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Helen Tobyne Says .She
Loves Chinaman, and Is
Proud That, She Will Be
His Wife.
What Sh* Say*.
"I don't car* what people say
er think, Mart, Ten Sui* and I
•re going to { get | married."—
Mis* Htlen*' Tobyrte. dress
m«k*r. living at 612 Fifth ay.
What He Says.
"We will b* wed this even'
Ing. Rev. V. C, Ever*, pastor
of the Trinity Methodist.
church, will perform th* cere
mony."— Mirk Ten Suie, China
man, pioneer business man of
Seattle and member of the
First Methodist church, • *
The bride-to-be, who will rink all
for her love for a man of another
race, and the prospective bride
groom, who has once before tried a
mlscegcnons marriage, were found
In ihe latter* real estate office,
1507 H Fourth ay.. this morning
They were arranging tho details of
tke wedilUig. which I* to take place
this evening. A Hat of guest* was j
being p*»'t>ariHl—they will all he
white, as Mark ban forsaken hla
race and hi« people for th, way of
the white man.
Hl* Second Attempt.
.While picking and selecting the
names of those to be honored, the
brtde-to-b* stopped -in enough to
tell about that other attempt ot
Mark to take and keep unto him
self a whit,- wife. She wa* Miss
Stella Kdna Crane, married to I
Mark tn IS9» and djvoK^d from him
In 1904. Th.- an,l for th,- ,li
vorce wa* Incompatibility. She
died coon atter the decree was;
Th* Woman to Blame,
"He explained to' me all aim' hts
,;.. other wife, from whom hi- was!
divorced." said Mlsa Tobyne. "Il
.seems that ahe »*_» to blame for all
the unhapplnesa In the family.' He
Is cot a Chinaman to me, tat Is
tetter than any white man that I
,ever knew. v* mother and ray
Mend* have consented to the wed
. dlnit and wilt be present this even
I* Church Usher.
Mark Ten Bule. who .it one time
1 wa* on,- of the w.alihii-nt men tn
'the city, has lived here since he
I was 10 year* old. He has been an
I tmnar In the Unit Methodist church
J for the past four year* and has been
a Methodist all of hie life.
Despondent through lack of money
and because afflicted with an-tneur
able disease. Chart** Smith, an
aged sailor, attempted suicide short
ly before noon today in a cheap
lodging house at Third ay. and
Main at by taking a solution of
cyanide of potaslum. He I* at
the city hospital in a precarious
Smith bad suffered nntctd agony
for several months past A tew
day* ago he spent hi* last cent for
the cyanide "This at least will be
effective," be said to one of his
This morning he left hi* little
room apparently in hi* usual spir
its He returned soon and immedi
ately drank the deadly solution. *.
. The landlord beard bis groan*
and broke down the door The old
man was stretched across lh* bat,
an empty bottle still clutched tight
ly In his hand. He may live. ;
The launch Hern 11., Captain A.
Bern, was put on tbe Duwamish
river Saturday afternoon, and this
morning started carrying passen
gers between Rlvcrton, Foster and
buwamlsfa and South Park. . <
* Captain Hern I* charging 15 cents
a round trip between any of the up
river cities and South Park, and ■
goodly number of passenger* are
riding on the little crafL Mi Hern
Intends to bring a launch from
Kverett ami put It on the run
Wednesday, thus giving an hourly
service between the two point*.
The automobiles, which for a
time were uned to compete with the
Internrban. have been taken off in
cause of the condition of the road*
since It started to in. *
Uy using a diamond glass cutter
a thief ruined a plate glass'wlmlow
valued at $160 to leal $.10 In gold
nt the store of Lownian * iiiinfiiiii
Stationery & Printing company, at
616 First ay„ last night.
One I" one 110 and one $20 gold
piece, reposing In neat plush lined
gift boat proved a strong tempts*
don. Carefully putting a half circle
with I diamond glasx cutler, the
thief grabbed the $10 anil $20 gold
pieces and made his escape.
At the meeting id the West Hide
Imiirovement club it West Heattle
on December 10, the roen will send
In a petition to Postmaster George
F. Ituaseil for better carrier serv
The State Council of Carpenters (
will meet in Iloiinlain directly after
the adjournment of ihe State Fed
eration, which convene* tin ■■ on
January 11. .
Four Labor Leaders Call
at White House With
Good Results — Modify
*% *** ** ' t
Power of Federal Judges
uel tlomper*. John Mitchell, Jauiea
O'Connell and Prank Morrison, the
lour highest representative* of or
ganised labor In th* country, -ailed
on Freahlent Tnft tlila moruliia for
;ii Mrtou* dlacu*slon ot' tho labtir
The matter* they discussed
were: ,
Modification of the powers of
federal judy** and in* Injunction
Amendment te eight hour law,
making It apply to contractor* and
sub-contractors. ,
Amendment to' Sherman anti
trust law, to prevent Its application
to labor union*.
Amendment to employer* liabili
ty act, to eliminate th* "fellow ser
vant" *nd.. "contributory negli
gence" feature*.
Appropriation to pay Inspectors
to enforce child labor law In Dis
trict of Columbia. '„
Tin- Interview with th- presldetit
Is understood to have been very
satisfactory, .111.1 It la eipected
aaa* of the recommendations will
be Included In the president"* forth
coming message lo congress.
Tin labor leadera were in Wash
ington also to l»e "present alien
Judge Alton 11. Parker filed an ap
peal to the Ignited Statea supreme
court in th.- Oomper*-Mltchell-Mor
rtaofl case thl* morning-
Youthful Pair Who Have
Kept Courts Busy for
Two Year* Resume the
; Struggle Today.* *•
After two year* of preliminary !
llllfation. the case of John rtanel*
McOovern, Jr.. vs. Leontlne Pearl
Vrtim -m was railed thla after- ;
noon at 1:30 o'clock tn the au{ietior
cdtirt room of-Jotlge John K. Mala
It Is another case of an elope
ment, dissatisfied parents and con
sequent heart-bleeding and re
Stormy L It.
The Mi _t>v>ni« were married In
Tacoma by Father Hylebos on
October 7, 1903. and ever alnce tbe
first two months of married I,lie.
th,- lives of the contracting parties
bay* been tilted with dissension,
unhapplnes* and constant litiga
Th* first suit was filed by John
McOovern, Jr., through hi* father.
John Francis McOovern, sr . as hla
guardian, asking for an annulment
of the marriage tin the ground lhat
the bridegroom was under age at
the time the ceremony was per
Thla fact Is denied by the bride,
, who says' In' her answer'that the
bridegroom ami one witness swore
: that he was of legal age when the
j license was procured. She also
states thai he*had often told her
he was 21 year* old when he mar
ried her. ■ ..j-
She also brings forward an affi ■
davit showing that the brtdegroooi'a
mother signed an affidavit previous
to.their marriage stating her son.
the twin brother of the groom, to
be ll In order that he might join,
th- National Guard. She also has
other proof tbat her husband was
legally responsible for hi* act.
Mrs. Severn. fli»- wife, a year
ago filed suit tor tSO.GOO damage*
for alternation nf her husband* af
fections against his mother. This
unit Is now .'Una In Ibe docket
awaiting trial. She also filed suit
for divorce but later dropped lb*
The Mother-in Law.
She claims Unit her mother-in
law has persecuted them both ever
since their marriage purely from a
desire t<» separate them, and anger
ed nt their elopement.
She stales that her husband has
often said that he wanted to come
to live with her bill 111. mother
never would let him. and in- dared
not disobey the maternal eon
Mi I."-- tii was at the time of his
marriage a clerk In Un Scandi
navian American ink at a salary
of $75 a month.
The elder McOovern Is an Iron
molili i In the employ of Hi- Vulcan
Iron Works.
O. A. Wiley, .i saloon keeper of
Redmond was urn-xii-il yesterday
by Deputy Hberlffs Simpson anil
Zimmerman on a charge "Of selling
liquor In a minor.
The two deputing attended -I mas
querade In-ill in Redmond Saturday
i.lull' and there saw Wiley selling
his wares in any ami*all who mad*
application lardlae* of up. or
•ex. Olrla of tender years bought
as i sad 1 as grown men,
Maturity afternoon three men en
tered the room '.I A. F. Hills, aged
80, In the Orand Central hotel and
after beatlnK him into unconsclous
rit'HH. rolled I,ltn up in the blankets
of the bed. it win. several hour*
beforn the nged in.in could notlf)
•in- .police. Only $3 was taken
from tin room.
