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W* - *'
J^o Passes Away After
f 0 Passes a Few After
gluts* of a Few
fm ll aiijl
i ___ Coombe. a.well known
*■*... * re** of this city
__§m TI» yeara. died thl.
'______. \Tthe fsmtty residence.
■»».'.>*. s«ed Tt years.
1 jLwafd had been enjoytsg
ThSh sp to '*** evenln*. He
*Lum%i«* ol beiwt Hi shortly
B er hour and rapidly
**#**. W*. J. P. Sweeoty wss
JiTSd, bat ,!'" **''' ' '"■-"
weakened Mi passed
TT Mil} t*l4"' . „
?! fAk-Bbt mm prot.3t.lv one of
"L afwMlnet" of the older
JJJL | S tht .Northwest lie bss
**, uvea • «rett Interest la
S .flairs served on.- term a*
J »*!.' tad wss for * lime
*?y.^ he- He enjoyed the (
"__\m ot •-. ■ ibe senior no- 1
\S# mt IS- •<*'*
il'mcm*" *** i ••■anted as an
i as tors] history and was
E.J. »ttl verted l:i nutters !
Liifi'telhe BMBt is.! ir11..-*
•LsvtWsi. 11. „- person
.-unlet with all of the
Cacti £».. cviel.iltle. m the
JJ, gaaai an.im i tt.- tout J
_, *fc*«*r timet
\,<m Mr Coombs with J A.
In, comikilett tnd published a
r««BJtd "Tht gtwsih.- In
j* ... «ti!ieied a history Ot
.Wtletsttftt Indian* from the
Let Vtacoßtwr
__ faowiw l* survived by a
Mm teas. Mortimer W. and
•Wl a daughter, Mi. 3. 11.
aa. it* a»t * member .if the
Dart MtaK-tatlon and of SL I
iiW.**. *'. * A. M.
I* Cot-lb* enjoyed the distlne
,**.*** be** the first Justice
IBP*'"' '" occupy office in this
km eat well acquainted wtth
_i tV prominent pioneer fam
a»l H3k aa active pert la the
U*n .•< affairs daring the troip
t*Mch the early settlers »*f» j
M .>« to A'-
Wit.* Round trip. S««. •••
ft* the Navy Yard
tmvx re.' It .-ill at the navy
he the battleship Rhode
*_, a th* drydock. Iktatt leave
:••* da-ly from Pier S. too*, of
Ohio Dentists
- e-. ■ _•-.;;
:alse Plates
Im It*' c< trouble with t par-
IfWl can't - eat proper!, with
urn tmtlk^gtmsmXmjmTmmm]
•taVsrd of Ohio Dentists?
k{|t*l know It It poaatbt*.
ItMgk the .wonderful dtacov
B'i iff 'b- world famous dea-'"
g neci.li.t*. ><>,<. Dentists.
i 'V Alveolar method, to put
"» ta the ' month - without
Vtsri doing that work daily
!H^M—l'lluikiai! W|,„ t iWMHMP^^esSIMM^I -
8 NEW PLAN — This new
»>" Is; on*. of ib« great- 5
* {achievements ever ; known
IB* *rteßC* of dentistry. ';
■0 PLATIB - Heretofore
li dtatitt • hat | demanded I aa
■Borage in the thape of a
mkm piate or a "Bridge** be-.
m* i. could supplt any teeth.
*» tit for two or more teeth
• Biker )aw. a* matter, wbeib
»Bey tr* tight or fcwte ones,
tttey tr* loose, we cure the
*m ih> looseness. With
mm* Work with, ai- give
Mill the teeth you hate loaf,
■tr <mt |o tbe end* Of 'he
mm spper sad lower, big,
■Ntfsatarsl - looking teeth.
*< *<£ eaabU you to est any
■B It comfort, practically
» mm comfort a. yon used
»lt». atie o you ___,* ,11 Jrour
"S teeth.
** It sot done by Implanting
** IS the Jaa, nor does It
tt ht gay ratting or psln.
