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Spirit, of Seattle, Defeats
the Rival in Slow
The Spirit, of Seattle, defeated
thn Rival, of I'vereit. by S mlii
ute* and .'..% aecoud* In a tlow time
over a t.' mile couraa yesterday af
" The wind wat light and flukey
and for a time It looked aa If tbe
yacht* couldn't possibly finish
within the 11mo limit. They did
eras: across the fla!*h Una wlib
teas than I." minute, to spare.
The start lag sua wat sounded
promptly at 3 to'clock. and liar
Spirit luffed across the line SS
see-teds abend of the Rival and
started tor the B .--• Point buoy.
Rtrth yachts almost drifted st
timet. The Spirit wat IS minutes
ahead at th.- first buoy.
-. Tbe yachts .tiled for the t*agle
harbor ban) with a light westerly
breer Tbe Rival. outfooled. tbe
Spirit on this leg 'an I decreased
her lead to I minutes, rouudlng
the buoy at S minutes to * o'clock.
> The breete frwab. .to 10
mil tat! an ' hour and shifted to - tbe
. •Bat on the last leg home. Roth
yachts lit put along st a to. clip
tor a till!.' but about a mile from
„ borne th.- breete died out and the
boat* barely drifted across the tine.
The Spirit had Increased ber lead
In nearly 7 minute.. on tbe latt leg
The race was unsatisfactory on
. account of the light triad, but it
showed that the Rival . bat speed
* aad will give the Spirit a hard
I rah for the honor of defending th«
- Alexandra cup.
t Ted Geary bandied the spirit
! with bis usual skill and wat quick
.to take Hantaan of every slant
and chant- In the wind.
Goldfinch, Of the Rival, also
;bandied 111* boat, well but -he I*
, Sew yet and will show more ipeed
Whan aha i. proper!, tuned up The
yachts win rata- over the same
oourka- this afternoon, and both
t skipper* are praying for a heavier
; wind.: 1./., • ■ j
The Indications were early thlt
* afternoon" that the triad would be
' aiiaoat tun light to take the vessels
over the course within * the time
: limit " "
:' The Judges yesterdsy we... F. 11.
Boy nt-m. John Manga 11 and Henry
Housed..: -•.?-. ■ • i
v Every pair of shears at Piper A
Tali's guaranteed to give sattUfte
" llrtaai . Kanalaiaa aa
Str. Yosemlte
Sunday, Jane 31; fine music good
dancing " Kvery thing welcome.
$15 ai,u $20
-'•• The sale of all our broken lots
of $15 and $20 Suits still con
tinues and although the public
Has responded liberally we have
yet a good assortment and
Sizes to fit
. Our Usual Guarantee (Money
Back if You Want It) Goes With
Every Suit.
On Ih. Squirt. / Oppo.lt. Tot.re Pol*.
61 5-617 First Ay
A baseball player, to ba a good
man at 'he business, must keep la
! good condition.
To keep In condition he must get
plenty of real and sleep. Carousing
•nd aBBBaBStiBB will put say plater
out of biuluest. A bate ball player
j ae.-da brain* la bit work as a man
need* I here In any otber business.)
Ills brain must be quick.
-A all player must net work too';
bard 111 the spring. Most pisyers j
want to reduce weight too fast.
This I* a great mistake. Nature
will not stand the strain. Ihe re
dating must be dona In a gradual j
[ manaer. Players should get their
The born.* belonging to Wilson
at raven Including Talarand and
Cableeklll. arrived yesterday by
boat. Mastress ■ was . also la tha
The light rata thai fell matte no
difference .11 the track and a num
ber of boraes were worked over It
U. S. Navy Vara Routt Steamer
Mentlttita leaves Flyer Beck 4: JO
md •Ma.**.. 1:10 and 4 a m. •*•
mute let la ' good shape, carrying
'some surplus weight, and wear ll
off a* tho season become, hotter.
A ball player should not luduls*
| strongly In liquor. A gla*. of beer
loeeastoßslty will not harm a player,!
but In become a bosom friend of
John llarieyeoni will • fit ' any man !
to be ran never get In condition or
keep In condition tn pi*y baseball.
