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■ 1.. ■_-...-
While Howard was going through
the torture of th.- third degree"
hi* wit... Annie, waited below
■lairs As Howard ts leaving Mini.'
Is brought Into tin room. Clinton
•tops and questions her.
"Was your husband Jealous of
Underwood?" -ifi Clinton *****
Annie —Jealous! 'hat right
have you to -i ■**. that? I refuse to
answer such a question.
Clinton—Now you .in help btaa,
Mm Jeffries, by helping us. "',l
yon call here last night to see Mr. |
Annie —I mil sure.
Not satisfied, Clinton calls the
bellboy who let Mrs Joffil—, Sr„ In
th.' night before, to Identify her.
"I wouldn't be sure, captain.' aaya
thn boy.
Mr Jeffrie*. Br., enter* at this
time, looking blackly at his son*
wife, Clinton start* to Introduce
them but Annie checks him. .
"I .ion care to have my first
Introduction to my father-in law ;
come from the police," she said.
"I have no son." said: Jeffries,
The girl pleads with the father
to take up Howard's cause. 11.
--reminds her that ahe I* respon
slide for Howard's poaitlon, and
adds: "I could have forgiven hire
cveryttiing—everything but—"
Annie But me— 1 know It Bout
you suppose I feel It. too—and
don't yon suppose It hurts?
Jeffries—FOrglve in.' for speak-
Ins plainly—but hla marriage with
mat* a woman as you has made it
impossible to even consider the
question of reconciliation.
. Annie—Such s woman as me?
That's pretty plain—but you'll have
to speak .-i.'ii more plainly. What
do you mean when you »ay such a
woman as sis what have i *****!
I worked In a factory w hen I was 9
year* old, ami I've earned my liv
ing ' holiest .-.••: since. 1 was
waiting table In a restaurant when
I met your ton, hut there's nothing
aßSinsl me—nothing disgraceful, I
mean. I know I'm tim educated;
I'm I not. a lady. Bat never mind
me— l'm not asking for anything.
What are yon going to do for him?
He must have the best lawyer
money < can buy--a man Ilk- your
lawyer. Mr Brewster. V; ,
> Finally the father makes a propo
sition. "11l aid Howard If you
will kH.' him up."
"Even that,'' ahe says. "if It will
help him.**,
"Will you leave America?"
A. "Yes." she half sob*, "but what
sure you filial to do for him*
Jeffrie*—l. don't know. I shall,
consider the matter carefully. -
Annie—But i I want Ml know
He tells he- he will furnish 'he ;
money to employ able legal advice
for bis son. but it must not be i
known that he 1* supporting him,;
that Is all he can promise.
The girl turns on him.
"You should put your arms
around Howard and declare to the
world you believe in th.' boy's Inno
cence ..-'.. I see '■ It all. ' Howard*
family is going to desert him; hla
wife mast i.-mv.- him. and be must
face trial for his life alone, la that
yonr Idea?" she demands.
: .rwell. It Isn't mine, Mr.-Jeffries
>—I ■ won't | consent to a divorce—l .
won't leave America. „ As . for Inn
defease. I'll find some owe; I'll go
to Mr Brewster myself, and if he
refuse* 111 go. to some one else
We won't ask your help." ■-
yif A '.week later In Mr. Brewster's
__BS^J^kjt^ £TB^^.___W____^_^Pff?___T?*T_-Mlffi _?__■________._
["Big Sample Shoe Sale"!
I Nickel PlateShoeCo. &
I 822 Second Avenue, Corner Marlon |
I 5,000 Pairs Ladies* Sample Shoes I
|$.jy_ $2M $2JU!
