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"ID. 21" cm'
• ;Va II coma forward! " you are
'- am. i«tr halt bedrootn and cnfe-
S_ toadies and life In tho atore.
/ JJJJ■, another man who * *""' you.
a. wrtttf- 1
-Mr Bdttort Please tint m* that
[ ._. ,'bo want- to K*'t a '•••••' I
' t__t a woman, but I want one with
__ at principle who believes In dr>
J „_-_'■ by all. I t>U ■« love with
. _,t ««; when 1 aaw that letter In
!_*<.,, lam a man well known
MMKSo. and will bleas Tbe Star
?! *<" her. I mean the one who
*-Itaered 'Housewife' and signed
Skrt-Jll '•*♦•>• «•«•' * *-on>t car* *hat
At kvk» like ao lone aa ahe ia neat
arta-**** t''
! ■ 4,81*1, reader in a email town
M_mx Seattle writes that he haa read
•tilt htar, - Ibe artlrlea by "Houao
NIT aad "Shop Oirl.** II c aaya:
««1 am *>■ awajre of tho tact '■***
ft (net ' ma:. houaewtvea have
I „-i, of cause tor complaint and
f geret 0 f nndntlful huabanda need
a be »-•*•-• to a realisation of
'•* _» tree situation. I only suggcat
ftst «'•> Housewife continue to
f bud get more of those Jolta ■«*■«
I pfeaMr. 'Hubby' up.
SSS*U tor tbe shop girl, ahe haa my
V pMfp »>!"■■■■. for being placed
-' hi !*_-_■' poattton myself I thor
mUj aadarstand her situation I
_ m ,__■ It Isi to scrambte MM la
t: mM room on a frosty morning and
Gaspare tor men I have lived a
1 ttt_«it»-. Ufa tor a number of yea rs
KM am quite welt -'tainted with
j Headed household aim. aa «--!!
. m bet*!, boarding bouse, cafeteria,
f jjt.ain and private family board*
jg_ fit. town.and country. I have
iCM them all for a change, but ft n.i
[ Ar bachelor's cabin gives rue the
iilMt aatiataetloo, although, aa the
I p*, little shop girl say* of ber
[ mm. It ... somewhat tone!) and la
I Imoblbc mora* ao every year So
sfttmU tea,, of the lonely maldene
! lata are »!ek and UrodUof single tree
tea eaataanpiate a change, tbey can
apt «y same and addreaa from the
i**~*^7^aW-^^__tW: ...
IV "Uarrtmd Woman** and th.
"ttap Ctrl*" bare r—a-r. i*-ln« " th.-i-
Mnp *** '»*' few day*.. Mean
; attte tlte "Married Man ha* been
mat •;_* ■' ''-.in* about hi*
* «*. **MMlai I trouble*, i On th.
ahmttat- thi* morning wa* a let
'' UHtaaTbe Husband." . He long*
I _•»*•« tana and a cheerful, ta-
a] ttatttma am, and do** hla ha-at,
■ apt*, km* aid.< of Ui" l-.Mi*.
hpttathtat up to ht-r bargain. Tk..
-t**~rjl*in ba-iow shows tbe result
•*»-(tt» hn-j*4-«.ifr- -shirk* her
htm tat pot* ©„ a -mrik-
(Tear Mr. Editor: I would like
'I* Its* yoo a; letter, about married!
Wn.e_ce.-I'have a .th and rr.il
bat My children are nk*e. but my
At sometimes only sp<-ak* to me
at** n . three ] months. When she
Ml me she turns her back on me.
iii when I go to my work aba* turn*
il* keek to ma* If It were not for
children I would never enter the
atar again. I work at night 1.
part tint | make good wage* and
ll lit. money I spend Is for car
ttketa • We have n nice home, good
brsliinw, bat <-v.*rything la neglect.
li —t covered with dust and the
at^reii are allowed to go dirty and I
itsfeared for. ■ •
'•■-fl gel home from my work at 7
■ norning and all have eaten
■I I save; a cold breakfast after
kCtg IS hour* Then Igo njwtaira
_»l aa.e my own bed There la
tat la th* rooms under the ' *t>.ta
m thick yea could track a cat."
