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Distension of the
Stomach by Air
Ami Cructatlons of Cat Rapidly Re.
lisved by Stuart's Charcoal
Willow charcoal Is the most Im
portant and the purest Kind Of char
coal obtainable, Wood consists of
carbon, hydrogen, ami oxygsn, nmi
when heated In a room where the
supply of air ts limited, the more
volatile matters are burned away,
am! most of the carbon remains
In a finely divided state charcoal
not only condensed Rimes to a mar
velous extent, hut also has the pow
er of absortitnu coloring matters. It
Is a very rapid absorbent of gases
of every ktiul. nntl In much used lv
the dissecting rooms nnd wards ot
hospitals for the removal of offen
sive odors.
In rooms which have been recent
ly or freshly paint.,!, a pan or oth
er receptacle cf chnravil allowed to
remain therein over night, wilt cuni
pletily absorb and remove all the
disagreeable palnUnlor.
rhyslrlaus frequent!.*' employ
cbarctial for destroying the fetor of
wounds, for which purpose lt I* a\**
piled ln the form of a powder or
poultice to gangrenous sores, ulcers,
etc. It Is} also largely used In tooth
powders, ss by Its mechuiilc.il ac- 1
tion It removes Incrustations of the
teeth, while by Its chemical action.
it destroys fetor, or foulness of the
In Indigestion accompanied in
flatulence, or gas on Hie stomach,
and belching, and In the colic of in
fants, or older persons, as well as
tbe so cull.-,! "lead colic," or "paint
er's •lit-, charcoal Is by far the
best nnd most powerful remedy
that can he used.
Stuart's Charcoal Loxengca Mould
he us- frequently or constantly by
painters, or workers In lead, and all
persons whose occupations make
them liable to "leaii colic." They
should also be employed by anyone
who suffers from those annoying
symptoms of Indigestion, such as
fermentation, decomposition of
foci, flatulence, or gas on the stom
ach, colicky pains, resulting front
the overdistension of the Intestines
with gas. and the rumbling noises
of the bowels v. (th which BO many
dyspeptics suffer,'and which prove
so annoying and embarrassing,
when occurring while ln company.
Stuart's Charcoal I-oxccges are
com|ios*'d of pure willow charcoal
mixed with honey, and are rapabte
of absorbing one hundred times
their own volume in gas: and by
their rapid antl fermentative, anti
septic, deodorising ■ ami absorbent
action prevent possibility of colic or
Internal rumblings oi gaseous prod
ucts. They are absolutely harmless.
and may bo given freely to Infants
suffering from colic, and used just
ss freely by older persons who are
sanoyed by flatulence and gas eruc
tations. In proof of the harmlrss
tiess of charcoal, a French physician
was In '1, habit cf taking fifteen
•use every day of his life, and
recommended lis abundant use to
''- Purchase a package of Stuart's
Charcoal (_/>se:>. from your drug
gist today for 25 cents, or send
us your came and address for free
sample* package. Address F, A. Stu
art Co., 200 Stuart Mdg,. Marshall.
U lcK-*aMM*mWmM
Within the Reach
Of Every Wage
Earner in Seattle
Not only as a place TO LIVE, but
also as an investment that will pay
for itself many times over. Seattle
is growing too fast for such desir
able property as this to remain long
at present low prices. They arc
sure to advance materially in tin
near future.
It's for You to Decide
Whether you will take advantage of
the present opportunity, or pay the
other fellow his profit in a short
That the Finest Resi
dence Section of Seattle
Will and Must Be in
the North End
Seattle's wealthy men arc invest
ing their millions in the North End]
Thousands of dollars are being c:«*
pended in boulevard and improve
ments. It is one of the very last
chances you will ever have in Seattle
to get close-in residence property,
desirably located, with magnificent
view, at anywhere near these
figures. c ■•,••/
Bouillon Promises It at a
Meeting of the Lakevicw
Improvement Club—Ole
Hanson Speaks.
A real business administration for
Seattle ntnl n simple, easily under
stood system of publle neeounts at
frequtiit liitervnls so that every
taxpayer can tell what Is tielng
done with every dollar of city
money nre i wo long ii' aired ami
wasted Improvements in the
mtiiilrtpal r^vernment promts last
night by A. V. Iloulllon in the re
publlrans that hint gathered at n
meeting of iii. 1-ake View Improve
ment i-l-.sb In Miller's ball, at SSth
ay. and Madison St.
