimmed fur lops, turned soles and and 'ioat Slippers in Opera snd Everett
I opera heels; $1.85 1 »b*P*s; $1.19
1 specui ipl*o3 *p«-t_a 4.1*1.3
Men"* me It --U Calf Opera Rllppers. while', „ . _ _,_,. __ , . „ ,
kid 1it,..!, "itii.l ides ami In *1 QC . * , ™\ rar™mta«* }Mrt' »? r74
--fan lal $1.85 *» ****J '»* Qg C
flesltile suits, Mperial ... **Vat!_*
■ Men* Tan or Ulsrh Ikangnla Kid Hotß*- <:•;>
per*, wtth turned sole* and CI CQ '•'"-* Tan " "'' k '' "•■■'"'• ' ctllppera ln I*v
kid trimmings; *peclal... vl'o3 ,v _•,( Oper* •__•!>•. many QQrt
U___Mf Fine Felt Fur Trimmed Jsllet* with Btytae te aeltel from. .peelal *WOC
turn*.! -tlee » dlff.reßl larlßtt-l wtth roffl! XmAkmt „_,„. »„_,__, wttk le.it,,r or sll frit
men or opera $1.39 -»)«• ,nd red lineal. 50C
-»*«*•. •**»«*■«*■» .sPi.o-3, tp-eUI »)0c
Men's Black o r Tan Romeo Opera and liver-,
etl Bllppera. with turned aolc* and kid lln Men's Imitation Alligator and Fancy I'm
tags: $1.39 brvldered Esrrelt ".lIplaeTB; I.o**
apactal ...myti.OmJ special wUl*
I \ r — I
Neck Ruffs and Capes Marked Down to
1-4 of Their Regular Value
A few week"! ago we decided I—» mark down our entire slock of Liberty Silk
and Mousse!ine de Sojp, Neck Kurt*. and Cape* to make room for added line* of
Holiday Goods. At that time w$ marked them just about half price. Now, in
order to move quickly, we have cttt the price again about half, thus offefinj; yuu
the following , *,
• is- ■ KUFFS MARKED DOWN TO .-85.75
$3000 HUFFS MARK DOWN TO 87..".()
$ JV oo RUFFS MARKED DOWN TO si; ■_•;,
$-1000 RUFFS MARKED DOWN TO. *«.."».
$15.00 RUFFS MARKED DOWN TO.. 84.25
I $11.00 RUFFS MARKED DOWN TO. 83.00
i $10.00 RUFFS MARKED DOWN TO 82.50
11 1 ■■ - - -
Tomorrow's Specials in the Suit Dept.
Huns.. Wrapper* of good, warm fleered flannelette or pretty pereal*. all color*, neatly made
and trimmed; .p.. prlre*. 75,.. «^ < * > _il.iJ.». 1.50. •**•*
Klmonas, fleecetl and fanry outing*, all nandnome hou** garments, at ">()•, 7r»s*. *»"♦«"
7'repa- Kimiins-. the fad of the hour for pre(ty house gsrmen.a, 82.25. *"r* •*• W'
Full length r.i(«a,« .am* material, at 5.1.25. ****re 13 o*.
Eiderdown Itremlng .-U'lim-^ beet rippled good*. In all colors, 71>"f*, OS**. 81.25. I
81.50. _* 1 so •*-- _ „..
Eiderdown Robes, all color*, heavy rofm girdle*, all colora. handsomely trimmed. "g;i.7."-».
