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j_*__ -
At th* Grand.
i **■
'" h* «'.'■> agaia stst '■ '
o***' . lei •*«»•■" fo«h.''
i irwwnUMf.-r-»«'^''
***_£ Thcwe who saw Mlsa
***** ta this attraction l»*t •*••
t** _-_a star and play «»
±__T* V« » »•i,r *•
***-_-*_ at the season.
»'* *?•« la a dramatisation by
«*• ■*Uek of Miriam Mich
»*? Sevtlrt **** ***** ******:
2 tell. It"' *Zl 3 » **** ** t***
*»__• rtoS*rl«* I" her ne
iSmmmat »«« «"* '*"' '" 'T
■^^d tail ******** m»n, **l w .
*J. Kit arret of tf* **>*
****£.&* woman of l« r
*j£vU* ■•* •
.'Mtw • " , ice( year, and
"ZLwMd since that
„,14 Utai>port«' the star are
* h t>il>P« rt ci
■*. *»«•£ Oeorge C.aston
i* 1 *_f Srtarta. three play-
Ml GffJ, to the confirmed
*» "ITS • aumber of olh
s*» M,f*':_Ttra claimed to be
its** *»**• u*'b,,,r *
«•»» ** ,*» tUhorata ptvdue
Co V*o** "
IK*. ... -
,-* ******* Pit**"-"
-_ Ml ptrftirni* of "The
■Z tt ****" *
•»£, tonight The popular
Fetat tne Attraction at the Stattl* Theater Neat Week.
yn ad later* opera baa prov
m nyatAt ttda year a* ever.
a (*m*xf Attract.
Ike engagement of Jea
a****** la the Ittabt 1 'ar
tm" t a* Grand, one-week en
mm** *Ul be played by
TSrtm.' rnttn Irtlt* and Olga
Stt-tai* -al- tnlex la thla
fatrgnSg.la "The Girl Who
ItaPirrttog.* Olga Nethereole
■ optima a repertoire.
'a Httugt From Mart."
i* 4 At mot' peculiar plays
at nt *«a fkver la re ,■:: I yeara
I '1 Sll iin From Mart." wblrh
aw » tie Seat':. theater to
a** Ifl-WI aad which will
*a d **ek at this playhouse.
*1 Hasans From Mara" tt not a
Naa |itr, hat it f'lralahea
tttti * nek food for thought.
M Mt srttk nee of the element*
f_* *___ bold* « monarch's
» a ntat bit alms—the * le
an *t wtflsknee* Inf. "A
'mat* Trim Mara bat bean said
1 attics te be la Itself a anre
ireWtWt carte of mankind.
satetateite srieatlst. cynical
a ■*__, in true Ufa revealed
i be ky t ttraoge messenger
•a aether pise,-' and when the
**_*** It I radically different
waat that of the opening
tit ■ ■".-■
m (Ni Kentucky" will be pre
•** hr tke last tlm* tonight.
■■ . __„*___.
OaTt CM.
Y_»_a Btn>«oH.- the spirited
*"* *mmtrtmo ah, has
'» o_*t At man*, at the Third
■•*» J*«a*er. will he prewntr< j
'^_** *am tonight.
***t toawrrow afternoon and
•aaj tit« text Sunday the
** ****** will offer "Dad »
'*_* ******* drama, with
* man latere.. *„.• many pa
*"»»•» Irnmle Girl" haa
'*** tnt of time, and la ex
2* Ot** ** popular when
g"gt Myrow, " " "
■"Watad. yeara ago
*IW*r« King."
J*^ft*aier <(*ri.<! ■-„, af.
2* •« the Ptntage, , t ock
*7-_%ao_m the most beau
it Tt ml k* F** ■>*'*'* 9*W
*m-nm_st_ Kt^*" ""*** **■*■
«rf '"***. **> >b« day* of
t^mrT* tk?'** king, and
SMf _*•>"•'>«»••*■
l** **ti wnunce and chlv
'» wait, ,tory ot an and
■_""»»>«« s rite from beg-
SiSIJIV-' "• ha» '"a
Ls_***e« it .h.- <; r «-n Lak..
w «wyoa. gee Page I. •••
m Piano Co.
