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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, January 17, 1905, Night Edition, Image 4

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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XT 1. ."Ml 1U,.: 1t .,,,5.l .-..
. orrt«"tc» mi •■ j i»i« m.t«».ih A«in»
TKLKfIIONU. , «ff?*?^ss^
•"•'"••• lv r « muni f>ur».t. M.in am. 1,,.1,,-m.i.ul ÜB. *SjCHS|aP*
IMl««tl»l l>«i»Ttm»i»l-»w«»»t. 1i..1, |is\
_ BAH AIU> »l*K AiKNCl'lil W«ll.iO •>• N.iiixf m..l 111
O«« r»ni ,<»r ropr. »l» e»»i» p«r int. M l«.i.i n.. ..nil i.r in '•■■>
•♦•• r.. 1 i, v niaii «r .«ui.i« \.» r■ »« ..«.<•«
Tv MAtl. Xl ll.iv'lllilKKK lh« .... ttuir •ui>«crii>il«n aiplrca •
}> Ih* iJJ.iii U! ,I .( .., i, hp*' \\ !■• :• ih»i ,i.i. «..i..« If *..ur . lUfHn
■w> Ito not asMln b«#n i-«;.l In ■diftar*. 1. <i itnn»« la t«k.<> (■ .Hi* mm,
* rhmn „f 4m* lha ail.tr*** UM <■ a r*f#ti*f
I ' «**..» pt ■•■ - t■■— <, t<>. , al **■ »'ti. w■•hi■■ *t. ■ i. - • ' >-• mi'l«#
•■at.- - . - . «
Ihuvn tows oifvirv" 1 i«n» hi «-oNii aVk.
• IHir • . « !• n , Ti'wn t'ffli"* al lh» nl<»>v» iiunWi haa i<-rrnltr li»»")
s>rn. .1 fir ivn „!•«. of affording th<* iiiiblt^ a »*'T<«.-i: 1. t f i 11. .- iii l*«v«
*»i\t .1.1- id .i>, --». 1 11. ■ - Fnr Th» |ll»r ami lf«v« «rw« Hi^na.
Th» I>h...i» „..-._ f,, r ... , . f - *r»' Hu««*l M«ln «n«J> tmlrt»»i.l>n» ll**
a ' i ii' ■ ■ '- '•" — '-- '
■. W. BLACKWOOD. Chloago Raproantatlv*. 1006 Hartford ■« •'■"•
W. D WARD, N.« VaHl R«pr*aaai<*tiva. 93 !rhm» 11.,.M -g
Tn«> new munMpnl Hichtlng plant In now In itttrprwitv)! operation
•uppMnc llnhu to a conahUrHhle portion of the I. i .1 !!•■■• ■> dtelrlit of
The Star ili>iilr^« at thl« time to »ny Junt a wont alinul the part
thin paper played la «e?urlnj| for th<» rlty thla maimtfWent Improvr
nit ni
Tin- War *r><Miil r«-«r« ««■■ limn I > advocate, a mtinlrliutl I:.;M •
In* plant. It -V.mi.i how mi !i an Institution would !><> a l>lg nwner
•aver for i! • i.i\;>n. r mi I how the •■v.-llnt li» '■■'■'■ k company had
a monopoly .ml ruulJ char|:«< any priM fur U..M I! •'• -r. . .1
Tli« «(hor pnpi«r« and member* of lUe clly coum-tl, for politic*}
an.l other reason* »pt>«' Tlin Star.
l)ut I'll.' Star krpt on .!■ ,\\'.<.:>; t«l!lnic Mow* nntll all .•; •: '1.11
*v kniH-kcil to nmtthtTii-t'.* ml mtlvo work low.ml Initldlnf a
tishtlßi plant m begun.
Th* moat »..ii!,f.i. i mi f«atur<> of i! all U that tho prl.i- of light
ing ha« Ima r.-.l«c«>d TItIUH'CJU Till: UITOnTB OK Til PAPER
-BVMITION. as tharsrU by th» llnhtlug urtoptta, tv 13 CENTfI ri:il
kilowatt in • i; ron Tiii fiiist co not'ua as chabqxo
Th» Star f■••:■. that It has nd» llttl* reason In pat Itself on
tha bark for having accomplished tuch a palpably good thing far the
P«Opl« of S.-.i! •
And The Star pn>Ritsrs that It •lit ke*p up the good work
» !;.r. v. r and whenever m ran In th« tutur*.
If alt lying during courtship *a» a legal r*aa*Mi Cur th» annulment
et marriage, oar calendar* would \— crowded with rain. The marrl
ȣi- relation la too na.-n-.l to be trifled with la to* way thta plaintiff
h».« .!i:i« and wUhcs to do.
Thus Justice Dlckty of Brooklyn Interestingly Interpret* Impor
tant lit.
