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1 . ■*■■■■ r g a*ai aj« "■taa "» ■ ai•••* fpi hwt*. ■ 1
. *- ■* ~ -
litre Is a little »l»rv about thr making of an American.
Not I very pleasant story, h«t a true one. Nl« not altogether
typical, hut certainly a stor) to make people think.
Four years .v;,. there landed alon<j at Kllis island a ll'"1
garian Jewish hoy of 14—one of the claaa which forms so
large a part of present day immigration. !le came 111 the steer
age. tie could not speak n word of English.
in appearance not much different from hundreds of oth
ers who were hwdHtf on our ibor«i, this hoy—we can call
him Morris had a shrewdness and ambition and keenness and
energy that were uncommon.
He struck blindly hut confidently out Into the country,
landing in Chicago, with > few cents in his pocket. What bit
earliest hardships mtn) have been, can only be imagined. But
within two years he had .1 good.working command ol &ngli*h,
was the owner of a souvenir postal card stand, had brottghf
life older sister over from.Hungary to run it, and had $600 in
the bank/ -
That represents some achievement." For Morris was tire
less and shrewd. He sold candy and papers and post cards,
•viii bought and sold small articles with ■ graap of blisiness
principles that would have done credit to .1 man three times
i - age
At 16 Morris had married hi* sifter off to a nth fellow
countryman who had seen her and admired her, but who was
too timid to press his suit. Morris, with an eye to business,
quickly brought them together. Then, looking for new worlds
to conquer, he sold out his stand, bought a new suit—Amer
ican cvt —and started for San Francisco.
Tht western trip didn't pan out BO well except that il
broadened Xlofris' mind and opened up new IVCBBCf of M
joyment. It was .1 bad year, ami the location he had Ml up
wasn't well chosen. Still, he had broken even, financially,
when he got back to Chicago a year ago.
But now, wearing good clothes and having lost some of
the atertnv«!i <>i speech which Jnd characterised him at first,
Morns wasn't content to settle down in the grind of 18-hour
a-day plugging, of matching hi« wits for pennies, of painstak
ing progress. He t>lt the lure of big stakes and easier rxia
He went to New York after a month. He canM back to
Chicago a month ago. He had lost his savings—or npent them,
rather. He had learned to drink, to smoke ireti and play
the race-* He spoke with an eastern drawl.
"N'Yoik's.the only t»urf»," he tuld Ml friends, contempt
uoualy, .as he languidly rv>licii a new cigaret. "Chi's s dead
one." •
He was too good to work by now, four years after he
had landed. He liked to wear good clothes, and hi« eyes were
fast Baed on the elusive tomorrow, when fortune, through the
race* or gambling, should claim him for her own.
He got some money from his rich brother-in-law. Rut
he had tv do .sonic work. He looked for 4iiv easy job. He
found it, as an usher in a moving picture show. That's what
he is doing now. „
The hours aren't bad. He can wear good ctothen. He can
meet his friends after hours. He can play the races with .1'
the money he can earn or coax from his sister's husband
Morris is looking flashy, almost tough. Alter his taste
of Icasure, -will he ever be content to settle down to the course
of life where steady, honorable money is earned ' Can he make
a new >tart
It is a question. It is also a tragedy.
Morris has lived in four years the history of three gen
erations— generation of work, the generation'of prosper
ity, the generation of decay.
Along about th. tlm<' FranrU
I'hinney rj»r]t- hf-KiriM to blark»n
h!» affinity's eyes the spiritual fi>a
tures of their union will g«t a try
out. r:, ;_
Among th* benefits scenting
from the di«f»*«t7 *of th* I north
pol« will bf th« cessation of Wiluir
Wetlman's annual balloon fiascos.
Messrs. \\#iKh», tioowvvlt and
Harriman will pleas« step back for
a few tnomeaUi; wblht Dr. > Cook
rnako* use of the apot M«kl
A watihfr In a faurt-t at thw home
of Ji»' Schlumpf iipninj; a leak a
few day* ago. Jots phoned a plumb
er. and the plumber *«"i>t a IS-year*
old boy to rt-rutdy the defect.
The l«>y »t«i><-d iAx mlnutrs. Tne
l»lumb*T sent In a bin for 7f> cents.
