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Committees in the Various
Cities Are Running in
Too Many Extras and He
Is Getting "Sore."
(Staff Correspondent United Pre**
With President Tail.)
■POR la! 1 Sept. JB.-—Prt-ldent
Tail ta showing symptoms of going
on strike. He is rhnflug under ad- ,
dlttonal work given him by the
local committees of tile* various
place* visited and. unless tho en
thusiastic gentlemen quit giving
him rati . atunts to do, he will give
their town* very forceful evidence
of til.* presidential dlspleasuro by
cutting short hts program.
Montrose. ('.>!.< , came near being
the last straw to break the back
of Tbi'» .-* patience. The original
program arranged for at Montroae
was strenuous enough for the prea-
Ida-11l to go through Willi. Lilt when
ha* reached the town tin- Ideal
found thst the local authorities
had arranged for two extra
sixNM'hi'* ami a supper
Doe* All Extra*.
Taft .smiled grimly, but went
through the whole program, extras
and all. When he returned to hi*
train.at. 10:30, Instead of about 9
O'clock, as be had hoped, be said
things more vigorous than polite
M he paid his compliments to local
committeemen In general.
At Ogilen. i'tnli. last Sunday, the
townspeople had all sorts of things
for the president to do that were
cot on the original program, and
when he got half through with It
he balked. Peremptorily ordering
his chauffeur to turn back to his
ear. the president shut himself up
in hi* stateroom. Monday morning
at Anaconda the president allowed
his disapproval of an unusually
-crowded program by • not appear
ing until an hour after the time
scheduled for him to start on a
long walk around the smelters. The
local committeemen fretted and
turned In rain, but had to wait
until the president got good and
ready to start.
Near End of Good Nature.
'"The president* good nature I*
nearly at an end over the strenu
ous programs," said one ;of the
senators * who rode up the line In
the Mayflower "And I would ad
vise the gentlemen managing the
affairs In the towns where the
president I* to * stop, to be less
grasping. It will not pay them
hereafter to give the president a
lot of extra work to do for he will
be likely to 'quit them cold.' People
should remember that the president
haa nearly two months ot awful
hard travel ahead of him and must
in self '•■ defense busband bis
Proud of Confcoerate Hero*.
■a. NEW. ORLEANS, Sept 2S.—The
100 th anniversary of the birth of
Admiral Raphael mines, naval
hero of the Confederate states, was
marked with public ceremonies In
the south yesterday.
Alcoholic tonic* destroy hair and
scalp. I,eary"s non alcoholic com
pound * gives • life, * cures dandrnff.
Itching, falling hair, groyne** and
baldness. All drug-jista and bar
bers. . ***
Of fill tIM •* "iii absolute i aire
effected iii I-oughney X* laoughney's
Hake Oven treatments for rheuma
tism, lumbago, heart, * stomach,
bowel, liver and kidney troubles,
there la none more pronounced than
tin- <;.*,*• or William Stanley, one of
Seattle's beat known street and rail
road contractors—a progressive citi
zen who bas for the past 20 years
been well known In tin business life
of th' city.
For a number of i,,,,,.*!, Stanley
has suffered Intense pain from lum
bago and much of that tin,.- in- was
required to stay at his home. -ii,,.
**■• became so serious tUM In* had
to bo assisted to tho ii*.*,* Oven of
fices, 220 to 225 People's Savings
Dank building. From the xnry start
he* got relief anil i,., ho Is able to
get about his work with as much
pleasure as be did 20 years ago. Ills
case is only one 111. a 111 several
scores of suffering humanity who
have received relief from th« Bake
laoughney & I.oughney havo a reg
ularly licensed medical physician
and trained nurse always In at
tendance. 'i!,.-. office hours are
from 8a.m.t06 p. m. Tel and
Hunday from 8 a. in to 12 noon
Consultation Is absolutely frco.
Roller Got Too Fresh and
Gotch Almost Forgot
the Terms of His Con
When frank Hutch met Dr. " P.
Roller In Hie Orand Opera house
In tills City, ■ little limn* than I*.'
year* ago. It was with the under
standing that he would permit Hol
ler to remain ,11 III.* mill for the
full hour ..I the null,
This was done for Ihe purpose
of ■Hill*. the wrestling game In
Seattle with a local favorite, who
was *,* In* used as the drawing
card, for other matches, Qotch's
apparent Inability to throw •Holler
In an hour, convinced Ihe follower*
of the Kirn* In Seatlle that Holler
was one of Hi** best men In the
country, and at on..' mini.* hlm a
big attraction.