A wealthy youag loma of I ..ing Intend kail mm* a young man
on >a KcsiUh steamer. Thry l>.<jr.i« • mini before the steamer
reached I.iifr;»«>l ant] were roarrletl » f-w *:«? • later. The young man
«;•(<■.l k* waa the mm of a g*e>oral in th» t'ntted Statm army, and
that la* «*» attorney gvni-raJ of N*» Jersey. ll.a -in* <-»rd
(•Mated to pro* It.
When th» bride itN.-.-.vi t. 1 that her hutband's ;■■-.! •:! and an
•••try were sot aa t^rwnli4 she bruucM ■■it la annul th» roar
riage am the ground of fraud. Judg* l>t.kr> il-. .lr I i.«i false *•(■»
■rataltua* aa to fortune and lorlal portion do nut ronatltut* material
l&atiimnnlal fraud, aa<i that the -t. fi-n<Unt tnlcht make a good hna
b«nj vttaont bring aitorcry grnvral or bartnc a major gvneral for
• father.
It !• a* oral tor aw la love to t.tkr a ronjr \:< - of tklaca An
tmtry aa4 ;r. «i.t poaiUon. aa well a* futura 11 ■■:■ :■> nay t>
pmiMWlj tlal*4 ua4«r the »o»ll of ror:»m» and rxaltatlon nf npirtt
that go with tor*.
It la • t«i qutta MMM for the ardent tow M take a too roiy
view of (he girl herself. He »>■• < kcr only aa a gloruxu vii »'. Il«
perhaps ttlU her «be Is Hi- tnott Ix-autiful creature In (he worlJ, a
paragon of grar«a and Ttrtuea. tha rnatlutton of hla lifelong dream*
of * manly i»-rfsrtlon— h* |.<IU her all thin and r«tella U a
taotuan;] or more ttmea. and ahe dora not rebuke or restrain him.
She know, haat aa well at th* dm* a* ha will alx month• after
•Damage that tkaaa thine* are not true, yet «h- ■'■>•■ not illidlm
him for hsi «w»*i tying. It depend*. It seem*, whom It I* that 1*
gU>rlf)ed by the 1> lag.
And It la by no m<-«.n» Impnaalbl* for th' girt hernetf to do a lit
tle lying. A deft little dab of roam that take* a few yean off the
Tiiibl* age of the, eksa* wsntd be an embarrassing MM to bate
fc*oti«hl np la court. Yet when a girl has deceived a man ronrern
lac beraelf he baa better ground for complaint than ak« baa when he
tea deceived b»r coaccnitng hi* anceatora.
A girl dowai marry a man'a anreatora. (RlO doecn't marry tilt
Job, Eh* marries th» man Mnu»!f And so long ai he prorea to be
tba sain man aba married, tba bond bolda, e-ren though ilm hail «up
aoawi bl* aaeaatata to be Flaataganrta, waea la reality thry were
■ ■ If lying wire to V nil—lll by law from making, life
wouldn't La ««rti Uvtac.
Ambulator JaaVV* CJ>e»le vat onr* asked: "Who would you
rather t.-. If not yourself?** II- Immediately replied: "Mu. boat**!
••food h'i«lv.-ini.~
A Lm ! "i paper recently offers rriua for the best letters an
rwCTln* the qaeirttrm: "It not y. .:«•■:?, who wouM you be?" The
prise ai>»i«»r» raw from th' hum-in :.«.art In Ih-r: can b# tt i. . l
th« l'ine!r.;i ml em th* annoyance* an 1 «uf.'.-il.-.e« of th* daily
I If*.
A yonnf ■wihh writes; "I would W> Mi my mother. Bh» ha*
flnl'fi.'.l growing «n<i her edo«-at|nn ii ov*r. r*he ran go Into a
crow de-l room with dignity in! grace without lfi!tn» on anyone*
toes or apMtltna* silly little table* and getting r- i. ... I do. She has
learned to play golf and brM«i>, and I am Just beginning and my ene
inl»« are fait tnrrmutng. Th#n I try to do my hair «tyll«hly. but
hairpin* fall o«t- I ti»v»r know what to w»r unrl my rlolho* will
not a*t. aom«how. Altogether, It .« not great fun being only JS. an4
I w.i,; 1 much rather b« mother."
Who cannot read In t», -" I.n.i th» h«arta^h. or^r th« litii«<w
of the »*kward. irrowtnc girl? Who cannot fln>l th» adoration for th*
b«autlful. graceful moth«r, th# 140 lof h«r irrowlng child?
