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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, February 06, 1905, Night Edition, Image 5

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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£» the .■«!• f..!!v i. ii. .-.i|.-.l Bt'heme
H • . ■'• ''■»'■■ the i OUllcll the
,tliv.n Ihenne of the m>totluu» Ml
JJnv> h-'lel tn micieinl?
\> . m^iutirn i*f file council, • h.t
>' the time they lnlthtti-d
la* I*1 '* m." »l crusade ..>■ ,iu»f the
jj,i,. . liaibrris, to drill »lth .'iv .1
Hl*Bf«c> «l'h Immornl re«>rta
pst»'><e 'f Hie redtrtrted district, to
kr ,,. their protnlae?
l« the rre»ent rovmcll Koln( I"
ft\e t« Ihi" **t I .linn trn» aame p«i>
l«.ff ■" thjt the laM coutn-ll illd. and
wtih h Ihe police have lw«l fnriiUh
tn , f,» Tf«ra?
Th-- nr«* it few of the questioita
that *'!• **♦ »"»were«l Ml the mwl-
Ing of the ii.unctl tonlcht when the
Ft. Ktnto 11.-eii«# come« \ip for final
■■M* " lh* nifmlwri of the
reuncll are itincere they will at
Ladiw' and Mhtam' Kcraey
The ml valu« t* three ttm« m
Westberg Childs
Ck>ak«. Suits and Mttllaery
Great February Sale Women's
Tailored Suits
The ones and twos of the best selling lines the season has
known are rounded up for quick selling tomorrow. Prices
are marked down still another notch. Lots of wearing time
for you, though. Best make hay while the sun shines, for
every suit is worth double and more.
LOT NO. 1 — Navy and Black, Cheviot Sulta; | LOT NO. 2-Rulla of \>i»tlu with toorlKt
ticht nttir.it Jackets, trimmed lo wide herrutrs , or Norfolk JackM. trimmed in »ntrh«-<l •aim
braM. fUt collar, braid trtmßW*, akltt also bra. I , ban aklrt wtln full flare, also trimmed IB
trimmed— { stitched aatln l*nJ»
--$5.00 I $8.50
IXfT NO. »—Salt* In a variety I IJOT No. 4— A ild« rant<- »f IXTT NO. • Inrinii** man> of
of materlala aad colors, and aot l^* tf r1*1!!" m-diiim ■«»<> dark tht moat. cbol«. aulu afcuvi. thU
i~ ,*». n« ducf»t .tyi- v, m»2t2LS?L2 "**"■ b-ullfl ******
chooeefrem— eklrts are plaid* of some de*crlp- *a<i »«'»Bt«'» •'"«i»*» that are
lion— both nohbr »nil elefmnt—
$12.50 $14.50 $19.50
First Show of NEW WASH GOODS
i- • * • ". "■->»,*/■ ■ ■ - ■
Come and Enjoy It
ll*rV§ id Uamtsse »irl»tT «lr-«.lr and H« only the b»*lanln« of rVbmary. r« *oid#>b ar« atrradr
pUnnln« rammer drtates. W» But forajitln* prices >a ta« «bol« liai In order to atlr Ih* »tiru«ry t>ual
u» —
New White Goods—A Hundred New Cotton Mohair, Washable
NPW FffPftS k^ual to look* and atrl* In tea wnratoa] ai«t«r; th«
"v" 1-IH.VU d«algna and roiorln«» arr In k-.-[.m« with ih<.