Following this Ootch match,
MM month* later other wrestli'i**
were brought to Seatlle, among
them neall, Uurn*. Weategnard and
Hers, all of whom came here on
tbe understanding "ml they were
•** lay tie*van to Holler. At periods,
in.-ii who— Holler could actually
beat were matched against th* Se
attle man.
He.iieV for Qoteh,
These matt-heel wen* held during
c period of little moro than ,i year,
and then It wa* given out that
Roller waa ready to meet Gotch
for the championship of the world.
Arrangements were made with
Hot eh to come here for 11.son. on
the understanding that ha* would
allow Unite* '*> stay for SO minutes.
Thla C.iiii-h Itoller match, the big
gest In standpoint of attendance
ever hetd In Seattle, t.iinritti In
the '.ill-*, theater, on the eve
ning of Wednesday, lull 1, 1908. It
had been given out that the match
wa* to be for CO anil <■> per cent
of the gate receipt*., 60 to tin- win
ncr ami 40 to the loser Thla waa
false, a* under til* agreement.
Gotch drew but 11,600.
Mak* Bit} Money.
There* waa something over 111.
--000 In the house- The expenses
amounted to about tS.OOO. leaving
about s 10.000 for the wrestler*. Of
this, notch's u.r.oi) was taken out,
and the balance, tS.SOO, wa* cut up
SO and" SO, between Dr. Roller and
Joe Carroll, hi* manager Roller*
end wa* then rut up with other*
who In.! become Interested with
him. Carroll alono, who had ar
ranged the match, got about 4400
out of it. *
When the men went on the mat.
Roller appeared In good condition
and not at all nervous, which Is
not surprising. Inasmuch a* he was
supposed' know Just what was go-
Ing to happen. Gotch had agree.!
to let the Seattle man go for So
minute* on the first fall Knowing
this. Roller began to rough It This
made Ootch sore, and after th* two
men bad been wrestling If* min
utes. Gotch determined to show tap
the Seattle man anal, [.irking him
up by the hip and waist, he threw
htm to the mat with a thud that
could be heard clear to the upper
en.l of the Coliseum, now tbe Or
ipheutn theatre. Catlike, Uaitrh was
onto hla man In an Instant and
I his man in an Instant and
planed hi* shoulder* to the mat
The Second • Fall.
The second fall came In 24 mln
uta-s and 49 minnila, although
Gotch could hate' thrown Roller al
moat any time he -sired. He had
been • illteil to during the inter
mission ami when he went back on
the mat. It was with the promise
| that ha* would allow the* Sana 11 If
I man to make a armed showing be-
I fore taking the second tall
After the match. Gotch made the
statement that Holler had one of
the blggi-aft yellow streaks of all
Hi wrestlers In til" country Thla,
of course, was not said for publi
ration He also said that In the
famous toe hold, which he had so.
cured on Roller during tii" match,
he had not exerted four pounds of
j What Gotch did say for publica
tion MM 'li.it Roller was too ag
gressive and needed coaching.
j "Let me tell you. boys, he Is a
strong man," aald Gotch, "and til
ls a game man. ll* couldn't throw
kens, bmldt, but be might out
game him. for 'Hack la certainly
MARYSVH.LK. Wart . Se-pt 28.
—The championship game between
Marysvllle 'and Snohomish Sunday
'•'"l" In a row, 'ix most such cham
pionship games do.
.The score stood B to 0, at the
end of the sixth, for Marysvllle.
lint at that tin* umpire did not ault
the locals ami they demanded a
new one. Snohomish refused and
quit the ground.
In doing ho. the Snohomish man
■ii.-. thoughtlessly took all tbo
gate receipts, which were to go to
tbe winner, with him.
BUFFALO. N. V., Bept. 28,~The I
atcamer City if Erie, from Cleve
land, ran down a schooner supposed
to In* Hi.- BCCIaMtOO, hailing from
a Canadian port, off Xi |„ |* a The
schooner sank and three* of her
crew, two men and a woman, went
down with ber.