In another l«tt*r M *"tn «h» etijnynnmt and apprwiatlnn of th«
wonders of thin •*»: -It I h><l to be •nrrwbwty «■!•- I WnwM km my
own gr«-«l-«r»»t-«T— in pn^itnn nnt unltke my preiwnt rlr
cumntsnr**. y«t living a llf«s n» inti'-h fuller thnn thin n» In rrilne than
ray grandmother's— foUrr bix-anni hody anrl mind *iwM tie edu<-ate<l
to grasp «nd «fia>r«tan4 th» whal* of life. Inheritor of another run
tory of procrt**; r; -„ <- arsj time brtdgtd by wonderful ni-w war* of
locomotion, aerial an<l tern>»tUl. by perfection of telegraphy, and
p«fhsp» telepathy. l.lf" m.-»<I« easier by rn*nn» now undreamt of;
pain *nd ►!■ kn<-jm rraiijii»r» 1 y«, InhTttln* our present grit and
nmnrlet, may I In a hunttred year* renppear i— my own dem-pndant.**
Could two smbltiona b« more widely apart than the fl.nlre of the
girl to b« like her mother and the wild mi;, in. < of the older woman
to lira in an age wkera th« promises of th* arasaiit day may l.« ful«
filled ?
A man. In an«w«rlng the question. "If not myself." p«jr« •■ tender
tribute to woman In sr-ntlmentnl verne. The tribute Is mingled with
mnn-» rharattcrlatlc *]**lr» to paaawsa even the mind of h!« nife.
fl.ll I the rholre. my wife I .1 rhooiie to b».
•i-lv. the trtbtif* tn her -rnrth I pay)
If but to fathom all h<r love for me.
And filch the secret of her winsome way.
The tender hopes, the trust that never falls,
Th« faith, the constancy, the patient care.
The steadfast heart, the courage that nralla.
Life's, tears and tolls and sorrowings to bear.
tTo live with such sweet fortitude the .[.a.
<>t «<nn brl«f day wer* tank enough for nun;
V»t ■>,• inherits but the «lmilr grace
'•»»•« on w—aiiH.,».: can earth began.
cm era cimtumc.
On* til lat» I. I'ltin: m. v to Ike
Indian Territnry and on« *h<> !■>
.|p*ttneU to be. t>romlnent In the
pros|M-< t > ■• new state uf Oklahoma
la <:■ :> I'lrasaut IVirter. prlnclphl
chief of lb« Creek ladlaaa. and
• allt-.l by l'rn«i Init 1 ;«>»*.. rit "tbe
crcalent 1,. .v( Indian."
If (i»a. i'urter »!>•«!1.1 auia* day
Occupy * -•■-*' In (he Minal* uf tb*
I'uiN 1 Klatea v iviHM''i>itin* of
Ota eastern half of Hi- etate of Ok
lahunia. many r™i.in.i. of 11,. ler
iii..r< v.iiil.l think that ho «H but
■ettlne hi* haM reward ll* will
«loasibly b* a ra«4l<tata
Th» Creek Indian trltxt nuwbera
IVS3» i--i«.im. and it waa trblof
fDrtpr** tmatasai In th* latt two
y«ar* or m to ace that «•*. h one
"Th« American people," nil
John If Rockefeller to k<« tun
John'a Iltble rlatt. "live too faat
and ent tno fti'irh " That alt may
b* vi»ry true, John, but certain It
la that they never overeat at your
You might have expected to hear
of ' wiih • aalva In Wall atre«t.
What did r<-> think they'd do with
all lh« «i' - ,
Th* new uniforms of th* eusinta
tn*p+rtan Id New York will contain
It pockets. The Inspectors an not
Booie dortor haa atlarked low-rut
gowns. u)!o ( (hoy ■»«■ pnea-
Ban ( Hut ian aorboiy think up
anything that would a. i»r.- women
•v tb«ry wont wear am?
No new ar.imua worth mention-
Nan Pitf»r»r.B ha. rrfuned an of
fer of amtrtags.
wf.HD num jn , ■
On* half tir th'
aah«ai«,| u » I!.
half If II l
it n^
"la It not Inn that yr>i «mr»
m-rrnl n term In the rnlt«d Statin
araati .iik< I ih» pronactitlng at
■I profit ■KKlmt thin." iwl<l llii»
lItUIIWJ for th" <Jpf«niMi. "Th* gfti- ,
tloman know* th« |ir(«on»r n«*«r
».« In Ihn -..[..•.• „:i l v ilmply
lryln« to prrjudlfp Ih« Jury. I or
der him not to ■?!»»
Why rto^iin't »otn»« mllllon»lrt> *n-
Uow th« «■!••< toral riillpgc?
