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■V star fuitatiHiNQi cam "" . <»oy-I.x>*.Vy*nti>_gs.
Telephones*— '■ '•■■■ _- ■*'-*..■
Pov»t* amhsngee connecting *t* parts of th* _^__^_^__.
building — Sunt#t. Main MM *n«t Independent. 441. <_6qgffl._B_P
Ash lor th* derailment or* the name of th* p*r*on «.r,t-*' ,
dsslrst". -«"-,
Uiun staw *g*»gfr^rcPj»»gjj^^ ->«* »**... • ■
Htl i 411 4. I M \ " ' **•
.' ; ' *t^lTt.ri~aTAn Allt.NCtf~lUu*er K'^JJ^J!Jfl!!^J^il^«— m*i*m
On* MBMl^WT""*t™e^r^ra.«kT.t l..Mr I',. ***** eat l'"'.l* , *****
liaw'.l Sr nt.U *t *B*4rii«*, tt* tt** —*>**■ ■ ■ '..——.
KMtreT^iTTk. p-\i4tO~**~'*\ 8tt.141. vr««kl4.*lM. .* wa.ta.t-a»«_■ *w*mm,
•*-.> 44 itt mum tut-.t K« ii. .lata it!t**t vottt .a4rJ4j*.*t**W*| **pt*S» l» ■*.
t\. .it Mt 1.V.1 .I™."h e.e-r. \vti« IS*, e.f. •»l-«4. aa..,. *uh«r .«*,.
1... "tt iiais tt*r» ..1.1 li. .Jaw.. ».4lt »*-«4* I. 4*-4>«» OtttS* 4*» UM. _ -SSI
*l d.la «n lh* »<t!lr»*» l»li.t I* . ""^.J; ' _ mx '
■^^mctTTo srtwcnini.it*-sh»»t« t<-ft tn— *t r%* «*» *Btm~t*mm
» v I. V-rVW-> »«t aa.nlns. PC** 4. «a I". ..4f_ t* **»** ..* *—— *%
{"„ * M ,iu lot. 11..1 111 l»l.<« I »l«l »'.»• **»-■> *«. [*___* ****
55s we* « CM* It »■»" •»<"*• S-tS it i4«a. Ha—. «» K 4V a***** «**».. A
""titH';:.* &:,•,£ ". «* i a**» _ ***** a»tr ■■»■■■» ■ ■ * *«**>• v. ISM
o*4 4* » IS* f4tl» *>»* ■■.■■■■■ ;•■'-■ ..
One councilman out ol eighteen hail the courage ttl hts
fOnc councilman out of eighteen voted against the lUftliett
printing steal last night.
One councilman out of eighteen raised his voice in pro
{4o* against a resolution which consummated the holdup by
the publishers* combine which will take thousand* of dollars
out of the city treasury; indirectly ** of the pockets *>f «be
constituent* of the counctlmen.
Councilman James Kelso was the public servant who had
the courage ami stcadfastnesjt to vote against the award of ft
contract in which extortion is evident.
The remaining members of the city council retreated be
hind an opinion of Corporation Counsel Scott Calhoun that
the council must award the contract to th- lowcet bidder tin
less fraud in the bidding was shown.
There was no discussion nt the real meaning of this
opinion; no discussion of the evident combine of publishers
which in it-ill constituted fraud and furnished the ground
tm „■■■ "...
on which the council could ha.c thrown out all bids. Ihe
consideration of the bids was not even postponed for a week
to {jive time to investigate and determine if the high bids
were not the direct result tif a conspiracy.
Seventeen councilmen threw up their hands in true holdup
Yet. after the council had allowed itself to be held up.
Councilman Murphy voiced a feeble and indirect protest. He
stated that he had talked the matter over with other council
men, who agreed that the award of the city printing contract
should be taken from the council and made a duty of the
board of public works, and that .1 charter amendment would
be offered giving the board of works thi* power and »"
the power*tb refuse any ami all huts which seemed to the
boar.i to he exorbitant
By all means, the award of the city printing contract
should he justed on-to the board of public works. That is an
appointive body, which docs not shirk its duty to the tax
payers under the la>h of a publishers' combine. The board
of public works has shown true stamina under pressure, ami
has saved the taxpayers from being held up for thousands
of dollars. Thc-board would prevent extortion in city print-
But it is not I.- a shame that the taxpayers will be held
np for thousands of dollars during the coming year because
the elective members of the city council had not the nerve to
make a fight on the publishers'combine.
