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• This tittle woman—she Is only 5
feet 1 inches—says Annette Keller*
cuaaa ; Isn't the world's champion
•wtmrn«r. as she happens to hold
that title herself, and as she has
Mver met defeat, refuses to admit
the Australian girl has anything on
he* in a national way.
The l«il« woman Is Mlv Ellen
Foatda. Sb« halls from England.
tWr» ah« learned to swim when
•It* waa but 9. Sna comes from a
tamttr of : swimmers, nix brothers
being experts in th« water. , She
ha* - raced all over continental
Enrope In events ranging from 100
yard» to 10 miles, and holds a high
record diva of Hi feet.
"I won tlto championship In Kn|
laad. and nave a medal to proif»-,1t,"
•■ld Mtsa Ftmld*. "I am ready at
Kay time td defend the tttl* againut
Metrical Moocher Uses
, I Ell* Wheeler „to Soften
1 Hard Hearts and Secure
More ; Be«r.
At a consumer of coin the mug
that muddles 1* the real Incinera
tor •...■■•.. . ■ '-'
At least that is the conclusion
reached' by > Charles Beaton, who
•ays he Is a laborer—sometimes.
, Mr. Seaton was arrested yester>
day. He came to Seattle tome
tlstt ago with several pennies in
bit poke. When gathered In by the
police yesterday, Mr Seaton had
Imbibed a sufficient quantity of Joy
Jt_ce to lead him to b«Uere that he
was the real royaterer.
' Short of Fund*.
And then he ran short of funds.
Financially strapped, Mr. Seaton
■ resorted to Urn expedient of re
questing small loan* from passers- !
by. Mr. Seaton did not simply
"brace" a stranger, but be pulled
something new. None of the vulgar
staff for Charles. Approaching a
likely - victim. Mr Seaton recited
a little poem by Kiln Wheeler Wil
cox which runs as follow*:
i. i _____.
Glib Charles Daly Gets
Another Chance for the
Reason That He Knew
How to Ask for It.
A well lubricated tongue saved
Ckarles Daly from a jail sentenca
Charl'-R. according to Patrolman
Jo* Rlan'hi. who made the arrest,
Is president of tbe Idlers' club,
which meats In nightly session In
Washington st. saloons.
Charles was discussing questions
o. national importance with a mall
box on Second iv . near James St.,
)r«atorday afternoon when Patrol
man Blanrbl broke up the meeting.
Wheo Charles appeared In the
police court dock this morning he
was all ready with his little set
It you will allow me the oppor
tunity, your honor," Maid Charles, "I
will tread only the avenues of so
briety in the future I want to
escapa the ravages of that worst
«f «n*mt«H- whlHkcy."
"Do you mean It?" inquired Pa
llca Jades Cordon.
"With all my heart," replied
Charles, fervently. "Allow m to
loav« this court room and I shall
try my b«st to liquidate my debt
to Rood elUxenshtp."
"V«rr wall, then, you may go"
BS*Tlt<-rt „| Corrton,
"I thank U/ui/Jyikiifi.honor. I
think my g00d... latSflW9W»*"tiUc
Miss Kellvrmann or any other
'Among her performances Miss
Koulda can boast of 100 yards In
I minute and 11 wintiilr a mil* In
salt water in 29: St, ISO yards la
which she turned M complete aatn
ersaults and won by SO yards. In
1:20, two miles In a rough sea In
39:3*. one mil* Inside 30 minutes
In a IS yard tank; 100 yards to beat
1 minute 1? seconds, four alias
In a heavy sea In 5* minute*.
Ml** Foulda has be«n In this
country about a year, giving «th!
bitions, chiefly In Canada It la
probable she will appear la Now
York In the near future, meeting'
comers In a series of race*, and
when not racing will give exhibi- |
tions of fancy swimming and high :
i diving.
"How little It coata. whan you
fllve it a thought,
, To matt* tome heart happy
1 <■■• and gay: f.'KSf &» C
One kind word and a pleasant
I iMIt, \J iVSvhi?