JJjysn will come to aar of
■jraAjWTli Pike Street we
*BjSt tltd to submit such s
mm *4 proof , m satisfied
"•-tit that you will want us
•a* to mtttt on your mouth
"■?.,* etrtfui examination of
*tr etae ' , of all. and thtt
■SBs li entirely f r ..e and put*
■tndtort emier no obligation
ektjaAjfY work done. We
J ,f*** nl 'i.tu,tiers aad
■ Qic re, hl«he« ds«* of
_—__**< We sre doing a
?•"•« *ork. and mm! tell
«*ih: wonderful how other ,
SJJWB tdvertlte our buttneta.
■weds tit i!il«s dally are"
2"M fmm other dentists to
■S S <lo their »«rk.
i|s»-«w.lh* only denial par
m,^*? "mplay graduate 11
--**** dean*.,.
307 Pike St
• . Wireless M.tsagt From SKYOACK, Oar Bpeost Cerret peed int.
Unfriendly tribe, beaded hy chief with evident teeth. *iaef**d aadilat.lt front Jungt»—Thick as
tt.ttnt borne la stale on easy couch, followed chief— Members at bill I rib* ran late bouse and reseated
noisy Interruption, throwing luiasltßß ot concentrated n..l*w and making tac-e. at rude chief
P. 8.~ KArthlwin. In air conveyance .till buyer. about— Will ad ■ ite you of further development*
< for. tinned.)
j ' ' '
j pointed a committee to eacort Sea
an.r Henry Cabot Ixtdge. the per
-1 manent chairman." to the platform.
. Senator; lodge waa located and |
im.lat much applanie was escorted
to. the platform He ... handed
- the gavel and rapped for order. Fol
lowing this be .lapped tn the front j
, aad began his speweb.
Spaeth by Lotg*
United States - Senator l/ndga
aaid la part: "I than. you most'
•merely for the greet honor yon
bat* done* m 'In cheating me to
preside over your deliberation*
For It la a great honor to be the
presiding officer of a republican
national convention. I ran con
ceive of contention*— l ; tar. la
! ded beard of convention! «h*re
tbe honor of tut!. a post at that ,
bow ocetii led by me Is dubtoo*. ,
, snd where. if .iriiew.ni Is pres- ,
! eat. pleasure la contplcuout by its '
absence, lint to he th* presiding
officer of a republican convention
la *v*r a high dtettaetioa lo wblch
no man can be Insensible. OrnUe
men of the convention, again I
thank you,
"I thai! not delay or detain yon
t wttfc many words Tour reaoln
tlona will *et forth the principles
of the party sad declare the poli
, cies upon which a* ahall ask for
'he support of tbe people of tbe
L'nlted States. 3 With t'lliaeet and
with eloquence . yonr temporary
chairman baa already reviewed tb*
blatory of the party, ha. given you I
acconat of what baa , been done,
and ' hat - set* forth whst we hope
J sod mean to do.' Mv dnty 1* mere
! ly to aid yon. so far as I can. in the
orderly snd prompt transaction of
that 'business which has brought us
together. That business Is m>.
gteaUNßß— nothing leat than to
name bare the two men who,
speaking with ' the simplicity of
troth, will be tb* neat president
•nd rice president tot the l'nlted
tittles. In order to win for them,
and for oar patty, an snared s*
wall a* merited victory, we must
defest our opponents, whose at
elusion from power Is desired by
tb* country and desert... by them.
Crest Record Made,
"No political parly In modern
times can show such a record of
achievement during th* laal 80
years at the republican party. Up
on that record w* stand and chal
lenge all comers to the lists.