By F. W. Schaefcr
-Maw. kin I ptay with that sow* I
tag machine?"
"No. child. Yon lust want to get i
It out of order "
"No, I don't. I want to got It l
out of tho sitting room." I
"Never mind: yott would Injure i
ks mtachsnlsm." i
"What's mechanism. m»« 1'
"It's what makes It run.
"I* your feet Ihe mechanism?"
"Of ■•_» not."
I .."Well, oar feet make It run."
"What do you want with the sew . i
ing machine ?"
"I wanna sew." It
"Sow what?"
. .d* of kindness."
"Where did yon get sock sa ah
ssrd Idem?"
"At kindergarten They slag
'Bowing Baaed* of Kindness.'"
"That* another kind of sowing."
Then what do yott do with the
"Sew stitches."
"Can I saw a stitch In paw's
"No, Whoever heard of such a
GUNS FOR RENT— Ii,,. i A | For a good shampoo us« Soap
Tatt. '■■ 126 Ootid a*. ••• ) l-ake Soap. All druggists. •••
— Which —
is the better way?
Ist 2d
When on* pay* cash When you buy on
for a number of Xmas credit (we make abso
gifts - how does It leave lutcly no charge for Ihe
one's l'<" i" ' "" * ' accommodation — It Is
Havo you ever thought free I, you don't break In
of seriousness of crip* '" ,h" ******* and ___!
„ lite account on whenever
pMstt: your reserve fund? lt m ,__ , 0 „ r Krf _,_, t
—It's time to think now. convenience.
a little down
and *
a little at a time
1332-34 Second Aye.
209 Union Street.
Seattle's Reliable Credit House.
At Cost to Close Out
Our flnn Uno of t'mbrcllas. Hand Itnßs and Hllver Plated ii.,i
b.wware a* we need the room for Watches, Jewelry, Cut Hla**,
Hterl.tig Bllverw.ro, etc.
Houghton & Hunter
tl :• *,* 1,11 ,i ..'ii in ...
Jeweler*. >0« firtt A,.*.
thins' '•
"Well, they aay a stitch In lime
save, nine, and lt'» 'most » bow."
"Oh. cease your .ill) prattle and
allow me to read I wsa absorbed
In an article In this pattern book
on How to Make a Flowered Ki
mono Out of a Pair of Old Pants.'"
"What's a kimono V
"It Is * Japanese garment."
"Ito Japanese wear pantaT"
"No. I believe not. child"
"Then how kin they make kimo
Mush, ii.'i Irrttsts me with your
. chatter. 11.-i. Is * handful of but
ton*. Pl*4 with them."
"What's buttons for. maw'"
"Why. to put in buttonholes."
"What did you aayT" .
"I wa* Just wondering.""
"Wondering what' Bp**k!"
"How >■>•■ kin pat them la. All
the buttonholes In theae buttons are
littler than th.* buttons."
11l wa* not until she had baited
Mtrta lhat "maw" was able to re
sume the thread of her thought*.
That plunge you 1.444* In the old. 08, the Turkish reith '...i Ittdelq
swimming h4ile n* a btty; |ed yourself uk lb* irtHwr day? ,"
*a_—i m. vi, —-—■'■ "i ■ .—,—--—— - jt_mm—m*^ja~^*—ta^ms?*"m,m%mij: SS—al
Josh Wit* S.ys:
• "A o»* don't nan
t, .rally think a Irian
Is in leys with h*r
unlet* be thrtatcn*
V commit suicide If
she refuse* him."
"Bay. dad, what* a critic?"
"An atlUUc knocker, my *oa."
Oodles of It.
A tititham city bank recently got
11,900,000 In good old currency.
11.144, .1 41.11 lit.- 1.. . all.- in that
for s mil., while?
Their T**t«* Run Together
What Love Mutt Endure.
"tlearesl," he said, "do you love
me yet?"
With a low sob Ihe fair siil per
formed a llernhardt on the sofa.
"Answer, dear; do you love rae
"Yea. tieorge, 1 love you. bet
your grammar Is rotten."
