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■ V 3TAR PUBI ISIIINQ CO. " "~ ." 1.107 UOt Sevsnlh ay.
■ as | —c ■ ■■ i.n ■ i I' '
Private eachsn-jee connecting all parte of th* i*t'4**».
building — ..i-iaet. Htsln 1050 ami Independent. HI. _lM*_\\_sisA_piw mw l
t.t. I.i, the department er the nam* of the person «Mr>
«le*lr*c\ 0. *
"~nJtt.i_ap tTaiTToiwcT«**iin P*u**V aVs"Tiir»»i."i'e»»«rei ttt.
i;. KVr.KBTr STAR AUKXCl.*—lt.im.r Raaaa .411 nnvk*t*tt*r Ay.l ...at Ilia
Otta At **>r e«ev. *lv eette n*e » »«k, *r I*-**.!* .. ...'I. «-.r .... .lh Da '
li ci a.l I , .. .11 «« i.nii.l N* fre* «•*>»*. ik.
A —wa I
r-'..... ■ i al tk* t*.'*4«airi. . al s-.m- Wa.Mniitr.il. its eeeanttlsss ntsllsr.
— *-*
TO Mail, svnsCHWKlts -rt.. il*i* whan ro.te ■tib**-rtpltan eapttee I* »a
lit* „1 *• 'it .1 ..f ... 1. | "|-i .Mian 11..1 .'.l ' *ln. a. If l .vi . i 1... Uf *•
ha* an ....... M.ir a* -i-4 la *,t. .... . >..ui ii...... I* ten. ii fra.n tk* Hat .......
et *t*l* t..t III* „ . tr,,a lata' I. * la.all'l
MOtICK TO at,n**e'Hll4teH*--Sh..tiia r«tte ei-tie t>f Tk* *t*r f*ll t* t*.t*
« iay a *'rlo<k ... . .-'.• ">!■. |.l*a*« tie ua tti* r.- rin -*..t .... our main "true
t-uoaet. Main I tit | lint 4«l. la. i t Slut tilt .--.- 4... 4* .... .* «r* talll a.ml
|ftt • e*>j»» at.*'.. ra if :ru *iinul.l ratee It m-i* thai one*, pi"*** 1.1. tm .n- a* .
».>■.. llm* yen nil** ll
I* thla ear ** tan i* '..tain ef alilna ■'"' auka.-ittiete a I»*rf*.*l ....le*~
etui it i* tli* oaly way
isita 111 **■■— " ' ..-.. .■"*—.— ——.-,» . .1. i. i ■—-m *——r^~———:.■—im^—.
I Once there was a man, ami hi- was a lodge man. He be
longed tin a do/en different fraternal orders, and he was in
terested in every one of them, tie was secretary ..I one, '
treasurer of another, Kastern [potentate in a :!iir.l, Keeper
of ii, Sacred Coal Scuttle in a fourth and to on through,the
'"^ liSt *..',, I I 4 ' 1,4 .
Now these manifold duties kept him out nights—•al
though, iv itt-cli. there's no! particular harm in lhat. It's only
« question what a'man does when he's out, and whether
there Isn't some better reason for him i" .stay al home.
a • t _»
As ii happens, this man was married.
lie loved In- wife. too. Sometime* he said lie thought
he'd have tO give up a few of his lodges, they kept him out so
much. But hetixik it out .ii thinking, tic didn't do it.
Nmv the little woman at home, she began to do some
thinking herself, and at last she formulated a BAA
One morning he spied a queer kind of pin on her waist.
"What's that?" asked the man,
"This?" she said; "oh, this is the badge of the Daughters
of the Moon. 1 joined last night while you were at the ban
quet of the lee Dealers Society."
The man looked pretty hard for a minute, but he didn't
say anything. It wasn't up to him. So he took the wisest
course, and kept stilt.
Then, for three solid months, he watched ihe appalling j
The second i.rganuation she joined was the Loyal Ver
bena Indies. Then came the t'ronhctcssc.s, followed closely
* i
by the Naoniis. After that she sclecteij the Daughters of
Liberty and the Woman's Reform Association.
