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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, September 10, 1909, Home Edition, Image 9

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* National «Mool»«ion eon- *
1 iroU ba*«< ball in ::.« oitiei. *
" v hanJlM 7000 players. ♦
1: n 'coutroU 3» le*Kt»««. *
• AnniiAl •ttewUnc* In «
Jlwusu** tn M»ofl«tlon. 3t: *
:>ss«, «imn« »«to,:
»!»rl^ fS.OOO.- J
* Nattoaal M«»«-I««lon has *
*\ton*& »♦« MttomU »«"••■ «
* me,*. t MtM »d rmrt prle«. *
[51 n »»^ the bM* b*u *
"flJJljAn rarn-H th •
ui'jjji dim tn b»«" l'«H *
£«»•••• »»»»,••♦♦
»! 8t RN N :'' ■■■•
iJnil!««Uc Industry. ,IU
rirttwi!* «» ipprecl.t^d br tew.
:>*Tbt"U>l4 *U problpm* aro •■
'vLSw m tl»*# of lh« Stand«nl
"oflCa, pr »n> other *«••! «r*««n»
, *jmtei»tr»Uan. BM>mt *>x*K*er
»!*! To comp«r« • »port. how
♦m f- ■' wUh « coinm*r*l*l
jrMt b»t 0»l thousht contempta
'frrT base n.\t.u from
roKi >• MB.. TO BAN I»EUJO
a.vb tatrons
I™an?any other industry.
k*A l»-<-»u«<* h«" mxtain* It. th"]r i
.; aJli^rr-'urT John K»rr»!! of thl»
rt!f. tfc<' Hmiliihii <>< ba*»* ball
'TV bUK«*i B'*n ln Ihl' world**
<grwt»st tport, F»mll U dlre«tlf
iwposilb!*. for «hs» po»tiloo l)»»«
tan octnpJe* . tod»> He come*
md} oe»r b«ta« '!>«• national a*.
>. Bt«* '»'! ■« ">«• divM«il Into
ti..*w (map*- ti»o California out-
Ik* tot***- th<> »*)or* and th«
|M(B*« in lk« rtatlon«> •saocUtloa,
IvUdi t»«f b*w>m«> a unit, forcing
|kM* bait «h<-»4 *uh Inrrnuitag
\ Tke B*tioo*l aaao<-ta!!oa ran
&oto bMr ball In 2i< cl!l««. with
■ aora , Urns 7.IKK) pS»y. r«. id 3»
IttfiMS. It aomloaie* th«> minor
fWM Aikl th« un «bo ma 4« thl«
f/jMtlMe U Secretary rr»-n.
v Minor j !«•$«« t »r«o«rty interettt
nfttttnt mar* then $ •■3,000.000;
piantt rang* ''«m th* $SXOO fl*ld
't» tt>« S'^VOOO p»rk« In %*n
1 Fraacltce in 4 ,Toltd«; last a«aa«n!
MjHMM aai4 ts •*• game* b*
it«Mn nat>e«taj ' auaciation clubi.
Th* ttntnctil trtrwjction run into
„;. mtiUont.",.::..»-,v.-::. i 1"...
. ramrtl ki»ft tat* aatloa-wtd«
WMijatMM ■■ ■ «mlijb» «moothl> :
b* nHKVMtd Mi aV«*li.p«4 tt; an
alajwr. mnitgrr, m< r, l**j; i*
•erttory *M # «t-
3 tons or coal FOR $1O
How Much Do You Use? I Improvements
Most every householder u«e» from 6to 10 ton* of coal a year.V V ur present system of stem are about $27 000 means of mules.
Most every householder use* from 6to 10 tons of coal a year. Qur J^ Au gy , tem are about $2 7,000 a year.
At $5 a ton this would amount to $30 or $50. .g y installing an Electric Tram we can increase our output ten times and decrease the cost con
' We offer you a good coal— good as any in this country — for a a little over half of this price. siderably.
Will you overlook an opportunity like this? We have decided to sell 1.000 shares of stock, par value $10 per share, in order to make this
At the Coal Dealer's Mercy what We offer You
The coal dealer can ask most any price he may choose. We w jjj gJve with every »hare of ilock three tons o coal free.
The public has to pay it - YV e w j|| gj ve this in lieu of dividends for three years.