I Actual Valu $6.00, $5.00, $4.00, $3.50 i I
I Such makes as "Laird-Schober," "Wright & Peters/ "Latte- 1
i man & Co." and others. None better made. 3i \ I
I I NARROW WIDTHS-118 Pairs of Ladies' $0,00 and 55.00 Shoes, all sizr;; m^""^'^?!! 8
I I Wichert & Gardner's and Laird-Schobcr'a make. Come quick if you need nffi g Si X I 1
M I them. Sale price * I _, _ .■'■"'*
■ I ,1.,. mm ■ A Pair f i
I 500 Pairs Boys' Sample Shoe.';, Am* | 2,000 Pairs Children's Sample **_ *% ' I
1 value $1.50. MJIf Shoe,, values $2.00, $1.50 and QBf%
I P a" "!"' WWW $1.25; pair WWW ' I
I 390 Pairs Ladies' Pur-Trimmed Felt Juliets, the $1.50 Qft^ 1
I quality, sale price, pair ....... WWW I
I •&""'""" " I"M"1" """""'ll""""11 '■ ■ i **a~agMn«_MM_Ear«_a___^^ X
I I WOMEN'S COMFORT SHQES-612 Pairs Women's Rubber Heel luV **-**. **-} I i
Bs § ets, the $1.50 value; sale price . T qJ I I
*^m*^r*ll***r*^^^^^* m******M*W>MMM *^^^^^^^^^^*mUm**MJMa*mMM*^tM^
*** ' *^ - '••: * "' M*-"*** '- *t* -mi X ■*■■•.*'**■:"
law library, th- at.orney'a rotifl
Jdentlal clerk. Jones, Interrupts
him with I lie Information, '"•hi "
I here UK..- "
Annie has been haunting the
office every day. and Mr. Brewster
has devised every means of escap
ing her, to no avail. Ml Brewster
will not see Ansie. In i few
moments Jones returns wtth tin
. elder Mis Howard Jeffrlea' card.
Sin. la excited, having hoard that
Annie Is going on th.- stage. Mis
.It-llrleK wants to see Annie, and
jaaka Brewster to arrange II Aa
they are talking Jeffries enters.
The trio iltscuaa the situation. Jeff
ries IMS not changed In hla atti- ■
tude toward IllS son or Annie.
Jeffries leave* and Mrs. Jeffries
remains. "I must see this girl. Mr,
Brewster.*" she says, "I think 1
can persuade her to change her
course of Action.' Hi. water ad
; vises Mrs. Jeffries tO I "in- back
111 half an hour. When Annie come*
111 Brewster asks In.v. Ion; she In
tends persisting in forcing her way
into his office.
"I didn't force my way in." ahe I
answers. "Mr. ion,--. aald you
• wanted to tee a*
Step by step Annie gains ground
In .spite of Brewster'* arguments,
He tells her he does not defend
criminal case.i That's Just why
lh* wants lv in then—Howard is
not a criminal.
V Brewster—There are other law- |
Annie—But there's only one Mr. I
Brewster, and in- the greatest
lawyer in the world, and ***** going
to help us— ***** going to save
Howard's life.
Brewster—You always mn that,
I'lMin my word, I Khali begin to 1..'
llevo It siHin —
lie does believe It, and when nho
tell i him tie la afraid of Howard's
father It rather til..* him Mm
knows Howard Is HlM'.'lit "fem
inine deduction." Itruwster calls It.
When li.. mm. "I'm isnry for you."
•ti.- breaks Into a hysterical laugh.
"Why do .on laugh?" he asks.
"Well, If I don't laugh, I'll cry, and
as I don't want in .ii why—l Just
laugh. It's sot to 1..- quo or the
other." Hhe li going botan, "Bit
down," In- rommands. "I want to
ask you a question. How do you
until fill How aid's confession?"
Hhe doesn't account -ii it. She
believes he confessed against bis
will. 111 ll.'int.!.-In says Captain
Clinton uses hypnotic Influences.
Brewster 111 Interested; lit' asks for
Dr. Bernstein's address.
.-.'.> you I ink I'm afraid "I Mr.
