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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, July 26, 1905, Night Edition, Image 5

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"Mister Spirit, Does Husband
Love Me; Did He Ever?"
Staff Oorf<aape*d»nc« to th« Star.
LCXINOTON*. Ky.—Vih** the dl-
Torrr aw* of John K. Madden, noted
When You
Buy a Piano
D* war* of quail Don't
take It for granted. Ivui
let th« h«autr of th« <-aa«
hmd yam a* I ray Wo.tk
toon and poor nuking
may not ahow rlsht
away, but tt'a ther*; tt
will ft"i» tmt In tftnn.
. And other*.
We know every piano
w« sell is worthy. We
not only ■now the niak
ers; knowledge and ex
perience make* 1:1 cm>
P't-nt rritiea. Oar prices
ax* low—bat * low pric*
. la cur star* doesn't mean
a trashy piano.
; i
Sherman, Clay
Til Second Are., Sealtl».
San Pranriaro. CaJ.
Oakland, Cat.
Buy Your CWthlng
•t «*•
625 Fir«t Avtnua.
We Are Exchanging Dollars for
Pennies During Our
Change-About Sale
$7.60 All-Cowhld» Leather Salt SG-plece Whlt« lUTtUnd Ran-
Cas<«, shirt fold 81.5)8 ■»"» Dinner Bui j?l |.O9
J3EO 2-rSarner Cabinet Frarn* 10c Fancy Tliln Chin* Cr«aro«r
ba«olinoßtoT S-.98 , • X*
I tars Lonoi Rwy, fIU tl)« linn I $1,00 down Rtrb<"i Blown Tumb
for IM* I lera. carh to
4 rtooble nh<«t« T»ni:l«f«x)t Fty H.W <Jo^n Ironstone China Cnps
Paper for * M and B*urcri for camp; p«!r.l<»
_ „ „ 2Sc Superior Trotit Fllfd, ullli
■to 1-nurner '•' Hot PUtf, r .«^.d H4*
2", c tlarUw(K)<l AdJutUbln Win-
Cc fancy UaniUed Ie« Cream Win l!( ,,» gcrwns .. 17*
•' ' * %6 $1.23 Fanry Ueellnlnß I4wn
Jsc S«ml-Porcclaln White V*««- Chairs, with harjwood fr»m»
Üble DUU 1)0 8O«
Spelger & Hurlbut
Second and Union
aa a turfman from the Atlantic to
th# Pacific i-imuK. axalnat hl« wlf»,
Anna Mrcn:« •■■ ■ !.1.-». i .m.» to
trial In a f«w weeks It la extXKf ed
that the iTotai:* will fairly •ml«
At l-3.1t. th* »ll»^t»<lnnv. In lh«
|""tt!.»n ar* full of promise
M»'!'l'n itiln that an a«r»-~ni-i.'
! vat •■ti'prpil into i:.-»wivn him and
lit* »tf.> that they **»••; M not make
their marrlaee known for «<ri>n«l
month* t! i.T..iftrr. ah* to b«t known
jlt ■■- maiden nim» or Anna Ixwlm
Tti.-n low* the allagatlnti that
Trainer Albert Sim • and h!a wife
T-viv.i acted as "ico-betwfwna" fnr
Mm Vi.vf'n and U V. Hell, promi
nent New York turfman, arranging
railing p!acr« fi->r the 'wo
Itrll, " ''!«■ a;!. --*, U • man nt
: I notortoufly bad r< •.'■■.?■., wttnan atton<
I tiont to irr wemaa vouM rsp<rr«
brr rhsra'-t**. Mi.'. !.-n statm tbal
jwhrn hs hf^inl of bta wlf<>'a rela
'tion* ( with rti»U ht wt«* *bofltß<t in 1!
|rei«on*frat«l, wb<r»upnn »fe» d«»
--i »»• i-'I him aed rnimcwi tnomi at
J,En<liC"l.t hotel, In New York, and
11 with thn rnnntraar* ef b*r fath«r
'and brother, took <■•-•' nnl frrtb!«
. lin»—■!!!■ of ih'ir two ••■!■!. I" !■
ward and Jrau>pb.
