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f gKSTSRS!__= 7H£ S7_4K EDITORIAL AND magazine PAGEM^&M^
The death of Ceovcrnor John A. Johnson of Minnesota
■amoves from our national political life .1 man unique In his
rise from obscurity ami it.' hi In* conduct in the .law .'I Ins
glory, American history recites the financial and political
■access ..I mam men who began life under circumstances as
trying .is th*.-i- which surrounded Governor Johnson, but few
In the zenith of their fame have held tin- hearts of the Amer
ican public .i- be.
Governor Johnson more closely approached the American
Ideal as typified by Abraham Lincoln, the simple, clean-hearted,
big-minded man, Happier times and lesser events did not
call on Governor Johnson to display that marvelous human
genius which has indelibly graven on time the name of Lin
coin, but in his smaller sphere, just verging on .1 greater one,
Governor Johnson showed what manner of man he was.
That "Johnny" Johnson, son of a village set, would have
been president of the United States, had not death intervened.
Is firmly set in the minis of many persons, mat unskilled in
■reneging political events. Unquestionably, in the last cam
paign he was tin- strongest man in the democratic party, with
the possible exception of Br) in, and there is question whether
Johnson could not have achieved the nomination had he as
sumed the part of the aggressor.
Mile was governor of the -Lite of Minnesota, .ml. as lie
phrased it, "employed by the people of bis -tan-." -.> he did
not feel justified in taking the people*! that to help bis polit
leal ambitions. Ami it may have been that his political as
tuteness—for. Johnson was a keen political reasoncr—told
him to bide his time. But be that as it may, there is little
doubt that three years hence he would have been tti choice
of the democratic party, and with the turn republican events
have recently taken, the possibilities for democratic victory
would have, been exceptionally great.
Johnson a democrat and Roosevelt a republican, making
wan, i- for personal characteristics and modes of expres
•ion, were , closely allied in thought and sentiment, and as
each more nearly representative of the feeling of the brand
unpolitical democracy of the lain, than any other political
leaders. '! day the people are sighing for the days of Roose
velt, and Johnson would have been the man to restore them.
But death takes no heed of the plans of man or men, and
Governor Johnson, with .-life's highest honor almost within
reach, has lain down and died died as he lived, bravely and
with good cheer.
Wall st. may not tremble, but the United States has suf
fered its greatest loss for many a day hack.
• Bran when it I* don* under tha
most respectable auspice*, they
don't . tvmr , really five you "your
money back" you, knew.-
Mr. Pm.h.-t I* sttttne confidently
ilka a roan who has cornered th*
visibly supply of aces
" "FTaaaum" would he all rl#ht tt
you didn't hare to 'sat urn."
NEW YORK Sept. 20—Cbanalng
Pollock, whose latest play, "Such
a Little Qneen.'' promise* to yield
blm a modest fortune tn royalties,
was for some years dramatic critic
oa a Washington paper, and he
tells many stories of amusing ex*
perience* he - had while holding
down that Job Tor that matter,
moat any dramatic critic of long
experience could write an Interest
ing book If be could remember all
the odd stuff be runs across. Here
Is one of Pollock* favorites:
"A "woman came Into the office
ons • afternoon and wan tod to see
the : dramatic editor. She bad a
voice. Ilka the battle of Gettys
burg and a shape like a model ln
a barrel factory. I was Impelled.
IfERETT ffiwrs
Dear Mr. True: A certain young
man, for whom 1 care not tho snap
Of my finger. Insists upon paying,
big attentions to me. Ho* con I
discourage him? He calls every ,
Thursday evening.—Miss lJcllo.
Dear Mr. True: My husband Is
a very handsome man si, attracts
the attention of other woman. Thin
makes blm vain and conceited, and
th* way he flirts with them Is some
thing scandalous. Naturally i am
consumed with Jealousy, bat don't
know what to do. Can you help BBS
reform him?— Mrs. Green.
From now on t>r. Cook will mora
than make up for the rubber boot
rasout „t th* Polar reflates
• IMsmisntn* Mr. atari* appear* to
bar* been the easiest part of tha
] whole business.
Some people steal pennies from
children, others pat "rreesam" In
tb»tr meat.
before revealing my Identity. tp ask
her what she wanted of the dra
matic editor.
"She opened up a bug* hand
bag she carried and pulled out a
mule whip four feet long
!, "'What do I want with blmr sbe
yelled 'I'm going to give that bone
he*.lea! rummy the worst licking he
ever got!' £wMHJpqMMQ^
"'Why?* I Inquired, backing
around In Ik* abetter of my desk
"lis roasted my act!!* .hi- an
"'What did be nay about Itr
"She swished th* whip around
and boiled over.
