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'"^jis- 4? Prices
if I i il \i tlll same ">►"" fffade
J I 7 I I ,''l"h v 'll"' ''"' -•"""'
I J I I \\ * excellent w,.tk
li « \l 1 ship .1- in pggtj
**^ The rcav.n — -aa
h«Ve Btlu|itt'l!
Hjfe'No Collectors— No Security— No Red Tape
JptgThave; doubled our assortments of Clothing, Hats,
dps.!; ' Furnishings for Men and Boys, in order to double
the volume of sales. On this increased business we are
it'sficd to make the same total annual profit a-- last year.
|||s progressive "New Method" means important savings
Men's Suits, Overcoats and
Hi's Suits, Overcoats and
lipoid Method Prie* ■• . ' New Method Price
IBS Other* sell at 140.00. We sell at ...... $3*2.50 oat*
.. Other* sell at ISS f>o. We sell at * .10.00 only
S Others aril at $30.00. We sell at fSS.M only
lg Others sell »' Itt-00. We sell at ...... S'lMhTJonly
Other* **ll at i:0.00. We sell at f 18.50 only
J, Redelsheimer
feSlgSi^ ..■-.-- ■.;.-. r't;
fc First :, I jD (P* j Corner"
BjijernkT'■/•-• | (gfc£ \^© o 1 Columbia
STtONCEST overcoat house in the state
..^ A 560 F' Ibwer for'thu.Ciiv *:1k
I A 360-FOOT
A 360-foot tower for Seattle.!/
Quit, a compliment for thi jtto
gr<»»iv.- spirit of this great cU/J f
The highest tower In the world
EH'" represented la the Metropolitan
Ufa Hulldlng In New York City.
->'*" 7k° mana »**"' of the Pacific H.i'll"
'' »05 Third i»„'thls'city,
7 ~ •lated that one of the largest wlre
- •** telephone station* In the VSfn/n^
. „ try will Boon be erected h«re. .
*s*M print* and specification.
have arrived In this city from the
company's Eastern engineers, tall
lag for a ste.i tower 360 fits* -.!•
-2 ,I o? . '
Desperate Prisoner Is In- f|I|PTnTT CI [Pirn
carcerated at King Conn- Ull JIU I I LLLU ILU
One of the most desperate female
Prisoner* that the county official*
have ever had to deal with la now
c. infilled In tin- women* ward of
the city Jail, and is causing matron,
jailor and deputies no end of trou-
MB In fact, the entire force la kept
busy. ,
Prison rules are set aside, for
tills very remarkable young woman
laughs at the stern commands of
the law, and defies them nil Yet
ber usually sunny disposition nnd
, winning smile ha* mi completely
raptured the heart* of all who are
responsible for hei safe keeping
| that they literally bow before her
slightest whim I
There are times, however, when
she Is Incorrigible-* when the long,
gloomy corridors of (he jail respond
with her piercing screams Noth
ing then will seem to pacify her
At such time the jail looks a*
though a cyclone had struck It, and
the guard*, wild eyed, lock helpless
.ly at each other. Even 'tie prison
| era offer their aeristame
It Is the old story, "when she 1.
good, she Is very, very good, but
when she I* bad"--abe t* like th*
rent of her **s.
There I* one, however, a prison
er ike herself, who.* touch soothe*
and whose low, softly crooning vole*
.till* the 8008 " It I* her,mother.
Mr* Johnson, the woman who I*
held because of alleged frauda per
pet rated upon afreet car companies,
railroad and other public *ervtce
corporation, all over the country,
through personal Injury .nit. and
llatel. her 1 months-old baby girl.
and at lime* th* Incorrigible one,
share* her confinement.