Vn.'.. I.' a nr.it.n further that hU
wtfa's <llvorr-« proce#«dln(t» In Cin
cinnati, wblrh was bar old hnm«,
wcr* ! ■■' ■■ • and frandal«nt, and that
h» I • :.■ v. . I U V If- has rot.•>.•:.)
tntlmstit norlal r*'atlon«hlp with
I*' II Old t!;» ;:i:r.'.r:vi
Thta i-f tin-1 th« qttMr all-ciMnn
wh*r»in K«Mn MNMTU that J.»«-p
, M4wnM. hla wlf«'* fathvr, la •
Bplrltoallst. and In'.n.-«•«! Mm Mad
«t«n to rail oa tb* •pint* of in*
Ijdwul. askinx taformatlon »» to
wbethrr Madden »r»r reaity l<v.-«l
hT. an4 w«ji »r'i« to h*r.
Mc(m». tht pftltfoa rlalrna. to »
roan without vtmlbln mmm* at snp
port, nn4 I* unable to iiipport Mm.
Mi:i!-n and their chlMrrn. and that
I whit* Mrs. '•!• i;ri:<-. Mr. Uaddcn'a
m«th«r, waa aliv- b« barama f»«»-t
--natnl with on# Minnie nah««r. which
dtuM >.;< vlf* to roremlt aulclde.
Tb»n Mart* M«d«)-n «M-rt«.
nuurted Mlnnio Dah««r and plar«»^
h»r In th* position of mother and
£uM» to bli. Madden* futur* wlf«.
%(.-!■'•!• n rharcwi that hla wife ha*
TupfAtnd.y taktn their children to
Ihn Mrgruo horfl**, whi>r" they havo
in'fi :itiii»i><l to aaaoclatn with Mm.
Mpkiup, and tint iha In MdWKN^
Ing to obtain possfiuilim of the I till
ilien In onlT tit nmk» thn Hi «vii«
botno iifh 1 for 11iv Burh * homo,
«tatp» Mniltt(>n, WMtidl Imi th« mint-
Hun for llfn of both hla wltn unit
ihnlr children.
Mrs. Xl.nMi-n. M.i.lit. ii » rli. w«i
well awaro of tho hostility of iti-il
an Rlmnna towant* him. a hostility
if 11. ■ harartcr »<> Inlrnm 1 ait to make
them Mpi to not only dMtUnjr hi*
domestic happtneaa but to Impover
ish htm anil wreck hll mint' 1
Attorney lHrkaon. f«r Mm. Mad«
dpn. riillculea tho hu«l>«n<l'a charßm.
Ho aaya that Mr*, m.i.i.i. u'i ansiM-la
lions wtth WrU hare not tw*>n nnjr
mor* Ultimate than with Krrdill*
Qohard. th« Whltneym, thi> lltu-h
--eocka, or any other prominent Emit
#m rar» hurs* p«>pl«.
Th« lawyer aim call* atteutlnn lo
th» fart that Madden doea not abao
lulrly aecuae hli wlf» of adultery.
Amrdlnc to hla own atatfmrnt,
Madden la worth If.woon. Mm.
M iiiiirn I* now 111 »i her father'!
home In l.onit Bran
Colored Club
Women Meet
MINNCArOUS. July »«.—Th»
Minnesota J>.!eratlon of Cotor»4
W«tnen'd club* bea^n lift fir -it an- I
mini convention In tht* city today,
Mr*. J. r. .In. of Mlnnenpolla.
{•reatdinar. TkoiiHli It -i" or*;ant»d
but three mnntha na**> ""■ fe<teralt«n
already embrace* II • lub» with an
• ■■'•■cat* nwroberahlp nt «0o
Owlnir to keen eompe-tlilon by
Australian mill produrta. th« tran*
! portalion • "inpaiil*"* runolng steara
eta to th* Orient t.avn ajtrn-.l to t«
tiijt-ti th* fmitl.t chargra oa flour
from rnc«t vaund porta to the Orient
fn>m $. to It per ton, rornmenrlnf
Aucust IS. Another rcaana la mmc
!n« about tha deetalon of the tran*
portaUon cnmpa\Dlaa beaide* th*
fart of i!,o Australian competition.