"I don't '>!>]•'t to paying a plumb
er f 4 an hour.' Jo* explained, when
he went around to protest the bill,
"Imt I do ki< k on paying; a boy
$7.60 an hour."
Joe tt-ti'l' r»-rl 23 cents fat full pay* '
ment of account and tt wu ac
"It reminded tiif Joo «ald In telU
Ing of It, "of a parody I one« h<«ard
on Uyron's 'iloata <>f Beeaacharib.' :
It ran:
" "The plumber came down like a
wett on Urn fold;
His pfKk«-t» were lined wttb silver
and Kold.
Nine honr* and a half be made love
to tin- cook;
HUfyflve dollars he charcad ta hi*
"Tliat'n what I call th» •xtri-m<>
■tout MaiO.ii (gusblbfly) I tiiiiik Hklfr riding in *o delUhttul
il'ni'l you 7
Small H...U (panting m tfc « •«*) I'll y«« nklff rldlny In.
Cetting married br wlrfi<>aa t»
only millziag on., half of Ita matrt
monial i«w*Hililt»»««
Rawhide,* S-r. win mdoabttHtly
tttow a shrinks^* after tJj» severe
wetting it'stuiUlß#d.
"Prlval* nanker" Hmith rontln
ues to carry hi* privacy to ex
Ala«ka coal fields had a narrow
escape from beiag dl»lw> rlghud." .
limit," declared to* conductor of a
South Seattle car, a* h* rettmind
to th« r»"«r platform »ft«r a long
c-onfaliiilaffnn with two young wo
raen who boarded his car at B«cond
ay H. and Vlain
AfH-r h»- bad v.-nt-d hla «hk<t In
a choir., mid forcihlw collection of
expletive*, h« proceeded to plain.
"When I went In to e.i|l.,i thalr
fare*," he aatd, 'they both fussed
around iti lh#-'r cloihi-H for about
two minutes. Th' ii they explained
that ther gu»TMt<«l they'd l<mt their
i transfer*.
" Then you'll hay« to pay another
fnr«\ I toM 'em.
" W* rant, they wild. W« hare
not another pwnjl with iia.'
" Tli' ■ they r..i«t ■• that I surely
wouldn't be iwi rrn»l a* to put '«m
off the ear four miles from horn*.
Well, I felt sorry for 'em and agreed
to \ih»h up the fare* And what do
you think they did noxtT
"You h(iv»n't any Idpa?
"Why, they wanted m<> to «lv»>
>iv 2 cents for tho traunffrii th»yd
.. (IMuatmlpd with actual photograph! mad* in New York by How
ard Ooncourt, with special picture* t'o«ni (or by a New York 1 iv«
Chapter I.
■iiik Urn liUtxi ilnvt of litlv and th« eatlr* mouth at amkuhi
ihf itliiin. In New York 1 liuii. 111 ■ to walk In taM vii lulls of llroud
way and 4M st, will h<- "innii by la* iniinbor of ynung wom«n ol
• given 'yp«> Ml tn avery 1.1. i. k Of nil tegraM of b«Mty and 1111111
nera and dr»«», tli»»«< wom«n and glrK un< ntr»nr<-l>- iv|i|i«l
Tlu'v iin< hliciw elrls in I!.- motropott* »iir«'lilng for Jobs, Tb«y
.mi., into tii« KUvlU'rlitK. < > ni' iiMmk iiiwii by iliiiuitnniU, froaa Jor
»»y. '.. «r Kiiklhiiil. tb» B.iinti. .'in.l tbo> tltle» anil towns of th« iwlilill.
or ov«n Urn far went. Tb«ty way or mat not SaVI had m.-i>;>> <\\f
rlt'in-f l»>t thty'ro alt stag* struck.