A Pennsylvania laoy crawled un
der the bed with a lighted lamp to
H* Via.l. th* Earth m a ->«-;>. l Cerr**tH>ntSetit an* Makes Wlrele**
ObMtv.tten* in Hi* Notebook.
(Prom Inscriptions engraved on a block of wood dug up In s toy
store and translated by P. W. Hctwefer especially for this newspaper.
Absolutely the only original fake diary of N.iah In existence.l
TlltllTY-SKCOND DAY — Still i
raining. Ktralnetl *lluatlon on
Im.inl relieved by a burst of merrl i
men l. Mii:. .I rabbit* and asked j
where they were. Monkey aaid!
Ihey were In Ihe burro. Thl* got j
n rise out of Ihe laughing Jacka**.
. . *„
Ishness amiuiK animals Itirreaslt.g.
i >[.-> -mm and barnyard fowl show
a strange aversion to I I.i in Won
der why.
-.',..* a a
era and prevailing winds. Don't go
near carnlvora. They're hungry.
'I 111 111 v -Kirn! DAY—Hame as
Thirty fourth day.
TIIIIITY -hixtii DAY—Drtsxla
Ureal excitement. Heard lhat a
mouse stepped on a lion and kilted
jit. Found It was an ant Hon. lien-
Kitl tigers eating smaller quadru
ped*. Clad I'm not ii quadruped
Ia * *
»L.rVll^l.__J STORAGI CO, Ik.
Wa Opairatta the Only Absolutely FIREPROOF WAREHOUSE in
Vtieqinlid Security ft i.' i...f ♦• Ihn -... of Furniture
J*- „.•.. It lira*. Trunks and Other' Valu.ble. Wit .-,., J, „1,, „,
* Cenl What It Will Coat to Mora Vow Goods.
PHONES: Mam MM In*., ft.
"THESEATTLE STAR-.TUEr.OAY, m.C., io, iw/i
try to mist a cat. The lamp es
plottcd and set ..ft two kt'S* of pnw
tier. Two men killed and thro*. Ir.
Jured. Cat escaped
Moral: lU.ua out Ihe lamp first.
Not • Co of Surgery,
"Was he seriously hint lv Ihe
i all if. ul wreck?"
"I should say so. lie had the
best lawyer In town/
Bu.in*** I* Business,
"How's business?" 1 said to a
butcher I met
While out for « stroll on the
"Well, sometimes It* tough, but tit j
chopping." be *.i.i
in niatiaee to nuke both end*
mes I."
1 spoke to sn stithiir, * cheerful
young chap.
Wboee life seemed eseeedlngly i
Hoe goes It?" I s*ked; .ed he
promptly replied,
"Oh, everything 44*4.1*4* to be
.1' '
"You're -•kin* quite well to *
broker I said.
Whom I sat tit-side In a car.
Hn. t take sny stock in 1111
health." ho replied;
"I'm feeling away below par."
a■- - ' a
lly 1 .ill.it I met .it * prominent
"Ootid morning!" I Mid;, "you
look cute."
"Why shouldn't I. pray." be replied
• Ith .4 smile,
"When every one's easy to suit?"
"Ah. doctor, good morning! 11...
noes It with you?'"
I asked with a smile on the side
"Oh. I'm going »!..it* to the same
old wsy.
r.n'...tm' Had health." he replied
'''*'-' •^AapmwmAa***At*^^^*ay^Ayp^A\
I said lo the man who makes auto
"It Isn't quite proper to frown "
"I know Its dead wrong." be m*
piled with s i-i.it 11
"The fact I*. I'm sli broken
' 1 *—Perrloe lumber!. In Judge.*
drlxxle. Found a stowaway Ikill
weevil In the family linen closet.
Nervous flutter among the can*,
rle*. Are we over Canary islands?
li-iir.il tiger* have started on the
| Inserts. Illow worms, liowet ot,
: make light of Ihe danger.
easing off. Must send out some
thing lo find land. Consider let
11ni- the flamingo •'■
• OB ' I, Ml
thirty-ninth DAY—Lass IPO
nildlty. Haw a land shark. ThlnV
I'll send out a duck; a tin' caff"
swim. Mr*. Noah objects. Haf*
a duck can't climb a tree.
