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Ist Edition the Seattle Star
"~701.nx NO. 99.
. rnW- __^___ _________________________________ _______________ i , __________________________________________________ ,
The Roosevelt Wave of
Yesterday Was Safely
Passed — Burton Gets an
Ovation When He Rises to
Nominate Taft—The Allies
Present Their Hopeless
1 Candidates, Fairbanks, Can
non, Knox and Hughes. j
-lalat " — When Congressman
turn arete, to nominate Taft
Sart WIS *n evatien of four rain
aw BtSsre - Ihs i speak er could be
an SW speech. The Ohloane. who '
sad been wtt ting far tha moment
a tmve.'troio snd ett'ted th«
jusrinp - flays wort wived In all
f_rtt *H ths ha!' and Ihs resound
mm chssrt were •'"'oil deafening.
Swat a wsll prepared ovtt.on and
MM wall tamed out. .
'..Iks tall cen^r oilman from
f^silirl steed far over these —in.
mt ell. ta utter tht first ward
Mt tdd'tet. ea grtst was the
■Mt mt tumult. Thers * wss ' t
Ssssasss about .he crowd when It
01 sa*st Hewn mat had net been
Mbteame safe's An seemed IS
mm tt hear what wo., be said
t* tht fsrvmost candidate.
J'After Congressman Burton had
Saaßld I'll lessen nomlnitlng
Vt the crowd brake tease Into t
tat tamuit at cheering that tttttd
hr 8 rainutos. Evsryono Joined
a are finally tht Ohio delegation
mUrtmt* n»arch down ths lltlt that
hrwd late a .march around the
•a*, headed by the Wa deltgt
■at s Staring Tilfi pictura on a
Isasei.'; .
Tkt partite wit joined by dtle
pM from J J states, representing
I total tf svtr MO vetee.
-gsttstin— When Rep. Boulelle. In
"aunat'ng Cannon, referred la
bstsla. there wss tremendous tp
tatst. which was Increased when
IW name of Roosevelt wss ipotin
Tti Rotttvelt demonttrttian, how
•we, did down iftar one minute.
Tks mention of Cannon's ntmt ere-
Urn) tatlttmtnt In ths gtllcrltt and
•ay let loose tht wddsst ebttrlng
• fsr heard today. Ths llllneli
MtgtUen leaped to its fast and.
•ringing on Ihs chi.rs. shouted:
*\jncl« Jet! Unclt Joel" .;-.*
Tht I demonstration letted ,1 ant
eitals tnd a -* '
iJlHWlttlne--Cev. frank Htnlty, I
h atmjntting Fairbanks, became
**rtfs 4mX rspsatsd Interruptions
■Ml,tho crowd. At length, ht
»_mt la trie galleries md. shaking
•a tut. exclaimed:
PLltyjfrltndi, it will depend en
Nt haw tang I talk: I can stay
mi HI night, if naesiiary!"
•The crowd then yelled the louder
jJJ'.IN storm of tppltuts drowned
•jttead of tho gtvtl. . Every al*
mm ta Fairbanks wat greeted
»1« jttet md cat calls. When Htn
ey iiksntd ftirbanki to a purt
■**is ihaft, the crowd wtnt Into ;
NevttiJent of mirth.
,»iht Ttft dtltgttet, who hid prt
| **r*4 ti, i for , dtmonttratlon for
IP* tandiditt, war. loud in thtlr
JtWlng. , t>" a- . Dtvtrldgt and J
'"•"•sway of Indians, overcome by
** dltpliy tgtlntt Fairbankt.
.•"•St* on their chain tnd shouted
■ Htsiey: ,
"**"* him' Name him'"
■_mmrm»m Lodge restored order
! <TL!?*,,,«/ stid:
fim#.s** ** him whsn ' °*'
The Intereuptlont continued fre
im** 1* .'— he proceeded with hit
I •tut. *
' (By Un.taW Press.)
•te mercury wss about 10 de
_** Is lha ball today and big
a™ *H* dlatrMt.u. 4 Wearing a pl«
--*« of Taft on «« .Ma aad on
I the other the Inscription Tried
aad found true "
■■ably %*) per cent of the dejw
gates were la their teats when
the convention opened SI 19: IT this
The Re» John Waaler Hilt, of
New York, offered the prayer
Senator Hopkins of Illinois, read!