Too much haul training or Btren
;■BßS morning praetlva win put a
-man out of condition. I would ad
viae moderate practice}, so that lbs
player Isn't fatigued. A man who
Indulge. In practice every spats
moment will Invariably become
I have been la baseball practical-
j this morning. Among fhoww that
j were out wars Royal Rogue, Aunt
! Polly, Ht l.au.i* and Honing
Prank Ht D Sklnßtrr, who will be
one of. the Judges si lbs cooling'
meeting st Unite, i* la the city, ea
route to Montana.
Th* horsemen from ihe roast ev|.
dently bad a bad streak st iB-mcr
yesterday, aa all lb* rare* there
were won by boraes that came from
l-*atim, sad rlotilbrrn points Ow
Ing to a court Injunction the book
makers were not moletted and bet
'lag priKrrHjed at tt.uai
l-ddle llrten. Ihe Portland tuff
man. will be on band on the open
lug day.
Tjoc** Holland, who mad* books
during tbe winter mewling at LSS
Angeles. I* la laws and etpe»rt*
to cut In on tbe opening dat
The hi tic Suburban Handicap,
worth l2S.it.ko to the winner, will be
ran at Ht.--ep.head her Friday.
lame. R. K'-.-n* !. et|tt»cia»d to cap
tar* It at be bold* a strong hand
with Colin, Celt and Hall.it. an.
one of which is good enough to
B"™* ■ ■'.'
Jockey Mont* Preston, on* of tbe
b*tt llghtwatght riders In tb* coun
try.'lt here with th* Newman
beta* lightweight riders In th* conn
. here with tbe V> wmaii
•table hut owing to th* tact that
b* Is under suspension for a year,
I be will not be seen la th* sad
Th* St tame* stable, which thlp
ned hare from taionta. contain* a
number of home, (bat are Strang*
to tbe local racegoers but It I* on*
of the strong*!t strings st the Met
dows. Th* best performer Is
Oreen Best, who ractvd at New Or
leana latt winter, and oa eereral
oceaaloat stepped miles better lhan
$55 Denver and Return
Oreen Heal, who rtc-d st N«w f)r
leans last winter, and oa several
•tceaalons tt*ppttd miles betlei ih.n
% 5 5 f)t?nvt?r and Return
Tickets on **> June 11 by .he
! Oregon Italia*? a Navigation com
pany. Return limit 19 days, fall
or writ* Union Ticket Office. No
W» Pint ar. E. B. Kills, Oenl.
I Agent .ta
la tan and blank Look at lha
quality and compare tbe prices.
TV, Plfct SI.
The Amherst ( . ,11" m ' n ,*'li
Inp Amherst „ bh *..» .?
C*e, S«.ertal A.era.. 111. et!?. flee. I
. aaal riate Mreal aerial..a f-rtee. ;
S I a . •<• 1t... '
Cleeitte I |.HI Max .nd CaM Wale? (
»«e. T.1.ie8... la taik ream. Frl- I
V.I. ll.lha
IH-- - .„.■... (a eeeß raaat Crl
V.l. l.a a
: — :
mot a i iitmiiitM
A a *"■' I l-r*» Crner flirt .a sat
Hener. .- Heal.lee Ureal Unetnaee i.».
ler. naorae. I*c, II tt. H...1., ..n...
r .r llateemen, ll.tl Ber week a*
I 1........ Mela III*, 1,,
I tlt.il «ik mil I 1..
Mik.l r.Mr.lit tooled 1.-.lal ta teettle
111 l Tblrtl lt.au. Ream* r-nm I! ..* |*
111 l B*? tmf, ll.im |t*t to fit* par
I Mill 1111 AH I Ikll-N.l a.a ..la ».
Mlirl.l. IIAIII.IKit— llel ...I raid wa.
ler la every ream, free Balk. l--.il "tee.