, "Th* American « people must
choose Beat November between as
and '1..- democratic party. With
I Ik* democratic party, and with that
alone, mutt lb* comparison ba
"Th* policy of the republican
1 party, In dealing with thee* new
and formidable questions which
have tale-, conrrele form in enor
mous f.ifj.hlnatlons of capital and
In great public-service corporations,
baa been tiated and deter
mined. Th* policy It to use gov
ernment regulation and supervis
| lon for th* control of corporations
•nd . „.,.!,. st ion*, to that these
great and necessary Instruments
of commerce mutt business may be
i preserved s* useful servsnts snd
not destroyed oec-aesa they have
theratened to become dangetwM
matiers. immmt^&mpms&mtm
"This policy Is the sbsoltit* op-
One of the laigest stocks If!
the West to select from.
111! 11... Ate.. t.i..i4* Aaae*.
posit* of government ownership
' and all tike ataa* urea orated
by our opponent*, which tend di
rectly to socialism snd to all Its
attendant miseries snd evil* .
"It i* tn pursuance of thta policy,
shaped and settled, dating ibe past
few rear, that old laws have been
, enforced and e*w one* enacted.
"Nothing I* more il**tr.icl' -. ta
th* respect for law- ibe chief bul
wark of Civilised society —than to
1 place laws upon th* statute book
iln order merely to •till public
I clamor and satisfy the people, but
which It la never Intended to en
tare*. The worst laws Imaaitahla
ar* those which are allowed to
rust, unused, because. If enforced.
they mlaht interfer* with vetted
1 abases or curb the rich and power
"The president hat enforced the
laws aa be found them ea lbs
•.•tu book. For this performance
of hit sworn dim he has been Ml
terly attacked. It waa to be c,
parted Vested attnsr* and profit
able wrongs cry out loudly when
their snlrenchments ar* , carried :
and tome on* i* BMB '» 'be burl
wh*a tb* bayonets of the law ar*
pushed home In the great Ameri
caß alertorafa money ha* few vote*,
but It can command many voice*
\ and cant* many bird* to sing. The
resntt I* thst the president I* the]
hext tbi)*ed and the most popular
man la the United Bute* today, lie '
haa hewn more sbiiaed than any
president except Washington, Lin
coln and Grant, ll* possess th* here
and coafldaaee of the American
people 10 a degree never equaled
by Lincoln and Washington. Mat
il not be tald, la tuber truth, thai
th* fearless performance of a sworn
duty Is not without It* ..ceding
great reward'
Asks far Cenflßsnce.
"lint, although the prealdeal re-
Urea. he. leave* his policies behind
him. To those policies th* republi
can party stand* pledged We
must carry them out at w* have
begun, regardiataa alike of tb* radi
cal* of reaction and tb* radicals of
revelation. V, . must hold fast to
that which I* good while we make
the advance* which the time* de
"We atk for th* confidence and i
support of th* American people h»
< an..- we bate met th* problems of
the dsy and have tried patiently to
tolte them. We ...[.. ..' for tote*
and for the power they confer be
cause we would hold tbe presi
dent's policies aad shall continue to
austsln them. We make our appeal
Ask any dealer which are the best and purett
beverigtt made in the sods water line such st pop,
ginger tie. ironbrew, etc., anil If he doesn't tell you
that ihoa. made by Th* Pacific A Puget {found Bot
tling Co. are, he wants to sell a Leverage that cost*
him Ittt money than ours do Dttltrt pay from 10
to 20 cents more per cite for our beverages thin
any other, because our tlm it quality and purity, not
Demand beverages with our libit on the bottle
when you drink md you will know you are getting
Hie bait
Pacific & Puget Sound Bottling Co.
with eoofldene*, b*caut* we hit* a
well defined policy, tn are no*,
like our opponents, fumbling In Ihe
dark tv find ekue opinion ua mo»
{By United Pr**. I
RKNO. Nev, June 17.—"The sto
ries tent out by th* **w*p*i>*r men
coaceratag my vlalls to th* dance
ball* of hid* wet* no. fit to
print.'* say* Eleanor 01) n. In to In
dignant protest again*! the accounts
that wer* given of her Dummies
trip at Rawhide. Mrs tJtya de-
I Bounce* the methods ■' Nets-Is
Journalists a* •unethical," In a let
ter Of elchl page* hot off til* til
ented pea. '•■ * Hen.. newspaper
man oa what she thinks of the Na
tsdt brand of reporter. -
iiada in*nd of report*! tb* visit
ti'. D *d>t.!"~l ll .' *he Visit
ed tbe Raw hide tenderloin, and even
placed wader*, but It wat Just th*
•"unethical" treatment thai eh* re
(letted at baaefal.
