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VOl 12. NO
President of Brewery Concern Brought to Hospital
Fnxu So«p lake Uncon«ciou» and Die* a Few
Hours After His Arrival Death Halt* Union
Andrew Hemrfrh, president of th« | inc. to bo brld in Ucorsrtown to-
P*3ii!e f'rvwirs and M«lll:>« com
f»!:jr, and oc« of the most prumlornt
tr»**ru of th. I'.i. ifi. i.i.i<t. i';i, ,j at
the Minor hcspttnl at 4:}* o'clock
jTwo w.ik.i aga Mr. lUmrich w*nt
Ut S'ap Lak<; In th»» hoj>« of recov
•rtac fn.m a bladder trouble that j
wm caiulnir him much i*hjnk-nS d!*«
■ .-'Mb condition became con»taatly
j wotm. XtMentay t |.». u .,.- un
| nin«ci«». Dr AlTr*d lU\ti:. the!
family phyikian. wi« «nt to Boar!
Lake to bring Mr. Hemrlrh back 10
Seattle*for medical treatment. l>r. j
Raymood brought Mr. HemrJch to;
Seattle. ,During tb* t/1(» he did not ■
rtgatn ff.n* im-.-n. «« Or. K*a>: n< \
jr»ik.«i ih« Minor hospital wltti hl» j
nnccmacloo* patient at 2:10 ... ! ■ •. k i
|lh!» mombis. r*. i».,ur. later Mr. j
H'mrlch dJ*d without rega'lntng c«n
I p A ndr^ * K ■ mrlch *u S4 yearn old
He wa» unl«•■(!.'.. >1..j the biggest Tig
lire In the brewery Induttry In the
Nirthw*^ for year*.
fin IMI Mr. Hemrtch ram« to ««.
attte from Wl»eon*ln, hl» native
itlte.: AtiiHMt Immediately after hl«
arrival I* enUblUhed a brewery at
Bay V;.-. un.!, r the name of Kopp
* Hi-tr.rkh. Later hl« father, Jahn
Menjrtcb, and Frederick Klrxchner
f;''f!n»<J a ef/rpctutJon under the
cam« of the Bay View Brewing
company. Mr. Hn<j*h Gontlnurd
I t« be Interested fij th« brewery
bu»ine»» under !h;i until I«>Ji.
when It waa mer«rtu Into the Seat-
I tle Brearlng and Malting company.
■~(Kr. Uetnrich waa elected pr'nl
imt cf ti. '>«ttle Brewing and
M«|t. company, which poult I'm he
htld ootll bla death. The Seattle
Brewing and Malting company, un
t*r Mr- Hemrirh'a prexl<l*nry, had
tDcrtaatd ita output until It occu-
P"*» » place among the largeat
hfe»nl«» of ... country.
JMr. Htmrlch In 1«J» wan elected
to the ttat« «enate. In 1114 Mr
Hemrtch wa* married to Mlaa
Amelia Uurkf. who iturv'ven him.
*"r Hssnrlch for year* ha» l|v< at
Tenth ar. 8., n»r4r llanford «. fle
nm'.'.r. Jmwever, he moved to hi*
»•» reetdence at Slat av. and Kaat
rm»p. »t
?«Tbe body I* at the D»nney-Wat
•<* BDd«naklng parlr>m. No funeral
irf*n*em*nti t>ai« yet been made.
TT-« brewerlea with whlrh Mr. llrm
rich v,i« connected auxpended op
. 'mu,n* lhl morning ... a mark of
'•■.• to th« deceaM-d prenldent-
S« m ■• of the d''ath >,f Andrew
"Winch, which '"''''' 'I this morn
■«, '•■■ brewery utrlke, which It
*»• punned to call .<lay, U In
r**"*. condition. The brewery
•w**ri all reported for work thli
:■•*»»*. The plant* of the Beat
■J* wtwlne tc : .'iiik Kiii.j
--; ,r? «• br*werl«-» of the- HemrUh
t"^*y»< towevtr, did not operate,
v- "B to?' r ' II. -if,:,. ;, . death.
