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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, November 05, 1909, Home Edition, Image 3

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__f_ie-P* er
[fflSlo Have Free
&^Hotel Bills «nd
w&r~~~ —
w Moore Goes on a
tftsiat^P."" Ann"
lyj T«n(q>orarUy Joins
BO*** in Boston.
i -#_•_£*•■ ' >
■S-t*** *********
f_a_*l - Ylrtor Moor* In *
\Emtm9*.ti** York" *
'•^is* ****** Jawcett *
JK, Great John Oanton." *
LJ^U. E. Tout*. In *
rJjaCj.j_.The ' Keesell -Jr.* * ,
\Wmat i»l*t to XHh per* *
g»»»>;aS-The Fetal *
I MS!** - *
U_*vDel .a-*'-' ■ "tn *
fZ { m te »-th pertom- *
! Ei a The Eternal City." *
.-S-aU-e-Jotn B Hytuer *
_^_i Mi vaudeville. *
I _M_-*iC—tr_« Listen and *
fSitrtan Belles, and *
rat**-.*- . o _
'tMfMMft - Barn**' Sea *
Im'*** Pen.* *** tsude- *
ittTalt**** ******
*..•••••« ****** *
I, ti i.m. SAY*.
LfUB. HITK has mad* some
HI my i*»*y demand* of Ucb-
V* At * Co. ia am new con-
Lit! them, sad *-** •* mure.
Em Ttftr. ti* Dealer manager,
insist «'■« Kites r**<.**t*
hi, 4 boa weals do Justice to
Eita****y. AFW Instance, the
It «!y isetim a corpulent sal
eAt the UtUtrs »*U pay all
_* till* at <_>« very best hotels.
**__)*«• ' th* 1 kstten, George
■.->._- the rwtifss. *** ■
he, „_*, Mabel Is tstltled to a
■gat to sad frees tbe theatre at
mr atrfonaaar*, *** 1* also :
C mUm*t*l ■___. sad the Ueb
mtwtta fttraish Mike Dontln
at wit* teats tn the par
Iml HsrvatJoa cars whenever
mi 0* sere not enough, her ;
-*__.- -**t*i-» in the com
pr . sskgwrdled. since if he
X M aat* aa an actor he
Hl*{Mooted to the position
mftiMsicer of the company.
r.*lh.ll tailed "The Head of
k-taa*_fßlnce signing the
erseetioa**. contract with her,
ted Tyler. Is more than ever
gatM that Ml**. "t!" I* ad-
M^ttepudto the title role.
Bar Moor*, th* Star of "The
Set Nee York.* sever misses
tat-.* tor a flsklat or hunting,
, He climbed into a bit* auto .
J tils moraioz with on'- nr- t«
tkw*B local *p<irtstfeen and is.
mm th* day kuaiin. quail *In
i«Mfc north*, ttt'ol Rothctl." ""
ftt Batey, John Cort's repre
Met is San Francisco, says It
Kirn decided to call the new
9g tot* tte '■ Savoy instead of
iGtakd 'i^'if. ■ .
mm* Held In th* Chorum
St. jet ieasember that fetching!
a mwmr, "Caddie Up a Utile
**rlh£Tlvt*} Twin*" Well, i
■ Is sow rnnnltirf In IWmi
*• m* ti * matinee taat week,
•aft* ;stsge;folks called for
■"•si ttom th.- audlen- to
*««| the chorus Anna Held
_**i tStttily out of a stag*
■MM* the footlights and
m k*"«W Int., th* fir«t rank
gfct of Dinging girls.
g lt« aadienc* like it' foe-
PeW it %re were only fifteen
XL :,'_
2*l je. the fact' that hi* train '
m Wtoreia w** 15 hour, late,
at tarty tnrital In Winnipeg
•japersth. President .'.-'.rrl.
