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_*v_ M _ t3 __ T -__ --^-^FhBI aYi PbJ& fF^^r^L.
STAF? eBstIS. eri-iP?
*_-as-ama»^ ____■ a___9 _____•____. . -''^^A . _-_-B___-_aa*r ___L -c-_ _fc_---M-
K01a... N0.24J.
Traffic Still Tied
[7J—Effect of Switch
men. Walkout Is Just
leja-ning to Be Felt.
Lett** ***********
I ' *
I Ktsert* from St. Paul tho* *
gust, so nearer settlement *
•_« ,e»t*rd*y. Railway off.- *
as tod ttriktrs deadlocked *
ft_e*}_,'- ' a
K|*ti_ill)r all freight traffic *
|_r-t_«atand Middle West *
■ *./»«»' -
| SMftr ram** closed down In *
_*t end amelttr in Great*
Ms. *
| tax fimice feared in Seat *
a*_l*ia*K big cities if str-ar *
basis** *8 hour*. *
I ft—l tflsrt to break strike *
i* Isattt* and Spokan* mad* '< j
__ stt-i when tftre* nerv *
bs_*sass _«r* put to work in * j
haul* test sight in Spokane, a
6r*rt; Northern steamship * I
His>e«-ta arrive* in port and *
«r*M* ta f*A tar* In which to *
i w*iat*a-a«aaa cargo of silks *
**d fit***, , *
£"■'-*-» «* tram* leaving S»- a
ttt't '?<W I* do any twitch- *
a* is __«_• yards. * I
1&/ M&:- ■ - '.--"'...*
**«««*«- *««._«****.
% '
* -ke era ploy in. Nt of mm-1
_ti*;tchmcn and a meal fats- 1
ta__tt_e_ in Seattle-, the- real j
|g_ between, . the *tri_lng
gases and > trie tranesntnttaent
Mktt f&tering Resale waa on
5--Trotn: St.. Paul Indicate
Btre i* no - *ettlemvnt ; over
««_** In sight. The men are
Bat ■■■>■ 1 for their 'Sinai de
Stockading six cent* aa hour
Ha," ai Use companies are
m aaoot a two-cent increase.
_plo_icta!t of the Great
Wtm ,; - Northern Pacific
NjMag i etaptoy ed threw aoa
fa_a 1.. fill the place* vat at
tit striking switchmen.' A*
■ sen eta be secure- they
latt la •■ places of tbe 175
■aW c*.' In Seattle.
ats*et*d from Spokane.
«rf_r: breaker* were im-
■Ml tela -Spokane, ami accord-
BR- _» iter,, have had no *_•
Rs-as-t. _4_i more strike break
________?_> »'"■*" in Ihe Spo
__St-_t- yards la*' night, and
Bate* or "no quarter" »11l be
Mt*» Se striker* by the railroad
fffr .tyre*,, men employed bcre
■p_-i*-e.i to the King st. tar
Stsv en trains leaving -tattle
Imaralßt related to obey order*
III**? **itcblng ii tho local
Hp v.I-»r *o-H not c.en clear
Wnrki for their trains and a
(Pit«**>»d car* standing In the
■a,**r*i taken out wltb coal
|»-"4-ned (or mountain coal
■fetiaß*. .The transpacific lln«-r
Hkttta docked t-i» afternoon
MS to soon the officials were
Pp tt t«e_r* car* to unload the
b_P,-"/ i° ?' *llk "nd ,rnU'
___*"** to Meve Meat Cars.
JW-irtpre-i-nutiv.* of the Swift
*l--~nr Interests predict a
■■ia-io* for Seattle unlea* the
gpstaned off within the next
■J*** J Hundreds of ears of meat
■«f*i it on the (ireat S'ortbern
*Mrt_«rn , Pacific routes be>
__Hp* and Bt. Paul. There
g* several hundred car* of
f»l-* local railroad yards, and
_L ,trlk* •» "fclared off
;__B*t b* moved.