At' you ■ paai' on your daily
"So—<• walk In the glorious sun
Some walk in the dreary
Seme tread a path that It tight
and gay.
While others mutt ask for
Mr. S.«ton worked hli "poetic
touch" until an unfeeling patrol
man caught him Just as he reached (
the climax of one of hi* rhetorical
. qffort*. and Mr. Beaton was frisked
away to jail
Good Memory.
The prisoner told Police Judgo
Gordon that be memorized the lit
Ue poem two yeart ago.
"I realize now that 1 waa very
drunk, but If yon will allow me
to so.' began Mr Beaton.
"Yet, 111 allow you to go to
Jail for 10 day*."
"I tee," *ald Mr. Beaton, with a
•IKb. •
And It was no.
M to a seat on th«« throne of good
tritvt-riiiiu.iit "
\ii'l with that r'harl>'H atioa)
from the « oiirt room with h"*d
araet nmi rlrtsooi int.-niiona pias
all over him.
See tho Marathon races next '
Bunday at Dugdalo's park. Henri
St. Vviw. Johnny Hayes, Tom long
boat and others. ...
Flr»« and Cherry.
Obtleai Dapu^mont
PtlHcru SArc CO.
'!'!■• 0r..1n.
• Safe-Co.- mart a .ifV
M AM II 111, IK »'J
— _J^2_^_J_MiL_VT_j I, <ll Nil;
Interesting Inducements in Women^s Wear
P WORTH $2.50 f\Q
" ft 1 *>
lnt.U Stylo ri««t*J Front TalloroiJ \V«i.t. with
nlirf K.llar ami ruff» MrnJ.. of m«i m.l»-..il MM S*J \*jr\n>
Iti»h lliiaa. A d«w lin«; all «lt«a from 33 to 42,
Silk and Net Waists
VALUES . rHOM \ %7.50 TO % 1 3.50
A high-grade sample Una; every one mad* of j^ _ An
guaranteed silk. 0 M II V
Mack and Colored Taffetas, M<«hliii» I'eau do |^ /I •JO
Sole and Satin. Plain lailorvd and fancy stytem. •JJ *~~""""~
A big lot of waists for evening wear Included. *
Coats and Capes
Worth $12.50 to $20
New Fall Coats ant! Capes, in /f» /v no
the very latest sty lev Broad- Q II.JO
cloths, cheviots, kerseys and |\^l
novelty materials. Black*, navy yJJ \J
blues, browns, pray*, preens, ■
tans, reds And other shades. All styles. You
will not find any better Coats anywhere at
$12.50 to $20,00 than the Coats in this lot.
All sizes.
GLOVES |ss?"
111 111 I \ d" OIOV* **"
ULUtLjI "Ez'
The Famous I.IIy Olnve. 5 r'jup; nil sixes «nd r«i|
orss wall mad*.good fm«*r» and QQ*»
wearer*: regular price II 26 Special «jOO
Dent's Kid lores; all color*. glace flntnh: 2 and
3cla#p*. ri-«iiiar price 11. ?S. #4 QO
Saturday .^litt
I>nt's li«hii Kid Qlov**, elegantly mad*, guaran
ti»ed to wear; worth $UW. Saturday, ¥1/10
a pair ',* I -HO
l.adle*' Cap« Gloves, 1-clasa beat wearing quality:
always aold for fl^Q and It Tl. 91 00
Bi-clni * \ iLL
Ladles' Casbmerett* Gloves, In black: Ijkll-h 1 and
Mlasaa' Wool Oolf Olovm, all c*>lor». plain and
fancy; value* to Me. Saturday, a pair, 9C«
