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tup r» IIFPI
. Permanent Chairman
nd Makes Great
i*wt'3k?* .-■--- ■ - ■■- -*---?
,; (By United Pre**,)
-•fttr Tetsi.irary Chairman Mar
aja* called the contention to order
a tb* second day's session at
8 IJ s'cloci. Chairman Daagnerty
g'iat creientlala committee, an-
Itsstd that be would be read; to
sat i report tn'about an hour.
|i hiatal that; the committee
SI le. ta session sit night and
sty i o'clock this morning. Other*
tt. be sat.l. It tntiM be ready to
tart. aow.ir^MpaaflßJ^lHanaMPß
imte 1 taker, of Minnesota, and
r«a*B Jar. « D. Connor, .if Indiana
tat i art • attending their * flrtt rw
ttbßtaa contention, were Introdoc
a tod ware loudly cheered
It wat taaouaced that tbe resola-
Sus toatavlitet' "..J rej»t-j*d by a
.BMißt' IS i to v .ITS t the J resolution
jptderwl by Rerrcea-ntative
fcrte of i'rnn.t Ivsdl* restricting
a rtpr*irata'i.m of the Southern
ma *• —
I^^Tiurfct Will Fight
-2 Strse announced that be would I
Br-T J ait ; fight for the, resolution
tWetaiag i the southern repretvee ]
hunt, to the floor of th* commit
i at.** He j- said a ■ minority report
aaMbt made favoring the reset-'
■"•a. 7?. The rules committee de- !
£ •*•* to "Increase .... represents-j
fes New Mexico. Arizona and]
.J*** from two to six dele*.,
' mt%^^^=j^m*of^gMff*m*m*M*A_*
utiitg interval! between reports.
;****«kisaTelubt paraded through
jJ*saß sad there was much wild
J"f rts* ami merrymaking.
*t 'ka Daavllle. iiiinoia, Comrner
n Ll**' h**rl,, ftannera marked
■•I *"*<" patted through Ibe
agtitUl*. tbe band played "The
■SSI "ateel Brimmer."
ftrrwtntnt Orgamtatioe.
TV prtver todsv wat of'-red
I^fe* Key. I)r. W. „ Waters.
Daring an Interim. Mrs. Iteatrlce
I aftataber Krlangrr snag a sate from
.one of the balconies, A large skip
ply of Tan banner, was distributed
through the hall. ■-„
Tee report of thn ra.mmltlee on
credentlala mm* made ecoramertd
tag that tha temporary roll be watte
permanent.. It wtt adopted, tbrre
by ending the battle of thn allies
The report on permanent organ
ization netl was received and
'adopted Oeneral Stewart Wood
ford of Net* York, and Uovernor
'till DSBttB. of Ullsolt, were ap-
(Continued on ,*.«* T.i
I'barlea It. Scott, a wall known
young atari of this .-I" and a party
|of lh ire others narrow ly escaped
Ing killed when Sett automo
bile plunged from tbe iJaeoln road
bridge, near Tacotna, early this
morning and after smssbtng Into
a : telegraph, pole landed upside
down In the tide-it.*
I Scott and a young lady named
Stella 0.1r.n were pinned beneath
the macblße. but were . .■»(,,•
with only slight Injuries. The oth
as two occupants of th.- machine
.wen' thrown dear .if tin- automo
bile and were hardly scratched.
' Scott was, taken to tin- Tacnma
hospital, but at a MS hour this aft
erooon It'was said: that be would
probably bo out tomorrow. Th*
accident occurred at a sharp torn
In the road -
* # * tttwmmmii******
. ajaaaa* a)a,. fftw aVtaifotTtaUb a
a —__ *
a Seattle. *
a Clearings today... Sl.-t57.841 a
» llalancca .....,..- m.333 St A
* Portland. *
* .lings today . I 1.5.tr.0.u0 *
a iiaianres ........ 1t>8,7C1,00 a
a m * a a a a"a a a a V'tTa a a
The Seattle Star
•**> „. . .-** B<*^wjjYJaVBl**a>Bßtt
COLISEUM, CHICAGO. June 17— When Permanent
Chairman Lodge mentioned the name of Roosevelt in his
speech this afternoon there was a great cheer, and when he
called him the "much abused but most popular president" there
was another wild ovation".