Illy I ailed Pr**a.!
r01.V11.1.K. Nov. 29.—Waller
Werla, not yet nf use, nf pokane,
nnd ICilnii Sl,,iin a 14-year-old nils*
of Ch*w*lah, accompanied by - the
t-.iti 1,, of the Klrl. appeared Id-it
Baturdaj for « niarrlago llren*e,
« In, was . 111., ,1 llli.in the clerlj
delivering several remark* about
"marrying rlillilnii" to the girl's
imisstta, on the -iiii .
<ll> I'nlled fl***.)
BERLIN, Nov. J9. —American
lOUrlSt* aho travel In i.»iiii.uiv In
future need not be aur|irl»*d to
find lima train* of American sleep-
In* , mi. ami parlor 'Hi. to carry
thorn on sightseeing trip*.
Acting on the suggestion of Hob
crt 3. Thompson of Chicago, consul
ni llmiiiviT, Herr Uallln, general
director of the Hamburg American
Slttainshlp line, la considering a
train of Amertran coaches iii oper
ation to Hans burg and Ciubaven,
to ooani rt with transatlantic steam
J. 1,1.1..1 .1 lh* .".11 . I--*' OKU. ••
•aeon* , i«h m*it*r,
I-n.- i.nt par ropy, alt r«nl« r.f moa*
ot tm.r,!} 'It. ,*f.l. in in unlit ttalltt
•ra* I-. mall *r c.rrl.r Ua tt** ******
111 Mill. at bat lllltfll*- Tti* «*ja
wh*a ram* t.t. -riftt-n •■pit.* '• ** )*'•
..... i«rm. h i-«t-.r Wh.a Ifcal
.I*l. .tn>... ■■ „•_,, . .1 . ii|,'ii-. I-., a.-i
...in i,_-.i, |,«it la ad.aaaa. , ■„, a.m.
la l*k*a from lh* ll*i. A *_>***• »l A.i.
a* ii,. . i ... label it a „,.I*l. lit*
par .... It tat alt I—lbs
Mutt i it, at -.) llllil ii. th**id
Ci m.r tall In r«*ch r««
by * , , i,-. ant •••ale*. ,-»«•» *. *>.
tti. to,it t* rail ii- not mala arrtt-a.
•aunt. M*l* 1111 l Is*. 111. *»!«••* *
aad t;l« e'tlock, aa* * . will ••).! »»* «
cwpy *| „,, If t** ***mit Wlss H *****
il.o a*,*, pi..*. i_>,*i>h„a* a* ...,, «l»*
Vox in „ 11. . . .
la ih:. war ■»• ■•» aa .H.I" at *!*■**
_.-., . . na, , -.-«,• a *arf*cl ******* -aaa
It la 11,, Ml) w.»
■ i.v ■ '■'■■ i .... i . " .'"!.' . "mm a-l"
Rates for Classified
The »,ar raewot fyiiaalrt •*•
rwra*-y ar avaaair reairaaalktttt*
far rrrore of cc, hi ad „i i-.ieta*
la lrlr»board advertta«aaeada.
-flltualton* Wanted" •''•'
tla.merit, 1..-lb nia* an* female
a.f a cent a word.
-iiair mAltt.tr*
Ad**rU**manta. both Mai* *■«
„.. I.at a VI-e«
Minimum Char** for Aay Ad, !»'
Ada aadet ail elkar k*adta«e.
I -nl* par Ila*. M* word*
counted to each lino Wire
I'a-S-d to account, actual turn
bar of lln** as **t will be count
.-I H'v.n lnt*rtlon* made for
th. prtc* of .la when-caah I*
paid All cap Una* will b* coast
ad a* two line*.
t,i taaaammaa*
Ciaaairi: attoit rannal P* gtaan
after 11 o'clock dally.
Mtt'len 110* ItalUrl av-., opp.
'-It) 11*11. Ph«n*. Ha... ll*
MAIN OKKlClJ—s***nm -*»_.
l.tw.ea Union and U*l**r»lly.
I'hon**, Main l»t*. tad. til.
-'" „iwi.ie'i-fe.
it.ii- T.. Ik* wlf* of T. ite:i. clly. Nov
IS, a aa*.
Stone, T.i the wife or *. Stoaee. lit
_M.it.... Nov. 11. a f.r.
Itarer—To the alfe 4 T. Itayer. till
I liD.r ... NO*. 11. a -',««'")
l.ai t-.r 1- lha wife or tt. Itaym-r, Ifl
r llth. Nov. tl. a danchter.
I* mt,.. To th* wife mt P tm Tlane,.
I*l* mii. a, Nov. It, a .'..-.«»• ter
IHoi.-To lb* wife ot A. in,-ii. 7*lt
I in, N. w Nov. IS. a -t.'.et'.r
H-.i.aot • l'..'--i:e tlarsard, tl. No*. 11.
Ilelel {.•:«),'*. *
I't-iii Urn Dahartl, 71. No*. It,
tilt I.*.- ii a,
Mi-t* a -„;„. Motteerk. 11. Nov. 21.
til W llth -v *
Mi '„„>.- 11. ,>!,» Hi.!,.,,. «t. Nov. t*.
•It W. Itnd
Htaudt—W. n.a.H. tl. ' -», : 11. till
riret *,
Saumitl* >II «.,i«m'„ tl. St.. 11. li
Weetlak* and War*.
I'errer*—«-. rerrtmo, l». Noe It, Itll ,
.-' ■>!.!•• li.i
lllll—lnfant 11111. I dar*. Nov. IS. 11l ,
I*i) «,), Love. 11. .sir 11, Dalla* :
elreet '
Mothen—l't Mnrhea, !«, Ka*. 11, Protl.
daArm haag****.'. .:"■ - I ■
pt."rrr.iiwoiiTH A son. rr..f...i..n«i
Dlreetore a*4 Ltconaed tlmbalmer* Itll
let. oi.[, Moore theatre Hull, phone* lit
ioliftftoa A Hamilton. uni!erta*er* till
rirrt cc l-n n-. M.m tltt: tn-1 111 l
Jt.-ir.rj.v.'.lon tr*. runeral le). I.i.
Th.r.l *v. and I'niv. i,it, Itoth phonal 11
Diffi. '„1 l'i,!,in «'l. n> .
Report of ihe I'lnanrlai Condition of ihe
-II ill hank in IKATTUJ
at Seam, atal* of Wa.hlnstoa, at Ihe
rtoee ot bualneea on Ihe llth day of
November, ll»»
t_,..),. and ill., ...mt. 121.117.1*
Overdraft* 571.11 ,
Honda H.nati'. and oilier It. ,
ntrllle* t.tlt.l*
llankln* houee. furntlur* *nd
natures I. Its.l*
tare from h*nk* .*,,,,.,,, tti,it
t'.rli ..ti lieii'l 117.17
BS****** 1.172.1 a
Tnl»l |.i || It
fa pltal .-"- k paid In, Itt .09 .00
mii t in. fund „.....*..••••.,,, Ittl.tt
li-i- m. „,., l.tlt.t*
Toul Kt.lt'l.tt
Stale of Warhlnilon. .-.„„ty of Kin*
ta—l. 11. Olinlt*. tarhl.r „f the »,,..,,
named hank, do rolemnly taear that the
fiirrsuln* •tnlement la true tn the beat
of my ttnimlad*. and belief.
II OlfNli'K. rre.ld.nl and •'...
f „i,.i ili.i-'". end l.i-tn in i„ -for. ,li.
thit 17th day of Nor.nflier, Ittt
Notary t, iini- in and f„r v, „_.i.ii „.,„ ««■
- I'orrei-I — Alt**l : - l
(Heail I'.VnIIETT SMI l
W. 11. KANK,
P. C. IinVANT, TAXirißltMTflT'^lNn
lllifl MAKI'.K; It VKARH' r.XIKIII.
fcNCBI 7 VKAHH lIEAU Taxiokiimimt
I'IIONK NOIITII Jtll. : -.' -,!■ "H
Redding fianrin* Aead.my, 24th and
JacUeun. f'laaae* fnr flrat week in
monlh. Aaaenibiie* Thuraday and Satur
day evening* Beat 1131.
I AM Tllli. MAN. No fllea In your
hove* .111, my n-reena In,,. .int. iam
carpenter. Both phone*.