"'Why, the measly, walleyed
louse,' sbs yelled, he said I was
not refined
Keteemcd ,Mr. True: My wife
raises an awful fuss because I
amok* my pipe In the house. This
Is the only pillion i Indulge In.
I hardly know how to meet lbs Is I
sue Tours In trouble. J. B. l,
Dear True: Not ii few persons ,
with whom I am thrown In)., con
t.w.i persist In dM use of musk as
ii perfume Where In tbo world
does the stuff coma from? Is Iti
» by-product of the musk ox. musk j
rat, or what.'' As over, A. C. j
A NSW Kit |
:i.—Wha-n President Tuft, on hi*
western trip. praises th* button
that looses the water of th* Oun
lUaoa river, Thursday. It will mark
th* consummation of on* of th*
greatest irrigation projects erer an
It I* mora- than four years now
since the reclamation service com
menced this, th* * loan mi under*
ttraHMU waterway la the world. Its
task wss to reclaim tha watered
lands of Ih* Uaeompahara valley,
tan the western elope of th* Rot
I.** In Colorado.
This project Just now complet
ed Is considered third anions the
37 projects started by th* reclam
ation service In point of rt.»t The
estimated espease of completing th*
tunnels and canal* Is between 11,
--&00.000 and 14,000.000.
Th* Cunnlion Tunnel.
Th* open!me of th« Gunnison tun
net will rattan the opening of a area!
section of land axKrrcatlng atrial
29,000 acres. Ami though the cat
Is tremendous to the to**rant*nt.
the coat to settler* ta this new see
lion wfil be very smalt, for there
will he room for M many of them.
The gorernmeat will deduct the
expense of the project from the land
reclaimed, but la very small pay.
menu. In this a.ll the total pay
ment of cost, amounting to ISS an
acre, will be collected In 10 lb
bailment*, Increasing from year to
year,' so that the hawia^_a*fc«r may
meet tba payments oat of the pro
dace of his farm Tbls mm col
■ ' *•*.. Wise *ey*i. ''■'■
I '■ " '■ wi-aas
■-1 I. a> aaa * ■
a.baa mo***" pirn
motm f-aaaa... will
aalluai la. aaaa
baaaaS OThraa lal.
• hip * -..a... lift."
, ——-
"Was your meeting with your
wife romantic?"
"Kstremety ao. It occurred at a
picnic I was eating a very ripe '
tomato anal a...me of It squirted Into
her eye."— Ksnsaa City Journal.
"Johnny, do you smoke elgarole?"
"I 'I -I .1" a I 1 Utile, sir™ stam
mered Johnny, paling beneath the
tan of the Lea <.»!... II field.
Tlje tins* tit*,', him with Ills eagle
eye. "Then glmma one," In said.
"I la*.' mine on tha bureau."—lit.
Paul Dispatch.
The timid never erect a trophy.—
I.a tin.
"Pa. t*ve you been up much In
airship* *
"No. never! -Why do you auk?"
"I heard mil tell auntie you were
once unite a high flyer."—-New York
In the Kar >«» a girl never sees
her Intended husband until she Is
married." ?'■■•*<
"How strange! In this part of
the world elm seldom seats hli aft
erward."—-New fork Evening Tele
Who does not tire achieves —
"1,..0k here, Jane, It **em* to IMS
thai you're asking me for money
all 11. time."
"Thai's a delusion, John, dear If
you'll think a minute, you'll realise
| that I'm spending It, purl ..I lbs
time."—Cleveland I/Wader. q
Hi that spare* something tnduy
will have something tomorrow.—
French. ■
Lady —I want something nice In
I oil for ii ill nl nu room.
Assistant at Mores— Yes. msdam,
A landscape, or a can of ssrdlnes'.'—
A traveler stopped at a hotel tn
Oreenlsnd, where th* night* are
.1. months long, and n'. h* regis
tered ash .1 ii question of the clerk,
"Whet tlma do you have break
"Krom half-past Maraih to a quar
let l* May."—Harper* Weekly, . •*
lection of MS per acre will bestow
upon lbs land holder permanent
water right* under th* government
Probably no Irrigation ' project
ever started under *«rh adverse cir
cumstance* aad with so little help
from nature herself as did the Guts*
nisain The waters of the river. In
almost every Instance, bar* been
flowing down narrow valleys I
fit for agriculture, or through deep,
dark oaayona. dlf ncult of access and
entirely useless from th* producing
standpoint. ,
Just to the west of this 111 favored
Gunnison Is th* valley of the lit*
com pah sre. 20 miles wide and «0
mile* long with an average eleva
tion Of %.-*** feet above sea level.