Hl«hljr Mf-rcrrli'il WaUtlD«> In an almost n>dlea« aoft rhararUr of th« kocxX: whlrh U oo# of lh»<
»art»tjr of w,avc« ao<t tciturea, »urh aa Oiforda. reasona tblo matrrtal l> dmiiiiifl to I." th« a*a-
Plqoaa. Daraa«aa.etc. In beaatlful floral and fl« aon's favorlt* fal» i Her* n a aplrndld asaort
-1 Bred eff«cU, irr«n'».) tn r»«a!n thrtr lntti>r ! m<-ot of pattToa fi.r tomorrow's aclllng. at Ika
afUr wanhlaf. Sp»«rlaJly i«rk».| tomorrow. th» yard „ , , , „ '*\*<
'rJto^'^^-r^'rt'wT'^*2^ New Chinese Crepe for Kimonos
«d7^L d ****** ""*•" fOf, """I^ lrt "i M OMMH <T-Ih- in an a-orTm-nt of cholc. nrw Orl
■ p «d dr-«^. r . "ln<t In Prtc fr,,m ... lo- -30** ,nul p(ltlrn , and ro , ortfl|t the rrJ Lt-.t for
'■ • DlmlM'* In a cfcolr* v*rl«ty of n»w kjmonoa and .lroiwin« aarqu.» Importod direct
--h^. k». pJaldiand «trtpe»,»ulUbta for .hudren'a from Canton. China. Bp«-lall7 prlcrd at TaM
. wear; flw a D <\ aheor, but iUon« and s«rTkea.bl«. Ann<i tomorrow the yard *t*;«*
Prices are, the yard, 12H< to 35<* '*'*r
vu°Cn\ D £% £IfS?KS New Galateas—Dark Colors
I^wriK and India l.lnona. 32 Inrbm wld» blfarh
td iu.jwy whlt» you're r»ft»>n paid twlr. what mm N»w OalaU«a 1n a »pl-n.|i.l asaortm*nt of n«w fl«
«k for th«m tomorrow. Special prlr^. the yard ur<*- "trine* »n 1 rr.lora. moat a.rr)r»ahl» of all
12 -|-2*» waah fabrira for drfsaaa and boys' waiaU; war
•■••-••■" " '' ,['/ t!V ranl'-.l fast colors; 60 pieces to choose from at.
Dotted Swiss more nb««r dajtt*d Hwlaa In all tomorrow, at. the yard.. ■f» *- : ; r
year. Fine Imported sheer dotted Swiss In all «--- .„ „ , » I"*'*»«T
Hi; doU. for fine dresses and shirt walatfa. at. S\ W PERCALES— ChOiCC Pattern*
tb« yard. *S« to 85** ; N.-w 36-Inch Percales In an »adl««M variety of
Heavy Oxford Walatlnc*. highly mercerized. In pretty new palicrna. tb<- •s»nrtinent la lar«rr
plaid and basket weave effects, warranted to re- than ever this a^a«on. Inrltidlnn both ll«l. and
tain their hia»»r. worth r»«ularlr 11. tbe ,|ark •ba<lm, with neat stripes and flunres. The
yard; limited amount, while It UaU, the yard.. color* are warranted fast. Specially pr|r<*l f,,r
• •••"••40<* tomorrow, the y»r I 12 I 2r
jßJJ'jy-.*.' "■,■ ' "';i'.iV *" "' !._"*"?? '" iT'i "• m " '{j '* " 'S'J'JS "mTTT-TJITi" i'i'i""h» ?""..'■- ....ill '.t ' n..."'" |..I'?''- "' ■■■■*--■—— ■■■ ■ ■ 'g.i
Or.*j colon- *^9^4 f/^^N'tf rf«o>ethlM
'*' *•'- "n" m »-^ af^ M-M »-% W^. /^ -m^' new, s«m.llilrm
I F 1 If If V/V <lr.nd
"•it tmt, I BUM X J r J B»|,, l^nnlnf
"■ Second and l.*nivcr.«itjf ■'•*,' Second and University .i,.i, v i,.h
l«««t i. f.-r the nt-.tlmuu-K hark id Hi.- I
HMtMM and rrvettun MOMBtltt** bo
Ihnt flitrf I■• 1.,u » can matt* it n>-|
|«rt i. k..,!,in,,: the ptee*. If ihry i
are not, they «t!| rullniaii It thruuah (
«ltli..iit v word ot rummi-iit,
Althmith th" ni'plliutlon fur the'
n . .■•>•• wn* iiiaiir a wrrk a«« the I
present llrenae dm-a not tspira un
til Kn-tiruarr «»■ Am a rule auch bp
plUatl.ma are n->t limtle until Ilir
U«t minute. The I won why time
«n» thua aelavd by the fnrelm k In I
hunilllnc ih^ Ht t.llnu Ilienae In j
appnient. Whrn the llcanaa waa!
t iK. n up 1..-f,.t,- tli» is .-,.-..• and
revenue committee Imt M „.!.>
l'hl«>f !•■! ,!,.■» sat n»t In the city.
