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® , __—
• BY STAR IBHINO CO. I3OMSOS a«v*nth *v.
T* l*plion*Br— *W m t>
oa Prlvat* axchang** conOctlng all part* of Ih* ____________
building — Sunset. Main 1050 and lnd*tfnd*nt, 441. _*^SuWr*WUe>
AsK for th* departmant or th* nam* of th* p«. a,ri Tw*'
clean „ ■-. '-. >■.■ ..- -- ■ Cj)
UAU-AaP STAR *i.km » ******* **** *•**"*• filsr. Ms.
~%i\Ka*-TT aTA» AOKXrT-tta.mer Weass. SHI ll ...-aefell-i *. . Bussal tt»».
' Cilia tar ei>p», sts rente cc w ,alt. at Iwastr-Ov* sasla par monta, D*
11. ar . I |ft, null ne carrier N« ■ a» . .aplee *" *, „„.
Km ere I at tha t'a.elnfnea SI e)e*ttl«, W«*t.tn«l»B. •* Swinnd flan* will*.
to' mail al Itat 11111 111 -a nix*. ,\.i. «t.en *8111 a.il-,, option ma*ax*.*a
-.■'■*%* *_t.eaa laiaal nf ea. li paper.' When thai .lata arrleaa. II »«ur su|.iM-ilpil»n
Pet Bel aaeln Been p.l.t In a.taanre. ...ii. aiaie la lak... lion. I lie tlat. A chas**
mt data an Ike a,i,i..-ae label Is a tea-elm _______
Mil I. 1." Bi'nscainr.a.s-at.»Mia »m.r e»p» »t tb« atsr f»n t* raseh
fan lar a a. . l».-a a.,a e.e.tlna plettaa 0.1 a* lha f»»»r la rail up our main a4f!ea.
Basest. Mais UM. 1.i.l Hi*, 1.e1.. cci, « an.t it* n'flnrk. enil a. c will ame-l
rem *m- at n.ii<e tf >au th.iutj ntiat It mora tha> ,-„ ,- l-leaae lalepha.ua ua
aval* time a ... u.i.a It
In thia ea, »c SB l-e ...l.m et slain* sur eul.a. iii.c.c a p.. fe. I sarrlos-a
an.l ti la the onle war.
, i
Mayor Moore's action in removing Urn board oi health and
demanding the resignation of Health Officer Calhoun is fully
justified on political grounds.
Mayor Moore is the head of the city government. The MM*
I cess of his administration depends upon the harmony end ef
fectiveness with which tin- officials under htm work. If they
givt the mayor the full benefit of their co-operation and ******
their official acts in harmony with his, no embarrassing situa
tions arise in the administration of city affairs, tint if they act
arbitrarily, without due consideration of their chief, they dam
age the standing of the administration with the public sad de
tract front Its efficiency.
When officials under any executive take set ion which die
credits their chief or other members of the administration,
political ethics decrees that their resignation or removal should
promptly follow. This iv th. political practice from the presi
.lent .ml his cabinet down. It has been followed in *■*>• cases
of various cabinet officers, as well as lesser officials.
The board of health arbitrarily learned tht city jail with
out giving the mayor notice of their intention, They acted
after the mayor had taken action toward finding better quart
for city prisoners upon the suggestion of the board. Hal their
action been necessary to force the mayor to act, it might be
condoned on the grounds of public good, but following, as it
did, the efforts made by the mayor to provide better quarters,
it is arbitrary and inexcusable from the political standpoint,
tending, -i- it does, to discredit the administration of which the
health board and health officer art a part.
By its action the health board has placed itself above the
administration. There is BO course left for a self-respecting
executive in such a case but to remove the men whose actions
are a violation of good faith, ii nothing more.
The late members of the board of health and the late health
officer deny that there was any politics in their action regard
ing the jail, but they fail to explain why it was taken just at
this time, 'ten the political pot is beginning to boil sad a can
didate to defeat Mayor Moore for re-election is being sought I
with much more diligence than success It is admitted that the .
jail is in better condition now than it has been tor some years.