If tha useless waters of the Gunni-
Ma could be used la the barren t"n
compshgre. It was a daring
project. Yet, when the reclamation
act was passed this project was
th* first to challenge tb* ability of
government engineers.
ImmeiH Undertaking.
To Supt, I. W. Mcr*onnell and his
engineering skill belongs match of
th* credit of the successful comple
tion of this Immense undertaking.
Tbs first corps of his assistants had
to lower themselves Into the black
canyon of the Gunnison to ma** the
first survey. Then active work was
commenced snd a small town of
workmen took up their abode on
the banks of the Gunnison.
Great difficulties war* encounter*
ad In driving the tunnel, which Is
«• Visit* th* Ssrth a* * %>*..* I Correspondent and Make* Wire
lata Obs«rvations In Hl* Not.ncok
Money would last ii good deal
longer If It was an agonizing pain.
A woman's reason for doing her
duly Is that she wants to, a man's,
that In' has to.
The '*aK|i*Ht way for a man not to
discover his weakness Is for hts
wife to do It for him.
it'll a girl she's pretty, not be.
, cause ah" doubts It. hut because she
doesn't want you to doubt It.
A summer vnratlou does it man
ho much good i.a.i rim,.' ii reminds
htm how much easier bis work In.
an arch 10H feet wide by 114 feet
high. Several time* during th*
drilling heary flow* of water haa*
been en. -enntaared Al other times
hot water flowed Into the escsva*
] tions. sad at oos tin* a heavy flow
, of. carbon dloiidn. or choke damp.
. nearly a*phy slated several of the
workmen. More than MO feet of th*
tunnel was driven through a Oat of
fossils rani staling of the shells of
sea creature*
In order to complete this stupe*
ijnua piece of engineering, hundreds
of mea hare been employed, work
Ing from both ends of the tunnel la
three shifts of eight hours I each.
Brerylhlaa has autre* with the pre
clslon of clock work.
As fast as tit* tunnel waa driven
, through, th* shale and solid rock
It was Umbered. Over ths heary
timber* giaas a high grade concrete
corerlng. This makes a tunnel of
. •olid concrete which I* Intended to
' last through lha ages, for through
It a body of water nine feet high,
with a flow of 1,300 cable feet per
i second, will rush. When the water
. learns th* tunnel at the westers
end It will be conveyed to the tin
i-amiiaahgra* through 12 miles of ca
Th* main body of water will flow
through one main tunnel. . in ad
dition the government ha* secured
the rights to the supplementary
canals In the valley, and will build
others. lly this mean* It aspects
ito reclaim every foot of asrlcul
tural land In the Uncompahgre vat
Whi'll a woman I* hungry she
"fuels faint."
A lolllllHlolll* epitaph Isn't neces
snrlly a In.i.i fact.
Women who shine in society sel
: dom shine In tho kltchon.
You can't judge « man's courage
by thn size i.i till bluff.
A man has no buslntass with reli- '
gion If ha doosn't MS It In his busi
l, Learning from the experience of
others Is like having ii baby hand
you candy.—Chicago News.
f*k*go. "1 b alllargi--on's i""»»»»iiii l i lllMtfmm
I ° Our Formal Exhibit of ]
1 w==a n ° fa Sf°M°
I Ej°xclusive illinery
S J L.-JI _=_=___: — AV_Jy= r-
% Wednesday, Sept. 22 j
ff Showing the accepted and advance style '
f§ tendencies for Fall and Winter; an "-■ '*.
H event worthy your attendance.
H Our French salesroom presents to you the
if Parisian conceits, and emphasizes the won
(atari Pariaiaa coaceita, aad emphasizes the nroa*
=| (iron- versatility of the French Masters, as well as '?}. i
B the work of our talented designers. ;
f*-f ' '••"iii
£3 Simplicity of trimming lends notable charm ']
M to many of the most distinctive types. Shah Tur
j|j bans, Colonials, Templars, and all the favorite
H - shapes arc represented. Colors arc richer than ever,
Hs relieved hy touches of gold and silver, or the ertis-
H tically beautiful jeweled trimmings. The tailored
H hat finds favor with every woman on account of
=, its general utility.
