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Railroading to Be-
Tho Proaident's Quit
come an Admiral.
After all It *«!« the pr«»tdcnt'«
llti had BO 08« to blame but
htm»plf. If he had not Inati ou
taking the new engine out him
[Mi! the wreck would ne»*r have
happ*nfd on t!'' 1). 11 * I*, rail
road. If h« had only '•I faithful
Old Jim —-
lint where wa* .Hm*
The president »earched the tan
ele ft cart with hla <<?••. Thew
he wan. Th« enxtnecr'a body «as
wedged beneath the weight at the
Chrlatmaa raonilng! What a
day for a disaster! How much
better had the president atayed Ih !
,h!« ctwy office In the bright red J
building with the y«>l!ow roof I
But, no! The president'htmcelt
mutt take th.< n«w engine on her
flnit trip over th« division! He
could not trust her to Jim—old
Jim who had ta-.>tl the steam Into
the cylinder* of the first t>. R, ft P.
engine; old Jim. who had climbed
Stiffly oiwn the tender this Christ,
maa morning and had watched the
whole of the foollah whim i: cyn
tea! silence.
No Warning Given.
, A thought had killed remorse.
Why hadn't Jtni warned him of
th« cio»ed semaphore—Jltn, whose
keen eyes n«r«?r misted ■♦n a
bolt dropped rarel«>i*!y along tho
Ah, Jim, you paid for yonr stub
born pride with your life!
The president lay easily beside
, the wreck and thought bitterly of
his Christmas day. .With what Joy
had h* greeted the splendid addi
tion to the l> U & P.'s rolling
stock! That very taonttng th» new
engine had to*.
■ How sturdy her drlfers! What
a Rica on boiler and cab' The
music of her belt!
She was to have pulled the prtde
of th* traffic m;i!ia«iT —th« fast
fruit freight To old Jim's faith-
Mmm *>• awarded the run. (The
prex!d#nt was also traffic man
Th« president himself had cons
to th« roundhouse. for her. He
would cot allow a hostler ♦*<•!» to
•!!d# back the doors.' Ills hand
: had run her out He operated th«%
> turntable. He himself backed her
down on the string of fruit cars.
Easily they rattled over the
switches, Ml humming factories.
The president prided himself on
th«*e factories. Was It not his
road which fed * the hungry ma*
chines, which drew the products
to the market?
Gathtr* Spe«d.
The i«l«-m at the throttle
: f xudht glimpses of steeples and
bright colored roofs as they swung
oat of the: village and K»th«r«d
•peed for the trip. There was a :
black moment Id the tunnel and
they took the broad, smlltcg count
try. ;,;;. . -/ ■ .. - >:.
They rtimfc l-d over a bridßP.
I Christmas Gifts for Men I
hi At our store you'll find a very satisfactory place to do your Xmat shopping ■
rS —that is, if you have in mind gifts for father, son, husband, brother or fj
9 sweetheart. It's essentially a man's store, and it's been with discretion and %
2! discrimination that we've selected these Xmas offerings. We're now g
t : prepared to show our patrons. The character of Xmas gifts for men has l|
_■' changed much in the course of a few years. Nowadays it's generally ac- .Is
£; cepted that men get more real good and genuine pleasure from useful, |§
I'd ; practical gifts. A few suggestions that may be of value to you— El
I Neckwear Gloves
M Magnificent array, combining quality Bachmo, Dent's and other make*, for driv- l>
*4 with variety of colorings and beautiful ing, street or dress wear; the newest p
Cj designs; hundreds to select from-7- shades— gj
£1 M^ to 92.00 91.25 to 92.50 |J
I Handkerchiefs Hose 1
l| A modest, thoroughly appreciated and Utcst P?, ttern» in lint COttOO, lisle «nd '
1 useful gift, an extensive display in both Pure 9l!k > «lw combination sets— |
P j plain and fancy silk and linen—- *•»£. to 7*tp I
I R rV" Silk Suspenders I
II 13till] IIOUCS Always make a handsome gift; incxprn- !:
M Have almost come to be a necessity; the siv- ilv<r and tfild plated bUCk" I
Have aimos tome to b< ity; «!,.• , c 1;il . .a r
ft newest effects are revealed in our col- «s*j ss ch ristm . B ?
I \ lection; regular price. $5.00 to $15.00- One-third Off Until Christmas ,
I One-third Off Until Christmas Smoking Jackets I
] < I Sweater Coats iar> 6 assortment, in blue, brown, tan, \
\,i '• ' , . ' , , ■, t - maroon, green and oxford; cuffs, pock
* , So popu ar and useful have they become el» «nd i apc i 9 trimmed in plaid to match !
