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Is (he uiiestlon that the students
of tHtth the Lincoln and Washing
ton high schools are asking In an*„
ticipation of Wednesday's game be
tween tht' 'ii'iiii aggregation* of
tho two schools. Everyone expects
Washington to win. Hut there are
Hume who eijtoet Washington to
wlr by a pick score, and thus* who
think one little lone touchdown
..AT.y he all that Coyle. Smith West
over .*i Co- *HI he able to secure.
i',.ih teams will put In their l.i'si
In our of the best football game* .
of Ih* year, the Heattle Athletic J
club team did Man.' EST Hilly Instils \
aud Coach Tom Mt IHmald proud j
H-t'uriUy afternoon by ' I.lllll*
Multnoiimh t". to 0. Sent lie's victory j
was due to a whirlwind start. Mull
iiitmah being for the first few mln-,
tit** of the game helpless against
ike oiH-n Ml style game put up hi !
Which shall It be—fat and j
healthy or lean and fashionable?
So many women are Impairing
their health by taking acids and
drag* in order to make Ihem
lithe and modish, according tv phy
sicians, that the medical profession j
would rise to raaka public protest |
If such procedure were not nnpro- '
One martyr, now under treat
ment tn a sanitarium, ha* been tak- |
ing this coarse dally:
liefore breakfast, halt pint vine
After breakfast, one lemon or two
At lunch, pickle* and soar apples. ]
Dr. W. R. M. Kellogg, cttv bacterio-1
Insist, who has been actively con-;
i.e<-ted with the examination of rats
The Overcoat and Rain
coat sale prices will be in
effect these two clays only.
You have never had such a
chance before and never
will again to purchase the
high grade clothing that
make up the
1,500 Garments
Only Inn ....,*. Mor-u
A JL **** mU-AAAT y,l rrl^, ***** Jm\p *Am*W u\\-W
On the Square. Opposite the Totem Pole.
hard practice tonight. Tomorrow
night will see- tin- teams going
through light signal work only, and
Wednesday will see Client ill shape
, for Ihi; game. Neither Coach Allen
of Ihe Washington high, or Coach
Lewis of the Lincoln would mi
nounco his line lip thl* morning.
Bsvsrsl places till each Hi the teams
art' apes for argument, and Iks
work of the men In the scrimmage
tonight will deride just who will
get Into the game The contest Is
for the championship of the elty
and a iiumper crowd should attend
Seattle Ihe tmiclidown **»* rushed
over and the goal kicked before Ik*
visitor* knew that li.-i* wis a
game on.
Then Multnomah settled down,
and "If anything had a shade the
better .it the argument, being, how
ever unable to score. Kern, Dnwd,
Whiting and .t-onergan were tin
I Before dinner, spoonful lea
lea >•»
After dinner, half pint vinegar
I tin.- wa* when we took It a* a
sign, when a girl ate pickles, that
ska was In love." say* an old physi
cian. "Now I take (he same thing
as a sign that she has no lovers.
"Women ought, to know that
nothing Is as attract aa health"
"One ease ha* come to my atten
tion." say* a local physician.
"of a young at .in who ha* *-> un
dermined her constitution by tak-
Ing anti-fat treatment lhat It I* go
ing to take month* to restore ber
"Women should especially seal
'th*> stopper of the vinegar cruets."
lo detect possible bat. toir plague,
has been in the hospital *ovcr»l
days and has Just undergone a very
serious operation for abscess of the
!t>tr. At last accounts he waa do-
Ing well.
' * ___
First race. Futurity course—Hen*
rttor Werner. D^lDiigan), 6 to I,
won. Hllver Htooklng, 07, second:
at Francis. tuft, third. - Time,
1:11 5.
HecnUil race, mile and a half •»
llyronerdale, 107 i Palms), ,fl to 1,
won; llt'llWillo 110, aecoiut; Milt.
Hpot, i". third. ii"" 2:38.
Third rare, three quarters mile—
Dene itussell, 110 (Miller), 2 to I.
whn; Manchester, 106 second; VI
i.ion 11. I"", third. ii"" 1:14 15.