No such action was even contemplated under previous admin
istrations, when conditions were worse, lad it is beyond ques-
Ition that the agitation to condemn the jail was started by po
litical conspirators who sought to WscYcdit City Engineer
Thomson and Mayor Moore. Granting that the members of
the health board may have ha.l no political reasons for the
action themselves, the fact still remains that they were pounded
into the action which they took by the hue and cry of the pack
which is seeking to drag down City Engineer Thomson.
Being made the object of attack which was really directed at
tlftir chief, the proper course of the health board was to stand
by their chief and take such action as would accomplish th. de
aire I reform without serving the ends of the political conspir
ators. It was their weakness in giving way to the pressure
brought to bear on them that Mayor .Moore most bitterly con
The abandonment of the present jail is an act which the put.
lie in general applauds on humanitarian grounds, but this end
could have been accomplished just as quickly without an) arbi
trary action which places the administration in the position of
being forced to do hat it was already seeking to accomplish.
Considerate conduct on the part of the board would have ac
complished the same end with credit to the administration, in
stead of the appearance, at least, of discredit.
Therefore .Mayor Moore is fully justified in removing the
tward, and if any blame is to be meted out, it is coming to the
health board and health officer, whose duty it was to sec that
all public buildings are kept in sanitary condition. Their final
action in condemning the jail was an admission of their dere
liction of duty during the years dating back of Mayor Moore's
administration, when they allowed worse conditions to exist in
the jail without protest or action, and justifies heir removal on
that score as well as on political grounds.
By Prof. Bumptarara.
Here la an open faced cranium,
this of Eng. ii-- V. Debs—no hair lo
deceive thn eye or confuse the bo
holder. There are strong tracea of
a literary bent In ihe curvature of
tha conk, which prove* that he Is
a native of In.llanny. Hence also
hi* resemblance to Jim Whltcomb
Illley, Apologies are duo both gen
Thn general trend of Mr. Debs'
(acuities are controversial. II- will
argue at the drop of the hat. espe
dally If you kick tho hat. il.. was
bom to lie a leader, and as such
froqiifintly outdistances his trailer*.
He stands up for hi* principles, antl
Jumps up ami down on the princi
ples of the other fellow. When not
"ft'fti.'.i'il In talking be Is lecturing,
nnd when not lecturing he Is tell
•o« all about It. He has bumped
thn railroads, and lias them '11 his
list—Socialist, hu, hu, ha!
o i;
On account of the scarcity of false hair. I'i. ii.ii gtioliis has dm
vised alp* and t.iu|w.'a of finely Spaa glass, which rail lie. colored la
any shade, and I* ..f wonderful teiture.
SyV^Jefei Atf Hera '* * piobletn love letter
»fil'^»J/ J J written by Ueo. to Marl*
_m>tl-fzim! Cy
A ■_£.■^\}r_l}\ta\ >^ What sort of a fallow I* Oeorge?
*afefj^r_—i9 * "*' headed, a*in*b cad, or a
/^V h/lA** \*\wf foolish youth who may turn out to
I tj[ , 11 ____ ** * good husband?
X. lAm 1/ _^-^^*m ****" **-**■* you ansae* this let
«J\ \W[ I I \ pr ** "It were addressed to ysul
J^t'^v^A. I7'^v w v./ Dmt Marie: ' arrived home
*^ /**—'*ai ' safel. Everything ii. k. at Lints
£_yn^y»r// and office Meant to write thla
"X^. -'// yesterday a. in , but was I.hi busy
and last night wa had that smoker.
Had a hut Urns, but I Bunt bums
early. „, „
I am doing everything I promised yoa I would, dear Mail.. Duly
one etgarnt laat night (Just onto and no drinkables. Forgive the on*
nail. won't you. dear? Yoa ..now a fallow can't atop everything at
once. . >,
I told the tiovetnor that I waa thinking* of marrying you. Yoa
ought to have seen him (well Honest he did. Mart* lis always did
think yoa wars a poach, He said thai ba regretted that your dad had,
had such hard luck In that business game, but that that was nothing
against you. lla told me that we'd get the now shack on the aye mm.
which will help mine, and he la going tv make ma v p. ot tbt. ——*
company. Say, Isn't that the candy?