Closing Out
■ -o,
m___ ,*1*- ■*•* ho
aa to Ihe position Of grand con
stable of France, that tt** play
seems like an idealistic glimpse
of days when kmiiMhond waa at tin
A aw leading man ha* been se
cured to play the role of ncola
Villon, aud In Wm. C Hiiiiiiuili
Manager Pantngc* bclleven be bus
an actor worthy to follow I' It.
So(belli In tills splendid pint
A Heen May. Wm. »'. iHiwland. Hen
ty Mi li.i*. Hubert I *winice, Julia
Walcutl, llarrf Cummin*. Mar
garet Hawalil and other popular
player*, remembered from last
year, are In the cast. "If I Were
King* will run all mat week.
At Pantagtt.
Hi i tonight and tomorrow re
main In wlilch to tee the prvscnt
bill of iiiiiipnil. il vaudeville at tin-
I'anlagr* theater. The show to
morrow will be continuous, and will
Include: Mrs Alexander Pantagrs,
violin aolotst; the Hell Trio, *tng
era; Italph Cummlng* and com-
pany, in "The Healnkln Barque";
Simmons and IMstll. minstrels;
Spray Sisters, dancers: the Illus
trated aong "Yesterday," and two
cranio pictures by the I'antage
scope. The .lures for lhe com
ing week will be Hayes and All
point, Al Watson and company, the
OaanettS: Itnmes. Cain and Hoay
and Marten and Ashley.
Cellteum'. Ntw Act,
There haa beea a succession of
< big houses at the Coliseum theater
for the past week to *•-.- Rnlttvan
A Cnnstitlr.es greater vaudeville."
Nett week** program, starting
i Maw afternoon, will. In the
opinion of Manager John W. Conal
•lir.e. be the strongett vaudevtlle
aggregation be haa ever brought to
any house in Heattle. Hou N'ay
noa and her troupe o ftralned cock
atoos. wtll i..- tbe headiteer, and
the special ad.'- attraction will be
Harry First and company. In "The
Marrlagf Fe*>," Oeorge Noble and
Cornelia Appy, both Seatttrttca;
Edward Kelli.. and Sldonle Dixon;
the Ktilly family and Carl Herbert
will alto be oa the big program.
New Acts al th* Star
Tonight and tomorrow will tee
the farewell performances of the
i current program at the Star thee-
Ia .a!, Lake -In Alnrained etaotno
ter. On Monday afternoon the
laewls A Lake Company will pre
sent a new musical comedy, "Aa
Egyptian Mummy," enlivened by
many popular song* and dance*.
Remedy and Vincent will have a
cometiy sketch Introducing piano- I
playlng; Joe llonner will sing a
ballad: Sam Ooldman It i Hebrew
comedian, and there will be motion
pictures on a new subject. This
I ahow will be Been all nett week.
Flrtt Souta Concert
John Pblllp Route, The March
King," and hla band gave the flrtt
of five concerts at Dreamland rink
last night and pleased a crowd that
completely filled lhat big auditor
'lane. Souse is famout for hi*
marches, the several ..p. ia* he ba*
written, as the leader of the fa- j
mous band he ift.l- organized, and
for the excellence of -.at organ!
xatlon Itself.
While the epltit of Rouse's or
ganization seems to be a martial
one, and while the band ceem* to
j belong at the head of marching
troops, playing one of the "March
King*" own pulse quickening com
positions. It It a ...,.■.! to the 1.a.il
leat rfatslcal numl.ert and the
moat exacting of the examplea of
delicate mutle. Comparlaon with
some of the Italian band* which
have visited Beattle would point
to a superiority of the foreigner*
In classical numbers, but a* un all
around entertainer, Housa ha* pro
tided the public with about what
It wants In the way of concert*.
The program last night eta ad
mirably varied, classics alternating
i.i. your bat ol 1. H. lirooks A
Co, 1331 Second ay. ••*
><Cr * °»^s. aa^XvC *--*m^^**_
/ X ONLY V^>\ I Lit *-***•■■*-*'*• \-*-*\
fe/f strictly 101 /if 400000 \o\
Xl SAVINGS I, Fl 40000Q |,J
IJll BANK l(/ll l|-l rull' I 1"/
\/A^*s_._Bßi*rV/^ 0/\^**mmaa**^y
1 X^S£XT2>/^%Xl^3e^^ f-i
fl Read the list of our Board '■' Directors, Tt is all I
I you will require to establish your confidence in our I
I reliability and conservatism, J
■JMjjßfjgJl .AYE, *_______&** m__mm_w
with lighter nil 111 he in nnd imcorea
drawing out popular melodies
worked Into fantasia!. A liberal
sprinkling of Hoitsa'a own corhm
tit loot helped to majb- lhe gram
thorough I) characteristic.