DON'T DM tiONRMOMB — Int.,ilat*
Introducing Hoi-l.ty. for reapertslile peo
ple Only reliable marriage malrlmnnlel
agenty.. Many wealthy inembera. Per
aunel liiiiiid'ii iinti. iin,,). I morning*
lo » evenlnge Hundaya Inrludod No
lembei p. i,. It, Bo* 111, Malt I*
'Wnahlngion off. 12 1,1 Vendom* in,
i t.l lilt !'li«t *v. —If
! Mr* In,nu., midwife; It yean' experi
ence; prlvato i i-nftiiiiiiiiii home: i. .l,i, -
adopted,- lottti, „....,),: „i«- iut llowen
it, I'hone Main lltt All it-it.!- prompt
VVuiil.,l — At-qiialnleni a of a wtiiklntt
,!)! iitid)-! to, who lain- would travel and
belli 'tt.t'i workl. in i Hiiili..., stat
A.l.in.. 1- 22. .in,' Hi.i —27-i,
Ilia hargaJar In unredeemed wetrh**
and iliuiu-.i, V, .ii |h* i..,i.-i Jewelry
I Co , 111 20 ay,, .next Guy's lirus tier*. I
Taken nr blown from porth nn kalur*
day rvenln*. Nnv. It, red allk raravl.
b.viiie ivna, .alraiaht, ,arred hamlle
r iD-Tr-F |.Ua.r ni..iii lv Ittt VV Del at.
1 ii.- I.i toward- —.It-l
l.i.i fi, c«pii,i| ball i«r, lailva hand
trni ac, innium. i,.ii.ti rroea *nd p*tk-i«f
lll'iml ten aid l.in IliiOilllltl, IHI 1,11).
ll,nil. ■ 1011. ,
' A *
1.i.l 111.ill uml Whit* i.iiii-n l-lt, ylil
''."■I attilD* ll.turn lit Mutual l.ife
lil.lt li.it.nl I'l,nil. Main TII. '->«.-!,
— ' i,""_f ■■—
Ij..i --vinkettniiik on tlrerii l.ak« rar,
Nov. i) wllh I,.iii.i. I. i' on flap lc.i
111, or return lo lot N. Hal M tl' i
i'ie.eifie.l ad. under Mil* he*d—tun
rent per arm,l keven 1,,..,n,.,,. for it,*
prlr* of .i.
tleroraltn* ,iiiii|i.iiv want. ladle*,
aleady or event**., home work elampin*
Mar.li.. ee.y l.itii.u. Ill* rt....n up
•**,* Danny nia* . Ittl *«.-)- ay..
ro*m 111. ' • —it
Weiite.l~Atiprt-ntli-* airla for diea.mak.
Ins. Phon* litrrn 111 —111
C-iaaalfled'eda under Ihla bead u,i.«
tin.. thr** IlltlU. II ..111. - *l« we.a.
I* a lln*. .
Widow with one rhild In need of arotk,
i hemti«<in.nt. hnueebeeper or helper In
relnp. Mi. M.li.it. phone A 1011.
— 11l
Wanted -._.»!,,, by the ley; I*lll ...
out i.i ttoaa lltl lllh *». I'lma. I;
... —11-lt
„ .i ■ |
tv., 1,, an rook wleliea plare In email
betel. In or -in of I'Hy. Hit litoadaay
i:..i lltl. — lt-1
ti am. 1 I-i.iiii puplla; be*lnn*ra a ape*
• i.in. I'koue Wueen Anne tltl. — 11-ll
l-terework wauled by AI .-..,,-*,e|.i.n
Main It II I.
ltre..mek.r wilt *•• eat by day. I'bon*
Woneet lia.t Hit; UU lllh ay, —tl-l
Wanted™-I'lano poptle; be*tnnera a ap**'
rlalty, Phone «jueen Ann* lltl. -■■«> a
t%ompaienl eolered lauftdreaa waale d*y
Work. I-..1 till. —11-l*
I I.in aawln* ci.' repalrlns teaaonabla.
by day. J It*. Th. *lar - — 11-t.r
tnaaalfled .I. under Ihi* I. ,1 i ;«-.i
real* l*> line uf ci* *-■> i. kav*a ii,m.
Hone for the prlca of »',
: ■ m
t\ .nui ei'ie bodied t»*n for th* l! r
Mann. )'.)|-«. between lb* er«. t.l |*
and It Muat ba neiiie Iwta ar Mrt
flrat t-.i-.i. Monibir pay 111 ta 111
Additional .iiiti*'-).n.|i poeetbla 1'..-wt.
cloihia*, auafter* and i-,i-]!i „ attend.
ant* lie*. After I* yeaiC eervlnr eaa
retire wllh tl par teal ef pay and al*
i iewaatea Servlra on boatd ahlp and
aaitora In all part* ■' lh* world. Apply
at (iraad Cemtal ii..'.i. Frattle. Week.
a*|l laad: taa wake III* la lit* par
month cad teat* beet tii.ii..,. an ..ith.
See llllimaa'a lend meaeeer. tootn *.
eerond Hoot, la Time* lil»,k. ledar. ami
*et map*..... , —If
■PLCNDIO epentnar f.r men *l
ebarariar en I. akitliy ia writ* Ufa in
,v.i.n,e for --*■• *f the 1.i.*.1 . i,t,,-_,',!••
Pravieu* etaertaaca I* that liae o--t *.
eeatui ,\.i <„ .. 11. L. a. I. % 111,
! ***** Turk »*i«r. ' ~tt-t.il
SBvRKAt. MEN wanted for *il, klnda
of werk. at.at, i-i. t'.'t *.tt. Aa
eyenlna e«,eral hondred arree of lend
see Harney, tba ferem**. *t KarMoaiaa,
ea new Itenloa llae. or Hiiltnaa * e««rter.
la lim-. mock Com* „-,i. . -M'—tf
Seattle Aalamrhtie i». i..«i dtt and
*i*kl claaeea l-t. tl, .1 learhera ■ Itued
(Meant oa wi-Jn, marhJnea-,- ll*
llroadway. naar Teaier, * Mala llli -il
in i ,i, n
MEN WAvrr.ti fer ail kind* ef, war*
en my new . ! in- ■*, at 11,*** arry*. bl*
• •in See Salter or Ms* ea t«aal)V*aa*
on .mi .- '. pt*r I. 1..f,,re II a oa, I—-I
,'f I':,, ..-,_-, .1 ,_
Saieaiae* ».,,-. i t. taa* .»r »..t,
weekly eaitte* ch»,r* nareery etuckt e-ot
fil ))-. i',(ii,i city Natraty Ota] ki'titi,
tueaea ;«-,.—*/
tTL. Frot *t.,eoe. New M.tbM el
(■- •_» T.«*-.!,.» 1.,- ire flearaaiaed
t.oa J... )"t I it'iSi" 1
Amt leeeua* •-.,-, dey aad eveule*
i I ...... and mall*. Ilk .a*
C*i.l lta» —If
Wanted— Kiate **eat for meaufarta
i.t. Ua*. Have ■*« liaee aad mar, die.
lew af otta. Call I* c m . 11l «••■>
!),'■ .', kterk. . - .'I H,
Waal I* aura al aata la mi bra.h and
»,-■ 1 || tt dar A'.eo lnieiti«eat maa
te chew laad III* mottk W*nl ona
raleeman eiM-akte* alt Sratidir-artan laa
r»«*a« *—i Uenaell at .tun al m****. I
ertoa today * *-ll
l-|i-i»l MCTOIM ran l.am klewplpin*
*nd eeeeytn* la oae mentk—aal-l. etiver.
rl.tii -i-n i.e-j Ila en l copper. *ad teete
at taeaeien and radium. .**.,. cold and
»tt,*r llr. laad IM «rpt»r I**.. at Se*
tteamer c .-11,.'. tawt-ot ttaltery el. —-If
AitKNT* w**ied, new peteal.d «i ■*■
)l. -„», need^l In every 1,. :,-.-. .... *ell«
In* klad: Pi* prollla; II dally eaail*
mad* *i:m Mere ■'„, , * Uranae. 1.l
I faiernaiianai rt-* Kmptayment Offtra
All hlnde k.ip fwrnlehed. rtty or roarlry
A.-T.-l* Itaoe*. bode It* per mail W.I.
ley aad Mayaard lad till. «-if
Men warned oulekly.br t t.i-.«- MaU
Order ll■.-,... Ie rtietrtbata ratatoaue*, *-t«
tertiee, 111 weekly. It* eapeaae (until
; Ulnar.). Ill* Stale et., Cblraso.
Waated—Thtee ___kleameß far a ******
(i,ri'..:ii-.n ttapertenre n-1 n. „,.„.
Steady poetllan amt i " n.-.tii-.,, tn .rl*hl
Pel i i.r t'adwrll. It, Marten bid* -1 t i
1 " '' —aw^adeaaa j
ni-j WASTKD. •|j
- Twin* nana una* *l turn,* aa „ ilrtt- r
Urn Setenth sv.
