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h <& •■- JL A.JL -&'^"--.. .^- *■ -^ J. .4 Jfc. JL m_
VOU If. NO, 59.
w^,, ( r Unanimous Endorsement Falls R«ther Flat
WVwn Six Members Vote Against It. After Story
Had Been Sent Out All Over United States.
•j'Vi-, _ M leaned to b<> « ununt- developed Into rather a doubtful
* \a .BthatUiUe endorsement booat for the secretary of tho lntt>r
■iMtnnml to I"1 a bltur lor the mcctinc of the city coun-
Baillnc: ki ' « '"" X 'h<* mm'!! .
!l*2Slw'rebuke for his critics ril lu) nl«ht.
•CLKSS!.**' Counctlmmn Mullnn InlriKltio«4 it
resolution drawn up by MB • uf ih>>
■•crvtary'a prriunal frtcixli and m
dent admirer* In thU «iiy. After
cHlr.it th<* official poattlont hold In
Seattle and th«> friendship which
existed ' w»«ii htm and membort
of the city council, the r«*oliili»n
proe«*ded aa fi>!l<>»
"B« It r«»olve«* by the city
council of th« ctty ef Seattle,
Thai wi« hartby affirm our
abaoiut* confidence In the nun
hoed, Integrity, ability and
courage of the said Hon. R. A.
Ballingtr. both as a private
cltlten and especially at a puk
lie fficer, charged with the en
forcement of the law, we well
knowing that he h*a always
held In sacred regard the laws
given him to enforce"
After that <•«:- the clause which
cantpd th' trouble. 8«»eral m«m
tieri. thtnk ■ of ford Pinebot
and others who have dared criticise
S<xn»tary nallttiKT. refuted to aub
scrit* to the f<>lli>»lnis rUii»»- of th*
: MONTGOUEHr. AU. — tmw
{%! tr.htwa.Mi utii-ndHK-nl «o the
rfS^Tilallorr. * prohlbUionl.t.
h rrM* ot :».o*>« to !.<»• ror Kov-
Smt la th» ««mocrmUc prlm»ii»»
CSSd r««lTWl « wl. that
J^:t4 th* eombla«Kl p»U »f hi* two
COS'TI-I.Y Wash.—P»*-au** ht«
jUiim—" J to »atury • J, u<l|!T Bi V
ta tt* ifcrnfJ to *' " « M<!«m»i»t
Ska T«t«b«» JtabbKl htmwll »
WMynttr&Ly with a jwek^t knlJe
i«Or»i»"b*ys *<«» thrM g■-!• were
Ur» m 8««Klt y«»t«rdsy. Come on.
.VaIXAvWAU-V-— I** Ong, a
knl Chined*, has the wlr»l»»s bug.
mi» * fc«n»-raad« key, bu«*«r and
itlbtyr a* practice* the continental
etot tar lnt« th* nt«hi. He «x
--■Kti t) berome vn eipert.
1 > KIXOSTON'. Jsm»ic*.—Th« fu
amU e/ Marl Al«»t». d»i>onil pr»!.l
•Mt U Haiti. *«■» hrld hrr« teM'.»y.
:■ ■ ft«rts«n i msrriag* l>c*n««s wsre
:«■*«). «*o div««« camplaints <>ied
aM t«o d««r«*t «f d'oei-ce grsntsd
i» K>af CSHRty jrtnterda/.
u, ptitatM a rifle whkh sne d!<rnnt
k»w «u fan i'd at a picture «o the
r»B of lier home yesterday. , Join
Mhakera. li. »u'»ititn« »n »
a*. H« a>u(h«4 M> fce*rttly at a
M* tna- r- juntped tn hU f'- J i«t
st UV (irt pu..*d i»-.- tiicxvr. and
tin tiTn ntterod hi* brain.
tVEHETT A lir. IV rgu*«n.
k*kf to r.n.l h#r butband In the
! mo* above th« Vtadnct sakxm > •» ■
UrtUr. I«ea«*lehr.: the windows of
: tfc» Mfctnn *',th a reck tied In n
su<r«.n*>f. ■
leven •<>■.«* «*r< r*c«rd«d m S«
imtjnitrtity. ■■•;-•
VlOfl AN-^XKi— During the run
•s t»« N!«l>t aad Day Banl Nf
. yiWui fay, (tract Hchullm«n, a >!«■
--■MMr. dr»pp«'J dead of heart fall
■» Wi after he bad jtjV a de
i Kfit tad paid » not*.