0. w. 11. IJavln. .ecrc
j~J oi the rir«wer»' a»iioclatlon,
Prowbutlft of the Intnr-
Brewery Worker*' union.
CJI V * ■ ton« conference In the
JJ^m hotel. At the ItiHlori
ii,,,,.', waJ*r«jit« Mr. I'rfM-l/i an
2?^**}**l tfc., lt/ewern' a«»o< la
*lSarttr''' noth*r PTopo«ltlon to
r*** U ttfc ilriw«rf uuloa Bi«et
If Ui- proposition submitted. '»
islKbt i« not «i'.i-if.»> («>r\. th< torn
will be r*U«d out < f i.v- H-^vtil-
Hrewlng ft Malttoc mmp.u;>. upon
which the fight will be concen
trated. if the other breweries lend
any - asaistance to this brewery,
they !ik--»!•'■ win be made the ob-
I J.«t* of attack. 1h- d.atb or Mr.
ll> ii; r!. h will probably [int-nt any
definite action for i• ■ ■ or tl.r-
— AND —
ha B
NEW •'UK — ■)■■' ■ Qulncy
Adams Ward. dean «f American
sculptor*, and one of h*r grcntt'M.
c!l«l >• ■-•■■r<; i> .il hi* home ti- '••
aged »0 year*. The body will I* sent
tomorrow to L'rbana. Ohio, f'>r
HAN lilfUJO, r«l—Wllllnm Oardl
ner. a cari*'nter, «7 years old, pla<«d
a nhofgun In hi* month lant night
and inii'-i th«? trigger with hlx uw.
Hi- h'-.ni wan blown to fragment*.
BBOCTON. Mau-Horn on the
■un. day. May 2. 1" M i'r. I Hanson,
ormer »r,.i<- rrpremntiitlve and well
known granlti- denier, and Mm. llm
lly J. Coe, of iiMimri'", will be mar
r;<<! i...!iv on their Ttth birth
day. Thl* i» the lrl !•■'• third rnar
iS.ik-i- itnnxon I* n widower.
FIIBHNO. C«!.—Wtlippt* H. Hall.
ih- aviator, crashed Into a f.-n. .• and
km luiinfuiiv Injured at th, fair
ground* yesterday while hi* wife
ami daughter were watching hi*
TA<"OMA.—Five people are held In
'h< Turnma Jill on n flnt degree
murder charge, the largrxl number
In t).-: bliitury of i'lerce county.
nKDhANHS. I'Ml—Xlrm. M. Four
ben In suffering from a fracture of
the akull and th« body of rn»\M Da
vle«, J.»r former hunband, who In
flicted Hi- Injury. In Hi li • clty
morirue. D»vle» ahot hlmaalf IhrouKh
the head nlt>-r he. had .<mh. i*.-.i Mra
Kcnirtien, beating her head with the
butt of a revolver. Mri Kourken
divorced DJVie* H-vr.il yum ux<>.
nOHEttV.net. <>Tf— Former Con-
Kre*»man islriic r 11 • r tMHrin I" on the
road to recovery, arcordlnK to n
bulletin I*sued «••«!.»>- by the attend
iUK ;'
HAN HAFAKt.. fat.—On« of the
larftrM ci.uii r<rfl»i>o<l tree* In Mulr-
WfKKla National [uirk wu* dedirated
to Clifford I'lnrhot ycatorday. Th«
ceremonl'"* Wfre wltneKaed by over
2,000 p«opl<». I'crmlnalon to nuiin:
the tree was r«f(elved from Wecrf
tary IJulllnKt-r.
That threat of Mayor <:iir« thnt
he. would have a new l.oiir.l ■■ civil
y r\ u •■ rommlialonerx for breukfait
every morning if iiiinK- didn't jtmt
exactly nult him teema to have !<• hi
Will yu Iklii build ii.. fence?
A Nle^itlnir man tried to commit
hiil. Ici.- ut the clly hon|iltul. W# bu«
gf*t Hallry'n comet an a ri-m«dy.