Is the .hup carrying ratca ch.ir».>J
by tramp ataamera.
HultK ana PUuiuir*.
Alkl N«lai< riuni la alt under rwaC
Warm a<ui romfosiabl* •••
—— f. , ..
Of buffM•■rill n^t-»lr* on ■ t!h*m
i'.irilli M* traina t>*twr«n mlllr
4n<l Hpekan*. July iOlh. IVnl'cUa
«• 111.■•> on thta train. I--•» ii b Hratil*
dally ji : n in. ...
Can be done only by one
thoroughly conversant with
Hernia in its various formv
Wr Expert
OF") Attends
\LJ To Your
» Case
\f\Wi\ Here
*^!k^ Tomorrow
vw From 9 to 6
/^Q n. V. Elastic
I /J& Trusses, Single,
W 75c
._ N.Y. Elastic
JjSJ Trusses, Double,
(U) $1.20
\p^ Fresh stock Silk
Elastic Hosiery
Vnr*f is received by
J^^L us every six
(fakir 1 weeks. Tom
||l row special, 9
\iH / to 6: Anklets,
-» $1.50; Knee
Caps. $\M).
V^/Open alfni^h!
INC. .
Open »ll ni.^ht
■ KANK m rini:.;;i mi-:n. *
I HIH)KANIS, July 17.-PrMl- *
* ili>ir K.i.r,. V.li ulijn-ta to li.n A
* IUX 111" r,u ■■ ii- ni on o'lnnii •
a Imk nnHllutna. ll' baa unit a *
* I'M ninth' i')uiitil» r <»f com- •
* iniTi-n of thin city ilallnK that *
A tin la vi-ry iiiii< npiMiiml to *
* linvinic hi . picture uniui In till* *
* »h>'. ami rtQOCata that Ihn ail- •
* vxrtlaliiß 11.1..U1. t »n which hta A
* l>tiiil(igrn|ih ii!'|..-iiiM tin wllh- *
* ilrnwu fnnn rlrrulatfon. Thn *
* ii....i,i.-i upon «iii. h Hi. ptctura *
* Hi.|...11.. I «|. I „..| |.y th, «
* rhaint >■ for il,.- (.in !••• ..• of ml- •
« VfrllsfvA ■ i „i, in,-, and ou tlm .
* (iivor w.-v a Btati'tii' mi from •
■ thn „i >• it' wtilctt rai flat. *
a trrlng i.' iha rlty. •*
» . •
♦ ♦♦♦•>»»»»»4»»#»>»4»#
Tim Jarkson ilrwt r»«r»il» now
ainx'aru t» Ijo i .mi..i,
At a bin nin i!nu on Tumriny
OlKtit ar 11.-H llur hall, Inf.-i..,.i, ,1
prtipcrtr owimra rrpr«>«(intlnc SO.POO
of ri.itii.i^,. on J.i. I. si hi alrrot
•lined th* pittlllon for th* Impniye
mrnt. ■|iii.ii.,n. , only S.OOO more
frpt to bo tirought Into Ihx Ulatrlet,
•ltd. It U I>«lti<voil that th* •.» ii.-m
wprtwntlnK v will rrn.lll) fire
thrlr .-.in-, ni Aa won aa ttsi>y do
id- i" t.tion will be prrarntftd ■.i lli->
I'liina »rr under w»jr fur th« con
ttruftlon of a t^n-atory hotrl build
ln» In lhl« rlfy by 8L Irf»ula capltal
bla. Th* m*n Inttrcatml am M*
ftn.tml la th* rii> within Uit* next
thr»n w*«ka lii.ii T. Cook, who
».ia liilit.-«(.-.| In th* formtruction
«f thn Alaaka building, la authority
for th* atatfttneot. li« aaya th*
ImlHlfiß will nail bi-twrrn »«;:.O 0«.0
»nl fTM.OOO. Tbo i:ir ;t f.-»t dlffl
cultjr will if In K'-tiirm property,
owner* in 'Jl«|. of their land in
th* .llatrt.t de«lra<l.