... 1
KOUTlirril DAY—Hsiii spp-f-*
entl. over. Hard aground. Dbln't
send out duck after all. A duck
Ik good lo eat. Dove came back
with olive brunch. However, bad
eaten Ihe olives. Tiki bad; I was
just dying fur nn olive.
tih: end,
\nvejrVoiveur rimer
_fi* ' '■' -Baa-*)fW
(••■tn* at..'* Exolu.lv* B*rvic*.)
'J WAHIIINUTON, Hoc, P.— Paper
4ii,4iii*% all liini.n very much ..ill <- I"
til. mnii who use* It every day for
buying er selling
' ■ A* n miitlt'r or fftct, however,
(JUtPa la s ureal dlfferenre In paper
money. The gold in, ale I*
iery different,from I lie silver rer.
Ilflrale. nnd IM bitter Is very dlf-.
fl'it'til train Ihn United Wales notn
ot * unit.mil Irinii unit*. Tht-y ate
nil t'litlrfly different from ocean
a* her in the Until upon which
Uiey are created , ;>*■■
I That gold retiiricatn for |3 Is
w...ih |'i because it call* for a *'•
gold piece or flvo single gold dob
Inrs each containing 'iUA grain*, »
One. A man who wants to man
ufacture gold Into a watrh or let
ii-iim: on the back of s dictionary
can take his certificate and de
mand In the iimne of Ihe net of
congress of Feb. 11, IST.t, and the
federal constitution that he be
given that amount of aold of that
|...I ii' ni..i quality and .inutility.
The government ha* nearly ISO,-
M 0,004 worth of gold coin In It*
vaults to inert Just siuli S demand.
The silver certificate, one tif the
commonesi form* of |.t|»i money,
call* only for silver dollars and Is j
Intrlnslrally Its* valuable il.au the
gold certificate That Is, thn metal
Which It calls for would have lean
fommerrlel vatun when melted up
In the «»**yer's pot. I.yen the fait
that there I* sn actual silver dot-
Ladies' Suits 1 LADIES' TRIMMED
at Half _ HATS AT HALE
...,,, i.*'!' n- m • ,\rt^_\m Best chooitne of Trimmed flats in Seattle:
Novelty \\ oo Suitings, Fancy or Plan, fa 11... ■ a11... .„„.;,,,„. specials , iat made of fin :
Broadcloths, thrcc^uartcr lengths, full M vtf| feU or off wi||i . uisi ,
lengtlu or the nobby .jaunty short jackets. J f , m ornanu . nts ,„,<l rich ri1,1,.,„. in great
tight-fitting or 1...... ...i. s./e* 32 to 16; W abundance; exhaustive investigation shows
can fit anylH.ily; handsomely tailored, su- fa lhat we have hal value, ami all go tomorrow
perhly finished; all going at ~r
l.„|ir $30.00 Suits, tomorrow $15.00 . $3.50 Trimmed Hat, tomorrow $1.75
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V.lv.. th*. .t.nd h.ad and FOR children. Dresses
•heuld.r. itova .11 ottiara _\_J _\ %__\ _ _^P_^P y._^
An e.rn.st .pp.*. 10 thriUy ,* Quslily. P
people whs want lo in.i.. ..«,,, .
their money go „ far ss pos* * WlUrm« Jmttr ""'I?' 1 —I ~ '"'fc *|f-K 4_->
.. 1 !..< I.Hi.-.t I tilittt .'.int. *_"T>«_ a,^ Vi^W *_jH»_
tj Sli tltrt lo It r<«ri. Win- *»>«_£ _*VfO
l.r S.I. prlc. ,5e *^>i«»^**«a_-^, "w->'
FORWOMKN ■agg M __g-_M__i
a. aa . Chlldrt■:. . 1t11,'.....| Vest* Slid
Women. if^rwuH {£»SJSSfiftJgf2S Think of il! All-Wool Serge and Cheviot
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£££__£""n,; ."k.mX SSr.fe!SsS^o! Seven) M-V,cs> ncludiiifi the p°i)uJar "Peter
winur s.i. p.... • t,- wwiium sit.c,' "winter s*i* Thompson" Sailor Suit; colors, navy hlue, red;
soc Quality. ....... i.-,«. and brown. Well 'made and beautifully trim-
Very line Jersey i;it>t»*d I-arsa- «i*. Wlnltr Sal* price , _ , ,», , „, a r a -_ _. _*_*
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sat* p. - Ml»f _„»„ , h „ frrir ,, „,.!„. Mn |. f -„
Ti^iHSi- -WE&&, Big Gathering of Good Dress Goods
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c:'v,H"'"-''"aS "war-Hri ss at Prices of Cheaper fabrics
Mills- Mad. Winter S.l* W,nUr. **'*'»r,«f \*f . .