They Indicted Hob H'Miire b*oftUM
he didn't aeurch through bHHcmentu
for du»t-covered -i.,i nmrlilnen, und
now the court i ijinni throuich and
aay» the «rund j II > |ll''l I" < TIIICIB-
Civ!l Service Commitsion
Stand* by Mayor in Hit
Kffort to Put Political
Friend in Office.

eommlMloa .«i n up* |

Almo«t •>»f)r ptrton praaant
■ I tha Bringhurat haaHng 10
daya age admittad that Ma,
OiM had fallan down eomplataly
in mahing a cat* again*! Bring
huril. auMici«nl to warrant tha
lattar'a removai io that Capt.
John Bayla, ana of the mayor'a
political lf*ut«n«nta, might b*
given tha job
Thr m«>i*r

with '

Th« civil arrvlr* t -u; no-! ■: .i«
found t*.ii Ihr fll«t l«u rharsm
acalnM HrtnghurM »ara not «■»>>•
oianSUl*-!. I)U(, l-.m j-r«-»»« |o
«rr\ nut ttiv ma)or** »l«he» and
«•■( rid nf Hrtuchurat whether or no,
mnl vtllli Ih* i i ...;•«■• i of > •■ itiit aum
maxlly remnvrd fr»m of fir* tt 'h»>
tt!d nnt <!■• thla, pkkrd Iho U«t
i tmrir Mil ono <m MhUh to turns
their lion.
The ecimmteiion d*c!d*d that
Bringhurat had not worhod In
harmony «*<th the board and
had publicly criticxed member*
of the board.
Th# tenttmony at th« hrarina
•• r.-.vf,! that not Ithif"! Imt th«
ii!'ml..i< <•( ['.:.- (™.ir.i uif at fault
In (*!«• <*«otrovrr»ira that nr>■«•■ o««r
(he purrhniic nf arroratua and n»>
pllr* for |h* fir.- ii. ijrip.f.i anJ In
the fitting up of n•■ f'.rt v-.n! t>u
uraintah. Purrhaa«a wtr« mad* with
tits r dlnrraran! for rrv»inmt>n<ta!lon*
i:i.i-'- by lh* fin- . hi- f. and at «!:. • •
.•ILI ! «V*f CmilltllttllK film Htn.'i!
'!.•■•' Th# !<'[■• iV.i.i! waa ftltrd up.
•■••■'■. to imatl '■ ■ !■"•—.!•!.•::» that
would b* t*ry Importanl whrn It
tam> to fir* Ut' ■'.; a \n thp far«> of
pr»t«wtl» from lirlnshurvt.
The romml»«!on r. ■•!•- mucK of the
charge th-tt llrlnghitrnt t ..-.<! failed to
»n«wrr lett«r%, asking for hln advlrr
regarding the fitting up »f t». fire
l»4il. and In answer tn thin < r..ir«.
Drlnghumt *ald i.u.%
"II aaM not until liit Ocl«b«r
that they tent me the latter* of
which so much capital ft mult
now and wMaJI I am aciu»*d of
not antwering. The boat wu
then nearly completed, and a*
opinions were xk»d an matter*
■ Irongl/ opposed b«fora the
board by me during the IS
months that lh« boat wa* in the
course of construction, I limply
called their attention to thu fact
upon receipt of these letters,"
In aummlng tip the whole decldon
of the cotnmlmlonera, Hrlnghurtt
mild he believed It lo be »lm|>ly a
matter of political expediency.
"lii the fnce of threata of remo\al
tho rommlatilonerit no doubt thought
It !■< i'« r to .'.>. nfit •■ me than to en
danger the whole civil pervlce, and
probably Ilila wa* the «l- -i view
to take."
Two hundrrd and thlrtynlne
patrons of thn East Union car lin<»
filed >.h the city council clerk
this iiK.rnlnn a vigorous protest
aralnut the service on th« Hast
Union street car line. A fow '•!
the things they liavi- to kick about
The oldest and most dilapidated
cars la tho city.