The famous Philip) no constabu
lary band, more than four score in
number*, nave It*.first concert at
the aspoetttoa In the Natural Am
phitheatre, yesterday afternoon
Although the members of th*
corpa were fatigued by their trip
aero** the continent and especially
by th* lark of proper sleeping car
accommodation* coming across the
mountains, yesterday * sample of
what they can do waa well smith
hearing The evening concert would
have done credit to any aggregation
of musician* anywhere.
a*>44efcea Mia* 1.11
Th* bounder— I *ay. you *r« quit*
» *tran**rljiit>»*a*s>»,i ia,*iyiaa>i;*.*rtjev*
Bh*— Ye*, sad i Intend t. remain
one. Deed day)— Comic Cut*.
height. This fact should Indicate
that the East i. taking some notice
if our great city.
The Radio Company baa
already secured exclusive per
<P mils for Installation of
wireless apparatus on the
Metropolitan tower In New
York and the Eiffel tower In Parts
The latter has been equipped with
the Radio apparatus for some time
and conversations have been car
ried on under Iks direction of the
French government over distance*
of COO miles On New Year's eve
an attempt wilt bo made to convey
the human voice from the Metro
politan tower In New York to the
Eiffel tower In Paris, Thla will
mean that you can talk from one
end of the world to the other with
mil wires.
With the erection of a Seattle
tower, th. Radio company will
have secure*! tha strategic points
for the operation of th* wireless
telephone. it may then be possible
' to talk with our friends In China 01
Japan just a. easily a* yon now
can talk with Tacoma or Spokane
Tho Eiffel tower will command
the Atlantic for steamers entering
European ports;, the Metropolitan
£vi; ' .
mm**** 0 ■' ...
\V, I, tllist.'tt ,1 in.-ml.. I of till
atoain titters union, and forum
president of the building tradei
section of local labor organizations,
waa last night .-1.-, t.'.i |i. siitent of
the Central t.nlior Council, vice
►"rank OattStill, who resigned. At
tin ' same meeting Key Sydney
Strong wan M.-at.-.l us del. ..tie from
th* ministerial federation in the
place of «■ i J. M. ilaoo, whose
no had expired.
The litst squad of prisoners that
will help clear ICO aire* of land
own. .1 by the city Is no* at work
In 11.. new stockade, or city jail,
oil Mouth Deacon lull In the Be*
acrw enclosure are portable bunk
bouiea, and a guard and cook
house. The tone* and house* will
he moved from on« five-acre tract
to another until th* whole I*o
a. i.-s have been cleared by pris
Mlneroloolat Visit. Seattle.
K. V. d'liivlltlera. th* noted Phils
delphla mlnerologl.t and mining en
gineer, apnnt yesterday In Hrattl*.
taking tn th,. enMwltlon under the
guidance of A. K. Yerttaa.
Am/ af at f*f
Daily September 15 to October 15.
CHICAGO .. ..$33.00 ST. PAUL *£ *****
ST. LOUIS . ... 30.00 OMAHA -** J
NEW YORK .. 50.00 KANSAS CITY ****
a«a*T»df«»»*j'JHt t*a.Jf**--
!- ... ' ' '■'': j
tower In New York will give con,.
mand of the ship, entering Ameri
ran porta; the Chicago tower, erect
ed on the Majestic building being
the highest point there, will control
the Great Lakes, and the Health'
tower will govern the business on
the Pacific, Puget Sound, and In
The manager of the " company
•ays that atatlona now are erected
la Chicago, Michigan city. Toledo.
Cleveland, New York and { n
number -of other Eastern
L cities. These high steel
cltle. Theee high st. • 1
**> lower, are necessary for long
Wnapdistance* only. The tl. 8. gov
ernment ha* this apparatus In
stalled on several of their warship*
and ordera have been received for
the Installation of Radio In.tru
men!* on the English channel
fleet* and French cruiser.
Mr. Ackerman, who ha. charge
of the erection of the towers plan
ned for this Coast, said recently:
"The lowers. 200 to 41.0 feet In
height, are eatery for long dis
tance communication only because
a greater Impulse I* necessary to
be given to the waves of ether by
mean, of which the message* are
transmitted Otherwise the *>.<
tern la the same a. for local tyonvei
satlon where a .ending and receiv-
Ing instrument only are required.