Several times the people of Seattle have been compelled to pay exorbitant prices for coal on j n oner WO rds, we are guaranteeing a dividend of $5.25 per share for the next three years,
an excuse of shortage of coal. At the end of this time you have more than got your money back and still hold one share of
This is liable to happen any time, unless you buy King Coal. stock.
You make money on this and we do too.
F-» i r r^ £>ft\ VVI th KInST * COcll We arc aWe to imlall a »yßtem that will increase our output ten times by selling this stock.
1 "■■ , iycni ▼▼■«-■■ b^bbb^ We will increase our patrons many times. Every stockholder becomes a booster for King Coal.
We sell our coal in 17 cities, including Seattle, and sell through our own agents. jjj 8 f^nds w yi buy our coal. It is safe to predict that an endless chain of new customers will
The price is made by us and we ask no more than what is a just and reasonable charge. b e established by this sale of stock.
Our supply is unlimited and there is no danger of a coal famine with King Coal %A/*> r^^ /v PrnrnifcpH
This plan is satisfactory to our customers and profitable to us. ; ; VVe UO AS KrOITIISea _
ac • n . . n 'I, ,^ u l..t w .^« ' The advertising w« will get from the sale of this stock—advertising that will continue indefi-
A Fair Deal is all we ask and what we give. nitdy-would cost many time, the amount of coal we wiU give away.
A f* nnri Investment We are *atilfied with our part of the deal and we know you wUI ***"
. . The proposition we offer you is a good one, both tor ourselves and you. , f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M-
There is no better investment than coal.
The cost of production is small. No refining; no high prices to pay for smelting, as i. the ca.e ( |||| KING COAL MINING CO. *B^j
with other minerals. The demand is steady and the supply is the real factor to be ij '•-? Incorporated J.'n.l.-r the Uw. of ihc State of \Y*shi»pton. 4&
Little danger of stock juggling. The demand is steady and the supply is the real factor to be |» .„,, „,t. ,| I'wkr tk« Uwa of the Mat« «1 W^luncton
con*ir!«>ri>d * i**^i .TENIXO, WASH.. . fi^
We are well supplied. At the lowest estimate we have 20,000,000 ton. of coal in sight. ||| C.,,it-I *mooo^K«.ly/Hi,».^N«n.Wo^.^ - g
, ——^^ 'AOPH< ' ' Jj *t* i f., ..i* *■■- U tit C J W W UOf I*l ~"■ iiiii ■ ii ii iii ■ . 'y.^'J
fJlir Property . 1^ THIS certificate. off,cuiiy „>«!, entitUftKeKoWer. Mr :— y|
The King Coal Mining Company property is three miles from Tenino, Washington— s7 miles Ps> >at _ .treet. to tons o Kin* Coal FREE ii pre- >^
from SeatUe—and consisU of 800 acres of land, all underlaid with a high-grade coal. Four |gtf • for X - Coa , for^
vein*, ranging from five to eleven feet in thickness, have been ocated and are in proce.s of u&& •««•«?» /o ' f t j e KING COAL MINING CO:
operation. Vein No. li. now being mined; the other three will be within a year. We are j^ .J,.tnct of Seattle. -vi^v, w/vi- "
•hipping to beattle now. gm « - fc .^^^^ VVh _^^. __s«._^, v «oo^^s
• Our mine i. acces.ible to four railroad., connecting with Tacoma, Seattle and Portland. -The
freieht rate, are low and tran.portation to a good market most .atisfactory. Ss»^^
'.■■■.-,.-■ ... . „:.-. ...'.-
Phone Main 1613 "^£ 61 7 PIONEER BUILDING, SEATTLE, WASH. Office Open T.I 10 o'clock Every Evening
c •
drfami»d of tb* day when ba»e
ball would b« undiT on« h<*ad.
working tin p<t>n«mli«l. bu»tn#s«
tOM line*.
Tmi r*srs ba«k tt«f*re waa no
1 ba*« b«ll bibitoKraphy. Karrell
tc*iU'"Tfii data.' H«> itoTw4 facta on
ever? angle, from th« «tao<lp<ilnt
of pJ«v>r owner and apoctator. He
knows Its law from t&* fomlnx
mo rule* to th« Mth dttlslon of
Htch#r ————'s najtn
Farrflt haa mada base ball law
H# haa lni-rpr.!r><] it. He has ad
■lllUlfal It. As letltlator. law
yer and jodr«, b« haa b«-«-om«- th«
supr-oi'- <our» of th* gam*.