KTktc-fldren's clothes are ; left
f «•*. At floor Just where they
_W««* of them. The table la
; -.mmtant with dishes which are
rt •** mi_d tartll wanted, and every
& •am. ttfit and stove ts covered
■*i«t< ■-! food, potato parttiK*. etc.
"*«» anything It means throe
!««ta**»tth*H. t » wortJ . | (j^t
| 1B children brought op i, idle-
ImxT^ _-*-*** hut omttt ran I
i_____*l Is not a pleasant home
t_*_f*T-H.*F ...
T m _ Seattle man and have a
!__ __**** t-on- have tried to
;£-_»■ to myself for tbe like of
__l___ s,,m there are lots of good
?___• *** 1 have none. My home
:"****••»•»* terrible, and If I aay
*9__**l »-*--11 it I am rail,. ; such
iP***.--..,, the happy family.
» wer» _ no happiness in mine.
H-BB&Tlil. HUSHA.\n."
Ss!___f w*sr ln lhf- -**-.room
j "'**»*-••<". to*** of crochet
I ■jfejMch bave allover figures
I 3*WJnto the fabric have their
I h.-y
•.« -tiled Palconne.
giST: ' ... « .
,*«**""- '•" left H"*" "
IIW '' w**«, *,«'I«-« tailored
Sm^SST 1?* a ,!al,">" """ <••*■
i l"W| feminine touch.
) _
I -^mlv^x™'* "f •''•'l..-.n.-5,. ,||k.
g»*tth Dutch collara. are II i.-.|
I ssssss! . '•"•Ir;"'''--' t-eloiiKlng to
■«h«h__e wardrot^-,
»-Ilia.»_ _
m7*V£! m ** -Wtom-fl silk t.uf
•M •
'te, Whirl, .... „ f „ r
•*■ a it., ta i"l' r " '■»">«■■-•»
■•fOhmhTZ , k,"
mi*!g, ,be *"*■<"■' Ar™* to
•iui.taSLi""*"*'' or .ir-dr- aro
i .■,,,,. , _7 ','y',,''J ', '' "v*
ft*** Candy Wise?
***** xSugnetiion
i (Lrfcfefer
( HiiHuiN's PiAvriMr
There wasn't much food 1.-ft In
the MMM but; and Mlnantah.
whose father m away m « hunt
ing trtp| MM ■__•■ out to see what
he could find. Aa he left hi* mother
warned him about watching for
radar Loam, bat Mlnantah laughed
gaily, assuring her that no beura
would come near him. -*„ shoulder*
Ing hla fishing spear, »>,. act out.
He walked II long WHIR from
home before he found a aeal hole.
and tbera he sealed himself tv
watch for fish TIM wind blew very
hard, and Mlnantah drew the fur
ho.nl closer about bit face and peer
ed more closely Infti th.- water,
hoping to get a flat, aa he could an
bark to hia warm hut. Ha was ao
Interested that tie forgot hla moth
er'a warning about the bear*, and
didn't ace the ahaggy et.aiu eoloj.-d
fellow that waa creeping over the
All women have favorite
recipes which they cook aa
treats for their husband* and
children. Send In recipe* for
some of your favorite dtahee
and tat other women readers
of Tha Star try them on their
own huabanda and children.
Address Cynthia Cray, care
The Star.