(By |MM Brae*)
IIOSTON, Matt, June IT Thou
'•and* of people Journeyed :to
t'barlealown today for the aanlvai
• try of the battle of Banker 1111 l
Thlt I. the ISJrd anniversary, and
preparation, have been mad* with
a view to making this th* greatest
, celebration of lb* famous battle
that bat yet been held Thci* will,
b* an elaborate military and civic {
pared*, foil.. by Historical and
patriotic exarctee.
PORTLAND. Ore June 17.—One
of the h1(t...*l dealt in the hi*' of
the lumber Industry on the l*acißc
coast was closed today, when the
vast Intereita In tbe Tongue Point \
Lumber Company, owned and con- j
trolled by it. D. Hum* and nssocl
ate*. Wat sold to the A. 11. Hat
mond {.umber Company, of San'
! Francisco, for 86.000.000.
Out-Mi Pr«f Silt if Ctotiß!
Now on at the Crown Clothing
Welch far rn.t. r -t ed
Large Number Receive Di
plomas at University
lief me a large IMi-mlili of
friends In the Manufacturers' build
ing st the exposition grounds the
graduates if Hie state university
received their dlptptoss from the
I hands of the dean, this morning
The commencement address was
made in Dr. Ittchard liurion, of
Ihe I'ntt.i i-.lly of Ml. hlKitu The
Ink.hi as. given by in 11. I.
Whitman, of tb* Klitt liapltit
Musical selections were furnish
ad by Ihe University orchestra, and
•overs! solos were rendered 1..
Miss li. M. ii.mi of Annie Wright
si-raluary, Tscoma.
1 sun> young Isdles of the
Junior class lad •■ ushers.
A feature of the exerrittMi was
ih.- match of the ■••Mm class lv
I alphabetical order from the Adinin
iatratlon building to the Mtnu
farturert' building in the BolatUU
caps and gowns,
Theresa Neely filed * petition
I for * divorce In lh* superior court
lodsy again*' i. 11. Neely. asking
for a division of the community
property which »!■* allege* to b*
worth I MS ll Is situated In
Hi* M hit* lilt.-t valley.
They were married February 88,
1111. at While river, and hake three
grown children, the youngest be- I
lag Mabel I. Neely, aged 18. She |
claims thai her husband has been
cruel to ber, causing her to leave
heme. In March, of this year,
i Ralph White ssked for a separa
Ilea from 1.it1.-ii- White, claiming
Ibst She deserted him September
£*„ 1804, and refuses to live with
htm They a- msrrled st Ta
'-.Ol* June IS, I*ol.
I I .tygmond Bmit.-kl at* granted s
PM from Ire** Itotyskl. all.
Ing desertion. They war* msrrled
November IT, 1804.
Tn* '..ate of Andrew Msln a 1*
borer, about 15 years old. Wat
t.mnd floating la Jh* water near
JtaT Railroad a* and Inteilis early
this afternoon.
It Is thought that V»ln committed
t'llcld* al latetbay about two seek.
ago by Jumping off a wharf.
Nothing la known of the dead
man or of hit relatival
The body »** taken to the Don
ney.Watton undertaking parlors.
Through a mltunderttanding.
The Olrl of 'he Golden Waal was
a.lf.llaeal tn The Star yesterday
a* Ihe attraction st the 1,..!* theatre
aad the management wtt much em
bars sent by the cttl for ticket*
which resulted The lit pro. iltea'
thould have been advertised a* tbe
Mr. and Mr*. Roland Ntlao. MO
Twenty-third tv 8, ate receiving
coasiaiulatlone over the birth ef
a 18-pound baby boy June 8. Mr,
aad Mrs Niltn hate been residents
of Seen)* for many years.