Ibe platform, at adopted by the j
committee tnd It wat adopted at
read. After the adoption nf the
committee, reports, the convention
proc.-.-ded wttb the nominations.
Congressman Henry 8. Route!!,
who presented the name of Speaker
Johepb O. Cannon, was first to
nominate a native son
'Governor J. freak llanley, of
Indiana, then nominated thst Mate's
favorite son. Vice I'rrtideat lair- j
bar. Vs.
Congressman Tbeodore B. Itur
too. of eland Ohio, placed the j
name of Secretary Taft before the
convention Hl* speech waa fre
quently, Interrupted by applause
Burton Noe.inattt Tift
Senator Hurt on tald In part
This con Ten I n enters upon the
grata responsibility of selecting a
presidential candidate with the
Who Nominated Ttft,
I serene assurance that the rep.it.
1 lican party will continue to rule
this people. What assembled mul
■ titude In any land bat ever pointed
the wsy to such beneficent results
for home and for the progress of
ths whole human race aa tbe re
curring conventions of tbts grand
old organization t Vet we do not
rely alone upon the record of thai
! which It haa accomplitbed. We
emphasise, even more. Its su
preme qualification to solve the
problems of Ibe present.
Approprlatt Occasion.
"It It rtpedally appropriate that
this gathering should be held In
this marvel. city of Chicago,
whence the steel bends of com
merce reach out In every direction,
over plain and river snd mountain, :
to almost boundless distance. bring- ,
ing the richest treasures of ■ con
tinent to lay them st your feet
11.,.. it was that the righteous up
rising against slavery snd Hour
bonltro. sprung from the nstlon's
conscience, raited ita ftrtt triumph
ant voice when Abraham Lincoln
waa nominated And here, again. j
wllh notes of thunderous acclaim,
enraptured throngs greeted the
naming of Garfield, of lllalne, of
Harrison, and of Itooaevclt
"Again Ohio presents a candidate
SKA 111 I WASH., THURSDAY, JUNE 18, 1908.
to the national republican conven
tion.' In seven stubbornly con
tested presidential campaign*, sons
of her sacred Mill have ted the em
battled republican botta to victory.
The lluckeye stale haa saturedly
contributed her share of statesmen
and generals for the upbuilding of
the nation.
"Wo welcome, the friendly rivalry
of candidates from other atatt-e—
from the great Empire state, the
Keyetooa state. Indiana, Illinois
and Wisconsin, forming with Ohio
Who Placed Cannon's Nib, Before
lha Convention.
a bttud expanse, attending in an
broken swewp from old ocean to
the uppermost bound of the great
! eat of Inland —mm Each of these
tents a I, ader aiming leaders
wbaiwa arhiev.tnents and rawsa
are not fined to the narrow Urn
lit of a tingle commonwealth. To
day w lib fervid earnestness we
wage a contest for -he prtte To
morrow. united tor tha fray and
quickened by a wat fiery teal,
the cbamptoaa of tU tbe candidates
will go forth with mounting eeihit
slum to vanquish th* foe.
Tht Man Roosevelt.
"Against all three abuse* aad Is
the work for restoring old Ideals
at honesty and equality, aa Well aa
for higher standards of rial doty.
I one maa has Mood preeminent, sad
that man la Theodore Roosevelt
| Against corruption in every form
be baa tat his fare with arias de
termination, prompt and fearless la
action and with that Intelligent
leadership which ha* aaa.ired the
establishment ot a better era In
I which the strong and the weak
alike must submit themselves to
the Impartial rte.utli.ii of the law.
"Who so fir to take up the tatka
which thlt wondrous generation urn
• mandt show Id be wttety and Impar
tially performed as hit great war
secretary* Since lha day when.
; In tlenjamin Harris.. administra
tion, theto two first met the owe
tt solicitor general the other at a
member of the civil service onto
mission — they hue been hound to
gether by like Ideals and alma, by
close ties of friendship, and by the
I exchange of mutual counsel, each
I with bis own Individuality and
characteristics . keeping constantly
; la view the ennobling vision of a
better and greater America.
Why Taft It Logical Man.