ciiKnnotrrto.Juiy ;«,—m. win*.
who la to act an rtilxf tttuurtan plen'
Iputrnttarr. aall*d for N-» Yorli
trelay on tb* sleamshlp X <•<■>• Wit
helm An iir!■•»•■ M \VIU« takM
with bltn to America r*rof. d* Mar
t.aa. tb* fadkhi* authority an Inter
national taw of th* t'ni**ratty of Hi.
rrtrraburi: M. IMancoa. formerly
.hart. d'affalrnaat lvk!n: U. Khlp
i.ff. director of the Ruaslan trvaaury
d*{>ar«Bi»nt M Korotoftta. tormnr
ly •<i«rr of (b* treat lon at I'*
kln: , rOwmlYi HKttoff. mil
itary atlwb* at I-.H1.1.H. iv) II
Natxiukoff and M. Rasiolloff, of tb*
IluiaUA IM«icn aflto*
* i 5.000.000 in <;■ i! li K«'1!l- •
* i.v siuri'cn n;nsi ♦
* Advkra hsv<> it ,i- ii<-'i •*!!» ♦
* Hlr from I'tii! .»<VI;.M» if lh« •
* ariiv*i on Jolr '« of » (hip- •
* m«-ttt of i 5.000.000 la cold but- *
* li<m. »hi--J> was uhlrpod from »
* >'•• i"!o under «rm«-1 (oardu •
* and la now nintr la th« mint •
* In lh« q-i.ak-r city. Tb« trip •
* irrat tb« rontloont >«» n-.i,).' *
* mi arcrrtlr ihit tk» ••nsi'l'i*** ♦
ft of th« rxprvwa coßipan|r« and •
. i»Hri,ai)» A\<% not t>n.,w of l!« *
* nstara, Tt>* itoW l>jr« MM ♦
* itorod In fmjf »ipr«» i-«r». ♦
* whlrti fornwxl a «p.-.t«J train *
* from ft l*»ul to l'hU;i-l<l;.ii:* • ;
* •'■
HTOCKItrmjI. Joly 11.-Ilolh
haw •>' tb* r>k» ! .it \.-\\ %• ■■ irl
iw«k>ns today to dlnruaa In* ■■:■-■
Uf th* • >.l;;lliitt-— '•■ iIi'.IC With th*
rriila t»< »,»• -ti N..T-. .i> and s»- •'.*■>,
It \' ur-vi<'"'l that th* report wa*
;i| i '■>•>•• I In principal.
Tht Noi-IK.rn rillfla.