... at , ear, riae. lie aad a* per tee
Mitiiiiiitiinv i i tin ■
at ii i.era; mm
I „.,,,, ..... at! til Weak **
tanrlay a I it* i* m
llirrK ... ABKBDKXW,
IBIITTS r* ttrtlll.l v
latttlaa' Da? 1ie....1a.
| Admlattea lie .nt ll* T.k. V.el«? etw
ly all my life—ever *BMS I '"
j wearing knee pantt I played wlih
[amateur teams tnd semi profession
als fur jests la ItSitt 1 was with
the laouiavllle Nation.!, la 1 i'ti 7
I Joined tba New York National*. 1
was with the Baltimore Sail.mala
In IMIS. In l»0Ol-3 I played wllh
the iB-tiott Americans. I Joined the
Chlcsgo tmcilc.n. in I*o3 and
played with ihern the two follow
ing years. 111 ISOt I lao-irhl the Lin
coln Western league IBS IB and own
ed It through I SO: "
In all the. years I plated ball.
and played good and bard. I fol
lowed tbe rule. I have given above,
aad can truthfully **' 'hat I am la
[ the pink of condition tight now.
til This bird la entered In all
lb* local stakes. Another high
rist. performer In the same bam
la I .tl ii. lUi-r, who. as a three ratal?
old. woe tha Triumph Slakes at
New York. Or. Met'litei. who Is a
sbttty performer over a dli'.aoc* uf
ground. Is also bar*
liutte is berk la the cellar again
Aberdeen Is only .011 behind Se
attle The SI a*.he* will hat* to
put up on th* high *pe.*i clutch
If they want to finish within hall
lag l.a.ai. .- of ihe Icier. Just
now Imgdal. * men are certainly
ting punk ball
Th* American ear In lb* later
nations! automobile rare from New
York to Paris pasted through N*r-
bins* Asiatic 11-ia.la It I iii l'»
yesterday morning The Oerman
car came through to minute. later.
The lacrnttsn team from Wet*
minster Canada, wilt play the
Shamrock team •if Montreal at that
city for Ih* i«.*te.«ion of th* Mlnto
rnip. ... first game will be play
ed July 11. The Westminster pity
art srn confident of winning from
th* I*a*t.-rn Canadian team.
f'.anible tb* young pltclW who
„ • SjEum^*" i—jl % v tut* i t_ii
Take C. r at Jackson St. and First Ay.
Admission—Gentlemen $1, Ladies 50c.
"'" — i
i _ __j
did such en.II. twirling against
Taeoiua yettardsy, waa released by
Uugdala Gamble shows same
promise, but be Is autirely too wild
lii iriist si this stags of the gam*.
\ Princeton defeated Yale at baae
bail yetterdty by a teore of 4 to I
«ad won the Eastern Intercollegiate
111 he It took II ' Wild
ll at this stage of the at.in'
l-ilin el.vi dcfi.ai.--l EalS st haae
•if I to I
v .l a Stale
H look II lattlUKa
fur lbs TtgeiS to Wallop old LH.
i Virgil Csrvln. formerly a well
known ball plsyer wlib the Chksgn
Nations.!, snd Niw York Glunts,
died Isst ntglit St tbe county bus
pita! ■'' I'l'-mio, isi Garvin ait"
suffering wlib consumption.
Battling Nelson continues to tell
Whs! he will do to Joe Gens when
Ibey meet at Krlaco on July «. A
gland Ilia.iiv all* fight fans think,
however, that Ihe Durable Dane Is i
due fur another awful drubbing.
t'ackey 'Md-arlstid and rYeddle
Welsh wilt battle 35 rounds at Jim
Jeffries' club at laos An. '••» on
July I. till, little Kugllsbmaa
Welsh I. one ..I the clnverest wen
thst ever crotsed Ihe pond and he
will iiiiti.e tbe ttock yards fighter
go at top sped ail the.way. The
Milwaukee sport writers .at thai
Welsh was to bleed In that city
when I'ackey waa given a decision
over hi in at tbe end of 10 rounds.
Dr. Holler hat temporarily given I
up bit medical practice and from
now utiiil July 1 will devote hit en
tire attention to training for his
match wlih Gotch Roller took os
about II pounds during Us trip
home He weighed 3M .today I
Light when be wrettled si the
Prase club benefit. Its expects to
weigh shout ZOO when he meets
Got. ii Or. Holler Is confident that
ha can throw the world's champion. I
Abe Attell mat be seen la this)
city la the near future. Johnnie
M«ld It trying to match him with
the winner of the < Ilea Sealer I
ftilit- I.lib of 'he., boyt sre hard,
clever fishier* and with the ad
vantage in weight they would give '
Abhta. a much harder go than did
I —
firmer Cullen-Scaler Go
to Meet M'Farland
or AttelL
ijohaale Bold ha* announced that
- will in.'■ either Packet Mr
• i land or Abe Atlell with thn wis
«r o( the in.k i'ullen Kid Healer
Healer and i'ull-n fight nett tint
ay night. 11..1 boys are training
hard and are In fine condition for
their J., round contest. I .irate I*
Working out with Cur nucktet at
I the a.bli.gtoa Athletic club and,
lb .lei It doing bit training ttnnts
tfi M Sound Ilea,
I Ibe winner of lb* fight Belt Mon
day will have a chance to clean up
but money with Abe k I tell sad
neither of the boys will overtook
Say chance, to g*t 4 victory.