■*«.. Jr,^ of th. Orpheum
m m sot come to Seattle l»
'Weed we directly east
««r'kadye«terday Manager
!"-Coa*idlrie win leave here
*»ftor the East and an Im*
h w.S7 tfn*M* between Mana
■ mZLi.** * l-,l <^a»l<l!ne
motto^ 1*- M«T«rfeld will
■W'.Uk» .place in Chicago.
j» _«cc*. billed as the man
««wb. I. io be an added
ISL* "* MaJeaUe nezt week.
J« h trateiifl, uooad the
*»n?u *,w tUt •»• c*" taove
B '' w* million different
;»Huitrate about
I st*. M *' r Irwin hare kissed
Mto .? ''. RoMroM ,'llarr'1 re*
*\ar\ p.* play,n« of "Mr.
lin ._, .jr,""^- K1" *HI m
h»thrfe"*" '""•band. Por
S*«t ft *" " b'««" thai
.ft 1"'. Rival.
f^tte '°*?*> o,cott h« a
►«*!►_.,' "I:if „f storlel - ■
>«X l_. l ,I *r. K'n of John
■ft," xaye.y „,
%? «'«ir i" wi.tenee: 0f 1»8
,**» «y~:' ,n wlitenee:
rL" ■*" Vr.,,,* S*' '
tL fc '^m*„* r lrs_f»" «san
*W .....
Ki^lWsaicbM '*"1 bft trl,rn"
Waon Jott aa sttr-
She Hat Settled Har Quarrel With
MsSar Flo and It Back to Her
Old Weight (.SOI.
vices were about to begin he
stepped up to her and whlsperc-d:
"One loot and you're out '
At the conclusion of their Port*
land engagement In "The Spoil
em." Henry McHae and hla com
pany. Including several of the old
!_>!•* player*, are to be routed
down . the Short l.ltie Into Bait
I Lake.
Present Indication* are that the
special company which nutsetl A
Drew organised to play for two
■ week* at the Portland the*)-. will
be disbanded at th* end of nest
week, aa there I* no stock theatre
In the ParlHc Northwest available
at thla time for that company's
use. Although very quickly put]
| together, the Portland Theatre j
company I* aald to be one of the ]
beat-balanced organisations tor
highly dramatic piays that has yet |
been seen In this territory.
Jttter Fashion la Revived.
A wealth*. woman of Now York
has provided her household with a .
)**ter. following the fashion of tho
; English of Shakespeare's time j
| The Jester I* supposed to amuse j
the household and Its guests with
i merry quit- and epigram, and may
i bap repartee.
It should be pointed out thai In
I thl* city Manager John W. Const*
dine for year* maintained Harry j
Lravltt tor thla purpose, while
Manager John SI. Cooke, of the
Moore, now ha* Frank Greene and
Manager Gilbert Harry of the
Grand, baa Rd Jacobson In this
same capacity.
John P. Slocnm'a The Gay Mn*
atclan** will be seen at the Alham
bra this season
"IT.. '" ' \ '""•k rr '":'
* ttarnw _ Vird«n. wbo spyeared
'■tSffr "flveajreara.agt. *la--,lhe.'-chlid
M>Tes * .... i:d - Rfdmr-r d'« stock
cohipanf."'t»aa' grown "tired -of her 1
old name and will henceforth ap
pear under tbe norn de teat re of j
Beth Taylor. ■ E*"«!
San Franciscan* -Me,.- that the
Shuberta will soon switch their at
traction, from the Valencia to the
Princeas Theatre.
* Millionaire Without a Cent.
It I. very true that John D.
Rockefeller, 1. P. Morgan, Ed
Drew, John M. Cooke and other
millionaires frequently find them
selves without a cent In their pock
ets. Edward Abelea, who Is known
all through the East for hi* play-
Ing of the millionaire,.pendthrlft,
Monty Brew*ter. In "Ilrew»ter's
Millions." found himself In just
such a predtcsment one dsy last .
week and was put off a street car
because he didn't have a nickel to
pay hi* fare.