■* Perhaps th* moal pleasing Ihlng
"I th. evening, however, wa* not
furnished by the band. Miaa
Jctniiietto Powers' violin aolo, ca
price t-iiai, waa eniulsllely nil
dered and appreciated even by
those uninitiated la the Vond
technique that Is necessary tv piny
such a wilderness nf, notes A»
an encore Mlsa Power* rendered.
"Schubert '• Kerenaile," moat ar
tlatlcally, and hot hearer* were
only aorr)' that she would imi play
Mist I.ttey Allen hit* a fresh,
clear Hint well cultivated soprano
tOICS which was beard lo iiiivanl
age In an ricetpt from Meyerbeer's
"Itfibert le Ulitlile." As an enetire,
"I Have Mini. My Plana for the
Hummer" wns a pleasing tilt.
A ottd concert la being given
tiita afternoon, and others will fob
low tonight, tomorrow afternoon
and foin.^inW Blg%t
At the. Oliver.
The present bill at the Oliver haa
proven one of the most popular
ever presented there. There are
nine nnmhera on the program In
cluding among other nrta: Hrt.lt
M.i-...n A Co., I'..ldle Hon I. -li Haby
.11. lla. tl. A Case, and V. X
Price* en the market generally
steady thlt morning, slight declines
In tomatoes and dressed fowl go
lug Into effect. Attendance eg.
ti.t>.Llin.u lit heavy, Brery square
foot of available apace was taken
up by producer*, tome even perch-
Ing tht-lr »«!.« on lop of amall
lumber pile*; yet many were
forced to keep off the market from
lack of space. Tho building opera
tlona on the watt side take up
much room formerly occupied by
tho farniera and peddlers but this
la ••»-, .. t. -I to be remedied within
the next week. Following are the
Squab*. 15*.
Egg*, S.lc to 46c dot,
ll'itter. 40e.
Tomato catsup, 25c per qt.
Ilena. dressed. 19c to 31c lb.
Potatoea. IS lbs for Sse.
Boat* 4 bunches for So.
Carrots. 3 bunches for 6c.
Corn. 15c to ISc per dmea.
'..08. 1 bunches for Sex
Dried Ontuna. • 11.« for Me.
Cucumber*. 15c per dot.
Parsley. 1 bunchea fur lOe.
Pea* 4c lo .'.<- ear Ib
Turnips. 3 bunchea fur Sol
tleana. &c lb
Crab apple*, 5 l per bot.
Celery. 5c lo 10c per ■elk
Tomatoes, tc per lb; <0c per
Spinach. S« lb.
Hhubarb. Sc lb.
Oreen Tomatoe*. !e per lb
Cabbage*, be to 16c per bead.
IMII pickle*. 16c dot.
I.e-iniai-.". Sue dot.
Cider vinegar. 33e gal.
Orange*. Jic to 40c dot.
Applea. enow. :.- lb; cooking. I
lbs. ISc: Pippin*, li :'. bbl.
Cauliflower. 10c to 15c bead.
lettuce. |oc.
H j l.'.ah. 3c lb
Oreen pea*. ft par hot
Parsley. 3 bnnrhee for tm.
Sugar |. ir» tl 30 boa.
Itutabagas. I',. lb.
Sauerkraut. 5c Ib.
Hurkleberrtcß, 10c qt.
IVara. lUrtlett. 15c doa.; cookibf
peara. Si 00 per bog.
Wenatrhee peachet. It 10 boi.
Ml be rl an crabapplre, tOe boi.
Pumpkins, lOe
litackberrtes, 10c boi.
Ground chrrrtce, 10c lb
Concord grapes. Ssc i.a.k.t
Comb boory. 30c lb
M Coleman and Sanford Hull.
! arrested on September 37 on tha
charge of opening letlera not ad
dressed to them, were released
yesterday and turned over to Cole
man'* brother, who I* to look after
the hoyt' conduct In the future,
I The -ids will return to their home
In Chicago.