your choice ............ ,&Uw
Ladles* S*ainl«as Ck>lf Glort*. also Ca*hmer«(ta
Olotw. >t!k tlo*tt;i mloM to "to. •>* : JQ
Saturday, a pair ...........,....V.........HUU
?fVifi&T 1 fi i *Y '•' ** ———^—i
W^ 1 »•— _#■> I I Short, '•'•• language u»«d to tell of I
DIdCK I - in» I
• ■ - -.....-.. ■- v \V<£,-:«
f^ ■ ■ ■ /_*^ la< IT-lnoh TiUrk K!.-o r^
1 1 MA "ltk * «u«r»nt««.l —iniiii J■ ■ _r>
*•/■■— I p.r yard M::.r:!::;.::JUl
*3 fir^-. For 27-Inch 50c Black Jap Silk; perfect
«—*^-H-» finish; rich and lustrous. ■
75c 19 Inch Tilark nengatfne Bilk, II 60 35 Inch mark Oil- Doited
excellent value B{H><rlal /lO- Taffeta Silk. »nr great «tau4
--•_!•• Saturday •», p«r yar<l ■+-,(* ard. Hj»«-<-lal Saturday QQ«»
85c "Inrh DUck Ottoman 811k. ■»• P««" r«r«J ...;.;..,...30U
for most all purpose Special 11. 60 .16 ln<-h BUck Satlo,
a«l« Saturday at. p«r ft_ l*i<-h)>»«. rich fluUb. Hi«.clal
rard dUb ! a-l« Raturday at, per QQ#»
$1.00 27 Inch Illark TaffeOi Bilk, j >'•"• ........... «*0 *»
extra h»avy Special lalo PQ .to Hi Inrlj Illark P«au (Ik
Hatunlity at, per yard UjC Sole Bilk, wear guaranteed.
$1.25 Inch Rlaok Horrin«bon» Special Saturday at, •< AQ
MnlnK Hafln. «u»rant.-~l Bp*- per yard 9 I itj
rliil win Saturday, at QC $1.00 36 Inrh tilack IVhu'ilo;
am yard 03C Sole 811k. both aldoa allko. fp»
85c "Inrh DUck Hoyal Waah j ctal Saturday at. por PI PC
TaffeU. Special Ml* n»t C7 A i yard #ltO«J
nrday at, per yard Of C 12 60 38 in. li Black SaUn Diuli-,
$1.5n .",.;inrli Itlark Peati <!.• Hoi* v*a, haa rich, dull finish. S|,«.
Silk. hilt value. Hp«»clal 00 *» rl»' Saturday at. per m* /JQ.
■ale Saturday at, per yard tJOU yard I i*tJ
Axmlnstcr Hugs special for Saturday, 9i12 ft; Cl 77C
regular $25.60. Saturday .......<? I I • 1 J
Satno Rug, S3xlO-<; regular $21.50. 91 C CCL
Saturday ...^10.03,
Scamloss linniKila Hug, SxlS ft.; regular 117 80. Oil 7ft
Saturday . $\ 1,10
TuixHiry Hrupni«l» Hugs, 8 10x11 ft.; regular $14 50. f>Q AC
Ilrxt Printed Linoleum. Saturday, At\t%
square yard *r3C
Velvet Hugs, 27x54 inches; regularly $2.00. €1 1C
Saturday ;... $I , I 3
Smyrna nugs. 30xC6 inches; regularly $1.60. . QQ«
Saturday, each JUU
Linen-Warp Jap Matting; regularly 350. 9fl« P
Saturday, yard ...,-. '„, , s»Uw j
Household Needs
Progs Cut Glass Milk I'itchcra, pint >lzn; regularly I Ho. r,,
■pactaJ 3 C
L«nox Kuuinlry Soap. Special, 4ft
•1 tor. IUC
ToIIH Paper; regularly Cc Special, - in,
3 rolls lUC
Chloride of Mini' Special, Q
per can . .. „.,,, , oC
Galvanized Water rail, 10 quart Him. ' • in.
Special |3C
Hiipdlin. Special, por n
cake ...............IOC
Kgg Poachers, with 3 cups and covers; regularly 4 C.
