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r THE _3.£ATTi_.E
TAR *#&- STTAFi*
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SqCI!.' NO. 248.
6*w~f moSmmtm*t**am
j -Why not. bachelor.' Christmas? HERE'S A CHANCE TO AID SANTA CLAUS .
Why not a bachelors Christmas?
jr Everybody know, it isn't Chri.tma. without children. There are hundred, and hundred, of young men and old men in Seattle away from home folk, and without children to whom Christmas ha. lost it.
" rA^ thTJ elotSOnUllClad'inSCMUe WH° Wi" ha" S UP lhcir •tockin ß- Chrutma. eve, and Chri.tma. morning those little .locking, will be empty. In .ome familie. the father, are in jail. In other home.
And there are lot. of little tads in Seattle who will hang up their stocking. Chri.tma. eve, and Chri.tma. morning tho.e little .tocking. will be empty. In .ome families the father, are in jail. In other home,
the father is dead. ffllm """ .■'.*... r ' '
i The Star will help. All the bachelor, in the office will work night and day to boo.t Santa Clau. down the chimney. They'll give of their time and money and will hunt up the "chillun."~they'll undertake to be
|» clearing house tor banta Claus. v ui_,m ana uay to doo.i Santa Uau. down tho chimney. They II give of their time and money and will hunt up the chiliun. —they II undertake to be
Write to the Christmas Editor of The Star, giving your name and address with your contribution, or call up by telephone and we'll see you. Maybe you'd rather buy the toy. your.elf; that make, a lot more fun
f fr-ou, for you get into the Christmas .pint. Any way, so the bachelor, get busy and get their Christmas boost into The Star office.
Hjoin the Bachelors' Santa Claus Club. It'll make your heart glad. ; *
■C'-.ristmas -season with Seattle**. loan sharks means an in-1
R_-ihaMn«*s- si an additional harvest ol usury. During tins!
ma- cf tfytji will the wage earners who desire to make their ]
■Wi and families a few gifts arc seized upon by the Shylocfca
■."rf-amatc prey. More persons want money on their salaries
fctSetasc;' So the loan of lice* have raised the rate of interest.
||[Dmns: eleven months of the year §10 can be lined by
fcjraijlD'per'cent, interest. During the holiday season the
r»3p-rt. lave decidct ' that this rate is too low. This year, as
Ft^«lwYt-ar in tlic past, the December rate <.i interest has
l^__¥«-*_l that for a i"-i. of $10 for .four months thc.bor
&*mW^yi£?!?**"_ V'"V»flS(, _. . . a- _^_ » . i*J
—art o&hgttfi ,m*'" {o pay.tlieician eompaiiy $18. l'.tght
■ •jP* in four months'is only" 280 per .«-»,, interest
—tti!t fai a liberal rata- Is a*>
ythat- ■ fact that U»e lesal
■A tamest ts ft ver ctmt. p*r
mat law, hot.- provides
$r**_s may contract to lend
Sit It. ptjr cent a year. Any
greater than 12 Is tuauiy
ii l.ii<l«-r can be penalized for
Brf Costs $18 Now. _ '
fc-ttile loan shark's manager!
Ht yesterday for the loan ,
IT- manager, who Is a
_.•;*!<<] that It would cost
thmrow 110 for four months. •
■sake.! why tbe usual rale of
ir th-- loan of ltd was not In
» OK] manager said:
Bit is the Christmas »*-
I ttan pt-cls want monty.
1*14.* calls for more money
iwe can lend. We can get
M**! now. It's th* regular
-sstter rate,"
IlKma* are not exempt from
■PStts-H rate. In Mi ' they
-tew* that suffer most. The
____MA already have the
_mm mpft their wages tied up j
*s _• \~_ made st a nsariou*
o*,Ot* month by month In
ffgMWth .Uie advent . °*' ,
_™m the Indebted worker i
Oat is raske hi.* family anil a >.
P-****! haj/py wnh a few -rift*..