Havlns to wait for ram at time*
from, 15 to 2° minutes.
Ah many an M p«opU forcod to
ride in curs mrant for not mur'*
than M or 40 i'"'i.l>'
Carn Jammed lo the extent that
conductors gel squeenwl In ""
they cannot see when p«n>le are
getting off and on. and hrivo to
depend on ti,.. word to stop or
start Mil passed along, thereby
in* ii,.. (i..i.i '.r .«• Mtla'i poll
„ „r condltl
1,-tiiiK in lh<
llev. Wllllum 11. OTonnell. arch
blxhop of ll<.K>"l> tOO un uwful nip
at [loonevi.lt In un julilress to Cutli
olio «<K-I«U«'» In HoHtun yesterday,
charging th" former president with
having willfully Insulted the pope
and the CMhOl« church. Incident
ally uixo Kuthir O*Connell took John
I'allnn UiilKliii" to tu»k.
M. ('. Dickinson nnd Charles
Wright, "f II|C "i<K"i' Hotel, Porl
land, will 1,1. over the H<>uttl« ho
lal In thi* city today, with Al Hhort,
formerly of tho Italnlur-Urund, as
Mi.iii'k" r '' ''
* *
* Ml|[||||| •
* Showcra tonight or Tuet *
* day; light west winds. *
i* . *
SI A I I 11. WASH . MONDAY. MAY 2, 1910
Johnnie IN>€», Soldier of Fortune, Off
for (iolcl and Ailvcniiire in the North
i.lixl I. ill Johnnie I'oi", f»tncnm
I'll li.-.-l foOtb«ll Kim liHrk 111
tho liiii> tin-, i ;iuic tnnrrhlUK Ixiinn
it lloiuturcan e<*»<>rnl. l.»«i lil»(lil
nt 9 o'clock h. » .-ill t.illiiii; nwu>
to .vluhliii on tln< »|p«mr>r l> 111 I
hoii. u member of thn t'lilliMl HtAtcft
I li'lirnt iiurvcjr |i»rty, •«» h|>«miiJ
dm «tiinui«r wtirklng <>n tIM Alhm
kan Canadian tiotimUrx llni'.
Wlh-h l'o.. Itnllml it - |>iu«i»lt
American Ktinbont «< I'urrto I'lll
tM, it'itiiiuKDi. Itiit HcptPmbcr, auil
nukml to bo Wiknn hmnn, 1)0 »*Cl|i"
hi* riu.-.-r h> * noltllor of fortune
«m» < ii'l.-.l "Wh«r« In j"ur im».
K:iM'.' CUllrd Ilif nffluT Ol th«
Jk( k "l>un't worry iiliimt I III'
| kiiui It ronilft* of A |>*ir ol
«(H-k» and ii i|«m k of J'lfi) liik rni<l*."
!>.»• . nIl.-.l bark.
Qultt Qrntri! Uutitin*.
And Viw, no luiiKi-r a ■■li. Mil In
ili'' army of Ilotidtiraii, wan nmni
atxukrd thf Knsilic.it lHia Molnen
and wiii back to the Unltrd
It .■■•■:a>rl sood to bo bftrk In
• llUmlliiii again, 'lint !'<>«•, the mil
dl«r of fortune, told h>« frlt-m!..
gravxly !>.• wa« !«<-riltiiK down.
liui drllliatlon and routine <i
tsitiu.. {mitfd on htm In ifhnrt or
der. He beard of two old I'rinc»
ton cla»tmait>a'who. wrr« >Bf I"
Alaaka 111 th«> numtii-r on tli« iur
try work, and promptly put In hla
apiitlratlon .
"Now look hi«r«\ ..1.1 mail. 1
wasn't a tm! genrrat iti th« lion
durean unnj; r — ««!•! to a »Ul
! tor. "1 wa* Jut! an officer «uii
•>u( any i>«rtit iiinr rank Ai> mu
with a white roltar can !>«• an >>'.
fleer If he wanti io b«."