"No one has ever yet assumed
the presidential chair who had re
ceived a mora Ideal preparation for
the duties of that great office. As
Judge In state and federal courts
at solicitor general, aa governor of
Philippines, aa tecretarj of war,
which haa Included the work 'if
colonial secretary ami director of
national public works he haa re
reived his (raining and has slwsys
shown bmiaelf matter of 'he tltua
•lon and competent to make more
honorable and beloved the Ameri
can name There have been no
years of Inaction In his career. He
has been continuously encaged In I
weighty tasks and each successive
service haa tw^-n characterised by
an Increasing Influence upon moat
vital questions.
Civet Ntmt to Convention.
"Secretary Ttft exceptional
famllarlty wtth condltiona In the
distant Orient—ln Jspan. In China.
We may rest assure.! that our tra
ditional friendship with Japan will
continue. Moreover, the Mare
promises that the ttumbertng mil-
MM of 'hint will awake from the
lethargy of ages, anil she then will
realize that lb.- morning dawn of
fresher life tnd wider outlook
comes to her across the broad Pa
cific from free America, her truest
friend and helper. We covet i,„
portion of her territory. We desire
from lot. a* from nil nations, in
created good will and that mutual
MBpBCt which knows neither l.lns
ter nor cringing 00 either tide.
Thus In this new era of larger re
latione. Secretary Taft. with his
comprehension of national and In
ternational subjects, would furnish
s certainty .if i-a-ncc snd sustain.-.! '
prestige. Under liim, st home and .
everywhere, this mighty people
would hava an assured confidents*
tn tha tecsre development and pro
■raaa of tha country and would tvst
»ala- In the reliance that a chief
. ii'i'imii' waa st Hi helm who, la
peace ... In wsj". would Kiii.lx the
deetillles of tha nation with a j
stiviiii lisii.l mid with a gentle,
I'tttrtoilc heart, jft
"And so t.xtsy. In tbe prraenca of
more than tea thouaand, and with
lha Inspiring thought of ll'*- well
nigh ten ttumttud times ten Hum
land who dwelt within our borders,
I nominate for tha presidency thst
perfect type of American manhood,
that peerleaa representative of the
noblest Idmla In nut national Ufa. j
VVitlUm 11. Taft. of Ohio"
Out. Charlee BL Hughae, of New
York, was nomlnaled by G»n. Btsw.
art 1.. Woodford, of New York.
tt.-iiat.ir Philander C Knoi, of
Pennsylvania, was nominated by
Lieut, ''...v. Robart ■- Murphy, of
K. ualnr J. It F..raker wt» nmu- 1
mated by C. H. MeCot] of Ohio. ;
Senator lAfotlttte was noBIM
at.-.! by Chiasms, of Wltvoustn.
m iaa "i - —
Victor Ilea k man sa-neiary of the
Read Before the Delegates and After
the Minority Report Was Defeated
Was Formally Accepted— New In
junction Plank Injected..
COLISEUM. CHICAGO June I*—The platform tt p'epi'id by
the committee wss read before Iht tonventlon tola morning, being
IM first order of bwtlntSS. Senator Hopkins. of llllngii. read tt
and after me minority report had Men defeated Iht platform was
adopted as presented. . The injunction plank at Injected it not to
tha liking of the labor Utters ■*' „
(By United Press.)
COLLISBUM. CHICAGO Jews '**—Ths eaaal'-tioet committee
today reported the pisVlacm Is tot tonvtntion tten t*l?r it ten
vowed The pisiform ss tubmtlStd fallow!
"Ones mors Ihs rtpuai'can parly, In convention assembled, tub
mitt Ha cauts te ths peep's ,
-This grsst historic eegan tat'an. ihtt dittroyid iltvery pre
served ths Unic-a, restorsd ersil.t, tapandtd Ihe national domain.
ittabiiahed a lound financial system, developed our induttrltt tnd
rasourcss. tnd gave tht American nation s sett af honor in Ihs coon
ell* of the world, new meets ths new problems o* government with
ths usil courage and capacity with which it salved Iht old
"In this tht grtatsst •'* of American advancement, the re
publican party hat reached lit highest service under Ihe itadsrship
mt Rrastdsnt Rooaevsn. ■ ■ 1 ,*;
"In no other period tlnce natitwH aevertlgnty wis teen under
Washington, or preserved under Llraeeln, hat such mighty progress
been made, by tht American nation.