85.00. **«.<H>. 57.25. ***** - , , , , _„„_
Turklah Hath 1(.,t... nlrely niatle. large rord girdle, neatly trlmme.l; cperlal S2.OS
I'Kl'i: • i'HIKNNK SKIRTS-Every on* aorth $10 00 to til iO. all perfect Mmplra. in black
brown and navy the prettiest style *klrt received this »esson at shove price*, will be wild
tomorrow at . ■ 80.50
Fine Holiday Gift Novelties
The-se are the real Christmas novelties—the newest popular ideas in all kinds
of useful articles—those most practical and satisfactory. Mich as Cuff I'.oxcs,
Glove Iloxe*. Handkerchief Boxes, Comb am! l.rusli Sets, Smoking Sets, Mani
cure Sets, etc. Read the Hit carefully—
1 Cuff lUnrs, In nice quality, paper lined, wood Manlrure Set. leatherette case. lined, fine wood
boa; worth handled goods. 1 fittings; worth |:t :.». at
Mr.sl 2_S_ 81.98
C.10.* Rote. l-ft-hereM* eovere.l wrnrl bos. a. with sah receiver. mate Ider. ,
pnper lined. made, worth .'.< V, a' •_-,. f^rup..rtm.-nt for .1. r.gars. nleely ornament-
Comb and l!ru«h sis. In nlr.ly derorated bo*. "_ , . _ ( ._
white emboe»e<! back brush and comb; worth r "' *••'••"♦••'".■*- 91.-U
11.23. at 80* Huavlng Set, li nli-e derornted rase, whlto
llaii'lk.ii hi. f Boa Japan wlrkerwork. ">ll't handle brush. diM-nrated mug. lined and mlr
lold lop, beautiful band painting: worlbt ror In top; worth I *„".". ut 81.75
_."'*'_.*** I _'".*•*■ ****** Toilet !srts. handsome derornted rase, highly
(.love m. Jrilißne.e |..-r,..er tra. nleely der-j proh<>Mm , , ia( . k „.„.„ m|rrt - r 8| ,,, fombi ,| nw ,
orated; worth 7fc.at.... ••• •• •;-3l) e| with good material; worth $r..r,0. Bt.SiJ.ii-T,
Olore or Hsn'lserchlef Hot, ■ .Bbf*l-_B.| de- _.-!.».-»«»
signed top*, colored wood, nlrely '.lined; | smoker* Sal, on tripod table, made of tv-fit
tvurtii 11.00, *t fa.*.... r_or* bard wood, eamparttaeata for cigar*. n*h
Smoker's Sri, wikhl rigsr holder. ,g*h r**elverl tray*, it'll bolder*, nickel, ornaments and
and match holder; worth die. st 35"_! decoration*; ; worth $10.00. st 80.50
It j. I , :
Special Sale of Guaranteed Watches
Watches that are positively, guaranteed; watches that jire just the same as
voiir jeweler >.-.. .t,|,i cliarcc yoli much more for. A wat certainly makes a lasting
*'" '
irescnt, and may he given by or for cither sex. Read.
V.iliil.-,' AMERICAN WATCH 81.75. LADIES* 111 N'iiN CASE WATCH. 80.08.
Stem wind and stem BBC, silver finish, good; 20-year •rusranteril rase, gold filled C Mix.
movement, giiamnteed „„,| kept In'repnlrj 7-Jewnl, Elgin or Walthnin innvenient; worth
free of charge for on* year: worth 13.00 at! $13.00, at 89.08
51.75 LADIES' lit TIN. CASE WATCH. ftia.M
MEN'S HENTINd CASE WATCH « 1 ,m '„„ , , „ «„_? Tn- J_T
... „ „.. V i* ?._, ' 20-yenr guarnntitcd case, gold filled, 11 *lte,
10-year gitara mma. gold filled, II »lx«, *
New York standard movement. T*Jswsl: 7-Jawel. Elgin or Walt-BBS movement; worth
worth $7.r.0. at 8-1.081 WT.s-.-t 812.08
WATCH 'S 1 I fl*i o It.-to
20-ye.ir tnara'nt-d rasa, gold filleV. l?*a|ge.: 2°--«,ar ■"rßßtead case, *'" rilled. 0 site.
T-Jnwel. Elgin or Waltham movement: worth 15-Jewel. Elgin '" Waltham movement: worth
Hs.6o.at 814.0S «20.00, at ' 811.08
THlli H £_%f* I_J a\\T
__---_--- - NORDHOFF 6. CO. ,' Bei!rß
conscientiously, the Christmas shopping ha been greatly, facilitated. A visit to our
big store at this season of the year will do everybody good. Come and see the big
crowds of earnest gift buyers and take a stroll through our grand toy world, mid the
children and their joy and amusement, through the busy basement section, where
thousands of gifts are being selected daily, our Millinery or Suit Saloon, our Men'
Furnishings and Shoe Department on the main floor of our new building, or our mam
moth Grocery and Drapery Sections on the third floor. Our departments are now at
their very best and overflowing. Holiday gifts and needful are here in splendid array.
What $1.00 Will Buy for the Men Folks
Almost anylliiri{r in furnishings for the mm folks, in new, stylish g<*xls. Not
necessary to spend all your money on t hrtstmas presents. Small, inexpensive pres
ents arc highly appreciated. Make your choice from these.
S Linen Collars, Fine, White Shirt, Suit Merino uderw-tr.
1 pair Cuff*. Fine Colored Khlrt. Bull Cotton Ribbed Underwear
Handsome Tie In 'M.S. Colon-d Golf Hhlrt. Wool I'nderohlrt,
I'alr Fancy lira. es. Bine Flannel Shirt. Wool Drawer*.
3 Fine Unrn lulilsl llßU'lker Fancy Flannel Khlrt. Fair Duplex Glove*,
rhtrf*. Boy* Sweater, •"•"ft Hat.