Higher Up* Indicted
NKW YORK. June 17 The
asm** lamed in the Indict
mesia lu«t returned by the federal
grand fury ■(*' certain members
of the New fork Cotton Kk.hang
and ih< Manila l"ap«r and Fiber
Msnufa. tuters' aaeoditlon will be
kept .c. ret until ai'.el* bate been
Nifty Clothes I
For Warm I
Weather I
Greatly I
Reduced in I
Price I
' Many nsw styltt In Suit* I
In all tht popular material* I
el cut price*. E
Neve Linen Suite andH
Jumptrt juil received. H
. All Lingerie and Liwn I
Wilttt it 2'> per c* it off. H
Westberg&Childs I
litt..pa«.ted m%\
1812—Second Ave—l3l2 B
« :
w *
* ——. .;#
* (Uf United Prut.) *
* OMAIIA. Neb, June IT.— A
a i a.. ttiiiiitind tlnip ample A
* of Hi* t'litnii Pacific rsllroad *
a liiikt. in tn placed US full time, *
* aftei king short lima since a
» Jttiuary. At Union I'.ii-its,; m
a headquarters I' wss stated.*
* that he i departments which c
a were cut Unaii I. few mouths •
• ago wilt be nugwsatcd shout •
• *
c m
(By Unltsd P..a. |
BT. PBTKRSDUBO, June 17,—Ity
the •t|ilosloii of a bontlh uiystert
on.lt placed, snven lluttlan army
officials were klltud while at break
fast In a rata here this morning.
The esilng plaeo was parilslly
wrecked. The greatest excitement
prevailed No arrests have been
made, although several employes of
the cafe are miliar suspicion.
(By Unltad Press )
PORTLAND Ore. 11,,. 17.—Pris
on guards, armed wllh rin.-t and
aided hy local police, made an un
mccetifut ail night search in their
effoits to recapture C. I-:. Kari.-il
and Wilson, two prisoners who,
after telling a guard with a sling
shot, escaped Isle Tuesday from
Kelly's llutte. the rock pile for con
victs. Fsrrell wss serving a sen
tence 'or bsving stolen a plant, and
Wilson i tine from th* municipal
court for having assaulted Patrol
man Colts. On* ■'be guarda em
ployed MS Booh had left tl.r door
open between the dining room and
the kitchen. Parrel!. It Is sal I
crept la upon the cook and felled
him wit! • blow from a .ling shot
How he got th* weapon Is a mya
'ei) Tb* men then fl*d.
(By Unlttd Prtit)
HIV 111-UN Aitl.lMl. I'al June
11 Ore* it.lt.ii.em lie. nil* here
Ustay ss a result of the discovery
of several human skeleton! in an
excavation la the heart of th- city.
St. far the tames of five persons.
■a.. women, two men and a child,
bat* bean nnearthed and lb* dig
ging It ttlll In progress.
Hundred* of persons bad gath
ered about the •cent- of the grew
some find before the police knew
of the eh. nni.••ne* It,.- fir*!
-lit. . I«. of the discovery a,.
brought to the author by offi
cers who found a boy walkUut
through 11-' crowded business por
lion of the city carrying a human
Old resident* declare that no
burial piece wa* located in that part
of the lowa sad an Investigation la
teg made, aa lb* spot It near a
notorious public house.
(0y United Br***)
Frank, former mayor of llutte.
Moot , and a prominent politician
uf that .tste was removed from
the Palmer bouse' to police' bead-
Union Powder Company's Big Plant at Marysvillc
Now Under Construction—Backed by
Seattle Capital
What promises to become one of the largest manufacturing Industries on the Pacific coast —the
mttiilfartuie of an improved powder— has been promoted by Seattle men and backed by Beattle cap-
Itsl. The I in.hi Powder Co I. the re. of heir effortt and the above cat shows s picture of the
f 10,000 plsnt that I. ui-silv continued on s 84acre site st Marysville, shout sit miles north of Ever
tatta Thlt plant will be In operation wlthtn 30 tnjrs hi the outside and the company already has
null-lit enough to keep them busy for several months.