: -.. ...,
kaleemen—lteet rnmmieaion - ft.ir 1 on
earth. New—all <n»,i,n ..-,i|,;.. ,-,.»,
pocket. "l*toflt*bl*." '"** '"' la.
". ■ " ■ ii e_* i i
Warned—Uoud, live eaieaniea .kr will
Inv.n llae; seed peyin* ptnptieiiin*. feu
lilt I.'et,"i ay. a Mala HIT. -Il .j
II men wealed la orcrupy 11 bode j
Rveryihln* new hi.en, heat ike per
bi«ht. 11 it par » ... 11l rik*. — j
li.i. cleaned, blocked, trimmed. Onr
II I* bal le Una Kin* llel Worka. riret
end t'nlon. —tf
Wanted —Man who nana* Iran
pin* at till Weaiiek*. am, t.i... a north
of Hishland lun. —!?•!•*
fthoemaker w«med tlll „..*„«... i
•v. T«ke I-i,inn., ay. car lo end of line.
— It.l
Toun* man alenosrapbey. Telephone
l.und, >• i-i I"','' , . „,
Wat,-- tinner. 11l Second *v a
1 I-n., .... . ~ T. Ax.
I'liet-,.... enllrtlora male or »,»»!.,
trlerrnre nrteerary. II 111, The M*\\
ii.,.,.'i-l .i. „n i-i ihia b*al -Bhra*
llnea. „,** <!„,.. II rem* .-.I J _■„!,I.
lii a Una. , '-
i:,|,»),.■■„,.,i. tellable man nf • oil el
dreee wlrlira tn find nneition a. i**itnr,
• mi,.im,.,, or » .1, l.n, in I' atrial.
waaea. Itrferem-re Addre.aX-itM
Toun* men. 1«, would like I Bra"!
aome *ntul trad. i>r bualtirta. I'lm snuin
»"»■* fj*.**l
l'li-ln-d*ln in,..1, ,i, houae, par l#i fur
_ I
nlahed, on ri.ini.ii ay. t-ar, ne*, wi...v
land park. Tolrptionra Norlh., I: ti* anil
llreen 341. - J||j9
Vtrr Hent —l-rnoiii modern bona, ."fin; I
blocka from Jai-kenli anil 1.i,,.,-. Will, *ar
aiovr. 101 l Lim. .- )«:u
! ■
Knr li.nt—l-rnnm modern rotla**.
Apply Sll Columbia at. !■!,..,,.■ I, 17*1.
— lit
Klve-riiotti mater* **tta*st *!*•• in, fnr
ii nt, it,,in,■>• for .uli- I'tiunr liv.i BIIT,
I —lt-1
Knr ltent — four ro)tm rntiage, *i •- por
month, t.'all 2113 I-i. lit-iiny way or phone
Koet ill*, -,»■-_!»
-^ "TT"—
B-rotttll lli-w i ..tt.iKi. ;,'l ln..t |,i|; ||3 per
month. In llullanl. Clifford A I'an, Art
da I*, til Third ay.
l-'or rent— 111 I — 7-i imm imuao lii Me
ridian ay. diatiirt; ntr*t' yant. ,1.: flood-
Milo* * Don Mt Hulli-y bid«. —Ml
1.-|ve-tni,m tntidrtn i as*, I block frum
car; 111. I'hone >. ii-.,i
J.in-iii cotlas*, SI.MI I room* II*: fl
iiii'iii. lunil-in. l^'l till* Maill.itti - - &•!
Klve-ronni uimiern lioua*. _„.[■ i|lli *y
N. v.: .1.1 tltl. ■ —t,\ }.|
I v- iiifiif il 3 luinii iiui uml 3 rofiins mt.
furnished, XWIb, toincr i: Kprlnr — J7«4
Th* rani you pay on furniture In • fur.
iit.ii.it houee, II m i.ui,i on ».,,.-1, pur
ehae.d by youreeif and paid '•> by lh*
week or in-,ntli. would aoon eneiile lull lo
mm It IV. „l.,„l ....111 W-..,aii«u.f
* ,',",, ***"* c'<l' *** *'**" .i ' ' '
lln—A i.iiiiHiiii.w. « n.-ii,. ami hail?.
mini.in, fiiruirlictl. *H* aoulli Alkl.
I'l,, lv A,1u11,. 111,
ii iii i^.-^— i ■ i ——-..i ,
Klteriitim fuini.lted hou»e on W yueeii
An,,, . (,i.,,i,i. *Ny tittifiiin*, A tilt -^-al-ll
~~ nil RENT—ROOMS.
Olrmpl* Ap*rtmenl* .- Iloueekeepln*
eparluienla. alnil* or en aulle, *•» ton*..
every < „iv,,,i, ■„, „ I: tt end up, I.lam
■ 1.., i.iv* loom, 1i,.,,, II 10 and up; lira
helbe Itll Weeiern At ■
I or * nl) c tm ni.ln c liouaekerpln*
roome, thnb-a of up or down rtalrti; no
.il,i-i roomere, til tint, between Tel
ler and Fir, I. MM . —If-ll
lliiu.ekeepln*''ronma, eteeplns rn*)me,
wllh *oi_4 h-iueeherptna arrammn«l*llone,
• 1,10 lo II IS W**h. lllll* .''i.-mttnl cv.
rremont Ill»rh III" —It-Id
THI« BtaSTbOtSE •-. vNl_.r fur
i,i.i,u,| M.iifii. 111 l p., _..._» and t|p|
el.v houeebeepln* "><*■ I! JO'4 ritel *r
Kliilte tiooeekeeplns im.n,.. twrt {mm
furnlahed roome, t*lil teaanuable,* IHI
It-urn ar, . —tl-l '
- A aew, modern, ela-ceent houee, fur*
net*: 111 per month, it; I. llth .1
Merl4i*n ia, line,
a ' ' , , '■" ■■)' "
-11 l — l per'ly fiunlrhed houeeke.plnf
roomt; free ll«ht and fuel, 101 IW, l.n,
el rii»i.>' lieii.r.l m —11*11
_-__W--WBeea---a-we , I
Three well furnlehe,! roome. It lo week,
111 month, iniiMiiine ■»• 11l Terry.
Main 111 l - 31 in
1 ; ' '" v
rurnlehed room lo lady atni)loye>l^*by
11,. .i.»; ptisei. family) horn* rem.
I^iir 101 l fVlumbla. —11-10
,■ - *
Lata* "'Hale hhuiM-keepln*. || -.1 UP.
• len ether*, welkin* .1..,. bathe
tlll nil „ i —ir
Twelve *le**nlly futal.hiNl rno-m*. rent
I-... i. .i.ii-. 1., un i, iv.,. am. rt,.'.,
Main Ull —U-ll j
I: e*~rurniet.e.l iikihu, llnai In till
'I.v, •«. |-t,..i,u 11 Sll,
Houee in let; I room*. North -11l
fomr room* for light bouaakeeptn*
Tie ■ .....i;.ii. *f. , -ill
„::.■:,An l„ lM.at-l 11,.| 111. Ill*
nn, i.u.uni ay, . —11-ll
m*m a*m*^t*m*^^* leaMi —„ ■ tw..ei■ •■.* a.. t*mm *— a*i,^*mm*i,^mtm**imm^
TOO r*a beie I «!) Inl. „,! In swat
i.-j* ..... I.t III*; „: _.i...... yea* i,.i.,. ,i
lo net you ll** miHiibty I am all aior-e
aa* , -.-i .♦'« i, man- la,eeil*«te si , I
).))■.ti'.i bl—a
lAUiIIV ItAlillAlV
My p)*<-« le te mite* . ><„,-. •***"■*,■ **** ■
popetatiOQ. ii.t,..'« i ,)i, r i■« „ Have
,!.,«» »'., leaea ).- -i ...... I.im
i-.e • ll.l** altl i ... ::. ''ii'-i (art
trad* 1n,..t: ( .t...i, o.iii.i ».'«r» af'
The *l*r. .;>.-'" ' u^II-l* ■..
(XMUKMATia* <'»lAMTl:iia
1'...,'t, 1.^.,11, .- 1'i..)',.. ,-'«lr,
Any i'-iai,,... fi-,- I for fiiaebaok.
NATIujvAl. i--"i;i-"iiil!^'i i ••
I It-iU'l. • U
Watch t.-.-A,.,*,, am men., haw „..«..