Balki at Photo.
Attain li. niij<-< dil when n pho
tographer appeared. "Now »h>
dun't you taW- a (iiriuir of aome
of tii.« nthi*r fillowii In th« party?
Tlk-> i.i- cnod. lawkblrllni <ui
n iiK. who wotk hard and are try
ing to make a tianin for Mm in
x'H.-K. while I |u lauullni off t<>
kick up a ruiaima In Ontml .vni«-t
ll'-a.1 I'-a. attd s>'t all the is<'»«{ia;—r
llory." .
■ 1 t - f Ikt wM ll
;. MOOt '" • <*>. HM
.' it in (VntnU At!
With iti»> rlvlr bureau wor* In
harmony In checking back on tho
original count inarfrj by the official
government •*«"i*.f« 'he prospects
are better for B^«nle gi'tllng as
uearly as complete a c<jtint u »n>
other city on the coa*t.
Tha »ii[« fnifd "in '
|HK I ••; lo '
• natnHtlom ■
nmn> di

endangering Um lift and limb of
Ilroken promlnen made by the
ftcattlo Kloctrlc company hi the
fniinr.- to put larger aad dkm ■ rars
on tbe lino after the '"••• ot the
A.-V.-J'. f«lr.
Transfara from Capitol Hill and
19th av. cara refused, making It
Impoealble foi nnyona to beat the
"crowdthem In gam'i" by taking
cara on one of the* two lines and
from them transferring to the Kaat
ITnlon line after MOM of the crowd
has alighted on tho way out from
the city.
The Kant Union line folk have
more ooaiptelßti ilibii th«He, and
they are real unnry about the den)
th.'y aro fattlni from the. 8. K.
Co. They demand I'li.-i
ill. I ■tOkJ I'rfU )
i:. Mn\ 2 Caughl be
tween the elevator ragr tnd third
floor of Hi'- Couei d \l> ii' li -it. I
building ''lui 1 I ■'.< k iti mi.
■I) ii...,i 11 nvei w.i
nii -li. .1 I mI recognition and
ell. c| ii f.'» iiilnnt.'K In', i In the
l.lliil Inr,. tail
moraine. Beketrum *im working
with bli bead thnial through the
. lerator nhafl door aad, nawarc
of IMk preat not there, tl
. upon iiim
:. „■ raft I i" Plttebui.
r,f ih. l .
The d< rotlon of the ti us one Im
,i of the faithful Mn
MMrii' . North that la railing roe."
h«ri- ««r« two nhort bU«t« of the
JaflerwiD'a whl*tl«. and the wharf
hai>4 b*>«nu to H"< ready to ral*a
ttM gaog i>laii« Poe ran aboard
nod.dliMipp«arrd In the calon.
Fc«tt>»lt r«mlly.
Join P. Poe. Jr., or "Johnnie"
\'ye. la otif of H.<- • «■!• al«^l fam
»r *M Princeton gridiron »tar». and
Inelif-ntallr • r«tatl»« of I^Uar
All** Po*. Klvn I'oe brothpra w^nt j
to I>rt»c«'ton, and not a one of j
to«m tn»l#d to make a nrme for|
Coroner and State Officiala Will Try to Place Blame
for Accident Which Cau»cd Death of Two and
Injury to Seventeen Saturday Morning.
Coroner J. C. Bnydcr. lite rail
road; romnilMlon " Washington;
and Cne public utilities department
of Htattl* will bold ii Joint Investl
K.-iliuii at 1 o'clock tomorrow aJlaf
noon ( to fl» tin- blame for the col-
Illstmt on Hi.' Bealtle, Renlon *
jSouUiern Sam.- night. In which
|t«Hpi'<>l'!' »it" kllliil nnd IT In
Juriifd, one of ttten probably fatally.
Coroner Hnyder Nieotvad word ■
tlilt mornlnK from Chairman 11. A.
