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Caught In tho act of tlinwlim boor
In 111* i.i!i..'il, i. A, Him-, man of
lliillitld list night attempted '.. 1.
--al*t arrest by grabbing a double- j
barreled n.iotKun, und when tli!* I
va*. taken itwtty fiwm Mm ml ho j
tail* brought lo the Hnllard police j
ntutli-it lo be ltttoke.t. ,ho flaahed ;
a revolver I.i the face of iiii offi
cer*, only to havo It knoclntl from j
hi* UM He was placed In Jail
and I* being held without bail.
Houseman* aaloott. known a* ihe
iSte-rlliiE liar, nnd located 00 lower
llallard ay., ha* been the »eene of
trouble before, and the police re
cently oi tiered Iho aaloonkeepcr lo
l-.oune hi* 13 j ear old daughter aome- j
where clue. According tn the po-1
ltc<>. Iliaiaenina *wore *t Ihe lime j
that he would shoot the, officer* I
Daughtert of la.a.
The Daughter* t.f ltd* flub will
Itteel i.n Wednesday afternoon wllh
Mr*. C V. Knight, l»tl N. llrond
Engagement Announced.
Mr and Mr*. A. Ii Dv Vail nn
ttotinte th» engagement of Iht-lr
daughter Victoria ttt Mr. llcorge
Blnu-r llrown of H|M<k<tne.
Shawondatt* Club.
The Bhtwondsast tlub of Queen
Ann.* bill 4411 l meet with Mr*. 11.
IV Hurley. it-OS Nob 1111 l ay., on
Tuesday afternoon. IVe. IS.
Monthly Mutical Recital.
The regular monthly meeting and
feetißl of »h.« i.i.ii. . m i-i. .1 club
waa held thl* nfternoon In the V,
W. 4". a. htkll. An excellent program
wa* rendered,
Led a. Auailiary la Letter Carrier*.
The regular meeting of the I .-titles'
A-imiiar) lo letter Carrier* will be
held on \\ • -dn<■■■<; it afternoon al
the home of Mra. tut. Ming, ITU
Twentyaaeventh ay,
Literature end Travel Department
' of Woman* Century Club,
The Literature and Travel de
partment of the Woman* Century
rlub will meet on Friday at the Bt
Krancla at I o'clock.
Lad-**' Auailiary to Myatic Jews!
Rebekah Lodge.
Mr*. George. Wilson »t(l lie moat*
eaa to the 1..t,1i.•*' auxiliary to
Mystic Jewel Hcbckatt lodge on
Wednesday afternoon at 110 Yesler
Woman* Century Club.
The Woman* 4Vntury club will
tneet at the Ut. Francis on Friday.
lira-. 11. at 1:1 a o'clock. The rob-
Opera Glass Sale -
This week. 1-3 off regular prlt**»
on fine Pearl Handled Opera
Classes Schuucliard Optical Co..
1207 2nd \. **•
Come Before Noon Tuesday |
' Th.- ear.jr morning hath ki.1.1 tn Its mouth." Metm.e Spe
ci.la, a* the French would a*. are) Morning Sper...'* I^.t. ef
R.Mid merchandise round hero and there ihroush the store and
marked at 11It < ■» notahly lower tli.in real value (or earljr hut •
«rs. Most ot tbem will be closed out in a few hours —not worth
while to aak for them after noon. Coma early tomorrow momlig.
Children's $5 Coals Ij2_gsl
Until Noon Tuesday I * |
Made of (.ray Astracban, double* breasted; has
box back, embroidered white silk emblem on red
broadcloth, turn-back cuffs; 3 to C years. Xo
phone orders.— Second Floor.
25c Handkerchiefs [JoTl
Until Noon Tuesday I ' ' 1
Women's Pure Linen Initial Handkerchief*,
• hand-embroidered; soft, sheer quality, hem
stitched; handkerchiefs are always acceptable
gifts.* No phone orders.— Main Floor.
1 2kDrcss Ginghams V\TT\
Until Noon Tuesday I 1
Fine, durable Dress: Ginghams, plain colors,
stripe* aridjehecks in a multitude of colorings. A
regular 12j<.c quality here and elsewhere, at s<£
a yard. No phone orders.—Basement.