Hy this time the nun was gnashing his teeth, but it I
wasn't doing him any good. Slowly he became aware that
what lie called "home" was slipping away from him The
little woman was seldom in now. Sometime* he would go
home for supper and find a note on the table, "Gone to lodge.
Cold ham in pantry" Finally, in a single week. -In added
*to her list of memberships by taking on lite Knights and
Indies i.i the Green Harp, the l.jtli. Auxiliary Brigade ami
the Daughters of Rest.
That was the last straw.
Sunday morning the man stood over the bed .un! looked
jfita sleepy-eyed little woman.
"Here—" he said, "I'll quit if yott wilt. Is it a bargain?"
She put her arms right up. ami grabbed him and kissed
him. "It is? It is!" she cried. "Antl we'll have home again!"
Don't think this is any preachment against fraternal or
ders. It isn't. They are too useful. They help too much.
Too many of them arc real influence* for good in this lyisv
old world of ours.
Rut a man can be too much of ,i lodge man. can't he.
when he lets his lottgcs interfere with a finer thing and a;
holier thing and a thing which must mean more to him than!
all tiic lodges that ever were?
Because, be it ever so lodgclcss, there's no place like
"Say. MUtah John.lnK—bcSoo!—Ah em a berry bad cold. What
1., you Bupcratltlou a. to what am bena-flrl-cl-clal fo' .1.- aame?"
"™*l ,h,?V.'?. b,'I rah take a Ita ' M,"uh Whlt«"
V. li.i wli.ii kin of a bath do yo rt-tpccaomely rocncumbermaad
Ah ahould take to' a cold?"
"Why, a soot hot .th am a good cold bath, eyah, eyah. eyah.
eyah *"
GUNS FOR RE.- Piper A For a Rood ahampoo ua. Boap
Taft, 1024-26 Berond ay. *** | A |-e Boop All druggists. •••
—Which —
is the better way?
Ist 2d
■When one pay* rath When you buy on
for a number of Xma. credit (we make abao
gift*— how dots. It leave Itttely no charge for the
onn'. pocketbook? accommodation — It la
Have you ever thought free), you don't break in
of the aerlotiitneii. of crip- !" ,hfl •******. «nd carry
Ming your reaerve fund? t° ?£ES
—-It'a time to think now. convenience.
■■■•^ mmmmmammmm
st little down
a little at a time
« »
1332-34 Second Aye.
209 Union Street.
B*attl*'» Reliable Credit Hou»e.
BY JOSH «>_ f|
Josh Wit* nay*:
"TV wise chap
ert'a I* the one th't
1, turns teltiii I' la. a-1 a a
respectful distance,"

Cartful. .
"Young man," aaid the old lady
In ii.. .It in; slmt', "lie fan a regular
clerk here?"
"Yca'ni; I'm a tegular clerk."
"He yrtu registered?''
"Know nil abittil putting tiji pre
scription*?'' » .
"lieen doing It I." three year*,
iiiu'ara." ,
"Never miule no mltttakca?"
"Not onn."
"Then I mien* ill |ru»t yon*. 11l
take one 0 f then ipoagt you've
KOt 111 Hli- •tlllili.M "
Annabel - Yea. dandruff It very
annoying. A good remedy for dan
druff I* to have the scalp removed,.
Th* Hard Part.
"Senator, did you find It a hard
matter when you made your maid
en apt-etch •"*•
"Nothing of the kind." replied
Senator tlratiawl. "It »a« getting
the audience to Helen to It."