Therefore the committee could not
obtain Ita ii»in! report from the
chief ir<.i lin« the moral . li.v .. i. i
of the place.
It «v eildrnlty the Inl.iitt.m to
»ho\-e the Itrenup thn<ush before
«ii»l-..|j anew anything nhout ii
tf the plan f«l!» I in.... wuuld 1,..
Itrt n-ifft. i. in it.ue to make « flisht.
That the Si r.linu exlata with <t
le»»t the partial •, ...ir. v,.,, of the
imllie force there la no doubt, Bey.
er»l of the offli'ara arc known to
ii»lik« th* manner in which the <
!1..- la conducted while nthera
ae»m to «et alntit « Kh It , lu lt# well.
A i-ii iin clttien vouchea fur the
• i.it. m. mi that two fallen women
I wh.i hAl 1., .-n ||\lti m |n ,i >!..,,.„ i
avenue !•• !>;!'■« houa« wrre toJJ thAt
If they hf,[#.| ap to the Ht. Elmo
hotel IV\ could pumue their timb
tlana unmo4eate<t
U »<ini<« of the membera of the '
city council arr ai thi-y claim. In
norent of th« lnin>..ra! coodltlofia
exlatlnit at the St. Elnm hotel, cor
ner Cherry ttre«t and ThIM avenue,
within two btorka south i.f the M.
< : chnrrh and lesa than hair a hlurk !
south "f the Youdc Women's Chris-
•nit i t»
| ■»» former Councilman J. A.'
J«m.-i». wlm iliiiliik lil a (rrm of of
fice <hnin|il..iuil lh< raitmi nf the
; •■*' Blmu, Biltnlttod 11, muniliiK
tliat the pluco hsil •-. tinrd ■ Lai
reputation .11.1-p it mm rir« (MM i
111111 vmm ago. n, tt )»u «i»ii'eii
Mint tkii Ik.- nj>plWi»ttia fur ■ ro-
DnwtU *M ■»■■« far a mbu m«i> tbe
u.ntlSM vi» |,r«. ■!. >».-.,(,. W
through Ilia last ••■nil. il Jnpt h '...
II adjourned |||a ren>!l«iilun won
■•< .tun however, Ibnt h<- >v not ul>
tiilutitljr certain whether b* had
fnei'it f«ir II «>r not.
Mr. .l.iinii, ilt<ii|i«| that nn\ p«-tl
, fiout n,nln«i I'liii.tiiir it rrnewnl of
jtti* lli'rnifi Bl thnt time hod been
| prnsentuil lo ih» nmncll. Other p«*r
,».,,- who havt« rli»«<l)f followed thn
••run of the BL Klmo ulalf poilt
, Ivrly thai Uu. p rcinimitiaini.il
• K»lu»t |i mii ii I] ■ ||MBM were
(llihl I'll Hi. council. '
They »i»rs not res* br'rnti»e ■
inniioii in.ul.. hi James that they
{ annul I nut !,«• read wbh pnmuKi. It
Ila . l.iiiui-.i ili.ii on* . niMii ■ inner
I from th« rongrricallnii at Hi' Ktr«t
M. I rhurrh. ni.'lli.i >l|ii"'l by
IVxti-r llorton. T. S. l.lppy. J M
('•■lmnii ill'l olhnra all'l a thlnl lt<il
b) I'r J. C. ri...n,.11 w<-rf fll^'i al
that flim- If ih.-v »n» ili.> havn
• Ime bprn dlitpo»pd of. an a<M>m« {
prolmblp, ni!,««- an r»li»n«ii>"
ararrh g| thr r«*roril« at lhi« rlty
hall thta innrulnK fallml to aecur*
a ii.,i» of th>-m
II la alto lh« Impn-miliin of Mr
1 Jam<w •nil In fart all Urn rur-mi,.-i «
iif thn founrll that Mi>- 01 Klmn la
nutstito the ■tkna limit*, but J>i Ir.