_m* ii uwuirrrmT*
Ption**—Sun««t, Pink 1751 In
d»p»od»nt 1751 rtm P«llvry
1.-h.-i- 1..!' l 11.i.-.-r.l «r»,l (»(»<MUW4 f. 1":;.;?^
fcj!^ Jt'J L .-ti ' ' 111 !■"' i '.I -tl IV !»>" liPW Al\ r • I J^ii* fT
&***&-f*h •' 'r »•■■"'"<•. '"'l ■.■.«'■■! "'•< I 1'" ' t_««*Mf
t"C JSISkS% '•)' "" <>hla 1. ■ r .i. „|i'i £ «[ "**A
«jT~<^fflilS£W "■ ■■ •• v< ""■ *«'««' l. i"'"l' modern f X«)t\
rJ iV*^si^ •'"* '"*' "I'iiii"' 1 ■! 'I-! pui'.t" \\r «r^W» ,1
I?' K-IMWI^ i:" "■'• (11' '"'? T' ■■'■■ ■•' 1..' 1-" I V tii* 3
t'j"^ \*^Ma > •.•r»ni < > I ii. I.i d*. Ik for nh. hi I •><■•■■ J <g,*~;l
EV V * IJa] h«'f Ilin wiii' . in«i <lmll«lii In Kmail, I W
WA^jlot H*! infrrlor dmtal J!,n .V.iti:" I 2H,*''/
%A jfj3 _| Kull iwt ol tfotli, with I.- "N^turnl I jk^H
fr%M?; x JII r]'>i)i™"rnw'iM!'Bu.."!!.'l.'"."""!|blpg V—^fJula
\l^^y-!I »>rtd«« Worti t.1.d1l f
f*^S I- r< :!.-.«•. BO* "'I *1.IH» S~~^y**i}Q
IBjW "I. 3 * All worH Kuarant<MHl Ii »r». C jiir&J
V^pifck 'J2, lluurn. I n mi"<!■ m Bundaya, r*— "fffiMr
>B „ ft.M a. Hi- t> I i- in -
fiKiFi^/ omo rAiNLKsa hkntists l^J^gk
*» 3U7\» I'll. sir. -•. t:orn«r Third Avtnu*. — *SP* m '9
Garbage Cans
Made to Order
$2.00 $3.00 $3.50
"Can't See Mt. Tacoma From Alaska
Block" Said Boy to Unwise Tourist
'•'.in v. >■ •>■.- mi, 'i .i. «.ni i "111
Ihta hull': ■-- hmlk-1 a Portland
1..1H ixi nf thn -i.-i iii.t uliirli-i In Iht
Ala' i i.iiii.Hi,!., Tuesday. "\v»
mi., i.-1.1 that we ctmltl dt-n It from
ill.- top or till* lillllillllK h.'llir I hull
from any pliiri In th« rlty."
■<i ihl i
!' ■!« I t|., M |, v« ; '
* .'Within l. iiKintli* Iwti l'r ii ;■'!(>■» •'•iiiiuiK l: 11 •• in ill con- *
* vlrted. of using th»lr dKlmi for prtvatn rnln. Hrnator John It #
* Mil i:.!l. of hi. V..H. wan found uullty •■! thin «.rr. i:-.- July J '•'. l •
* M-i.i-i..t-.i thin iiii.ii i!.« by i t.ii-.I '.•If* J||.! !>■• ll.n. n to •
* «••■ \•• alx month* In th» ...ni.ii i.n anil to pay a flun of 11,090. *
* ftenator Joaeph It lluitun, of I, h.- ■.- ronvlrtrd of iimihk din *
* ■■rr:. . for i i !•■ •'■ r -ii. In . imiiriiliiii with ii..- ].■ .ii-.rsi ■• araitdut, *
* v. .-. a»nti»nr*d April 1904, to arrvaalx fnonfha In jail and In *
* i -i\ a fin* of J. ■/■■■■>. ii.- 1....1, an vi • .-I .m-i th« ..>«<• *aa re- *
* liv 1..1.--I. V *
* Kfiiator mil ii< ii «•• .... i.r.-.i in alx counta of an IndUtmont. •
» to sustain cjiim of »hli Ii mi i-v1.1..n■ ■• wna offt-red b«c«ua» ti - •
* atalutt of ItmUatiuiia hail run . : .>"-< • •»— offvnaa ■I. uio-.l In II *
* Th» k. ii.-r.4i vardht of Butlty c-onvlet*d htm. fh«»r«tfor», upon flv»* •
* counta. 'li.- minimum i- i. :u for tba mladrmaanor «f wi.i. ii •
* the H.-n.iini wm rnnvlitpd (a two ymrif Imprtannmenl and 110,- *
* »0t) fin*. <-i,!, 1. „1)1 l;l!i . 1, , I J „|«,- 1.,. || ,irn i t-,..Mrti Id III'|»HM »
* i.ni.iir on . ■«■ fi count, aa ha i> •■! a i <-i f«- • rtcht to do, ii.- •
* maximum wnlrnm «|.«. li he ....ill hay* Inflktnl on Beuatar •
* Mil. 1..11 waa 150.C00 fln« arid Imi u.i.' Imprisonment. *
* Htnator Mltrhrll will not i.-.rl'i a»rvttiK ■rtitrliir limnadlataljr. *
* If he »«■»..» •'mm.,- at all It will b« only after th< t'nltrd •
* Klatra auprt-m* rourt, to which •><■ win appeal, .u.fi., tba *.