„^ r
.lawn v, Jr.. saya making money
It fine aport. ,We alwaya thought
Oriental IWllartl and r.t.i I'artora,
nr. Third .11 . hare eight new ta
ble* and the only SxlO pool table In
Seattle. A place for gentlemen. ••*
Women's and Misses' Suits, finest ma- m Novelty wool suitings, fancy or plain
terialsand best workmanship, newest and _____m broadcloths, three-quarter lengths, full
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season's smartest and richest ,Suits, at / nivd, superbly finished, all going at
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Our Great Wonderful Winter Sale
Seattle's shrewdest buyers always find bargains at London's. Here's a store without frills or flowers, but here are
$5 Children's Dresses $3.191 $12and$15Women'sRaincoats$8.75 I FURS-SCARFS
iV::a*\yltrlto\Va^ JSfJSj fe More lhan one <lo*™ ■"#« '"• t™. *"°**< B«y •"»» .Mowing Social Prices:
***i E*tm wtittß at $ioo. Thi» sat* for.. lil.ttk, warranted absolutely waterproof; all size*.. ,2W Fur 8««rf« •», $1.10
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Children's Coats, Worth $5. $3.19 '——— » °£ ZZ» 2 i""::::."^'.^
* » I st «:t.OH
Oearcloth OMtta, nil colon; f'ni»h~l flu.li *l. 1 -*-,-* —** » - .e-v*. . -.*— -. -^-„—.-.-. I tv mi Ktir Hcrf. at a a at.
-^a^T_waaS!Biaa SPECIALS ON ART SQUARES -_!*»_ .:::.: „::::::::::ti_{
rvffular $5 00 taltn-a. Th.» Sal* Prle* ... *•*"-" ■ *■ ■
• »-'■"' | TUESDAY. I ——
PILLOWS-PILLOWS I size t} xl 2 feet ££ Broadcloth Specials
tm /I*™ii «"i „iT wi!,7r .... Si*C 9 Xlo'4 fcCt $4-75 -£[ s r oPo Cvr ri,Koadcloth°s- that
3-ii> K«*JtVhVr niiiiw. 'iic^aiun.' w -i. '•».* ,2C x *cet • • $1.00 means a <|iti<rk clearing.
Sib I^Uw'TOtow;ilisrTi*^"winuVsa'la 2C — *<»>t 9 feet $3.^*5 *••* M-*"«»* Broadcloth. n.HM.t Y ard.
Pillow. $1 . W,n|,r S»i, $3.35 »1 7' '--oadcloti- -I |
prie* II II". - • °"r r*,KW,J,r *'-"5 *,lu'* <>* ln<"h AH-Wool Oblf
3-lb. Feather Pillow, $1.50 taltte. "Winter »*'. Collie quick for these— titllv to a customer ,on "ro",'c,o,h- *ttC**~WM value at $1.75; col
prle* „41 t_»t_ I "ft navy blue, cardinal anil black. Winter
■-t'-a !(• ■:.*..•■ IV.i-i.. t r>;;,.». 1.-.■-, t.,!,;.." vv.n *-"-" -—■—-—---—--—-—-__- Salt price, par yard 11.21)
34Vb.^vri"io;:$2.ob",, 1 ;,.:, WntefJ, I.' Ir-Wa-e^^- -- a*--^ --W-* mm*-***-***' „ »2v*. n'h, **_**** * -■,- V.rd.
prlc* ti .-, [4 W9*W Wl m fm Br"— ftwj if ■ff ft. Our rwtlnr $2 75 q.mllt) 6. Inch All \Vool Chlf-
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1 *-—*** —*»_**— I V It Hi..-—1 ta^jy B M tlfttl.- fine cloth; only Inn shades of imw
■ ._ . _, , i bliiflcft. Winter Sale Price, per yard J.|.|!>
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Oii"rrK..lar I.' TT. «nSS^i™™kiVr' 5 .i "£ * " 3C o , ** * A'l» fon "™«'"-'»<h. "»<• «nl»h, will, rttra flno
llui Win pi
w ntai Salt pi cc. p.r /t , a -1 i, „r •»'• *"<■* O'-C „ ,
117. CURL lEARCLOTH COATING. ,; Hr Anwrtkf4 -„„„„„, Q| /"=• ** M-C R r.*c„ a„0 black. Winter felt) prlc. per yard
»..r nmßAlt «.7« >ar, „,,,, Curly ,K* a rcli„h Wlnt.r^.^ Prlc. 3.C ,0r wt rr"s Pa,. TUrk'"h TW_ 11.73
oa Ing. KvrrylKKly knntra Iho v_li»f of tka i; Hc an*l Mr q,,«l||y. **t Prlc. Salt OtC >'" M ,n£h "'oadeloUi. «»«* Yard.