28c Pequot Sheeting -joJ
Until Noon Tuesday ______ I
Bleached Pequot Sheeting—none better made
50 inches wide; suitable for single bed sheets or
extra large pillow cases. No phone orders.—
Main Floor.
Call Up Santa Claus
Wren who cannot come to the store may
talk to SANTA CLAUS over the phone-even
ing from 6to 9 o'clock. Call Exchange 25. Ask
for Santa Claus.
••"-title, (ccc.d *......a ami li.. mm Mew Verb, t tVr.li... Street,
reel*. I Cite Tr*il<« Chemalle. tt Theater m. .... »1..,.!,, .1.,, a* r,-.iiifc , t
if they attempted (0 tSR* I In. Elrt
gnwny. <, * b
Tho p tfcttftmoti who arresied
■llituHfiunn Inst nlKht wei<o officer*
j Thomas Ftowle*. William Bteen mid
I Frank Tmjle. The«< alato thut
[llouaeman 1.-Btlt 141.414 I 1.41*1
! iii-H.-t In hi* ..mi piny, it n.i ho will
| 1.0 held on > tmrKeM ot yKiltttI ntc Uu*
5114111.i clnaliiK l.*w, io»l*tln« nii.'Ht,
[sad »iili nilt-mptlng lo about iho
siTMtiai oltlocri.
Ilouxouiiiti'a wlfo, another nouttin
nml four men were 111 111.- aalotm
al IhS lime, nnd were SITSStSd na
<aitneaai*a, llouaemnir telephuned
the s.-.itil.* si.iii.-n In nn uttompt lo
get bull, claiming Hint, hi* wife
jahoul.l not he left alone In tho .
lanluon. III* rtMiut-al for liberty w»t,
j however, refuaed by the officer In
i clinfise nt headquarter*.
jet-i ivf ihe afternoon will l>f "Hu»
kin." ami several papers will ba
Woman* Educational Club.
T!i*« Wi.inan'a Kd ties llonal club
will Dual on Tuesday afternoon, j
lvt*. 10, nt 1:10 at lh*> home of
Mra. Thompson. »01 FJahtccuth ay.
I'aprr* will Iw. read tm domestic
s.-rv let*.
Fogel Re
The- wedding of Ml*« Hather Foge-I
l.t Mr. Mo*.** llcvlts look place on
Saturday, Nov. ». at B:10 Me.
antl Mra. Illvlla v. 11l I* al home
Tuesday afternoon ami evening at
£ KlrV' Quid Meeting
Tha guild north of Mad Non tt
nt tha ... iii if.-.n. hospital will mail
on Friday. !»--. 11. Nt Ihn residence
of Mrs. John Kwtng Frtee, Uteh
member la requested I" ba present
and to brine a new member.
Engagement Announced.
Mr. ami Mra. ivtrr Cool la an
nounce. Ihe engagement of Ihelr
.i..ii-.'.1:!.-r Jennie to Mr. William
l»«ii*h»rty Trlmn.**», The wedding
will take iilace on Wednesday evrn-
Init. l)«*t*. I*, at the home of the
bride* part-nts. 111 l Ii fnlon at.
Seng Racial.
Mr. Milton Meymour will rive a
song recital al hla studio on Tuns
.lbv for Ml*« I»nltle Allemnn and
Mn* Mary l.lngrnfelter. assisted by
Kaiherlne Wellington, violinist, Alt
ettfllr-nt program ha» been nr«
Council el Jewish Women
Th<* regmlar monthly me-ellng of
Ihe Council of J*»l*h Women will
be held ■ on Thursday afit-moon,
IVc. IS. at S:18 at Temple de lllrn h.
Fifteenth ay. and K. I'nl.-n st Prof.
F. M. IMtlelfortl will give an a.l
i;i." and a |«.t**r on rurrent eventa
will I* read by Mra H. 1..-.1-..-..
A very pretty wedding look place.