I*. .••*,. i* y**t* aaptltaut* <.«....
yoa I' li -•<.) ' Jn.ien,. llli 1.t.l
*». aad Stewart. » «-tf
ror eale by owner, wet* end tailor
*n. o I nan, end raatry -„...'-., *o*m|
bu.in.ee i--.ii,-,i lit Bwla*. tity. ■.. .
half raah. helear-e on lime —-tl-ltt
I'-,*-.. Iraaeter. eaaead ba-. t » .—!. half
talitei Kiw, iiimi, Mala t*lt, X,
nn —»T.t i
I have wa. .».-,.-• tot ». * Call **
w-rtl* !.-... v.-)....., i-.i moltaon. Ev.
•r*lt. Waah, ,r* —11-l
an..1l .tare »l<* inn,, ram* 11l
l-e-Mi. I .., II , — Jt-I
■ ... , ■ „..
*m«it r««taur*ai *t ..,- J ..■'■ *t*r.
i .... r-i ade a*d*r thl* I •»;i--t".«i i
rente i-.i iiae of lit word* Seres in..,
--i.-i • i., lha i-i. . *t it*.
$10.00 $10.00
Buy a Farm Now
wn m'AnajtTßß toi? work.
Why it-m all t-«,r lite aarhln* for
nn'...!i fit* ot clay ta lh* «v» a-1
(Iva •miiMM i i.v meke la th* gtee-lr
.r-l'- t.i ... ; ihe «i-- **- Itaet. 0t,.,. It
le ew eaey ' t yoa te Sfl * ftve-*rr* f*rm
lhal win maaa you Independent T Napa- i
vine rartn Tlarte ara lorated ****** In le
Ihe thrifty and proesiertfua lean of N*p**,
viae, m* the m»t« sl»* ef th* Nwlbern"
I'enfle railroad ami wllhln .«*r •«..-,
«f ihe U* n ..k.ta »-f (-..tlir. ta.nn,.
«nd I'orUcnd. Tbe Ureal Norther* and
I'nb.n l-e-lit. anr now baUdla* la, and
lead le teptd> Itterearln* Ik ..i.» • The
i,i.i ii the ,i,i..i hla* al daik loam,
and will produce fraitr and veteiablre
la Steal at»,nde„- * Fit* aire* ef Ihi*
laad t-afiii-d la "-""t *nd i-e*r* will
return >ok *n laronve of 11,01* c r*-«,
after the .-,■ t „ t le fftv* year* old fee*
*_■„,anient .bnilenn nn "Cberry Col
tu,*"l. leu, mill* and t» „i. rolumn
f*riory .iiiii *l h*nd farnleh employment
Ihe year araaad. Ijni.liii fer bulbllnff
ran be nhlatned at half what tt ccli* fer ,
In Keaitte Jutt think ef Itt IV. arre*
of u.i, land. .I.M ta law* and three I
teiD-«.!« lor only li**; term*, ll* - ..-.
■ "•I It mt-nth Came In an.l a*, pirturee
of the land *nd e*mplee of iMttaleee and
frail arown nn 11. TM- Irarte are »•..,,«
very feet. Tou m«n art Ixmnptiv
onr.uoN m wakhinoton rinvi-tt.oi'-
M1..1T t-O,
llt-ll* Onltal ti.lr , Naattla
Real Estate
Savings Bank
From th* viewpoint nf eafety,'' a raat
•alat* Inveelment, it *„_>. i „lrni.ni lr
seed, le the aileal form'af Inveelment
lh*t Ihe vi,-.** man rat, i- •_.. Alnn*
Ibe line nf the eeattle-Rverelt Interuiban
we ate eellin* at re traria al
III* lo III*
the prtre varyln* **ror<ltnf to their rloee*
neaa tn th* rlly llralia nnd lo the mm
un .ii Ttie rlty la »)■>■» in* In Ihla direc
tion ao rapidly end e» eteadllr thai
an Inrrraae In value i, a piarnrat ter
i-in.i. We are eettin* there „,.. , „
very e*av lerme. 10 per ren! real, an-l
in pa* trni a month Make a atari now.
tlel on* of the., tiarta and pay for It
month by month, juat like puliln* your
ravin*. In a bank.
WI-.KT A WHRI-I.rcit
.'."'' I.'olmati I it.ik
There's No Clap-Trap
or •
Bunco !
In our i.ii.!,,... We do nol hattill*
worllileee land oil tn Ibe luti*lea. We
wanl y,,u in make * aond profit, and
ynu will If ynu luy in Nat ■ \ „ i.t,
Ark anybody about 11. It'a the new
wnler fi-ont t-lty alotta.lde the navy yard
lliol wo have been eellin* m fa.t. Many
nf uur buy.re rould have d,,u1,1e,t their
iiiini.i In in. purl to ,1,, v- Wo par lh*
,-»in nm' tn »t,,.«- you We un- i.ullillMrf a
new dork and until t-nmii'j.feit tvp miii
rell al ..|..-iiii, K pilree I.tlltll' Itai-fl I lli
ami nm,,- n,t. ai tm. TapsUmaittoaifiiy,
iinicMicirroN i>i-_!vi_:i.iit»'»irt*/T Hlthv'."
nui Cherry hi, (OraMidii*l*a_Ml.ifl
Uffli-e „prn eii-nlim, Uil,^^! | -i-,
~ '—~ „!. r, njjrte
Oel 1(0 arte* of valley land thai will
«r„w anything, Oaad ■ lm*l. Un, plenty
of walrr. An opportunity of a lifetime.
IliM-.llUiile ,
II Marlon 111,1* —tf
i:\TIIMlllltlNAIIY II A 111 IA IN
li at ire hear navy yard; level, IBS* to
pas and erliiiiil; * 17r, per Irai-l; |:l down,
llt per ,»,..,, I,
Owner. 11. 1.. PKTEIIH,
111 t'riilt.il Ml,l* __||
C. 11. Ilnlinan J, I*. Ili,lm*n.
Tern iv llulman.
Main Sim lml lllli.
I). ,iin> 11,I 1, .•'nn i.l
, '.MI--1T -. .,--.' _)
:»<i ."I I.) un mi*.
tiiril NKW LOTATIftK.
HiD.'.'liAi.t; l.'tlH ANI> ACfIBAOB.
Homestead Locations
A lite „,.,, nlaa)« lake. m.lvm li I n * *<*■ »<f
"»IV « (i|-..»t i,«,m >■ |lo* «!•••■ Ifilfl MOitti'%
Ui r«M? MO **-f» <*f »''"»t farml** |cin«l
111 l tttt ll.r ft*H. h.« t'"l lltfi/Hn*U'.», 111
i.<4iM>*t k» j it*nir« I'M*
A Fine.PlacO' •
11 «■ tee »m.)t alii., bottom l*),d fdnll'f
overflown an rounlf road; -telephone,
mall, tracery *etfv»ryi ffr»t »i»*a die*
un i; i f..* in, i-iii. „i,ir ii.i,")): tl* latin
111 „■■ nin Hi.l,t .tt,t,|.. Owner, tit
S V. n... k Main 1711.
U..1 an offer—l an** wrath sf Au
burn. I* iiii.uii.. level walk to Inlarur
ban, !■'••• I aull, on eounly load; It* worth
111 to. anil tan be 1,., (or I7«# an -aar
term* Clifford * Vaa At ml ale. t>l> Third
Ft** arret „. i. Improved l*nd, lh,e*
tnllee '„ i i t'tnneer pier* Houee. .Ml
' I'll bearing ii-.u ii»... land eepenallr
adapted lur flowete; hundredo nt tttt*
!„.. burhee and bulb*; tiler* ai) piped
with water; rem 111 i-i month, hy the
tear. ),«,,,,. le*rlti* rltf fall *•<■ IH
'■„„,.,, ,-)... k. u r Dm..-.-)." Main 111! ..1
1...' 1,71 '
% i i ii i
CUBA P. WIDOW'S Id* ,11. km t.inli
tare* ii»- c i,f land, t1,,.* le elreet ret*
and .fir... >,>.i, tilt Term*, fll lira,
II moaia Free would and walrr -cc*
Mi. 1..1.H..11 or llendereon, ai K.rllti*
tan atora. oa ba* Itenion llae, ar 11111.
maa'* taahlw. la Time* Hlock —if
I'll HAI"-Mr islii CHICKEM end ffull
,et,, h right aa th* Sound; aaly lit*.
Teniae 111 dowa. It par month. See tap.
laia or seal Venn, before Kara, flat «
tiOlN'l tWili nt IS At'ttlii. water
1,-).! )'•• )'■• i-» ehade )>..» in,, bear*.