The delegates from' Nevada and others leaped to their feel
and yelled at the top of,their voices. The enthusiasm swept
over the whole convention.
It was noticed, however, that the Ohio delegates did not
take pal in the demonstration.
Senator Bourne, of Oregon, "second elective term" boomer,
was among the leaders in the ovation. ■ ■ ,
Mrs. Alice Koosevclt Longworth covered her fate with
her hands during the great demonstration in honor of her
father. She seemed to be unable to control her feelings. ..,*
N. H. Fairbanks, of Springfield, 0., brother of the vice
president, stood on a chair In a special balcony and led the
cheering in his vicinity.
When Charles P. Tift, brother of the secretary of war,
was asked what was ths significance of the demonstration, he
"There is nothing in it: nothing al all. Just working off i
nffalril ll|ll I I'MiLlff'ti M-*fll" IJirißl n-t i'sßii fe~.. -M- r y■ -i^r j^. ™-■ ■ .iaj;ifiii_,.aj;.. j-rng' m „ m ,„ mmt tm,iffr-q jaii tli.itai.iait I). ™*v
This tptctteltd mtn't Job is Is
ittd the nip, tup. hurrtht vtbtn
Ttft Is eeeninettd.
Republicans Will Not Be
Favorable to Any
CHICAGO, June 17—There will
ibe nothing doing for the Pacific
coast in the reeelutlont tdopted by
tht republican convention. With
ington. Oregon tnd California will
go en record through their mim
bars of tht committee st opposing
th* prttldtnt in tht matter of tht
; anil injunction plank.
Through Richard A. Btlllngtr.ef
' Washington, tht coast Is repre
Itnttd on tht tub-eemmltttt of IS
Bellinger It a mtmbtr of tht
Roetcvtlt ttnnlt cabinet. Since
hit arrival hers Bellinger hit
Ittrntd trial th* coaat d.legal*,
would net hear to the anti-Injunc
tion plant., which It lied bttn un
dtratoed Bsllingsr would use ' hit
influence to get through In behalf
of the prt.idtnt and labor. There
fore Bellinger will be recorded In
tht dltcuttlent of the tub-commit
tee at oppotlng tht injunction
plsnfc and there will be nothing in
ths platform regarding the de
mand* of ths coatt for increased
fortification! and nival strength
Tht tubjtctt will be treated In
a general way, but there will be
no tpecitl r.fertnc* to th* Pacific
and its demtndt.
Washington'! request for smend
mentt to <ht Intentstt commerce
tawt, to at to requlrt a decision
befort an tuthorltsd rste can go
into effect when objected 10. will
bt omitted.
It I* a flood guess at thl. hour
that labor will be dtfttttd In ita
] demandt, and that tht cost! dele
rate, will be with th. victor, whin
the fight It ovtr.
(By United Prtli.)
I a I'i'H'i B, Ind.. in-.' 17.—Thn
bodies of Mr. llclla Gunneta and
four children were ordered by Cor
oner Mack turned over to the pub
lic executor, who ■a arranged for
shipment of tbe bodies to letto
for burial net! Thursday In Forett
Home cemetery, In accordance wllh
a request mads by Mrs. Guuness In
h.-r will.
