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The Seattle star. [volume] (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, October 12, 1907, Last Edition, Image 5

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«o.wpeeted!ymadeshums n tar.
jf tt . i******** burglar. Ser
gS ror.ee Mike **•<■ ex
j .«.t what a* believe* WSS his
Kmaat «'*» ** ** ' in a Pistol
William 1-ovorlng. bur
*•" ..a reneral bad roan. In "he
**< ___•_£ ,a KUlh ay H.. In
rr*" .a tf June WM- That the
■^flcere.r.ped with bl. life
zSmxt-t a -** ** ******" l"v<*'*°*
t^afoa* of llWdin.ee which
"te« etneers picture n -the
***** -ttesaan a Wall me."
w ,eral d.ij* there had beerf
£m* t»«i<i<* t""" whherlea
l**^SS.« the po»e«. ***** **"*■**
***** " make an Investigation.
tta*'*** sss *__»**_ «h7 „>,
' i_2 a ' tttt _ desertptlop of the
_faiwo^* susi^ied of tha
I a*-****' ****** m,n »'ar"<t «o
♦**». . OtDloWth "shake down" of
t_%tm*mt-y*** houses In the city.
. Iscat* S.al
mm*, hwatlgatlon took "'.-in to
vwiiaat house, and arter a lit-
Iff _I__s»*ry aklrmtshlng they
ll^iaTwm In whli-h the two
\____x *er* »ttPP"*ed IB be peg
fSei'Tfce officer* walled un
__&/* m* Lovering enter and
._Tr_* to****, fallowing a few
_:n*n* l*«er- reacbatl the room '
effleer* reached the room
.si adsed aa entrance and found
j,,,!, trcoaaer, the second of the _
n^yr* tit ** ****** ,hat l*>ver-
Sad suseec'eal ha was followed '
us rsa late aat>Sher room.
(yCtsaoer readily sunmltted to
arrest *** ha waa handcuffed to <
Ha,. who also carried a lot of h
. M j is hi* arms, which was :
t «#• a ***** a
\rt'*' *
it iXotkes for the church *
iteißSM IS Stir Saturday Star a
'■ tax., a* be accepted after a •
a s'ctoek Friday arterßooa. c
} t ■*.<■-, a
I Ryaealh—Third and ilver
1 ,.., B*v. Fraaete J Van Horn. I)
D, yt»t» Services II i m and
lea.. Saeday school. 1:41 a. ■ ;
U.H. _,£,•:» p. m. midweek
Sat***. Thursday, t p. m.; mora
Wminrt Th* Glory of the Com
lam Ut»*. eeealaa subject. "The
tWt *ai lafleenra * laymen In
fSt SsSwas an ICI vie Ij V " Rev.
i Wat Ptama. of Chicago, preechae
inntsf aad »v»niag
i tta*-** Broadway and Itepuh
, ten; R*v. Edward Uacoln Smith.
DO. pastor. Services 11 am
oiiy a: Sandsy school, >:10 a.
tftet. * C. E. S:st p m : mid
meet mnttr*. Tharsday, 7:39 p.
a. Ret C Telford Ertckaoa
I tWmtfty— Brooklyn ay. N.;
|a*H. C v«. m pastor. Bervtaea
latta at. sad * p. at ; Sunday
. -Mi' 12:11 p m : Junior C. E.
jJ» mi T. >' S. C. E. 7 p m : mi.i
:***i Mrrteet. Tharsday, K:3O p,
a; aotatag subject "Loyalty la
f»rj^tttr*: evening subject, "A
ttmae Frets a Specialist"
Bt»* tier—Whitman *» . near
Bhi" »t . Hay Wra C Kant
m. DD, paitor Service* 10:11
is aw 7:10 p. at : Sunday
a**V_am p. m. Y. P. S. C E.
*Q f m. midweek services,.
****** :ft p. ta.. morning
**)*«. *Jmat Omattat Among
af. erealsg. "la Hla Stepa."
[< HatfMt-Eaat prospect »l. and
Sfttr. H. Snaitay ... a.
a; Jtmta P. Wr'rr. aapt; 7:20 p
a, maiegg aad sermon by Iter.
tl Gale, (ah ... "The Model
«■«.* fim la a eertsa oa "lltyma
Start ssttiashlps at ssvy yard
*» *»*r ssfore
' *-* " ' « > "SB P_»«a_p__.aaae»
I _B_____B_Be___k____»_..
i 9ft -^^Ti
B^y*^^? ■ ff*fjߣ-\ om^K_\\s-\tm T *~''*~'__i__.. * " 3 ■■■'''- -**--* '„-^*'*i
E "tP^^?*^** ___"* . f « *"^ Ess*"^*' *'.•"-• - i- ' ■-* yS"''j"l,j
PyP, *% _l" " mrJa*,-,.'' = ** ,T **i\Jy"r~" *3F" *'" **"- -' -****>-*„ awia_i
HHo^9'' * " -- *-«qM||S JJL g_L______m^____t_____m_ __ a- "fl^B
m_____mm*jM _tmm "'■<«' i^i'!Ftf^^*3^lifrP?ra'^
W Making Presents to Your Landlord!