SP-tfcaey be goes to the loan i
P_tllscr**sed Christmas rates :
_mh __ farther
K-^__~ *u-***-*r»- ...... '
rasaSXINO, Cal. Dee. B.—Armed wllh repeating rifles and mount
l"***'w>a'John Gerard and Herman Price, two 18-year-old boy*,
g-JM***tßr*d here yesterday and are being held until tho arrival
By*wpMents from _*>* Angel ea lo take them home,
B *■"*■ l«d« were en route to ihe de»ert country of Arizona, here
■^.t-et^mtentlon to fight Indian*. Tbo war expedition left
Ijß****-** November th in the fare of parental objection*. Young
IT father solicited tbe aid of the sheriff when, he discovered
IS"* *"" bad decamped. He send word last night that he would
I^WsWe to-.. time today to take his son back to Lo* Angele*.
W&Pim "* ..
J- 'BJ' I nllM l-rr.. )
PBBi?, Dec. *.—Leopold, the
W— r,f royalty, l* dying. An
X™ " "'J'*" • i ■ ■! ■ InK An
■•■Hello *»■• Issued early to*
. f mt that his condition wa*
W J-aproved, but those In close
■Nth royal castle know
U -tU« hope left for him.
gj* Is ending' the awful
■MMorc Shopping
KMore Shopping
■•Days Before.*
R^*£hr I st m as .*
•*— ■■--.
■"■ =-.-__u ~
iNot only In money Is th- Christ*
■M hmn * hart-eat for the loan
of tie* it.r. »ir!i -eall_KS with old
patron* but It incrt-aat-s. tho IHt of I
victim* with an tannrm.ius, number
jof new nat_«*. !».-< .-U..1 by tho ait-
J part-tit. i.»rmlf«*n«**.-. of ttt- loan
j shark's mt-thods. a •» „«>> .- »n>> r
[fi»llov.lrK a foolish custom ot uaak-
ing Chrietmsa gifts out of propor
jtlon to one's Income borrow* somn
;money, of the loan shark*. His
wages are fust suiflclent for living
e_|-cnses of himself and family.
A Hard Cam* to Deal.
For a few minute*' plcaaure in
making othera happy with his .in-.
he takes upon himself months of
trouble, anxiety, worry, humilia
tion and suffering. Nine out of
ten that enroll on the loan office's
roll of folly never free themselves
from tbe . self Imposed burden.
Month after month they sink into
a lower subjection.
Wage earner* who are thinking '
of borrowing money from loan
sharks to do Christmas shopping
with bad better endure a few
minutes' Imaginary embarrassment
st not Disking Christmas gifts and
escape endless worry snd toruble
that will be their monthly
portion la the futuro If they bo-1
come a patron of one of the most
Ingenious machines of usury— a Se- 1
attle loan office.
career of the Belgian king. Nature
I* . revenging iha wrongs of the
black* in the Congo and the women
of his own country. He I* .1 years
old. Prim ' Albert la his heir pre
There will be no 'ears wasted on
Leopold by his country.
By T. J. Dillon.
For the twelfth time In a* many
' years, Chicago Is wrought up over
1 the First Ward Ball; the second
city of the notion know* of no other
topic today of so momentous inter
est as their annual orgy, which rep
' resents tha highest development of
graft, and blackmail.
The ball Is given nnr.nally by
'.John McKenna, "lllnky Dink," and
■ John Coughtln, "Bathhou*.i John."
I v net* them aoout 150,000. One
'year this money goes to "lllnky
11'lnk," the next to "Bathhouse
[John.* This year is tho latter*
Wickedest Ward In the World.
In the small .ilea of tho First
! wad of Chicago 1* assembled more
| vice, ci ■ map „vi and political rot. ,
. • - • ' a, >. . . , „-.' „.( j, „
11. t ..Hani rr... i
bert tlooth King, Ihe •land archi
tect who wa* arrested last Friday
St the Key Route inn tn Oakland,
' while on his honeymoon, today Is
re-onlted with his bride.
King was arrested by detectives
of the local police department upon
sdvlces from Portland. For four
day* hla tearful bride waited for hia '
release, and waa about to retnrn to
her home In Portland when. King!
was released late yesterday.