-52"* *** ""* aituatlon become
__*«*• .antic Armour and Swift
SR 2_ Chicago are amassing
g_« ißfluenee to force tho
tn yield.
gj* > Passenger train* were
innulled this morning at
__£_?• *-t»nn«_a». This make*
|g?,« til Within th. par.t two
■_____; *»- V "
|!*?* Clerk* Laid Off.
IHWsJ Clerks* "were dls
■n m F,. mornln * I" 'Ik- freight
_JL Northern Pcclflc.
»« _ *, r,! employed In the
ifii&L*-* Traffi' A:*-"
_*__*. other» *«re employed
C -ere ,b* ''''M* house.
Ilr_rt?V_.a 0M U'Bt U'lr "''■
*•*.r. •** n *«<Jed until the
»4ct,a V*,'. A"l,,"fr'"" these,
__,_*__'* handlers In
!&«.!;*'''■ ■ Bht hOUM
m}« • W"*«I Moving.
-_£,-W<w,on "' lt>" I""5'
■ _„ . SLrt engd
lit. tee, , "'} m"Vi»K IK the
______**' this morn
__^S_t ?i? to Bupl ' *,rMul-
_Pe_____A»'*n. of the North
if,,.. '^ "'e<, °» Pag, Be7enT)
rmm •» Pag* &c ,
Housewife Learns About
Switchmen's Strike —
Price* Threaten to Soar
as a Result of Congestion
If "that >;•____ 0* aim. come*
I home on* of these _•___• *__ rind*
A dinner or cored _>•_!*. dried
truii* tad canard vegetable*, be
: needn't *c_*d hi* wife. When the
I -_*__»- -eat to market thi*
morning the found price- on freah
stuff soring and the market
j man's stock vanishing, all because
of th- switchmen* strike Meat
I butter and eggs and vegetable* are
[ set-as up In Seattle.
The cattle marker it tied up." :
•aid James Henry. Western »*.
I whole**!* meat man. this morning.
"We ha*. »even carloads of cattle
in transit and can't gtt them. If
tbla strike lasts a week or ten days
j well all be up against l» Of course
price* will go up. W* are not quot-
I ing price* thi* morning, - (or we
can't tell where we are."
Housaw.f* Discouraged.
Fruit*, vegetables and all such
perishable stuff are at a standstill
on the railroad* and the cold !
j weather i* adding to tbe damage
of this line of food*. Mr* House
wile laced a discouraging prospect
this morning -ben »he talked to
fruit and vegetable men.
Ranch butter bad already gone
out of the wholesale market _*>
caa*e of Its scarcltr. and chipper*
are -pea-lag on Eastern market*
nutter and egg* will naturally ad
vance in rice, though the John it
i Ageii company said this morning
they tho-gbt there wat a big
enough a rock >.-. the city to meet ]
ihe reseat emergency.
Grain and feed commission men
can't move a car They ran get
nothing in nor not We'll all be j
on a" strike ourselves within two i
week* if this thing holds out. said
Wilson W. Austin, vice president |
of the Gtlbraltb A Ilacon com- 1
* Big Stock on Hand.
It.it cheer up. Wholesale grocers
say they can take care of the peo- '
ple Indefinitely with staple prod
uct*. Four house* atone have on
hand 12,000,000 worth- of-staff,"
•ays the manager of tbe National
Grocery Co. "If we can't give em ,
little beans we'll give 'em big
one* If we can't give 'em yellow
cling peach c* we'll give 'em
white." '"-
There'll still be coal "to burn.'
but It may be alt-fired high. i
The Wellington Coal Co.. which
ship* all It* coal In by boat, can
get It here all right but they are
tied up for loading and twitching.
"We can't tell what we haven't
got," said merchant* who handle
domestic coal. "There 1* no coal
coming In.",
So there you are. Cattle in mo
tlonleaa cars on th«> tracks, veg«e
table* and fruits spoiling oh the
road, and domestic coal lying on
taW *idetrack*.