"The hlgheit aaptrilleas of Americsn people htv*. found
voice In the republican part,. Conscience snd courage In public
elation have retched higher Standards, tnd Iht right and wrong of
private Ufa have become the cardinal principle! of 111 political
fi.th .- ;,-.-:;. .Jsf *
"Capital and Itbar have been brought Into cleotr rtltliom. tht
those ef wttlth and all lha evils of privilege faverilltm htvt been
put to teem by virtus of lattice and fair pity.
"The grttt iteompiiihmmt! ef Prstldtnt Rootlvell have been.
first and foremaet. his brave and Import,si snforcsment of tht Itwt.
his prettewtlon at lllegtl trusts ae* ;monopolist, the sapesurs and
punishment of tvlldotra In nubile samite, mtra effective regulation
of the rittl and atrvltt of the greet transportation lines, ths com
plots overthrow of preferences, ths arbitration ml labor disputes the
tmilloestisn of the aengltlon of worksrs af ths country, con
ssrvslion of our nstlonal reeources md a forward ittp in the Inv
prevtmtnt of our Intend wtttr ws/s.
"Ws dscltrs our unfaltering adherence to the policies thus In.
augurtted tnd pledge our party to their continuance under a repub
lican administration of government.
"Under the guldtnn of republican princlplet, the American
people have become ths richttt nttion In the world. The United
ftlttet now ownt one-fourth of world'! wealth. It mtkta' ont
third of the modern manufactured product!, yet thi grttt ntturtl
wttlth of the country has bern tctrcely touched.
"With gratitude fsr Ood'i bounty, with pride In the splendid
productlvsnsta of the past and confidence thst then wilt be plenty
snd prosperity in the future, the republican party de. lares for tho
principle thst. in the development and enjoyment of wealth to grsat
and bltsalngs so benign, there shall be equal opportunity for all.
"Nothing to clearly demonstrates thl sound bit Upon which
our eommsrelll, tnduitritl and tgrkulturtl Intereeti are founded,
and the ntcettity of promoting their, continued welfare through the
operation of republican policiee at tht recent etfe passage of the no
lion through a fintncltl dliturbinaee. which, If It hid ippeared in
tha midst Of a democratic rule, might have equaled familiar demo
cratic psnics of the pisl
"We congritulate the people upon the renewed evidence of Amer
ican lupremscy and hill with confidence the manifest eigne of a
complttt rtitoratlon of builntto tnd prosperity In til Unit of trade,
commerce and msnuftcturlng. % »
"Notwithstanding thi indefimlve flllbutttrlng of the demo
cratic minority in the house of espresantitlvee. during the last sss
saion of eongrtse. many wholeeomt and progrtttlvt liwt wtrt tn
"We stpteliHy commend the passage of the emergency currency
bill; the appointment of a nstlontl monetary commission; tht em
ployer's government liability low; tht ...assures looking to a grstttr
efficiency of thi Amtrlctn army md nivy, tht wldow't pennon
bill; child labor law for tht District of Columbia; the new ttttutti
providing for the tafety of railroad , engineers and firemen, and
many other sets, concerning the public welfare.
"The republican party diciir'ts unequivocally for Ihs revision
of tariff by aptcitl ssssion of congreis immediately following the
inauguration of tht prttldtnt, .and commends the itepi already taken
toward thn tnd.
"We fivor the eettbllthmtnt of miatmum md minimum rtttt,
to bt tdmlnltttrtd by tht prei.dinl undir tht llmltttlont of a flxtd
law, tht minimum rattt to be tvtlltblt to meet discrimination! by
foreign countrleo agtlntt Americtn good! entering their mtrkett,
the minimum rtttt to rtprtttnt the normtl mtaturt of protection for
homo induttntt. -T/:i*V;
<*> RI ( f ONI CENT
nftiifciwiNi*.-- &sm -.■..■■. ■ ■aßMjKft^ij^fl
Pacific Costt Lumber; MsnufSC
iiit»■ ia' ta«.H li. and a delegation
of N'oilhw.-st tijfitla<-rrii"U iillinillnr.