King* possession* were returned i
to him by the property clerk nt the j
elty jail, and the doors opened for
him, following the receipt of the'
(lit I n.lr.t I'rrM |
• .NEW YORK. lice. S—Cheer up, j
you matinee girl. John Drew nin't !
going to die.
Your Idol of them lit* n.i *-* ii j.
locka and dreamy eyes 1* only
slightly hurt, and not In the face, at
that. So chew your gum with great
er Joy. for SOCHI again John will
prance forth from the wings to cap
tivate the female population of Ihe
Drew* collar bone inn broken
when 1.. wa* thrown from hi* hoi-n-
In Central park yesterday. He wo*
riding *l*h hi* daughter Limine,
fi'ire. he haa a daughter. By the
way, ho la l>6 year* old. More sor
row for the matinee girl. "Who'd n
thought HT" *he groan*.
tennesa than any stint In Christen
.l'm. ll' I. the law of (Jod
run* lot, and the law pt man
only by Installment* and degrees.
Hero resldo tho thieves, murdari i•
fallen women, and the Intinlti i.
more fallen men. Here they abide
In pence and security; hero ts their
sanctuary, where they are safo from
tin- molestation of the law —as long
in. they contribute to McKenns and
Cougblln. it li a little, squalid
monarchy of vice, ruled by two
despots, who levy tribute mi ll*
filthy truffle in return for the pro
tection they extend to Its <Itl.eiiH.
Alderman Get Money. -
VtYtTy criminal nnd prostitute, ir,
the ward I* obligated to attend this
ball and spend libers!!] to build op
a campaign fund for the two alder
men. . Hurt to be present menus
expulsion nnd He withdraws] of
i protection. Tho admission fee Is $2
—m—aa————ms -.- ■j^——a—.vtami_r-att—tmau „_u.„.
following telegram from '.instable
laouls Wagner of Portland:
"Please release King. People who
were Rklnned refuse to prosecute
after signing Information, nnd nth
er* were fixed «p by King's friends.
..eller and copy of warrant mailed
this morning."
The advice* from the Portland
chief of police upon which King was
arrcsird alated that a warrant
charging htm with felony had been
issued In Portland.
* Clearing* today jT.fl ,<>G<a.-35.43 *
* Balance* ........ 257.i67.fi1 *l
****************** J
run! there I* v bar ■■•■ hit must be
Some day when a ibOB or it
Ferrero write* the story of Amer
ica, this i irst Ward Ball will tabs
It* plat In historical literature
.villi the Bacchanalian orgle* of
Home, when Nero fiddled and Cali
gula feasted. For sheer debauch
ery and brutal defianto of morality,
It trill rank s* n classic; for dirty,
sordid vlrlousncss, It win always be
a model.
Tho ball open* wllh a grand
march st midnight, when a thou
i.anil men and women, tint scum
or lbs underworld, hrusenly flaunt
their presence as, arm in arm, they
roll about the spurious hall. Hero
pass In review pickpockets, sneak*,
lilii.lKat.ti men, burglars, thi entlrs
confederacy of crime with their
female allies, toughs, thug* and
dospdradoes; shoplifter*, nof<»
crackers and train robbers — all stall.
. Miss Marion Low*:—Your So
derberg story in Tuesday's Star
show* that even the city can
be a common thief. William
Sott.rbsrg ought to be made to
wort., if work can be found If
the city. puts him to work, under
the - present '■ system, th* city
benefits by his tabor,-and has,
In reality, stolen hi* time from
his family. ,He . ought to pro
due* at least II a day above his
keep, and that 11, by,rights, be
long* to his family. -
I The nbove letter was ratal*, by
Tbe _.jar 'this laornltts'lii answer
to the'story told In. this,newspaper
yesterday about William Soderberg,
who preferred to- Kit to jail rather
tbso siipttirt ht* t-mlly.
Idling.away his six months' sen
teuee m the- Jail," William Boderberg
Is r»o goot to the city t»r ta society.