PelfGhlld of the rullrnnd commo
tion lhat itu- i iii^idU ilmi would be
her* tomorrow. Tbe Seattle. Ken
>..n 6 Southern coroci under tin
i'lrticilc of thi rommiMlon
through Ha being an Intorurban
road, and th<> commission ii.iikl In ;
viwtlfate nil n. t lii'-i.t" on the mil
roadii tho itatp. With Mr. Fair
chiW'will coiuo Jt'»»e Jonm, J. C
l^wirnrp, thi> iiiliit mi'intHTi of
tho , and prohahly As- i
•iiitaiit Attorney General W.
Vaugl Taninr and Knßlnecr 11. U
Thto WKCk occurred ir.liiv
i.ini.t about 10 o'clock nf>nr Orchard'
tieacn. Tb<> .mm l« "till a my*
tiryj It Is known that tho coupling
l.»»oi<- unloosened, letting tho
heavily laden coal iar down tin-
Kntdr to «m.i-l Into the nnuthbound
i>«a»f ' but ttow the ililnr. hnp<
l»ii<il remaiiiH »|ilaln> The
motor drawing tho train had b<>
romo aUlled on the Rtn(l<'. hikl BTld
d«nl* tbe coal car utarted down tin
bllL: Oi-orse Holib. ii brakiman,
iu«tl« • frantle attempt to o\.itnk.'
tint «|i«r<lltiK car.
Ju«(W W «' Hell of HnrrodHbunc.
Kt-. »H*»l »oon after rvacbtni the
Ctty Iteepltal, where all of the In
jured wer« ruKhed In a private car,
and Julia I.e« RochMter, i.t year
old 4aunhter of JudKe and Mr». O.
A. C; llothenter, 1230 lith av. N..
died ft few hou™ I .it. . Mn Hell
\» ot tho s.Mit!- flenernl hospital,
whero ahe I" n-i(iv.'iinK 11>iii pain
fl u though not »erlou» Injurlea. J.
C. Bmlth. a Utborei la «t the City
hoHpltal, and he, maj not recover.
Mo In Injured about the head, and
aIHO has m.iim Internal Injurtei Ilia
condition la critical. The. rent of
the injtir.'ii arc i oni ld< red out of
danger and .loiii^ I,l'. MMI) of
iii. i,i were able to ko to Lheli bomei
i last nlßht and thin inoinltiK
President W. i< Crawford of tin
rompt vtatea thai had thi p»h
Isonger be«n of tho old type, Instead
of one of the new steel ' ant, the
I collision would undoubtedl) hare
b»«n much more, RertouH. He la at
a loss to i-vtiUin the i-uusc of the
collision, but an InvnstlKatlou Is
being made
■i i lt . Hat of the dead nnd Injured
Tne Dead.
.hi.ii" VV. r Ball, Harrod
K| . luetl at tin- Horrenlo hotel;
MUa Julia 1-ee Uochenter, 13 yeuis
old, dnuchter of lndg:< O. A. C.
RoehegUr, 121«^tli w. tL. t
hllii.- ■ on (he football fi'l'l
*I !««-(•• w. if <u vi-Kii othrr vrmnii
mm ut i»rotuln»-nc«! In th» isurvf-y
party of ll m^n. "Mac" I'opp,
proiatorut In lUltlmora aoclrty,
and ni..!.-ij- known M a l.i« Kam<
l.tiii'i-r. !■ aboard thp Jrfforson.
Up i-i;i.-. i» tu aupply the liar!)
with meat.
Thomax ni«K«. Jr., eommand«
ill'- iiarty. h- baa b*ra with the
boundary «urv«-y (or thrt>« y«*arii.
Th<> mm will !»• back la Hcattl<»
ajcaln next October.
■ itv Treaaun • blati '"...in.

eompaay'i proprrt) for fallnre to
inii'.i i" thla !■■■
an ultimatum that, ualei
paid b) laat, be
i make trouble UMk m
Thu electric "lll|.|illV paid no in
tention to (aormley'a threat, bul
IHmKiml It b] aa nn Idle bluff.
Qoi Bill announced mu i IlliiK
thai li>- will <io RomcthlnK, bal he
Ih not ko positive as be wns ten
ilb>'k ngo. ll'' fill no date now.