Hum* am shop etrl* burning with a (r*al daalra to ahtee, aMM
form" of cood fiimllii-n, and l««uvi> gore in-ail» l-<tilii<l. MM nr«< pretty
girls «i>ii uit-Mii bMfnesa, mhiii' ar« uritod out of hutu« by amiiiiiona
(mor« <ift.<u avaricious) pmata, aasM a,re «o<Nt. and *«ai(< don't care
—but th<-y ar« all wotrl.-i until ilin J«»h Is BaaSJVe I
..." In Juljr ami AticuM inu«-h of th»
nation* the»trt<-al ainu»vin«nt l«
cootuxi up In S'-w fork. H lrm!<
i>f <*«t«rprl«lt>a' m*n, from - Ih* '
etvat K.«ia»«u and Frohman »a<l
.■Uiubtfrt i» th>- moving pu-tur«« '•••
tow, ar.- >tirrlit< ihrlr in«J!i tdttal
poli Of lauitbt*r or krtUca of »paj»-
Kk»d wonder for jrowr drtaklsK In
tli* b«»m» th*atr" on vomlni wintor
>-Tfitiu«« ft* HI Inalitminn. ihJa
ml<S»umm«rr hurly-tmrljr of iko*
making, and ti nan tarlou* tide*
Out of town mimat-r* tbrmiir tbn ■
t.««>king tci:< ■»••». Orasi »ur» ««m«
In from Nran p!ac«<* and confer
wtih th*» Di»(Ull of tb» butlnMit.
CcMtumo wak«ra . ra< « tba »hlp
avmr ll># tn-«4i» «f Urwd n»«-<J!«-*oiu.
•<n and KUttcrltiß ipuntli' la lbr«*d
»*d to ur^'fi vi'lv.-f aod pink rblffon
I* i»#a>.i!r.<l off bjr tho rod. Tbo
kcipim imlnixr daulm h!» rtniu and
i)«>sr Tru«: My wlfa iimlxi upon
w. «r1;i« blxarr« nlicht fcawn effects
on the streets, under Hi>- lunlijn
that sho Is ntyltah. What would you
do- Hubby.
I>«Br Mr Tru.» I rom« to you for
advice. My wife, (jood In other
way», Insist* upon minding my per
sonal affaim How can I nittkM bar j
keep her nose urn ■ inhuppy Hua- ;
NKW YOKK, Aug. Zf. (Hi, lmt
i tiny don't li.n the wl .1 In 11. girls
down hero! Oh, no. Tii'\v are fool-
Ixh, juttt llko a (ox, thiiHi- llttln por
■on* that fliitl'T up mid down Hruad
way In dOtllM of thn l»t<nt modo,
and havo iic<|!l in ii hliiiw, nomo
A rnupln of young fi'llowH mil"
lii Irom thn wtsst a f<-w dnyo ago.
On* at lh«-m travflu for v hlmh;
bOWM, with an eastern territory,
' ■...■■
TMI ITAR—I iiuhwiay, SEPTEMBER i. IfOf
ttto m<-chntilcftl gwntua ii<'l<» hla
brain ■ .;ur '*
fn a Stan of mt)« ha!!* or <tl*
vm4 tb«atr«« In ttin tendertotn
{•lanua at» »h»u«tua- n«w and »M
Irrlca arnl ■MSfM comity folk ar«
l«toln« «r> th>ir v<>!.<•«, vla 'oihtr
tiaU» aun.lnir u»«»t«r» nl« driilinic
rhotn* v*r>vi« In n«* ftSL In
m«< > * i.i.t li«n|i tx>Mr<tinc !»««*«•
an*tons ■*)«•* am porins «V'»»!ijrp««
•Tttti ■ < rmtton. ifiul yotar
aftor man or u<Jr la dramattamltr
addr»«iiu* ib# «*• }m wiib atieb
M. "Tbtrtjf ft-nr-* *ftf jw»r tn<Hh«r
■M a told;, and m, A!c«nKin
Itarrinxtoo. i ■ tml<l Uit> «ro«f»l
ar.. k t.wt wlrked wltlfuin««a ba«
wrouKht ..' ,■" ,■■■:" i ': •
All Hr>»«.|»i»y » a *ta««, and If
we'r» not tb« a«tor» ont, »» w«y
look at «h«-m and wonder at Uirlr
Hut lIM rhnrn* Klri. Ib» Itltl*
My t»«-«r Mr. Tnt* What will I
do with my bnabandT ll«< an aw
fully ole« man. but »omPtl»«« be
IcHma hla l«mp<r. aspa* laity on Sat
urday fiinhu Then It" la unendur
able.—Vlrn Hwtbrwkinn.