The candidate for tho office of
mayor on the republican ticket told
the Jury: "If it private business
was conducted In as rerkless a man
ner as the city Is, It would be In
the hands of the nil. riff '
Sixty-three persons attended the
* meeting. In comparison with the
seven persons that attended a OUI
meeting lii another part of tho city
the Bouillon meeting was a sue
Throughout hts address the can
didate impressed upon hts bearers
that what Hi utile has long lacked
Is a policy that would be accept
able to a private business. The can
didate took the view that the mu
nicipal government could be
handled tor tho benefit of the tax
payers Is just as efficient a manner
as n private corporation Is for Its
stockholders If th city officials
desired to have It done.
Ole Hanson, representative ln the
Isst legislature from the Kurty
third district, gave a review of work
done In tbe last legislature He
found more to be condemned than
commended. -
lit I nllr-l I'itm.i
WATOMIA. Okla., Nor. 87.—At
* performance In a theater yester
day, a btg cinnamon bear walked
Into the room, down the aisle, and
behind the curtain. Th,- audience,
tn a panic, rushed for the door. „A
I man with a lariat lassoed the bear
after a struggle on tbe stage.
Rev. W. A, mm the aged free
byterlan minister who was removed
from bis pulpit at l-ake t'nlon
church and who has been acting as
messenger boy. was yesterday
granted a charter by the state nt
Washington and will tomorrow en
ter into his duties as pastor of the
Independent Lake t'nlon church.
DKNVICII, Nov. 27.—"Take thai
and fix It— quick' said a wonian
with blood In her eye, a untitle.
script "faarltmtot;" antl mi visible
waistline, as she thrust a much
rumpled document Into iin huutts
jif a clerk at tilt' murrlaitn license
bureau,, which, on examination,
proved to be a certificate of mar
"I waul It fixed right now! I
want a divorce from that," she con
tinued, indicating the "that" refer
red to by an angry thrust of her
fist inward a meek specimen of
tin' male persuasion who, with
deprecating eye, followed In ii. i
"Hut you must know that I rant
do anything for you." said the clerk
"This office has nothing to do with
divorces; marriages only aro ■mill,'
here, and"—by way of a pious
afterthought—"ln heaven."
you granted tho license?"
"That la true,"
"Well, you ought to be alii,' to
undo that which you do. M just
write on the paper that litis It, nu
good any longer," insisted the
They were then referred '• the
county court, where they went. And
a* lb- entered the door they had
begun a resnlsr "old time" quarrell.
The bailiff led them frum the
room. When they were last seen
li was a 11,1 of "scissors" between
them a* they walked down the
lint It. Kiuiwlli'ii started suit in
the superior court against tbe
Anderson Steamboat rompany for
16,000 damage* earned by his bctns
run down In a row'boal on lj*k**
Waahlngton last summer by th"
fast launch Swastika. lln' of
Know I ton's 1,-** w«>re broken snd
ho claims to mill be suffering front
bis Injuries. V
Judge Prater yesterday appoint
ed C. II Winders twelver for the |
Qu«*en City Fish company, upon
complaint dt J. W. AM.-v Alden
says !:,- only ansrt of th- rompany
Is the fishing schooner Carrie Ilove,
..Mb 120,000.
Hair Story
Is this your ssd story? "Mv hsir Is
'ailing out terribly; and whst Is left
is rough snd thin." Now listen to
sur glad story: "Ayer's Hsir Vigor
promptly stops (siting hsir, destroys
Un itt**, keeps the scalp healthy."
Does not Color the Hair
It's puiltth the IntttJ.tnt, af Aptt'l llalr
Vltar, Your Jo, Imt will aJeita yam tetmlp
Then/Mm, ****** feSCttS
Sunday, Nov. 28,1909
■ £ *m • /
This addition comprises 45 acres and is the last large body of land m the OLD CITY 1.1 ITS in die North End.
This is the highest point between Green Lake and the Sound, lies beautifully, sloping gently to tha east. CLEARED
—CITY WATER— SIDEWALKS IN. Only two blocks to the new $57,000 GREENWOOD PARK SCHOOL.
Car line right alongside of it. Only four blocks to the PHINNEY AY. car.
Prices $200 U
Balance $5 fll "f d^m \f^ r-m. **-* l^m Balance $5
a Month «Zp I \JP V^Cl^l I a Month
Take PhinncyAv. car tomorrow, Sunday, to branch office, Bsth and Greenwood Ay., or Seattle-Everett Intcrur
ban car to 85th st. and Eighth ay. N. W. . "•
Prices $200 up; $10 cash, balance $5 per month.
Get in now at the opening prices— the first buyers always make big money.