Jeffrie*, do you?" Brewster asks,
ami then MMM that In- Is so
ing to take up her case. "Now,
don't ft* -i .1 to li.- ».ii|.rl».-il he
snaps. Yon krtew I would. You
knew It when you came lv Uiat
door, My clerks knew it, Kvory
body knew It—but tin-
Mr*. Jeffries, Br.. Is sent for, and
Brewster leaves Hi.- women to
Annie learns that Mrs Jeffries
wan the mysunous visitor who
railed on Underwood. She has
kept silent, she declares, believing
ward guilty, and because.. she
dreaded disgrace.
Annie —Disgrace— '..but la . .lii
lira..- when a human MM Is at
..t.k.'* -tiGSi
: -.- ....
Mrs. Jeffries—lint II aeemed vie
less—a Hi I. i* '.ill 1 Hire •In Hie
face of his conftissloti. |.
Annie silks for the letter Cndll
wood wrote her. I' Is at lifts*.
Mr*, .leffilea ana* . Hhe agks
A ii.it. not lo aay am Hili9k to lip.
Ilrewstnr Just then Hhe will m* i
her at 1.1.i house 111 til.- ...enlnj.
Hi water enters ami telle Mrs.
Jeffries, Br.. he will defend How
ard; iimi he has set a detective
on the track of the woman who
called B. Underwood's studio tile
night of the shooting. ** • *'
Mr. Jeffrie* calls, and' la In
formed tbal 111.'Water la to di'V'ti'l
Ilia son. "Indeed," exclaims Mr.
1,-1111. Hr., "then you till please
consider our business relations to
have ceased from this moment."
and calling his wife the) »w*ei>
majestically from Hi.- i....tn
"Well, alio afraid now* asks
Hi. « |t*l as be turns to Annie,
(Kud of M.'ioiiil Installment '
Tk* fall«»la« ara tha a.rraa* i»»l**a I
*llt>.._-.t by Ihr liM>at ttttttlraoltt. aa
1... Ml |.t.,«1.,. mr.l, ami < ttrA
i,i.,. in all .«•■• era •ui.|r.-i to
«arlallua. mewweAtwm '•» trrakaaa.
...I ir.ri.l tarrltrmrr. lull lltrar
pH.ll. ualraa .llif.nl>> In.tli'alr.l,
■re »»r atrirlly Ural nr.ilc.
I ... a.A Huitrr.
Y.j. .**« .**
Il.l'.rr i ,**** **
I.nit. int. li ......... .11
Ilrnltrra .11
lima, lira, 1 ,1 a over,. ■. .1*
ttam* under I 1b*...... .11
lllli.. ilfriinl it, .... .11
Honaiar*. It«*. 1h,.,,,, .ss
Turkeya, llv*. lb .... .11
Turkeya. dresaad, lb.. II
Illllli. Mr 11. „,„, .11
In.. ka. ilt.ua.-I. 11. „H
Urea* 11
Squab*, d05an......... J.**o i tl
I'tgatina, ***** !.«»« I.M
llalgtatt hara Ih. ..... .1*
ln~*l Meat*.
Kraal, Href—
Strata, No, 1,.., .SJ
talWI, Nt». 1 .. •••<•>• •*!
Itlnda—alear .......... .11
Hln.l. . ..w „ . '••*.,
ftfrriir ::::..:::: -.SS*
Itound—steer ....... .- -.c»..
Cbucka ...... ...... ,M
rirtl-a *• • •??