Slnca h« organUed U. II >>-ar»
a«o. Farrell baa . b*«n, pr«*ld«*nt
aecrcttary-treasttrer of the Now
York atat« l«afu«. Kvcn th>*B h«
dr-«ni».! - H* caw I'-ajru'* organ
l»« yearly, only *o blow up I'Uy.
<*r* and msna«»Ts w«r« (rmn*l«Dt
Dtsclpliß« was nnkaown. • Tbe
old national agreement governed,
oper»t>-'l by a rommitt** of na
tional l«*gwrs. who let the minors
*In i»ut . th, baa* ball structure
tr*fnb!«d. „ Reatlilng co-op»'«t>on
•ii n«c«*aary, Farrsll ard 10 oth
•r league prwsidvnta met In Chic*
go and formed ths national aaao
elation, which today govtrns 94
p«r cent of bat* ball.
The itotaal «jrr.<<-mpnt «M au
rora tnl Kurr-11, whose kn«wl»d«f»
and grasp of dfall gave blot it«h<
idence, wa* *I*k-<«-<1 *«-ri«tary tr<»»
urer of tli.. \ A. P. It I*, | posl
itloa h« ha* h<*ltl ronllntiounly. Tt>«
f miar!»<l »ki«tn« »rr«» »tr«lish'<-i>itl
loot Qultkiy and th* aasortatlon
t pro»iH r»-d Todajr only tIM majors
and tbd tout outlaw* aro without
I the pal*.
Karrells admlniiitrailMii waa
; founded upon bu»ln*u principles
and rli M U*»n ball {!• for««l own
•ra and i>U><t« to tiv« np to roo
ftracta. H- icat* wr*k lm(ii»« n*w
t.-rriiory. ||« Ml 'i!"t> tu«nai;i>r« taf
*»a« ehiba. Tti» Routhnrn t*«ft;ii«.
• hl<h bt««r up unnuallr waa put
on a firm footing. Farrell in4uc«d
' Jinii'l \\". M. K«»«n»'i«h to tak« tt»*
j leadership and Urn ttouthorn
] tkrtrvA
Th* thrhlng minors l»d ih<- *«t
i for' th« th*n n«b!)ns majors and
} after a tbr««-r<>ar war ih--. sicaed
■ a p»ar»' tfatjf. Tb«- national reia
| mtasloa r««ulti"l aod with It pro*
! iK-nty. A workltit iiiM-mrnl with
' lli>« mtaom wa» n-.r*!urjr ajai la
IMS a lii-w nnMotinl i|l»lll>lll waa
mti'i' ii ii i« a i.liiiniiiM'ukliiß, iin
I'm Hill dorunif nt.
Tli* mlnononow hnvo rights. A
Ibunal i ompo**d of lh» presidents
of tha majori and third man chosen
by ilifin. settles all question* l»i>
t «•■(•« iiinjin and minor leagues,
l*nrr<«ll m-iiii-K minor l*l|ttl trou-
Mm alono. aa M>rrwtar) of th« na
tional board of arbitration. In this
Offl< h« lim iiiHil" a name that will
IH.. while base ball lukih.
I'm!r.-Hn decisions always give.
satUfartlon. I hiT are drawn as
"klllrull) as documents handnd
down by the highest miiiiii mid
Hli l«ss vi<rhlnKK, As chairman bo
llv«a la an atmospher* of conflict.
III' bas written 2.1100 iKlnttK. In
volvliig hilli'li.-dn of thousands of
dollars and valuable playars. Tbess
form bas»< ball i>rr. .-drill as Impor
tant as tln< "reports" of the . hll
The National association protects
minor league ■ ii"i» protects and
advances ilaj "i . 'i'liiß Is acconv
liluhi'ii by r«cosnttlon of ahllltjr,
systematlo drafting, collection of
salaries In dispute .ii,it guarantee
liik a player's service. Tli.- associa
(lon represents the public by guar- '
anteelnK clean ba— ball and block
Ittjc wild cat orgaalM •
r'arrell conducts four-flftbs of
th« country's base ball, settling
claim*, gatting evidence, giving dr
cisions, x*<uiiriK managers fur
weak liilik, and doing a thousand
things to keep the wheels moving.