* Fair and colder tonight; *
* Friday fair; light to fresh *
* north wind*. *
Boston & Montana of
Butte and Great Falls
Smelter Shut Down —
Traffic Demoralized.
111. I ailed |-e__> I
BUTTE, Mont.. Dee. _.—The Im
mens. Ooaton and Montana mtnc
of the Amalgamated Copper Com
pany closed down today as a result
of the strike of the railroad twitch
men. 'hat baa paral)ied traffic and
trade throughout tbl* section. Three
thousand man are thrown out of
employment because of the action
of Ihe mine officials Th.- Inability
', to secure transportation of ore to
the smeller* at Great Falls was
given a. the Immediate cause of the
closing of Urn mines. IJwcatisc of
the resulting shortage of ore, the ;
I ('.real Pall* smelter* were com
pelled also to -lose, and their IJvtvn I
operative* are Idle today.. *.;•"-'
Freight raffle on the line* of the
Northern Pacific and Great North
ern railroad* throughout Montana ,
la completely di.|n„ratl.e_. In m_ n >
railroad .center* member* of the
lirotberbood of Railway Trainman |
hate joined the striker* and no
relief from Ihe present acute con
ditions I* in sight.
At Helena every switchman In
the city baa Mopped work. Many
of th« BrotberhatMl men have cast
their lota with the striker, and not
a wheel Is moving in that district.
Report* from Eastern Montana
indicate the probability "of alt
llrotherhood men in that.section
Joining in the strike. Many quit
work yesterday, although - several
wore reported lo have returned to
their posts today. It i* believed 'hat
! the strikers -111 be successful in
their campaign "to add tbe entire
baatern portion of the state to the
territory that already Is cut off
| from freight transportation.,
The children of the De* Moine*.
: Wash., Children'a Industrial tchooi
will give * minstrel show at the Al
hambra theatre Saturday evening.
By the performance the children
hope to raise money enough to pay
off the money due oa their new
home. !
*• '" ■ .---*"" '". „.
NEW YiiltK. 1..- 2—"Tex" It Ickard, formerly' of Seattle, gnu
the big Main * «._-" "-^
He waa announced thi* uftera cion a* the aucce«*ful bidder for
Hi.- Jeffrlea-Johnaon battle. BJc-i rd Is associate*, with Uleaaon, but
made the bid In bis own name. mil la*also understood to have
.i finger In tbe pie."
.The baUle wlll*be in or near 8 an Francis, fllckard guaranteed
a |?4_r_a of StOI.OOO and two third* of tbe receipts of tho moving pic*
,_-*Tho only positive- decision a m to the scene is the statement that
the fight must In- held "In California, Nevada <•■' Utah."'
Knox Fires the Nicaragua!.
Charge d'Affaires—An
other Gunboat Ordered
tar t nite— f*r*«...'
WASHINGTON. Dec, 2,—Th.re I*
every indication today thai Unci*
Sam Intend* to force immediate so
lution Of the Niearaguan •-tuition,
and that the action of Secretary
Kno* In discontinuing diplomatic
relation* with the Z*l*y*n govern
men! meant an : Immediate move
ment looking toward * domination
of th* *ltuatten._ea__n______MM__|
Th* order for, th* transport Prai
rie to tall thie afternoon with 700
marine* from Philadelphia for Cen
tral American water*, and order*
.from th* navy department
for the crulter Albany and th* gun
boat Yorfctown, now at Magdalen*
bar, to proceed to Cennto. on th*
west co**t of Nicaragua, mean that
this country hsa decided that war
measure* ar* necessary. Th* action
of Secretary Knox, known to be
with the full approval of th* pre*!,
dent, is *• near an open declaration
of war as could be possible under
th* circumstance*. A declaration
of war would have to be made by
congress, and, congress will be In
; session nest week by Wet time th*
ships dispatched today art n*arlng
their destination
If It should develop that actual
us* of fere* wilt be required to re
»tor* peace, the matter can be
quickly and effectively riassntod to
j congee**.