F>"ar Tru« Wi bavn very nil
next door iK'lßhhur*. all tint their
llttla boy, n chubby ch«rub wh«i ha*
th<> habit of biting our baby on lh'«
arm. la tbore no rouiaAj P»i
turbed. ;/Jc
iiMil the othttr \h h liuy>T tor a
clothloi concern Thuy am fruiu
duferent cities, but iihvc known
I m ll iilllll tor -.I'Vi'llll y»:ars, Hllll lIM
Ihi'y always stop at till' mi lint. 1:,
In-New York, th«y run uitdih oach
othor oid-i! In a whll'i.
Introduced by a P. A.
Haunt Ting down tin- (ir.-Hi White
ifll'l ■ llllH'll Hi II (hup hllllKi',
(In I i,in ;u'mum a Ihi'MlrltHl pn'HM
»K''iil, nl«ii friitn Hi" «'Ht, hut now
str»it|«r lv t)M bit flty, Is (In Imll
viilnnl In this numinnr Iffira that
uftiixta ii. mtoreit I had s«M»n
lii>r utandltiK in »<-ui fllus before*
the tnana(<*r*' doors, unit I had
lltl«d her b«»€jm*e™wo||, It'i uri
"in buslnoss Im hnr, an<i miiuio
may ui«sn nior-- than we may mm
to think of.
To satisfy ii KiiHWlriK < urlontty
i conevrnioa vi«» »ilv.-!ilur«» or a Ktrl
torn* k«r* In M'ttrri) of (taut" «r,ik,
• I de(*naln«d to abar* an »p«rt*ar«
i "Uh mmimi aueb «Ir! I ktlf > tbey
I *«rt lotnluf into town nn «-vi ry
i i train, and, raiullUr wtih th« t?|»>,
' I plstinml to iiin-i rota* Ktrl «t lh#
j •tattoo, BilW fri--ii<l» an4 WMt what
i I *UnuM •• ■ I b*v« ti<m«« no. and
I 1 will t«-li tli<» fUnr» of (l.«« advnn
' i»in* of a l7)<-i»r«l<» Ctrl from 8t
' ixtuUk. \U, «nh »l«»m 1 f'll In at
' th<« I'«nit<«) tvntil.l MatJon in ittnmf
, iljr tn ih» (hir.l H..k of Jul). ai.il
»ho llbank lh.< !.!.•«»<•<) »iar»!) lm»
i i b«r J«>i> todaf. aad I bop« la IM9P9
! arul will .-r#r l.« 8b« baa b«r y,i>.
i and t know h"« «!>■« sot It and
What li coat h«r, Tliw •la«w, la<llf*
1 m<i| f«ntl«m«m, baa no «I)tU-{ on It
for mjr ey»a.
(Mill Potloeh't ttory will be con
i tinucd In tomorrow's Star.)
lixati-d In th*< mtropolU, and ■
fti« nd of tMith tlu- Mittnt*r*ra.
Tb» jir.—- mccnt was talking- lo
tf*n »w#U kwikii « girl*, and ** tb«
other* cam* along h« hailed th«iii.
and tkvar* w«r» Introduction*. Hoon
th« pr<nut agent w>>n! on hi* c»r«.
Iron Ihv ]<-«\ii,n bla two frionds
: »U!I «tack«d up with th« 4an»'«
Tti«r« wan lomt pertlflai;*l, and
, final!) th<« Iwu young chaps, who
r-riali)!) did lik» iti« looka of ihn»«
«lri* took tlinm Into t*••- grill room
of a big h«)t«l and pi<r<-haa*<l a llttl*
drink all around. Tli-n th«»y bad to
att«nd to >iu*ta«*w>. but fh*-y desired
lh* runipunjr Of tti<« Bills In !h«
Ho! te a T««ic*b.