2 Hllk Initial Handkerchief*. Mao'B Sweater. Walking Stick,
Bilk Muffler. | pair Wool Sot, Imbrella.
Klli Ititefer, 4 pair Cashmere Sox. U fine Imported tram.
I'alr Kid Glares. 4 pair Fancy Cotton Sox. 2 it.. Ii M. ■_M—tag T'.!,»'_.o.
Fair Cuff llultous, 2 pair Fancy Cashmere Sox, French Briar pa
1-4 Off of Any and All Shirtt Waists
In the store Tht* mean* any wal*t ran be bought tomorrow at fourth of IU preaent
selling prlc* will lie dedurti-«l from east «nd every sal*.
Where vi you buy a more appropriate present and save this amount of money?
10,000 New Stocks Just Received
The newest, cleanest, most pleasing assortment of Fine Neckwear ever
' aliown liv this store is here for your inspection. For Rift* there is nothing "er —
Read— J
! Beautiful style In Choice New Neckwear, C4r-
Spangled Work Collars. Embroidered Turn. c „Ur Cap* Collars In spangle snd lata, Silk
Over Collars. Silk and Ism Stork Collars,! storl , w i t ], How* or J*t>crt or Cattail effect*.
Stork* with Bow*. In rbok* new atylc*. aolld: mads Neckwear In rariety of -lea.
whit*, black, roiora and color combination*; , handsome pattern*; worth 11.50 al TKf*. •
worth Me at 25***
Handtome Jabota. Stock* with Jabota. in mis Handtome New Style* New Fancy Neckwear
with i 'liitii.u and liberty ....ii iiiiuiuiiigt. ai. I i In beautiful pattern*, -ilk and lace '- U.
Jabot*. Spsrigled Stock Collar*. Laci Htoekj choice trimming* and motif*. stocks with
Collar*. Kiocka with HOWS and -eiCt Cattaill Jsbot*. with bowa. fancy stocks, "liar
effert*. tailor-made Ilea. etc.. etc.: white.; cape, collars la Jet spangl* or lac*, rich
•bite and bl«ck. color* snd color combine-1 combinations of fancy storks, eta, stej
«'ont; worth II "--i • EMM w<Jflh *2 tK> '* 81.00
__________________ ___________________—__———_—————————__—_————
Furs Furs Furs
Th« largest »nd grandest aanortment In thla city ar* to b* found In tbla ator*. all at
•petrlsl low market! price* for tbla week'a Belling. A Chrlatmaa gift spproprlale for sny
Fine Black Coney Scarf*. Os, > i __.-, si .."lO "n*- "P-
Isabrlla and Sable Opossum Scarfs. si! Hi* sa .r»o. 35.00 ■*»_■ "J-*
Blend. I Water Mink rVarf*. 53.50. 55.00, 36.89 al"-* UP"
■ilne Ilia, Martin Scarfs. §7.50 38.98, SHI.IMI snd up.
Sable and Isabella Fox .Starts 5(..50. 87.50. SIO.OO. S 12.50 •*•*"• v*>"u *>"
Children* Fur Se(*. 98**. 11l .25. 81.80 82.50 ***"* ** _, „
Hundreila of other sitle« and pricea to .!....- from too uumerou* to mention In this limit.
Ed space, but each snd every on* from 2."» to 33 1-3 per cent under the regular fur stores
throughout tbs country. i _•
; ; i •*.
Books for Christmas Presents
Book* make friend*. Christmas. book buyer* will find It well worth while to remember
thee* title* Here are books fur all. each * Yuletlde messenger of merriment and good
cheer. Tbe Immertsl work* of Sbake«penre. Pickens, Scott. Thackeray. Webster. Th* Bible—
the ma*ter mlnda of all lime, any one of which suggrsta itself as a gift fit for the grxla Tried
old friend* snd newcom«r* from th.' Realm* of Poetry. Art, Romance. Adventure. History—
they wait to weave tin l r magic for young and old to bid each one. <*hrlstm*s greeting.
STANDARD AUTHORS IN Our Little Norwegian Cou- offering many choice till**
sets. sin. « ?**c. 75-r. •**•<■ »Ba*
123.'«' Biilw- l.ytton, 28 vol- Our Little Herman Cousin. Coal* In and look them
umra. beat edition pub- j Our LRU* Irish Cousin over. Wo may hava lust
Ilsbed for th.. trade; a »pc- Onr I.title Turkt»h Cousin. \ what you want Save from
rial value ... 817.85 Our Uttle Jewlah Cousin. j Boe up on your book bills
a **•>«• r* reduced for one Our Little Chinese Coasts. here.
day; 1* sets of various styles imr Little Canadian Cousin AI.TEMI'S MOTHKR COOS 15
and bindings, ail reduced Mr ,-,,,,.- p,,.., ,v„ FA- SERIES.
one lay. V,,IUTkJ ITL I TOPY- . A ***" of entirely new «*"
Cooper's I_stt of the Mi.hlc %,'1,V' 1,!," iMiiTinva Uon' " ,h" n>*>•, ** „p"*"-***
an* : ml*, *rt Illustrated KM.it l -.Us * *-I* books for young people.