Erangellst Hart at the tahar j
nacle last night, directed his re- ,
mark to the accumulation of great ■
wealth In the hand* of the few,
and the dlxregard of the *ucce**ful
men for the Interests of their fel
low*, and their soul* welfare. An
other house to house, canvass la to
be made on Tuesday.
Fred Shield*. 11 yeara old. was |
yesterday ordered: to me rtr.irro ]
school at Mercer Island by Judge
Prater. Shields was charged with j
attempting to burn a house down
and alao letting fire tn his bed for I
the purpose of Incendiarism. This j;
is the second time he haa been (I
committed to the Island. fj
The I) 8. Johnston Co. will open
In it. flna new ..ling, at Third
ay. and I'nlverslty tt., next Mon
day morning. The great.ale of pi
anos, organ*, talking machine*, etc ,
end* tonight. If you expect to par
ticipate Iti thi* really great money
*avlng event, you'll have to act
quickly now. Sale iH.sltlvely end*
tonight, and at the prt-aent prices
the few remaining Instrument*
should ten snapped up ere night
fall. HO3 Second by. a.
'* • c—m——
'Alio in, I, chief Justice of ihe kali
garoo court of the King county 1..11
within official dignity among Iho
other ...unit prisoner* la confine
ment correspond* ■„ that of high
. hit executioner, hat generously
allow. a gtnr rc|Hirtcr to exnm
Ine, for the first time the bylaws
antl rule* of tba kungatron court,
I I"' new bylaws wcrt. all ll« 11 up
some time ago, but have been with
held from public examination for
several mouths.
The laws are, briefly, a* follows:
"All persons entering tha court
•hall be -..it.).-, ted to a fine, which
la to la. ponded In turn Jwllelotia
ly for tobacco, soap, etc., and also
to tie divided among the court at
tendant*. Tboae entering without
any money iball be required In
work out (hell tine* on the floor by
»w«eplng. keeping it'll* clean, etc .
and shall, upon expiration, tie en
titled to their thate In the pro
ceed*. Quarreling, fighting, pro
fane language, (pitting or entering
cell* without permission are strict
ly forbidden. 1...ud talking, singing
or disturbances between the hours
of 10:30 p, ni and 6:SO am. or dur
Ign rellclous service* «trtrtly for
bidden. All persons must keep a
retpectful distance from vltltora.
and shall not aildrt-Bt them unless
they are ' rat saluted. Itavcsdtup
plug forbidden and penallted by a
heavy fine 111 persons are for
bidden to annoy, eta at or Insult
visitors walking In front of the
corridor. No card plating or dis
turbances during in. nl hour* allow
ed. Alt hooka, periodicals, paper*,
etc., shall be left In the chamber of
the high chief Justice for the use
of the court membera. Thla doe*
not relate to private property. Ev
eryone baa a right to wk for a i
court convention by entering a
complaint with the sheriff who
will decide aa to the nece«*lty of a
■easlon All must remain perfect
ly quiet during court session, and
Despite the arduntia dutle* of hat ,
tllna with an Insurgent board of
health, suggesting a Itrpubtlran'
nominee, for mayor, and otherwise j
directing the political affairs of lha
city. Mayor Moore has donated the
tin., necessary to an effort to find
■> suitable husband for a confiding
Chicago lady who has appealed to
him by latter.
The lady makes no reference In
her letter lo having l.< ar.l of the.
numerous bachelors In -.. a" la- who 1
are anxlnua to dlapel tunetlnets !
from the Uvea of ladle* from lt--»
lon, Chicago. I'uyallup or any oth
er city which mar hare a aurplu*
>f marriageable maldena In fact, i
she confine* her possible choice to j
tha friend* of the mayor, probably
nn the theory that hla acquaintance
I* large and worthy. Khe writee:
"Chicago. Oct. S. l»07.
"To the Mayor. Seattle. Wash.—
Dear Blr: Are you personally ac-
I. at Investment in the city. Hee
the big ad on Page t, eae
A Waist Special
For Saturday Only
A splendid assortment of Chiffon Taffeta Waists
handsomely tailored. Color* Ire black, navy and
Copenhagen blue, plum, garnet, brown ami
Jeather. Our regular $6.50 and $7.50 values.