;. that it a hard to get along without one; inside: of coat ; buttoned with »ilk frogs i
M colors are red, blue, white, oxford and and edged wit silkcord; regular $5.00 V*
{ | maroon— to $15.00— f
93.00 to 95.00 One-third Off Until Christmas [
There was it stop (or the cross
Ing *lgual. Tho rwl arm droppmi.
With Inerwuini fjirril th«j flat
tru.i iii'iukh. Then a S.'tijj. mihlklil
stretch. With torrlde momentum
they htt the curve. Safely around.
Then the big tunnel, lteyond. '!;<•
semaphore and the >v avoi switch,
iking with tumid darkness,
could lh>< iiH-xiilcut have missed
tho semaphore at the mouthT
She flutiK hrrx.-H Confidently "I
th« switch. Thcr* was a horrible
jolitiis. crashing, <htm tlarkn^tx
Lying then*, the president de
spalred. Ho woml«»m| what Inn
Hi* r.:>ns uv« wr>ri> flashing through
the w!rt>K n\«-i !.•'«! Ho wa* In n
d<-s.w!nto [i.-iit of thl cntttitiy. No
chance, <>*<>n, to «t>t word m the
*i«ck trmln standing unrU-inly In
the roundhouse.
Suddenly tin- president startfd
«p. Thp limited, with her precious
human freight and mail! Kvni »•
tv- thought h« heard her whittling
for the tunnel. The president
•tared at th« semaphore. 11. tried
tO T'ff.
The morcment wrecebed a moan
from hit Up*. His left arm dan
(ted at hi* side.
Too late! The limited «hot from
the tvibiit-i and bounded tutu the
havoc like • wand Jf.-r.
The president lay with rloaed
••>••>», utimindfui of the plied up
wreoUiuf. One thlag he bad •.•••II
The t«niaphor« ttiowcd .i#ar'
One word burned bit bruin.
Ho crawled to the switch. II
was bat half opened. The »i«u»l
had I*■«•!» ill back.
With MOtl and yell* • tftMHMi
vti!Un« broke on the run from b#
biad ft Krvat !i.>niil« r «nii h<>a<]«ti
for th. wrecked Umtted.
Hap* »iul.-stil thr pain that pre
vented hcroUm. Unarmed, wound
rd, the prr>*ldeat mlx«<l a coupling
Jin and >!•■» the robbers one by
one as the? ran at hint,
Th#n the prettdrnt looktd ip at
a woman who tat by the window
rra<!lii« a verr new book.
"I'm tlrwl playia" traio, mamma,"
h« Ml "1 wanna »>•• a admlrml."
In a few talnutoa his fl««t was
afloat la the bath tub and the
iMnini Room £ Parlor railway had
gon* into the hands of cook, the
With France and England In
t hi- ■,io«* of hi* hati>li KatM>r
Wl!b«lia appears to bar* a mttt
full. 1
Cartoon CHaractern SuccrMfuliy Imitated by P«itn ip*i<t« In a Miafc
CINCINNATI. Dee. It-Durlnc • nw»k «katln« cariUv«l at it*
Music hall rink. "Diana Dlllpick!**" and Mr fikygark from M. -
«ii«iar«-ii as ih» floor and mad* tint hit of th« •tvolnc with ih* r»
fri'*titn« novelty of tii.-tr d!»«ui*« "Dtanst" *•» r*prc«»nt«4 by Mr» .
Wm A. Tell, and th<- Marttan corr#»(>(tn(l»nt by h«r hMMM lietl*
the centum** «loMty followed thus* of ib« o»mte etwrartar* ma 4*
familiar to th« (mI.II. ttirwigh thtlr app«*r*nc« la Ui« cartoons of
Alt 1.1 COSdO.