.* Judgment acalnat him Until arntono ia Impoaed a JudgmrDt ta k
•% not „.ri^. i^.i, .-.n.| only n(i,r Ih* pronounrlnaT of a'titi-nr* can ft
a Mil n.|.|* b« i.iki-n. *
* H'-ii,ii.t Mn, 1,, ii ihta mornln« «•» bond of |3,0f>0—(1.» mim *
* fli*<l t.v it,,, court July St~mj\<% wiU go about hla arfalra , • usual #
,*■ until a .li.'jli-i la e-ii.t.-r. .1 on hi* »p|»-*l Unntlm*. bowrrar, *
* , he «ill not reaume hi. ae»t In ibt United Ht.tl«i aMutta. *
* *:'*-
«'IIICAOO. July U. — Mayor
Diana thu i.,..n in« -.ir,ir ■ Cap
lain John i •..i!ir« . M.-C of |»iti. r. In
«uri-««»4 I>,ui. i* C^Nrtl. r.-rl«r,.-.l
«'. i!iti« v..« nii.i|,i i,,vin f o r hi*
bravery In the famous Hittnarlt.i
riots. II» »■■ ajan prominent In
«. if-iitiit out >*• murdetnrs la the
Cronln rasa.
: * ************ * *
• trunk is cmurs home: *
* cmrharf: can his din- *
* INO HOOM. <• *
| * NEW rOHK. July :«.—A pltl- *
• fUI CM* Of "hOW 1 1 r- ..!),. r half •
I * lives" baa been un«artb*d l.» n I
, * policeman on duty on TVniii •
• MM Sli v<-»r «.!.J John *
* Mn I'm waa found l!vmit In *
• a trunk. • '■l«ialln( on bits *
* from mrbac* ran*. Tit* bay* *
* mother '■• I .I'-.:' .■! t- -..1.'!,-, *
* »t'i. and h!* falhT ftMl - *
• . 1, »i tb* lad was forced out *
* Into th* world. H« baa man- *
* BJCMI (<> ■•<•» hi «i-lf a!U «• nine *
* i! a! Km i.t fi-<--lime In gar- *
* !.««• tana. *
Th* r'-r-'U r'« of th* North Broaii
w«f dlttrtrt arm endeavoring to ut>
i lain a arwi>r far that rapid I j arnw
; Ing an-tlno of th« rity. Tb» matter
i hai Veil tak'n up with th« city mi-
Ktne«r and la to bf pu*h*><L Tt>T*
ar« «nxlne*ring dlffirvltlos to ron*
tend «lUi. and rlhaa* ar» .S.-UMtiK
'!,.- Initiation nf th* Import wnrk.
City KlMtlO'*'' Thomaon at dim time
tuccaatnl I bat a trunk *>-»rr to
!ajii» ru* nf thn tli»!rk« ha laid tin
der Ijkk* I'nlon to ronn<^t with th«
North S«*(U* trunk *ow«r that
rtnj.i|<-« Into th* hay at thn foot of
Harrlinn atiwt. Th» property own
\ •*« h»v#» a n«*w «rh*«m«\ how#*\»»r,
whlrh ih'-r think la morn feanlble.
It la to construct a main a«w*r ltii<
alosK <h« raat ahor* of l.aV- Tnlon,
t>tiitiK It rmpiy Into a aeptlc (ink
M\Y I. 1 '
kahlf.i »
„!• 11l
'SacntnnrD 11111. The plant of thi«
; rotoln* pnw* roiifprencß aro to b«
■ dUf-uawil ihls aflrrnoon.
|..-i"..ni Ihnl Jimt left )' •■ anl'l VI.