Thi 5.,,1'1' Electric company has
»M<-ii to pay $|AT,OOO laxex duo on
th<> I'"'. levy; the I'uget Snund
Klectrlc ompan) nlno Ih delin
quent with a $39,000 tax for l»07,
while the I'uitet Hound l'ower com
pnny QWfM }2,00u on the mim levy.
Hnllry's cornel linn arrived.
ii whh latbli to tin- naked rye
of •.u l> rIMI in Beiittio. luiilly
nftrr '.', o'clock ■■!• hi. mornlni
on (ln> i-itMii in horizon, mid oontln
mil In >IkM U&tll the first iayn of
daylight came.
It klioul<l .-■ visible every clear
iiiiitniiiK until Muy 17. Two 01
three iltt/H I. ill il will appear In
iin evening Bky.
ii \dii m(i Imiltinu for ii tomor
row morning fin.l Vennx, the most
bl ilh.int obj< I I In tin eastern
ti«-:i v<-iik, and JiiHt übovo It .Mill will
HI lln- n.in. I
* *
* *
* Seattle. *
* Cli-iii liiik today r,f1,894^65.33 *
* lijilimi-c-s 206,979.44 *
* Tacoma. *
* Clearlni tod*} „% 956,488.00 *
* Dalancei 4U,K4'.>.uO *
* Portland. *
* irinfi today . .)1,731,4.14.00 *
* llhlmiiiis 2C.',125.00 *
* *
"Sweats Out Collars for the Glory of God" and Cast*
(Inn al Dignity to the Winds in First M. K. Church
I his Morning,
"Olvo It to 'em." »ald u brother
In l!n midl«»nrf w hi-n Hilly Hun
day Hi'!/- .m-l In I In- i>ul|>lt of the
Klrttt M i: church ti.s nioriilng.
An.l l!'il> did.
Not that Hilly n««-d<d l«> !«• told.
ll' *t. I" countid on to do thnt
rir«t hf went »ft»r UM |ir«-acb
m. H< nwatt'-il . i;i rlKht and
lilt A v.l.nlc row of Brattle Nilii
l-'rm of tbHous dfnonilnutlont
(itiitiK In i!ji» j.ulplt bfblnd htm
took Jt rl»ht mctrlly. They Ju«t let
Hilly tin oiu and i:i..«i.. <i Mayb<>
they didn't Ihlnk Blllj wax hlttlnt:
ih< ■• '1 ii>- audience ■ •-• ■!;« ->\ tu
think b« aru
■-ir I didn't nwrnt out more col
l.i i» than worn* pre*cb«M I
rouldn'i Rmotmt to any more than
they do. lilKnlty and formality are
killing thn rhurctie*." naid Hilly.
"frcaclilDK Ji.ihn Hmlth and him
iliifnif--I li ■ srry dlfTer#o( thliiK
from i>p'ii> i'iiiK Christ unil him
Hilly In mtoatlns out hi* collars
all rUht. i' that's amounting to
something for the fclnry of God,
Hilly could keep every laundry in
town busy. This Is the point, does
It count fur saving souls or imltiK
up laundry bill*?
"BftSJ time Hilly Sunday ojx-ns
his mouth he tilts a man where
he's llvlnK," said a man who heard
him. And there's the power of
Hilly Sunday and lii- "K«eat out"
collars. H" Ilk' ■•• |-<n|.l<. up and
makes them undi-rntnnd that n
ligion Is not ii Sunday coat nor a
Hlble on the parlor table, but lt*i
"If I had all that you church
p*opl« hav* bu;icoed out of other
folk* in real eitat* and wildcat
mining stock, I could pave your
town with gold."
BhocinK a horse- or .•■Hint: 11 lot or
Ilr\|B| a cane tn court or cooking
a dintx i or iWMplng a obi or
rocking the baby—lt's you and
whatever you're doing. There's n«
difference between religion and
life, and that's what gem outside
of Ullly Sunday's Ihii when li.
chargt ■ up uiiii down i< platform
imd fln'B hot uliot nt overyboily be
fore htm.