8,75 a Month Will Build a House Like This
hit .ll!_ ,,oß*r rou n" w spead *"* **-■** «, „„,„, ***** enough to pay
™ *">•*» and .... of your own.
ran »* 1" -"** * •l"" *"* ***<* t"tt up a house like thi*. costing
-To, ' t*J tDT lt"*m st th n,le "' *7 r*° ***r »n" nth
t,. |V,, W* *'" Vat "It the; »am<> price house on any lot you own
_t .. ! ,per month- °r we »111 huy or b.illrt any klml of a house
Weaattt ***** ***n*> rati. Or pay ..it a ,„.. tga*
t»y ..nr plan of eot.^rstlve home building, yott ran borrow
•sytaonut '""' $iOO to $S,t»o with which to build a home. On
the m "*' *17$ * <""<•*** *>n each $iOO until you g.-t the use of
-**ttmr' *"''' * 50l) p*'r m,,n,h on ,ach *"»*" thereafter until loan
Part, i -
m. **'■* ■■•■•■ In the order lo which application* are filer].
,a* regular -,i,v,„. n,i "' all members ..... placed In an associate
trtcL tht* 0"0 ** ""* 'un'l *''**c*i**n the face vslue of __ first con
st ti . ,mr",ot *» loaned to tho holder of that contract, and so
w< s aamtrtcal order until every member owna a home of his
***** »Btire I'Inilm'*nl "' *arh "", *Tcry contr»ct '• sTuaraoteed by
act la guarantees by
titu'!!.*!'. 7 (mHiS(i VOi'lt IIOMK TODAY by asking us for par
•«» of our u«w .nd unlrju* pI.D.
*■*>** IIM'AIIIHIM <•.,. „«. and mall tl.ta lr«Jar
mm — lien.lamer.— Klnrllv **ntl full ttarllett-
SFATTI F '*** "* **** an-mparatlta karats Bull-Ins
. *"-/* '' IL sad otesls* |>lss I*
***" '"'; ' *»r.',,f•• ****** c,,
>»■»«. »c,1.1. > !!,.... ,
found in the room. Hergt, Powers
continued searching lite rooms and
opened a clothes closet whore lev
eling had hi.i.i. himself.
Burglar Wa* Aimed.
Armed with two revolvers the
ii.i.. lamped for the officer, who
Instinctively crabbed for the rob
ber's hands In ..I .let to save hurt
self fi.«m being shot. in no* posi
tion the two hacked through iii
mom and Ittto the hall, when Pow
ers B _le a grab for lii- .'» run.
A.tarns ara standing In the hall
linked to O'Connor, burden*! also
with the It.ilen goods. .tnd lever
ing took a shot nt him. Then the
burster iii.de a dgsh to escape.
X* lha man fled down the nar
row at airway, both Powera and
Adams, who had managed by thi*
time to pull their a. Una fired sev
eral times at levering, who re
turned the shot* A* Adam* fired
the flrat time. o'Con.ner Jerked him
to one aide, probably saving lev
ering, Wbo wa* not more than alx
feet distant. This officer's second
shot grated the desperate auiglai
on the hand.
Forced to Surrender.
Finally seeing the escape cut off
levering threw down hi* gun* and
held up hi* hand* In token of sub
mlaslon. He had fired In alt aeven
shots, almost point blank at the of
ficers, and that none of the party
wera hit in a vital spot can be ex
plained by no other theory than
that of pure luck.
Afteraard* both O'Conner and
levering plea..; guilty to th*
charge of burglary In the superior
court ttt wera sentenced to 1*
years la the penitentiary.
—,— —
and Home Influent. Prof. J 11
Howe tn charge of music.
Iteaoun Hill-Near JCt.o 1111 l
school; Rev. James A. Henry, pas
tor. Service* 11 a. m : Hun.lav
school II m.; Y. P. 8. i" B. 7:15 p
m . morning subject. "A Present-
Hay Kan mat.- of th.- Power nt Prey
Col'-itiihla — Iter. Edward D.