Diked sweet apple, top milk
Cereal with top milk
.;' -atm-d codflah •
Cereal cooked overnight ... with
Baron crlaped In own
Creamed potato**
l*nree> ot pea*
Corn muffin*
Ct*»*t3"-t» blanomange with milk
Water -
Flak chowder *, . ,
Crtap mamma—
Itoaat beet
Broiled lamb chop Steamed rice
Hakad potato Btewed celery
lire.***- lettuce
m*_rt and butter Lemon icily with
Apple tapioca whip**. . cream
podding Water or milk
,Ol eaj_-M». It dawrirable. the*t~*
mean* may bo reversed, tba lunch
iiia>— taay am revcraatd. th«* luiu-h
eon .Hals..* served for euppa-r and
: th* dli.ri.-r given at noon. Tbo lot*
lowing tllSaaH inajr be aubatl*ii*«*<l
tor those in ill* menus. In making
• rombtnatkmn, avoid arid fr.ili* with
, Mitt With thr old*r boys an extra
sandwich will often be necessary at
War Breakfast.
* resit or stewed fruits.
All welt-cooked cereal*.
Broiled aleak or lamb .hop with
baked potato
.Ml.ir-*d lamb on toast.
Ilrotled traah fish. Creamed po
i'.xr.s poached In milk on toast
Kcua scrambled In milk.
Shirred e*gs.
ilrown'bread brrwia.
* Con-meal muffins.- ' ,
Bran gems, graham genu,
ttread and batter.
Cream toaat.
-•French toast . Isifjtfe.
* Water, milk or cocoa mad** with
half milk.
For Luncheon.
, All cream toopt with cracker, or
Chowders—fish, «Iftm or mm.
Purees, peas, beans or lentils.
Soups with «'i„
Room strides, piccalilli, etc.
• i loped dishes,
nice and . macaroni cooked with
broth, tomatoes, etc.
Light cakes.
Sponge pudding.
Gelatin and cornstarch puddings.
Light puddings with fruit sauce.
For Dinner.
Light soups of stock with crack
ers If followed by fish or •■""■"
Cream soups and stews if tbe
rest of the dinner is light
Itoast. broiled or stewed meats.
Ilolled ham.
Poultry. _*"_,*_
Fresh fish, broiled, Ml or
Squash, onions, celery, peat,
beans—all vegetables, in fact ,"v.
Puddings as for luncheon.
Tapioca and rice combinations.
Daked apple puddings.
Puddings of cake with gelatin or
fruit sauces.
German Potato Klottta.
One pint mashed potatoes mixed
In 2 beaten egga. 1 pint of flour, 1
even Utitcapoonful of salt. Form
Into small flat cakea damn as flab
balls), cook In bolting water about
10 minutes. When first put in ket
tle stir around until they rise to
tho top nf water. Very nice with
roast of veal or any nice brown
Kravy. Good wanned over in but*
ter cut lip.
The Crete, nl MIS. Co,
i Seattle, Wash.
Ice. putting hi. big hair-padded feet
•town just an quietly „„ a 1,111.-1,
ao a* not to warn hla victim.
Mlnanlal shivered wltb the cold
and vi.ia wishing lie waa home when
be felt a ham— tap on hla ahoulder
that knocked hltn over, Oh! boa
seared he wag when lie aaw Hi.
bear! Hememberttig what hi fath
er had taught htm. he lav at 111 while
the bear, thinking he waa dead,
calmly nosed tin over. Aa she
turned ao that Mlnantah could
strike her under the left ahouldai
he quickly aent hla apear Into ber
heart, thua saving hla life.
How eagerly he ran borne to tell
hta mother and younger brothers
that be had killed a bear. Aa MM
aa they could they all went to the
aeal hole with th" dog sled to take
th.- bear home, where th« akin
would be used for a bed covering or
clothing, and the meat for food.
Hear Mlaa Orey: I bave a quan
tity of tan malm, which la .light
ly soiled and musaed. Wtll you
kludly suggest a method of clean
! ing It and of restoring tbe desired
(II Will ion give me , recipe
for th.- old fashioned |„.i.,»-- r
MA t-l
A.—(l» Malliu- la quite [nrlM
able, but if not too badly aotled
and mussed you might dip In gaso
line and after letting the gaaoltne
entirely evaporate, try pressing „
with an Iron not very not. A hot
Iron would ruin It entirely,
Hi Two MM of milk. . MM of
flour 2 egga, butter .1.. of walnut,
• mall pinch of .alt Heat thorough
ly. tor the longer It la beaten tbe
better tbe popovera will be. I*tmr
batter into hot gem pana and _■_■
in a qui. oven.