In changing his clothe* Abeles
bad forgotten to transfer hi* loose
change. .After being put off the
car Ahele* atruck friend after
friend for the loan of five cent* on
which to ride home, but each one
thought that Aheie* waa joking and
turned him down with some cruel
jibe.. And Abelea had to walk
nearly the length of Manhattan
That Miller story that ha. been
running in the local papers lately, i
In which the third degree has play
ed an prominent a part will prove
extremely poor advertising—not—
for the play called 'The Third De- ;
gree". which will 1,., sere a fort
night hence.
Richard Carle is completing a
new musical comedy called "Pro
and Con," Carle*, role will be
that of a man who I. eager to be
a burglar and can't find the way.
One of the beat and most plausi
ble lie. ever told by I pre., agent
ha. Just been mv ''< 'I by the ad
vance man of "The Olfl from Rec
tor's." All of the chorus girls, he
says, ronirlbuto ten per cent of
their weekly .alary, aggregating
12.10 a week, to a common fund. At
Hi. end of tho season the total
sum, amounting by that time to
nearly $10,000 is to bo divided up
its a dowry for any of 'he girls who
are engaged to be married at that
11 in i-
Have you any Idea of how tho
theatrical bu.lneui In Seattle ha.
grown During the coming week
the dramatic and three largest
vaudeville houses will give a" total
'if 100 iK-rformanccs. At a most
conservative estimate 65,000 per
sons will attend the night loading
playhouses, while the picture
house, will carry the total attend
ance every week well over the
100.000 mark j
■ The ninth milium Orantl Camp Ot
the Arctic Brotherhood cam* to a
close Inat Sight with a large ban
quet at ike Arctic Club, which was
followed by the -i. Hon* of ..ffi
cor*. Vancouver was picked as
th* pU-u ol Hit* next mot .Ing,.
Today's aew *r> 11/ I
styi es sgj lieasons Why
Today V&s_W it. *_* n 11 o *
/mffisjlfL Bradbury bystem
JMk | ff} ym Cloth ing " Excels
m*. fi *^^Nh '*'lst—ln selecting the fabric, unusual
llm P jQ___g__!_-_l skill and careful examination ib exer
s^Vt^m^-wI •■« $$f^._lß C*SC*J' Ibis insures that superior qual
« ll)' lo Reasons Why
ttn JL C i
Bradbury System
Clothing" Excels
I ii -I - In ftel.Ct.tlg the fa... n , niiti-nal
skill .ui<] i ireful examination I
cited. Thi*- insure! 11».*t fttiperior qtwl*
__§?/_!/Kl.PiiU a! «i^tf Second —In the designing and crca
iMlHrMiMm i\ fifl____ lions of style, tin- designers are origin
___u/Jf.-**-! li-jflit! ifl s.^^ itori of smart fashions, putting into the
m-/_-f/-W_fffP_ 111 fji_*j| cloths a touch of distinction and individ
jK/fi|Sß[Mjl fjwffll Third—ln fit. this we can do to the
fiff j8? / jpf H; j /ll 11l p-ffi&aH env >' "f tbe merchant tailor. The pat-
H' Uvs\\iW F 111 ■*■ terns arc corrccl '" proportion, which in-
__?_■ sures a perfect fit throughout.
V|sjr Fourth—ln workmanship they cannot
Ix- outclassed. It is performed by ..'ire
**?3J| ****-3,f»l operators, who understand their busi-
mm in the minor details, which accounts
f~ mm^^^ mtmmmw"t^mwmwmmmm for .*,.,. elegance of finish.
US€ \JtIT \*T€ull Now then, we want you to know these
r» • clothes—get acquaint«|i with them—
*j€TVIC€ wear them —get the abundance of satis
( " : -i faction they give.