"The aame typo of towers as those
now In New York, Chicago? Milwau
kee and other cities of the east I
will erect In this and the principal
cities of both eastern and western
Washington and ;' Oregon,". Idaho
Montana and Orltlah Columbia, the
work on aomo of then* to be started
In tin Immediate; future, a* Boon a*
the necessary material* and equip
ment arrive from the cast.
"Willi the Radio telephone the
message Is sent through the ether,
a ilium that does not require to
be charged with electricity. Con
sequently thero Is and can SB no
distortion of the wave* Unit repre
sent the voice, and, If pure when
omitted, these wave* will carry lo
any distance, their reach limited
only by the propelling power of the
, -a -> r-J - *
jTtjf lltl.en* of Hob., us repre
sented by the tins* Improvement
<3yl»r*»re righting 1., saves >"••''
porated In the Northern Pacific
"*W Be. franchise before the coun
ell a clause providing for meana
by will. I, limy can reach the gov
ernment canal over the railroad
tracks to be laid.
Tho aperlal . ommitte* appointed
at it.- club la examine th. fran-
ITS 188 made Ha report last nlgl>
and was Instructed to continue It*
work until It ..mid ,•,,,, i a promise
that adequate provisions for over
head ones-lugs to th* canal would
tie Inserted in the franchise by th*
corporations committee of th*
Pneumonia, cniigna, .ore throat,
and nil lung trouble, henry* (im
pound . BTBB All druggists,
• »•
Glasses or Wrinkles
• Watch a p*r*on with *y* defect
trylii*- In »e*r without gla*at«. No.
the th* frown* wrlnkl** and crow *
f*el appear and 'I-*-,.. I. tan effort to
ace Increa.aa.
Our alaatea will counteract Hit*.
'ton llpll. al la )»a<„a»#lrlat«,
> Smai ll.mr. Kit h..„„.i Aye. ,
< •Iter Ha..* Urea i<». la*. I. seil,
- »> . Pee* Saturday *.<eala* ■■■■
Similar deductions From All Eastern Point*.
Ticket* Prepaid by Mail or Olograph.
Money Back If Net Uaed.
Instrument from which*tbey eman
ate. This make. It self-evident that
tin i.' will be no limit to the radius
of Hi.' Ttadlo telephone It Is ll.'
-triumph of the natßral'over the ar
tificial, the simple in. i the compli
cated, and, a* In all , similar tri
umphs, spell* the doom of»the more
Involved and . uinlieranine method."
The firm newspaper dispatch sent'
over the Radio telephone was re
relied by the Chicago Journal from
Milwaukee a few week* ago, and tin
system la now In dally use between
these title., a* It will be before long
In thl* part of the country.
We all wondered at the Ml ''1
ephone when II flrat linn" out; «< M
surprised at the phonograph; as-,,
founded at tin- wireless telegraph.
It's up to us to take this latest In
vention a* a matter of course. ,
hunk rauuoHa. .
A Few of the Many Bargains
1526-28 SECOND AY. WV^WtI
' % ' y Mains Chair, similar to rul. m*ld*
™ of quartered ink, uphol*t*r*4 la
.... ..... . ' genuine leather: full boa seat
l.itMisli.n I*l.l* Ilk* out I made of quartered oak; I.as a 44-ln. it.-Kui.ir value 111.00; *al« price,
round top, «-ft. vilenston; hand carved claw feet; *4fi nc P«r **t 4**4*4 IB
r*«ut*r valu* IJO.Oo. Hal* price OiUibj of six ...§ 1 0
(f M'f~f Jf af^f~^ **rv> A" Pure Whlt* 45",b* Be,rt
ote" Thl* Mvlli:. la mad* of the b*at *rad* of
** pur* wi.ii. felted cotton a.-!*-!,* 41 ll.* : .uarari
t-tn.meted Iron Bed, like cut. In white, blue or teed not to «-•! lumpy; made up In very heat
*-r**n; three.quartet or full rise; ha. I 1-14 I grade of tickles t.a* Imperial roll cd*;* and
runilnunu* pnat*. s -In filter*) Regit In r *) C Cft rounded corner*; regular vain* CO OC
vale* tltfl. Bale print «>U>9U ill, sale price OSiOj
% ' ™ $12.95 »
Drop-l*af Table, Ilk* cats ha* two
drop leavea. Thl* labia I* well ml. Ilk* eel; upholstered In the t>e»i grade of chaae leather.