Stev* Tat*, an engtn#«r recently
arrived from Harre, MonUuia. dis
appeared last Monday moraine, and
it D. Morrlsoa, who arrivm! her*
with htm, It making anxious In
qnlrl** coscerelng him Morximm
says that Tat*, who MMMi *>th
htm at tit* wwfflii Rofci. raa»
early Monday and west Ml to *• ■
a shave. H» ha* not b««n ••«•:.
sine*. Tat* is described *» about
SO Nil of MA ft f#«t » Inches
tall, » >■-• aUoat 114 j*>ur. Is
of !lghl eoraptettoo, with light hair
and tiumtt>i li« slightly tlnf*d with
Modern Method
•emvthing to Give Thanks Tor
—a fin* ««t of f*!M» t#eth * hpn ,
your natural one* ar» icon*. Tb*|
prr>»f>«»cl Of A tOOtbloM old ■(*
■cJ Inability to enjoy a good
Chrtatm** dinner ne«d not worry
anyono who I* within roach of oar
rtr<n?al parlort. We mak<- fall •*(■ 1
of fal»« teeth at from ft 00 up
Special for a few Days
"ft**.. $5.00
Gold Crown*, 22k I J Aft
Gold ....... $4.UU
■ride. Work, < i j nn
• «tra he»vy ... ... „,.< «UV
Gold Alloy ioi rtA
rilling* ,s>!iUU
rilling .SIiUU up
Silver en.
Filling* ......... DUC
E«U«c- Crt«
tlont DUC
Investigate Our Easy
Payment Plan
Extraction guaranteed abaolutaly
pnlnl<-«». We employ a *p«cl»1l»t,
who devotes hi* «nUr« time to thin
work. • , ■. .•,;-•
Our operator. art« all expert r«c
lsii-rf(i dentists. We employ no
All work iloiio painlessly by mod
ern electrical devices.
Examination fr««.
Office cj-t-it ovQnlnga until B
o'clock; Sunday, until 2 p. r.i.
°* $5 1!
1 N IV I o I
■ T ■ ■■:: \
Modern Method Dentists/
j Suites 8, D and C, Brunei Bldy
Second Ay. and University St.
Oppoalte Stone F'Uher Co. Store.
Entrance 207 University St.
A I Tourist
▲jgkHotel '
Mual niuirulriil Ural . ln««
|I>|« ii-liki i. 1.,.i,| I „,,,,,,„„ |)ln«,
llouma IB* ami u»nnr<laj -p. i li.l
. . kl> Kir*
I n| him IIATIIM.
Turkish, lluaalxa, »i,.m.,.i. ,|,
I), . 1,1,.,|.,l >, mill ifulß 11,,
(By UnlUd P.»»O
hf, th»» ityearold d»ufhter of Dr.
Anti"" iimiinj- of Bgmorvtlln, wan
shot (mil UUi d (odd/ by mot
Harniotul, a injected lover. Th«
girl war about to board » stf«et
cm when llu' i!fi»uc<'-( millur
mad" I»!h attach on her. Harinond
■ lIJ i"«-mi1"I<mI.
«*j $4,000,000 GIFT
(fey 1;»,i.il 11.....)I 1.....)
HAN FRANCI6CO, r>... JS.—Aft
Hi) mid m-i|ih-i to Uiilt MOfiMtli
dtyorcd ca«o, which »m putrhcd up
Itit »|i!ltn Dnvld T. llni)iiiiry. it ••
nuilil mlllliiiitilti', inn! Mb pri-Uv
wif.<, a fuiiiii-i in. phi n« ill I have
tl')ll.lll«M| III.' l.llldMlll'.ll lit (tv ll
i»ffi-< il.tii with ii record broftklwc
ChrUttimi elft of property valm-it
at 14,000,000. Dt-nA* (Ivlnft to (he
' wif« ltti< i lHHHiuud holding* of tin
huthnnd wero rvrcrdod In Naj>« s < «
Will Vott on Hymn».
At the »1r»l MfthO(Jl«n'tou»iai.l
church an opportunity will (»<• given
Hcri'lny uiornteff ami «v«titiiK for
the i-niiK>«giiMi>ii t» »ot« on f« Vlil lie
hyr«n». Voting cards win be pro
»i.!.-l for Mill, ballot, and th«- re»ttlt
will be nnnouuend tnt following
Sunday, Tt>« hymna i»lect»d win
i»« tuna* frequently by th« cbotr and
coocrtgatton. Th« I' M<l!lt Christ*
ma* pntrrt<Unm«nt wlil b« held on
Ttt««»day orvnlng,
f^PWt"~~QrF~vWfIL TO
TUIMV- With tipeclal nf.-ni.x
to CbrtetiiMM ahopplog.
Fine Mantel Clocks
At % "ft r««uUr pttoM durlfia" our
Cj»#.i*l DtaeouDt Hal*
Chicago Jewelry Co., !
120f 6«<snnd Ay«.
A Wholesome and Appetizing Lunch Sent to Your Place
of DuaincM Ring up Sunset. Main 1830; Irtd.. L 4624.