„,., litis I.i in. 11l d"»n. It per in-iiiiK
*>** Itite ,-r Mutter or. i" ai Venue. I ler «.
|.»i-1« IS ___. Ba ferenoona. —If
. oemoel f0i1,.,, in 1 »«tr llallSin*.
d.aia la e*tf property, farm* *nd Una.
b*r land* tJal »M«r property win. blm
I* . t*» la White 11.., raller, an
»in«l rwun'y raa*. lor Ita* Term* to
evil, l». F. I.***, U»*>i**iew*. vr 111
Kited •*. *• —11-la
aotma . i I —a— ■_-_—_—
North mt rtir, *H mlie* north of tlir
linn, ll at., III* per a*re; SUMS
«':,:'-.,. i * Van Aredal*. SIS Tfaltd a,
ti,..,.. lit*. li „.!■ It i..-.iiil, Wm
C Hlech ttt X t Hleck —tl
I _.**.i'lf t MA* AAAft IKt* (*#•* * 7 ****
rmr.'g j*t \tMA «*f tit Wrftft}* H* ta t, Ir.KD,
Una* twt il»« %**<** at a.
Cheap Homes
We would like tn Hine , <„, a tat*
ti.,).-..-; 1-^1 ..„*.! ttm ■ff I.l**, one
i-.it dean, f* mile* north „r Seattle, •
mile* !•• m i .... ii 11* mile* Item
Matterlila. a eiir ef i'-i people
Ull tivui.i.!: mini i. lilt**
Mill ».)!'«. Ultll
rtt.B IIA Kant* * TO.
in s-,l n«-::: New Tork lllack.
i:.i,» ■■
trtra-itatttn modern home. rem.at haee
meat, It.lll let; till rath, balanr* tit
Iter month, ,Thl* la sole* bti&ffalvw aad
Two~flat batWln*.. i • .*. I thle able
lllh. i- .-' of Teeter Income tit i*t
month Aim«iet new. Madera, Corner
10l Krerribtas t.l !>♦«-» ten., bal
•wt tar«
|I •»*— . I-'**
tr ,.-. „- •„ „■-•.,, bam*., ettaate «— I
r.eM—it „..i .efa.nt ba*emrai, tie*
raeh. baiante te aull ittfirheeer.
li i. -
rear lat* al Kaaih rath lf« veil, |t»*
raeh. batanra to rati tA'hr *'■ •* Ihe
..)., «na ttm* email lote when you
ran ».t thrm al 111* each la Head!*?
Thte* a ... .- 1...1 i-i.». , balf
II •*»»
• I lot* at *•', iin Far* worth mor*
mono* r»ieat»».i .ioee in |,i ■ i-.,i >- la
the ,11, T)--)i. halt ■ aah
Flo* rlew lot* on llearoa 11111 Terma
«* i ■ I-. '- t 101 on iv.i. -, in . :-.-.
won. »ir»«.t mil i-i', all In and
fIM J* 4*' a
One art* wllh water |.!t«.t to 11, aaal
of Healll*. Term* lit -.«i„
lt»«» —
-vi. •- home at Ilrenn Kl*iloa. lie „*.,,.
tout -lot*. . :-:■. * .
tl.l**— -■'■)-'.>«
l'i-..,.,. in l,arae oa Had *r, St. B ;
•Swan i-n,,.- ttlt* by i«:i,.f..., i„i;
tl** raeh. balanie tame a* ram. Worth 11.
I-.•■■). ... _.
i,--. -i.air art* north of rltf llmtir lv.i
tin. aide >,« Killer lake iter,- term*.
--itn* arre at llaller tak,; tut titttii;
tie* raeh, balani-a eaey.
I* . -I*.* ■ t »■■.... i frail land n-n. 1
.-■n'li ef Ilremermn I! milea Term* ISS
■ .i.t: balanie ea^.
!?•♦- . .-■
%* hi na-tont let nn lt»i»,',.n 1111 l
All th* above for »ale **i-tuelrelr hy
oi.te iiA-.^'.N * ro
Jll.iHiir.Jir .New Vmi, in... k
ail. llolman J. P. llolman
Tom W. Ili-lman.
Main MM lml. llel.
lIi'IMAV ****'%' **•
Serurllr la.e.tment
i iimi-INV
:-n..'o| l_**ry nm*
,p. .
ot'it nkw i.or-ATinv
ii.'.si'M i: u,TB AM> A)'i'.i:.Mii:
A I'iTT r VII.M ~~~
1.-i-r- ftllrartive S-room modern him
■•low. tlretnate, piped for rurnare. eery
l*r*e Int. ran have *nt-d satdrn and *.*, t
a )na and .... .. 1.....1 *n,| .
beat rar tn rlly.
Onl* ll* raeh, balanre It* per mnntli
f i, in.1.1. a co, st) ami., uinrk.
Main 1111. Ind. t. lltl.
— il-l-i
Why not *v 10 III"- nil.l_ t.xtayr It
will per you
Muiie tea i.-v,. ll.'*
1 1,,-,,'",), modern 1,.,u.,i. lot looaito;
ane lot ill berrtrt. iiiiii,-ti houee, etc:
in..- v t""n f ... i- *t. im.- ssia \v. t'lr,!
•t. imm i I-!.)■■:■■'i i.i'!i —.1.10,
llu.lnrr. nroiiriiv in IIIOMiAI.B alii
diiulil)- duMne Iteltl irar, - - ■ ■ *■
Hun*;lPS l,»»iy. nia*. ' I
Klo* )i-eler flout liarie mi' N'ae'Tiin
1.,, ml. » -ii" vlretoil, 1i.1un,..,. inun. (|,n.
tier. |,«iki'ii, .iiii.ti- I-.,!,: %.'<,» „,,.| up
tin .aah. tu pir month, ulllerrlti llreliv
ro.-. t-ii-il ***** ■ *
o.NK 7-nnuM iiot'em anu i_ot iisits
ran only si.eeo; kabv tkiijuh.
lot I,'ih.man iii.on;.
We ailvlM You lu'l«u'„UtO\nAl.ft
property—lt's ituod. '.*■' *, __,
Hoi,MA,N.i*FX'fnitt,_l^vrsT.' co.,
■„ „ Hn>le'_B>o l.tu,,y Bliti 1. v , 1(0
m»iiily Ouri-u Ann* )l«ti»ia. oue t
iu„n, lioii.e.aud Ittt,,llilin for only 1
. 14,000; 1-a.y Irtin*. ,' „i ,
..im L'i>iiu»a, iiida- „' ,
I' s.iii' M.niiiii r, i,""n i ,'iiHi,,.. I*l mi
llit anil food view; prlre 11.600; aeee.e
mrnia in and paid in- owner, ..it
Howard ay. N. J*i —IT*ltx
iilllNliAl.B will .■«..,-, I IM-i.lt • tulal
[*ll<iii wllhln leu hoi,
Hull* I'll" t.i-aiy llM*.
1176 t ii.ti, balani eaey, t-room lutuae.
, inn.. lot, ri.iii luui rlnwere; paved
■Us.l, IHI „i,,l Union. ..Owner, not
Crary. Mala tim, l, till. —11l
15 Minutes
-_*mm _._. - . «nd Madta^A, bKimt mt'
I***, 10l u.i,',, 11.r„fi. „,,,.,.»,' larma,
email taah payment I'htma X *tt*
* ,„ .. . — Jl-JS
Kor ■ ■' i,ane* —t-^)))im new.roll**., .1
fnnl nn, vain. ll.OS* Wb*l have ynuT
''lifford * Van a,..i.i)-. 111 Third ay.
Heron-room houee for ..).. tlll I.ii-,.