Meal l.lkrlr
First le-swysr—Mont every woman
In this tOWn who sets a divorce
Hoes to old man Hliiikstoiiej. win*
Is UT '
Fecond laswyer— l think he gives
trading stamps
That mas ml,n guaranleMej
10 tench Votl tt, incs
MS—IW wllh niiii.li.. tr*
*ry amy and e-vrnlliat
Caiasaw* and sMamblle •
MMMS fruit. Fourth and
I'lna. Tclephonis.
Ths sweeping assertion that they
mend everything but broken pram
ises, crockery and glassware Is Jus
ii.l.d i-'iiriiliiir ■ trunks, aide sad
dles, baby carriages, leather goods
household articles. 181 C 8.-th ay.
Phono Ind. 3735.
Death iiiiiiui**! It* fourth vlcllm
Of tin- fatal Joy 11,1 of early last
Thursday morning, when Axel An
derson .li*-il laat night at liv CHy
When dragged from beneath tin*
burned automobile which Henry
Hlser drove through the trestle
ratting nt Fourth ay. 8. ami l-ane
st„ his lag* a*t-i. burned to a crisp,
hi* loft arm was scorched and lit*
right arm wt\,. fractured. Nium r
ntis other bruise* and Injuria** were
sustained. From the time Ander
mm afu brought to the hospital It
»B» not thought lie had a good
chance to recover. lit* sister.
Christine Anderaon, who waa also
Injured, does lie. yet know | !|»
her brother haa breathed his laat.
The body In at the undertaking
establishment of llutterworth A
Sons. No arrangements for Ilia
funeral have yet been mad*
■angagsgaaaaa .•ij-saetrcm
Tbe steamer lluckman salt* for
Sna Pr*nclsco direct this morning.
She bad a full cargo and a full pas
senger list.
Tbe steamer Portland will sail'
for Juneau October 6.
Other sal I luics are the B. 8. Queen
for San .Francisco tomorrow night;
then of He«itie for Skagway and
Southeastern Alaska on the 20tb
at 9 p. to., and the Umatilla for
Nome and Ht, Michael* on Satur
day, October J.
M. V. Jones, of Ravenna Height*,
has received much favorable rami
ment this year on hi* succeasful
methods of fruit growing in*
, apple's ail.l peaches— large, red
cheeked ones—are especially fine.
Ml Jones I* enthusiastic over the
possthlltcie* for fruit growing In
I the hills around Seattle. 11* haa
produced several excellent varieties
of peaches and apples from the
Over the protest of the Journey,
men plumber* the elty council
last night adopted the new plumb
ing ordinance recommendeal by tbe
committee •n health and sanitation.
The measure- provldca for a "tslne-
# Only 50 Lots to Be Sold at %
Z___T ****** A ***** • A ****** ' ***m*
I These Prices and Terms |
, ■"■"■ If you want a home 20 minutes from* Pike street, see me tomorrow morning about SSS
ZZS g H fl 1« H . lia fl - tt\_tiW g ——
= %ll!iilllll!IIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllillllllllillllll!ll l!llllllli:illlll!!1lllllllllllllllllillll!lllllllllll!llllllllllllllllllllllll# ==
***** 40x100 in size. Between two improved thoroughfares. Ready to build on today. SSS
| Prices, $500, $600, $700 j
SSI Terms $25 to $50 cash and $10 monthly. =
ESS Any of the above lots will bring $1,200 within 18 months. BUY NOW! BUILD "^
SSI NOW! H'' :vl'<!' ;.;.j;v SSS !
SSI $500,000 spent this year in street improvements to make this district Close in, ——
■SS graded streets, cement walks and water mains. ******
****** I*'* all salt water view property." 0 • SSS!
SSI I* costs so little to take a chance, you can't afford to pass it up, if you want a home. *****
****** See for yourself what has been done here in one year. *****
illl TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1900.
ly degree' vetitlnn nf fltliirea.iyhllf
the jiitinieymen plumbers have Bitten
ln.l.llii*: nut for a "forty'fiv«4a£wf
veniiiiK system. Councilman iMuf
phy, rat hei nf Hi. ordinance)ffl*
elared that inula*! Its new liritvj.