1015 THIRD AVENUE = —:
Unless n mighty Interest tti'tb*
i.i html board eleetlon should develop
before 7 •*■ • lock this evening, the
registration books will ■■nobly
show not more than 2,0d0 names of
men mnl women who win be en
titled to rote »' the election next
Haturday. This means that only '•
per cent of the polling list take an
lilt Interest 111 tbe affairs Of the
schools. /"■:,
i ii» election of the m liiiul board
Is more Important than tho election
111 .1 president." declared a cltlson
the oilier day, but there are
38,00(1 voters, apparently, who don't
think XII
Three of Ihe rantlldatea for mem
ber of the school bunt'! nre social
ists, one fnr each expiring term. All
the socialists or lh,- city, It Is said,
huve registered, Tbe complete list
of candidates stands an follows:
Mrs. Mury K. Hettinger. r M. Uuloti.
Attorney Kverett Hmlth, D. J. lien,
'bus W, l.atlmlit for three years;
r.iiiiiuiiii Ilowdcn. Mi. J. Clinton Mi
I'ailtitn, two years of unexpired
term; William Ptgot. K. X. Christ
ma nn. one year of unexpired term.
The books lime at , o'clock to
Cough Weather
'i i „i in .i hi i ■■ rin n fii '
When the wtsthar I,- (fold
and stormy, most ef us sr*
mor* or l**s subject to th*
unpleasant esparltnr* of colds,
wllh th* eenaaquent w**rln»
•train uf tha touali and lha
danger of more earloua troubt*
apt lo follow n*el*ct.
I'eoiii* who practice deep fi
braalhlns and who ua* null- j
nary rar* le avoid sudden {
iiMUii" of tetnperalur*. ttmnti
p.** and axpetur*. are le**
liti'.ir to lake mid than thus* I
of I*** nielltotll-al habit*. At '
Ihe flrat ttat* ut a cold *tep* '
should ir iak*h-te eh*«k 11.
A .11, ; )*. In*tp*n«lt* and at* {
f..-tt»i- tmir-lr ■ia mad* t«y [
lalliiiK IWO „.i.t<"»* «f ,}lvr*r- I
tn*. a naif ountr* ef Vim in ml {
of lln* • .impound pur* and I
eleht ininr** nf pwrw Whisky. '
It I* • uii-.i. I and advertised ■
hy tha I **< I, Chemical Co. et j
I 'litrlnii* 11 . Who 1 -trp ,tf th* I
eettuln* Virtiin Olt of Pin* i
rompound pur* for dispensing I
ihrouah iliukhi, that a im- i
eiKtoaful of 11,1s mttlur* four
urn.-* a dar will t>r*ak up * i
rold In twenty.fj«r tours and I
cure any couch lhal ts eurabi*. ,
Hililll.i'i ii|-i.ii«liih< ASK in
in a* IM>
Thr** «*r«*cl** tor atatf „iti|*i,tt
rp*r*i*r l".*»r l« l**rn Sr ike "I. t. at
W. T Sffl'lH ', |>• l.««l .1.1 tlmp'l'K.t
ro*i iiu.t. vt pat mini Imlilsa •« etwait
tatat (iptn Amy •** *«*«!_»*. *a. t*. I*
li-ti. tlaa ao4 -.-.i.i.t, * t,ft i_«,«, a
tmat. — tnv*«ttfl ala la!rrft*llen*! Ir.n
lat* -t Vii. ... t.i.»,_,| lv. I*l A.,-.J« |
,l It.* Whit* tti Imt Squill*, \V**h '
I •. ■!-. Hala <>:•
,****. *J Th* prill* «f atary
»__. ■-»____ Sll- h*tt » »pl*n !ld alma*
l^^jSS^y le »r*fT *>r.
i , rut Mm—l't'HM I inn ;
Tjn Kara* Ton t« par eaa*.
_>l_l..rf lll**,
> tm* rea-i* I'll,, st.
A real surprise awaits overy suf
ferer from kidney or bladder trouble
who takes several doses of I'ape's
. Diuretic. Ml -it in ilo back, aides
or loins, sli-lc headache, nervousiiens,
' ilu tiiuiitliiiu pains, heart palpita
tions, it}s7iiicHH. sleeplessness, In
flamed or swollen eyelids, lack lit
energy and alt symptoms of out-of
order kidneys simply vanish.
■ Uncontrollable urination (rspe-
dolly lit night), smarting, offensive
and discolored water and other
bladder misery ends.
The moment you suspect kidney
or urlnsi i disorder, or feel any
i I.< -iiiiiiiii. in. begin taking this barm
less medicine, wllh ibe knowledge
that there Is no other sated). mi
any prlee, mado anywhere el»o In
tho world, whirl, win effect so thor-
Hugh and prompt a cum mm a fifty-
All lln*,' If you ll»e at liliiiillishitiii. ******* you can ride to and
[FROM FItEE, and get theso tacre tracts at »'■" per acre '* $15".
on terms of IS per month. Wo were, going IB slop selling until next
spring, when the new street rar line is finished, but i-vei> trip we
hsve big crowds, so
We stop st r.dmtinds. t*-t aboard early ss the crowd* are getting
largt-r every day.