Rquiwhpn. lifana. p!irn|iUirn nni!
rlilfr mad" from pHwt npplr* A.
flood, ■it lilic 4 tin ibop M filch i
ulrfct— MontprtUr (ln«l.) 'ill
Rll OnlMnan and Rnalh (»<i«iiUr<l'
cams down from Suit l^ik" «'ily y>»
Jan. 17, 1905^
••» mi..li..i • • a lrll>at nuutor try
the Dun iiin;nil»*ii>n. »ii I IbH^
t>U •'1 in |„»l |MMltl<ia in re<-H«i<
Inn or li. i p1.,.i. of I!., tribal UAiU
• hi- ■ a;>- bow I • i.« dlrlitnl ir'n
.iii.|< u.l.ial allulmt-nta. I).. »..rW of
nrorttif lagmlty ■ * "i «Ulm and of
■ l:»l r... its Hi. thnukanda of f> *-.dv
'■ n< rUlma wma • i..i. ul.»n i«»«, pf
which fh|.( IHtttrr bor* fata »'.»■<
Ij» li Crwk rwelvra 160 «rrp«>«>l
latt.l !>>• -r !.»••■■ !■ i-« f rtai. »0.
nil..-' 1 on-! will bo aold fur (he
■ H»fH of I!.. !.• .'. al luf ::.!.< i* Tl.«
lumrat |>rl.«- |>«ld for ■» a. i<-|i.f
Creek land by white tarn alnre a!
li.tmrnt waa Ji.ui. lbs blKhe.l • 71.:»
I ! - Ai»r»r» prlt-« an far la I: ■ an
< ••- Thua Iho inllr valua of
th* lnt*rcst Cblaf Pott*r » *i. :.• ■'
b*««nn-« aiH'*"'!l*.
Irriiay an 1 •ortirnl ■ marriage tl
r»-na<» from our fotinty dfrk. Th»»
.<„[.!.. e»ia,M: r lntm.l r"lnr Into
Ik* hoii't- „i|. -m d kindergarten
buttnea*.—t'tah County Democrat,
Plerr* I'erry. the eminent traf«
ilian. had a long run la Clnrlnosy.
Boa>at>orfy in i'arla has «t»rt.-,| a
fund for a. swurd for <i..n»rni Kto«a>
••I (hight to have i—»fi one for
a rallrnail IMH tv KU TeteraburK.
(fir fb.ee Kno Urn.)
Tort Arthur. 'an 17,—One of the
prominent IliiMlan naval officer*
told in.' last night the mmor thftt
th* Japanese fleet was on !(■•!• *t •
vencky'a trail was prnbatily tnie.j I
i ' Iti.J-'Mrn'.kr hR* • well I .11
■ plan to lurx Togo to thn Allanttd
o<*iin." h" mIA, "«nd It look! M
though h« wan rarrylnK It nut." , |
How's This?
\V« .iff^r On» llnndrrd rtollara H*
urarf! f'-r Any - ..— «>f f'at*rrh tlmt
rannnt h* r«r»<l h/ Hall ■ Catarrh
UrV. J rjIKNKT *m . Tol«1n. v
W«. M>. in .1; i ■)*!!!.I 1 » - . known r
J. < t.' !,■ . get '' - !i-' 14 >'<>arii. arttt
b»tl«><f«> him i»r»tr<-llr iMmiimhlr In all
tHjftfnnui irntifiJirtlonß unit ftnanriaify
«'.(. «i> Mr,, nul any "lillaalluna m.i !■.
h» hl« firm
V. O.l'ivi; KISNANJk S4.*IIVtN.
>v 1...■■... 1. l»-ri..'« 'I •,..(., O.
Haifa ('afarrti I'urf I* • .: . r. t- f. r
rally. aMUm dlrotil* ttpnn thr klomi
■ml it,.....,« k'.ii.i. .« of lip •x.i.rn
I■ ' ' i'U' ■i» , - H#»|l| |i.. 1M . || rpflla
|. r !.. ■!•'. H ,! hy all l»'.|,i.i.
I ..i • lUlla I <mii, I'illa fur r..r,ill
lu.t .i.» Mr .in, i,, Hopalai* Invalid! Givan Up »•• D- by Doctor*.
Say* Phiiumtnal Pooit of Panopattiio Profataor Drought Her ll*-I- to
Lit* WkM •» «|..i.,i (or Mm Or«»«
M.,n» ll>.^ ■>> Thl* Man Who Ma* Diacardad UmUh Drug* and
Mim(i«iihi» limn Mp II ii M,4« WundaHul l>> -•', M l.il*'* Law.
Vet Ho Of fir* B*rvie* Fr«* of C'-.. to All Who Ara Siolt and Afflict -
ad—Curti Mr.n in Their Own Mm..— !t.:>'.». II Hit Out/ to Cod
and Man to M*lp All Who l.i.nJ in N..d.