Now, Marie. 1 1,.,. you, don't I? Yoa |„» me. don't you? I*fa
"a up for keepe on Chrtstaias day. What do you »a, my dear little
kid? All I have will bo yours, you know, and I will make you stand
la the center of the first row of thr society show Ib thla town Don't
lata linger. I am standing on on* foot waiting for you
Oood night, my beslesl dearest Your true and faithful lover.
After the»a answers have been published. The Star wtll be
glad to receive letter*. Ti word* la length, n llrnsiH "Dear
Oeorge." from women readers
How should thla problem letter be answered' Ilsro totlowa on*
woman'a Idea: a
My Dear George—
T.«. bad you went to the tronblo of tailing tho ' govern. (I sup
pose you wean your father I that you act« "thinking of marrying
_»• because I hare changed my mind.
Itlame It oa that delightful moonlight spin from the Coaatry
club (I always feel so Irresponsible In a motor earl, but the fact ra
mains I hal ao right to give you ..ten a half-way promise I don't
love yo»— I neve, aha:; I.et my stcuse be your breeiy, optimistic
attitude toward life, which qnlta took me off my feet— and perhaps
the vice presidents and that new "shack" on ths avenue, and your
father's wealth I am only a girl, yoa know, and wo are taught to
demand the highest market price oar beauty will bring Mother will
rave and tear her hair. I know, hut I Just can't do II Even tba Joy
of being tha "canter of the aoetsty ahow," g* yoa aapra* It, could
not compensate for iiie future I toaaaaa a* your wife.
Yoa are a dear, good boy; but 1 don't want a husband whose
character I must prop up to kaap from sagging In lha center. 1
have no faith In marriage altar" reforms—and yoa are most easi
ly led.
My hushand must tte a man doing a man* work In the world,
not a dependent whose very cigarettes are paid for by his father.
It Is more your father* fault than your own. I know, but can't you
see the whole Idea I* wrung 1
And then you're *o slangy. Am I too critical? flat think of
dying and having ono'a husband say, Bloat old girl; It'a all to
the had. lent If No matter bow deep hi* grief, those words
would rob death of solemnity, even as they take the bloom off love
Bo i must dpellne. Your regretful. M Mill'
By K. W. Schaefer
•Oh. mis " |
"What, .-i *"
"They've got a new t.aby orer
at Mr Hklddlehnp's house."
"Dear me. that Is the second
time the stork has been, there In
two ycsra."
"Huh! The stark Tell me
about tbe slork, ma."
"Well, tha stork I* a bird. Kd
win. It la said to bring all the
TQot, I thought the stork waa a
useful bird."
"Why of course It I*. ii brought
"Me? Huh, why I'm digger a
"Hot you were a little child
then. Edwin."
"And the stork brings all the
"Home families must keep a pet
"Never mind. Kdwln. Oo ahead
and play While I flulah reading
'Madeline thu Manicure; or Krom
OrangewiMHl Mil. l.i* to Orange
I Hon*oms."
"Hut. maw."
"Where does Iho stork get thn
z^il_W. \\
Ir ' " * -w
om*,m,Ziin I J^Kk fjVlfcSg
H la-re.'*''
, ■ „.-i.t i i -tea—at —aeeaee- . i
"From—er—tha orphan say
lum* "
"Where do the orphan asylum*
get them?"
"You may continue plating. Ed
"Htippose nobody's home when
the stork comes, mawr*
"Then ll Is l«ft on Hie. doorsteps.
It Is then a 11...1 a waif'
"A waif la the same as un
claimed freight, isn't It, maw?"
"I siip|><>*e so, Edwin."
'Tan tbe stork count?"
"Ob. to be sure."
"Well. It must have lost i4iuat.
because It brought Mrs. Snilthers
"Very likely."
"Another thing, maw."
"And thai Is—"
"Did It have to make three
trips to bilng litem"
".Vo" {-»,
'It brought every triplet otf'lfie
satnii ttlplt-t?"
"Hay, maw."
"Not another word. Edwin." ' **
"Our cat must huvn a pull with
the stnrk?"
"lie. ana., she had seven kitten*
i lie last time."