I-east ff all Is he any i**.'..! to his
wife rp4 family, who bred him so
badly,, --
Why shouldn't William Soder
berg, 'even in Jail,- work for hi*
family? ■■ ** * * - ■*''■•
. The* superior lit**- have th.
right ,10 do Uits, la the belief of
Justice llrowtj, *i:.. c lit. *,("i
So-er^er*. / - r. "...V.
i-i-Thi criminal code provides that
the superior Judges shall meet from
to time to ptttmcrtkm rules for-ibe
regulation of tbe jail." said Itmwsi
ihls morning. *"t'eder thai they
have power over ihe employment,
tempersuce snd Instruction of prts
■ "And tho county eommlfsloncrs
can order prisoner* put to work by
the sheriff at $/. a da* I believe
that the judge* and the commission
er* could arrange between ihem to
turn Ihe money over to the family."
Why shouldn't this be done.'
Mary Case Will Wed
Nephew of Metcalf
IB*. officially announced . here to.
day that Mis* Mary Adcle Cant*,
the young contralto singer, will
wed . Wlllard Metcalf Mean, a
nephew of Victor II Metcalf, for
merly secretary of the navy,.
"I love my papa and my mamma, t
an.l I f |..v. my new mamma, but I
love my own mamma best."
,Thlj childish derjarnllon to Judge
Fratef, spoken In a little frightened j
voice^liy Onto "Mcl'lur** yesterday, I
decldttd the_ legs) struggle between;
tie, -Ikiysl'^A. .McClttrt* and llr*. j
• lao-jlsf |McClure for the possession |
of th-» llyear-old-glrl. • .
* j Father and. mother, divorced, each (
wanted the little Klrl. and took their j
reasons Into court. Accusations and ;
count! r accusations were made to
the Ijiystlflcatlon of the Innocent I
cause .if their renewed strife. " Borne ]
years fogo tho father and mother had
decided.they could live together no
| longt-r, - and set about securing a J
dlvnrci* a* easily a* possible. Kach j
was (jtixlou. to Ih« free of the other, |
and lliey made their bargain. The I
girl tloa given to the custody of the
mother, the father retaining certain
right! of companionship, i
I The father married a second time. *
Dillon Writes ..I First Ward Hall, the Most Vicious Celebration in the World, and
tin- Vice Which Keeps Hinky Dink and Bathhouse John in Favor in Chicago.
Ingly make their bow i<> the public
on whom they prey.
in the meantime the bar hn* been
put lv readiness; wagon load*
of bper are handy close by, cases of
whisky and even champagne,' for
each I* expected to buy according
to hi* means; and the thief who cna
afford wine had better not Indulge
too [ten In beer.
The Dance Begin*.
. In a few minute* tho first dance
iirllies up ami then the orgy Is
on : for six hours. Many have ar
rived drunk and seek with per
sistency to get drunker. Thoso
who mmc soher endeavor 111 over
come the hah.ll. under which
they are participating, and soon the
general condition Im one of Itoil
cation which grow* mors hilarious
with the hour*. At the end of
every dance, in, and women rush
for lie barroom; the loud, drunken
Tho entire, morning in. the rase
of tbe state against John Rlpltnfter,
charged with embetxlemcnt of city
funds while be was city comptrol
ler, was taki-l. up by attorneys for
the defense In trying to break 111.
damaging tesUinony given yeaier
day afternoon by Kdv.nr.l w
lists*, chief deputy comptroller
during the Itlplingcr regime. Melso
testliied yeeterday tbat be saw
nipllngcr take iho book* in which
were kept the accounts of tho
funds from which be ts alleged to
have drawn and place them, In his
Krtp. Ihe nlghl before bo elftfor
California. The books In question
have never since been found.
This morning tbo,attorney* for
ihe defense brought out tho admis
sion from M. '«.<• thst h* eotiltt not
be positive whether they were the
books now m!*-»ing, but ho thought
they were. He testified that other
hooks, exactly like the Ones that
are gone, were kept In the comp
troller's office lor other records.
aM-lse also reluctantly, testified
to the fact that llii-llnger* desk
was alwaya open, and was never
locked, even at night. Ily thla the
defense presumably will show that
the missing book* might have been
taken by someone else.