MTSHi \'j — I>r«*klent Taft
j ■*Hln il 5 ««reury Knox In *
ttttlM Craai day dinner of
lOt *at*riet» dub. la»t night, vigor
! ■a* 4efte4to( Ksox'a Nlraraucan
i»*ey nayloc thoiw who In
h**Mi|gav|p(sn*e. -dollar dlplo
• rVm.te fernew building* at a
"at *f PJH%Mi were , MU in S«
«B« *nri« 9 the month of April.
* «TAn*T..N Ala— In a quarrel
at 0* i!»ni'» ratlc prlmarle* >«»t«T
i*>T. M.~r. Uatlw* fatally »ia!.!,«.!
I »£W«ril. who ttma ijtol Mathea
ijJtoIIKSCE,: CoSo.-The r«DHUS
™"» n*re Include a r«m«rkiibl«-
| "** w,i Knu tart* tor* , .ii«< m .-r <•. I
E*por and wife, who claim
?*• Main) 1 •■: year* old. reapert
-25 »ad to have b« -ii married »0
jmtt. On* am. mnrivor of i» till
2*r». •* Imn oW- E»P«r. who U
rLv?™ **•»"•«»• wan l«rn In
I ;- . !S BOW New,»*exleo In I*oo.
45s'* J r * *y>n oj.ld.ng hom M in
»K!/j »""'ta for th« erection of
??**"«" «•'■• taken out dur-
CHICA,;m M . mm h«.d
'C^ii*, 1?' 1?* ""■«"<•»' of «he V. M.
IrMuS lk?' ot""»'«l here, wan mar
_*BY- Marion LOWE. often they have to s«nd them to
*„"T w auit be t|, Vancouver mas- the dry cleanem. It seemed a pity
fSV"' 4 *<«i 0 to me yesterday to roil .ii'"iiMl In the dirt the way
™ <•« btn lan*, when ; was mak' *°<ne of the . dl(I whcn lber
-,»l Mt«. , mumbled trying to get to J» t>a»e.
H ■**• tor V»n«inr»? v«t m . „». » Hut to the game.
»45ft£S BUTiiSffSr.M r
*• B« I ■SISTf w »*««» Iw" >«*«« oV('r the crowd
« WaiH h'l he mf"ant- when suddenly iiorao women
J«<w»kiL"'"iSl * worried me iquea i e d. I f>uppo»ed th« game
! too«e th! ■ wm natUfactory, though; flvrry-
HMg^l. 9 .raana« ln« .-iHor body (.cpmed plcanrd. I utn not re
«• »«»« ThV t tho bt" park portlrm by lnnln*». becaune the
Soittiv.t,. niao . Scat- ■•■•<•■''!'''" "■■"■• In the »core
t>, %fc ,, " word out, vU
*^tut,l^ U"xt bllU ' •nd he Web«tcr f« Unabrldßod throw, M
•k4I.?,SJ ;1"" In m Illumlnatlne Ilitht on It. Every
- lIumTL -d ttfJ *ftma tnr oncn In a ■|l"' oil "'" fellows on
** tlLl^* 8 man b<"»we m«. the field walked off and went over
ifce~£*°» B« ; ■•to a ball game to „ Ik-i.ili on the Kldr and iat
' 'NJU - ikl" .1°" muehi dovi. and °tncrs tooK lhclr pla<:oß'
•"•!•<rf o"V :"' (Ir"* :i Perlmp '!■•' •■• »n tnntoi
?2rJ.»tatmr It U .nd trllfd Bell for Reetii'
|»W7. tte b'-f'-r- 1 utarted. But Ju«t when Ui« ganio wa« gating
I^i, out t0 tbe purk th«y a K<w>'l »<''" and ' wai *e»lnnin«
*i; I~J* th* men arranged thn to think I und«i tood It, tho bd\
hULL? 9? I**'* m« them. I rann for rece»». I «uppo»e th-y
ll^feLi! ■ lcla> »core book." ldo get tired. ,
I ..^Pluii ii foi a wuvimlr After receM Mike I.rnch »truek
I llUvil, Whu >„ «uch a lovely ball and ran to firm
I 04 kJ' Whl" Buiu- ba/e. It w»> awfully cxrlilng. but
IMiSiTS*'! o**'/ 1 *hlte i-ultii the the umpire made him go back and
I 'WsJte^'' . wo«1(l««' bow 4o It all over. After he lilt lbn
"ThoM who traduce him we
hereby dtnoune* as tnemita of
good government and as atta*
tin* c? character At a public
official he thould receive the
highett approbation of all good
cJUztna for hi* fidelity to the
public intervtt and hit con
toent.ou* diaeharge of public
trutt. whenever reposed In
Th»' ro'lrail on th# r^*oltiMon had
barely started wheo the tact that
it would not be> a • unanimous en
dorsement developed, liohlke. demo
cratic r<Hinrllni»n from the Thlr
teenth ward, <rotwd no without an
explanation of iii* position. Th»
nest nr.f to vot# M was KelloKC
Ha did not i.laln why. rievelle,
however, went Into * ]«"n«th* ex
planation, in the effect that h«- M
'fuaed to rait critics of Mr, Daliln
ger or any other man "aaaaialn* of
rhanirtfr un!.«» he kti>-w that
»h»» wer« aach. \\«r.|»H took th*
saute view, and then Ooddard dis
|W*eT*4 th>" **aiiaa«*ln* of character"
! clanite and h« changed his \o(>» ca*t
|»«arll«>r In the call, from aye to no.