I.'.in., No. I, full rut. „, it »
litna. ti*. 1 full trim ..11
llll.a, T, Ho. I .11
Hltn T, No. . a*'-.'■ .11
CIS t.'tia.ir. trrati...... .IS
l.tvrr .. .<■'
Ilaart a*
-vliiiu.il— -'<;..,
Walkers .JJH
r.waa ,»»H
rtj.tlr.K- I-amb.......... ,11
|>lr««. .1 hug. ....... .11
Trimmed Sloe* .. ' •**7*
tx>ln« aiel Mi.nil lira . . . 1 < l»
Short Ijttln 1'0rfc...... „ ,l«Vt
Netk l..'iiit "t
.-':.. it» ribs „ • ,* .11
I'lit. Vaal .?}
i*rtt lard ........... : .11
am..,u*.i urate. y; oA
llrma * tl It
I'l.iit. llama A***
flMlir.t llama -«...«**
litl.it llaaf. --'.a .1*
ilt.t., 1...a U'rlaht. . _ U
Common Stun **9 ■****•*
ri...i. » Sttsre, lb ..... .***%
r«««. lb HO ***i\
Hrlfer., lb. ■' .«»}♦
line. Ib . «.»» .*}****
Wat hara • ****
Uml». Ib 810 •»«
ISS* Stears, 1b...... .Sa
( r~.i.r. frotAo— a.m., rttro.
Oyatar lUialla. I»« tba. 1.*9
(.•lam Bk»l • lose .... J». 0*
firanulalo.l llonea. tee* 31,SS
.tone V|.»i iwn ..... ** **
Scratch food, **•)*, sh.' i i 1.11
Cwiiiiuiii r.*r,*m .' a* i... •*
rood. *a*lh. • a *. -...- 1.11
In ISS. 110* par i"» ■■-■■*. .■■■-*♦
l , or..tot.A Wllh
Mt Vr.i.in. 10 ■ »W*
B. I *T*
Ml. Vrrnon. l\tato , ■
lota ..' • S-l*
Ml Vae*o«. 11-eaa*
lota Ml.
>>»••—'rltla* I'rlrra.
Wmrm Waahingtt.a -■■m*A*_m*r*
Timothy !» Ofas. **
Ka.trrn Waal Ins
Timothy ________
! Alfalfa 17 . li| an
Wlmal Hay I n.un.r ii.uu
llaalPin Wa ah Ina
it,nil.l., . uiu|il i',i..l , , IT 00
Data, par lon .11.00031,»«
(■at*. 1.-irli-lli Wnrli
li.glon „.,,. ,11,00011.00
litiiii ton ....'« ini'i''.;.no
-Inula. lon ......... .?l.not| »t|. 10
»il.t liiiiii.. lon ....... tJ ti.i.'i 31 oo
liar lay, Inn „.,.,,,. ,30,00 fl J. ,00
l-'".'.| iVi .-a! ton ;ti. nn <( .11 tm
ri.'. 1., 1.,11 _t-ji.niiyii.oo
V.'li.il." r.iin. inn 1J.00ft11.04
fi ii li-.l I'm n. Inn . . . .it.', ,uit«. :t. no
l-'r«.| Corn, Maal, 1..n -1...0 n y■ 3« . Oil
It.«ii,-iI ' all and llar-
Iry. mlar.t 1 nn n; -* es
I'M II—«. Ulna rrleaw.
Applaa. .-i.uli • .' i.i)9 J.IS
Apulaa, extra fancy
l-.ii.ttii.it j -,*u 1.00
Applaa, -.1 „....,, I.llu i.mi
Atiplra, fancy ,| 1,009 3.71
II.•! Ituuaa Tomaloea,
10 Iba .71
I I.on- |t..»i. 1.-a I a „ I, It
tint.ma. eraaon l.r.n
>ti|.i.ia Vak-sm*. „,, - i.m
Meivlu W. t'a.at. and Will,
linn I'relian of Taet.nia. will be
Hie apeak. at a mass m—Unit
of the Imiirorement clubs of King
county ami Seattle, to be held Mon
day evening 111 th* t'liniiiH'ii'liil
i 'lull rooms.
Mr. ti.-liaii will tell How Ta-
I..rim (lot a Government by Com
mission," and Mr Csssmore will
talk on Park a and Harounds."
The piirka and boulevard •tun
tultt. ■• i.( ili.< city council yea.er*
day afternoon turned down the
proposition of Hi.- park hoard lo
condemn 10 acrea fur a park on
Magnolia Illuff
Don't Throw Away
[Valuable article* because they are
brtiLeii We do ail kinds of repair
ins Kith and lorkamtlhlna. also tm*
port mental work and models Our
price* are reasonable.