Hal Slumping powder, "Korc-nte" Mining powder snd siaokeless shooting powder known as
"Union 6- Point Hniokeless' will lie the chief products.
Dr. \V. 8. Places the Inventor of these new powders, studied for years to overcome th.- objections
to the ordlnsry powder and dynamite and finally succeeded. The Union Ponder Company purchased
hi. patents.
The points of HilvantHß.. claimed fur the Union Powder Co.'t powder for mining, blasting and
stumping are that it will not fr.-er,. not being susceptible to atmospheric changes, that It Ins not
deteriorate with sge, thst it is fiimclcts mid fltm.-le.. nni I* perfectly safe to handle, and cannot
be exploded by concussion or jar. It ha. been tested with liquid sir at a temperature 300 degrees
below scro snd when in!., out of tho bath was Just a* effective s« ever and required no thawing.
ihe company rlaillcngea the world on the five points of advantage claimed for their shooting
powder. Theto polntt are: Penetration, Pattern IVrtntneucy. Light Recoil and Permanency. The
penetration force la on.-thud gretlei than ordlntry powder.
I In- OOMpsnt whose head offices ate st 111 l American Hank llulldlng. placed only a aunt amount
of stock on tbe market snd but I' tv little of tli*. retinitis untold.
j ; Profits 1
Saved on I
Furniture I
I You can save the profits on your purchases M
fif you buy at the store that is positively _ i*
mil |
Quitting I
the I
Business I
We are not reducing our stock to make way H
for more, nor offering you a midsummer clear- H
ance sale at slightly cut prices. Every article fl
possessed by thin compaany must be disposed fl
of. It is "GET OUT" for us— and clean 9
—and do it quickly. Now, it stands to reason fl
you can buy at fl
Cost Prices I
and Less I
When you know the real facts. All we ask I
you to do is to pay our store a visit and closely fl
inspect the stock on hand and compare the fl
priceswe like comparison; that sells our H
goods. We will not be in business very long — fl
so hurry. I
—All Cash; No C. O. D. ; Free Delivery at ■
Our Earliest Convenience; No Refund or fl
exchange. No storage. fl
Century I
»m I Lvll _j H
Furniture Co. I
" __\
I N. W. Corner Second Aye. and Spring St. Mm
quartern here lttl night snd !t»er
sent to tbe home of hit brother-in
law In Cincinnati. It is believed
that Mr Frank It demented. Frank.
lha police say, had been acting
tirangely all day tnd after he was
taken Into custody fuetnbert of
the Montana delegation M the na
tlonal republican convention were
notified of hi* condition. i bailee
&:Leonard, chairman of the dele
gallon. I.c* Mastle, former l'nlted
Statet senator snd Patrick Clark,
of Spokane, Wash , took him back
to the hotel and arranged for bis
transportation to Cincinnati, where
he will be cared for at the home of
A. W. Go!>t*t>-tn, an atn.mey.
Dividend Is Declared.
NKW YORK. June 17.—The Ho*
ton Seattle Ktectric Company dire,
or* "la. voted Ib favor of an In
itial dividend of 2*. per cent on
common stock put able June IS to
•lockholder* of record July 1.
(By-United Press.)
WASHINGTON, June 17- waa
snnounred at the navy department
oday that Rear Admiral Dayton will
leave San Francisco August tl with
the fleet squadron 'of tbe Pacific
fleet, together with the Charleston
snd ib* Solace, for Honolulu. Th*
big cruisers will be gone six weeks
sod will be accompanied by th* sec
ond and fourth flotilla* of torpedo
boat destroyer* The Scdac* will
act is tender for the neat. '
j tttt*tttttiutUUfyuim~~U
*WaW*Bfir'- a
' V*'!e*' t>«t*''nk*et d

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