SJmT^"?^^ M- '""^.^ W.n,.r«»t,nprfc. >' 44 HiV ntlra I a nt',* "iii" heavy Ottr rc E „lar $1 25 «,«*_h, M Inch • All-Wool
Ur:».l.'"«le.' r',.r ""* * * W" '«C taw .ml i
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Hc s m.rly m .m for $4.60 yatß; Polar ........... All Wool «.U Part Wool Whim It^ttcTt^'t^^mai^piim '" lll_lT^_l__________L
<:.»atlnit. cream only, ami 62 Ittthoa trlile. »»''X t-"l«npH. Winter Sal* „. *„. m rlr . K-. ~ '' "
.iter Sale price, per yard $.-,.|.S Prle. 1 7 -, MCA oVr »ale Price. PI *—-—--------—----—-—--------—--------
$7.00 olack .eal«ttj. coAT.No. J ..SS '— ,"* to $,-5° Co^Sl. u^* ri«k* Buy Warm Stockings for tb
BOM eyerywhrre 10rR.,; 1.1.cU Beaiettn Sheet* arid Sheeting. tmJS? U,W"' "^ ""''" V --S^S^SSR tor thG
*r.^oui ,uwr,,.r,";,iii' ,r p r rr: ,lnt!'am, rf ",v,,r t,«m h,,°"-1 "••< "-««^ -«>* Ginßh_im Little Ones
vti .ii.-t mil. Winter Sale Price, per yard .... ai-liiiie vi lUt* win!..* tie- Uingnams.
• 11.5*1 Sal. Prtc. ;. 45C Apntn Clieckod f!l., R l,am, 7 I W •»• '" Wool Stocklr, 9 „ for winter: heavy rll.be.l
| "" '" TUW per yard.. . f^C f,,r l»))»; fine rlli!M>.l for kIHh; nil Bites; thn
I T2»»0 llleatlied Sheet, Nothing l-f.t Ainoekc»«Apivi.'" ' O^. you pay 35e for elut-whete. Winter Sale
C »11/ 1 • U7 t tf B.tt.r. Worth 9Je 70^ <'heck«, yard 3C prlc• 't'tf
Spec I Values in Women s Hose wh *«"••' ** •»**' •* 12.^; P"» (I",Kha,n- i• c Boy H..vy Rock-Ribb.d stockmo*. ,io,.i,i.
Women. Full Fa.hlon.d Black Cotton Ho.c, M llleached Kh.-ellnt?. worth Mc 16c llate„ H^raucker'isittKhnm "n<l » »««>«-r;nlHO fine rlblH.,l for plits;
be.' Combed yarn, aeamlwa. deeply dyed; h yard. Winter Sale nn l"0 |.I,H-e.T»cl,,H,.e ...'" I 1"1' aoUtOM tta. Winter Sale p. n.* .... {«(<>
WoZV:' n Cak.h^?Ho^:;,'r^ PrlC> ' y*fd 2"C »»«■■« »•«• 13 a C infant.' Pur. CMhW.r, H0... with ..Ik .„-I
wim.V.lti;^ , , ip ,„„,,.„ £» BEST CANE SUGAR- 5 lbs «_.%<• '"* now- "'" 8*" pr,te ««
Ba|h' Kh """r''d he"' ttn'l double te^^. *-<Bif <& Children. Wide or Fine Ribbed School 8lock
• Winter Sale price . s , k\u\ II —^- —- — "■«-'
'Our Special.' * \m\W MflMfel _M >mb_a. *_N Winter Sale pr„ r
«■'• P''*ce \M\ \l\___-__^Vfe^il »l \W B Ja\ Children. Black Ribbed Cotton Stocking
I'm women wantltiK .i roiml w.M.ifn I, 11...1 \*-*Ma tt*^ _P,* x*mAm**——*~&S W»\ vWfly vpr>' ''""'■ K*'-vlcettblo hoae; well rt*i*nl.ii
will nit.. Mtlltactlon, Iry a pair of Uicne all- __«__] tIOIWOI (/ll?Uflf lVrStlliSlTOn ___-OB_^. ,0° n"a l2Vi° '"'r l,alr- Winter Sale price,
ribbed or rlbbod 'l' Winter Sal* prlc*- ,«:!»• -/e^? 1 J**Sss_-_-r~«w_M ' _L^^__i___-__a**-~M^>4 »!«*• to 8, « pair -,<.,■
Women* Or. Cotton Ho.», with neat em1.1.i1.l laS^Ja^SSJ*^»t«a_yafy<^S»^-^aT^BTaTi^ <^-' .-.''_
ored fliti,,.. H , alto plain black or bleached —' mm*mmAuu^*\\l*AU __BAm* 9 ~ Miter. Fine French Lille Hose, with iloulil,.