For Saturday (T Cf_
Only -fOaOV
w*"» ■ ' " >*m
J. Redelsheimer & Co.
800 804 first* Aye., Corner Columbia
i i
lin regard to your valuable pa- n
pcrs, abstracts, insuraitte poll- n
cics, etc., may cause yoti lots of H
trouble and worry; abo finan- U
cial loss much in cxaess of the N
rental of a Safe Deposit Box. i>
Only $3.00 per Year. I
' •'■ ! ~r!—fiEßfl3ss Vfr^iTJT"^-^ •' aL^7TfT^",fV' "-'""'' "~~ ***~"^- 'naLfn**.---Jmiim. „i i., ■■*,
Stocks, Honda, tlraln. I'rlvntn Wires.
Both Phot —27!». 301 '305-.106 Alaska lllilg.
Stocks, Bonds and Grain. Private Wliss. Phones—Sunset Main
2867, Ind. 2505. Room* lon/ 1008, American Bank Building.
wh.ll callc.t upon must aaalst Hie
sheriff '" tho li. -I of Ihelr ability."
Thean rules of law Hint order In
the kangaroo court are drawn up
by men driven from the tjiital.lt.
world becuuso they ftiijcd to ob
serve tin. laws ill a* up In iiiutiltP
pal and civil government. Tbey re
alize Iho necessity of order. lib
out the kangaroo court Jailer Smith
would lie almost powerlena in „, >ii,
talnlng Inline Ami lie I* not
afraid to give thorn full credit for
their vffortß to maintain discipline.
I belt law* regulate the observance ,
i.f cleanliness and respect for via
Itor*. many of -.horn timidly enter
Ing, are tuiprlsad at th.- order
maintained among those whom
Ihey believe to lie hardhearted
creature*, Bin I self respect
Tbe court w»'.! are held prob
ably tWlee a weak. Wheu the aher-
I Iff haa trouble with a refractory
prisoner, the court I* appealed 10,
and th« offender I* punished S*
cordlngly: sometimes, by heart
to heart talk* from one of the lv*
tlce*, and. when necessary, a fine.
Which he Is obliged to work out
"Without the court and It* an I
thorltles. wo could do little In main
taining Bitch a quiet, orderly place
a* tin- Jail now la." aaya Jailer
Hmltb. "and the observance of
tieanlinra* Impoand on newcomer*
t* remarkable, When a prisoner Is
brought from the ctty Jail he Is
generally dirty beyond description.
When he .nt. ia th* court makes
him bathe. klvc* htm new clothing,
and he observe,-* sanitation from
then on "
Hut the court I* also mnlntalne.)
to help those about to leave tbe
prison. On departure, a . :■• 'il
[ session I* held and money collect
ed aad placed In the prisoner's
i hand*. And thlt money often tides
a man over the hardest time, when
he la hungry and cannot find work
—and keept him nntll hit honesty
of purpose I* revealed and ha la
given another start in the world.
'irniiA.l with a respectable ran
tlenias of mean* who would appre
ciate. ■ good wife—one who would
be i;im„ that wilting to do all In
ht<r (tower to make hla home the
mot(j cheerful and the happiest
placsiln the, world for him? -A
younjf woman, educated, refined,
with |hl)tty to keep house proper
ly; rim ta*, cook, play a plann. tt
attrartlvo In a social way; one who
Is alette, la the world and la will
ing 'o do her share toward making
a t 1-jw'tn' home fur the right kind
of a IBaii
"Hit must 1 .■ able lo provide a
good popi*. one who respects the
geotldt- aex and hie wife In partic
ular; who will be kind and loving,
and he willing lo do his share.
"If you know t.f any such gentle
man who can glvn satisfactory t.-f
memmmmm. IB 'I IS ' " I i im r- inn mm
Art Marble Company, 2011 Bec
ond BY„ thtee doors north of Vir
ginia tt. Iloth phones 1731. •••
" ■ .> ~
erenee* m 1., hl« character, cite,
will you kindly ask him to com
muni, nic with me?"