Tremendous Slaughter
The 130,000 Department Store Stock of the firm of C. & S. Goldsmith of La Conner, Wash.,
to be »old at about
One-Third of Actual Value
; Ul-.IIIMI. ■l-mimiM.LMIim..|^MII»MHJ.IUIIJL. tt^U. !■! ■■111111 l 111 "^^^W
Thit atock conaiiU of the hifheit grade Men's, Youths' and Boys' Clothing, Shoe*, Hut* tad
Furnishing!. Abo Ladies' and Children* Shoes and Furnishings.
Sale Opens at 424 Pike Street, Saturday, December 19th
The firm of C. & S. Goldsmith is forced to retire, after 20 years' continuous business, and we
have contracted with them to turn the entire stock into money by
Intfttf i^zi#^%./ Id- I Every Must Positively Go. Come
JallUCiry l&i: | Ear |y if You Want Bargains.
The Bargain Bell Is ™g»?s&£Z™Z* <*« Overcoats and Craven- Slashed Prices in the
Ringing in the Ladies' p«ryard 31C 4 ettes. Hat Department
Department. OoldimlU^ell.SS Aim.- Co*» i«Mimitli« r»ealar 1100 noy a" <«iid»m!th» r«Mju!ar »1.00 AQ»
«'« i ».. . , .. lac« for WaUU, n0w....30C Orereoat, COCA Hata, now .....*«lli
■SsSSr- jrS 0°°.^,i^...,.53.65 »r^^::. $1.55
Mills Pur, Wool pQ r £S'f^ °«&.'V$ on Men's Furnuhtngs.
Mills Pur« wool Uud*r. OQ r «Vna ail coiow ••«.>«»« now on Men's Furnuhings.
*"r nf)ir O3U no*.' • yard ..*.... "0C OoldatnlUj-a atronit line or U2.SO .mlth« 10c White <)*
Ooldimlth alwari tot IRr for nslllsaittVs Ifll) Oordaroy 1 « M'»'l O»«reo»u, OC CX Handkcrchlefa. now ...,,M
, Mack Cat lioaa, 41*- Binding, now, a yard ......I C °*'w ♦OiOJ GoldimlUi'a lie Hlue and J fi
nfl* ................... IWU UoldSßMh's l!>c Mohair BMrl Oolditaltha r«guUr 110.00 Mi>i «J« Handkerrhl«-f» no*
Ootdamlth'i roilabl* SOo 22 nn « Dindln«. now. & yarda 7 . O»*ir->«t« and ('««• #Q q C O»M«^Ui a regular 10c 4-
Inch China Milk now COL tor " ' (Q enetlea. now vo.OJ Working; Boi. now HW
OoMimltb 1* Vl* aalwUoin of 11.10 Ooldamnh*a"lft.SSc"a."doa."pk«pv -v Ooldamlth'a 15c Black and 7*
811k VaUau In all col- 7/1. nS. now :'"a"'rsc Pants. _ o^;",—.^.
-°™' ™ h o .*co^trn owr0 wr 25C AF v' v "a law. oat pr . fir o «Sdllai3r. wUr*is*" |/ 2 I
»1.00 fln« Cflrwta. now 25c A Few Hot Shots in the Goldsmith's 13.00. (1 Ar All-WoolSox now ......IDC
Ooldamlth ■Iwaji got 100 4c Children', iind Mia«*a' «o at ............... 5.25 Ck)ld«Blth alwaya sot 50c* for
: for Spool Bilk, now «*C s and Misses aoUUmlol a , *1 QC rure Wool Boi. OOW
Goldsmith's M>Ru)ar s for Be nut. Department. |3.&0. «•• m 911JJ ""w *•«♦»
ton Hole Twl.t, 1 Oold.mlU, alway. .old for lI.M. «ol.l.raHV. regular " M fl C "^^Vn^" 19C
gM^j^-g r^".^.^:. 43c o^i^u;; o ""H^ iSSw'^g
oogs^tv, ,^.. r 51.75 tJold.mlth'a 60c Mohair . 43c $800. go run,.,. $3.75 no^w j H «- T .^......1*9C
*;V $1.75 "'■ M"h»'r IRr MOO.goat „„ 3C
OnM.mith li.'.V."'lni',! for ii nn Tarn O'flhanten. n0w.... I <Jl> _ . ... . !»rnlth'B best Una Of »2b«
• and ifto KSJr ' io Ar fine lino of 11.00 and Enticing Values in the inHaudTioa, ,q r