Th* marine* tailing from Phil...
defphla today . are fully equipped
with ammunition an- supplies for *
hard campaign In every way their
departure Hat th* appearance of
"meaning business," -„ '
NEW ORLEANS, L* Dec, 2--
President Zelaya It ready to give
j up hit office and allow Secretary]
of State Knos to name Ma (ucceea
a»**mi--.'—-.'.»*i **-*■»„_ *■)*_*) eat* <___^_**-__.. ■rr_^._f>l*_*_s__|_a_fg*______|
H^ffl^lorc Shopping
E«gH.4»Days Before.-*
__S__y._ Chrislmas.*
' ' i im. n ■ | ,
orTateordlng to a *t*tem*n| given
' Out ' » Consul General Altcchul of
( Nlcatetgua, who It considered Zt
' ley*", personal representative In the
[ Unit.-.- States.
Th* statement follow* th* arrival
|SfMb ctblt messages for Altachul.
*hl_n art believed to have been!
ifr-ft. Z*l«y*.
1 Tfctnswe that Secretary Knox
■ had »*nt passport* to th* Nicer
- a.-r.i repretentatlvt at Waahlng
. : ton «v** flashed to -clay* from here
' l**t light. Th* m***age* received
> tod-start supposed to be his reply:
"Pteildent Zelay* know* the turn
' •,,»f* h»v* taken," said Altschul.
_tJ»H[N(ITt~N~U «'. Dec.,-.—
. T_r ;tJailed Stale* It aa near war
I *tl-'Nicaragua at it po**lble with
. out A •li finite declaration by con
__^__B 'That body will convene
1 -oeday
* Some working man will lose their home*. _,
Others will load themaalvss up with debt.
All will suffer a lota of their Christma* fund.
' fhe Seattle Electric company will, within a few month*, get right
of w**y for a new and much needed car line.
.Cns* Is th* result of the »upreme court decision Just rendered by
the state supreme court In the Ravenna or Meadow place boulevard
jfae supreme court has amtilned ihe superior court In a decision
that*tho abutting property on the Ilavcnna boulevard must ,1
500 of the total cost of the enndematton of tbe boulevard.
' '- -The park board pay* 9t2,a00 and 914,000 come* out of th* general
-AM of this must be paid at one*. The part, board and the city
can do it. jjjl^fElir^-iiSJ^^tt^Bnt
Th* property owner* will have a hard time doing it. Some can't,
and will be sold out by th* sheriff.
Atd they tre buying at this great
-aerjftce two 4" f.etit roadway* c_
__^_PS about a mile in length from
WsWedlawn ay., at the north end of
_Ht take, to University boulevard,
■__**> university district.
i s .,Three years ago taw members of
i_4 j»rk board and other city of
f'.t'JM* sa.d the property owner*
__*f) I Lave- to bay these mad-ays
'strtri'auJ '-i— .i"i i' "i "■" ;'■.■ .i'„ mi:
a i.. —~*
I Ths pollco are making frantic efforta to clean up Seattle.
__uit night Chief of I'ollcc- Ward Issued strict Instruction* to bit
patrolmen to clote down all gambling game* and to enforce the ordi
nance compelling saloon* to close at 1 o'clock.
j Orders were alto Issued instructing the patrolmen to arrest all
disorder!) persona.
These order* ware Issued In the expectation that the grand Jury
would soon begin an Investigation of city affair*. v
It is the Intention of lb police department to have the city on
It* good behavior by the time the inquisitor* get around to this fea
ture of llielr work "??_';■ *
.-'* It It the tame plan that was carried out at the county hospital,
ajjktpt on a larger scale
-:',. There It also « manliest dlaposltlon on the part of proprietor* of
disorderly "cafet" to obey lie law regarding tin presence of
B~hmn Dlsorderl) women are for thp time being barred from ply
ing their trade openly in the*e place*.