ZOa. Special !.....V...... IOC
""*-' _^ 30c
H A TC $6.00 to $1 0.00
I ■/-% ■ Values on Sale
We received a new shipment of beautiful Trimmed Hats on Monday and have
been selling them at $6.00, $7.00, $8.00, $9.00 and $10.00. On Satur- &A QO
day we offer them for just one day at ....... .*. 4>*r«^/O
Trimmed Beavers included.
S|_|/^wr:r^ LADIES, LOOK!
I M m I Hn«. Bmartly ra»hlan*-'1 U»»l Grade Vi<l Kid
Hi ' I Mw I «ks^^B Shoes, military h.»l« patent trlmm«l, blucber
■■ ■■ ■bbbbbsi *V ...^ or ttralxbt !»<• $1.00 and IS.OO *O A Q
> " ' »ho«« ar« onljr fLiHw
Remem6«r,, London Haa the Good*.
% faaetly as Stated
Men's SIR • 59c
•it«* ;r.;i* OSJC
Wonwn'i JQ.
tfm H3C
UlrU' .....39c
aii«* 09b
Compare th«a« prlc** with oth
m itor«*.
Men's Shoes
1 Hugo Lot of Patent and CaM
flbooa; regular |1 M valuwi;
•Terjr «U«; mi»« b*av7.
dt "i ir\ o
>r • jr^i-.-."^,
run riDPM^c c(\ktq
Values $3.00 to $5.00.
We have had a great many success- A* g g\ £\
ful sales of Children's Coats, but this \M 11 V
special fur tomorrow is the greatest J/I.C/O
value we have ever offered. Coats that _£_■
sell regularly everywhere at $3.00, I————
$4.00 and $5.00, will be on sale here at
$1.98. Broadcloths, cheviots, kerseys, meltons, as
trakhans and other materials. Sizes 1 to 6 years.
Hum a torel? Oia»*d Kid 8bo«,
full of all ib« 4uh and ntyl*
that »j>:>"bl« to Uu>m wba Ilk*
l»r<-Ujr abo««; •ITbvr (b« popular
wall itjrlo »olm or Uk« flailbl*.
droMjr cffocts.
Children's Shoes
Special lot* In many «itra
rholco goods for Saturday
Value* to 11.00 on «»!• 7Cm
•t .......... I UU
V*Ju«« to II It on •*!• QOp
Valosa to IUS on Ml* {10Q
Valuta to $2.10 on aal« • < OQ
D««rripUoa of the** baffles
the ad roan; but come for tb«M
eoorlnctng rain** . Your mtnamy
t back If the goods don't «ult. -,•,»
Children's White Wool Vests and r^ m*
Pants fsizes 2to 12 years; values 59c J af*
to 85c .'■■..■■"■^
Women's Underwear
Black Wool Unbn Suits, regular price $2.25. Special..7O£
Natural Merino Union Suits, button down front Spe
cial G9<
Union Suits, or Vests and Pants, in wool, silk and wool,
cotton and fleece lined.
White Fleeced Union Suits, fine ribbed; regular sizes. Spe
cial 48<
Women's Union Suits, medium fleeced. Special 25£
Children's Black Cotton Stockings, very elastic, at. pair. .6^
Women's Fast Black Cotton Hose, regular sizes, seamless,
.it. pair ; .G<
Women's Black Fleeced Hose, with ribbed top, at, pair. 17<"
Snaps in the Domestic Department
'3<Mnrh liotiae liliiliik, 7V40 seller. Saturday *)*
--■portal, yard , ZsC
Ijici. IMllfH, Hint 12x24. Saturday ip<>clal, " 4
each" I Q
ouiiiiK Flannel, pink, cream, red and pale blue; Outing Flannel «..