! lug frt'in th« la«l aaliion llmlta of
ilinanri* paasawi. thla contention U
I not corrwt. HowTtr, th» fact r«
malna that thn (Iran** alwaya hat
on [>r..v|.>,.< rtrcnalona !•••• v Krautml
with the iiti.i.-i-.i.m.liiiic that th« Bt.
Blmo la out*!i]r> f lie Itralta.
It In claimed by cwtaln Fimrth
ward rltlMui that nnn nf the BKre»
uiriita mini* by Councilman «'••!'
vrhrn hel wan • 1 ••.»•-.l »aa that h<'
•houlit work to either . l.«« the Ht.
Klmo or p<irr<> It of Ita Immorality.
Cola rviil.'iiM) 4oc* nut Intrnii to
do ao
If th«» memb<»m nf Hi* council an>
' illiollllisK to k»SJ n of the rotten ron
ililinna that M now »n.| i!»»u
have .-n.irl at the Bt Ktmo by per
*i»n»l obarrvatlnn It U only neroa-
»! v for them Id niuke a cnmml In
»|iwllnu nf Un« COUri rccorda
Ham KnHi'nlxTK, hi iii.ii 11 me own
tr of Uta Ht Elmo, ttmi U. M, Tm<
In, (inn iif Hie- I.Mi.iin ih-'ii «mt
nuw, wcrn itiJli ted by the grand
Jury Iwo jrnri uk" f..i runnliiK n
■tlNiirdurly hoUM, Tli« Inilh Imiiil.
in,.' all tti« (Mill-in, wuh ili mi ..1 hy
I'limiHiiuiiK All..Mi' Boott
Them la iii*n un n-i "iii Ilin court
priM.xMllMKii (if iNv. 11, IW3, when
Tenter wiih diicil by Tony Vamuir
fur Kliuiilcr. I. hi. i w.i obliged id
|my fliio .I.itii.i,-.. . nnii coalit. Vim
mir'H mill wim brought kh the ri-Hult
irf m "ii briHigl HKitiiiNi Ti-iiicr i.v
Toiry Kllir. now nti Inspector in Mm
clly hi'iilth iU-|uiriiiiiMil. fur tin. re
covery of Hip |en»e of the building
■ »1< ii 'IVnter hna. but which Klni
• tilniH Ik-lomk* i., dim. III'- rane Ih
now mi nppi-Nl iii thi auprenie court.
In llm it hit before llm auperlor
court Vnaattr prMMtt«4 lUßMciaai
bvlilpucc .ij-jliißt iiti-r. and (lit
l.itt.i Vnutr clalma for revenge.
wi>nt about i.mii.tiiir Vaaaar aa a
thief. Vunrtjtr hail been working for
aevnral *f»r» In Mir. Bt. liimo i,,lhi
•a ii "rubber" Ti-atrr claimed th»t
tin .ll.i. li.ii >.. ,1 I Mami for (hufl Vim
«»r kIIi ■>••■. 1 ihnl hn quit \llllllltm 11
v ling to the I. xiitiiiiti)' ho *•*«•
In Mint . kaa |i|a ri 1.-»,m. .< wna Mint
ho |y n>.llij..<t to fi.i|ii.i,Mr i»rt ■•
■ li.'llli.n In aiMUluu 1.. I.L itutlea
•a "rtiblMir."