Open an account with v* *hen ! , . *>- %*jL)mTf,
baring— pa. a little down and * lit* ____________
tie at * time We are p!a*a«4 to
eitend this convenience to yen, be- _ •-.__*.'
ea-s* It make* burlng ea*r* There Suits and Overcoats
are no severe restrictions or eitra lJ Ul.O CI fill \JV CI CO MS
Charge for th« service. Enjoy th* ,'.' ** ' ■'"■
privilege of being well dr__**d on &1 O * * tt* Aft
1 easy payment*. | Jjffl tO *p4U
Eastern Outfitting Co., Inc.
1332-34 Second Aye. 209 Union Street
- &^SS!W£ THF DFF Hl\/F 2619-2621-2623 first
r-X LAWSQN &|Rollltß hcliaulc pry goods house Corner Cedar
All Underwear Stocks Replenished for Saturday Come
This is not a sale of traveler** sample* or attend*, but rath*r • sal* of Sterling Qualities upon which we have built and ar* building
an ever Increasing butlnttt; merchandise that we can and do recommend for th*>r wearing and nonshrlnkable qualities, and we guar*
ante* our prices to be absolutely lower than th* lowest. Come while stocks are at their beet and brightest.
Headquarter, for Mea'. Agents for Standard Patterns Reliable Footwear Rightly \
Furnishings —TT —, Priced .'. ■.> ._.
Alway* the right goods, the beat qualities Women. Underwear and Hosiery lto>*' Kangaroo Bchool fTfimtmmmmmm. i
and the lowest prices. Come tomorrow ..... .... ' Shoe* warranted not I* I i
. , . On your want* In Underwear and Hosiery mi Ul -,_. <,<,„,,,„ , . Qp J .
Men's Underwear and Half Hose' P*Jg "2 „"" """•" ,''" "d •_*; . retelsr * $1.75 V [\
l.a.lie* Hi!<l..'<l Vest* and Ilrawer* lo mat'-1,. j..„. r j a - ii./D /
ASTm m_m*, *' «*d milium weight. vest .ilk taped r uisse.' 'ntii'calf and /_&_& V
fmmt J_3b ? ,";y"u '?,.,v ■;•;;•,'•••, , ,7^ vw Kid sh double ftCKQiL >\
tflK K__m Iridic* Hllilied union Hull*, good ilium _„>.,_ • ..■mint- i* nn __eK -.^ \H
. SmW *_W weight; all felled seems; .-..10r* JQ- quality -, . .__ __T / .' l!
-4KT .^4^^ gray and white. Special **%ii# §„_,<*■;[, ii.i AT / -ttff V
s\ tfi*\ fUT\ l-adle* Part-Wool Ribbed v..,h am! Pant, to .»,.„•_ i, „'..'. " „.„.., / / —<^"*T3rX t
# l sl I _g I / ■ ■ • «. _ _, _ ... __. ** * tMi 11" 'I * v "i, j I k Jatr a* Mr 1 t' t » BR
f' VV i fl AT 11' niatrh; medium weight, .ilk uped go . hoc , .„ Mi|)() >4fc/ /I J/ .5
■ If* ll I W A \ ye,t * color, drab. Special UJU i 0 reetilar / Lf_7
|N fcl 0 ,A | Ladle' Wool Vest, and Drawer* to match: S*^' mm/A V
Li Lg .J). J fine rib: """" shrunk. $1 «00 hp ,^' a , $2,0° "E^l
1 l^* j*r' C ►» y^tf / Special .-, v> I iUU j. —■
V ./\ L!_fl__ V\rt# I*' Ladles' Fa.t Dlack Caaba Hose, doubto r*, ... » it i it*.