;,> .Whether theae "cafe" proprietor* are becoming stiddenl) law
_bidltig~dntheirr 11*11 Initiative or whether they have the advantage of
•insight tip* in.in headquarter* it, of court*, problematical. That
there 1,, been a great chango In their conduct of their places In *
Iho last week la, however, a certainty.
:,". That ihl reformation on the part of tli. police and the propri
etors hat been brought about for the soli purpose of deceiving the
_r_hd Jury I* obvious.
'Gambling games galore have
b«en allowed to run tinder the eyes
of'the pohYe, In cigar stores. In the
t-eekirooms of saloons, sad In the
hottl*; "
~ «\nd yet, hist night, with the
grand Jury in scission. Chief Ward
1 "■ - -
aaiiii IBtl>*iai*Jiatl',|ess_sej9aa*___ea ) ia > i^Bl > j
Secretary of State Knoi return
ed the pa«*porta of the charge
d'affaires of Nicaragua last night,
and at the tamii time handed him tt
letter nrnililiigly .1. tin. in. the
Central American government, and
. ,-i j.i-i in Hy President Zelaya.
Secretary Knox virtually an
bounces the recognition of the
Niearaguan revolutionists and de
clares that It I* the conviction of
iln-. Unite- State. that tin- rebel
lion represent* >(.. sentiment of ->
great majority of tb« Niearaguan*.
Knox's lt'ttcr practically . holds
Zeis) - responsible for tbe death of
Cannon and Uroco and iho other
indignities of Iho Niearaguan guv
if tbe park board put at: SOfoot
speedway In the c«-nter,
..Now It develop* that Seattle Elec
tric company engineer* have sur
veyed and planned, wit', the recall
that the company will be In th*
council within A year asking for a
franchise on these 40-foot strips,
bought by the people.
The 8. E. Co. need* a new rout*
to Green Lake, and the people pay
for it.
Issued Instruction! to close them.
The orders of Chief Ward for
the arrest of nil disorderly persons
Is a Joke
The Newport, where Chief Ward
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Wholesale Arrests of Saloonkeepers Part of This
Job—Vanderveer the Only Official With Whom
Slot Machine Owners Talked About Allowing
Them to Operate in King County. * ,
..IS. ... . . _
- . We may not be able to get anything on Bob Hodge,
but w_ will ruin hit reputation before we get through."
• This, in substance, is a statement purported to have been
made by Prosecuting Attorney George F. .Vanderveer yes*
Vanderveer intends to use the grand jury in an effort
to discredit Hodge and to that end has promised immunity
to persons who would go on the stand and swear to any
thing that might implicate Hodge in some dishonest act.
The arrest of saloonkeepers throughout the county on the
charge of operating slot machines was done in an attempt,to
injure Hodge. To make it appear to the public that machines'
were being operated in large numbers throughout the entire
_____ saloonkeepers were arrested .who.have not liar! slot
machines in their places of business for four years. -
In a public statement, Vanderveer has intimated that
Sheriff Hodge knew that these machines'were in operation and.
permitted them to remain in use.
As a matter of fact, the only public official with whom
the proprietors of these slot machines talked in an effort to
secure consent to the operation of these machines, was
Prosecuting Attorney George F. Vanderveer.
Hut in spile of this fact, Vacder-
If thla *hlft the bur-
V-4>r I 'i shift t!.
den to the back of the sheriff. He
doc* this, having assure at leant
' one slot machine man that be bad
in. objection to tbo operation of a
few eiut isciiiues in the county.