■pUt tot*. Winter Sale price i-f .••....,..•-■. .... . immAmam——- ' * „l. 11. ■ m .|,„ ,h... aU,*« ,;,,, 10 Winter
I p •••■L.t* I I STREEj CAR TICKETS '..:v. |8# 8" prlct **<*
Till. SKATTL.K STAR-MONDAY, DXC. ■), 1907.
ao. . 'Mi, but it, never got Masalo
thn .mi' |:
——— f,] JR
Doc. Osier t4iii-.il! square Mi'ili
by » tilting into Chicago wllh Win
ton. ttl C,
Bhuekal '
"I ace Ihe l.uslluula I* riimlng
back from l.iigland In balls t ■•
"What's she carrying?"
"Nothing but gold."
Utile t'l.ii. hi .- i..» mi-
Mr. Calliper*— Well, my son?
Little t'i ttt-iii'i- iv-iw, when a
doctor I* sick and rails lv unuili.-i
doctor lo doctor him, la the doctor
doctored the way he want* to tie
doctored, or dm-* the doctor doctor
blm Just as he think* 1.. outhl lo
be tl.K'litied?—Puck.
' He cat a p|« for breakfast." they
7tTe*^ti**«eTi ill Jlon* >Vrit"*lli*T| r.. lice
company haa been tlcenaed In th*
state of California. see
set it. the hnatttlfiil young thing
Who la going to in Introduced to
Ilia man. 0
i line Unrtiuth!" slit. *liiidd»ra,
"Hut In I* Ml foiiy millions,"
they tuiilltiiit'.
"Ah, lie I" not' Uncouth," lii i
mother shim gnnily, "llu I* merely
eccentric, MUHceut, doer."—Judge.
Preferred Plural.
"Ilow'll you have your nig cook
ed?" asked 111. cnolt. #
"My whnir ".'
I"I aid how ii .... burn your nig
"Say, make ll lagga, and make It
plural, Kry Vm"
llrlcka can absorb 16 ounces of
alcohol, aaya a ntrwi Itt in Mils of
in. ti can bent bricks lo v fiaxxle,
a -
"Mlslah llotifs, how am you I. .-I
111 ills elienln'T"
' I'm I rate, still. How nm you
f cell n't" '
'Oh, vii [i*t'l.i l.iti'l n' like a *t>w
ln' machine " V
"Kind o' Mitiii'w, eh? Ha, ba,
'Ah* got a question Ah'd like lo
inn.'iii..ilit:it.. lo you dla ebeuln',
Mi-.i'ib Unites"
"All light, sah; you may proceed
to display mlt Ignorance brfo' ill*
large an' liilelllgemeiil audience,"
"Whal Bin do diffcreiictt between
a mail cariler an' a handle factory
what doe* bustiies* by maliv'
"Ah linn t know, aah. What am
de difference belwcrn a mail car-,
rler an' a handle factory what does
business by mall?"
"I mn am pi i.n.i at yob Astron
omy. You am no Ignorlfled dal It
jl* atmoal horizontal. I)w difference
i .... dls: lie mall carrier handle*
|ils*iu*ll. while de f.n tut) ntalla do
i handle*"
■■ i.:..!!.» and tasnemsa, wlf yob
kind In", i uili* ."it MUtall Michael
Mulcahay. the celebialed allvery
j voiced lenor from Ihe Canary la
I lands, will wnrhlo lhat tteautlful
j r iil.i.l entitled The i' o > of draft
il t'sed to Know Ain't What They
11 feed to He.'"