Ho taken Will, the 1,i.e..1 with the
penmanship and phrnsnolngy of
thin letter ih<t In- haa undertaken
lh« task of furnishing tit* modi i
husband desired. However, no such
man who Is still unincumbered pre
sented himself to thn mayor's flrat
thought, .1111 lhe tin tided 111. letter
iii to 'I lie Htar, so that ,11 bis
friends might tend It, iiliil Invites
aniline who fills tt.- requirements
tti come to thu front Tl.a mayor
j hold* Hi.- inline of hi lad/ from
' publication, and request* appli
cants for th. position ..I husband
to the Chicago lady in come to tho
mayor* office In person, web. tin.
.1.11.. » 111 Ire Imparled to them
111 I in-. Ih. a prnte the pimaomdnii
of tin Dl ' . .111 qualifications.
This I* the flri't public appear
ante of Mayor Moore na a unit 11
tiionliil agent since be settled the
tnulili.iiiiilitl question fur himself
Applet lor Chicago Show.
WKNATCIIKK. Oct 12.—Not *al-
Isfled witti taking all of the first
prlxe* i.fr.-r.il for apples .ii the Illi
noli Slate fair, Ihe Kast Wcnatchee
Land company I ill I- arranged In ex
hibit at the International HUM h
show In Chicago.
Work on New Railroad
WENATCHEB, Oct. 12— The
sleol for the new railroad from
1,, a ten worth up the Chuuistlch Im*
been delivered.
O. 8. Johnston Co. Will Open Their
Fin* New Building at Third and
University Monday Morning. To
night Seas End of th* Pioneer
Dealers In Their Old Location.
Hy 11 p tn tonight some musical
lad around the llonrer I'lano
11..-.,-«• will have Bounded "taps."
ll will mean the end of the I) H
Johnston Company In Ihelr present
location at 9U3 Keeond ny , which
Im-. been occupied continuously by
the rioneer llano House for many
All day yesterday and until late
Into thn evening the entire dray
force of Dave Jolly wa* butlly en
gaged In moving the wholesale
Talking Machine Department. Aeol
ian Library, Hie*. Office llecords,
etc.. etc,
It I* barely possible that the un
loading of the many carloads of
brand new highest grad« I'lano*.
i.en.iii • Pianola IManoa. Church
and Parlor Organs etc., which were
especially selected for the equip
ment of the new quarters will be
delayed until Monday morning, ow
ing lo the polished floora noi be
ing quite dry. but should this be the
■ .... nO |. ..!!} X lia.l ". MtUlk Will
The handsome new building al '
Third ay. and I'nlvrralty st will
be Informally opened for business
next Monday morning, and this 1
event will mark an Important!
. -.... h In the history of Third ay.
i The Johnston company are tlie flrat i
'big retailer* to move out of the
; high rent district and go to Third
jar., which thoroughfare promlßca to ;
■ become the leading retail street of:
jthe city within the next few year*, i
Not only will tonight witness the '
< i.-l of the Johnston company In
j their old quartern but wllh It ends
i the most notable sale of high grade'
' pianos and musical Instrument* j
|ever witnttted In the Northwest
j People who had hoped to own a j
j good piano some day found that i
.they could purchase a high grade;
J Instrument for the price heretofore)
asked for the medium grade*, and a
.'ill other parties in moderate clr-j
icumstances were able to secure the !
i best of the medium grades at prices !
j heretofore asked by the small!
i branch dealera for cheap. Inferior
Hundreds and hundreds of antic
leas homes availed themselves of
ithl* extraordinary sale, and the re
| fining Influence of music Is now
I felt In scores of home* where hcrp
j tofore It wa* absent.
The terrific buying has practical
; ly cleaned us out, but there yet ro
; main a few fine piano*, organs,
talking machines, violins, etc.
; which will be offered at lhe lowest
prices ever quoted anywhere. In
'addition we agree to accept any
reasonable offer a sto payments.
| for we are particularly anxious to ,
dispose of the few remaining In
struments eie nightfall.
It will r.ißt you nothing to Inves
tigate thla npportantty, but you
mimt art at once. The end comes ;
tonight, so arrange to come In nt .
Ihe earliest possible moment. D. '
Johnston Co., »(>3 Second ny
In Grand View
Orchard Tracts
Pineal and most |ir<uttirtlvi» In
thn Wast, Kvrry acre rati bo
niK.ln to yield ftoo to fsoO par
year. Hidi'inlld rllinute, bi-autl
i ii surrounding*, excellent
wntrr. ltil|irovi'il strocts to 111.
liordtTod wllh slitulo tr.'..*. Otto
milt front Northern Paclfta mil
wuy ntul "■ii
Room 29 Ocheuermsn Bldg.