823 Bencca, cor. Third, down stair*.
Olve l.'a a Trial,
thanksgiving ;,- jni
- • ■^^^. ra—- - J 1 J&tXJmL
\\ ■ r j* •■■ i- .* . "^ir*-"^^^
sjiifp 1 o uK.Tha,,k,Bivin Sale of Dining Room s^i § Tii I " » - l^ J
■M*\ jR* Furniture, commencing tomorrow a / fl /'// I*< Clf fi «
*p--<36]. ami continuing one week, is arranged at —r~/irfn —if" 7k k Sni-« *a". V
_t__^/**N tin* nine to be oi the '""St lienefit 1,. 11/ ljj ' Ml " \* I* V '
£&L_jJ tho*c win. wish to brighten up their ' // j IJ I I
hoMM baton the holidays ~-y • \
«'.rcat rein. tiutiH will be made <«n the * i ll W
SMbg^^y-, QONSISRVATIVK BUYERS are realizing more .each day the amount of money to be •L fj*jj^jjS
*M_t_(r.**\ ... „* ave^ by f^lroni^iifj the I'oynor store and talcing advantage of the I'oynor prices fcf__Kß
*_H_K*T ',7. n,!** 'he *riA\\ prices are lower here than elsewhere in the city, it should he remembered &%s£&&-,
'i^^*^n-'**a- ****** '!"* •' "*• ** inclmles the best quality of Home Furnishings, together with more con- ***WM?
'%*K*_mwW -crvativ. patterns and prices. _ir * Is.** ;
tMofflT ■ }'" !"' '''',! ,'"5 M" ''" ****** *'<* '-'■•'•'•l it* >i/c in the past six months, doubled its sell- h_£ BSm
L^ *-«. '"'' 'orcc, an«l '"°rc ,ha" doii.tlcil its patronage is. gi«.d enough pr.Kif of the popularity of \%*Jv*Np \
jr~~N^F% the store's met lin.l-. i.', mparivm invitcl '** **V<S\
L-__f^" I-. *w at. rJm _____B___, a
«J^-"\^ Regular $..5.00 Dining Table, massive pel- Regular $14.50 Golden Oak or l-.nlv F.ng^ /%t_(jw'
Styx/fry) <"*''' l !'-'^' »'•»•' "iMii.. ■■••"■> English «.r lislt Dining Table; Hull top, 6-foot ex- f(\\|lfl i
i^^N&W Rohlcn oak. x splendid table. ftOJ Or Iciisi.ui: nicely finished ami (J*A pr VJuAsB;
/r-SlVKar never before offered al the ft/J. A 1 well built . a splendid bargain. VI hi I J&S*"
%^* i£& "''" puce •■' *Y*m-yj*\At_e s..lr puie ... - «S_l4*f__}
fc_y V* .tt >>\. . V-\«->-_,. . H.'Sttlar 125 Buffet, quartered . _. -cS=»*li?? cß'^ te , U-***^!*..
r*% * 11.jT!T5vvr^!?yy7£3l '.'' ak- ",u""" "'>l" :"u' f'"ub- .=:~*^?S^ .?'s^?s^_i_i rteM?