Was*. pastor. Service* at 11 a. m
and 7:30 p. m ; Sunday achool. 10 a.
ta.: T. P. a C E, « 30 p. at*, morn
ing aubject. "The Church a Revela
tion of tlod"; evening. "Old Testa
ment Miracle*."
t'm..n -■ y.j.-.-n Anna ay. and Oaler
St.; te* J. Vincent Honewarae, pea
tor. Sarvtcea 10: SO a. m ant 7:10
p. tn.; Sunday school. IJ m . Y. P.
IS C E. S:JO p m ; morning. "Heart
Purtty"; evening. "The Para' of
lhe Tsro Debtors."
Preahyt erian.
Cherry St.—lid ay ant Cherry;
Key W. A. tamtam I'h D.. pa*
tor. Sunday *.-ht»>l * Xii a. ml"
E. 7 p nt.; II a m "teoyalty"; 7:JO
p. m "Jonah aad tha Whato."
Plrat—Fourth and Spring; Rev
M A. Matthewa. t> H. pastor.
Morning sub).- "Domestic Evan
gatiam"; evening, "Christ In Pro
lnterbay—3l4o l«th ay. W H*v.
X M. McCreary. pastor. Sunday
school, s «& a m ; Y. P. 8 C. 8..
S:10 p m . It a. m . communion
aervlcw; 7:10 p. ra. Tha Mill
Olympic Court Cnlted Preabyte- [
rtan Home Station. Oreen Letke;
He. 11. i". Edgar, pastor: Rev. Dr.
W. A. I'lnl.i will saalst the pas
tor at sarvlng the lord's Sapper at
j the morning aarvtcw. evening set v. l
Ice. 7:10. •
- - Baptist.
Tabernacle— lSih sv. N and Mar
rtson; John Marvin (Man. minister
Cherrh 111 bla achool. 0:10 I to
public worship. It a. tn; theme.
; The Emblems of the Holy Spirit";
prayer council. S p. m . evening
City Hall Market
Pot mast*. 7c; rtb steak. 10c. •••
I service. 7 :|n p. m.| toplo, ,„„.,,
. las About Hi- Wrong Thing,"
Weat Boaltku— Madrtma hall;
Hay. Arthur 11, Carpcg)«r. pastor,
Horvlcoa I p. m.; Bunday school,
IISI 9 i" A. I). Ilreutitilng, supl .;
rermon topic, 0. Fulfilling of
the law I
Bt Marks-Madison and llroad
way; 1t... J. l' I. l.lwvd, re. lot
liov. J. K. llln.lt 1), li prlesl lv
charge. Services I and nam
ak.il 7:30 p. m.; Bunday achool, 'I II)
a. in ... iimi ninr. topic, "Tho tin
changing Character of ..,,,1 even.
'"» "Halvatloti Obtained Not by
devolving, but by [kilns x « ■
organ recital.
81 James—llth at. N. and Slime
a»„ Fremont. Bervlees conducted
by Itev. diehard Mansfield While
at tt .1 111 , subject/."Ulory."
Trinity Pariah—Eighth ° and
James; rector. Iter, II II tlowoti
Hervlrta nt "So a "1 . na m and
7:30 p m ; ttunday school and roe
linn Itlble class, »:30 a. m.; morn
ing subject. "Tha Inexhaustible
Curse"; evening subject, "The Or
deal on Carmel,"
First- Hroadway and E. Olive;
Iter. A."lk Chapman, pastor. Iter*.
leaa 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m ; 0
BL, fi.ir. p. m . Bunday ache IJ
ro ; taornlng 'eubject, "My tlod";
'-..•Hint; aubject. "A Divine Court
Itallard-:o«| W. 671h at; dcv.
A. 1,. Crltu. pastor. It a in
"Emergencies Well Met"; 7:30 p'
m. "Tha Ebb Tide t.f Oreat Con
viction*"; ini.irt school, tit a m,|
C E.. «:30 p. ra.
Itoylstno Ac. church— 7.. II daw
****** aaa it * m, "Our Thought
Christian Science.
cnrtstlan Science,
First Church of Christ, '.list
-»t3 Sixth. Services Ham and
I P- m : subject. "Om-ttlue cf
Atonement"; Sundsy school, ll a
in ; testimonial meeting. Wednes
***• ~ p ra: tiling rooma at SU
Alaska building.
»Ir*t Spiritual Society— Knights'
it Pythias hall First near IMke'
lele F. Prior, speaker. Service* j j
B m and « p. m ; afternoon sub i
l«ct. "How Much I* Spiritualism
Indebted to Psychical Itesearch?"