»n W- .I:-.. -.i.n evening, !tee. t, at
■———sews a*—— — —a a—' ***a aantaai
Sterling Silver Sets
- Comb, llru»h and Mirror. Mani
cure Set*. Military llroshea and
14..-.W Beta, at 13 .-If during that
Hi:4..!..- sale Chicago Jewelry Co;
i:o7 2nd Ar. ...
Hie home of tho brlde'a parent*,
6MI T\M-ti(y-lhlrtt ny, N. W., wtit-n
Ml** Mntllit Heat Towie w«* mar
ried to Mr. Mi Batnsrst-ta Wolcott,
Itev. I'.lmer TThompann nfflolStlnß.
Mlm IMlltk Ileal tta-. timid of honor
nml Mlaa iteorglit Sm-n brl.lt;aimild,
wllh Mr. 11. Mriml) Irr.l IlllSt ...111
I Mr. Archie Tow In groom-omni, l.ll
lie Btalla. ijulnn waa ring br-nrer
After it nip tv luiiiii .ill. a Mr. nml
Mr*. Woh-otl will be at heme lo
Ihelr frit-mi* after Jan, 1 nt l"re
.lame* Brown, niieate.l lliilurilay,
chaignd --vii it 11 vI ii tar ii ii 'nlmi.Ht
helplea* luiiao wll tttt great ptilaon
t-d nine on It* hip which ho kept
hoode^ to screen fitim thn Rttts
of iho iiiiiiu.ii.it Ini-llnt-il. wss to
day In Justlctt CanoUa cftint con
vlctetl ttf (lie I'biiii-.i. and fined t."
nml coat*. Mi.- horan hn* bven
placed In l»-tler cale, •!
The- pinna for thn ri'connlriicilf.n
of Ihe Flint ay. antiet of ihe Hon
Marcho Into a hotel building are
now before the building Inspector
fur consideration.
Although ln Ihe permit (he coat
will not go ...la-.tta.tl. in.tm. « i.n,f
i will not be given ,11 mini lliun
IM.MI or I" "on. It I* BHIII that tho
work will r.4*| $20,000.
The ordinance vacating part* of
Forly-aecond ay. on !.ake Wanhlng*
ton, Thlrty-aeveiith ay., al*o on thn
Lake Waahlt.gton bluff, and a |«irl
of We*t tialer at., will tw> Intro
duced Into Hie council thl* evening.
The**, nre Ihe bill* ovor which the
•treel committee has been fight
In*. _______i:
Will Marry Aclree*.
PAR!!. IVc. ».~Thn Matin thl*
morning announce* Ihe engagement
0| the well known actre**. Mine,
taobargy. an.l Claude Caaluilt
I'eriere. ton of (he late prealdeut.
■a—aa—aaa.. , .Lawn a ■ -a_..aa^a. . a ».. . ...
Iluv your bat of E. it. Urookt A '
Co.. 1131 Bacttntl ta *** '
I ; .: AMlittMlMl
IMI grand m-_::
tiiMi.tn IMI til. HIIK J.hn t'utt i,.. ...
tt a i i.i i *11 t
IN I lit a I N0V..4 n sr.v
A.' -, ... | R Tkr*« Art* .r J»»tii V.i.t.int* \i . - «» It et Matt)
ItHet.* lee tta tl te. -.... ...,..,.. r.lt.i • ■■ •• in -Mil* ti .• .-.
SEATTLE Theater~
li.im.ll a 1»,,. Mir* t'hos.a tt t..ni c >.i 1.t.-«4.r. tt ******** Malt*-,
ama M«tti ..«i, tb. w*«iml t;air*t*a**a*. -tilt: i.wh tif Mil*-* iTh. .-_,
... _. —I "it ,»•*" An.l tl» th*H t * In rtl... I ttrf*,, »r«,a.4*f VUlit... ...
M«hi. it- ll.lt. ■..,!_„. hoi 111 , I ttftM TOM. I till V* -Th* n*..,u-t» At
..'*!.,* tte-at—taeaiaa* iTt**.**.—, ...I lit* 'l ..„.,....I, t1i».i..1.
rtiIRD AVfNll lilt ATM*
>m.,i amt tin- !•■ „-« \i, .. ■ „, ita •-,. M m....... ie*. -».