Seattle], Washington.
Mayor Moore yesterday received
notin. mi. I, of his appoints* pa
honorary vice president of the
1., lien.- of American Municipalities.
i in- appoint mi til mis made by
President J. Harry Mnlio.il, of New
York, and Wl unexpected.
Mayor Moore will probably fur
nish it paper for th< leiigun on one
of the three siilijcct* the league
will have uppermost this year:
"Homo Ititle for t'llles," "Uniform
ity of Municipal lte|Mirla" and "IC.I
-ucalinn of in. Voter*." a
, Hl|M|.e< I. of attempting to de
fraud people, by means of worth
less Bight drafts, W. O. Titus was
arrested yesterday afternoon by
Hergt, of Folic.. Wllke* mi Patrol
man [Hacker. Tim* hnd in his pos
session a book of blank drafts,
several "I which had 1..-.., filled
out. Thn officers say ho succeeded
In passing one,
Who built Oreen Luke dlKtTl.'t?
T. i' Fay, win Garden acta
will bo placed on thn market to- I
morrow. ccc
!| THE GRAND tag- I
„ in the Tease Human lirama, < |
♦ Dramatlaetl by ('banning Pollock from .Miriam Mlchelson* Nov- ',',
T el. in.t KupiMirted by an Unexcelled Company of I'layer* Ueb- "I
a ler A Co.. Manager*. < >
♦ Prices: $1.50, $1.00, 75c. 600 and 25c. ', ',
♦ SKATTLYt 11 viiim. VAllltt ii IK TIIKATKK. ',',
coliseum ,":;—-;: li
X . i■ la Day. a i
X '•<■• a ta*. -«, !<,.,,,,,1 -... M ,, tu , t „,„„ Mr . >
X MondayAflrrnoftn Am* **'* I r,,|,1, «l trained litres. . .
a <i.i « "*"*"' .„rt ttiH\i:n\ au.i.r i vwit v .-. imiiik. ;|
X . . ' 'S . I* "A ratten Hero." a l
T a... . • aaal < el.. Bailee
I til oil. nir li'»\al.klllir..a<«llMl\M ]
X Coin and Card M..:, . a'or „ ...... l.|\..s ' _ .'-"'_- <l
. f|.e. vi Allreallon, '" '"" f"*( B»IB* Camilla. ■• „
♦ ii i. ... i ii- .i .a nan II.HIHIN, ][
♦ '" "Tiia u.trl.tm Tm*" The i'a...,ie ii,:.,..,.:.i [
J I.ATK»T M..11..V I'll 11 lira _ 11..11 l ..HI al 111, . .
t*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
I QTAP -Him " ruin ik »*««~«* I
J ll 1 l\ I V ,P[__ r***.~.]_* r-m '**■ -*** ****•*• tte Perfe-rmancea. !
• »• » ** • «0r..1,r c c
X F--7 a=;=^!rr:^=^== |»la II l^tat Tlmea of old DHL , [
j new bill Lewis*. Lake!
i MONDAY MISIIAI. vtttam (OMI-AM. ',',
X ' ■" '. 1 — _ "m '►'
♦ a*** tatattAa, aaa* a nmamn < ',
1 li.i ..« i'.-,.,..taa Tie ■ ..a «nd Comedy Kketch . i
X mii.i. Ik!
A J,, I ■oxotm. atWtat I'll 11 Hla ..
ii Balladlet. I'm.X HIAN. I. "
♦ 1 ! _____ '
I I 111 BTAE out 111 -IK* ][
; *+***♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦< •
LH J I I m__W mm at m 1 mo ral
I'lmnatr tuntat Mala 1304. Ind, 49114
♦ Week Starting ...... Fellowlnn ♦
1 Saturday Ma, Manager PantaKcs Pre- Wert ft ', ,
X nee Orl itHt. *enta a Complete Froduc- _ , , __, . m
I .'a' &£* *>» -»° OtatX Play. fi_#a_SS i '
_2£ _O„, y M "IE I WERE -ah th. Com- i;|
i c*pt Thursday KING" fortsof Home" J ;
i and Friday. All of the (11.1 favorite* Performance* ,
1 IViorß Open: and Many Nee Playera. Iteßlnnlng: <>
X Matinee. 1:30. Matinees. 2:15.