C<> national convention of lumber
untiufa'tiii. im In Ml mi.'aim! Is I Ills
weak bate ».iiit..i tl'i, i'job con
<•.-r.iii.ti fur 8.-aiile.
? left nome
• The steamer Vlctorls will In- the
Drat tmat. lo arrive la Seattle trom
t umii Oil* m-mun, having left th.
l.oilb. in twit tbts iinuii!',K
NThe Victoria srrtved sl Nome last
Monday night, sfter being "111 li
itait, baltltog'lbe Ice and endeavor.
t;tt to force bar pastas through
i.. ma. Collision with a large
!.-»' n.«- made a leak in her hold
bill after discharging her . sit" thlt
rooming the fitiiiar.' was found to
I-., all. lit, Repairs ware msdt thlt
moral ut. ■ %
.» Tho Victoria will bring many
{Mtengers la addition to a Isrge
shipment of espresa, much at
which It the winter» workings on
the ate adjacent to Nome
Im ism ■ ill ii i *kti lies i.i^tm*m\imMt*mittlm.* ikum ■if urn—Mint i«fnßntii nMmi li IJjßTltlMiiiM"! 111 l Mill MTiWrnfciai ■!— *mt l WiaMMMMrwrH^HnT—iMTfcWl
General appearance! of hill and surroundings noticeably altered —Haul* greatly damaged: alio
•tiring apparel Of resident tribe— Monster pit slain, but tpirlt wt.ll lives.
p. a.—With conitnt of home office, will take thort vacttion. . SKYGACK.
"The Mm and purpose of the republictn party will bt not only
to preeerve without txeettlve dutiet that lecurtty agalntt foreign
competition to which American manufacturer!, ftrmert and pro
ducers trt entitled, but tlto to maintain a high ttandard Of living
for the wtgt ttrntr htrt tnd in tht Philippine!. To that md we be
lieve in the free interchtnge of producte with tuch llmltttlont at to
tugtr and tobacco tt will afford adequate protection to domettlc
"We tpprovt the emtrgtncy metturet adopted by congress
during tht recent financial disturbance, and especially commend
the passage of the law designed to protect tht country from a repe
tition of money ttrlngeney. The republtcsn party it committed to
the development of a permanent currency tyttem, responding to
our greitcr needl. The ippomtment of I national monetary com
million by tht prtttnt congrett tfttr Impartially invest.gating all
proposed method!, imuree the early rotliiation of thlt purpose.
- "The prtttnt currency Itwt htvt fully Justified their adoption,
but the expanding of commerce, the marvelous growth of wealth
tnd population, the multiplication of centtrt of distribution, the
Increasing demand for the movement of cropt In tha watt md
south, retailing periodical changes In monetary condition!, die
clone a need of a mora elastic and adaptable tyitem of currency.
Such t system mult be automatic In lit operation, minimizing fluct
uation! in interests md rites, tnd above all, mult be In harmony
with the republican doctrine, which insists thtt every dollar mutt
be bated upon value aa good at gold.
"We favor the establishment of Postal Savings bsnks tl a
systtm for the convenience of the people tnd the encouragement
° thrift. republican ptrty pitted tht Sherman antl trust Itw ever
"The republican ptrty pissed the Shermtn tnti truit Itw over
democratic opposition snd enforced it after democratic dereliction.
It hat been a wholesome Instrument for good in the hands of a
wise and ftarlttt administration. But experience hat ihown that
Hi effectiveness can be ttrtngthened and lit reel objtctt better at
"-•/"• (Continued on page 7.) ~
C W. Johnson Rescues
Miss Ada Nye Who
Fell From Wharf.
The excursion of the Christian
Endeavor society of the I' byte
rian' church of Italian! last night
would have lih.i a tragic ending litd
It not been for the prompt action
of C. W. Johnson, who wat In the
As th. crowd was debarking from
the launch May H. on their return
to Ilallard. one of Hie young ladit-s,
Mlts Ads Nye, did not notice thst
tin landing wtt msde M a narrow
ledge, and walked off the wharf
lino Hi.' water.
Johnson quickly Jumped Into the
water, and willing hinds helped the
two out. The landing It nmde on a.
narrow ledge In back of Fred An
derson's liotthoiiso. and, as there ts
no railing provided. pniHengen are
In danger of walking Into the water
on dark ntehts.

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