Fourth race, one mill Si well,
IH" tlHigam. I to I, won; Wing
In.;. 82. ...ml ItiMuii lOt, third
Time. 1:8885.
Fifth race, mile mill a sUleenlli
—Corrigati, 112 , Millet even, atari
Mis* May 11. in ,11 1414, seeoiul;
Melar. lot, third. Time. 1:4825.
RUth race, a* mile— Dolll* l»"i
l.iitt, ■'" i KlrshbMMul, s to I, won;
Northwest, "t second; Ran Alvistv
100, third. I hi" till. ' .
First rare, five eighths mile—
Mngasltie, ins (liurnsl 8 to b, won;
l.a libit to. 103. second; All • Alone,
100, third. Ism, M •5.
Me...tnl race, one mile—First
Peep. 101 (Archibald), I i" 5. won;
I'rollflc. 82, second; Ileal I 0 102
third. Time. 1:12 86.
Third tiff, flve-clghtha mile—
, lj4l'SflH.l. lOS lltlllll*!. 1 111 I. won;
Whirl 108. second; Kerry, 100.
I third. Time, ll "I St.
Fourth rare acveneighths mile
| —Mark Anthony 11, list Mm), I
to 1, won; Col. Jack, US, second;
Karl Itogera. 102, third. Time.
Fifth rare, mile and an eighth
Prise* of Castile. »» (llurnsl, S to
I. wonj Frank MlMti.'i. 108. sec
ond: J. F. IVinohue. 107. binl
Time, 1:65 t 5.
With race, 'iKhtli* mile—
Optician. 107 llme«l. I 111 1. won;
The Sullati I". serood; Paul Cllf
ford, lot. third. Time. I:2s 11.-:
A bunch of Georgetown sports
had everything arranged for a prtte
fight on Saturday night, bat wind
lof Am affair leaked int.. tho office
of Sheriff Smith, and Deputy Sher
iffs Mt-Kinnoit. Wise. Carney and
Mullen reached Ihe side of the Im
provised ring In time lo put tbe
"Nliy" sign out. Some of the
Georgetown authorities were ihcre
In anticipation of set-lug Hie mill,
but dispersed wllh the rent at tbe
order* of Ihe deputle*.
Jim Marino and Charle* Sehulti,
bartter known a* Ihe "Frisco Kid."
1a... amateurs, were billed to <■•>
20 rounds, HchulU drive* a George
town delivery ..(iiii and trains bat*
tween iltne* The winner was to
hatve taken the gale receipts.
The Seattle Soccer team pVovcd
a little too strong for Victoria yes
terday and won by a score of 3 to ,
3. 11*111 near the close nf the
game tbe »core stood I to I. and
the crowd expected » Ho *core In
spite of tbe fact that Seattle Waa
keeping the ball In tho visitors* ter
ritory. Then Victoria scored by a
lucky shot, and the Seattle team's I
supporters wilted. Hut the local
I players cam* back strong and
srorcd twice before the contest end
cd. Just putting the same ... ire
IS lime to basal ihe whistle.
Wearied with year* of distressing
sickness, (ieorge Hand, an old time
resident •■* Washington, succumbed
in despondency yesterdsy sn.i took
hla own lite with a bullet. At lb*
residence of H. A llennett, HIT
Tenth st . where the Invalided man '
haa been living for some weeks
he wa* found lying on the back
porch, dead, within a minute* after
| his revolver shot had startled Ihe
neighborhood. Bo far aa known,
that man haa no relatives living The
tb* man haa no relatives living The
body has been taken In charge
by lion net \»,st
The halnlers won from the ftsnv j
biers Ato'• Is a fast gat. of soc
cer played at Woodland Park yes-
I terday afternoon.
Chilly Weather
lint you needn't be cold al home
if you hare one nf those »«..'. fur
nace*. b~» WOODMOUBB, US
Pnlverslly at. •••
i'" ' ' "'l
The Most
You can give
your friend or
relative is a
bank account.
It gets them in
the habit of
We will open
a savings ac
count for $1.00
or more, in any
name you wish.