■ It, niiilfiil snnwclad pmun
iJ&'L*,'***.- i **** iiii t,ia
I I <Viies*pS_6____SM_.' I Sl
mtML^A I ,0 S- m. *harp. Return* 7
L*' * &*Zmmmm Ji« I
I " .%m*^m*mmmm^*wMmmimm*\ * ***** needed. <>i
~ * Solid Men wanted (or all
This House Complete. Only |IM> kinds of work. good wages; 15
Mere; Terms 12 Month miles of wail. to be Isltl.
Rugs Made From Your Old Carpets
New Process Price* Oreatlr lledured. Ila* Hua*. Carpet Clean
la*, Upholstering, Pumtture It«-i.*lts
Main US. FUZZY WUZZY RUG CO. led. 737>
I Main «:tf 1'i,.'..» tnt UJI
«l in > * 11*1 nun" i
Tailors >■! M«n'a I tititi,ii>i,
1107 Pike Street.
liii«,i-n ltt.tr,, and Minor,
cent treatment of Papa's Diuretic
which any druggist can supply.
I! Is needless to feel miserable
and worried, because this unusual
preparation goes at once to ttjo out
of order kidneys and urinary sys
tem, distributing Its cleansing, heal
ing nnd strengthening Influence di
rectly upon the organs arid glands
affected, and completes tbe cure be
fore you renllxo IL
Your physician, pharmacist, bank
er or any mercantile agency will tell
you that I'npe, Thompson * Pnpe,
of Clnclnnstl, is ii largo and respon
sible medicine concern, thoroughly
worthy of your confidence.
Only curative results can "in"
from taking Tape's Diuretic, and a
few days' treatment will ruako any
„!,. feel fine.
Accept only I'apo's Diuretic—fif
ty-cent treatment any drug store —
rwhen in the world.
Iter Sad Aa. Opp. tl»l»l »«."?
High Grade Gloves
X **ammmm*mZi. T^^^*
mmmmi I \mamm \\W a )j^^^^j > llMß|Wfl^i^'^;• I awLm*. T^^^^HB
yfei§ol v* lull
Xi You |
ipf Kodakers
j J '"'* '-" 'I'IT Hi illl l|||ifi| W '
Lots of fun "tukltig" plitur«'s, but It requires time i
sod labor to tin On* "afi-r wots." Ist ns do It for *i
you. %V«t'll rellr-vn jmi nf nil il,.- trouble lncld«nt 4 |
to amateur photography and u.akt. kodaking a di*.
lllu plsssurs for you.
Itcmember, Tho Quaker docs the very best work "■(
and does It quli k. ' j
'I '■' Quaker charges you less than you are accus- J
tomed to paying. - j
Tbo Quaker always tanks full and fresh stacks I
of films, papers and sll photo supplies. «-
Large Stock of
KODAKS and BROWNIES Special for
— te^ —■
si'liWl V** Jmaw mM • jhm! .^^a I
\m^r rUvfli I ■!
For Nearly a Quarter of a Century We Hm Been ff
Making Good Flour. . 1
Columbia River Milling Co.
— itef ___
* , tour '. ■* . J t fL,m **
Greenwood Park
Offers advantages and attractions
to the homeseekcr, who appreciates]
an exceptional location for a home
at a low cost, that arc not to be
found elsewhere in Seattle at tbCSC
low opening prut"- and terms. No,
city in the United States is -more
favored for a rapid :\auce in
REALTY VALUES in general
than Seattle. START SOW -
li (DAY.
. . . ****■■
Put $10 in a Lot in
Greenwood Park Annex
And reap the profit which is sure
to come.
Additions Sold by T. P. fay
in the North End
Electric Motor Line Addition—22s|
Cleopatra Park Addition 2-j>
Cleopatra Park Second Wditn.lQO
Salmon Hay Seem.! Addition..4Bo
Greenwood I&rk Addition 300
Greenwood Park Second Ad- ■
dition ••••' ■«*
Sloan's First Addition 100
West Green Lake Garden Tracts 126
Kevin's Addition 200
West Green Lake Addition 200
And portions of numerous other nd-:
dm. \\> give you what we ad
vertise. Any statement*; we make,.
we put in your contract. As *** thei
truth of the above ask the thousands;;
of people who have bought from 9*
in the past 10 years, and who are*,
always the*first'buyers in our new

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