Thn four w,. r Mill talking on
tbo ■N-walk, and the iaat thin* the
>'>iitiK "i' I iiit wa« forlhn Klrla
t/» b« M and rail th«os up at
lh»-tr hotel In tb« evmlng, on« of
) them kivlhk on* of th« «ttl« hla
Tii.> Kirl« hallod a taxlcab, «a>lnis
tb«y •<>r«i koliiic «p town, and l»lk
Ml for » moment with th« rhanf
i ffiir
Then on« of them turn.-< 1 to Uin
»«int»>rn»rs and called out. "Th«t
will It# 'all rfßht. il»'n. will Itr
Supposing tba i>nKaa°»m>*nf of th«»
"vi»nlnK . wh* r«*fi*rr«d U), both
youths n.Kld< ii. and away went th.-
NotxKly riilifil Ili-'tn up that even-
Ing, but about I p, nt. a taxlcab
iliHuffinr buntod up tb« yniinc man
wbo had ixmxiil out hi* card* ami
pr«M»nt<»d htm with a hill for $1? Tl
for lanlcabbltiK thi)a« two young
vi.iiii'Mi all ii*. r Ni-w York.
How Thay Worked It
Tba girli hail nlmpty ahown tl."
c-ard ici tlm I'lniurfi in. Mllng him
that thn i;i-iii!itnn[i would |..n th«
hill, and (bat waa what th«,"U that
all right?" Imil ruffrrrd to.
i'.i>niK tho Mil imbml prnfurnMo
to I row and a rumpus, and I'itK
«lble notoriety ai ■ cuupto of welch
«ra, ao II wna p*lil. , Ami If tin
yiniiiß iihi. n««••*t thorn* KlrlK utiilii.
will ih-y »pnak hHmbijt«to UiemT
Th«y tblak (hi-y wlll.J.ut when It
camel to a hliihv down,*you can bot
thpy won't.
Th« Klrlx will tell thorn II WM
Just II Kood J'll<" Ulxl thny Will H«l
mit 11. nnil buy iinnih.-r drink. Th<'
Klrla know tli. Ir Komo,' all rl(ht,
(inrl It* hablta. Hut thoao Ihilh will
lum'ji tlii'lr cards ill thi'lr clothoa.
I'lii' morn of ii viiiiillkii a man
taken ' In' wotv comfortable hi' could
Im' 111 Illlllll'
ICxeept for children, rent, th(«
h.iu.ii'holil lilUh .lid wli<«r<> it Is lii'at
for tin' l.iinlly |o live, marrtag« is
■nit Hinli v Kruat failure. .
Kven wlit'ii a mint Irnrti-h fur a
Inn mc in- ii»H to md to • Hi>' gluu
factory h.' CM take prtdo la how
Mini hi. MUM to making I good
Thera'i l«fW liny MM of it mini
l<-niiitii« h flm- npi-irli m inakn to *
Klrl wliimi hi' pi*opotM In ht>r, In'
MM Hlir iKicplH him bwlini' In
run x>'t II »(t N'i'W Ynrk I'ichm,
mmmmmmmmmmmmmw »AII LARGrOfN'gJ^—— —^^
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Kvury «l»e of I)i I>«nton s famous children's Sleep <ioi«'ii „,;;.".......... $1 M)
Inx (iartnvnt i* b*r» pri<.-.! k>w«t tnan cln«- 2 0il0 Cotton"iiuck.'Vli white; ' specla'l,' per* --~mi
where, sltrs « tur.iillis to 10 j<-ar«. .-»<»<» U, $1.00 " <Jo««o • « . $1.25
TURKISH TOWELS 17x33 Urn Kiid Cotton' Mixed; *pect*l. per * t«
1S»3» UnblMichtHl Turkish, each.. ]O£ M.. $1.50
■■»«■• l'nhlea">>H} TurkUh. «ar|i ....... 12' 18xS6 HalfUn<-n; ISC <-.vli; iipwial. i>*r
l»I«0 Ul««rh#d, «n«<<Jhirji weight, Mkei 15c dozen .$1.05
2.ill l!',,.j.ji' «xtra li»-«vy doub!« ihr«a.| . .2r»<" INi36 Half I.li;>n. soft aud hoary; 20c each; >
Itath Mau, heavy double thr<**d, #ai h As^ special. p«r dozen i'i.'iS
TurkUh Wuk Cloths.each..... r*< IHi36 Alll.ln#n, scalloped or hemstitched, ■:
Aln.l Wash Cloths r,f <•»■ h ........2o<f
Closed September 6th—Seattle Day at the Exposition
1 A .^a.r.u.l "WE WILL BE THERE" I Atn n. Mortro^
Aw.n>l«r(al A full ••- ' •lit I
, . -„< .. f Bm- T \ 1 \ 1\ f 1 1 71 TN y^* T'' /^\ 1 T r- /^ 0' Mr* TqsS^B
l^trvLl IIJ -A L)rf Yr I lfVlr^ lO "fr.wh-rrv T ::«« (
W!k lloi«». In mim CJ^lri If ir\l ljiir\i\i\ 11 UV I \IIVO \"i* O<kmU In TolUt Af->
• •••iiiful d»lim«: fef->4i*jlv KLmA^f^sL U-vV-Uv/XV V7v »»cle I>»p«rtm«nt-^ I
II *c por twir. \gP Ju.o«oA.io>»i«Jr \j I Mln Floor. ■■■'■'^.