Nrf \L/W IH/ T beel and toe. «)C_ <-"""* » Underwear and Hosiery
tm__mmmS_____r^Jjg^ommmm*m Special '..,':. c3C Right here we cat, save ■...., many dollar*
tm^^************^****m^*** . , ■_-__" leadles' extra fine lilark ' Cashmere Hoee; on your fall wants for the children Come
Best and atrongest values In the city. Our double heel and toe; reguldr and *•] snd *'-
celebrated lager Patent Fleece, thai won't „,., -„, Special Saturday JJ'.tC Roys' and Misses' Jersey-Ribbed Union Suits.
gather In knots or *...i off; tested and tried Udlea* Qray Wool ll..». ribbed white heels medium weight Special, rtr
by hundreds of Ret* I live patrons. Veal and ana to ,„, IJw , m ye OC« Saturday £JU
drawer* to match, all seams felled; steel 32 pr | C e ZjC Ml*»e*- Union Suits, cream color Cflrv
to «6 Inches. Eft- — — —-— —-— fine rib; neck .ilk trimmed. Special JUG
Our price UUU Here Are the best Bedding Values Hoys' and Misses' Fleeced Vesta and Pants;
Men's Fine Ribbed Jersey Cotton Vests aid . *|- sites If,'. in. 0K«
Draw*ra to match; full cut and well made; '" * own „ I . Price* Saturday IUC to 03C
drawers with double .eat; colore natural and Supply Your W»,,t. Saturday t «..k n °>*' ttnd Ml"»<>»' Australian Wool Vesta and
tan- size* »to 44-nch. Cfi** Comforters filled with wtilte cetton, lied with ««„,. ataain abnink* ales* nr -ir
Ourprice OUC Cermantown yard, covered.wlU. g.-l quality , fil(i , l|l|ri|(li ' 25C to fDC
Men* Natural Wool Vests and I»raw*ra I* »"""t," „J,,' : o,<l v"''>'*»l*,r* 87C n,„* and UlasM School Hose, warranted
match; else* it to 48-inch. Title garment *< »•-«• "l;^'* 1 mii'vl "LLLLi^m -li.'- "' W f»"1 l',at-k: double soil ' heel o1"1 to<': MM
cornea In medium weight, with a percentage Comfortera filed with one-piece whit- cotton. b< ,„ pr fl „ „,„ „,„ „ |V( , .
of 85 per oent wool, and strongly recommend a"? 1*? "1"' '"•'" 'i""'l!v Mtkotlne, full .lie; " , c ' 0 r 1 J)Q
ed for Its wearing iiualltle*. t_* ft ft alJi around at ,176' J199 Roys' -and Caahmere Hoie; double I
Ourprice OIiUU "PJWiei ..... „_.', ■"".'■"*•?* sole, heel and too; all-wool foot, with a thread l
Me,,* nne Au.trallan Wool Underwear, Cotton „1"f,k«««* ><>-<. gray only, fancy U.r of CO(U)n ,_ , _ rh ._ b „ ilh „to Ulo |
vesta and drawer* to match, site* 82 to 46. <•"; regular C»c quality, AQm wear D ee __ -_ I
This garment I. one of our oldest and moat »l"' cl*- • - ■-. -•■•• • 'L'L',;,}£ Hive price tjC and L JU I
popular number* gaining new friend* *■«<». Cotton Blanket*, gray, tan and while, with \ 1
*e.*on by lv wearing and m JlCft bAr««s, Mil 1-4; regular no Very Special Value. in Towels
shrliikablc qualities. Our price. ..*> I 1 JU »' il> 'I'"* ity. I*lcr|, Hl . •••• . UUU J*r f
Mens Piuth Wool Underwear, vests «,„i Wool-Finished Blanket*, full .Up, Rray, tan. and 1 owehng
drawers to match; size.. 32 to 48. Another «*n<l white; regular |2.00 quality. tJM PQ 70 dozen Harbors' Towels. 14x27. all fresh,
tried and tested number which we strongly Special...... tpI.UU new stock. Regular Me *>S quality. 0-*o
recommend for Its wearing and non- 94 OK All-Wool lilanket*. gray, tan and white, 104 Special for Saturday, each Jab*
abrinkable qualities. Our price <? I,L worth today 15.00. Special, I lee o*o QO 75 dozen Huck Towels, nice medium size,
Men's strong Merino Halfllo.e, good for Hive Price. ***A,\l\t fancy red border.; regular I l*3c qua! C_
wear color, natural and gray. Our (It. All* Wool Blankets, gray, tan and white, 11*4, itv Special for Saturday, each .... JU
price 2 pairs for ......fcJU ***** "'' ' I>i«iHt > . worth today |7.60. Spe- C 0 dozen Muck Towels, Itxll gOOd heavy
Men's Ca.hmere Half-Hose, In light medium clsl, Bee Hlvo CC 00 quality. Regular ItHo. , pi p
and heavy weight; colore black, tan/gray, P*-I*-0 * «pUi«IU Special D.tU
natural and fancy effect*. „0K« Qi^.„„ V*,1..„„ :« \JJ~~..~.'m Pl»e. Bleached Bath Towels, good, large size, nice
o«r price . ....r.ZOC Strong Value, in Women. Flan- hetTy qua itty. Regular i2Hc pi p
— . , "■-■-. nelette Gown. towels pedal OiU
Dress Skirt, at Special Price. Women's Flannelette Night downs, CQ. ~Z „\r . ; \xr ,„, . .