Union Savings &
Trust Co.
iin SKA I i i i ___ MONDAY, ____ 9, 1907,
i fly United Pr***.| M i
MII.LBIII Mass. Dec. o.—
Mr*, l-niliiii M loft, iftothati of
Hecrelary Taft, died li. it- Htiinl,!,
iniitiilui* The end was expected
and came peacefully, * The futier
-1.1 will 111 held Tuesday al ||„, I'ur
rey residence where Mrs. Tafl
Passed her ... days. It. 1 Iv A.
A'complete and ovcrwhnlmlng
.victory has crowned Ihn efforts of
111. waitresses union and allied or
r.inl/iitlittis which called out their
member* .t.i Haturday morning la
ten of thp restaurants of the city
rather than mil. init 1., th restora
Hon of a seven day. week. Th*
walkout was sudden and complete
and stwin convinced »ii. proprietors
thai the walttesses could not be
No sooner had the officers of Ihe
union called thtsli ■ambers mi
Baturday morning In acrwdanr*
with the decision of th.. unions In
session Friday night than Hi, pro-
Piletors began falling over th. in
stives to sign up 111.. agreement
pieaented to them by the unions.
A* rapidly as the agreement »a.
ri "i"i'|'"i in. "II 'II i mm » nil.. ii_w*—..
HtN4|i i.itk" Sttac cleanses and
heal* a..
c—Teach Your Child—
.1 tt i a, r a a
the Habit or Saving
_ I-.-- a
jKS ■■<1 you will di» more for Ihe child*
jfjt*a^P*^s~_ ftitiii.' lhan Ihe largest legacy
._B_f*^-J ' could possibly do The successful
__r_m\wm _^^^______^
jftfArf m >>_■. „>'" *'"1 *"""" "f lodaj ait* nut
*s*t'jj ? '* *'"' ,"1"' l"",l;"'1 fortunes
V *♦' TV r J ",,",,,* Imi tto.e who early in life acquired
t.*s3*l S ' ********* "" ■ •■•'"' of Industrj and thrift.
awap; J'»'■ ' I fl''i* Chdst_iss Gift "' ■ Savings
Klts^£ ■" M.,,! r ."h *'.?* '• -'"knk Book I* an excellent *.*» to
ll**lJ.lll I te* tie* t-.*** 1 j *
%IfAB»*Z m* *"• itM I*\po- W.- always open Savings
jllill-' " w ' | «*»»*^ t , >( IV.' nig for a* low a* fine Dollar
„ii„ a I _ I* A—t.l—ttiA* S | snd .hail lake particular pleasure
iHlf MJ ■ 4— • —law, I and *h*ll lake ..articular pleasure
fjutill a ' '{.ivv'.'j,:." h 1*" v"l! "' ",'"' "" «■!»»<-«■
i^\U* J» \to<*ttU%^ _/\ ° itAAABi
tf9SP ' tttfl, * g OltlnrM
start a ........ ..ii.. ma Deposit* may be *rnt by mail
a,..,, ....,...'... .... al I. •« than .oat „j .tf-oj —if J ar m,
Scandinavian American Bank
m-Bmßßßmßmßßm\la%ka Eatldmg. Wils__hmh
\. rt
Mr. Brown, our landlord, informs us that after our lease i* up we mutt get ",a- As there is no other good location we cans
get, art have to sell our goods, bo matter what arc get for them—they have to go |
Suits, Overcoats and Raincoats
We sold for $12.00, $15.00, $18.00, $20.00, $25.00. $30.00. $35.00, $40.00, $45.00, we will sell now from $5 to $20 Less*
Any Suit, Overcoat, Raincoat In Our Store &€Jss CA
You Can Buy Now for
Antl we assure you our Clothing is as good as any in Seattle.
Over 500 Boys' Suits at Half Price
C rl'!;;; fines! In SS!!' limn $1.0(1 to KM, Mocha." Wool Lined, Fur Lined- The finest you have ever seen.: You
_- .... Knl. Mocha, W.iol Lined, I-nr Lined Ihe luie-t you ha en.
a>r».UU less than before.: , , „ . ... , „ J ,
.. i __. at about half price. will .save half on them.
At from 93.50 ut* JYou will save half FANCY VEST SHIRTS
on them. ",!, ;
— As fine as they arc made, from $1.00 Nothing better; very swell patterns;
HANDKERCHIEFS to $12.00 less than before. flow price.