--aion, tl too raah Norlh IH. —lt-1
New in 11...1,, hima. fur eale; muet be
• 1.1.1 before n.. 1, Capliol 1111 l .n.i.ni
Ind A Hot. —11-t
Three.room ramp on l_*b* Waahln*-
Dm, |-e,iir fuliilahed. 111. Owner, Mlt
lllh h. . —If*lta
Hy owner; a ,>,-,-i._ni t.room houee in
Itatlarn. 11 .inn, 1,.-iv« value: I- D'-l
-tw***on, uart.tr, 1 „»'»>, v»i,i. -—-It.la
Itiiiidinii plan* Sl a «i-.*e |irlta. C F.
llirti.ann, AirMiet.i, lit Clary lild*
Ileal eatiflo map, call I. Tilt for cl.an>*
to im 0 >1,.j, - '
I'l " ;
"Ira worth "your -vthii* to vitil »
Mtn»lJAl.H. - -
mil.man *CcritlTY mnVKUT, CO.,
..lie *S»» l.rai > 111)1*
*A*II ANO lit»r,ii iiAUHAir.n
Croee panel donre for -i.triln* . . .II 11
Croea panel doore for etalnlns. *...-11 It
Coiiaffe front door*. *niy .....Ill*
Our Italy front dour, 11 aaa from top 10
nullum. opTy ....................lit*
Th* New Dour.
i „f,.-, „ or mlaalnn dooro. _J „t '„ kind
lor bunsaloaa. only 11.»♦ par door
H*ae. lai*,
Willi.me- Gold Seal Paint —
l-*allaa can*, per *.nu<> lit'
• -(■Hon c*nt. per «*i10n,.......11 It
I*,,,i'i buy a window or a door any
wber* until you set our price*. We have
our tet mill and have only on* »-,i- .
To* can buy front v* and aava i li* mid
dleman* 1,1.r;t for youreelf.
Dead f--r ,-elel- cur m.ii.d fire, poet-
Said, without ttart*
O. li WII.I.IAUd CO.
Ileal 1 a. Wa
ron *AI.K~TWII I't'H LINC.IX')»AT».
ll (1.1.1-.'J TO SKI.I. roll LtCPS THAN
'lAIM^Ita ANIt rI'IIKIKIt*. Itll *K>*-
Ml AY.. Mi.»)l:l. THI'.ATIttJ ItUXJ
flit* I Ull SAl.lt —■» -1*
Pot Hale—A few thor*u*hbr*d Ibart.d
11-- k and Huff Otpljocion oorkerele at
a 1..,,:.. li,-.,.. North ,ML 111 l
»mi'U a*u * " ' «■ ' ~*if
riM: i.AiDiK aTAin.K ron hai.k
«;.....) -j 11-, i;.. fe«. capacily for
II bead of 1 -).-. and rvoai '-) »•*",-»
aea about thle at rar* or yeu will b« 100
lale II X Imam. SU frary Itld*.
It* bur. dortoca prartb-a. furnlebed
r»ay stfir*. (heap real, central. Main
ISM — *****
tr„t „.*•-.<,,'..,,,. emeu »t«ck, fl*.
tu,i. horee end -..■'-)• real cheap. Ital
?•.-! Itll; Hod Itt, . —I* 1
l-lsn-im* — Met u,dy. 111* Madleoa
***** tltl *-" ■ . —If?!.
ll* eatnpl* mlt*. lltl*. Tracle. roam
I*l Tr*derar Hid*. ***** Third —tf
I*-* hele—New Chlrketla* ptene »t a
tottl'.u* I. lilt —tl-l*
lit Weitmere nee for 111. lad llil.
Mala Stir —1< It
ror Palo—Two (w.atl oil haaiera foy
|„„-r.f... |,|l |',I|L|l, «. .(.--.1-.
).-..! cook .'...,. 1 i.'ii- tti I""' a*.
WW . —i»-lt*
lilt 1 ...-..--. piano bond. II M Ad*
dreee i Iti. *l*r. — J*-lt
1.., eeie rh.ep. tltt plena check:
„.._,* *naffer. til X ttth at. — tT-tta
SUCTiow kAt.i^-rniNisiiiNtii* or
tt ii--..-.,!. ar tn UAtiiKiN rr. ox
Tt'CSiiAT. XOV. I*, at 1* a'clock *h**p.
I tt*** received InatructtoTs* from tbe own
er la veil at public .... tt 1. *n the above
date the furniture of tt ti-.u,,. coaaletle*
ot 1.1 v.. end eaamei Iron beda *o>«l rprlnce.
lautttreeeee. rompiete rhen** of be-ddta*
fer Ibe ta „-,,.. hruaeete rua* end rar
yeila In It inrii. at d'eeeere. ta rom
,-....i»» it toilet acta. S eteel ransee. por
tiere* eealn* machine, oak renter etaade,
ekleasloA tAhie*. kiuben Queen*, dtehee
,r.t n.».)r. lata rurialna tbroucboul the
Houaa wilt b* open for Intpertlon
of lha *ood* on Tu.eday al I o'clock.
Cm at-roant af »;• meay t--..),,. to die
p*** of, tha eale will - ,-u.t,*', *- at I*
a'clock eharp tnatead of 1* I*. •* ueuat.
and wilt r-e>ntl*ue vi.ill the furniture of
Ihe II )..--—., are B*M OU NOT Ml!**
Till* SAI.K. .« )-)'iil'ii muet •■■ Any
rurther 1, -'—nieti, n will b* cheerfully,
furnlebed by the auctioneer *ale pool
lively „i, T.'.'t.r. Nov. »-,). al it et
A. I. WOODItOt**B, Aartloneer.
I-hon**: Main Ittt; Ind ****.
nm Pali: or mn'aKiiiti.p oooota,
IMi IttaiM nn ■•••' llttl. ett*. .- r.
r»a; i)-t riiiar ay., tcksuat. Nov.
I*, at 11:1* a m. a'-aip Knamaled Iron
beda plenty al *ood beddla*. dreeecra.
chirfoniera, evienaton tabtea, leather ui
boletered chalra, buffet, rv**. act
wtuei... I*l yard, of l^et «elvel carpet,
leather rwuchea fine rorkera. chal,a. cra
ter lablea. curtain* drapertea. upri.bt
and aquere piano*, fine m*ho*any daiea
i..,tt, drerein* mirror, tneiai cwacbee. mil
lop deck, .i;"* ,-aeea, wall caae. *laa*
i-.it 111, n ran*e* linoleum, kitchen sooda
.), . etc. Sale lltl I'D.! a,., Tueeday at
ISt* a )-. f att,
X O HICKKHTOV. Auctioneer; phone.
Matn 10*1 i lad. Ittt.
On Implored or vacant property at 7
and I per cent, any amount from It! la
li** fer a l-m or abort lime, and eaay
Sxymenia: no delay. Kturtevant A Ca.
ill lloeloa lllock. Hecond and Columbia.
' Women keepin* hou*e. end 01 tier * up*
on their own note*, without aecurlty;
rh.apeal ratee. e.alr.t payment. urrnea
In tl principal clllea O 11. Tolman. ***
Epler Illovk. I" Second »' —;f
All buil-linia. Jap Villas*, lit in It*:
fanry lumber for cummer houee* very
cheap: lumber from tl up. fool ray
Stick. —"-Ha
SAt-AltY LOANS-Itt lo 11*0. on your
nlaln nol*. without eecurtty; no delay;
low ratee; eaay payment.. City i.,..n
„o i.t.. ea*i ii.-'i'inte ru> i „.,,
Co, 111 W.ah. Hid* —Ll*
M, own money to buy mort(a*ea end
ronttarte anyahere In Waehlnatun i.u.n.
„,..,1-1.1. HI Atuaricn Bank llulldlns.
Ind lltt.
" t i-KIl I'KNT I'lllVATi: MONKT.
OEOftflK V OaO.
'!«< I.l.Alii Hl.lnl —tf
A tea loan, .■: 11 ... a to ll,too ra, h
nn Impioted Heaiile proporly. Thoa 11.
Haiti, til Colman Hid*
Money advanced anyone eieftdlty rtn
ployed; confidential. EMPLOY Ed' LOAN
CO. II I'aiUr Uld* —tt
' 1 mm. ou furnllura, Lcraee, eic. j Wm
Itnarli llonm til New York Bids. —if
H.laty I nan a. loaaal ral«* ivniflilunllat.
r. A. Na'vtmi. SB* reople* ltank Djg*. :
•muepilvafc'iiinncy lieie for loanlnaj
no cnminlaaioii. Call til Hlin KU-y Mm V
lion for nimi'l.le l nmnia furniture,
uimii.i now, diaiic*. aeivln* maclilne. car
pet., il" 8210 15 I'"lniiil.l.i. Madron i
car. --le-ta. \
yui,,i.n.,l I i ."in flat i-lirup; tin nrr
Ira,ins clly. Apply It! Ttinma. at i
•'■ • ■ ■—la-iii
, - , I, i
" rurnllitr* 12 rontiia, ateam heat; good
yeaaon for at-llin* t-lienp; nice Inrtime
abut* trni. UU til*lill, ay., apt. 111,
■--■■■ —12-i'X
„ for Pala—l-'iiriiltuie nr liner rooming
li-ui...: rem raa. an able; i loet u«l,i
Ure owner, tin Klflli »v. —It-Ik
. it ' ' * ■ 11 1 1 ■ '
riu«« ,v tiuitpii. 119 and 111 i-i.... at . I
m, * .1,1 .to ' am*!! exi'.t,... We .ell 1
fnr lea*, _tf 1
Fuinltui-e of l-room mm.. fnr aal* I
. bt ip and liouao for lent al l.'t; 11,, m* |
111. . I'htme Baal 1111. —11-t*
For Snle—Furniture of 1 *,n\ rial MO'
I'tilui .1. —.4. 1
I run. U'ldd. I*. .Nelaon, lenlral Mid* .