Wolfe, democrat, from the T<mrh.
made tb« tlxth *ot«» against th«
Couldn't Do It
After th« m»«Mne tk>hlk# «ald h«"
voted no b«e*llto h« >uld not con*
•eicatloualy endort* Mr. fUlllliK.r
K.-Uoce- Mid (><■ didn't b*l:. It
wit In ihr prortnc* nf tb« council
to uko any action In thl« matter.
Mr lUlllnger I* now b«injc In
vmtiiKated by a ron(tr#««lotial com
ralMion." he MM. "an<! »h» not
wall for the verdict of that com-
! That la«t nlsht'a rndora^iiiTit of
lUltlnKer will havo th* effect
thronghont th« rmintry J«tt oppo
tltc to what m lnla*4«4 la admi'
ted by frl«»nd» or RatllnKer who
knew of the. newfpaper play In the
fd«Mtl. Tt<» A*«oclated Pre«« put an
jadtanc* »tory of ihc unanlino'i* M
dor««tncnt of Ilalllnßer on th« wtrr.
which it had to kill and tell why In
a MibstUttte itory i«nt »Bt «fter tho
council meeting.
* ■ ■. *
* Tber- will l>« » meeting of *
* H<-.«n>llnuvUti ri"i>uMl«»n" to- •
* morrow night In Mil a**embly *
* hall of the Henry bulldlna to *
* organise a Scandinavian Re- »
* publican rronT*ii«Jve club. All ♦
* ftcandlnuvlana who are In »ytn- *
* pathy with the progressive re- *
» publican movement are Invited *
* to b« present. TiironiM Hcandl- *
* navtan* have a large and itrow- ♦
! w InK organisation that In already. *
I making Itsc-lf felt. *
* *
Steam Shovel Breaks Main
and Torrent Pours Forth,
Carrying Dirt and Debris
With It.
A flvo-foot hole torn ta the- ««•
p.iH.>«l rl-.li- of a 24 Inch water main
by a Hti-n shovel at rtfU »v
and riiiv»<r*itv *t. nt si:, o'clock
this morning covered the alrvets
(or a quarter of h mil* la tb«t
vlclmiy with a flo.nl of swirling
, water that rarrted rl iy. rocks,
loom wood, i'i.M-I'n of planking
iuid ci.-i.tin In iii. cjourto.
At Third uml .('iifoti, uinrr. than
two blorki from tin* torn i'U>«\ tbe
aidewalk* «it!> covered with mud
and clay to a depth of a foot. The
■»ifti* mn\in« torrent of water
continued to make ltd way down
th«t »i|).)lnln« streets for au hour,
until the city water department
««f>vi»lij in tins ■ crew of
tiiiu t.k.-is.r to turn off the water.
D*m*gt It Slight.
The damage to adjoining prop
f\Jf did not exceed a few thousand
dollars Tbe dauiagt>d water main,
accordltic to ihi watri department,
will t>« i*i'<--l U'iMnjc th« <l»y.