When the noon rect*** Was taken
Melse was clearly shaken hy the
many questions which had been
hulled at him by both Vanderveer
and Morris. H<- looked almost ex
Frequently tbroughont the trial
ihe two attorneys clashed bitterly,
and Judge Yakey bad to call them
to order sharply, (trandsiand
speech.-* and remarks made seem
ingly to Impress the jury on cer
tain features were many. Finally
Judge Yakey became disgusted, and
In no' unecrctsln tones demanded
that the trial proceed,
His daughter was present ot the
wedding. The complicated parental
relation that existed with the father
In one home and the mother in an
other, was rendertd more ■ . In
the acquisition of a "new" nun. i
Finally the father rejicnted of hlg
bargain with the mother, t'oth real
ised that sooner tir later tho matter
would be taken Into court, nnd lhat
the child* preference would be a
deciding factor. Mother nnd father
played on the child* love. t-*he had
to ik« her choice between her
fond papa sad her loving mother;
she had to balance their care nnd
kindness, one ttKoliist the other; alio
had to weigh her affection; put her
heart.on the scales, knowing that
sho must stab one to the very soul
to make the other happy.
And -In had lo do this, ■ Utti*
child 11 year* old, Just budding inlo
girlhood. She bad to make the
cholci between loved ones. -She
will probably remember 111 ' mo
ment until the day alio dies.
laugh, the delirious curse, the fool
ish blasphemy rise above the hub
bub of a ill,in in,,l feel . songs, vile,
obscene ami depraved, come from
throats burned hoarse with whisky.
Fights. Incipient riot*,, start up in
all part* of the hull, to bo quickly
subdued by a corps 1. efficient
bouncers) oh! feud* of tba under
world flute up to a' midden ex
tinction, I,ii the men .iii.l women
who acorn the law fear "Kinky
Dink" ami "Bathhouse John."
In an hour the dances have th
generated to a whirl of dervish
abandon; alcohol incited gaiety
soon Bliika to ■hocking vulgarity,
and at laat to disgusting bestial-
It) There la no restraint Imposed
on 111.' .l.iii. ami the) go an far
na human being* may.
Thrown Out When Drunk.
A* the drunkards full In their
steps, men and women, they are
On January 3 Employes of
30 Eastern Railroad.
Will Demand Raise and
Better Hours.
NEW YORK. Dec. 8.--Fifth Vice
President Murdoek of the Railway
Trainmen's union, declared today
that ther** Is lltt!.' probability of
the strike that has paralyzed
freight movements In the north
west extending lo tbe At!;,:.th- sea
He aisled, however, lhat the
member* of hla organization ard
the conductor* and other employes
on 30 eastern railroads, on January
3 would demand an Increase Of
wage* and a concession regarding
the number of working hour*. This
' demand will be made by the men
as employe* of the Individual roads,
nnd not aa member* of an organi
Tbo switchmen started In on the
second week of the strike this
morning. While the railroads an
nounce that they have broken the!
bach of the Btrtke, and that all
freight Is being shipped, the strik
er- deny this.
la there a feminine sneak thief
at large In Seattle?
For several wecku past feminine
lingerie and other articles of ap
parol dear to tho heart of tho gent
ler sex have vanished.
I-ast night Mrs. It. Slacklea. pro
prietor of a millinery store at 611
Union «t., reported to the police
that her establishment had been
robbed of more than a dozen val
liable ostrich plumes, valued at 1229.
Hither a woman or some, man
thief who knows nil about feminine
apparel entered tho rooms con
ducted by St.- & Mills, nt 509
People's Rank building, and carried
oway plume,;, feathers, black silk
sad ■ ball Itch rained at $73.
***** ** ***********
* *
* *
* Rain; warmer tonight and a
* Thursday; high southeast *
* wind*. *
bustled outside, like so much dead
timber. They .... supposed to
have spent to their sblllt* by 'his
time', ami consequently are of no
tun her value.