4 Fvcnlng. 7:30. Popular Prices. Evening. (*:!5. .'
I PANTAGES vaudeville ||
PANTAGES vaudevili.k j|
♦ ..a-r.ai... „... w UNEQUALED VAUDEVILLE. II
J Comedy Hketch. < >
f ANCE SATURDAYS. The Itotinillnn Wire Artist. ..
X CONTINUOUS SHOWS French Juanlera. ',\
♦ Funny Men. ' *
X Prices: 10c and ARTHUR ELWELL. '\
I 20c; Boa Stats, 50c. PANTAGESCOPE. a.
T And Other Added Extra Features. J '
T "
_ Russell A Drew. Thone* 43. Matinees Sunday, Thursday <>
X nm! Haturday. Tonight, Ijvst Time, "In Old Kentucky." Weak J'_
X StattitiK Tomorrow Matinee, , .
I With the English Comedian, Wallace Widdecombe.
1 1.000 Nights in London. 500 Nights In New York. <>
I Prices: 15c to $1.00. Thursday ..n.I Saturday Matinees. "
1 Following Week — Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman.? 3 J
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
'' _ __\\ -. I* Third in.l fine 111....ear Main <tft.ll: Imi . Ilea. "
" _ ___J,* --IMIIIM. IOUOIIHIIU .111011- aIMIAV, WKII.M.S- <'
♦ rivn*_? I"'* i\n Miiiiioi "
a vrm.rt-r F All's ttiHl.." ' >
a. i-.i,. - Main ID.'. taV, lllla-. llOel llait Heala. ISa, Mitllnrra—lOr, tor. < i
A .li. ; ii... -„11. an. steal 11,. IHI null MTV." I.
TS* OLIVER KfllliS . llet S.-.-...H1 an.l Thlnl.
a a a— V^ ■—ava- *^ Ailmlealon l«c. Chllitren ta
Thle Week —» III* Niiii.l.era - VaildeMlle r.ttraordlnary and Ihe Oltverarorea
Brett. M'l-.ii anil I.i ; ICit.lla llaariteli; ltuby 1.ue11.. tl. A. Caee, V. X rli .■ -.., ... -i
" '!'■ ii 7 !• ni Hill in tluy an.t Kiinalay Hatlnea*.
IneainUmt Itlnh. I'eventh Ate. rorncr t'nlon. rtuft N'tthts, llenlnnlnc
I anl „ .". 1.1 •■! It. M..ll!ii.H .-ft.,! a:l .1.1. „.; | Hllllllay.
SOUSA and His Band
I'iflr five til.-'- Asststad tie Mlaa t.il. y Alien, ftntirano; Mlea .leannetta
l-.iav.ra. Vlulllilel; Mr Herbert Oarke. Cfornellet Ka.uaa c ll.ilii.n.l I-. ......-.■ a
Keala miw un aatlo al Kl.eiinaii, Clay a Co.a, 1101 tteevnai Ava. I'iU-ea, fl.titi. 75c,
Sou auU 21c.
.^^—.—— mr, me t
.litdgo Ofifflth yettferday art,
proveil tho asaestment roll for till
widening of i bird ay., with thr]
exception of dw.ressf* 111 Haaeaße
menu of four Irn. which Ihe Ju<!go
onlereil iMtmd against tlm gene
eial fuii'lof the clly. 'fie reduce
lion* amounted to $4,911. The Hoe
attu. Electric company no **
sesaed M.365 for It* fli-lit of way.
, A -
It Is now probable that the < lulml
of Firemen Hayne and Kinney will
be allowed hv the finance commlte
te«. Tln;y null for pay for time the/
were sick, alleging that tliey cone a
tructed the I Ilium while engage.)
In 'he work of the city. ,
NEW YOltK, Oct. 12—Ku|irem<l
Court Justice lllanchnrd signed an
order directing counsel for Henatop
Thomas c. I'latt to file within ten
daya tint iter's answer In thai
action brought by Man C Wood fog
Mining Stock j
11. M. llerrln A romjiany, CltJ
First ay., hifve for rale 1,000 ■ area
(Ireat i:>i. i-|..r mining stock al
7 I 2 cent* |*.r share. •*•

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