* p. m. "What Ara the Attributes
Manifested by IVitv That Human
Houls In the Aggregate Cannot Hl*, j
play?" Platform messages after>
'"•"I and evening by Mrs Prior.
Seattle Psychle Society— Alkl
hall. 1410 Becond: i p. _______] lecture.
HOW to Search fa.. Knowledge of
Spirit Cnfoldm*nt." followed by
spirit message*, by Helen dice |l« r -
--. lelgh. circle* formed at 4 ii p
m.; conference. 7; 30 p. m.
The 111,...a. i{.t;i. Society. Beat
tie lodge. t«JO Second—Sunday. |j
p. m. leclure; auhject. "Home As
peeta of lisincamatlon," by T. A
School of lllumlnatloa-Egan
hall, Areada building. < p m WH
s..n I'rtt.t will „.-«» „o "Fallh:
i What It Is; Its Power"; messages
by Mrs Cobb.
Ftrat Olvtne Science church-^-o
--lumbla college hall. Hroadway and
Plae; Agnes It. McCarthy, pastor i
Services II a m.; Sunday school '
10 a m; subject. "S*|vgti«ia _ r |
Ft re" - . ■■ *
Hamilton Studio
Caiman building, artistic photo
graphs at reasttoahle priraa. No
eowpons or other frauds. ...
'■= a nm ■'■'■
I Education
All May Be Gained by Visiting
—- „| - - , r| Ml..
Enjoyment in viewing the grand natural beauty of the park, the autumn foliage,
the magnificent view uf lake anil mountains.
Education in seeing the making of a "City Beautiful"—the finest resilience section
of the Queen City of the Pacific.
Profit—if you want to make it—in buying property of the highest value at prices
snd terms the most favorable ever offered in Seattle to home builders.
Don't Put It Off Any Longer
I Best, "Biggest and Most Beautiful"
Mount Baker Pars cars run direct to Park. A delightful ride, only twenty minutes
from Pioneer Square.
11 i I "
DanieUonesCompany Mitchell Phillips
117 Cherry St „,. °ffice '" £"* it ' .
117 thrtty St
34tn Aye. and McClellan .St.
Ind. 695. Main 2984. j Ind , 844 ,
THE OFflce Mt»V I
I* the Chief of Police a real In
rlllll* I '-.1 a hi. West reiith.'lH 111 tils
hall ' 11.. us ho walk down tha
str.i.'t lit b I.iniih.it? No ha I* not
a teal Indian but In. la a good
Indian Ho Sees not »em paint
One reason that aume of lha pau
pi" think that It.. Is a Indian I* that
ho *umo times Bra... .ni iiir< war
path, ll.a .',-•» not look Ilk- a 111
dian, but wi;,-ii ha Is mad ha looks
>ntviti;n I hoard a man as. lit.-
Chief of Police was a "Ootid In
dian" but I do not think thitt ha
riocanse h.. rode on the sidewalk
with hi* hit j.-l.a, running down the
daughter of Mrs Harsh I. Harris,
ttoar Nob Hill ay and llaiitihllran
st. Vli.ll'ti llninnitir wits fin- $.■:.
by Jiutso Hoi ituo la th* [...11. * court
i: of tha
Hotel Savoy company, liaa returned
tn Saaltle after aa eitimslve Kaat
cm trip. While la the ..set Mr.
liwe.ii..> ludnd arrangements
for tho furnishing* tot th addition
al fhMir* of Hi.. Havoy, which will
boob be ready for occupancy
Tho lata ni. Mcelroy left an
estate valued at |S».»6T. according
to tho rßisa-nmnt filed Id th*
probe court yesterday.
J. *M Ml Ins ha* filed a suit
£B£*^**«ft> Jot »»IS damage*.
Mora Iftttimnm at lbs uar, yotd
than ever bafore. a.c
IBEBBBM If You Have Money ■■■■■■
| For Conservative Investment [j
' -Nn investment: *
j | (A) That affords absolnts security of m
principal. fJ
(•■) That will st r.i- increase in earn- fjj
!• InK power, aro ||3
8(C) That will constantly increase in Wi
I value &
(D) That is not affected in earnings or In
in value hy Wa. Street "Panics" of f£
I *", k" of speculation. jjfl
(E) That will m,-!! st least RIGHT ™
j '"' '' CX.N'T.per annum Bill in* ai
I _ "ca«e at leant that much in value. Ll
M Then lavtatig at ones: ' * E
I units;-—" . I
Willi J II • I , f■_
meai ____ mm I timbered hi
Call upon or write ttp. . lit
(,rt Booklet Vice I'icai.lrnt .n,i Mjmtßeft
j roar for full jiartlculars concerning Trust.-.