' J...h \\ !««■ ««••!
•'V.I ihrf n>«l4
Ilk' II «'"• '<nm
.. h,. Ikri «l»
--mm ■» w»»S«ll
Munld •<•<•■ ••>•
«■ IfcU talk
o' latMrrKnar*
ll* imrllni In mr •tIM-n<i* I'll
klv* you laia t.i tnak* yoo happy."
i*ti* —"That anunda r»<v! to m» I
Vacant or lni|>rovr>l* "—lU!t!innr» !
"Tom »xpr**s«d ynurstlf with
iirmi fotlnc Ii your r«K-*nt (paaoh,"
• •11 th* admtrli cinallluant.
"T»a,** anaw*r«d senator Horithum,
«-o»l!y. Too *•*. t ti l>, t hava tlm«
to romplln any daflnlt* Inform*tlon
on «.'»• •iih]i"«t wa w^r« dlaeiMtlnK,
•-> I «ii alinply obtlga4 to ■*! ■•mo
I tonal' wa*hjn(ton Star.
Tha laat paraaa to Itarn lo undrr
•t«nd a man Is hlmsolf.—Now Tork
Julia—"Oolnsr t.i Maria's Jan.-#»"
tiortha—"t •hall t'» out <•( town
ttial nl(ht.
Julia I w...nt Invited •llbar."—
Corntl) Widow
TI.o sunntn»aa nf tlio h*art full
of h«li*( In human natur* t» iimr»
ra4lanl than day.— riortda Timaa-
Mla« Katharine— "Mr »l»t*r lr»»l.
I* *' inn to marry Mr Hill. U*
r»m«« of a v*iy old family, I (>•
Mr. Klddar—"No douht. I'v*
rt<-n heard poopl* v«» th* <<»pr««
oion 'As old as th« Hills.'"—Hoiton
No limn la BO SM but Ifial h« ra«
nimbori bow hit flt«i ftlrl'a hair
was don* >n> — in>«i>»r Union.
"Smv m». whi> .1!.! «h« Iniktna to
«1*»»" B>k*d K»rm»r \Vh*»tly.
".lmii», my iir," an*wer«a Mri
"Humph"" snortM WlioatlY "Do
-■mi kn»* t'v* heard ii roo.l deal
rti>«»M th«t cnllaft* I'it.i, but I muit
•ay I ilnn t think much >if It."— 1 >■•
irolt F"r.'« Press.
If you hum any arli'Vßiire. ke*p
It to yoursalf. Kvvrybody via* has
a (ii.iv.nir», and doMn't want to
haar yours. Ali >)la.>ii Olobo.
"Si .■ tin" boy»." "Playlnaj aoldlars,
"Y..^, kills R«t tots of fun protrnd
"Aii'l trrown-ups, too. I put in
m.v vacation pratandlna l waa rich."
— Kanaaa dt] Journal.
t»l<lnnrt Wmiltil
Thfl Cop— WiH'i lliMl
Th* kli! - l aari kin i hnvn Wltlla
I'.iii-ti i)lnch«d for br*ach of prom-
Ins? It.' promUod m« five rants'
worth of randy an' h* aln'l dona it'
—Mpukuiin i rontel*
liilormnll.in Wnnlrii
Ho—l'm KulnK to mvii.l thr*«
manthi li«r« thli jiummer.* Aran'l
you «-1«i1T
Blio — Depend* on wli'-tluT v.ii »re
Kulntr tn ni><>n<l nn>M liliiii •■)-•■ —Bpo-
K»nc <?lironlcl«.