Ha ..lij.. ti-il to Hi.- ■ ir» dutlm,
• hi. h rotmlatml, In- ni!.-r. •! in rarry
lri( ilrlnaa in Rtr'x im.i their main
rntnpnnlona In the ln<lslni tnnia«
ami In ratlins by n |.-|.»n.m. Eirla
wtiiim Tnati>r .1. .-.v.-.l tv ■ ilrln
(rtradi of i.i i cwiihn to th» st. i:i
mo. V.ivur jr^alvntay mat..l thitt
there *er» Immoral women rwgu-
I.nl» liMUlnc at Mi* SI i:im» !•••
tUloa Hum.' wlui were called i v
II w.i-i aim) hrnucht out np.m
rro«s - initiation In Mini . «-• that
John M.H.'. who It raalw'i partner,
only a fnw ><-«i» acu ran the notor
loiia Arllnietim rmtaurnnt, or rather
th« rooma atHiro the rentaurant, at
10s Km-onil aTenun oinith Tbl» re
tort at that Hum' was need v a
inmttni |.1,i.-<- for aaalsiiKtlnii pur
, I- ■•-■'■% on a larce --<!<■
\Jt. largest furniture store In the West---extends longest and
most 11 bora I credit
I^^K|> $1 dov*n—st
/^^m^^^M asat ** week huys any
go-cart we
)t^^l« «MIIJS Cinijf \^\ —good time now—right now— to get your go-cart; our new
A.._/>sgftm |$O Cc\rt I J seasons howing is nearly ready to see but we are very anx
\^/ji\ 5r ■ Jr^J ious to "make a little more room" before they are all on show
\V iJl^ *^^Xl€VVC2f\^r and special price these few here just for this week only.
V^^ta-^-^^S^*"^ (these special advoHised prices are
\^=i3S^^^ for cash only)
folding go-carts <d^*L
/■ firicn \^y price i^m\.
111 "w. 11 special for M special for \LjTmy\^/'
hCJi "•' '»"""• i ••■ •■ »3 this week iß^^^ this weefe \m*&>~
/jSfiK nil* la a IlttU r*rt I^HbMH^ B^^^i regular prioo $21-mpnnlal
\r\Fif lh "' " •'■••>*"'■■< ••• F?3 II A _ __ 188 1 I MA Af> tor this wook SJO. 73
>W\ lhi" "• "" ►>»•■•! V»flf ll C V ** T rL.LJ %b *3 m Urn *J * r,.,lliilii« iJo-Cttl .>< v^ry Ml -
/L v fj > •■"'"-»' • ■"■ • — , JO. ..-LI yP+9mZJmJ JUMfW V***"* i,ilve i*tt.ii.. „ well «nd
I- i^* ~i"" '" r " '""l'»*' /"^MMtI y<7KV^SMr 1 «ron«ly l.utlt r H rt «Kh r»^l body
VVA Sj* "■4 ''" hlln * - /\|/f>wJ*lr I / (yMF\ 1- Ttl1" '- n si.lrn.llj nnd >™<- mt «n.l »>.«k the
f '^> '" •' «■■ '• »• " » { f JmE9F\ I A -rjr nf«l lit lie b»rlT\rvir niu< '■>l'Hn« <:■>- «h.-l» »re itwl : ,n.l ru.hlon tlrc.l
, , . -*' lin.iy r..tn t .i,t \ t — 'fV J^^m *» f..Mirm (10-Carl. V Sii±LS* li^v art< K»»rln« l« mi I fm.-.| with rut.l.,-r hubn nn<>
Mm;.l-. |!«hf in, | .tronir. i:»rr», i V/t *SU^ I %C^ nicely ».nkn tr..,l -\ i^r^T^ lrf^l atroniily nm.l.-. flttM . »pii and pnti«nt \vhe<>l f.iMfnprit
kln.l yotJ mny mm »11l !.- h»r<- \ 'W*_ Xi^VA hack, ill *""'"« '" — ' (Wy llh l« ■ ♦'■1< k |i«t.-nt |:«l brnkf. fln!she,l In
lota iMwn. A ralJlnc (la-Cart \ k (U>?l ti.cn .n.uti.l.- I nnd «*V_Jr »pr»n««. . if..i.«:- ! «ri«-n «ntl atrlped; cushlom up
on, that la dumbl> and will «lv««l >*^r' alronc. fm.-.i with "-* veneer bark rubber hoUterrd In corduroy; (mrajol of
»H»r.-<r«|rin — ennnnt b« |.rlr»<l' "-" t» . tin. k •[irrn«;e. tired wheels, K.-i'in« mprrerised aateen, with three
lower lh«n the on<-« hr» j-i- tut- I, ruM..i iii,.| ti^i-ia l« wt^-n enameled. hemmed rufflea.