-i'oulJ K*t a film vl»w of M> Tv
■ ..in . from id-- top of th« Alaaka
i.iiii.ii'. :. ninl an ihl* la thn nnly
m .-I- . i. Mini in the city—-"
At thin outliumt «f temper th« «■!•
•VatOf aturtrr, »liv waa huk'liiK ••>■•
tlm. ..r hla life, rtturln! tillb •
(i In:
"Th« (uily in..mi! ild if any ■!■«
you tan ». ■• fruiu n.u Ijulldintf la
Ml. lt«lnlir."
Tim I.in '■■>' "• ii.i-1.l oil." »..ii. I. .I
Mi- atartrr a c.-. I cigar, ■ -r.-pi- -I In
th« run* and nhot akywurd to gaxe
upon Hi" i:i .hi J old mountain Hltll
two nrntiM.
TUB -iri'KKMK COURT has ri»
fmmd to tali* up dUbanoeat pro
"«!inrt »K3.in«t Attorney T. O.
I'ac. Un iht Knjun<t of Ui-k of Jur-
Udlctiun nioayt on appml from a
lower court.
POMKKor I* Urine to h*»« a
rural poatutrtc* routs aaUbtl*b«d.
RH dMctrojm) a jo-*, r»- HaM of
rrain owned by i. I) Cummin* near
*L John. _____
TUB DREWenT at Wfaatrbf*
»m partially «<«irof«d by - ftr*
OnVHXR PKN3C. * y««r« old.
»a« drowond In iltiuilip laJia. nrar
Ch«i»y, TuoMlay.
KISItiriIMK.N nm..ti« th« Han
Juan Uiuinia ar» ruaplalntna i<
r*l-b CXimmiukinnr K-n.haw that
trap* mr* h«p< open on Sunday, la
»l»lt* of th« closing: law.
JOSEPH IJSAHY. «-_*hler far the
Ani«firan Typ«*oun«l»r» company,
ha* been arrested at SpoayHM on a
chargs of aai b*szlt«i«ai.
finally Mnn-O work on IU Slmllka
i:if<a brmach.
A l»AftT of the Dnlrhrr Mountain
railway la ready fur Haa.
JAM US TONKIN, a Hrnton pio
neer, died Tuesday.
A TACOMA xhlnrl- mill burnrd
Tuesday. The lot* wiU reach $&.««.
. — r
BKAGIT and Whatroji nhincl*
mill mmt ba«« art at B>ar#U and
perfected an organic
A KIKI.r: TRAM 'inrlir (iananl
J. A. Drain will rtprmftnl thU atate
1 • sli.»ii ■( Van. uuvar.
WASIIINGTON. D. C. July 28.—
I A 4«*lh frnm bubonic plague Is rc
portnl from r.mani.i. I>obecA wharf,
where the doalh occurred, baa been
HOUSTON. Tex.. July If..—Th«
ljttv.i report! from the Humhln oil
fi' M« My that 12 bodies lino been
rorovrrwl. All ni' so badly bnrnrd
.1 ito lie uurncocntzabla. It Is claim-

' In fi'uroil thojr have p«cilhwl.