To make Maryland beaten Ma
c-It, .lit I cupful* of flour with a
MMM « .alt and cut In a
third of a cupful of lard. It i. bet
ter i.i.i to „., a., hands for the
work, as tbajr warm the fat—* pal
ette knife ta Ideal for M,.* pur
it""-. Make Into a ttltf dough with
milk -ml water, u.-.t half and halt,
turn onto a floured board, and teal
•nd fold continually with an old
fashioned potato maabar or th*
rolling pin for a full half hour, or
until . lb* dough la springy to the
touch. Roll out * third of an Inch
sheet, cut out wtth a small cutter,
prick with a fork and bake about
20 minute* on an oil.-d tin In a
hot oven.
Dear Vll» Gray: My fiance la
«tia*n.llns{ ,-rtll-sj, In another town.
ll* lißi. bought a aa>wa»n ticket for a
torture . nuraa tor him.a>if anal ona
tor is girl fris-.i-t I hava a-ks-,1 htm
In dlapaMMß of li-r tlrkrt, but ha rr*
ruaaa. Am I right? J. U.
A.—l think not You should be
glad li- la coin*: to attend tbe law
lures with a rlrl. .If M small a
7___ "+___________
Smm\\\\m\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ' _--L_J VWU* _# T_-B-_f--. HB ___PH 4i 9
__■ ______I________ I __U___F___r ' *^**^**^*~™?^~~^ T^^^^S ■'■J ■
T R ' - ■ \TWf%*mr _Km _W ■'^
. "a---■••• -^ -. h, i __________?' _____! !_l_ftt / . v_^ t * N tst___B__.^_R___T _____ * _L**
■ *-** . •• v '•"■■"i jQll I * I ' "v^___l _-B_-_r. hI
\ f__Ab_____. _feHb V .111 *l JiXt it ilt _¥ ll \ \ \\l *____ ■n|__n _I-U__ wl i>_
The approach of Winter holidays, when families arc reunited and guests arc
entertained, furnishes an additional reason for the purchase of a
When holidays come around, the resources of the home arc put to the test.
If you own a Pianola Piano you have something you can always turn to for recre
ation and amusement. V"
You can loot, .-ii it in either of two ways: Second, there Is the fascination of producing
... , ?.. . „ .• ;,_.,• „,..,. 1., the music yourself. And perhaps here lies the
First, there is In- music itself—-a tremendous „._„„,_._ _? r _ at __ t ch . irm No £> __„ ... you
• Pianola l charm. No one can tell you
rantfe of over 25,000 compositions—everything just what it means to be absolutely master of
from a dainty Venetian love song by Kevin the piano's key-board; you must experience it
_ , . , ' .. . for yourself, lo be able to summon Into exist
or 1 Ray. dashing Spanish dance by eWow- „h ll. tll( . m ,, M beautiful works in piano liters
ski to the martial polonaises of Chopin and the turc is the keenest pleasure obtainable from
heroic conceptions of Bt ethoven, - . # music.
/"I A Tjri^T/^v"VT,Thc iupremacy*ol the Pianola Piano is recognized through
v-i X Iv_/1N .out the world. Do not make the mistake of supposing that
all Piano-players are very much alike, and that it will not matter much which one
of the different makes you buy. ji
The PIANOLA .'.' $250 to $475 1 T Moderate
T{je PIANOLA PIANO . .$550 to $1,250 J Monthly, 1 Payments 7_',%
REMEMBER—We are factory distributers for the Genuine Pianola and Pianola Piano.
A most magnificent and thoroughly complete line now on display,
MUSIC S-^mZC&7&^ } AND
'I ,'H ■■ BBSBBMB* I »■ „i
aSM I ■ »
It's the Latest; It Haa Tremendbw* Holes and Aeroplane Pattern.