id n,T,'*T'l^l'r regular price
JBy3r^i»jf>HtJjfrdlvgv "f r»»'1 with ran* 4C 9A flfl
ff/y 'Pf iytTwVn\ bottom, »> " flnl»li- j^^Sfc?H»w^
tHE '; regular price
<*T t#mml with ran* *r Dfl k^L\
Tlil« l» v liiii>)«->ni" rerllnliiK •■„—.. ~ 1-iif.lnoim. nilk (varnaul. ip»«a/iorl«iiwr»*»»,/J
nn-<"nrt. with rer<l Ixnly mil .'■•• .. ■ ■
... „ nn<l bnrk runhlnmrare uphol. —— A very i,...,i i,. lining f!o-C«rt.
■ I^r«-i1 In rorduroy. parnnol la of af%^ > V *■" a»^ .-■ The boiljr Ik of wood nnd reed,
perrnllne. acallci(--.l rd«e with Standard Furniture Company elaatlo rubber tlrea. ateel wheels,
cuahl-m 11r.,| ami mi«d with pat- t^A M"^mmm^W P««ent foot brako. finished Rrecn
rnt fi>..t drak". rubber hub m v« 1006 tO 1016 First Avenue ""'' "'''l"" ' - 11"" upholstered
r^t^X'car?! '"tr"'n; »! I. SOHOEMfCID « SONS ICim£ BILUMONAM TAOOMA S.f^l'SS?^ '" *t^"- WUh
j One of the many delicti* prob-
I 1.-in . which the i li-i HniiM nnd i.i.iiiiii
ni h-.-. . nmniltta* haa before It In th"
Iha proponed rrdtalrlcllnK of tin
'rlly, j, how It run create the. addl
| tlonal ward mi liadly needed with
| out InrurrliiK '1,.- dlKpltmaure of the
, locnl brewery truat. m 11. .if Mk'
i preaciit iii.iiii" of Mm iinell
were elevated to the honor only be
. .hi ■- they were known lO havn d»
--ilili-.l I'imiik* t.i Mi" booM Intcreit
I and thould they, lit Milh l»l. hour,
I turn down Hi. ii rreatora It would
i mean their pollllral dMtTUCtlon,
I .The Nlnta ward la and alwaya
haj benn a prohibition ward. It
Saa had to be. Thla I* largely bn
■ »'i-.- a atain utattitn forblda lU<
ealablUhineiil of drinking renoria
wlUiln Iw.i mllea of the ataU unt
trralty. To imik.' auolher ward out
of thla aertlon of thn rlty would in
1-re.naethe antl-llquor repreitentatlon
tn the council by one member
Tltla would be bad Oil: III' brew
ery atandpolnt. If, ,i.. la not unlike. .