I if aa
mortal*. m> tfitalu v he of )>!• abil
ity «' •■' ha rlalm* and ./••■. to
I ••■\r- thai Itirrti In no >1l»<-<4»* h»
i; ■ . not MM, A•• -in) 1 -1-gr a* that
•urillirn appeitra to be. ihete I*
1!■ !." % lif fill' 11l -:l I- I It. ill
•i ■• him. If not v. i . <■ i.i -■ ■ iM
Of |hf> l!il«'^MH. I ..!•»» • .■ ]^».r(
. " h» I* -'.!•• I I.i have 1... ',• I!-
--human heart b««t nc.ttn In a li.t.Jy
i >• i ••••• I fur In* grave, rovttln* the
' r. *■ •>■ . spark ••♦ :■•>• v •,.-, nil hut
• n.t ».--!,•■ l •nil rurtiuE :,-..-. i.
thai 1. f f'.- 1 lha «kUJ of <h" beat
I ■ i - * ..'.■: »; > 1 V -•■• Hat „ [ [ • <<a
lv have rnraplete luntrnl and ti
lery ovtr the t.\ 5- i '.. . ; l n ■■:.-•« t
!••»-,.r m. !. r *h .?. \■ i form or
■ ■■■■■- II may I • known
T>«. (tranr* •■ It ma* wnn In
Hit* <I.i> »n 1 a«e. *lih all thta au
[im r [«.%-.. and • "■•' ■ ■ I ovar lha
Ilia U...i l.uit.Hii f:^«h la h.-'i in. h>
dam ix.i v«. i, • dlarovery lv fUI all
hi* ■■•!. i-. k- • • a| the viprnaa of
'!••■ 'h..Mi!i!« of •uffrfliis t«»«^ri .it. 1
wntnen wh« Bptwut In him fnr lh»
.11 he ctvra mi gladly •■■' I fi !-•••>•. •■
■■» inlcht an faulty •!•• ■ayltit' In a
rr. .-.I l'.<»lMi-< "I <■' \. It I*
<.» i .!> lo •>'■ i «n<) man t ■ hrip aJI
» h,> stall! In i.■ • I of mr •■ • m • • I*
ill aha arr 111. 1 .tv n«t «<»l la
I- -■■ • n |Ml.-inlhropui. i.-,i I have
mr ..» » t 1*- ti in tn i! » !■» t» uaa* lo
mak* lifo *a«1or for all *' ■•- who
*r» In I hi- »i».;. ef iiin and dlaraaa
I .' .!■ n.«.t» r-.iti it.• ii ••■..-> Ul.l
i.> .it» .'v«-i > w; >: )' ! and if I
.!..«• 10 uh >...iii 111 Labai Hi for
th# health of mankind I am nut
that It !■» !..•>..■■!,« I. )•,:,->* how or
»hy I tin It, Tru«>. th^r* I* almn»l
no llmll lo in* mnnry I iwild m«k»
If I < lv ••■ In k>'P thl* « ■', i'lf'H •».
iifl la mrMlf. it yon rmdilf an
•lrraland. but I '■ • i thai It lr|-.. >.
to hwttiaitlly a« mu«~h aa It -l--^- |o
M What -if i.i bat* I lo cro*
»»allhr cut of my fallow•man'a
• .-»-•!.. * J ... im k v i-.! It mfani
• i - ;i I am obi* tn ».« thai i!>r. I*
im ill**a4M> t no not cur*. J.«•
thlr.k of «hal a ii <•-».<»■■ of >>..) <• i. i
■ ■■ • i '.- thai I* tn !. ,-. '„. ■. ..i.i
>'„»• j« of int.• tut* (hi. ,'. r
lh«- Irncth anJ It. .!'t> of !(»• lan 4
• ho hay* (Ivrn up hops of «\i-t l>»
--:■ i- wrll acatn.