Thi. la the aeroplane veil. It haa
just been put into the fifth ay.
stares in New York. There can't
Ih< ait) thing later than this Just
now, therefore, • In thu whole coun
try. It's n hit 111 New Vera Dot
It la ao extreme a fashion that It
may die out l>*fore It set. far away
matter aa thts eauaea you pain,
when real trouble, come* to, you.
you'll not knew what to do or hoar,
to ti. ir it. It isn't realty your re
gard for him thai eauaea you tn
•.hje.'t, but selfishness ami hurt
vanity. ?
Dear mi*- army: Can third mama
be nvnrrta-d In Ihe CMtttHt church?
tf not. •.hat tap—m 'J relationship
I* permta.l' „'\;: J I*. |
A«— II) No tli l**ourth couatn*.
Dear Mlaa firry: Are canceled
t-eent stamp* worth $» a tmnm.f
If so. where can l ~-n them? ■« L,
INTKIUytTBrkj' 1.
. — M<. far a. I know there I* fIV
mark. for canceled **•*- I"
l-armr Ml— Qt«* What I. the 1
j proper way to congratulate a bride ,
, and groom * Ma 111 AN.
A. —Congratulate th-* bridegroom,
and tril lb* bride you wi»h her hap
piness In her wedded life.
Dear Ml** Orey; la ii ir*->i~*r for ■
a* -an* girl to meat rruau friend
mt tbe .tailaa when be I* a .trang-Jp
A U_A_n_RJ|
A.*—Yea, luring th* day If ejttr
night, •i«-r molttar or a male relaUvw
abeuld accompany ber.
Out <ynH.?. wisdom o/
For the home Ironer a capital
! method Is to mako covers of some
from' New York. The niches re
semble an aeroplane. The hole, are
ao large that the veil has to be
placed on the face In a certain man
ner, with mo- of the aeroplane
patches resting, ill. a croaa. on the
tip of the now, In order to keep ihe
end of that memtwsr from protrud
! ing through the veil.
cheap material and of double thick
ness, to fit tightly over the Ironing
board. Tbey should be -.-ii at one
end. ao aa to Blip easily off and on.
the open aide having a <-..u- of
buttons and buttonholes to keep It
taut. Th. covers will ba found
an immense boon, aa thny -mi
easily be washed and will laat a
considerable time They should al
way* be kept ipaloual) clean
and free from .dust.
■*m HINTS /_
I : _J__.ttOTH__iS
The baby ahould in* given a
i spoonful or more of water five or
ai. time* a day
A 2-year-old I" supposed to sleep
10 hours at night am! two In the
ff .
M A ..refill nurse pr**par>-a a fresh
ri-rtc solution dally to hold tl ■ rub-
In r nipple*.
It---' ■ . ■ ______
IV Many a cold I* spared tb- child
Who sleeps In a room with th.* win
Owe wide Open at night.
It a child scalp I* not In per
fect health, a Utile va**-lln* makes
j a good application.
To make romper* wear longer,
some mother* Mitch a square of
goods on it,, Inside of ih* knees.
Band* of cloth of tb* same mate
rial a* the costume are used on
aklrt* a* much aa for waists.
Hqtiasli or custard pie la much
nicer If tin- pastry is made and
spread on the plate tha da) before
baking. Thla .discovery wm Bad*
by prepnrlng plea on Saturday to,
Sunday's basing and eating
Ontjtcas.ioon of extract will flay
*'" one quart "i custard or pud
ding to li"' served unfrozen.
One tablespoon of extract will fla
! vor one quart of mixture 1,, be
I frozen.
One level 1.-jispiMill of salt will
season one quart of soup, Bailee or
Tbo ordinary French dressing
(three tablespoons Oil, one and one
half tablespoons vinegar, one-fourth
level teaspoon salt, one-eighth level
teaspoon pepper) alii marinate one
pint of aalad.