Every Contest Is Settl
in Favor of the War
a a mm a eaa mm**
* "■-.*
• I'OI.IMKI'M. CIIICAOi). June a
a 17.-—llultetln—-Tbe convention a
a baa adopted the report of lea a 1
a credentials coßiislttee making a |
a the temporary roll rail i-erroe a I
• neat, and ending tan % fight a
a matte by lite allien It gtttta a
a l art oter NO votes. - a '
a :'. a
CHICAGO, June 17 Hecrwlary
Taft tMkcarely clinched abtolute
control of the nations: republican
convention today, when after.l a
session lasting 1$ hours Has «.
dcntlalt committee by an .iter '
whelming majority, ratified the 80-1
Hon of the national committee.ls
•very conivkt over sesls la lbs eon
ventlon., . - ■ ■ i
T • re was no real fight Is, the
committee Th*. proposal to'- en- I
dome the action of the national i
committee by a single vote wat op
posed on the (round that It would
appear to stifle a fair hearing of th.'
cases. So tbe committee went over
the 110 MBtMtl offered by count"!
for Cannon, Fairbanks, Hughes snd
Foraker,' I Tba . first , tote .in "Ala
bama corneal was M to 7 in favor
of Taft and showed bow complete
ly be, was In control.
The ' committee decided . to *.il>
mil a report to the convention
reicominendtng: " * ",
"Thai the temporary red! of del
agates to tbe convention at prepar
ed by the national committee . tie
made permanent."
This make* certain that Taft will
have over 700 totes mi th* first
ballot.' —"•- ■
A small minority threatened to
day to support May .'bailee A.
li.a.iiwaiter of Indianapolis, In de
manding that the contesting dele
gates from that city be seated. lie
Taft leaders assarted today,*how-
Over, that turn an effort will he
subdued quickly sail there I* !!•'.
prospect of any serious fight 'over
swats on the floor of the conven
a a * aaaajnaaann a * *
a exawtafaPfttaiaTjira.Twffa'iK'B'frtn ♦>
a ... .
a Tonight snd Thursday prob- a
a ably showers; light southwest *
a winds. *
* „wt - *
mm* ay»o»»»o»»o mm a
(0/ United fret*.)
INDIANA POUB, In,l June 17 —
Two thousand male voles will sing
In an Immense) chorus at thn Coll.
renin this week during the 22nd na
tional musical festival of the Marts
American Htrngerhiind, which
opened hern today., 1 Ikiiis.iii.ls of I
Germans from all oval the i ..ntt
nent are hero to take part In the
I big festival. A chorus of 2,000 I
, children Is to be a feature '.f I,*!
(By United Pratt.)
JACKSON. Miss Inn. 17.— '
Among the '.'ii delegates to the na-!
llomil demo, tatlc convention who
will he named by the state. con
vention which opened here-today
win he John Sharp Williams. Got.
Noel, a-x-Gov. '. mi daman and Sen
ator Kiiieii Indications am there
will be no opposition I.i Instructing
tho delegates for Hryan.
a little .team."
The wild cheering and yelling and waving of handkei
i hiefs and hats continued for half an hour. Senator Lodge M
dered the band to play "Carry Owen." The crowd, knowing
that it was the president's favorite tune, went into still wilder
demonstrations and the noise increased.
? The crowd then began yelling:
i "Four years more- four, four, four years more."
Lodge smiled. Then some one pointed out the president's
daughter. The crowd -turned toward her. Alice took the
greatest care not to do anything that would lend support to
the demonstration She smiled, then hid her face again in
her hands. It was evident she was in a difficult position.
A huge Teddy bear was raised high in the air from the
newspaper seitiorj. and this still further Increased the volume
of the noise, which teemed before to have reached the limit of
human vocal possibilities.
c Senator Lodge pounded on his desk with the gavel, but
] the sound could not be heard 20 feet in front of him. lie
waved his hands in an effort to restore order and pounded
mora The crowd teemed to have lost control and the cheer
i ing continued.
Says in Court That He
Sells No Booze in the
Madison Park
* Sally Bleff.-n proprietor of the
Mt»dlt..r. I'll Petition. I* a wit.
t Me prated It this morning In tie
police court.
r So*, . listen to (hi* It's keen
'. Hilly say* Me sever sella latoii. at
in llijixir at the pavilion! And sot
i . ff the witticism with a .freight
•lace, loo'
Even City., Attorney Rills De
, Uruler .ta* forot<d to .mile
I'erhapa Hilly meant what be
said—tn a Pickwickian tense
|At any rata nilly Insists that he
sever .ell. liquor st the pavilion.