1 ly. I' ahould reault In IhrowliiK thn '■
lialanir '.r powi-r In the council out
of Mis Mil...in I.mi.. h Into Mil- 1.nn.1-.
nf tb>.».e mombera who ■!■ fur
< in. ■!<-.. in r. It would amount to a
calamity. Thn atruggl* between
then.- two • 1.-iMi iitn In the council l«
■ •ir.-if.ini •' <Kl> aa It I*, tiring
limu-i'lnT ward from the n-utb end
ot.ltm city and It would be a big
p.Ji-4 gained by tl..- antl-llquor In
I Tlit» la thn r**iM>n that aeveral
-ht —
■ mill' iltlU'll liini' i.l|iiWli ■ n-rnurlui
lile ni'iiffii. bi •lo the pi). . t !'i >!i
vl't. ii.« N'lntb waul. that n ni'-MliK
i. li.-.luli-.l lit i'i.iihl.li-i the Miihjrrt
laal Thuniday nI(M ill.l not taha
place. It la one •if the rannni why
rertain nx-mbera of the rounrll ar<
|ii..ii imf ni"iiii:.i the dlrlaloa «liv
Mi. r rial in that them nr« rnoiiKh
run in llman alroad) irh) they h«
Hert Mint ni"!. i-iiiincllmrn wuul.l
lead to the formutlon of corrupt
■ ll>|ill'i( within tin. body iiml why
they aay they tnll«-v<- MiHt aiMltlon
-111 '<illllilllll.il woiiM not 1..- al M>
"'laiinii lincauan the city . n
Klnei-rliiK ilepnrlment rmmot *vi n
now k«-<-p pine Ita tin- Intprove
iii. ni work which il,■ coiincllnien
are 111 Itiunlly m«|.| out.
Another dlfflrully In ti.l ie .1, >
it'llliK (in. 1.1. in In how to kii|i lli<
ward line* ao thai they will not In
t.-ifi-n- with Mic 1 liiiln' jin
-1 in. ta. The liounilarleii of bol are
li'iiiernlly lh« name. The 'iiinty
i omnilaalonera ItaM alao ...in.- iii
thority tn the matter.
The ''iMIIik up of Mil' |ir< • Illrlll,
It la K'-ii'inlly • "in • 'l<'l, U eaiiy.
Thla II the moct iiii[..ntani. aa It
will ii-n'l la limarn rorruptlon In
aliH-tloni Hut tin- ta»k muat be
'.ik.ii up Immediately tr It la to I.c
noaplatad l»efore the next I.l'ini. 1
pal elertlon.
The IJiiMin Anne Imprurement
club laat I i ilnjr iiirlh endoraed the
movement to t«ir off a portion of
the KIIMI ward to annri to the
Ili-w wind il. 'I In to !>■■ « ln|.|i- 'I mil
or tbi Ninth.
A* tv ai'.i' ( fur I In- n,.iii> no
t|i<«M» ■ V •vi'« In ! I,l' la*l nlKbt'a
> pi.. ■> 11. | i^i-i furmaiii <• of M.n O.
Fttttx-r a "Hllvar ttllppar" the man
ager aiatea ih«» wrafkl nf th>- prln
iii.nl- wi(n tald >i|. wlllj w>m
llifmtx in,-! other ill-- Hint human
Hash la >■■ n to and that under
mi■■<!k-h i....i. tin v rule*.
Kruffi 11 ••!■•■ i.i- nl, ii Htandpoltit ili<
".Silver Hllpiht" i. a inaicnirii <-nt
Muni; HOd Ita MkMOlMa iMM willi
l.illy in nl,I • t.i. Hid ■tslWßil iiii ii
who carry the. esonuti along •III) ,
v iii" ji v iliuli ami nwliik
Ali>) the I h,.n,;.i, I'll- ilatxa! Noth
ing; quit* «o •lever linn ln-en wen In
.v.iiii'- alrxe the. lit time thone I
•an* nil l!rl,' f,,. I, r.inli-i- M
aomn IIIHt like '«'m —executed Ihllt
Knm of tvrakhorean art.
The- drollery of Knit?, Kdward*.
tin- I. -i!;iir comedian, kf-pt Ihn H'l
•llriirr K'mkl natur»l i«i. ■ 1 'lllKllllll* j
'•ontiil*i-<l. Whatever life tb'-ff wan !
to III" lini-« he |»llt HllO lli' in
M»> of tbf pr«-tty riijii With
wliltb tlii nail d]f U r<-pli>te were In
-«ii. li Inillffcrrnt lian'la Ilial »Xli
on« or two nrrptlonn, th*jr «<•!■<•
bailly don<- ainl coldly M-<«fved. Tli<
mom notalilp HOtpttoU wpro "Zan
/1 liar" anil "At the .-... i.-!•!.■." lil«
flrnt rrry tuneful an.l lh<> »«onil
*<»ry fimny. Tin clldu-U number
li-«» rnrorws.