Ladies black and navy Panama Skirts; all la neat stripes. Special ..' JJU special Value, in Women. Waists U
the new pleated (fleets; skirts worth up Women's Flannelette Nigh I Gowns, In neat 1 lot of Indies' .New Fall Waists In plaids, R
to M.M Special CO 00 stripes, finished with faney 1 braid; *** ftft stripe, and small checks; regular KQ*% t
Saturday >. tidO regular and extra tlxoa. pedal „y I illl) 800 quality. Special JJl* B
leadles' Black Skirt., pleated from wol.t; all* Women's Flannelette Night downs; fine ladles' Wool Waists la flannel sad batiste; X
ff1,dy"":.!^£,?r.:....,..55.M | quality; in H..iid colors, white. $1-25 reenter 14 qualities; $2*331
H _ tlirl i Hy pink and him BpeoUl tjlli^j Bpeclal xpCHO
The officers elected for the M
lowing year are:
James W. Hill, Fairbanks, grand
Arctic chief; Oeorge i. Travis,
Dawaon, grand vice Arctic chief:
Dr. W. B. Everett*, Dawson, graaa
Arctlo chaplain; J. M. Keller,
Hkakway, grand Arctic recorder;
I'aul lieiihnii, Nome, grand keener
of nuggets; lleuben li. Alberslone,
Hitka, grand camp cook; Arthur
Haid-ii... Nome, grand trail guide;
T. J. Mct'r.aky, Fairbanks, grand
Seward, grand Inner toll gale
iii-llikret,t,ri J M. Rhawlian, Bow* ;
il. jraiid Inner toll gate keeper |
Jas. OH')... (-leery, grand pul/r toll
gate ket-per; W. II yard, N-ul*. .1
t!. ITHfWey. Nome, Homer Wiener. '
i Nome, J, it, Hickman, Sitka, and 1
| It. .Hi. ith Harris, Ketchikan,
"..hay, .b00.*., how much do 1
AM* y*T"
• t1'e..11.41 « and fifty cent*, air."
"WWl.jlhay, uk up 'til y* come
tv IS t-enl*. That* all I got."—l-lf*.
Anniversary Sale
At THE STERN FURNITURE CO., 1526-1528 Second Ay. -',
Do not fall to take advantage of this great sale. The following are only
a few of the many bargains offered:
_____ ______H v k
,•~7 ■ r4n_fl_i{-tl»^
a* _oa_g^a m _mW*\fS^t ■ tf YB^____*________^______^ __•____.