Tb* National association ai no
recourse when ■ l>r« <t>'ii'liiK a minor
leagu« owner liiiihiixml ii|">ii by a
major club, other than an ni>i»-«l to
the aatloaal commission, but tha
prestlg* of tbft association counts
In obtaining justice. In such cases
Fnrrell acts ii- attorney.
The association advanced thi>
draft i>ri. <■ I' 1901 th« draft was
from I id) to $."i)o Now \i Is from
$300 to 1,000, according to the class
of th« league from which the ; la>er
Is drafted.
Th* major* may draft but on*
man from each clsss A team in a
••lion, but mey tah* as msny as
they see fit from th* th-»* lov»*r
claiiti. If it had accomplished
nothing else, th* draft reforms
have juatifi*d the loyalty of the
minor issgue owners.
The association fu.-« nalarr
Hmlta i>'T mouth. t<-am* r»culatina'
tli«« salary paid Individuals. K.r
rwll holds the -.•ii"ni to th« limit.
Th« bl«t N'« York rom(«nj
which eontroU <hi' Hattl» of
C.'tfy«hU!X •!-> Ur «> now OB *lfW
00 Uie Tar **if'»t, bM il- id. Is
r«>|irv'i ane of ■'.. |>Ik b*ul«a of
(b« Bp«nt»b \m#-rlr»n war »-M thl«
w««k Mllllll lUll<r lovtt«4 tb»
I'oiini Si^nlili W«r Vflfrnim »t
Ih* Tacoma MMMMM '■ *'••"
th» M*ti!» of <;«it>»bur* tod ofter
inuntlMl w lo 16* moal Import
ant and worthy of reproduction
battl* of U>* ]■■• war.
Tb« qijri'ion ■• i>ni* arotw*4 •
•tuna of «»ntro»«tr«jr »»■«« Uw
Hiianlih War veteran*. HMM who
«» servlca In Cuba w«re strung
for 1:1 Canaj m 4 sun Juan mil.
b«lng backed up, too by th» ■ roopi
who r«w a«rvio« only, at bomo.
lii,wnv.<r, im Iba majority i.f those.
Tr ; ! : z "
■ . : ■" *" '■ > ' *
_ __ " '...'..' ' .'
" ■"■ '■■ ' ' ' m ■ ■
Women's New Kid Gloves
at $1 pair
They're from ■ maker who is worlil-reuowncd for the excellence of quality, fit and finish of his
Gloves. No im- ■• softer, choicer skins are used in Glovei at this price anywhere. Right now the
new I .ill iMortmenta afford greater choice than ever before. There are all ihadei for street or
dress, All sizes, m
AT $I.oo—Women's One-Clasp Pique Sewn AT $1.00 - Women's Two-Clasp Ovcrseam
Kid Gloves; black, white and all the new col- Sewn Kid Gloves, in all the wanted shades, in
ors. mi sizes. eluding black and white.
» ——— "~"
Unusual Shirts for Men
at $1 Each
From the way particular men arc snapping up Our Special $1.00 Shirts, style, quality and value
must be "all right."
Thrsr Ss>«iml Shirts are made to our order, of excellent quality of madras and percale, plain or pleated
bosoms, fancy or plain white, ,ff, attached or detached. All arc in the popular coat style. You'll find an
extensive variety of the smarte&t Fat! patterns, and every size is here. Come and see the excellence of these
splendid $I.UO Shirts (omOtTOWa
present Hi III" encampment WlT'
ri'.ni the \\>k!itii «uimi, tin rlili f
■ llHl'llHf'.lttll «rti ov.t four different
buttlos In ii ■• rii|]lii|iltn-n.
The it I »-.li». attack of DM. 31, IR9A.
and tli» capture of Manila, \'ik 13,
IR9R. hail thi-lr warm supporters,
Th<> Washington delegates were
much In favor of the balll« of Hanta
Ana, »||M<- Itllll regiment rnado a
famous chargo. Other Western
troops HrK'i.il for Hi" Kr«at ad- i
vane* of March 2R, 1*99, »h»n Mo-
Arthur sent his *«v«rti Mn*
north tnm Kalooean. Man«;er
HitJlor could not decide tha ques
tion, so got i«-[mi arid sent ttioin
to the N«w York office.

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