I < -^^-~--^--^^^-^^^^^" MM"T"ii 1 1 1'" ' ' ' mW 1 1 ,1 mmm^om
Silk or Linen for a very little money. „..».-___.«_._•._ _ -_
BATH nUoES 2 for 2iV—3 for 50*r>. Fancy Cotton, Silk, Mixed Wool and Cassimerc at
A fine assortment—at any price. Silk and I asstracre at very low prices. about hall price.
Store will be open every evening until the goods are sold Store fixtures for sale.
.:\'- :*'..'. '-..;" 2a
— —_»m*^______****■■SS—— "^———_____^—— w^w.m.^w—m^^—^mmmm^^^^^^^.^^,,,^,^^, _,»■———_—_*_»*^ M* M___^S
The Weber Clothing Company
1201 Second Avenue Corner Seneca Street
i Potman, pastor of itn, Congrega
' Urinal iliyitli, Will conduct the
services. Ilium .list. It folios Ing
Hie services Hi. body will lie taken
i.i Cincinnati fur burial beside I hit I
I Of! Mr*. i .ifi • liiisbuud, Judge a i ,
phonao Tuft.
Mrs, I .ill was Inn In llnstnii,
Heplniilber 11, 1827. the dsnghtt ■
of Hitnitttl luv. iii'iitl iin 1.,
; signed "I' on Saturday thn cm* |
ipltiyes were notified J" return In ,
work and did ... and even before
night 11>ta day moat of the places
were ti thorough working order
agnln. I
i lii* morning all I* calm and so- .
„ in In the rrtslauraat Hold, all of I
l lie proprietor* having ret tuned In
! lhat union agreement fold and ev
erything la i tinning as usual, inut'h
t.i the gratification of th* m> inlt-r*
ot the union who wero deeply st.
111 lit. lest tit., troublo ho bitterly ,
t-.iiitesti'd and lung drawn .ml '
4 Per Cent
lii.* t-t.il. Hank of Heal lie pays
t pa»r cent camiitounded semi an
nually on all saving* accounts.
Corner (-it*! Ay, and Yesler Way.
I •*•
Ths Store Thst Serves You Best — Oarvey Buchanan Co.
" ': ' r — ..,...—i. .... .in,., „—.,,—,
r^^J^J^^j^^^'..v :^> t
yW __________\avl^. \\\
**—*-. * *AjA**A—f£f fi-"*in""'<!--* t\___' .■ __ _-_
lit More Shopping Days Till Christmas. " """j
Shop Early* Shop Now Hhnp In Ihe Mornings I
Just ill tints '"' 'li' ('tent gift buying season comes this splendid bargain lot f ,f Taffeta gift
Waists from mii New York office si .t.i. II) hall Ihelr usual worth. Htrtniy np tn now «jyi«,
bust titisllly lift,, silk, taovely plaid checks, strl|i<*s; si»o plain ...1... Including , liiu^
XmAA, medallion, lucked and fane) trimmed. All also* I* pit n tha fact thut prices ara haired we
glial.' every waist. \* *'
, . • ■ -
Regular $8.00 Taffeta Silk ft A Regular $10.00 Taffeta Silk &C
Waists—Tuesday, Special .. *?* Waists—Tuesday, Special. . W
■ ir n i'ii.ir-I'i im ii'i'i.nii.. ■ i.in it ti- ' ■ ' ■ -" ■ —"•■'-"■—"-' ■■' ' _---—. ... ,
1»0 nob* Blank* e*rr auta AI AI I C •'•'» *o** **%.