j ( o
TI ***** mf**l I f i_KC*l___ ***
The Correct Clothes for \^(*
Men Have the mM^^*\
ty I • F I I NM*'ime->*t *\
Kuppenheimer Label .; _v__Wi^':
Not only do they reflect the best — */_W[ jp>_ ■
fashions ..I New York, but tins cm- Shf^kT -fi 'ip.%^tJ>*m
hotly a larger clement <>f quality ami |Tj Bw^NM-__-_9**^
durability than am of the lines ..I sP^r^ll?^
clothing mailc in America. ''f«^^-^wjSf\
'iiinn made in Ameri nt* 77 __
Kuppenheimer Suits in the new j^^''—*'';VlSf^\
fancy and plain worsteds. Each suit '_m_^^'^^M^
correctly fitted by experts. All the -''J-"\_ -mf'
earmarks of custom tailoring. Special yZtt'S-iJf
Wm\W: ' W^mlk
tm\ ' ifi _**_■__ ■ mmm**. ' -___. ____ ' 7 1 L I ' A /F -1
At $20.00 • kj
/ii *ipn&u*UU \^|
In the Arcade Annex \Jj
Ha-T ft**** XT C* • I •tl****m-a_U^^
Mens Suits Very Special £&*
rat $15.00 «.ifirtfts__-
With the purpose of building up .-i big popular trade in our
first Avenue Store (Arcade Annex), we offer a fine collection of
Men's Suits in ail the new shades of grey, blue, brown,.*!/? /l/l
olive, navy and black. At ■tplOtUU
. Sold in the Arcade Annex only—First Avenue side.
Boys' Suits and Topcoats
C..*/„ -.mmA T-.----.-.l*. finest Styles
„ omts ana topcoats vr t at stocks
Boys' Suits in Buster Brown, Boys' Overcoats in Reefer
Sailor Blouset Norfolk and . A , , , , , .
Derby styles. All sizes from and Auto st>,,cs; smart ■*■■»■
2* •to 17.* Very special values fine fabrics; all sizes. At $3.50,
flt Other K r..u,H. at $5.00, $7.50 S4OO and $500'
and on to $15.00. Others up to $15.00.
17 at f* 'JCL tt 7 '--'ci.' ..,,*. . m
Hats, Caps, Shoes, Underwear: Everything for Man and Boy
.:■* ■■}
ti'- .*-•' ■ '-- - * ■ -■■'
hi,, 1,,„ , ,i , I •■■!■ ■ ''}u^MMM_MnMniHHH_MMM___e!___F*'3'- I '
Ftrtt and CL] A VCD DD /IC Second and
Unicertity jnAt Hit DliUO. ********
Street Street
I Arcade and Arcade Annex Whole Block Long [
•tlnna there trill i*< a vim' of
91 It ft 9 nn every Installment nf three
fixture*. President (1111, nf Hie
iiiiiiitll, i.tail, lip riniii during thn
illmu.iM.iii and argued attain i Hie
A* 1...1-e*.eell..a.
1.t1.i-i (who im* been lold tii*t *'■•
milt* i.iiii i lia.) n very lnl*r**t.
ll'T .'.Hill rilnllllll |ll|* llflil I.*.ee||
Me I liiti V.I le WB* till! Ile-li-iii I " -
Elegant Trophy for Horse Show
Presented by Standard Furmlu re f
. v
■z:-,z. z z.z'
\^mW'*Mt**^m-kmmm\ ■t^M*M^P^^*i™f__gfcl__~ I****1 **** m*Am* _m^ * **•+..
IJm *tt*. ''' - ________________a ///^^mmX-mvo
_B___^ ?/' ' .j* --A
t _____E_L^^^ _fl-t_a_l_l^B^_r i__l
XL, i- '.^TsT_Sr?flat_iiJl
* wkt ___h_m____L__ *^> * -■■■_______■
H______-_WW J mmmm\
* *_£•• ' __Hr^S____i*in ___\
Zt*__fi __________________<Bb—a**' *B_l 11B_____V
I • *"*W"**e*e*Jf/ **•*£* . ' **& ' - * -V'-tfta*
XmrnZ xJ_7-l!___l___ir^3f-L^^lif^---r P*m4mA\mJmmt. f _tr***^lgT.'i \\******^j| ""^tJ^BMljjjjjjjjjjjjjJU^
This year* trophy presented to
the Seattle Hunt.- Show tueioclatlou
by tke Standard furniture company
I* a tine i*i*< < |..„ /i of the dealgni-r'a
art. 'i I,' simple beauty a,. the de
algn la It* main feature; It I* pat
terned after the tmmmtm Alanboro
IRONDALES first big brick business
block, two stories high and half a block long,
will be under roof during the present week.