„.' *"***■__***■ Nleltl, t*ev t*e. ita-, t ... Tttt lt*t ( *in m*i:«a. 4V.-1.,.a.1*,
All .■*■• tee , B 4 j^.. AU »». k -t Aat U.K.-
ttl 1....,., 4 a.Ja.JII. 4,1. fit.**-!*.-, tee; „....,.( ..... t*V PmC...*.
*««■**. } 4*, t;,V. tit d»ll» tt-lh .1....... 11.l tkl* 41.a,«—. t.n1.1.l -Ml
"' ... th* """"' *?" attatw. . tarn 4tt.it ll**t»a Vthl.l I ft* t..a1,.i.- 11.
"' '—" • •»»•>•• I.IJ, I .„,n, -a,, mmmi «.»**it Art*.
__ llaaatll*'* I*.* p..:.a \ •..(,.., ii* 11>.,.. t>i« r.r I •■•..»., at
Cl_ t»ll|r. It*. 111. Itt 1.,... I* *»<l »..-. Pa. *..i. tee,
_)-(_-* *" N"" 'et* ••»'• VC-a...-.. Ttt* la.l. I etM I ...etat Ita
*******"*■ tt li. .- i„t., tr. t«f I.n. 4.11... taaaa ..J uui. Mm—.A tt***
Itt.v.i** ...| m 1... t.i.
>»44 |m*M I l»»% Mai* 1 H• a
W«l, >M , **M^lay f.tf ». |;U l»-l »11
'"'T'V"\ * yy "T "iy"TTTT*T*,""V'Tt ?'" " ••"■l****-* * _»ti*• in^
t__jyLc_y---ii *SfJ- Hi£."S7fu?/r*
Ita,'a,, .'--..a, a Oat-, ■•**■■.■■ afc.f.h: ti...... t■ r. ,':.;-., , , |„. « ,< ,i , .
.It.ira.n * till**. ■-■..'.:•«:-,. e.l«*ll, r.r....... ....
Lyric Theater i *»a .-. t....a -. ... ta 1*.,;, i ... •.
•-.yrit, I IH.aUtal , t.1.1e .a at*. ...... |tl« 4....1., in.
Hill Ua 14*1**1*1 Ul.'MI J|*|*tß.a>t )-.«*!.• *. M*'l. I"-.' :•■:• ' .-.•■.. r.. \.:.
H.a'i". .)■».,,,. 4* ...,-.. ... .... ■-..: I „....■, 1 ll.r ' ...... „,(,., |f.
1.r.. .i...(..i u-xi-.n t-l»t«r. *:.». In vm..i.» tl-etkt Rtl.* it, <'•..,, **l <■ ■ ■*.
.'** .* '-.«* ft* .a, r.. . * a ,
Real Bargains
Every Article in Our New and Elegant
* a
Stock Reduced Erom
20% to 50%
' f
Now is the time to buy— they will not last long at these prices.
! $32.50 Andirons $23.35 $100.00 Chandeliers .$7.1.00
$20.00 Andiron $14.00 $550? 9» m,«,le» $32.50
$10.00 Andiron, ? 0.00 j»g° Chandeliers J 1. 1-;!;!
eonA A-r ts . ... $10.00 Chandeliers $ 5.60
$ B.UO irons *j^.j......*> 1..1f* «SOO Cbnndrlipra ** IT!
«P.J.VaV 4 11,UHlt IK I** $ .*..;.>
Others from $ 1 .50 up. Others, all styles and prices.
I Fine Reading Lamps, from $-£...."» complete up to $75.00. Just tbe
! thing for Xmas gifts.
The list also includes—
Mantels jgk Screens
Grates offia> Desk
a-. J\rs\ Lamps
Eire «8 .. „.