ft. io'Vrx SEE SANTA ULAUb **
elsl . . $_.1U j snd his real liv* reindeer "Dancer" and "Pram rr " clal „ *$|,(JQ
„ . , Be* ' KniuHuW," th* native •*qulm«u* at Toyland
Iloctint Imports- Ev.ry day 10 t0 12 *mltol p, m. Saturdays 8 , """• '*«*«; *** i
lions from urn of to , ' m ' by Hie '*"»J»
Ihe. world's best tin' 14.0 more weeks and Santa will say good N"'",„, BUr„ *'<* I
mills Variety of , , (> Hemtt _„_ iv . , vl ~ to liaro dha little folk* sen "" M">«' Roman I
beautiful color* hi,,, Write htm . ,„„,.,, i m „, Ulnth c jjaiita Claus j J"' '"' hl « 1-1 '
'"«" | mall bos at tlarvcy-Uuchanan Co. . |' r' ■ \
From 2 to 3 p. m. From 3 to 4 p. m. From 4 to 5 p. m
Women's Splendid S? 00 Waist* tic Christmas Pin Cushions— ,-..,,
-Tomorrow ?to J QO. Tomorrow 3to J- 9 vltr 2-« A, , ps-To- C
p. m ;,,..30C 4p.m fC morrow 4tosp. m. .act. 3C
-„ . „ —a'{'-' "' velvet In '"'" and »eg»"4 „_, . ,„ , . . _,
Of attract!** fancy flgtm-d bl „ , hap| , ( , „„,..„.,. Id „a l for Atmhlp* that riy. hundreds of
and checked f^mUrd*. also whit*. ,„„,,„,„„,..,. X , ft giving Hay* •*-«'« •<• Toyland. Kor on« bo,,'
"* .'a. . r l"'^* Tailored and „.,, xhtn half ,„ worrow . on \y lomorrow, boom at fe
tucked """'"«•• Woman's »1.60 Wool Knit Vest. each.
—Tomorrow 3 to QQ.
Women* »t.OO Union Suits—To- 4p. m OJt '■<»' DsUratad China , Barry
morrow 2to Tie. •*" •'**'"• '° w**t"*. oxford and Tomorrow QC.
3p. m ,'..... luC lilark coloring*. matt knit— 4t05 p. m ..«33C
Fleece lined, era-am and whllo "* k,,,. t to fit i.re.t bargain*. d-c_i____ p*XA __"
colorings Our popular filing Woman's 7* Leather Ba o s- I^v.ly de,orations, gold mt
dollar garments. Km .*..• hour. Tomorrow Jto Cft- ""» design; g<*od large Am
only at 730 each. 4*• m.:•.• •".*!':.;• J«l< btiwls. Klegant gift suggM-MS
i .', An assortnunt full of Christ- ._*,.
--._ ..-.e. 1 . _ mas •ugganitlon* Tht* n*we*t .'Sc Vestibule Swiss—Totworrow
Women aRe Csshmer* Ho.*- „,»)-.» j„ t, !ilt - k> brown and tan 4to 5 p m., . :Q:i
Tomorrow 2 to ?Rp color*. yard ..'.'SfC
1 *• m _»*»» Women* Back Combs t* 12»/ic h
Hplendld nuallty. well made! —Tomorrow 3to C- " li Tb,f, k \fL tfs__t MJEf-\i'
l-.rfect ntllng. abs-ilutrly fast -4 p. m .............. ...Jb 2> Wstbulc* s»lss. full It
colorings. Our regular 3 |Mr( Only * Sic*—ll" loss than half Inches wide; with I'.si'adberg
for II 00 stH-clsls ' lor UM bnsl In this collection. Insortlon and ruffled edge. ;
- run, Slit-li Hack Combs In dlf ,_, ;.'.'•'"
, fereut sh*|K*». ■I Turkish
Men's 2&c Fancy *-»•—_•_.-..._.-—._._"__.*■«"__ Bath Towels—
row 2 to 3 mmm——— .._ . - . .mmm.--T*-at-i , . 5 p.m. 4C3« l
to. "'ar-, . CARVEY- — ss -
lira. new mi. fLI g ____^^^^^ .w. ,*is_ *, _* rt ond», but yoo
u^ul.Jlc value ■_"J <lr * _*% I i £*''?* J* Xt, I M |Llf ***J "iVg't why,
OsiS "Slat ,JP %A* \m*M% t Jf\jM.A^*A,Vm\. »l_<*Vldl M_'
rolttting*. Orrat ■ _____ ..._...._ "■ Bo don't delay 1* J
gift auggcstlons. 1113 -.HJS-1117 SECOND AVENUE - coming. , j

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