And mi this time the dollars
have been piling up for two men
who help to make the laws for
• For eleven years the press, pul
pit and people of Chicago hnve
fought against this First Ward
Ball, hut SIWS) :■ in Willi Last year
the) even nought the officer- o!
the court; asked for an injunction,
which was denied. This y.i: they
are relying on Ma* Busse, The
ball Is scheduled for December Xl,
and tbt ■ mayor lias :,,:, , no de
elded stand as yet. Aa hlg n mar.
nn 1,.- la, he hesitate..
For blue dapper John McKonns
and big bloated John Coughliu are
kings In Tbuggerylnud and (hi 11
power Is not small.
t* . ;
That Reason Given by Cot
terill's Supporters for
His Not Caring to Be a
That A. V i:.,iii!i.,n will be nom
inated for mayor upon the repub
lican Ueket wm the opinion of tho
i secret meeting held In the offices
of George Murphy In lie Empire
building last night by "6 democrats.
The meeting wo* called to select
a democratic candidate for mayor
I at tho primary election.
Alb of the speaker* asserted that
- careful canvas* of tho situation
convinced them that HI Gill would
be defeated at the primaries. In
speaking of the qualification* of tho
varlou* democrats men*.'■:.•. fur
the nomination.- tho speaker* said
that the democrat lo nominee should
be a man of the type capable of
defcatieg noulllon.
When George Collcrlir* name
came up for discussion, hi* friend*
stated that Cotterill waa out .if the
race. The meeting »h*. told that
Cotterill had said that hi- announce
j ment thai he would not be a I'sndl
j-ate vas due to the fact that Cot
terill had satisfied himself that
Koultlon would be nominated on tha
republican- ticket.
CottcriH's friends reported him
as saying that at i good citizen he
would have considered It bis duty
to oppose HI ..ill as a candidate,
did Cotterill believe GUl'* nomina
tion probable. «\s Cotterill knew
Itouillon stood for good government,
und believed ho would be nominat
ed, ho would not Injure noulllon'*'
chances by being a candidate. .-'
Some of those present favored
William Hickman Moore as ti>.<
democratic candidate. . Charles
Miller had some aupport.: .The ma.,
jority of those present, however,
were In -..or of O. T. Erickeon as
the most available candidate.
No person was endorsed by the
meeting. George Murphy acted as
chairman of, the gathering end Dr.
J. 11. I.yona nr secretary.
That the in!'' of groceries are
far above normal In Seattle and that
the retail grocers themselves would"
cut prices If they dared/ »iis the
testimony given before the grand
Jttry_ His morning by grocers. Se
attle housekeeper* are being com
j polled to pay prices that many of
I th. grocer* would willingly lower
If they had nothing to fear.
The older . tall grocers, backed
by the wholesalers, keep oat alt
competition. Loss ol credit. if not
bankruptcy, I* the punishment
meted out by the combine to the
enterprising grocer who invites
trade by cutting prices.
The grocers were overgo to giv
ing the Jury any definite Informa-
Hon that would incriminate the Be
atlli* Retail Grocers' Association.
Tho grocers testified thai prices
were above normal, but that the
small grocer was helpless to change
tho condition of affairs. If tho
grocer cut prices to get competition
the wholesalers weso notified at
oat i ami hi* credit was cut off.
Evidence was given by some of tho
grocer* thnt when they had cut tho
price of a staple article the Whole.
SSlers notified- them to pin it back
nt the old price or un without goods.
The Jury requested lhat he wit
nesses furnish t-I'* pin list sent
out to retail grocers. Failure, to
sell at Ice* enumerated on the list,
the witnesses told the Jury, meant
trouble, if in.i bankruptcy, fur ibe
grocer attempting It.
- The Jury has pent out for a largo
number of grocers and It li pos
sible that days will be occupied In
taking the testimony in regard to
the grocery trust. The Jury baa
been Informed that the grocers who
tire new to lie business and have
suffered iii 11111*1 from being pie
vented from rutting prices to get
trade are willing to tell all they
know about the combine,

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