"Supprei ed lndlvdhiiility In an
othei imi-., for l.'. k of power in
the juilplt," nlltll! till Ihim ball
Tllllt charge cannot be laid to
Hilly Shtkljiv ■ door, 11. ■ not sun
pre«BlnK any. "He your individual,
unfixed up, undressi-d nITM for
Chrlut," he told "em. If everybody
were, iik. that whore wooM In
dividuality K''l In? We'd nil look
Ullly Sunday Is Billy Siiiniav
ii ho In likely to naki any error
ii> his }udfln| of men and how
iii. | ithouM |n-< ,h h the gospel, It
Ml. I nhtHl l-if.,..)
NEW YORK, May 2.— dw*rd
I'uj'son Wruton reached 125th st.
and Ilroadway, Harlem, at 10:30
n'rlork tills morning, lin!f ■ hour
alicnd of liis ichedule. ll« was ac
companied by n .iii troop of
tnolintl policemen lii Illi Antomla
liotet for luncheon, lie reached tin'
boti I in noon.
II: he drank il cin:ii I of milk
and ate Rome raw eft^s.
Ho declared he fell In mien good
condition that ho i ould walk back
to t'ho Pacific coHRt if necesnry
without ■topping for ■ rest. He
was greeted by u bit? 1 "Wll all
hlouk Broadway, and lilh march
down Hi' thoroughfare wan n con
tinued ovation.
NVHUKTT.—Jutifte Thom.iH IHuUe
will D|K-n his (NunpulK'i for thr t'nit
«U ytutCH Hcnutu in BVarttt tonight ,
UINL. \-.K_l>l 1 MSWI VTAMM t*.
"If I didn't iweit cut fnor#
collar* than «om« preachers do
I wouldn't amount to any mor«
than they do"
seems to me he is KoltlK to maka
It in urgi; them all U> l>4 Hilly
Sunday*. Nobody else .in be jimt
like him.
"Mi.r»> people chew the rag ovtr
!:!<• and -tnimer more knocks be-
GMJM I iiy to )»■ li'.yKi-if," be shiJ..
"find an earnest maa In tli pul
plt and I'll show you a UliiD who
make* ih<> bunrb Kit np and lak* i
Is Wily. Ml.ij In <-arneat?
Thousands of people bare asked
It. And tcna of thousand! have
aimv. rri'ij. 'H> tln< power of God
to ftalvatloc." Billy inlay is.la
earnest. Billy Sunday la sincere.
Hilly Sunday meant It I believe
that. Maybe you don't.
When he had flayed alive the
minlstent of the Gospel, be took
church members by thi> back of
lli>- ri"-< k ami Hhook >m over hill
fire till not ><i.•■ of them doubted
that lip, u- leant, t»-licvrtf thpre la
a place prepared for the d«-vil and
his angels.
"In thin Godforsaken, whiskey*
soaked. gambling-ridden, harlot
filled town of Seattle, what the
church i;t • <!s is not more men, nor
more women, nor more PMMM]. but
the old Imnrh roa<!- over. Bomo
church members arc .ill front door
and when you opn the. door you're
In tin- back yard."
F\>r cne hour to the minute Hltljr
Stiiulay fired at the people and the
people liked It. They laughed, they
applauded, they shouted "Amen!"
Not once did r><> mill.i them mad.
though bi slapped them k<h><l and
Maybe there's us much salvation
In n laugh and rousing words a? in a
liar and a groan.
Go to It, Hilly Sunday.
"It's htaven or hell for th«
whole buncn; ttiere's no half*
way hou»e."
• -,*; ••••••• •}•[,*',*}
• \\ 1111l jrou want il Is .111 oasy •
♦ in.' 11« r If 1)1.' Want PMCM In •
• Th* Slur aro employed, Tele- •
♦ phoning Stur mis eavcg ■ trip. *
• Main MM lnd. 411. •
• •

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