Tie your lain with cords, or at
least ■»»•■ cord rimming* It is
the newest twist that haa been giv
en in the present fad for fluff, neck
piece*. With White MlMllll.. a* till
bow, and Uimmlnga of soutache In
pink, a girl Is sure to have some*
thing brand new In the bow line.
tTh* WaahlnalMii
ji_ jy~ Combine Itontut*
aay: ••*!! la ethical
to charge high prlre*
tnd r.-fu.* to guar
"Kg—, _ K_A inte* I».*nlal Work."
TmW 4n ■■ . aay tt I* rihlral
f io charga low ericaa
for I-.-ntal Work
good enough IO ha
a^^^ Kuarant**d. ISclrn
-11 f la- methods prrmlt
- ma lo de In r,. day
• i.i Ih* Combine !-<-.<tl*i rci-ulre.
a wa>.ia to rit, and my prim ..v..
you ona-half th* money. Thi* la
what lha Lentil War I* all about.
lI.WIN i. 111-.. .11 % Til '-.( A.
Offlcva: I to a 1t.i,,., 11.... _. ♦.»
--t-aeen <*l.»rry and Columbia. Open
ever.ln«. until » and Munday* until
* for 11,. working people.
The Inexpensive
but Acceptable
Sr Cat_-__f
Ton wilt be Interested to know
that we have mora safes an., vault.
In tally -«« than all other manofac
turers combined.
Wo (uaraut.*.. our .ate. and
vault, to be superior to all nth. rs
I'urcell Safe Co.. 312 Occidental
a v., nKi'tita tor Ho: hi: Hall-Marvin
Bate Co., ..lanufiii tur.ira of the gen-
Mm Hall Safe A Lock Co.'. .ate.
and vault-.
1 furniture "' FREDERICK & NELSON, Inc. [~~ furniture
j __,_. COOPS Pan * !•—— matt ai »*•—Will *a»i Itw I DRY GOODS
I D*-t*f GOODS „,«, -...--In.. l„ r .hri.li..- _£&•-_ ORV 00°»-*»
Fancy Ribbons for Christmas
SPECIAL "1 ; lVf hi :" , l'lc ,' im>' '*'"•" " SPECIAL
<-_-. A the demand lor Fancy R,l>- Sjd
O^CTjf-a -_- ** oons is greatest we offer '^Cl^
\PfmJ**** Yard uhiisually attractive val- " -*^* Yard
width. 5 to s IK . The assortment con- width. 5 ,0 8
Inche.. . .. ... inches.
tains a variety of dainty
styles and colorings highly appropriate for Holiday-time uses. There are
wide stripes in two-tone - effects, Persians in light and dark colors, handsome
brocades and Drcsdcns, solid-color Ribbons in stripe designs, plain centers
with fancy borders and Ribbons in pretty hand-painted effects. The widths
range from sto 8 inches. , . . ' „
Arranged for convenient selection m two groups, at 25c and 39c yard;
—Klrat see.
Stationery in Fancy Cabinets for Christmas Gifts '-
Two-quire Cabinets of fabric-finished its Upright Holly Cabinets containing two
tioncry, decorated with large bow of moire quires of paper In various sizes, with en
ribbon ; 75c. velopes . 50c.
Ilaviland Cabinets, rich purple boxes con- Berlin's Colonial I.awn Cabinets contain
tabling finished paper and envelopes ing three quires of paper and envelopes to
of superior quality; one-quire size, 25c; match; $1.50.
two-quire size, 50c. Crane's Linen Lawn Upright Cabinets,
Large Cabinets, embellished with em- containing two quires with envelopes; §1.25.
bossed holly design, containing 100 sheets Other i.m, Gift Cabinets in pretty nov
and 80 envelopes of fabric-finished paper; city effects arc shown at prices ranging up
50c. tO $2.50. —First Floor.
Large Stocks fv~ 1 ■'■"■• 1 ft *ay 1 A Mail
_•<_*__. rredericka nelson •**»
Handkerchiefs I m.......... J Executed.