• • _ __—
T?k«_r\.oiw arrimer
ft'XL,*** • - W *m»lmm%fy
a* — i- mm—*-* - ■
(*>*sttls tier* Eacluatv* tetvtr.* i
WAHIfINtJTON. Dee, ft—A gold
dollar contain* 1 tr. * griiiii* of gold,
Him. ll til lt» fini. A silver dollar
contains :iil ■, giatnaof pun. sllvt-r,
ur 4HI grnlim of standard silver,
Originally (In* /liver dollar wan
the standard of value In Iho Untied
Mutes In the tarly year* after the
American revolution, Himtifah mill
ed dollars, coined, aoniif In Bpaln
and more of them in Spanish Atner
11'*, wnit. thu most familial iiiedliiin
of . >.■biiiu'.f * *
It we* lor thla reason that con.
greet on ihe Kfh of August. I7KS,
i .i. ii .i a, law auihorUiiiK tho coin
age of an American dollar, to be
i in, n.i. in weight and value in I his
.ti '".ii it coin. The Coinage, how
ever, wa* nol begun Imtnedlutoly,
ii* thtrt wt-ie no mint*; but In I7B1!
i.. mi- . passed a law creating a
'mint and fixing the mom-tary unit
of llm United States al this dollar,
prescribing alao halves, quarters,
■iin.' I nickel* and oratt.
Two year* laler when the mint
had been constructed, actttal coin
age of such silver dollaia was be
gun. ".
in 1X37 congress passed another
law, ffllghtly changing the quality
and quantity of silver lv the dollar,
and making It several grains more
valuable. The result wa* lhat the
now Isaue Immediately went out of
Circulation, i.. im; mulled up for the
additional silver In It. Thereupon
eongreaa went bark to the old taw.
In 1141 congress authorlm-d the
'coinage of the gold dollar, specify-
Hoap I ni..* Helta will relieve all
I forma of rheumatism. •••
lint lhat It should contain 25 ft
Kralna, nine tenths fine Th<* leu
ilniiiiiti, tho silver and the Kiild, <-li
eiilalml Hide l.y i.l'lf from 114! ito
JH7n :.i-lil.i-i of them wa* • teal
standard of value The allfi-r dol
lar was such by enactment Hut
th" ii'lalivt. value of sllvi-r as meas
lireil li) Roll Kir*w li.ss «s Ihe ». ar* '
imi nn, and In Ki-bruary, la7B, \
roiiKii** iiaesed anutber law, dr>- j
rlarliiK Hie Isold dollar Ihe null ami ,
' .in :nI n.i ul '..ilu.
The colnaxe of Ihe Kold dollar
wna Hus|ieiidt*d Ht*|it, 28. 1880, Since
lli.'ii iho itiliila ii.n.' ciilni'tl < iii. i.
ii. M i.lt'iis of tlllt ..tin.- of 4 ' .'••'
ami $20
In i ki'n tm. i nn- passed a law dl
ntftliiis llio secretary of iln tti*«n
in - In oui. In. ■«• silver tiullliiti al
il..- rate of from $2,000,000 in.
$4,0011,000 worth a month, lo Ixi!
coined Into .(.mil,mi silver dullara
Thla la liiv ail whith was f ;••. •!• : i
July 14, UM, by tho famous Hhtr- j
in.'iii »ti Tbe latter art prorlded]
fur ilie iiurt-liase of '4,600,000 ounce* |
of a|lver a month, to, be coined all
iho i .n. of j.'.'nin t.i,.. si month. Tho I
latter law was repealed In (sl3.
I li'- mint* alnoa then have not
coliiofl allver except as a aubsldlary
a A Bold dollar la worth Ita fat-it
value. * '•*• ■ '
The fact that the govemmt'in !
aland* ready al any time to et |
chanao a aold dollar for a rttvarj
one make** Ihe allver dollar clrc-u- .
late at IU face value. The ..m,
la true of the allver certificates.