Sheriff Robert T. Hodge,
whom Vanderv*«r ha* sworn
to "get," and for which pur
pose the county commissioners
hsve appropriated money, will
demand thla afternoon that he
be permitted to go before the
grand jury and tell all he
knows of thla slot machine
"If Vanderveer thinks he can
sbow When I have at any time dur
ing my entire life been guilty of
one dishonest net, be I* welcome
to i!,> It," said Sheriff Hodgt? this
morning. *T don't care how far be
goes. 1 am willing to answer for
every net "l mine sine I became
sheriff. All 1 want I* thai tbe
truth shall be known. I have known
for a long time thai Vanderveer
and Uie commissioner* were fram
ing tip to net' me. Let them -•> to !
it. When the moke haa cleared
away you'll find me Man-ling up In i
the center of the ring with the ref
eree counting Vanderveer out.
"Vanderveer has laid great
stress upon the fact that I am
a friend of Jean Romano, the
proprietor of some of th* slct
machines that are eupponed to
have been operating In differ
ent parts of the county. '_ I am
a friend of Romano's, and have
been for a good many years,
snd' hope to be for a good many
year* to com*. V«nderv**r
also I .ik been a friend of Ro
mano's for a good long white
and rode free in Romano's
automobiles when he was cam
paigning for John F. Miller for
"I am not prepared to say wheth
er Mr. Hi.in.mo ever asked Mr.
Vanderveer for favors, but I can
say that never In his life has Mr.
Romano asked mo for anything or
offered me other than assistance in
my campaign, and this assistance
was confined absolutely to the use
of one automobile for two or three
«iayt. The Idea thai Mr Romano*
Is a rich man la absurd He was
enabled to offer the use of an auto-,
mobile -use at that time he had, '
an mobile agency in Seattle.
"I am not ashamed of my friend
ship for Mr. Romano and don't in-!
tend to give It up because tht
prosecuting attorney of King coun-'
ty doesn't like it." . v*
Vanderveer failed to keep the
promise be made to the grand jury
this morning thai in- would furnish
H with conclusive evidence that
Sheriff Hodge was responsible for
a wholesale swindling of tin- clti
rrns of the county by Blot machine*.
Vanderveer produced seven - wit
ncsacs—all saloon keepers in Ra.
vcus.ale— to tell a tale of Immunity
promised them by Sheriff Hodge.
The witnesses in no way connected
Hodge with th.- operation of ma
chines in RaveiiKiin
Neither did th.- witnesses tell a
story of fortunes made in slot __*,
chines. Seventy dollars a month—
half of which went to the saloon
keepers and th.- other half to the
owner of the machines— was all
tho money played In seven tug.
chines In the seven saloons In Ha.
vcnsdale. -
Hadn't Seen Hodge. I
Not one of the witnesses had
ever spoken a word to Sheriff
Hodge concerning the ..p. ration of
the slot machines. Most of the
saloon men had not even seen
Hodge since be was elected sheriff.
Hodge, according to the saloon
nun, had never been in their places
of business while II- was in office.
J. fi. Rellusky. one of the Ravens
dale saloon keepers, swore that
Hedge had not been in Ravensdalu
since he took orflce. The witness
further said that Hodge had no,
visited his saloon for lfi months.
Never by an] one, according to
witnesses, was Hodge's num.' men
tioned in connection with slot ma
chines. Jean Rouiano, accord Ing
to the witnesses, owned the ma
chines. Monthly Romano visited
tho saloons, counted the money iv
the machines, kept half for the rent
of the machines and gave the
saloon owner half.
He Dealt With Romano. '' ]
Frank I .ml wig. -1, conducts (he
busiest saloon in Huvensiiale, was
the first witness before the jury,
sad toUl a ■tot thai was in all ma
teritil details corroborated by tho
oilier saloon keepers.
Ludwlg swore that he had three
money machlnea in hi-- saloon,
that the machines were tented to
him by .lean Romano, and that he
bad an agreement with Romano by
which Romano was to accept as
rental half of the mono) made by,
the machines.
When Romano asked I.udwlg'a
permlt-slou to place slot machine*
in hlu saloon ho swore that he told
Rom&no that It was against th..
law Romano, so I.ttdwtg told tha
jury, Informed him that "thoro
would li. no trouble." l.udwlg
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