U^mmttmea.i FREDERICK & NELSON, Inc. I ;^..7f"j
I 111 l "v"** I -.I--, flnaaa ll.llr .- _. .-.-■ v ... „ . II- lL±i__i B'__J
'»,.. lltnalnsr. for ( lirl.l.iin. llii.l»«-.«.
* ±~n _7~
Suggestions for Practical Gifts
NOS, §3.7s—Long, full
Kimonos of good quality J ,^
sill., will) many shirring /fj-%r<^\
across .shoulders at front /OtaW'le^.^A
BCroM slimilflcrs at front //._ v ll '\ '
and back, and having front flw^'l •jL \Ay
and flowing sleeves trim- V-f^to'l Yv
mcd with satin hands. [M T\ '■ 4 .
Colors, dark-green, navy- ft ll' c *
blue, lavender, light-blue li-'v |.
and red, with pretty Oricn- /in AMs_
lal designs in attractive i7jge\\ rivt \
i oiiiliinat mii colorings. Very »>■ JH , JL_, l\
J. *_F i-Lii NrnT^'i it*
appropriate for Christmas /J j^iWtwß
•i* X A.M X f ll\ri_»
gift*, and will lit- put up in Oi'ftfi_*VfMl__^
fancy box if desired. •*?*'^-^__27'****^
CHILDREN'S SWEATERS, $1.25—0f wool, in car
dinal color, with high neck and belt. Si/,--, 2to 5 years.
Prettily boxed for gift purposes.
DAINTY TEA APRONS, 59c—Of all-over embroidery
in leaf pattern, cut round and trimmed with embroil
ruffle; witle sash to tic.
SEWING APRONS AT 50c—Made of dotted Swiss and
trimmed all around with pretty filet lace; deep pockets, and
wide sash to tic.
TEA APRONS AT 39c—Of dotted Swiss, crossbar dim
ity and plain lawn. Trimmed with embroidery insertion or
ruffles of embroidery; bave node sash to tic.
MAIDS' APRONS. 25c—Of white lawn, with wide,
square lint.-Hi- over shoulder end brood sash to tic*.
Two-clasp Glace Gloves, overscam sewn, in black and tan;
attractively boxed; 85c pair.
Children's Gauntlet Gloves in tan and brown, plain and
cowboy styles; 59c ii id 7 ■■ pair.
Seasonable Knit Underwear Items
Women's heavy cotton Fleece-lined Union Suits in high
neck, long sleeve, ankic-lcngth style, warm and durable.
Women's Pteeeo-lined Vests of pure white cotton in high
neck, long sleeve style; Drawers In ankle length to match.
Price SO) garment."
Boys' Union Suits of gray flcccc-lincd cotton; 25c.
Children's Pleeee-Kned Cotton Vests in white, cream and
gray, with high neck and long sleeves; Cant- and Drawers
in ankle length to match. Price 25c garment.
(Frederick & Nelson)
World's Tour by Wireless
Contest open to alt student wlre
lea. operators. The student re
ceiving the highest merit mark and
developing ihe greateet proficiency
as • wireless operator will be
awarded $100 IN GOLD, A MEDAL
tin and after December 1, 1909.
each atudent wireless operator of
the International Inatltute of Wire
lea* Telegraphy. Inc. will tic given
a merit mark, semi-monthly, for
proficiency In work.
Merit alone will be awarded,
BE 11 €? }g™«
___\ _\*_ _ __ \ A\
_. .io.iv,,, for mg S.TO AG E
Hou.chold Good.. \S/ j 03 __ n- —
_ ._■--.. --*-V- ;;> - J
every student la rut on an equal
basts, and Individual work is what
The contest Is open to all .-Indent
wireless operators who complete
the course on or before May 1,
1910. ;
The tour will begin June ", 1910,'.
and extend over a period of eight
months. Salary will be paid tba'
student wireless operator while on
the world's tour and will be the In
ternational Institute's representa
tive to alt nations. '._■';?' \,
investigate. "Ll. of W. TV 106
While Bldg. Main 6920. 1

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