,—wmm .w*n. .ii* * ,!>..___... ——.. as j
V*.'. - A Hall have been apiiolnt- j
ed Washlnitlon I'ln- agi-nts In Loa ,
Angalaa. •••
l',:,|'|,','VTr**Bl >_?_-*
l'n-. rm . rir'*,i^i/J.?>fr XWjmT"^
AV __ir m •?. W'^''^t7"%
*»»•*• ii iron »_kj«tiJß,'' v ■'i**!
ShopjEor, y
| Only 16 toys to
S Christmas
I mon.-y every <j„y on ' rat
...i i." .* "
'I'" •. and Vhea It cL,„. "■
1 1 HPM«y oo«_ _£ SHU;
«" lup Notcbtra." vivu** i
-oil,, is f,,|| ()W , W J r,, ,!i*»4
monrwtii ,i, M . k „ f „.»'« 'M
i K"«<K .. small Idea 0 f 2„
I « atb „|,l ,„ K , r „ J/M
fur Itine day. only,' **
a-e Hlaiighler TOILET av-.*
I.All AND tiff- '&£**
Ij Maki. yout stdectlon It %) \_\
.! eenl Imi than "*"'« Eg
• on T..11.-t X.1., Manlenr, gl
• ; ! and t'a.lU, »,„] Cllff
I Dur "......I |* '"»
Quality ih.. best. NOW it,?, !
opportunity. --™
i __'„,;,'";.
or Him
ICiosrt. Humidor*, KttUka
Wsllets. p uriet , Cenir^J
Cuff Bone*. Nttkti. g,^
Military Bets. Shaving JJ?
Tobacco J.rs, Pipe* Umbra.
Ist. Flatkt, Lltjoir »-i
Poker Sett. ""<"*■ tefttr
•lai-ors Ratoe Strop*. 9h lri »
Brothes, Shaving, Must T*
bacco Poucht*. - Z
rs or Her
ti Perfume*. Kodak*, c«_,
U P'llow*. Lesthtw TeW,c^*n :
X Bhoppin 9 'lags. Pur***,
g Whilst Sets, Umbrellas, j£J,
ti and Handkerchief 'teats.
Q Jewel Boxe*. Hair g^^-
Toilet Set*. Mimisi*ee tot,
Halt Receiver*. Puff i^
Fancy Toilet Soap, st»t,eti*rj,
Perfume atom rare, M|„ ]
The Quaker Drug! I
iv*. St out-*.
1013.1015 taanipm
I ml At* _%,
t ' -aaaa^^aa
I Sheet Music 15c ■
Meodelasobn's WedtHtf KtM,
One ot the Hi)a
! Policy King ■ waAa ■)
The Return to ManiSoa.
Silvery Warn.
Starlight Walt*l
Paddle Your Ova Ctaot,
Seminole. . ...
B«e< ter Than All the Batea
To I/*are Ton Forever. ssj
There* a Very Pretty Mom I
Take Me On Uw BeD*n.|; I I
Open Evenings
! 1205 Second Aye. j
j , ■——^-
if you wish TO SELL)
I CO '009 AMERICAN «*1« ;
!| ' n mi i ' i " —. j
■m*mUma I
»»'"■•■ . ■. _
Try several .grades ,«s
(coffee; you may a* w» I
j have an intelligent chotct. !
Your rroeer r. tmn* liter ■»**
j if jim don't like BettUllagt tat,
! wo |ay him.
~~^7_ PIWO WKUSI !
•V> ,*4 We hart itf i
___mm_. A ot i aii-Jit
■ ■/ V *ll»btly«trfa> \
«*'i3"//a<*f,i etniniaat*' "
i pWL'/aW ScttlMt*
*! l^'2ril >*****•*!*
! ammmWrW.. *"; *-* "^
¥M-' if Sin|fW *'»
-___■■* D. a Jobait
i ■» |
Steinway - fit*
nntber i hsse •• l»g
Kohlor & C'hate f««*
! Weber *J9U
Etc. Eic.
Catalogues trailed fre* .
HI 11 II I - CHASC -
1313 Second Aye.
Opposite Arcade Blot*. , i
Allowed on Certificates
American Watch &
Jewelry Co., J| ,

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