'I tt'i nul car* « Vut dortoca may
•■> I do not rar» what >>■■■ ' am a*
la . il • I I am Ju»t «a ■ • i!> to
mak* tIM •!<■>( h'-«r, th* lam* walk,
to rur# • '■'. ».'t i•i- * rKtir«r f tv»
IKOni !"•..:>•.■ in >.i..i.i<>r ulasta,
Ik 1' • '!•• >*•. •'*.<?>■ «• ,k'!' *■
or any of ih» •■■m>M tni-urabl*
■ ::•■■•.•. a* 1 am lo rurt atomat h
irrmbl'*. blfvwi *t»r •!«■'■ rhoama-
Ham. catarrh, or any othrf 111 thai
(lr>h la I- Ii In. I do '...! car* or
want in know how much Or hnw
Illll" n.tn**v a rnfirt hntt. tmt nn\y
ih it h» ha« !■•■••, At' ■>. kr ! 1 v rflnataa*
In any cr«" of ll* many forma. .V->
■MM what It majr mat m*. I
»w>an to go on 'mini any MM who
*'k* ii.• uf any diMasn thai lta»y
may hay*. )uil « • Inn* m I Km will
li»« arid Mii>, M'h<~n I have Ihla
l-.« rr to *mvr Hf* and roalori* hritlth
t **ou!«l mil l*t n>**n an«l w*nr»»»n. hu-
wan bobic* Ilk* i. \ •• ;f. «n nn »tif
>tln« and <l>lnjr for lh» want of
hat >■ hlrh I liiv to civ*. I know
i .w»r haa
"On* • ■■<■ a 'mlraruloua rur*.' aa
h«» in'i-!i' hlmai'lf .-.i!:. 1 tt. •«■
hnl of a Mr. lUrry Wiillama. of
kdffi %- Winter Is Here
ifZfllffll --./XvT' V"" ""', lhM GAS "CAT
„'mW ija r -*■[ fi> iff' Ala*'''* a. '*' '' *"'" ,>'"' 5, voir ,",'
I\v rafSsf flit I*" 'V*7^ /" '"""' bad .h..ii.t..-. ... living
VtJal » tVeT I ,~V .. "7 m"m "', J***' ,h** ,!4t dea-re* of
IV l^n II lll?"r£^^r^' "a t. ti.ieiatiii, during th,. . M
|V\\ -J A Good Gas
JtlxsvJT EQ** Heater for $2
Seattle Lighting Co.
P.-I. it ill ling Fourth and L'nlonl
Phones— Sunset,' Ex. 27; Ind., V.x. 75.
Mono AT air " ~
li..th u.#ful mid 1.1-v,,,,.jj»b« foun,l In our h«i.,i.onw ,to.d ■■■ tjol.l
Rlmm»a Hp.rtaf),. «nd I7yr«!-.•,-, anrt rh.ln. Pi-.rl «>r»,r« QlajUM
Ui«Mt vtrUty In »tvlf« and trl.«» EVHRSOLE OPTIOI m«
pan/ 709 second AVENUE. New yohk block!
i:...-i». i-iij. Mil 11. i,.i 1 .. tor
fllilr illcumt ili.il Ihi fnl <■ in-.1 1,, ml
hi* bond, iiindn tiU 1... 1 and •■ • n.
full <»|l, ■!■ »» •- > Bl(ht, »..»••• »n.i-M
• ltd It* -«i Inf, ami 1 uv»r .i- I. ■Ir
with uli hiiui ».!.■• m '!;»•.!.- iii.ii
IliaJlr* „ mall h ]!>,!,« ini|<<. Ilk*
Irpluay. jl- ulwi I.in.- I lv i>l 1.-lj.
from III* Imiiiii* -!... !i.im, h:. I W*M 111
»-i.ti Ittlvriy of !...!> and n.1u.l Ihnl
he •■•■ k • 1 11; ■•■! auli IJf a* hi* only
1 h»m •• of •ai-aplna; h innrtt fii(htful
.1.-..Hi, «v ... lunily thinking fif Ull
ii « hlttiMlf >»h*n turkltf for him.
II. ■« ' <!»■ »..» l.iouifl.i lv 111) atlr-ti
i.-ti. 1 ►!■..! l,i» Ufa, I • 1. 1 I,!u.
My Ufatiiiejil dr<iva Hi. pul*on out
of lii« 1... !,. • i. .i.»- I I,la liluuil ..f
'■'"■ luatha<il(if ■';« .>*'• fc'M..- (• -!,
»d lo lh» tfrjr font of th« rttuill
■ml t^aim^ii th» man to firrf^ft
li.«lih. And anulhrr ma that of
Mr. 11. 11. Hall, or Hnowrlllc. Va,
Ilia pfi i -'.. lit ii■ ;■»..!!■..... ■ 1 him i"
>••!. 1 i'i> .!i. oi mi and xraiit*d to »■■ •
•a ... '.-:.n il.n .■...!■ hla ahull .•- ■
last . 1i..! .. I'lnt-a »f I .1.. „• 1 i- k
aa ii.» f!:,..•[ and I. .if an Imh !■ i.k
ram* out from *l<i<va hla rye. III*
aa;nn* «■• i.irlbl' ll» hn<t aban*
l-.i •■ ! a.ll h"i ■■• and thought nnthln*
hut the grata analtvd tilin. All li*
»l|*rl»1 *ll to huvi» hi* ! •• 't. ':,!.•
h.Hjia i-« v >• rouif'irlubla ua (»••
■ Ibla, but t •.■•! hi* ilf*> »;• I • -hi- I
l.'l I ■■■!■■!.>•• l\
S .i .. U.M-" I mya*if »n,ii i.rin
i lln<-.) lv .)..!.! !!■ r*pt>rta that
•'•■ in*, '...i., my \ .■■•<• if I did n«t
know the furta In aarh I im. Ii U
ii .1 Umg «»-. that I r. ■■-!>' I a, l«ll»r
rtnm on* of tham, m Mrs. J. (I.