Z2HJ*}7!:7?? 00 AND 60?
OflflAT W t*WtrL.77i~~pv7?r-Z*~a*ah
,fH;,.,,,,a,..„,, J „r.:^igg
"" ' — — •■ ~-t J, 1.
*. rt/f 'J'*<»ftMf>, 11 iiilli ■ . _
Union L*i ,-„>' .^l V,^^f^TS;
»*t; Ind |i',i " *"• »'b«*-w > ■*■. '.
WAli'l „ j
in.nt wi IV* IL. "*",* x'*i**t. '****£
I-* iib.i.riy ri,r; ss r SSvX62a
d.|.e ri mem ~y," IL [*•» '"falter* Jfe I
2^__Li__lf_«iWn^«t' *»• *& *
s^SSiS^PS 82*35
C!»*iif,«d Direcuir^
a**** -—"«a~*^_-_. »V 1 J,
_ B& rft ACTfcHt- *'"* *'**** *
tlacib »ti |,7i hTTT* ** ' """"ii?r"r*li
'clesT"" ——
, ,
'1? *1 *li|n-,lj^n,!_. "'.", "**7****-os.-*
aundrl.a ** •*» M«y«l* r^2T«
, T' ' 1 1 ''"'--'.=«. «^# |l
ATI? ' - ATLAwT"""2
C. r. *-tp*T~immt7Lt"Tl.2Z * '* ** "--v."'
Mg_»> 1-h i.k "■'it "«-ft
711 rim „ "
• I Inluiiee, rr.iiKUaa. 0"^ *»«, >««**..
Voarl,.^. a.aaiiatl. "i jfojjgJM
_^__ w ____ BANKS.',';, .^y-..-'"^-^
INaniev ; —""— — -■■—**.*,
! ..,,.i '*s"o*cS«r^
•'•cd *fn**, ■f^Trr* -.-"'.
brer.,,,., )0 CaJS,"''- ****** (11,
1,-!.— ?, «aa*m
"'•-•a* ta
' T " *■• t*r,gt
_l *NO »TAT»OHMV;"
—— -.'*LyTf* m T7r'
—. C MiKoPoDUTE, —- .
a: Ttt tti %
'.* , * •' '* Hit Srreat*
■ • '') a-1,... m
•*< It, >.4ieea. _gj
_~" DENTISTS.'..- ;-' .-.-'•'^
'* * '™i i* ~iwn*'m_— > ,„ r Ln .. 'j. ;;"'- '-*--,l— '-■-
-. "_- — I??'.'*"' ' a"" aaw slvtaa ____•
•• d.atsi we,, „„T
I JJ'*? «s*w»ate la The Mar *km jff
O^ERS - AND 1 CLEANUlvigal
■-* —■ -*ti —i— 1,- i*-|..ai_aii,i—finun,,,-, -i,^!-.,-. . 1 ."*" "" .ii-'*
fenaad'a tear 111 €*•*■*_*.***, II
- *-•*•■ *».-*,■»*
'I '• HCOIIES, 111 file* **.'BXs*gJm
___* ma**mt^mi*mtm*mmiamam*Ataa**tat ***^**meS**aar*y^*a*mi*^*i^m^*e^mm**** '__SsE'
W* bay or make;** r0an..,,,,, .'.eatlll
romp*,* «*r art,** mm «,.„, Aamm "1 ',
heie-a. til Volo*. -4*4. I. It! "**** -
l; er ii.i. K*<***aik itll rim. -tt I
■ MASSAOE.'^ii.-a*;--;.''"
—l* " ' Ma***a*m*m "• i"-^!'*^ "artiir-kaiii_e_Liaji-j|ir-i ,ii u i ■■
O-tri-. eteaa, end ttk ta-s, r,
I year. prtarnt bxatlea til Iraar) Vai«
OPTICIAN*. .1, saaifl
I J Vt lMateada Oph." DJ QradwttOw
11^1.n t.aireey *to*< I irkar ,Oa a lat Htt
:i>- Ea 11. '""--«MMjI
Mrmbere .V.lleaal. Stat, **4 Imp *'■
AeetM-latlaae. ~i.i'r^m^p*-t^m,
C M. Mater. KlrkrrUlr 111*1*1 m M!
Nan her a Ilk Bid* . lib «ad ft It a* _g^
l» E B Plena D. aiTwuawTa "
pre, IK. Iti Anal. - ■ -.r tt itn -*|g
~^iL777777i. a nr*ck*.it*titMnlirs_Mlß
and lied. Ma. • ratja. ll !«_■ _Sffi.
Seattle 151-1 l'et__aaa Mat* r.,A*mm*m
ftarnre * Ca. .-.r'rlared pace! ***M
paya Start 11 id Bl"-k .', etryut* *m*m
Tb. Seattle ra-Jer* and M*«ilWtaMf
: lit rirel «v. * ) fcala tail , ■ .v-rgtwij
— -_■„■■,-, -|| -I ■ ,1 l_ II 'l_l-"I -' '— *•- ' ' ' *
of Today
*'• rhrontc cad aeata *"*?"__L____n_______! \
nirceeefaily wlihowt any k'ad •>'■ •**••»'
ll will *ar« tb* meet .thorn «*«l *.
dyapapal*. catarrh of Ik* . M*S *****
ta* -lead all klnda of *******. •* >"•
irmibie. etc.. alee 4 *-• neuralSfc- IMJ
matlam „.,.-., ssrs'tj*.!^
i out eikaiiailoa and female ,-*aa*t*ia«» ■»
To Women
Toa will find Iba **» *l**lrl* Sea**;
in perfect hermony with all **-*" ***»*•, :
and tt ... a ,1 ra*ay^tr*n_m** ,
oparailen Th.re la ne »a<bo*Jrf rZ .
elaclrlclty la reeiorlo* ><*< beait* Ita^j
raa romper, eith our *e« ai*tirtt **j
i.m roll Information »t "■_"»)
Itll It.l ... *■ Take tl.r k w"I"JJS
rar line in Attanllc at. «*»!* ™,»S
...t .
Dlt WM T. IX>VEiIIN«| I "a 'sat
1. Ill" .Lumber Etctians*. •* *******
i phone* int. ** '* i ™
— j ** , . "..,. abdomloai^wue-J';
,„,,.. ,«•). itiw^aae* till l**ar* *m
~J^ l>«lt.'.n. .kin ilatama ***■ **•
Arcade bid*- ' ** "'" I
25 t'nlon Block, lad ****"^[
■"rrTZTL^TTTTTrtvIr Co. 111 Ctarry tt->gj j
I —" "pOSTAGK STAMPS- _^ .
~lZL«Z~*^^*^^ :t*
»Tn%rw,,.,' n.,o s^r., Iw"/ua
i-itat **. «*|
evenlnse '
T77777 bou«hi and aoid -.^"*
it:t friii t«. — _—
— " PRINrERS^^^,
. . tm. nta
iii?," ■- """ ****** "" —
Heller -'-"" «aam..l***—***^r,
signs am- si M9E!!:
S H O WCAaES^^^^
i^*-——" -„fa nut** «"•
„;r tl n,in,i »»«>
lal.lnal work ..» ™: _ ——..
■ *
We I '. . - far*!'
, „ „, Uld III*
tur*. etc. K.ia.v. .n. * -*.
, „ lull talat !•*
rr:.' Tif»_»g
, men ►
**l price. Jl —
" 6rOHA^L^^^~*-r
"'^TT^TLr^Lv.'LL h^jioid»wjtl ,J!"flK;
eon umt,»/_lnd. Phon* *d«ma I»- J .
I -,-„,„,, Tl.ti.frr' Movint -A *}•«*. C*j
! it:t lat I" ■ v*'" IS"*""1' " --'
i fttS j
„:,7.,a iii *****
I ll'l ''I ' ' "
dene*, ll.tllird 111- _ " " '-
"^^_T*tan<r^rih^Pma>;;j s'r'Bi-a '
' writer a supply Co., J" **■*'*"
' „.---■...'* ■*.. : t

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