»■•■• ullnr Ilriilj.
T»nslo— Why don't you ncn«pt him
If you Imtfil to I'tifimo iilm*
Jvaule—l Imiln'i ili« h»uit i.i do it.
t n (..I I » l*iic.
ll.' Vihiiik lliutlior—Ha, rnuvlit
..... Look here ii you don't glva
tn» nl«|tniici> lit »i»lll.
Tommy, v.>u inii>- wrwtoh
k.i Hwuy! Ami If fou in. 1.1 your
liimmii" I'll glvti you (Ixpenod— to
Hit Votinc Hiiitln"r —No fi'or' Nn
morn tick I You |ll r.Mllil'.l 111.' a Klilll
iriK If I .Il<ln'l li'l on about Sammy
Hpii.iimr klHNlntr y.iu twu inontliM
iirii, mnl you havrn't |>ald up y.»t!
Comlo Cuts.
E. W. I Cvcry ecord 1 j *"•■•]
aaaMH^H^H 5 Sung for the Vk lor by mmammmSk
The Great American Tenor, Is on Sale at
Sherman, Clay & Co.
Read This Over— lt Will Surely Interest You
«40t* A I>r»*m lt«rtl«tt "U» Iloheme—Rudolph's N»r-
S4MI . ..... M.ht ri(lv« VuetU s
'.«■•»! l<aad Kln<t!v I.lk* •
• ••*••*•••• NVrniiii'l>)'k<Ml 74122 Ctrn»a—Klowwr Son2..«U
«»ll Viryof Ati.i'.f . NVl»on *"Mt
"mimii n * m a». k. »._ . 741#* Come Into th« O»rd«n. I
«40«« Qu»«n of Sh*™—P«rt I. Maud» .......... . B«lf*
' «ou«">d 7|Jlt Cro.«lB*« th« Bar .Wl
«40»l g.iß-n of W,-l«« I'.rt II 7401g Elijah -If With All Tour
••••• ••• 'mod H»«rt« .. . M«iu3«lmoli*
«40«) H-rrn».!. flchubcrt 74111 J v .1 a * Mittiliitiit
«4010 R««.iMi«»«»rr .... —«oun.l an AUrm..H*na»l
N.-iilltti««r 74U0 Lohenarln — lAhsnjrriß'il
»4io« Th« Un nf Richmond N«rr»tlv« .........Wa«a«r
lIIU MrNatlr 7t41» Abldlnc Jorfttt
T410« All Through tha NUht 749f 4 I»v« Hhall R« Lord T«
-Wrlih air Cort>»H
mnOHBa Tun Martha—Like a Drum.. MMBKXZaMB
» .-» ....... . ■ • >'lotow ■ .
i - i ■ 741 IS M«i«t«ralnß«r— Prti. Sonir I . ' " ""i
r- ««• I Warner ■ _ a«f -
' p \A/ I T4ISI M>'««l«li H«nJ»! ■ p W
« L.* TT . I 74127 I llgal Hon Sulllran ■ l_e TTe
I T4SII Stithut .Maltr —<"n)u» «nl- I j
' iif I main R»aalnl ■.' ■ - ' ■"'
Closed Sept. 6th—Seattle Day at A.-V.-P. EJg
What Could Be Easier?
NO REASON in the world why you
should not buy that FaU Outfit early ;
in the season this year, for our Lib
eral Credit Plan makes buying very easy, y
no matter how short of cash you may
happen to be. This is the credit plan that
has stood the test of time and made this
store the most popular outfitting head
quarters in the city.
New Fall Lines Now Ready
Women's and Misses' Tailored Suits,
Coats, Costumes and Millinery—Men's)
Bradbury System Suits and Overcoats— j
Boys' Guaranteed Clothing. Prices right "
No charge for credit.
B 1332-34 Second Ace. K-209^ Union St.
11332-34 Second Aye. Credit 209 Union St.
"Seattle's Reliable Credit House"
V Hsssrss. W. [ STOBA6I

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