I The last JO round fight between
the** bote wst a diaw Both Sealer
and i'ullen thought they wee* en
titled to the detrition. Th* last fight
was one of the tom ever t*ea In
the Northwest and the fight fan*
.who aaw It say the. would walk SB
tulles to a** another like II
The steamer Yoeemttn will leave
pier No. c at % o'clock -..t Mondsy
evening. Tickets csn be purchased
aboard Tb* right will be pulled
off as anon as possible sad th* boat
will return to Seattle. .
The whole Atlantic fleet will be
at th* nary yard a few da., nor*.'
Be.- the battleship Rhode Island la
th* dry dock. Itoata leave let I.i
foot of Y-wter way.'ten times daily.
Round trip far*. Ut cents •••.
(By United Press.)
TACOMA. Wttb, June 17,—Ts
corns detested Hie Wwashes eater
day by a score of # lo I.
It happened In Ihe third Inutng.
Gamble wss on the mound nnd tie
otilil not rind lbs plate The 'gen
mtdn no attempt in ttrlks at Hie
ball hut wilted for Gamble to hand
them wide ones, lie pa*s«d two
men and hit .1 » with the ball,
filling the battel.
Ougdale promptly stabled Gamble
and tent Welch in. Kin.: sacri
ficed ... the outfield and * score
came In. Mm tin!'.- wslloped out a
three bagger and two mure cioated
the rubber, Marllnke then catua
borne on- M< Kirn. a error.
The tilwattiet could do ibing
tlih U'lU.i delivery until the
seventh frsnte when tingles by
• Frisk and Kuitlei and Hrealno'a er
ror a ■•tiled Is. llliell
Three bit. and two errors gave
tha Tlg'-rs two more runs ta the
eighth. Kortter and leusal both
mad. wii.l throws.
1 he Elwttbea and Tigers made
like etrurs sptece and Keattta la
particular played erratic ball.
ILa . im. 1.1 Sear*.
Teratßt— All IV II ro A. B.
» .... tt , 1 1 I i . »
Bl.* Ik I itiii
M.ou.ke If ..... II 1 I.St
11-..,..! 1 lb .14 4 11
1..1 ...... Ik .... I * I It I »
1... 1, rl „.,.,., I . I I * *
»'•-• a • I • I I S •
lllMlim. • a ....... I I I I I I
Hallaa*. p „ I I t I I k
Tat tit II 1 1 It Ii "
it 11 I I If II 4
I a - AH. I. II I'll. A. X
•'.'ill it .. ..... ..11.*
....... tt If ll*
M k.ni. c. ...... I I I I 1 I
Mutaett. I. „,... * I I I I I
i-u.ti, lb ........ I * * II * I
lota. II I t I I I I
Alias, It 4t1.1t
1'....1ea. * ........ 4 • I I I I
„...,'.. t a. I * t II •
Bstcß. .. I • • • • I
TattsU .......M "l "l M It "l
!T.<t . II IIIt U I
avara St laal*s*i
!. * I 4 ... I •-*
...1.1. , SISSSSIS S— I
Mion«tß.rri Slatew ' .... — nu.v.ti.
Men*, ll.en.n tkmit.lt b!.VB-K(*|
la l.a i.i tat la Bo 1 Keller..? la lire
a.i.u Twa-W.aa ».<• • -el.il! Th...k11.
kll kltllllik, B.'llfU. In. . .11-.l
M.X.8.. Kn.a I .11 «B b*t4«a—Taratra.
I, aaalli* I. luia ■■•( tumble, aaaa aa I
■a rasa la tw* inn"n. all Watte a, I la
...an Ki11.,. a..v. 11 ...I -„ I.Hilar I.