/ ' Jfctft *h*^ ' I <a|____aa»_________ f _ __. r . _ VjM' *_bMm>>
B ' <<pti iJU H >i . /•• VNaX
dSBSfi-?* j^_«a«__s___-Sog '•.'. "inch „.,.. Mi,h toxic |p«y^rßgiMtt*?F| v3s&"
T_S2l>4«&Sa'i Ifffl! ft '1 *""7 r* *"\ 11 $' li;'»'!'">i»** Plrco of ftirtiluire. 3| .ft* 14 A A !S <St'^ Mr* •
IjSa'iA". BW VI / Sll 'l'-H ' And n wonderful barpiln at "the" If T_/ 111 * £$f W_V.':_ffl'
#rMk^_ JVIf.JU \i »'•■ M"I;"U I W
•? I.'U.UJ i y~,,vv J g^
*d/^-^' CHAMPION RANGES Dining -T'H^iSi-cs V_____i
___mf"i 'if ,\ l/_-!.'/'.'l,'^i l,"!i*1 «-iii- ..-..-tit "f li- I'luiin- Jlt'k'til.ii- ll.".-. .laiarterc.l Oak Clialr, In (tol.len or S- I*
fi_*464. !)I^S^s2 ." m. »f n«na,.. the '-;•«''"'; n,,u,-. .-,, - g^ 3s WBYe
__♦' %_r**r_L i_____Kyr Kolil V'"' 1":' I n».-r ;it tti.. Id-,; ular ft Mi atilii'l n.il. ritnlr, leather l.ex neat. V\?*£Jtt*b'-
MAT mVmWlm ImMmMTi ■■ \ ■*■•*' ****•> H»l Ulaat filniUler liaiti, Ruliteii nak ur Karl) (>4 HC '■•J^tjili
k Ifßf_r_S-fi^i»Si t'hamplitn l-.ni I n,i auc- lliißllah fliiln.i Hal« prlee g/i)U ''■tilt**'
IVk&M eSSSfai atovo f»r uur 10 Iteaulnr ll.uU Dlnlntt lUmlr,' i.-i-niiin.- le.nner allp ''"*
IS-WSI 'aSarawl I'cnra. wlillf Hie new In- «t>al, iiuiirtcrcil ..alt i.r Ml.si..it flulali: l.e.uitiful h,V.."*V__l
■t WJaSI J&"?tt!*3l t-i'-li.iiii:.utile l. tn- .-nil .l.'-.tKii nmi „ k|,:,.n.u,i tun ni tho cirj a c "• ' fflaiV*'
eU *W«^^jVjV t''u^_ h it'.ve t-iitnifiii tin, I i',„( aalt. pi lie #t _ Ou.VJ 9V-J-^7R
f"k IH_H^__r9f_l '"*"* '*"*"' ''" "I'ltl'l" I" "Iter- AT* *^ _ dT~* t\ *-. *_"l 3 '*\ J^^K»lft
' W^ ' l-ll!.BllWl llllt-.li l..\illttflll . ftl
I HL_Jp- ci *» /c; ._**-Ti
*S___-____H________________B_S___b> 00.43 cm~to
_______BiS ' tf~"i*mmm*m —o. AT" t ~o* __^ *00. A- _. ■*'.***
r*»k**fe_v»ig!i»t7*l aiii.il Hint n .t.it.i .....ti *V-_.i!Bf_d C Ui^^iC-*^*^ -"a'-fiß-Wa
K^mrtV&**^»in >">**•• .'i.'nc-. \\> inn,. v-"u",u %^uajfc*»^i__r7 r/Hw|l
!'J [iUKtalaVt ?i „J' '":""' Cli-.tiiliti.ti lleicnlnr |IH.Sfi tn.lim CUwt. t«o circle irlaaa oiAr*. /,'*sj? vi'*«^
Q.?iIJ3BO!»HRI ...Ji*!*r «.,."•■ •','"', „'"' .' B,,,'l*'r*' ■•• very ne„i pattern ami a I.lk t> 1 O « O " fe^StSL*
r_Blr?fl 9t*^H^S_Jll . "V. 1." H,,a1110 nmi ilt-lii- Imriraln nl Ilia aula price of li.• •♦ M «__»■> p '
o\l^*m jl__3E.Br . ,i^i !. "!, * ?," "* ,U v" u**inilar $57.r.« FxcpfttliMtnlly \ arK «. I'litim fl.iael. eKSJS_.Wft '
V r.,11" V_Sa>-*-ri pcilorll., Ity nil mrana in- A rlrelo Rloaaen. extra drawer ut l.nltom. r. alielvea. Q^n#_7."