prle* , 1,., st.oo Qu*'" y- An srray of llcaullful Haiti and Serviceable All Wool Matert
s2 75 Quality Mum * Pitt- 811k and Wool al*. Including Cheviots, Panama*. Serge*. Cloaking*. Crav.nstttt.
..... L.i ti.i-. VpsU snd Paiits; .in ittrs Mobslrs. Plaid* tslik and trtioli. slmi Nsml Strli^s and ('becks, i
\S .nun. v ■?!,._.iti?.» Hoe rarment. Wlnt*. Salt Katln Prtmrllas. Taffpta I'loth. Poplin*. He, r-tc. Almost a-rery
nl Wintit Bale i .
ma**,- un.- ,„.!.. ,Vv'. r* *"',c• •'' " •'»"<' trained .hat].* is hert* at a UIR savlnit. Nothlnß more .uluble or
«_r»«t Mi..." ,t..l irltn^. «• Ou.lity. ™Z£?* ioT * r\^T W"^ 'tT, T'"t __Jt__?SS
aaru.eni hand *** **•* '
srith silk, |!.-rf..r-t fltllns and MlwM" Wool Vr«t» an.l Pants. t'hri.tma. „i.-*t*nt. Widths rancp from 16 to f.u Inrhrs aide, er
n o ii shrlnk.Ulp. Wlnt.r 8.1. motllum wt,l K ht. flue ril.l».*d '''"''"' J™*"** I***1 *** * * «»,*«-l«"'> vara *"«'««'» °* ,be
prr<- $|.lIS Tho iwsi quality. Wlnt.r mak«TL Have a look tomorrow. Take yoar choice st
rik and »0c Qua jf-
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with *oft, velvety flee<*e Hn- broken line* and »lse* that V| S^ V Jli'H
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V 1.-.r l r \ __
CUT YOUR GROCERY Bill Gifls from the Notion DomesticJ^artmcnt
I PI, «... — I it,-* Can. Qranu- I Department 8 1-3 c *******-***,***. yard .V
..led Bug»r-5 Ml**t-' Head Necklscea. In all clor.; spt> ?! t' Outing Flann.l-Per yard ..... .--*»r
for 2-„> PO"""* w ■ -i.'.c «'-l for Wednesday's st-lllng. each .. «,,„ 8' ,c Apron Checked Gingham—Yard nalr
'"■ Si I " "*• U_J lU-ad .....1 thsln Necklaces, values lo >Sc; ***** »M Blanket gray and tan. pshVS
Xmas Tn*e Ornaments- Irtc vsluo*; 2 fur SpSKISt. Wetinesday «.'IC a**-"-'"-.- WV." VnY A '._'_ T,}*'*
„ 1.. 35e OOTMI I'over Kmbroldery. 18 in< lies $1.33 Comfort-Cotton filled and quilted ..
641 value., 3 for \ llli wl.lt>; WednetMlny, |ier yard 111, '■ "' •
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___«^______-___ T _-_-_-_--_--- 1 ed; w.*.ine ß .i.-iy,iH-ri.air s_« Special—lndia Linon —Special.
Silv*r or Gold Ghlrardelll'* Co r, O( . Dr,.*,,!,,,, Com_», In white anil blark: ..' , „,,,,„ «.,„,. i.„„..h» only
Tin...-* yard. *** , It, can. „„,,,„,. W^notsg, each I3<
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i_.„o, n0..,.~7 f«.r „-,. Gifts From the Art Department.