>■» lleaaWe 1. b? Wel.li 1 Haa.a aa
bail.—ttr? '1t.r.1... I. at? Hatter I. Hit
by |Hlrßt*4 Ball—nam. by U.tabeß Us*.
,11, 1.1i.111-H
koiTisr.kirtk in turn
trae -«t l*rt
Kp4>k.e. .....,,, ..... It 14 .111
I.rente .. II II *tl
Vaaraatee aa ......... It tt .111
Baa.ll* , It tl .111
Ball* „ , ll It .111
A Bet a-a -jo-. II IT til
rariric mi.? i not a
aw •>• 1x... ret
e.eti.r.t •., ..... II It 111
1..a A*s*le« 11 It -111
Ban »'ia.. l*.e ......... It I* .til
tl.kl.nl „ , ..... II It .til
t».ie.a.i » tlaaaaa
A. t^..t % .rai.a ■ 1.4. tri... f. Frlare I
Al i1.ea1.4 IIOI.nI I. 1-4.1,a0t t.
Miiiimi I I till I
-• - Wan, lata*, ret
• -M..SB .... It IT lit
l-oiatHia. 14 ?. -111
■ le.. I—Ol .... , „ 14 I. Jilt
•tea I ... .... It tl .tit
' I'M!.fl.lff-!. :.." |l II '.tl
1.-..-. .. II If .HI
et. i4-t.it , II ll 111
llfwtklta „ If 11 .tit
teal.rat., a l|* Wa**,
Al rikllA4.leW. — miladeliMita I, Chi
tats 1.
k- naa-aa n.'.Bvr* I. a—taw I
Al lll.aakllß- ll.'-a.l.ei I. St. Ideate J
' tt Sea .... - wilt iae.ll
B««<Baae4; 4..«. 1...J.1 Mo
Il^ee. aeee eat AMI Itl.'t-k I I ear
* titan %. i > %..i r
We*. 14-al ay,
.'hire*. II It , .1.1
tle.el.atl-,.,, „tl 'II til
IM. latajl. .... , •a It .111
fat.™.. , IT It lit
1-h11.J.t1.1.1. II tl .111
. fee te.B a. it it .It*
1.44.1... .... , a -. .til
tVa.ii..l.a II It IT!
tea.a.re flame.
Al I'Wmt. «---i. tea 1. K*w Tee* ?
Al .. I-..1. I -to - t. Ml l^aale I.
»■ |kai.~l! I^,l. mi J. I'kll.t.ij.Ma |
Al ' ...-.! - aaakin.l.,..| * t'leie
-1.1.4 1
| ,
j|| H. L. KLEIN I I
The Best Shut. Repairing la I
i the City While Ton WalL |
"' '*—" — ■ ' ■' i i »
(Star Special Service.)
PHH.AIIKI I'll! k JOOB 17.—
•Pbllsdelpbla J*' : OTlrlen, one*
champion heavyweight and later
I confessed faker, bad Ihe distinction
of It* ii.c a millionaire for t second
In hi* recent els-round bout here
with Jsck Btsrkburn. the negro.
I l.a second wss Anthony J.
Oretel Middle, sel.m of one of Phil
adelphia's mott ' 'blue ti|i..d>-ii" first
Riddle appeared at 'he ring. In
Irreproachable evening dress. Hut
be soon waa mln-i. all superfluous j
tktde Itrinker wa* on th* firing
line for Aberdeen yesterdsy and b*
administered a nice coat of wbltiv
wssh to tbe Unite. Miners, the
champs winning 1 to 0.
Rrlnker only sllowed three hits
snd st bit team mates plated er- I
rorleas ball the Miners never htd !
a eh.nee to acorn. They swung
tnlgbtlty st Dode's benders, hut
somehow they couldn't seem to I
Aberdeen's two scores cam- In
the second Inning whan "Stub"
Spencer landed on Baa of Clsflln's
curves and sent It over tbe fence,
bringing rltxgetald snd himself la.
Cltflln pitched good ball and waa
effective at til stages. He ■ •■>
given good support and It ..would
have bees . no-scorn gtm.-fer nine
Innings If Spencer bad not rtten to
th* occasion.
Itutie and Aberdeen will play
agalß ibis Bftemoou.