"= We show exclusive styles in brim hats, all pro- ,
" duced in th<- most serviceable materials, and all ex- :
J=f trcmely simple m design, but unmistakably clever •
S3 in effect, harmonizing so perfectly with the Fall |
S and Winter suits.
I MmimQwmMk i
\W *t^y Second Aye. Cm _sprin»_st. \
%/|llllllH!llll!llllllllilll!!Hl !lii '"llllllilllllllllinilllllliilililll! 1111 '^''llllltlHIHUM—(
I'_ SK m*mtz^g_m m mmatrtE.i - — . -r==--. ■^-■__=_-__=-_==-u^^ =gßßi^s
I mmmmm^mm
The Bartell Policy protects you against,
deception, misrepresentation or fraud.
It insures your satisfaction
!| Wednesday and Thursday I I-- JJ
Savings tJSK
The 50c sute ..27£ E"(ltlin«*Arr
Relieve £orns; 10l size ...... ....(iti 9^
D. D. D. ECZEMA CURE— Instantaneous Hair Restorer to re
|K Roth medium and extra strength; 51.00 sue ... --rlZlt? ,
O;)* gain the natural color of ■ yQ#i
RAT BIS KIT— your hair; $1.00 bottle .'.;*?
They die outdoors. Special..... 12£ Kff^Sl
IMPERIAL GRANUM— __ _, . „ 5.
A perfect ftxid (or infftnts; 75c size . ..50£ I TUSSCS. Elastic IlOS€,
An exquisite .15c Toilet Soap ....... 27* N"» York Elastic Trass; regular $1.25 yj'g*
PINAUD'S IMPORTED LILAC SOAP— I**"** -i"-"'' Truss; regular »*» r'«j*»J*
A soap for particular people \t.t> Swedish rta« Truss; regular $2.60 •••••:•**
HIND'S HONEY and ALMOND CREAM Melbourne English Truss; regular $150 »*•»
The SOc bottles 2S£ Hood P*te«l Truss; regular $7.60 ..,..:•}s**
STUART'S DYSPEPSIA TABLETS— UnPn Kneecaps, Leggings or Anklets; *vmM*.
50c boxes—they relieve *?Uc '""" '„'*""' ...........---p*
BARTELL'S SPECIAL DYSPEPSIA Kxtr" Stout Silk Kuooo.ps. Leggings «• A*JJ
TABLETS— Ltaaa Abdomlna , Bupportors; $1.50 «**«
Caive quick and sure relief 40£ ...:*.»s..*
mmmm ——————___—___-«.__->.—_-—____-____ i> arawu , Abdominal Dells; regularly fM*W*
A Perfect Vibrator $8.50 utility Abdominal neit« : $3.:& goods, f».;Mj
t^_m _^_ mmmmma _ mm^_mm m Sp<>clal Made "Fashion" Abdominal B***; i Js
1 -.*,,: - larl) $6.50, fin ****
Z- \ m IWwMwWw^^ _[ ■yZ_*__^9AWmmmm 1 j*
/'A / fiS" • ' Syringes. Rubber Gloves kM
I > J I I -:.-. . •■'•"yt^*|hi>h | Other Household Needs
1 w '£^^n^^93MCl^f :: itt
AMmmmm WmVC'" v.' ""'JF* E? Yiikon lint Wat. r l'<>ttl« .7*
S^r mmm^^u.mi_m^mtr*^ $2.00 Perfection Hot Water ItotUe .T^H-Ti*
„,, 5 „ , $_.mi ivtf.'.tion urn wni.'i li-'ttio *'m
Why Pay More? Ssc Fairfax Fountain swim..* ........*,**.*r^
These Gem Vibrators arc proving \\H £? od,r* r *£ untlnn^ rings ''': •■;;«
I -, , „.. • ■, ™ $1.25 iiiiu'k Tin Douche Pan *."*._.<*«s
immensely popular. 1 hey do all $2no Aseptic Douche ran • •••v.v-VH'ji
the work of the bigger, costlier 111.1 !^ r'° o „orf, cc"°" tioit.-ii.- I'm. "''...'**
.* . . "" , ■ . , '■"* Seamless Bubbsr Olovtn * BJI
chines, and give complete satisfac- $1.00 Venus itubber moves **,*j;^S
tion. Ask to sec them. I? cJ cf c *£* "'"■'ZS*9l
1 $1.00 Ice Caps
~. D t 11 r\ C*t* fl
3 Bartell Drug Stores n«
No.l — Old Store I No. 2—Main Store I No. 3 New Store ■Ml
1 "gj^ase^r I 610 second ay. X:x Av c VyT.^ JSkt

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