It wouldn't be quite fair to go
< back of the letura*. but anyway a
Star • reported purchased a bottle
of ran] beer st Hilly* hatnse garage
st Madison park some time ago.
Bartender la Flnad.
• Hat here's lllr> joke on Hilly:
This morning a bartender In hi*
employ, Fred P.-rkoray. waa fined
illtjO for aelllng a glate of wbttky
Ito Patrolman Edward llagen last
j Friday afternoon '„ Pt.rßornt test!
'fled that he gave the liquor to
listen but the tiatrolmaa, who wat
tent *: to . Mtdison park In plain
Clot bet by Police thief Irving
Ward, any* he paid for the Imwiip
After he i lac d Porkorny under ar
-1 rest, the bartender threw the meaty
on like bar, saying that be bad given
the liquor to listen ' >
' Police " Judge Guidon failed ' to
credit the bartender's excuse,' how*
ever, snd the limit fine wat Ira
petted. r-
Appeal* the Caet.
HUH, Hilly says there I* nothing
doing. at the pavilion. lie did not
like the Idea or having to pa. fIOO
to the city, bo be Instructed 11. it
torney thl* ■ morning to appeal the
sate to tbe (Ulterior court
- Hilly says bis bartender gave
liquor to several other men Hie
same Hagen purchased - The
men had been fighting fire nil taorn
tug and Ihe . Itsi tender thought
listen was one. of them.
, Ain't it a shame*
, . (By United Press.)
V CHICAGO, June 17.— The vice
presidential boom of Governor A.
It. Cummin, of lowa wat formally
18-tin ti. .I today, under an agree
ment with faction* of the party In
lows soil Willi the official While
I louse Btsmp of approval.
H.-tiritor Ikulltvr-r Is said to have
bean eliminated from the race at a
meeting of the lowa delegation at
which all the delegates from that
state pledged themselves to vote
fur Cummins.
One lowa delegate announced
that he had rocelved positive a.
turance Hint Roosevelt was "will
ing for Cummins to In- nominated."
This, following tbe assertion that
lion.cv.-lt and Ttft notified the
managers st Chicago thai Senator
I Dolllver or. Cummin* would find
favor St the White House, la taken
by many to moan that* Hie admin
istration has untiled on Cummins.
John ('. Montgomery, manager
for John Hay! Iliimmon.l In his
vice" presidential campaign, today
"Hammond certainly will be
placed In nomination. lie will be
voted for solidly by several Wen.
em .tales, and will bo supported
strongly throughout the Knit and
. "it Ik prolialile that the nominat
| ing spetne.h will lie made by s Colo
rado orator, at Hammond resided
In tbst state for ninny years."
Atkinson & Co. Find Ac
counts All Tangled
Will Ask Explanation
Sec-Treas. W. J.
J. Roberts.
Suspected of having ttngltd up
tht firm', fundi Is in amount vtr
•cutty .*l!mt»*d at from 120.000
to US.OOO, William J. J. Rtbtrtt.
ttcrettry-trctturtr of J. M. E. At
kinson A Co., is under survsillsnc*
pending . -tport from txperti who
»rm now going over the corpora
lion t books.
These directly Inttntttd refute
to dlicjii th* cats for publication,
txctpt to acknowledge that Mr.
Robert* It no longer with the firm
; tnd It tuppossd to be muddled In
his account*.
Robert* could not be tetn, but
it *tiil in tht city pending a final
accounting. Ht ha* b.tn with tht
firm for the pttt 12 years Ht has
hart a ptrtntrthlp interest In 'the
buslnttt tines 190.1 tnd In hit
capacity of stcrstsry treasurer, has
had tht sntlrt handling of tht firm't
money. •.. t;jggjßpaSsß
Ditcovtrcd by Click.