now worth 12V4<- Saturday special, yard OC
"Harbor Towels, In-hiiikml, no raw (><]£<<■; red border. M
■ Saturday :.|.l dill. each l^Q
' White Cot tmi Mat I liik. Saturday ipoclal, •••.... n
l-i roll ...f:. UC
N. D.—Nonti rl.-ll••!. <1 at this price.
Wlillt. l.nwn. 40 Inches wide; 18r valufl. Saturday 1 4
b|km-lul. yard , I I C
■ BlankeU.— Fine Wool Blankets, In Hunt gray only; full II 4 itio
funcy borders; a good $5.00 blanket. Saturday " CO OQ
special, par pair 9UIUU
Bed«pre«d»— Hatos* 11. ,1 ,n ( |B. hemmed, crochet, full 01 OO
[Site; $1.75 value. Saturday special, each y I itiU
1"1^ '"" l>IH(l«lf1 — HO Hll.ll I'IIMKI
* —PgSffjt LA CM < i ill \ i\- ««a*^WBJ&4
Ho %* * 11 hi iii .JiUfeCS**** I*^1 *^ „,..,„ lit 1 vi „
wni'm;T Vi"i >r iMriM^'lr' 1 iriir.iT.i'^'^^^ '"--'"
Black Sateen, Black Moreen and Black ' m ~.
Heatherbloom Petticoats, the kind we have /m fj^
been telling at 'We and $1.25, made good and
full and with a deep tailored flounce. , V^
$5.00 Silk Petticoats
Your choice tomorrow of a full line of reg -*. r-\ g\o
ular $5.00 Colored Silk Petticoat* at $2.98 H|/ #"8
each. Only one to each customer. sT^ mmmm
Mountain Calf
High-Cut Boots
Man's Mountain Calf High-Cat
Root*, mad* of plump ot«i
*«lcht atock; tan. Why pay t*
or $7 »hoa London #A AQ
•ells 'em st . #Ht(t«l
OUi«t High Cat Boot*. blucber
a*..*r $3.39
Absoluts and posit! aatiafao
tlon can h« found In oar Man's j
Fins Sbo«a CO QC
at $8.41. and *£• 30
All l«sth*rs, an kJndj.
11.94 4S-Inch All- f"^. *\. - : i
Wool BU«k Zlt'illn* -■ ■ 1 K'Z£
Cloth. Special •>!• "^^■■7
P«turd«y ...*'■ V* r . MJt
f»n» ,V^ .-S*
O For 36-inch All-Wool Black Albat
*~*'^'^-' lowest price ever offered. Saturday.
II 25 GZForh Black English Mo- .
hair; note th« width. Special ;
Saturday at, p«r ilQ
yard «f3C
SS-Inch mack Cashmere; perfect
black. S|><ciiil »al« Sat* (JQ.
urday at. p«r yard .... DC
tie Inch All Wool (Hack Cberl
ot rt*rn». Special Batur- CQ
day at, p«r yard JDC
$1 50 and $1.78 45inrh All-Wool i
Imported niack Voil««. Special
Saturday at, par 7K*»
yard ./DC
II 35 46-lnch Dlack Silk Finished
KnitlUh lirlllUutlno. 3p«cla] aale
Saturday at, per OC»
yard OOC
II 25 48 Inch Black All Wool
Wonted B*rg»> Bp«cUl QF
sale Saturday at, per van} 00C
Youth*' Suit*. In brown with invisible strip*; $10.00 values; #C 00
sleps 16 to 20 years. Special •••••"•X •
$5.00 Boys' Muster Brown Suits. In blue, brown and fray, tO OS
with bolt, site* 4 to 8 yews. Special ..▼J|UII
On* Mora for the Boys .
$G.OO Heaver Overcoats, with velvet . >$3 98
$1.60 Men's Natural Wool Underwear, h«>avy and warm. QJjr
Shirts and Drawer*. Special ••••ViS*
$1.00 Men's Uolf Shirts, for dress; beautiful patterns, with CQp
attached and detached cuffs ♦'JJ 1'
Men's Turn Linen Handkerchiefs, Imported; regular lßc. Ohf
Special for Saturday S for *«*•
Do Not Overlook This *
$3 00 and $2.50 14. 15, 16, 17-Inch Grips or Batche!s, iUghUy <8IJ*?!