Wj.tifirl i. uf Norfotk. Va . tn wnitli
■ha aaya: "I «•■ mi nrar f H—l 111
tti> |TMI ralley that in) Ixxly felt
(.■■.l and llfVleaa, but you n. .?> my
h<-arl i.vii a>aln and tny l-i... :r,..»
throuch my »»ii « ■■«• • mw«. I trail
>• :> I. •;■■ i. !. ;.! H ii«tt >„;i 1 11U« to
rrrr rrmif. My itemaiii, llv»r and
kltlni-r* W»r« In » „ i, a 1-. i »i.i» I
■• .- afraid 1 couldn't rvrr I— ■ ur. 1
and In addition 1 »v „r.-., ■. i •> II
varlnuH velna and ulr<-n, lhal I
fltoucht I l ..ill.i n. • »" ■ .i. ! I
»«• In '1. •;..!; «J.i ii I■' t •<• to you
■ ■ 'ill . lhat It w*a a < ham* fur !,'.
and health. I Buffeted uriinli] fnlarry
but now I can about for ivy over my
i«-»t-.j.ii|..n to lir> alii h»alth I
d»n'l f<-*l Ilk* lha aama ;• i».>. I
•to 1' • I ao Ihaukful lo juu, May
<J«<l ever bleaa you."
"Ttn» ar« only rmninm #«ampl<*«.
but you ■*•> thai they i—>»■.- my
l'»»r I-. rura »r*n la u.r faca of
• hai *o«>m* -rtnln dvattt. Hut
lhr«* •i. I th* ..thc-t •n.. »:if i mini*
<l*a that 1 am . irlllP-d with par.
f«n. in»t iti» not I- 1-..!-* II tha
■am* »«r «• thoaa ijr«ni.»| In Hi-
"TTh«y mar a««m Juaf » • woniar
ful lo the m'l.iawi and la Ik men
it! wonwn who* lives m aaved
»!. I h» j-h i<-«i..te.|. but ibvy ara tn
truth Pimply > ..i.i.ti. poononwna
lhat di-nximtrat* and prove thai
power (!*•■ me by the dlacovery I
huve made In life's law. U- aeorat
"! what rreatea «nl n alnialnn Ufa
and <■* ri. ..ii .-• Olaeaa** and (teath."
"Hat how do yoy find tlm« to vlalt
l.ti;r>.!« all ..ii-t th« country, m.-l
> •-' ''' •• • • many IhouaandaT^
"Wbll* II U IrtM that I hay* r*
llanla 111 ***rr atat* In tit* union.
In Canada. M*ilro and far*!cn
■ n .■••!« | da not b«T« to rim
H- ft In ■■: !n to cur* th*rn ' >n- of
!!.- ii- .!i..ii':. ■ < I my |>ow*r I* that
I ran and do cur* ih*m In tbalr own
(.-..« tux ■« •■■(.iiy «i.i Ju«( a*
■ut«-ly a* If I n*m (.. th»m or thr)
* am** Irt m*."

"All that ■■:)•!• .■ • , i« 111 In any
way aM «anta i . !•<• . vi- t hua to
■lo :• lo «iii' mo, « 1 <f•■••'! <j Wlil
liin Wtallar* Ha •:. v. M. n^ offlr«>
IMi \! 701 XUdiaoa ... . ,\>w
T»rk. 1.1 !■,« t - ih« name of <•-..
'..-...» th»y suffer from moat. lh«lr
i ' •> ■-■ !; ... «.!• ; 1.. i. . a(« anj n-x,
and I «U1 Hni O,< m n routaa of
h<rm» tr«iln>*nt abantntrly fl»» of
■ hare*. A l*il«-r do#« Jtint II much
«<kvl aa a r«-riw-inal rialt."
"flur«ly ymt U« not m««n that
anyone who la »i k ran writ* to you
•"•I '"■ >uir-l, mlthout |m>i'<( >„ii
-.i.» in"*.- y .'"
'•Dut I d.> ni'on Ju»l that TJoth
my »»r»li-a and in* ttraimirit 1 notxl
■it» #n»lrT!y • -» to an'.. ■ > who
m».-:» it-«'in..:t. And I am m^
rtally • "<!■■«■ (a /-nr* thaa* who
think or h»v« bt«rn told i hai th»lr
..••• la It, U| ,'. . and Ihrro U nn
hups ror Ihsra 1.. r< tain Ihr I ■•!
t.» >l:h and utrciißlh. If they Mill
writ* m# thi-r» la not only hnpp t>ut
in ntmoirt abantut* r*rtslntv that
ih»y ni>»d H* al<-k no l.^ir
Careful Shoppers Take Notice-
Shaw's Drug Store
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|I 00 Kbvit Tlior rn'.BiH for TlJj*
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itbkw's Famous He i:-.' M.. of Byrup of WhlU Pin* lf)<*
"'•'■ M.-iiil' ur«- :i■ ■■■:<i . . >7«»
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He WhUk in....in* | < tr
llftnxjm's IHcgant 11 00 bottU of Cod Liver Oil Kmul- *■
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irrr. ETC.. ETC.. ETC.. ETC, ETC.. ETC.. ETC, re.