" —^—■waa —maamam—m—^mmammm
"The Seattle Spirit"
There I* do uho InlkltiK. gen
tlemen, It has ,|„„„ i, f or „„. „„,,
It Will do the same for you. 11l
tell )ini what to do—Just order a
cssn of 11, and If yon don't get
tli.. Health. Hplrll, nsk Did |». *
t'. H II Oa lo explain -,
They ore Ihn exclusive bottler*
of "Seattle I'llile," and It la cer
tainly lhe beer of secrets.
Pacific A Puget Sound Bottling
Company. Phone 027.
Josh Wis* Ss/si I
"M»on th' hoard ii v
health tiund* ftttnl
i: .I'm lin It nilana
II bad ml. 111 111 'Ml
A Plsuslbls R*a*on.
"I'll g*tl you tin ...... worth ef Oils
mining Kirn lor 60 cents," urges
tho prnmotur. "It's Hi.- ■ i .sir. of
ii HfaU-M Wllliln a month It .111
!.•» stilling at a dollar a share.*
"Thnn why don't you hold on to
It*' salts thn iniiliv man.
"I woutd, but I need a hair rut
and a ntinvi. Mow will I look If I
wait a month?"—-l,lfo.
Illustrated Quotation.
"I'ii'lur th.. tr.'i>i. a ...ir languags
apoha." i.mn mi ai.i.ck.
Wo Progress.
"How wo do change!"
"Ye*, yea," assented tba Sioux
Palls lady. "Yeara ago I married
a man that I Wi»..1.1.a I tiielfa. In a I
By P. W. S'hSr'r,
"Veil. .car. I am readiness fur singings."
"Id las Seat dot you ask m*. Adolf, bt-ctiss I am dor whole rheeea
la diss berfonnanca."
"Oaruae m<\ I tought Haa wasa a saeng.-rfeat, nod a tht-cofcst"
"I ask you. dlt yoa prtng any mooalk mil?"
"I .1...i ........ any. 1 sing try ear."
"H.i. rhudcblng from dor aire of your ear you must bat a ferry
lartch voice, ha. ha, ha'
!>-.:■, d poke funnylam* ad my anatomy, or I vlll haf to Inauld my
•eluf by glflng yoa a poke tn der vol bumani* "
"Oh, gad mat .1 you want t«»— I voalt not ripe my feed on you."
"I coma ... nv peeling to ap » aollo.'
"Oo ahead, den; <l»r audtenca rannod red Id* money back."
"You ahould haf Id to undcratoot dot ray voice has. great timbre."
"Yen, Id lladens Ilka Id wass full mil splinters."
"Huh. aa for your voice, der pilch la« too high."
"Hure. I am pmut becosa Id resembles a tar roof."
"Usden' How Is die* for a bass vol. .• - |m> <l ull O Or'
"It sounta more like a aunMah voice den a bass voice. Itowcfer,
you vlll do veil In der coarse, ha. ha. ha!"
"Vol shall we singing, i.|.-a ■.•*"
"I^»d mo seen. Ah, hero Isa seferal full notes followed by a rest."
"Yess, yess."
"Veil. I vlll sine der notea und you ran sing der rest, ha ha. ha'"
"When you splk like dot you make me tired. 1.. I na varble dot
llddle fantasia '1 Htoud In dor Forest Amid ear Voodlant.' "
"Ferry veil Ind ad dor proper lima bleaae to make a noise Ilka
a nut Also' Kins. iwm. drel "
tThcy sing.)
<#_Lfc-*7e.r *
"This breakfast. Itollo. I* all to l
the biim*ky." said his father, as He
I Wiped the egg off hi* chlti with
.Lit Ir.f .I.- >.-«'.., .| .i » handkerchief,
in lieu of a napkin, which the vil-
I**- hostel!? afforded, not,
"I am somen hat surprised, fath
er, at tbe staccato style of your lan- j
guage," replied Hollo, "to say noth- i
Ing of th* pain I experience at irovr]
unparalleled and unprecedented use]
of slang. You would greatly please '
I in.' if you wuuld see fit to eliminate
at least a portion of this peculiar
linn of conversation "
"Aw. chop It, Hollo, chop It!" ex
claimed his father. "The time Im>
fore this train Is too short to in
dulge In such long wan,ls What 1 j
meant to aay was ultnply that the
breakfast was rotten." I
l*av* pier I to sea battleships ,
... !