constructed and very (irons;. guaranteed Del to peel or crack; quartered oak frame: ha*
Krrular valu* II 40: *rj f) C guaranteed at**) construction. tag 4 AC
**•• price «4i*J Regular value 111.71. Bale price ..OltiSD
-aaa.' ' '' " ' ' " . ' "
r Q u.ii„ The Stern Furniture Col »*■« \
L . I 1526-28 Second Ay. Bet. Pike and Pine Sts. I W
Money Saved
Baa* amu Me* aitoK*
... i KTt.y .isTKSi
Take Elevator to Third Floor.
K. A *. She* Slur*. 3*4 I'rr.pl. .
Raah Ul4a . *•». (ma* aa* 111.,.
First and Cherry.
Optical Department.
-fBaHfBTM - /IjmwIsWBIWKW^ tw&s»il»l*gigaii^^ -■
a4aaaaaassa-4-B *aT4TgsTBTaTBTa*TBTaTH ■■
'»••*•*•'•*•*'*••«■ sT4TgTs*f«,HBMIHHJHHBarjB*^^ ***■*****»
**"""""* ""■•.','* ■.-»*:.:: ST******************
■J*"""" day after day that you might, as an exceedingly good business in- **"*»'
—*•*** vestment, to buy one or more lots in the steel city of ■"£*■■,
££Z Today we repeat and reiterate, with increased vehemence, that as- •»■■■■
—— scrtion. As an investment, IRONDALE has been growing stead- •*•—■•■•
—'j ily better. Things arc rapidly coming to a focus there. The ma- *-*-'
—*—' chincry is arriving and is being put into place at once. The build- "~*~
—— inga are practically completed and the wharfage and storage yards ■•-»
**— vastly increased. In the steel city,itself the sale of lots has pro- ——■
S*JB*4*aa**f*aß 4-afJßJßataf*B*
-*****1 pressed steadily, and every lot has. from the standpoint of actual -—
I*"""** cash value, enjoyed all the impetus of a rapidly-growing popula- ■——■
—''•—; tion, extensive public and private improvements and the expendi J**""".
—*—' Hire of vast sums in the building of the steel plant. *——■
***—" John W. Gates, the multi-millionaire investor, said in a recent *—
*******' interview in the Post-Intelligencer: "1 am amazed at the trc- *—*"**
******** mendous advancement of the Pugct sound region. I look forward ■**•****'
ZZZZ to the establishment here of an immense steel plant, one that will —**
'SZZas* be a decided factor in the commerce of the world." **•■*■*
ZHZ Gates hit the nail squarely on the head. Just such a plant ********
ZZZ as he predicted is already nearly completed at IRONDALE. ****■*■
I********. IRONDALE will bring fortune to every one connected with **—*•'
*■**■*■». it. This is the psychological moment for the buying of property **'****
**■*■*. there; while prices are lot*, and the big advance is a matter of but **"*"T
SS. a short time. IRONDALE means quick action and big returns "^Z
** * *"" "** ■"^""■tT*"*"'" 1 ■
= °" Vi'lll* money. =
•Sj, 400-410 Arcade Annex, Seattle ,*s?

Watch The Star Want Ad Columns for Bargains of
All Descriptions.
ii 4 mi-si tm; II 4 -.-« A
Mmc Paul
■xi ii sit i Mii.i.i.\i;itr.
ISaa Third .*<*.. Oaarrallr %r-rr
Paalafflr. I*4. I'uoa* 1.-IMWa.
H rim ■**■*■**, _
■ Kaklrr « I aa.e. S ■
M 131* »rro»4 At. *)**_*>'
a""**** Tri. Mala 1011. ■**aaTSW
I**. mis.

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