James Tonkin, m pioneer merchant
of Itenton, illcil of heart failure «t
IS •■". !■•• U Monday night. He las re
n|-|.-.I In nton for 13 years nni]
•im n member of the MnKum 1111.1
order of KaMern Star. Tlio runernl
will he held from the Mrthmllnt
rhurrh at Itenton at I o'clock
I—— — r i in _ -. ._ -
| - rr^jm JY * r -**- ™"w W1 ■ X
ft bui|s ctm; Jj itfrTfKj
5? we h«wcjl rffjf
now 'tis mid go-cart season
• •
—w« hare «011 ••■ ».r .) hunclrc] gi.dirl/, thl« -••■•.... It !,,i b«*n
Ihn in' ■ i Ki'-c*««ful Ku-rart »t«lllni{ lime i.v . nlorn had ever en
}oym%. ]•!-..i> i:-r for them—have you yourt? Oct It her*—
Th« »h<»wlng I* really «r«u—
Tlw i>rkl«g» ore »tUaclH*-
The carla w» >: . .. .•.'.-.- nbtolully TUB HKHT MADE—
83-.10 80-.10
—The almpllclty in i «ir»njetJi of —A prttty I)UU !ln(ti« fo|<!ln#
conmmetUm ' •"iw.KflJ. ihla 00-Cart, i.< :.t r«s<l worked
Mendid mti, fold!n« 00-Cart bark ar>4 fuf»l mt. ndjuntahlo
«<-»r Is aUal and flninhfil tack and foot reat; aaaUy
l!rc«at«r ii.m. n*at PiMl worked. csn<? neat, rear ltr«w
back and a»at, foldi very com- »l»r tttmn, *h»i-l» 7 and J»
pa«Uy. ruU>er llr»d uhwli. In. li rubber tired.
t ________ -^ :
CI '.£ .»O
_ „ SIO-.*>D —Shoving the fine circl* md
—mum in* folding Go-Cart. r»- «i>mi rtrr-i^ at<]» foldinf re
movable <-w»hloi,» of l:.- ' ,rd dining 00-Cart. remorabta
cort sateen j.»r;i*..l ».-allope<J bedboan) cord ru»hl«n fear la
raffle; (tear fini.hu] firewater r.nlnhr.J l)r««alar Krr*n. aatecn •
KT*tm; '•-'»** rubber tired ,mA, 10-loch rubber tired
wbr^ta. »!,.-Ws, cane aeat.
ail refrigerators and go-carls $1.00 down
$1.00 a week
Standard Furniture Co.
1006 to 1016 First Avc.
PINS mJUVT, Ark. July 21.—
Favorable conditions anil a lirr.* at-
I'ti Lane* marked tIM •([-•-nlnir to
day of the annual tournament of
I!.- Arkanaa* Station K(«uiincn a v- ;
»■.. i i»i! n. The tournament, which
» :.i • ntinu* over tomorrow, la b«- j
!>:>: h' 11 under the auspices of the
li.i» lUuff Gun club. Tim contest
ants Include a number of ()i- most
rn.tr,i ahola In tha country.
RURHKA, Ca4, July Sl.—Th« un
known veaat-1 p• j. ..>ll--1 to I.* on In- ,
rocka 8t Cap* Menrtortno jr^*terd»y
turned out to b* the r.\>rwm.tn ahl[>
Tricolor, under charier to tht MVI-
Ungton Colliery comisany, of Vic
toria. IT. C, and bound tot San
Francisco from Lady*ra!th, «H!i i
I.l*o torn of coaL j
The captain of th» boat. 11. WolJ.
• ai not familiar with the current*,
which are < ' iitmii at this place,
ml In the tag he loat hln bearing
and ran aground on tho J' CT>4
rocka of Cap« Mendoclno. Th« vim.
« -I Is X total l-T i. but all th* . n>-.v
«ac«pa< In boaia mid were later,
picked up by a tug.
Persian Nerve Essence
j .■ •■.-•.'lvnj' '
Jan. Moans' Hand Made
$2.50 Shoo for sals a,"
The Hub JSBi
Sea cur line ot Oriental They come In silk and cotton.
Embroiherrd W«t»t P«itm» Trices from 51.25 t0 57.00
ffincoND TUn Poii* Department second
AVENUE, I lit I fllr «•«« 4 AVUNUE.
JUST A.UOVE 1 •iv ■ vii More JUST ABOVD
in, ran
fa absolutely a succ«sc for the malt
er and u.-.t. The double flue me
counts for It Art Store Co.. 1521
First Ata "••
Standard Apron Check Glnc
hama, apcctal
'■ ■ :-■■'
A;: ■ h ■!! shirting Prlnta, li«hi
mid dark colors
Ladles' Black Hose, fast colon
Bee Hive
261b-2617 Firtt Ay..
Bctv»««n Vina and Cedar,

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