'.H '
M.ican>nl--3 for '. a."»f ttSoCnshloß Top 15** ,- .- * ,
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l.ll.ton'* Yellow I jilm-I Tea -Pound ...We Wood to Hum 20 per cent off . . _ tf/
Kai.ollo-2 for I."»e Cnlveralty an.l Hlßh Hclhh.l Pennants -lite ,0c Medicated r.nl.lsl, Towels, WB ..JBT
I Uui_*in ?WI Ci.ttcr.-Opet, lo wash.Ml? 4»0 Usundr, Hags .'l7O ltc White Tii.klsl, Towels, each 1* He
tt.SO Dints (is '__)_____, _^M _ma__*' I "OIJRLY S''CCIALS
$1.22 Pair millil§||^
Only, at Umdon's; hn.wns sn.l J^i*] MOWG ol'lhe UllJtlTs4jlfef^< '_^ r ___-* 9m*A_ 9"30 tO 10:30.
'';"!" '""V"?h" ,:l"" "niNfj, (£3L*-^-a-riA7X7& <0? Table 0i1c10.1., all Muds, per
r1...«|., Atld Ihe) DLNIJ \Smmrt_\\p 'Sllltf I'fSiL'y/ i MIX tf ||S| ll ■iMflllllD*' 4,1,1 , ■ I*>f
lr '1 1 a 11811 I —"' ...11111 _ 11 11 11 111 11 hi ll W-"1 BB
Slocks, Roeaf. .4*. .;• i,i Privst* Wire*. Phsws Jint.l Mala
ISSf, >..'.. ttpii.r* I »■/ :■'* 4, Am .ti.t.l l't-i« tl., .I* J ■••■;.
lO.lit. ttt*
"Stack*, 1i...1.. ....... I'.lt.l* 44...a
i -..111 th-.t.-* IT* 111 14 HI tl**k* 111.1*
1 tll.|*l* 8.C...1.4 late l.i.alni**nl 4.4 .. *-).....*,
Uar I* ... treasury »**.lta for every
ceitlfitMin In elreuUUtm woilld at*
m.il.f Hume certificate* cllt libite nt
thfir tgeg value if Urn government
did nut ' '-a >i-i ready as a matter
of practice lo redeem sny of Its
il.ill.tir. In Kulit ci,ln* to the nun.mil
nf their fiit'tt Mil.if It Im to make
sure of It* ability slwtty* !., 111 l
this tinti thn treasury department,
In at'i'iiitiiiiui« with i,i»', now main*
t.iln.H s fund known si tin. n •:.• -i v.*
fiiml t.f <- >t.| ■ .iin and Inilllnii
.nn.niiiiii'.-. In 1160,000,000
In ndilltlon In gold nnd Silver
certificates, imrt of thn paper
money cotmluts of iiromlasory note*
Klvt'ii hy the I'nlted Htittcs snd
i-.i.i niiif In Itititl money. Ttte*e am
llif United HUlna lluti-s, tv thn'
ntntiittil of |3tt,slti,M9 nint tuns
ttry notes to thn amount;' of
Id.S'Jl.tUk. : •
It I* Urn belief of tin* man who
holds these i,..iin that .tin* I'nli.'il
Htate* either hn* or can li'-1 K«ld
to if thrill on demand which
nil • • Ihem circulate from Imnd
lo ham! a* If lln'y with gold. They
It .it. no i. -ti t.iin. in themselves
and antirilliiK tn the report tif tht'
secretary of the treasury, llu*lr av
erage «tmt — tt* Is tht' average cost
of each piece of the United Htate*
|i.*t|M*r ciiiictiry Ihsiu-iI and re
.l. 'ir iil 1., a trifle iivit a cent .ml
a half.
In a.i In 11411 to iht'iMi there on*
tint hank not<<» la.tied Ity nstluiiiil
j iiank* und secured hy government
jbond* .It |tii-ii.-d In Ihe .United
| Htato* ti- .i-m .
London Tciifors
111,' Becond Aye.
make the best rtottdsj drinks*
Himi klliiK, pure anil refreshing. »nd
always of ll.e hlshost uniform
quality wben supplied W P'* I '„'
IlottlltiK Co. They enjoy a j*g*
favor, which Is only *•»»* «3_.
BBS sst*twa!S
lab, I" li'lit'oskavlnßlhcmsemd
l.t >.ll|
p. A p. s Botttnit fo.
phent* V.'"*
• i ■M*_.*»4t*r'" "**"*"

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