A big MU *hovel ha» t>*»-l; at
work tearing down the bluff of
«arth on Fifth av. and I'nlwn.ut
at. for t!.i>» Thr water main at
lht» point tx-fore it enter* the hill
■lde ■.» exposed for a dltta' of
, to yards, Thla morning tho »n.».i.
In brine <lir«-ct-<t at a mass <•'
earth directly iirhiii'l ui« main,
■truck th« •■i|<.i*r<i aide of th>
pipe, and In a second tho watrr
iu leaping 10 fw«t lii«h thrmiKh
the gap
Sleam Shovel to Slam*
The steam shovel that esusrd
I the damage |M"li.fi««-d to Taut
Stet-nstrnp, a contractor, and wai
being managed i>« hi* toeal agent*.
lladley & It ink»r Th*> watrr,
after escaping front the pli<«. «<iv
' ered th« full width of Klfth it to
Union •I l»o»[i L'Btod at. the
water continued Ita courta tl H»<-
I ond av , R<ntiic aouth on Secood a* ;
I far an Ben«ca at. For a block and
, a halt i.nrth at I'nion at the side
walks and «tr««ta »ff« «■«■*• r«-0
with ValH Ihi fact that tb*
: water followed a down grade all
th» way prevented the flooding) of
ba*emonts that often occur by the
i broaklc* of even a uniall »atir
I main
The ear (rncko along tTnion at.
weat of Klftli av. were covered with
rocka and loote wood, Bunpendtng
streot rar lr«Ifl< for mnri> than an .
hour. iv«l"rfrt.«r.« were eorapellrd
in croulng I nt->ii *t. In th* flooded
dlatrtct U> walk on titan ki au*p<'od
ed over tb« water.
• *Hl< A' Ji> - 1- Kll it;(! a quarter
I from a mltiiater at the Mu<Mly
church. J. 11. Halt, a earpentrr. M
mn old. bouirht carbolic acid and
drank 11. lie tiled an hour later.
.n. i »»<•< r.- I
CINCIN.VATI. Ohio. May *-—
Prenldent Taft "i-ame hom»" to Cin
cinnati today determined to hnv* a
«oo<! time and forget politic*. !>•
uplte the fact that hl« railroad r»«u
latlon bill, the pet Mil of the admin
latratlun program, had been riddled
and »hre<lded ta»t nlfht at a confer
ence of th* republican regular* of
th« MMN In WTtllllmlllli lh« Taft
amll« waa bitfjr today.
Hhorily after hi* arrival the pr*«l
dent tent a batch of telegram* to
party leader* In Wenhlngton, Mktai
them ■■. fl«ht for mi ii remnant* of
the. bill a» they 'h"ii(ht could b« car
ried, then he dropped politic*.
Incoming i "nl/i n "Bill Tafl." he
drove home with br..lh»r Charley."
* *
* •
* \Vh«n >mi r •-'} •t ■ i help ol *
* any kind, ntup to your phone •
* and dictate, an ad to The •
* Star. Main 8400; Ind. «4I *
* *
* #♦♦•«•■•••••••♦
ball again I heard a man M that
..in,. one had made the fii!-' homo
T!.-- neit fellow at UK- bat struck
a lit i. dinky ball, that |U ll %MK«l'-il
up from tIM end of tho bat, and
didn't look bh If It amounted lo
much, but the p«opl« applauded.
Kißht afler that another (hap I
struck h perfectly lovely ball, but
tho umpire wouldn't I'' him km
to 1,,, . at all, and made him go
0.. and »lt down. it didn't look
fair. I've heard that umpires i"
awfully mean things eoraetluien.
> •>' She Understands.
Whe.n ono of the player* itrnck
a til" high ball and "i.otli. fel
low raußhl It, I began to feel cn
iiiiittiiiKtir, and thought i wan now
surely beginning to understand th«
gam«, but nobody In tho grand
stand paid the leant attention '"
what i thought was the firm real
good play. The n>-\t minute every
body lumped up and cheered. l(
was very exciting. Somebody sala
that a man or i ball, I didn't dh
derstand which, was saved by
about mli inches. Must have been
a very narrow escape. Luckily
nobody b>m hurt.
When tho wetii bell rani again
everybody got U|>, uud ! was poklu«
SKA I II.i:. WASH lUI :.DAY, MA Y i. 1910
What can Beattle do with her
"spite hllla"?