Thti aali- I* ftiuln*. • v.i j-'hi i.- r'»-* In our lmm»ti^- tUxi
►•*r«>{K ■ fi-w »<-h»'Jul«- |>i>(tnt« an.) Palmrr'a prrfumo*.
Trlephon* Tw»r prr»rrlplloij« to Ml— r(»b»T phone— th#j*r» Is
tba sale rrttHimUr will call for thea and deliver them fr««.
Table Queen Bread
You Have to Trust
Tour rauitr d^«l*r ]u»t Hi' Ram* a*
you do your doctor and druggUt.
It » th» firm ax *<•!! m •'..- gnodii
that you should b* careful In diooa-
'.!»>'" vi,a ar» in. V.r.i 1 to buy ]
•nywnffT* that a prtr» catrhrt yoar I
«m ••. Thai • !■• ! eoooooijF. I'rln-i |
1U aotiiatlavM You won't find the |
111- out. either, uolll you c<' the In- j
ttrument home aad u»> It a few I
wo»ka. !
H" ntr* and lart our bit raunie
*l tastrumrßt hoaM whra rnu « »nt
a iilai-.0. In b« (War- 1 In th* ordi
nary war. or an «l«ctrle piano that
la played entirely by elertrlcHy, or
in auto-grand piano -at«l by •
pneumatic player built ln*H«> the
ln*Uument, or a Simplex, whtrh is
a a«par*t« automatic player that
can ba atta d to any piano anil
operated with or without a knowl
edge of music.
wo «■•• also th* MMaitr* rrprr-
M>nt»llv*« for th« r#)»bra?i.l Klm
baJl n<' ', ml ;'li>» orcanii. aloo th»
Vocation and CtoUKh A Warrrn
church oriE*ri« Th»ro I* a guar
ant«« am! rf<-ord ba.-k of •**rjr i »lr
Our mall i>rl<-w ami our r*ll«b<ltt7
auk* th!< the h-- i i>la< •* to buy.
You in -It \sf mail Just m well
as not.
OurVa Building.
ixßOvnrn PAiMi,nf»s IT\T'«'«
tra now ■iviim ih-ir Mnmim rut rat*
t-tu»« on «i. DENTAL WORM for
thirty daya. W. cut rate* to «-Iv«r
-tit* our builntaa.
Our twrW< jmrm of •■:-.•»«« In {**•
■ til* Is a (u«r*nl«« tttat four vtnrk
oil! b* of th« Iml.
-^^j TE£T^ NO
Kxtracttar ..Pr^Oold Kllllnin.73*
si!u[VM:ii!i-<:t»f:Kjil (HI T«wth..
>old '"■'■■|:um t3.00
71] F,.*« Aitnut, S..(l'.
r.rlnr. 1. t > 4, I. • tTnlon ftl».
llouil — I 10 a. in to • i>. m.
L^ • " Wr^^ * XX* '*■ *V m *
DR. MJX-KB. IJ D B. L. & i
No« U»a*t'.nf Director .
Crown D ant ml Otl to
ot Philadelphia.
Locales at
In.l ZUt.
rxtra.-tc-l and fli'.e l absolutely » -•
<".! ; ul:i by our lit* •• l»ntifle ir.ttt.
o'. patented and unit by M «nj.
Fro* examination.
For palDlcas attracting tvb.n o!aat
work li done. Our success -> tail
«! « hlKh grade ft work, tow pries)
an4 i >i;ri'-. -at treatment.
Written fi.'i !';•»• (or BS#e»
I'rata with all work. -"*!*
irk Uota rr»»n« it.M
Teeth Without Platen *tM
fining* Ml
Wlnl. u« plates, with tMSt "A
for ISJi
r>o not cover roof of mouth.

Hour*—l a. in. t. 1 p. m.; BuniV*
MVM rtk« "I . t'orrwr Thlr4 **•
1 SpaclatlmttnDlsaaßOtot
Mon and Women
BLOOD POISON—I potlllntr
<lrlT.» lh# v.-ty l.i«t taint of pal
»>in from thr i»y»i<nn. Th» ««•
1* thorough tin\ j.rrmantnt. *»•
every symptom of tb« „•»«
vmiUhra f.ir»v<»r.
o**o*ll* m Week
Consultation Vrt*.
Dr. Sovmramom
Roams I and 4 Bulllran lll**. I
"10 |!!«I Viflill'.

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