Several of the store rooms and all of thehote)
rooms above have already been contracted
Directly across the street from thisnew l
block ii another four-store frame building,
with a big general merchandise firm already
in the corner room, which is completed!!^
three other merchants waiting to get into the
**„ '„
Can you imagine what effect big hwi
ncss blocks like these are having on neigh
boring realty values? You can't buy a lot
from any of the owners in this vicinity
three limes what they paid us a few short
months ago. Try it. We will give you their
names and addresses.
There are other lots in IRONDALE
which we can sell you this week, which will *
have a very good reason for advancing just
as rapidly as those we have just spoken of.
Commit this"line to memory: "The best la
vestment for my mone\ is"in IRONDALeI
Moore Investment Company;
■ 400-410 Arcade Annex, Seattle.
! ;.*,.)
Ready for the Cellar
'jStJ********' m r********
*r***t\* "TAM 'I****.' _r raw**
\\WK \\\-_ &s_fi_ Hi
'Mjrjjt $***m** w*M <**mkk mkmm
It lh" Coal that we deliver to you.
We put It right In where you want
it housed. You Inn i- no trouble or
extra expense at all In the handling.
And we give you the very best qual- !
It)' and the lust weight, for the*
minimum market price. W'f guar* '
antee all .mr Coal in be clean ami
well screened, and tree from any
proportion of dirt, shltl* or rubbish.
Phones 87
M___MM--_______t__M_____| HMHHHM *■_-__■_■--__
Bankrupt Sale
irn.OOti stock of Clothlnsr. list*.
Shoes and Furnishings at your
own price.
did—riKa st.— is 1
II AMI-MA 111. II *, x A
IVlme Paul
i.Ti.'i Third Aye, ei,.,,,,.ii *■*„.„
1*... Heftier, laid I'laaena* 1.-IMl.t
I e_____i_,__, , O
cup. I. i- deeply emb-*mif*t
handsomely oraata*B!*d rt»
phy I* to ho awarded te tie nf
bout Appointment <■■***. I* *_
cla»a ara* entered for t^m_mZ
aorne of the flnett bred bam*
Urn went with their Ba_«S.
equipment*. ""*•
I'—- - ! J_ .___ 1 --_..- -'*"
Money Saved
S3 .vi and s-t.al MiorJ
raster* *_*jrtU
j Taks Elevator tt Wr-iri r*b»
I*.. A at. -haea? Blor*,'SM ****£
I nana nials., cor. Slewed sad I*
i a iai- ■* ..• £^_^^feaj
1 mor Sad At, Os». Hotel ***
High Grade Glove.
t~~ _, ~_ If l ***** • *
Ad&l\. m rour dm* ■
i^ai- ia*ii **,** *.**Sl
mtW*****?*^ tha D****'J£
mat Ml iom t« «;:Jtt
do iwwwiWK
*-k*t*-**mW work _**¥%
w*m 'mr *m prler* ?**,***, l"
" -2*. mt low srli-a** kWJ*
\t****T** f work ««'" 1
N-V. ST.d. «i» ****l
Open • lory enemies ■»»«" 1':*ill
Bund.*. 1,, aa.iklns ft*** ** *tg
article In . H->'*-»>.\ *»'_**_, pi
Dantlstrv" KOWIN J. BRO*^,
The Raven . prsscrtptlos **•
m.an. that tha doetsT's M"™
scribing Is most sfflelwU/ *
me tiled by the * droit-**'* * fl
compounding. RAVEN P^V
1416 6scond Ay.
OLD hi!
; All kinds, dyed. *lX r mi*«*
.*.! an.) rctrimmed ...mm*
! lstest models. * *.IU \J '_. "•
nao-aiT l'*«ple*e ***** Ktl #
***** I'allere Hat S .?■
First put Cr**rtt* ,
,_.„ Optical trm***********" -

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