In rolor*; regular 1100 cdl- Louisa M. Alcott* Famous I—Aladdin, or the Wondar
tlon of Cooper* famous Stories fur the Young; no f u ' "Lamp,
masterpiece, net... Sl M child* library shelf 1. com- 2—Our Animal Friends
SUndard Set Day; "all Pete - "nit a set of the*o J—Beauty and th* Beast
stsudaril »e(a reduced for thi* greateat "' all Juvenile; 4—Bird Stories for Little
sal* only. special sale ,ISr* People
The Famous live t.l" Pep- s—Cinderella; or Tbe Llt-
THE LITTLE COISIN per Serlna" la SI .50 Cc (Hum Slipper.
SERIES. Copyright Juvenile*, each. 6—House That Jack Built.
Twenty volumes, each lllu»- special *alo OS- 1 The.
trated, cloth, 12mo, fiOc. by Tho ever selling "Elele Dins- 7 —Jack and th* Bean-Stalk.
Mary 11. Wade; thta sale more." $123 copyright, fur B—Jack ■•,,. Giant Killer. _
price tgf. girls; special sale 734 9—Little Rod Riding lloodT
Our Little Japanese Cou*in. The very latest lunik*, all 10 — pits, In Boota.
Our Little Brown Cou*ln. new books received as soon 11—Sleeping Beauty. The.
Our I.lltln Indian Cousin. j as Issued; our price for reg- 12—Who Killed Cock Rob-
Otir Little Russian Cousin. ular $1.50 copyright* Is $1.08; In*
Our Little Cuban Cousin. fur regular $1.23 copyrights, HaniUomcly printed from
Our Little Hawaiian Conaln. Sir; 'or regular $100 copy- large, clear type, on choice
Our Little Eskimo Cousin. right* our price Is 75. It will paper; each volume contaln-
Otir Little Philippine Coualn pay you to buy the now books Ing about one hundred ll'us-
Our Lilt In Porto Rlcsn here. trattons.
Cou»ln. $1.50 Copyright*—Recent fie- Cloth, large octavo, half vel-
Our Little African Cousin. Hon, one year old or over, liim with lithographic sides
our I.lttln Italian Cousin. i* sold at bargain prices. In many color* and Ilium*-
Out Utile Swiss Cousin. -> '■• usually make trader* inatlona: price 50c; this
Our Little Siamese Cousin. ot certain surplus stock, aale price ••••■29(_-
Fresh Picture News Tomorrow j
The greatest of nil Picture sale* starting to-. You can choose, from our entire stock of
morrow with •ell!' . space doubled nnd the Framed I'lrturrs without rcnervs or limit,
slink of Framed Picture* quadrupled, an ranging In prlco from $1.50 in $2.00 each,
offering intensely Interesting to every eco- Your choice tomorrow while they last at.
nomlcal person who Is a lover of high art. each , ot *-»rt
YOU CANT OVERLOOK THRU 11' fiAV NOTE—Bala.'starts at 8 ocloek sharp. aS
l\ , MONK. IS AN n\\.iy TO YOL*. **alo* fliinl.
■ ____, ,
Do Your Trousers Suit You? f 4
Do they bag at the knee*? Do they act well? Do they look nit though they wars Just br___
new? Are they the proper width? Do they fit properly -.round the waistband? In other
WOT—I, nro the) Ideal? No! Few men can say YES! Why, you may ask Baca—M you
don't wear (he RK.HT KIND. Wa hay* them—the NVFANGL. They nre Ideal. We can
not say this of any other make. Thesa Trousers are adjustable nt waistband, and At
properly. Not only that—they cost loss than any others. Tomorrow th* regular $1.60 -*"
values go for , , „,,,„;„
Give a Box of Fine Candy
X Christmas without a box of Fine Candy would be much Ilk* a banquet without a dinner.
You get tho fnest, freshest Kooda In the market here., put up in fancy i"«. and avoid
paying fancy prlcea. Theso Brand box specialties should lie inspected befora you buy
elsowher* — principally Chocolate* and Bonbons—prices, per bos, 51.25. SiaOO.
75 *t" :"' bh. <_ak #fc* it '....'.....'....'
50 Cents

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