Ihe first tutplclon of tovthlns
wrong came to Mr Atkinson from
■ma of the clerks In the office, who
reported thai there was tome mis
take about the lunik*
A basly examination was Institut
ed and It was a very little time
until Mr Atkinson had satisfied
himself that some of tbe entries
hsd been Juggled. .
Mr. Roberta,when charged, with
being to blame, denied th.- seen*
siliui lie Insisted that everything
was sll right and that if the book.
did not balance It would be found
to be due to a clerical error.
Mr. Atkinson Immediately noil
fied ''lies Redelthctmcr, the well
known merchant, of the fsct* In
tbe case, and the services of Attor
in ) nit-hard Kate Jones were call
ed Into service.
Covtrt Pottiblt Shocttgs.
Flnslly, on last Baturday, Rob
erts snd Atkinson mi.l their attor
neys held a meeting and Roberts
made out deeds In escrow' to prop
.■it' valued mi $10,000. I.i protect
the firm from any lost thai might
In- disclosed lit the experts.
Yesterday morning two experts
were pined st work to mike a
thorough Investigation of the books
snd II It believed that lha .work
will reunite considerable time.
Todsy Atkinson said to The
"I do not wish In say anything
about this trouble You can simply
ssy list Mr Roberts Is not BBS
with the firm. I cannot say what
tho shortage is until I receive the
report of Hi.- expert* We have
two experts st his books."
"I ian simply refer you to Mr I
lledelihelmcr or Ml Atklnton,"
was the only statement Attorney
. Richard Him Jones would make
when Interviewed.
"I have nothing to say for pub-!
Mention," announced Mr. Re-del
thelmer, when Questioned.
(Continued on page S.)
• VOL. 10. NO. M. I
The big Teddy bear was tossed from the newspaper sec
tion to the Oklahoma delegation, where it was placed in the
teat.of a delegate and made to wave its paws in aid of the
cheering. ... "....
Two Oklahoma delegates engaged in a personal fight over
the possession of the bear, and in the excitement exchanged*
several blows before they were parted.
Manager Frank H. Hitchcock, of the Taft forces, wat not
perturbed by the demonstration. He was smiling as he walk
ed across the hall and went up to the Ohio section, where ha
shook hands with Charles P. Taft, brother of the secretary.
This he did with an air of perfect ease, but there were soma
who thought it was a sign of fear that he should consider it
necessary to make such a noticeable public display of confi
The time of the ovation was carefully kept, and it lasted
exactly 49 minutes, according to several "time keepers" appoint
ed in the press section.
During the ovation flags were waved, canes were pound-.
Ed on the floor, old men and young men leaped up and down
in the aisles. An Oklahoma delegate took off hit coat and
waved it wildly in the air. yelling frantically.
Give Plank to
Anti-Injunction Question Is Presented
by Gompers to the Sub-Committee
on Resolutions and Exciting Time
Hitch Occurs and the Proceedings
of the Convention Are Blocked for
% a Time—What Labor Asks For.
(By United Press.)
■ Msbl mWmWmKmFfmmj^ggggmi
CHICAOO, June —Bulletin.— expected hitch ovsf
the anti-injunction plank blocked. the, procedure of the con- J
vention this afternoon. After a stormy session the sub-com
mittee on resolutions took a recess until 3 o'clock. The mem
bers said the entire session had bean taken up with the anti
injunction matter. It is practically certain that the sub-com
mittee will not be ready to report to the regular committee
! before 4 o'clock, and that' another adjournment without any
business transacted will be necessary.
(By United Press.)
CHICAGO, June'l7.—The labor
plank, adopted by the executive
council of the American Fedcrs
tlon of labor was presented to a
subcommittee of the committee on
| resolution* of the convention to
day Labor asks that It be planed j
In the republican platform '.', It was
submitted by Samuel * Comport,
, president of the American Federa
tlon In the following form: *
The republican party Is In ac
cord i with Lincoln when be de- ;
clared: Tabor I* prior to and In
dependent of capital, labor Is the
superior of capital and deserves !
more contlderttlon.'