AND HIS BAND ■ *■**> '
Will play for you whenever you 111.0 If you own a
Victors $10 to 1100.
Wo will naka tin. term* so tiasy that you Will never miss Una
1406 Second Avenue
iiiusli «la. now."— Washington liar
The eynllds ot thn nvt-tiigti man
opnn and shut 4,000,000 11 men «
( 111. 11l 11l iniiiiii.itli.ti Still.*
A R*qu**ta
Pray, Mr. Kttrth, pIeSSS don't l.<
I would salt I. nKIttSSt —'Ua till'
I»WT' nil.-him;
I ho your immiiH may bo slender'
your heart I* quit.. tender—
Plain .1 llfesavlng fendor upon
each street earl
O, Klvo MB a fctnlor tttat'i not I'
|.rr lean.l.
'I in- (....ill.- don't fancy electrical
Im*; .
Taku off your of r.-ii-i.-i that bogus
And i>la-.- a dn-feoder on all of
your i ins!
lln mo.t.-iii iii nothing, tha ptthllc
demand It'
I 'tiliiarni-ii tha junk from tha end
of your ears,
Place, Iters a ales i. Li —reman
bar, we're leader,
Aud hava no il.-.-ii.. to ll« court-
Ing lbs star*!
O. list to tlin rales of my plead
Ing. duar Jacob!
Tho r|.,|,.- I am dolling may
bring thoo renown—
(lot a-Blea rulitx-r fender— .ii up
lifting fender,
Then folk* that air- lilt will not
f.-.-i ... run duwn!
iif butcher* *.« liars In our city a
You aavvr' Oh. yea! You sr*
not *»ry taaeel
Then cut out thn maiming—we'll
cut out th«< blaming.
For lately, you know, they'tra
be«n current Brant*'
All Differences Ov*r.
"Now, look hers.' said the- J'ldit"
to Hi., warring couple. "I boilers
"Yes. but as a matter of fart. It
was not. True, there wa* not that j
degree, of succulence about the,
steak that might have been de-:
sired, and there wss even a »u»-j
plcion of taint ntx.ut the hen fruit.',
but us a whole tho collation waa
both nutritious and presentable,
though not absolutely desirable.
I ton..- t.-r, 1 have no doubt that the !
humble i...nt:.-.. •< whose caravan-'
snty we are now patronising would
see that bettor service WHS fur- j
Dished ti* it we gave him an tuti- ■
mat ion of the teprehensihlcnoia of I
the praaanl offering In lhat Hue."!
"Hollo, yon are a wonder In your
way. If everybody was a* dead I
easy as you ure. there would be
DOthlng to It. Tha churches j
couldn't hold 'etn."
Oun* »or Rant i'lin-r A Taft.
1024 26 Becond ay. aaa
# * .' a™|
Ho Visits th* Earth a* a Special Correspondent and M*k** w 1
3 Ob»*rvatlon* In Hl* Notebook.* ***** I
yon are both too hasty. Oo Into
tbe ante-room, and I will give you
half an hoiji to make up your dlf
fere rices."
The i wo sulkily retired.
"Well, hare you decided to
agree?" the Judge asked, aa they
were led before biro again.
"Yea, your honor," they said.
looking at each other smilingly.
"We are agreed that we do not wish
a separation, but an absolute dl
vorcti Instead."
Caesar waa a bandy man.
And versatile as will-—
Hut ba nover got oil speeches
Made the railroads yell.
Tha lobster I* becoming eillnet
Well, tha chorua girl did away with
her share.
On* Way.
He owes a great deal to his
friends, doesn't he?"
"Yea—tfaat'a how be nisnsy to
get along on such a small salary.''
—Cleveland loader. -
~ U. S. Navy Yard
Take a trip on tba Hound and
rtett the U. 3 nary yard, aea the
battleships Oregon. Wisconsin and
Nebraska, the cruisers Charleston.