I l———-—— * Property No. fi (Central Building),
| The Trustee Company of Seattle I
_fS_ES3____-___ LOWMAN BUILDING \\_mS__*_____m
mount that In. wa* a real Indian
off the It.aa-t in an
l.i|. 1., |a not a fr-sl Indian li.
nan aba i ii" liul.- boy* tlilnli that
ho I* whon lli.-v lnsi... wlinliiwa ami
•trial ililiikm ll.' .aii strait any
iH'ini.ii that duo* any tlilna wrotiK-
Ha la th.. proprietor of lha Hotel
Wapplasteia ii.")! Is nit fit to be
When \V fti|i|.tii..it -In k.-i* bla now
lir.t.-1 ho will foot a* t.l et aa any
real Indian Chief vita * aam wig
wam? When lit. s..»a oDlhe war
path against _" a.xlnlatn then In.
I* out after Hi,.!,, scalp*.
which tie claims hi* property at
tin Iloron ay. Hiaiaiin-tj through lha
tiling in of Doras and the change
..I lhe li. i Mint at. grada.
i ii- now i. ota high sshaol in
raady fur tvxuiiancy ami will 1.1.1'1l
for els**** M hi I>> Only th.i flrat,
a.m .imi and third year i leasts are
to i...-it.i 11l thla arliniil, ami two
a.-ranl.nin will be bold Instead of
°*' ''' ' ''" ' " '■
Thn ragular monthly mentlng of
the tlonf will h« luild at room 2,
l.ab'.i Teinplo, t.on..i tow afternoon
•I 1:30 p. m.
'I lieu, in nothing that
costs so little, both money
and work, and that goes
so far if it has tlie chance.
Your grocer returna your mnirr
If you don't ilk* hilling's Hast;
w* |.ar him.
W?lXthXtanml___~ """ **-*mm i i 4SgC "\\
*T\f l "Tumi/it SuppliaJ With Oysttrs. ■ ' Aj
[| | J ° Says the Oyaterman. ]|,j
'i 1 "Tamilits Supplied With Oysterett:*, "
iii Says the Grocermsn. t
"l . Afld thus they join hands oa lj
If the good things of life. VJ
I Oysteretteß I
L The oyster cracker with a taste IA
I' iolt, always crisp and fresh, f"'
dl in moisture-proof packages. .
fi^^sßßH-__s___-*-__-__--____^___^____; , t ___-__^t_ajpaaa - - saaaa -■ 1 zzr
H _ B^ IjjT^f Diatnoais, Watches Jewelry.
11 f_^ _L_^-_e*a__a_k FIRST AND CH BRUT
If C V e*f*y ■ O _T_t C* ■ 1 Optical Department
il ib JuCldV I
=t, *___■ * \ Piano Bargains
_- Jt Ws lisvs a
g\ _______«_» 'lumbar of alight
■ etTe\o\X% ____\t*\\a. ,y x" cd I' 1* ""* «*
v/l/Cll £•*;' m_\i'yl_. bargain prices.
t &•■ «|yy#_t s** our U,L
i our Savings Account ',_____*/ ssssss
/our SavmesAccount pf*l ! :::5;«"
*■* ? *. I *Ff And about *•
T • _ . IM other*.
loniffht T**r *••"•-*
i tmigiu Mk[ & Inase
Our Saving! Department Is Open . ■«■«■;.■! ,850'„, .*
From 5P.M.t08 P. M. 1 Tw"r ****** »«* ™ ■"'
Dexter //or.on & Co., Bankers Two !Sr^'^ a,..
sr t» In-. i- and Sal**room and Workroom,
New Tort Building Third and Washington et.
i Suits to Order en Short Nelloe.
mmmmmmmmn—i aa________s—____a_----_--__-____s_______________S ______ ________________________________
The j
Convalescent i
r „„, tL Requires the greatest
Guaranteed Under the A *-'
Food and Drngt Act, it* * i
June 301906 amountoi nourishment
Sertal no. 9772
I with the least expendi
r,,*W ture of digestive energy
Ml y^^*m^_%a^t^t_y
if j § \w\ " The Pure Malt °nic"
1 jL Supplies this need. It is re-
Jo>^Pww^K tamed by the most delicate
VrJffm*, ti\\t ioam'**_m%s^t_*\
jmL «\] ' Btomach and is easily assim
\:iw^^^^m\ Recommended by leading Physicians
RTjjejrWj^^jffln Prepared by Malt RainierDept.
Bglltfy Seattle Brewing & Malting Co.
""Vl!}. "" 1..t1.'t,.-,,t1.-..l -T ft ttt- I ... JT

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