1 _ \r Lighting
I i_»eiS Sf Specialties
,aaa_ .; _a__aa-a__. A.ffflV^'vFjK_—
U *a_a---ssas_asiTi'iilsiiiia»i i n-iis i nil t____r---*i_jsik '— —4 . ,■■■ ; ■■.-.■- T-__
Mission Fixture & Mantel Co.
j Pike St., fourth Ay. and Westlake Boulevard
I _ ■ '2 ■ - --J' •
I '..life >.tl. lilrifti-lf nil nrrom*
jillco if ill.- ruinous "window niasli. {
Ihk Imrßlur" thai 1.111. 111. Intttr-i
. Mini; lm Hit* Itx'itl pOtICC iin-r it
jrnr iiko, lUivii t'arrtill, *» rmmrrt
convict ami rft-t'iil Ipuiiislnr, ml. i
mil Imi lo llitt iiolli'it ii-eli-irtny limit
lm :,iit.iil .H.i.i.l.- in., liriusu nf for*
nior Clly nplrollai Frank t 111
Paul, ut 175 :MivV .ii on March
19, i-iiii-. Blm. his "pnl" wrnl
tllltllllill llitt plllt't*, lllllUll. i4«av
Willi IWM JtlWI-lry Itlllt |4 I.rill ,1,111
i-.ir.l'l.' *
'litis i.iuiit* i;,.i in.-ni wits found
mi tin- pel --ii of Mrs. Carroll at
tin. hniutt uf tho i*nu|)le, on llttlla^vi.
nv., when Carroll was urifnit-ii «>
wr-fk' bbo, , .',...
„;,. .
'i ij.- plans Imvit lit-.ti flle-.l for •
ii.-w ttirt't'-sloiy fniullv hotel nt UII.
linylsioii ... fur H. 1.. i,-.nt.. to
Mat ISO.OOO, "i
Lueilsma In Sto.io '
NEW YOKK, Ih-e. 8-lluff. ltd
by ■4 in.- I hal retarded li.-r |.nst
age from ii a Hat* it). Itrfl |jvt-r
pool until slit, tmsst'it tl..- ' ;t..i.i
11..n1-.. Hi.- I.naltanla id thn I'liii.tid
lino en mn Into purl lust nlKht. Tho
Hill, nf I'iih.i.ik.* was .'. days, 22
li..iii*t ami 25 niliiutrs. It was tint
first Hum that tlie* OKA four day
■!-l|. had 1..-.-U 1 iiiii|»*ll<-.l lo Imllltt
with ht-avy ►.us during an entire
Maittrpltet, Stolen.
coi'ivriuj. i.eiKtnm. !>«<•. 9 —
One tif Van llyltt*'s aifat in:.. 1.-i
(ili-rt-s, "Thn Erection of the* t'ltiaa."
lins been sintrii frttin lht» church of
Notrf (tame. Thn thieve* cartful
ly cut off Hit* canvas from the
framn and carried It away.
4 Per Cent
Th« si..!- Hank of Be—tttti pays
4 iter f. in < ..(ii|-.-iini.-.i acml-aa
nually on all aavinK* nceotmti
Corner Klrst Ay. and Yt-sh-r Way.
• *
""""] Starts Tuesday 9 a. m. P*
SI 1207 Second Avenue ' $.
The Insurance Company Has Paid the Loss I
__ ___._____. ■
I Ladies' Suits, Cloaks, Skirts, I
Ladies' Suits, Cloaks, Skirts, I
mmtrrmrmm*-—m-rm— |f
R Shirtwaists, Petticoats, Furs ■*_
Slightly damaged by smoke will be offered for sale mm
Tuesday Morning at 9 o'Clock ||

Ladies' Fancy Tailored $15.00 Skirts - - $3.95 _
Suits; Values up tos9s, $.35.00 Raincoats, Fire JT
Fire Sale Price - $35.00 Sale Price - - $8.95 r
.$27.50 Coats, Fire Sale Children's Topcoats, I
Price -- - - $4.95 Values up to $12.50, |
:~. :: ; $1.75 Waists for - 35c Fire Sale Price - $4.45 fc
j Come to the Great Fire Sale—We Must Clean the Stock Out Quickly
Oriental llllllard and Pool Parlors.