• "The republican party hat been
a tltuncb defender of property and
property right*, yet It holds thst
personal rights and human liberty
are, and of necessity must be. en
titled to the first and highest con
siderations. ""Hill *H^']|^arttttWnf
"Recognising the new conditions;
arising from our marvelous Indus
trial development, our people and
the nation realise the fact thst the
wheels of commerce snd Industry
require new law New conceptions
'of lew- mutt be enacted to conform
with modern Industry and com
merce aud advance freedom to line
* "We, therefore, pledge tbe re- '
publican party to the enactment of
laws by congress guaranteeing to
the wage earners, the agricultur
tats and the horticulturists of our
country the right to organize, to
the end that such associations or
their members shall not be re
garded as Illegal combinations In
restraint of trade.
"We pledge ourselves to the en
actment of a law to prohibit the
! Issuance of Injunctions In ca.es ,
arising out of labor disputes, when
such Injunctions would not apply
when no labor disputes existed;
that In no case shall an Injunction
1., Issued when there exists a rem
edy by the ordinary process of
law " .-*'.'
"This law shall provide lhat In
a proceednra for punishment for
contempt of court, the parly cited
for contempt shall, when such con
tempt was not committed In the
, actual presence of the court, be
entitled to a trial by Jury.
Want Eight Hour Law.
"We pledge the republican party
in th. enactment of an amendment
extending tha existing eight-hour
I law to all government* employes
and in all workers, whether • ... I
i ployed by con!' ..el. or by tub-con
tractors, doing work for, or In bo
half of tho federal government. '
i "Wo pledge Ihc-republleaa party
to tho enactment of a las by con
gress, as far at federal Jurisdiction
can extend for a federal employes'
liability act, for Injury to Uu- body
lor lost of life suffered by eta
! ploy en."
Continuing the pltnk demands
the following pledge:
i'A law to extend the federal Jur
l ttdlction to grant woman's suffrage.
'To' , submit a constitutional
amendment to the states for rati
fication providing for the absolute
i suffrage of women equal to that of
- A taw creating a department of
labor separate r from any. .-sitting '
department, the secretary at Its
bead holding a seat In the cabinet.
A law creating a' federal bureau
of mines and mining, preferably
under the proposed; deimitmenl of
A law appropriating sufficient
fundi for the Investigation c, ot \
causes of all great disaster*, for the I
purpose of recommending law and
resolutions to prevent terrible loss
of life in mines
A law establishing United States
government savings banks.
Compere Presents Plank.
■-.'..-- . . . ' :.:■
Samuel Oompers personally pre
sented the labor resolutions to the
sub-committee st the Coliseum An
nex, snd In - a speech said that a
revolution ' would bo the result la
this country If the labor unions are
destroyed, or If they are treated
on the same plane at "criminal,
| trusts'' and monopolies.
"We don't want to eat the' em
ployer as sn appetiser before
breakfast, nor as a dessert after
dinner," he said, "but we want to.
get fair treatment, and are going
to get It. We are not anarchists'
or destroyers of property. -We
don't represent that Idea or that
line of thought.
"We are as loyal so the Institu
tions of America an anybody, but \
we went to retain our right to or
ganize and take our steps to meet
the encroachments and oppressions
of capital
Exciting Scene Occurs.
Wade GUIs of Ohio asked Gomp
crs if It were not true thai there
had been only S3 Injunctions
against tabor In the last five years.
"1 deny that." said Compere.
The man who made that state
ment did so knowing It wat un
"I made that Statement'" sud
denly announced *1. A. Kmory, gen
eral counsel for the National Man
ufacturers' association.
An exciting scene was prevented
hy the 5e11..11 of Chairman Hopkins,
who declared that there mutt be j
no Interruption anil told Comport
to proceed. .. .tapers then pro
duced a document from the records
of the house of representatives, la
cluding 2.1 Injunction cases, ex
plaining that they bad been select- '
ed from hundreds,
Emory asked tho committee to
examine be Injunction cases re
ferred to by (tampers.

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