"Tim Hllrir Sllppfr" run* all tbli
m-i-k, with .-'a'Mi'lav ii.^'iin'
.NVI'W- th« N«WI Olrl." whlrh
1,, k«ii a wii'k n '■ncMßtrn'-ni at Ihr
Ttilr.l Av»iiiie >«it»T(lay, »mh«l mif
of thn i.in'n 1 lii.. of ti,. : loilratna :
Huoa, Tin* |i!k-^ haii l<-nty of j
thrllla in it ami ii la haii'lli.: well
lijr ■ X.»"! (OmpUiy. Moat rnthu
alaatli" aiiprmlatlon (II ariowri by
tli» Kallery, ami down i-iaJm k'-'u
lniii'»! lii tin udw and the
tulifortunra of the little newi (lrl
waa nmiiifi-M'-'t
8o Rreat a hit (1M Wanda I.n-11'iw
f^ |
mnke Jn the part of thf #»w» «ln
yi-fcti-rilny kllvrßOOtl In th« opening
l« t f'H-mail' >• that the . , .iii. "..•»
i'"-. ■ union promptly made her as
bosorary tDwnb«r of tbeir orxant*
.■ ,' „n and this >■ • .. m b*-'aine at
Tlift plfie. "intlniifM IhrmiKh th»
*..i with '.V. .!i.. :.., and '<■ .i
--day in»tln«'es.
"Tiik ovi'sv ami,"
"The 'Jypny fjlrl," wtil'h opened
»t It). Alcazar " >'■ i-l.iy hfli tuoou.
Klvea the 4Ti i lirver youbKati:rti of thn
'.'..! -in in ■ Juvenile Oi«rn company
an ■ vii h'tt'-r ojijujriunity U> dis
play their talitita ii.hu did i,«r
<lo " The i-nxttitriliiK of thn "(Jypny
•Jlrl" Ii cupii lally attractive, A
* ChOrm of 4j, plcturewjiiely roa«
tnmwl la a rarhy arid a novelty at
thi> Alcar.ar, and the .ijii.i.m • Urn
audience i-i,,, *, i thai it wu appre
ciated The piece, la i. „!■!.- wltb
|.'i|, iliu -'mi- ■ and pretty, catchy
aim, which are h»Fi'ti'-'< in e.xrelient
xtyle by the dnver Ullptitlanß.
"The f.ypny Olrl" will ran all
week, with We*lni:sday and Hatur
: ilny inatlneeii.
The KtU'lenta of the high >•■ !«•.'.I
hud the pleitmire of II ItiK Iwo
ai'leinlld oratloni which were llv
• re<l by Mlaa I.ul It.xii nn'l MiM
M ,'■■ i M'MiiiTy thin mornlnß. Tri*
fiirm'T apoke on "Itillliiiilne Inde
pen4e|ice," mid the latter, "IjifhJ*
ence of Art."
The boys' baakrtball >■ ■<■ will
play li« flrat irarne ■ Ith Hriohonilfih
at thi Armory. February n 'rtii
Tlnltora hnve won every name thta
year and a fierce content fa munjre*!,
A tumtillnif feature In to be riven
by lye nri'l Wtti«..t between h<ilv»^«.
A ro«jtera meeting la xheduled for
: IT»uraday noon.
I'rof. R P. Hhorta rr. • hla fare
well addreaa before the atudent*
thla rnornlna; and waa an-orde<l
three roualna; rheera. lie lejivea for
the eaat about the middle ut the
Go to .innlnf'H for bl'-y ri«
palr*. •••

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