Hit Third ay.. have eight new la
I.!*-* and Ibe tinly tilO pawl table In
Seattle. A placet for gtmtlcnien. •••
D!s— —»«e. Watch.a. J.w.try.
Optical D.p.rtta*st.
Sale of Women's Suits and Coats
- -,; -
flood business policy demands that _mS*yA-Pi aa***Z-\^
every Coat .mil Suit made up f"r fall'.; lt ... -'^*TtmaKv\ '- '' p li^wlm' '
and winter wear must be out of the -A' W'.^'Wi *__* _'$K^* t_«sH__
-t.ire before Christmas. It i- the pin '/r»^*-*lUi t_^_V
pose of th< receiver and the manage- _t~~*_l\ilas-^b^:z^ J*n^ ""'
ment to keep the stock always, in / Cs.\ t_3Ms_\--\ fl£%&!>*V^
first-class condition. This is reason/ ?J \ \i JjifnTi^^T!
enough for making a dee] enough cut a\^/\ \ *\ f^A\J~_\ H,|fl*ifife^hr"
in the price to insure a decisive and*"^^ \ I .m*/ S
rapid clearance. Hear in mind that N*r' 2_^l vf ■'•'-'
while it is the end of the season for / \l\ - ™ \k*~'-sW*i
us, you have yet four lull month in / J^Jni I\. /-!u"ii4^_
which you can wear these garment! /7j |f|N\ -. fa '*H""\\, !
lb- are samples of tlic price rcduc- ///' r|!l V -•,.> I \*W\_.
I (a ocr I For $20.00 Stylish Fall Suits and Choice
I 3>^»^* J I of AH $15.00 to $20.00 Coats'-^!
Thl* gives you a chant**- In select from a large, number of aulta and a great variety of rtrtoa At
material. used arc all good durable, serviceable, uptodatn fabric* and the tailoring la right *» »
thf standard act by the best manufacturer. In th. land. The coats are of melton or broatWe
and mam) ii4l»t.irr-* 1.-ciigtba are «S to 48 Inchca. They are every one body lined and man}',''
them art- full lineal Arts strictly tailored or trimmed with rattle laid In fancy dctlgna. S_.» «*;
__?t£i_ _tr,ch" Co"" f,,.n, ,1500 lo ,:oo°- Tho oa* >ou want $9.35:
thl. **t„*4*K .11 , • l|»lt4l«.
' ' '' •' ■ " ' - _ ____— —-'
1—79c — | 47c—, I—23c—i1 —23c—i
For Regular $1.50 , T-t „'..-, ' For 39c and 49c Cellu;
Train on Track For Dolls Sold Rcgu- ; —
1,-i"1"11 *****-\*- *" loid Novelties.
.fi-SEE_9_SL 1...1y.>t^ Each. —
A flno 6-pleoo Train on _—**t**. /*ff?P^«224
Track, with Knglne. Tender . jSsfu<4\ tw.,«.d Dolls <,"%" " J
and Coach, nicely Hntshed. $££*«,.I f '"F^
nnd a toy that will affotd end- 0/**** <'V^'' f <C!3Ei!lrfH
less amusement. Hi*^^ KM Do<, ' "", l^«^/J
I —2l c— ; t ts<K
For Children's MV {T'/I'Tk*.
„ . tt . -T /// J i\K . v „, Hacks, Match Safes. Shaving
Knit Union Suits. fit \l\ -■«»>«. or course UMCK • *
Splendidly mail, garments. f^OHfl , „ 1 ' Trlnkot DOie'' *"
with' a light fleece. I lava L\_r- V *ney are all per* at i. „.„„,„, other at*
drop seat and will give ex If "' Icasl * h"rt °f
cellent aatiafactlon; 30c. #* \ text beauUci, ,„. ..,,,.,..„ t0 choose from*
values at only a|<- mi arinin
__ ■- -=
McCarthy Dry Goods Co.
Sui,l,itf Baxter, Receiver. Howard J. Shcc„an, Manager
1512 to 1522 Second Aye.. Between Pike and Pine Streets. J

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