A/M7ii) tt_i*^_l__, *
-- „..*, . ~,t.i_ i>v a e»>: *.»'•• ef quartern] oak: ba* a IJ-lneb round top, '.-foot «*.t*n*lon. hattA carved
el*w f*»t: regular vatu* 1.7.80. $16.75
Sal* prlc* „, I Ot I 0
Motker. Ilk* cut. I* loldan oak ftaa. her, ilk* cut, mad* of *.ill 4 Chair. Ilk* cut, in golden ftniabt
flni.h: a *«ry »tti,__ and •.•il quartered oak: vary (Iron* ba* wood **at; V . l} atroag
..I 1. 1 rofkar - Regular * value ..ri.truct-d and •*■„;• buTlt: *nd aul..larillal. Regular rajai
'.',■_ '-............1.98 __'*_,_ 1"..'.-.':..53.98 {__**„ " mm.
a) 1-0 Ha • . . .... prlr* ODC
P"*- IThe Stern Furniture Col *-*■-•*' *7~
L __J 1526-28 Second Ay. Bet. Pike and Pine Sts. I
Furniture Stoves Rugs Linoleum
The Haven preecn. *lon service '
means that tha doctor's •kill In pro
earthing I* meat efficiently eupplo
manted by the oruco'Dt'e skill In
compounding. RAVEN ORUQ CO.
1416 .aeon. Ay.
Bankrupt Sale
131. SOS stork or Clothing. Hats.
Bhutt and Furnlablnge at ) cur
aw i, price
«*<— I'IHI' «T —4?.
20 Men Wanted
."■' J- *'"**" *' *" ' •■-- •-••*. l*.-. •■ i ..!.f--a1,.>l tolm-iv •*!.-i.f.*»m«il „.*«* -■'
IllMMrr.ium,, a MMMMBBBBI ■■■■ '■■—TPff—
To Work at Birmingham
1110 WAGES. If there are any Idle men in Seattle we want them.
We arc selling over 130.000 worth ot ...re tracts daily and the
12,000 acre* ant last much longer. -:_ .
5 or 10-Acre Tracts at Birmingham
Excursion Every Day Rain or Shine
Si ■ >». SI 1 i
Ni. i- big warm cabin on boat, so don't mind the rain or cold.
We land on our own propety at our new dock.
'-^■jL^^3fc —WE SOLD OVER $45,000
Jtn »20.000 WORTH TO ED
jfm\< 11 Remember, sale will continue
|Ul]*VC for one week more, after which
|QIjM "" °"r '"'"' *'"' '"' ''eld for
tmSBLmS higher .irly double.
3KHf Some folk, don't know this land
*\Jmn^M is on thi. side of the Sound with
uDfCr railroad and street cars and la
Sjlf "i five tliurs the price of
U* limit-* on the other side of the
JH. Sound. As su.in aa Kverett A
■r Hclllnghnm car line la built across
tlils land, It will bring ten times
-* present prices. The sawmill will
soon be up and running there,
. giving cheap luinlicr Men wtth
WO** briiliia buy land on the Sound.
.H A tools laugh at them; fools work
ftyfck, for other, all their life, like the
* . JP%^ 2,000 ACRES WILL BE CON
KQ_Vrf. ,;l':l; HOAT VKM'S. no
jH. "^liHfj I'lia.t. needed, leavea I'i.i I sl
mBVfSKf '• Over
(Re%fi2? ,s ''•*''' ■■«'•'" Hold the
_rjry^elr .U-k. dozens of new
MEKr*lEr I■<• mil up We have work
S'V* nt his wages for all kinds Of men.
•ep*?" **f' It. 11. and street cam run through
I II i . aa'llv I 1 lllllOH
™ fn „ BvereU. Qel cc beet; no
i oi i I'm.- to C H
llllliniui's office, In Time. Block
1,, i tree map* ami guides of all
$600 worth of berrle. raised ,hls country, 8 FRESH WATER
on on. .em nf thl. lanrf „m_ LAKES FULL OF TROUT AND
on one acre of this land at Bir* _ ACK BAgs ON LAND. 16
mlt.ham or Earlington or Pa MILES OF WALK TO BE LAID,
clflc City. MEN WANTED NOW.
(Were never offered at so low a
I price. We muat reduce our stock
i before remodeling our .tore.
| Federal Paint A Wall Paper Co.
. 1314 First Ay.
mm* ■*'

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