In ihlppinK; mud* with the h.mt lock* and catches, with CQr
leather handles. Your choice Saturday . ... J»X"
$2.00 and $3.00 Grips, with straps and leathwr handles; QH(J
slightly ilhiii:ik»>il in shipping. Special • Jjjf
60<i Men's Work Shirts. In gray stupe; good r.. (i » <Mfi
1111.1 heavy ••♦'••'.'"JiJi*'
$1.50 Wool Underwear, immtly drummers' samples; all QR{J
niton; heavy and warm. Special '•*!£**
ull■^ jot.
I,a«ll<>ti' KlaHtlc B*lU. J««t trlnmi.'.i; several styles, elegant JflC
stock ; values to 50c. Your choice • ■- ' ' TJC "*
1,000 Fancy Belt and Dutch Collar Pins, many Rtylea; Tal»«« /5C
to 6»c. Saturday, your choice ■••^*'"'''iill I
Juat 500 r'uiuy Rmbosiied Hand Ha** left. In roil, bduwa. tan. 33C ■
m.l black; vulu.iu t.i »Kc. Saturday, your c'»>l<T_j±^\;*&yJ"Vte£J'<
•:».-fl(V»'e>-'.'»--'.' ••- ••■•»? -„.,.-■ . . . ; y>'o^.***jg^ES^^Hw
All Furs Guaranteed
$3.00 and $4.00 Values
We arc offering great specials a _ */\
in Furs these days. We have CTl^Jlfl
the largest stock of popular- |k l- #lW
priced Furs in the Northwest. M |
A few specials- T ;
$3 and $4 Fur Neck Pieces, all style* 91.0S
$3.00 and $4.00 Fur Muffs at ..;..; $1.96
$7.50 to $10.00 Fur Neck Pieces and Muffi
# # ......:.... 84.08
$6.00 Fur Set, Neck Piece and Muff, set ..
„. ...:.... §2.98
LJ 11 I You *r* **°'«*| uft
111 Iff In getting Hair G«xl* K*r«
I I Valla —no exchanged goods on
iiniii I ...
ISo and 10c Hair Rot!*, all shade* of hair; M /f
--to 14 Incbea lon* Extra. apodal Satnrd«r ... vv
IS Inch Hair Roll, net oorared; all chaiiet; a 4t»
r«mt*r Ssc seller. Saturday ..vr.ttiw*
j 24 Inch Hair Holla, not covered; all aba4«f,' 10.
, our regular prlc« 3S<s, Saturday ........... 138
Hair Puff*. 8 poffs, ; w«U mad* and extra floa
. »U>ck; all sha.d«a of hair Other •tore* KH fAQm
9&c for tli'in. Saturday st London* ........ WC
12 &0 Swltcbea, flc« hair, well mad«; ail M 00
•hadea. Extra apedal ..................'• IiJU
i*3 &0 Switches, ail ahadea. 10 inchea #n CA
1 long; flue stock ..".....^CiUU
Tb« b#st quality. 22 and 14 Inches lons, all ihadea;
. valuo* to 15.00, Saturday, t.itr» •*) QQ
I ai* dai ;......; .\..... .*...... :r. ,r:r.r.#ti W
. Moat dependable (tore in town.
Important savings for. Saturday.
$1.00 64 Inch Black All Wool
Worsted Serge. Special fall
unlay at, ti flfl
per yard .....^I»W
II .50 <Mnch Black % xn-We»i
French Poplin. Special QQ«
Saturday at, per yard .. tlwfc
$1.50 45-Inch Black All-Woe
Shadow Stripes. Check*,'ate.!
all In on* lot; mostly wool taj
feua and wor»teda.v BpediJ
Saturday at, par 11 nil
yard ▼'■rl
$1.60 SS-Inch Black Chi**
rtnlnhed Broadcloth: ■ utrtcUT
ail wool. Spoc!al»ale #1 111
Saturday at. per yard. .#••'•
$2.50 M Inch All-Wool ;Black
Kemey Cloth, for eapw «*
coats. S;>«clal Pattr- *f Ik
day at. per yard ..»..fj<|£

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