Boston. Ilaffalo and the training
ship Philadelphia, lha mammoth
dry dock*, torpedo boata and
prison att Nlpslo. Hi.ate leave
Pier I. foot of Yeslar way, aia time*
dally. Round trip, SOc. ***
A .
f \
first Avt mi Cd-mHa Si
si Aiur. WASH. J
"Make all you can; save
all you can; give all you
can."John Wesley.
Ready money is the best
II titer a business man
can have, for it assist* him
in executing hi* plans.
We invite you to open an
account with this safe in
Vice President. _
Becretary. H
Cashier. ft
ttt CL litem! %t*i oi In iap^
f "Until Oct. 20"^
Have Your Work
Done Now and
Save Money
I $10 00 Bet of 1h....f? .-,<» 1
■ $7 50 Bet ... Teeth $5.00 H
n 11 Oust pute iioid Crowaa... I
|1 14.00 nml I ..(Mi |
y nndgawot- a, |.tm uml $5,00 H
a l'oicelitln CrowriH tj
fl 5;i..",0 and 1)15.00 |
H HI. linn .ii.i Crowns bO.INI [j
li Killltiiia ".111 Q
[j 20 YEARS. y
I Associated Dentists 1
M Net* Management. 11
Vk.l 112 2dAvc._#
,| mt '!',raaii»&__rif:"
' „,., "^* '"aaa v,„.
i •••
cm h________l ln^>
MAI* ITCH tßcir^wW V> *i-^
wn oa nniXN^P pr.'-trxi.,,.
a. _~. d^iJl^*l**^
n« it -. *- Itj _f*yf^m* «-*•.» a
j Specials v
P*l A 1
Saturday Only
HI Ml Iv* W rial li.r mot
ri.ll.KT AMD MKi.ii iv ai
I •"*.»•• °" seat
—.—mem ________J
"••Baa • I a.a .m ( tasted am
«-...! ri.— late aa* dlfalumaa tkaa an
ether .»i« ta ike ana* nmm 3
-•i- ■ l Thar are Y.,r.,, a,.
eia/kalia a.,, thniaakaat it,
Kaeteea azalea, as* ara t... MM
a, ..:.,-. I >..,r,aa!a SS* tWal I, .
" .hi ..-I'.uiiM't, T.a- f
tr-mluc* them we Bar* a** yrtcm ,
ear ■'■«.. ter ' -tar **■•. auk I
Ii «l»a aeaT (tar J« ill HIM §
takea et ■■•eat a lie, in. Tta* a
-ft, ... a '- I ta free 1 .'nta^uee, Mr I
it v ... , aarta Is* tar cake |
nt chats ..iter see* |
soar, is raa cae* - -
Ha.hu. a Sail s.p-1 aaa* e_fc
'.-. .■■.. kr Klkal BanrßaW
t■■ -, Taerr aaa etkar eett
ueeia Special, ate rake ...111
Ilea l.aa . II.Ik Seas—A IWyttttl.
Ir naatari aad ea.iefflM ami
tot Ihe l.atk B»eeul. par aata
ttaekaa'e relies PAnmm Seas—Be
-1 ler lie ear te* see* „, em
triad I*;-. >.',. Bar take .....a
Rarkie. ( erfc-IU Ma-Meal tne-
I'er ... re. ....... lit
Ita. -a a < art~ll. TeeM Saae-
I -r cake .......IB
nu.h.a. I art-lie Tar las
| fee ... lie
Ita.laaea Cart-lie *a**Bw tmp
-1 Per .a, ...»
. -
Ha. l.aa a I tee.l el San* tm Ml.
| ....I*
Ha. haa a a-eeet. Bath SssO-Il
Ira lar*e a ... per cake Hi
I We hi.i Jaia revel S
large taeliaataat af f_e*t
Aall*e[*le mm.* —tha fewakte
— * hi. h we aKer at Ik ym
oka. er I far **•
The Quaker Drug Co.
101 - 101 ler.fo_*w<
tint Aye. ***•.:
. — ' . m"i
j Why Pay Trust Prices to
Cash Registers? %
We are Independent d«ae-&
handling all popular 00-I*. *
j about half tens —'***
1,1 Is Prove It
•MM* Heel •** I
at. 11 HO lorf-^L* I
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