HuVv.;;",., $2.25 »'-60. «•••"'' •na cm. 'on Shoe Department. »°* ......... i ......... igCj
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j b«rt. r>rt««« IJni.^, 5C Boys' Departments. : Qoldsaltß-s M.M Moo's •« AC 0.g.-.ngng.r «c »««fe
re^rfn 4.. 10 "ell %\% Vc oo.^ith'.titir.in.ti rr '^xi^r r'r JI.3D |v"! '"n.lfi-wear. Qflg
■(loHtntnlUi V»fd to sell fur I omw. ▼ a QV
Curtain.. •4 4C Ooldsmlth tiCC ' wh ' f°L* $ -^
j now.. 5>1,13 M.DOiloya'Hultsuow.Ol.Oa M^sßhoes. JO 4R Wik>l Uuderwoar, AOa
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j tains, now, yard OOC (HiidMiiUh's regular |12B0ftud Remarkable Slaughter o o ] dstn! , h . B 65c QQk
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ac,U^^:^;;'4, Ooldsmll $7.45 Ooldsmlth's 17.50 A sSffisS "sM
•rs. now, Z «oji. n Goldsmith's rf-Kular price »20.00 Goldsmith's |7.50 All-Leather Suit now ..•^hvU
n ?I ".'l.'""' mil > 2280< Men'a lllfdseyo Ca«en, MQC Goldaiulth's regular 60c r)At*
Qoldamlth't regular 500 anil 750 Worsteds, Oft QC now ; yJiJvf Working Gloves, now.. ttw
r White Gloves, If*. now v....... $3.33 Goldsuilth'a lI2DO Cow- (ir OK Goldsmith's rrsular 75c * AQf
now, pair tub Mugt I'm c Cutting ou hide Suit Cases, now 93.03 «nd 11.00 Gloves, n0w.... "*•"'
"••■•■a«S*8lBW*B«BJBJB>B«B«BMB^BWBWSW«a»B»awaiBlB»BJW«B»ia»B1Bl«Bl(aja™B« _________^____^^ ___^_^^I^W^l
Err; ' n^ PUTTaiO Buffalo
L", Tr Sales & Brokerage^ Co.
"IN """• 4-24- —PIKE STREIiT—424 »■■■"• Slr<-1
in j»tn.i.-.j i.,i.. In a trig lllil
•tr»«t suit of Vnna>h» brown, with
ttltchingt and taffntn turnd*. Ttu
ii»( I* aft <fhi felt wltti kwti-j'init
bruwn plume*.
••LlttlVgraini of powder,
Tlt.y dab* Of li.l: !,
&i»k.' a (hi» cuuipiexlon
]<ook tike wU" it aiis't."
rott iin iii:« r m:vi \ i, ■ "UK
• i rkiifii riim nnall
n,r»«r Ihlrit nad Ilkr
a»»«B«l<Hl» I' I*l l».r««. „
TltO llOU«c dtii.iil.t ).«< W«1I Vtliti-
IMiid, ovfiD In cold w*atfier, O[i«»ji
t|in viin/luvn and donri ' uiv In
H.'t iriorning nn-l after lun'ti.
I'm hli air at till Ufn«a lv thß r*. l< «J>-
Ing ravin* I* i in < niiiii.
■11l- ti> ii And bug *'■!, rlmwii In
entile** vfuicij-, may eolve <i.<-
Chrlitmu gift problam.
Rnmn of i In- i nitijM In M{(hfl*aa
fuwM-j nil- mv.i! blue, tt'il'l'-ii lirown,
M<it/.« Hint niiili/t-rry.
Is a Gift to Evtry Mtmber of tht Family
!$ a Gift That'll Be Enjoyed Every Day in
the Year — foi Yea,'b
Ii a Gift That Will Entertain Vititon and
Guest b
It a Gift That Will Bring Genuine Pleasure
to the Giver Himtelf
h a Gift That Will Bring Culture and Re
finement Into the Home
Headquarters for High-Grade Pianos, Organs,
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sical Instruments of all kinds. Any given sum*
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Johns!on Co. JOIJNSTOK Third mid
Building jjJEl^g!: Univemly
of |l,O0«.O0rf for .*vm ,!*•*&
rounllrtx that |z» 009 000 i?i'^*
dlds'l pay, ' "*♦ 1
_-—i " „ __ . ,
llomr«» *a« v wine. «k. O (, Hw^l
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