There ht* lost been Issued from
lb* pre** of Itlcbsrd X Pot, Frank
lin square, New York, one of the
most valuable snd comprehensive
trestlses on wrestling ever publish
ed. Worlds Champion Wrestler
Prank notch has written a book
about tbe art. which contains every-
. The Natlon't Grrate^ Playground on th* Pacific Coast
Free Attractions I'ail) 3:30 and 8:30 p. m.
The Three Kuhns
Accompanied by th* 112,000 Orchtstreum. ;
I c.11.-'* Bard Yard Circus afternoons and evenings. Hrtggi 4
Hoi* exhibition of pbytlcal culture and feats of strv-ngth afteimutt
j and evenings, and Uncle Hiram and 'io- Pig.*
Friday and Saturday KreniDgs.
Charley Franklin, Referee
! TSe Airship will be ready about tbe I«tb.
Kverr Saturday will he children's day. Children tccomr.itirtt i
Iby guardlsos will as admitted free to the park. Three Childress
< tickets will be told for 10 rents to all amusements.
'COM..NO ATTHM'TInNS Ctpt Mecklem's Air Hhip-
CIIAS. LeOOTT, Msaagtr.
— - - - - . — .- —.—~ . _ -^
m *mm Bank Service That Makes***
m mmmmmlV£tV^ilstE^M,lt£mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm\Wm m
I For Business Success
Mora and mora do .'urines*- Men re*
-I *^ Ite that the sort of Hanking Service Ut*'
■ ataV^^atav receive la a very Isrte factor In the ttc
M jffK^JjtjfjtW ****"* °' 11",,r stores, their mill*, their *B
sUMF VjiSJL^t^Bt.. „,rlts"»- Likewise, a good Bankta.
|Hj> ( £ |JJa l)jS&2'tb| Service becomes a factor lv Hie substta
HiS'sj. ■ sT^-4t»BOTrvy ,U1 Pros**" of ■ ell. »nd • st"
j'j/e-jjl tt KtmY m \*li,'/il Coaalstetitli adhering to crtntervtllv*
V 1!!-^ „nnM"« methods, The tkandlnavlis
':iasm™*lMf', I Am«"r,f-*n •*■■••• sat developed lines at
'^rt^twaßßnT^^terf*•••'» usefulness "'"' rollt**nienr" to It* rom
'[^('lSjjf^^"' I';' n"'^•,", j-i-'""" that «r° *<**' ol £
!MIIU| ft || ,fm-., >jjjijf 'ctiout ronslderatlon of every 11 i.liiet*
.'•Jlsll KaiVim'-.i M»n »>>" requires sew or additional task
g^yil,Mf.V.^rS ing lac..,
Mft-VwjJ^^e-*t-i^|t»Ti' Hank* tad btnkera, corporatlonl, firm*.
I. -31*■ fl^R* --J Individuals: tb* older and well ■•-'*>• "-I.e.
ly ™ """V -**^ houses and the rating man Just seekia
J \.-" * to ctttbllth himself—all are silks Invited
■ *^^?s£K2 '" '"• la. avail or write to us.
I to tall ur wiiti- to ut
I Scandinavian American Bank
jmm***m9}\!V^it\ Luildint. Seattle. V. S. Ammmm*mmm\mf
raiWws. tSraffiV. U. 5. A.***'mmw
clothing, looking; Ilk. tht rvtgulatitn
Riddle mado good tat a tttcttki
OTlrien bad 1.. sooner entered tin
ring 10 d " 1 silk kimono than yj^u
Informed lilra of a deep plot
"I rjiMo.e!. .i BUckburn puttltt
plaster of parit on bit hinds "
pered Riddle. "Rewart!"
OTlriea and Riddle . .>.ied lay
"What you all ttlkln' thoctr .»
sponded tb* n*gro .-... .if. *u»*t
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gilt-edged support. * f
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and nine sal* ones were tactual
off hit delivery. * ' « *•_ * J
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bate hit. only to die rat third.
Mundorff did ttOUM atOM'lußaal
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Oonovan for Vtscotver tad
Mackta for Spokane aits ttarrttt.
All la LAWN, only UIS to
lei Term, 10 cask aa4 !
IT.tO per month. Take Greet
Iji'.e car to Green Lake sta
tion. Inquire at Green Letts
lls.ar for Mr. Smith.: v;*J

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