If \*l J'«BtlS»te Hie I tiunililnli be- eoliiinn curnera: n lientillful dtalctli ©1/1 "I C * ISSVI ■"
Hggffi v> 1,.;, liuylnit a ranae. jirleed tor this anlo at T S-.H* ID J7tt£' '''
! FURNITURE | <__Wzi*P
Poynoi Saves You 50 Prr Cent.
708-10-I2 Pike Street NBf
w.ii<i«..i Hiiiidinu yjr
. .-,.a,.^.,..,.,. „ . ■KZS^mmtmm^A.'y^
(Ity I nitr.l 1'i....!
Xl .A(ISTA IT. Aril Nov. !«.—
A Rood view of Ilalley's comet,
which Is now approaching Ihi cnrlh,
was oblalnt'dby I'rof. I i*. II at Hie
ohservalnry hern last night. He
reported that "an u1i...-..-.'._ii of
Halle) cornel im*. a aim like
head mil a aemblsnce of a hood."
Director I.o*l-11 also ported the
first apparent Aiitarcllc mi full of
ib.- Bsaaas on Iks planet Mara. Two
put. bea have been observed al lati
tude C2.7Z, longitude lon I mi. The
fliat patch appeared November 12
.mil the second oil November 10,
According iii Director I--.iw.-H.
this la i-»i-.-|.t iniiall) early for lh*
first an iwfiili In th. Antarctic re
gions of Hie plans!.
til. I all** ft to. I
MANTON.- Cal., Nov |g.—The
aawmlll of the California Power
company, near hern, waa burned
yesterday, together with .i large
quantity of lumber, entailing I
loss of 1 10.000.
Never Cave Up,
•I Just had to marry him. 11.
it** mo he never save up anything
be loved."
"Well, It's good to have a hua
band who love* one."
"V^-a, but i have learned lhat
lie lavas money also.**
Pneumonia, ('ougns. Bore Throat,
ard all l.uiig Trouble, l_.-ary a Com
pound All druggists. •••
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Four minute
for the _
w_^ di „ .-.„■-.' /-■'
yfSt**. When Mr. Kdfwii invented the Ambcrol Record, k.
(:*aM± invented the longett Record ever made for __f____?i
i ranted the longe* Record nr r nude f or a
mmL reproducing *"■*■ •""'• Ho- th- Amber.il Record|_®. -
y* *JLB ""'' longer. it is better. It is made from a «wa_V
\ *^*_J """* ****** ***** a more perfect !<prtiduttj_^i
\W«V music or the voice than any l' "*<> method *
VST An Amberol Record in an Mum Vh***m*r_l*'
the most perfect reproduction of a song or a^* t
miirtimcnul music that you have ever heard. *■■* ,*£,:■
Kut do not at rot our statement. Go and hear it. 1V« *'
dealer near you. He* the lvdison Hionograph and compare T*A
tnhcr instruments before you decide. We will leave it to your •"?'
nirnt *• to whether you CM buy anything for the price that wtflm
you so linn real, genuine fun and pleasure as the V*t**tm HwmmM
i:,!i,.»l'l..m.irr o |l. . fl*.Wlafl23OT I. <..,.„ AmVn.i tl*t»te}t(twte.!*L f_
•dH.onMae.iartkec.rt. - * .* Kitlaoa Oreßd^pefrsJeeert.^* y?7**-3*
There are gitteaedealer. everywbera. Cl »o the r..i.,t tit! )«, a, ejuL ' '_'
u.Hi i-i.i Imilt Kdiaua Standard aa.l Ambtrul 1.-..,.,;.. »_.», MMaL _______ \
your dealer or iroai ua, .r, «wms®a*«Sfa'- ************ tnmi
NATIONAL ritONOCJUMI COMPANY. 7S I .t.wde Areaaa. Orarsc, gi
Successor to _F*l " PlT*^ Eller, *%£ B |_»,
I). 8, Jobnatott Co. _L— EL. — l%^f 3rd a Univrrtft/.

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