Thla proposition was put up to
tbe board of public work* at it*
meeting today upon receipt of •
communication front the Mid-Seat
tie Improvement flub asking tbe ■
board to take action looking
toward the razing of the sli pillar* <
of gruund 1< it in the Denny hill
r*Krade because the owners of vl.. ,
Rosenbaum I» Willing to
Pay a Gtom Earning*
Tax of 2 Per Cent and
Give City Some Heat.
a* • r#»att «f Tha Ht«r'» fl«ht
for • fair compel"*!!<»«» •• I11" c"*
for th« prlvl!e«ei» It grant* In i«v
h<* franeblsea. It now up|mr> to
>..- «*r'.nii that bo •team heatlns:
grant wilt be mad* except oti Ihr
ConnhleraM* ml»*PP'*k*nalon hat
ail»en amonir property own*r» In the
nnrth eml of the cJly who have re
c-lved nottcea of the north trunk
**wer uMumrnlt. Th* lmpre*«lon
ha* b+tn »erure4 that the a»»ea*
m*nl« MM ■ In the notice* mu»t b«
inl.l before May Zt. and c«m|»l»lnti
have been filed. A» a matter of fact,
th* full aK**a*ment can '• paid by
May It and th* property owner wilt
<•< ,<[ r ln(»r< »t . i ri'- ll* ran let
the aa*«i*ment *n at thl« time, and
hen It go*a Into fjve-yea.r bond*, and
lh« rir*t lnttallm*nt with Interest at
7 per cent will be due a year from
May Z«._
<Hr t'nltr* l"« I
SPOKANE, May 3.—Carry N»
tion ba* spent 4B hours In Spo
htnr, and ih«r«' hi not so much
as ■ brohr-i) cocktHll glass M show
for her visit, eous<*jucntly tbo "■
tall liquor dealer* ■'<■ rnsting easy.
Mrs. Nation has i mii il iu Mi
«ltb«r a novelty or h curiosity In ■
Uu^Si part of tn« country, but not
In Spokane. There were 600 i""
plo «' tbe, station to tncet her. Mr*.
Nation Is thinking of visiting »■
--attle neit.
WMil.M'k hM Junt *f»WH hi* 22nd
prlK'in term In the last three y«nr«.
In that time )i<- lw« been out of lull
only *" day*. Tbli tlma he goes to
the penitentiary for a year for
*miiKiillng whlnkey Into the Jnll h< r»
while he was acting a* cook.
■J BOtM Into my handbac ready to
leave when they all itat 'lIIWII
. uxiiii* Kithcr the game wasn't out
or ••Ni > they worn r.uiiin to do one
of the runs or the Innlngi over.
Wall, they kept right on, "ml I
was do proud of Seattle. Thote
suits certainly in" nifty.
They Got "Mad."
All at once tll'V Mii|i|i.il with
out any reaxon no tar tin I could
Bfo, and tin- people began to leave.
win i b somn of tho players got
inni in.l quit or th« game was
out I couldn't tell, hut I left. too.
When 1 got back to the hotel I
heard a ..hi in th» lobby say Se
attle! won th«- game.
Then 1 knew what that man In
tin grand stand meant when he
said, "You muit be tin Vancouver
mascot. Seattle wan beating all
tho time and 1 i.i -i r knew It!
Klght (ban for< uiy vury eyes
Vancouver was biting the dust.
I I ...I been spared tho pain of
realizing it 1 haven't fM had the
heart to ask anybody what ; the
score wan.
Star Hut why ' bould 1 marry
you, Mr. Manager?
Manager — Well, I discovered you,
and you know ii' 1 1 itari always
I tui.i tho name ol tbt* discoverers.— t
|Himl refuted to leal wltb Grant, •
Smith * BUlwell company and Holt
4t Jeffrey, wbo ar« doing the r*
City Engineer Thornton klat<d
that, with |]M regrsde Mil! in
progreta, tM knowa of no way the
city can force the owncra of thM*
big .'•«« ul earth to trar them
down to ttreet level. After the
regrade ta completed. It tbe hills
are atltl there, ha hopes to llnd
inndlllun that 3 it rent of the
■ ru*s i»««!i i" »f th* iuri»"«n»ii
upermtlax under th* franchl»e will
t* turned Into the city ucarary.
VVd.n •!.,• , „iu:i|l rommltte* on
rurr..r»ll>nk jnet In >| r. Hi triilun
this n11ni,.,!!. I. N. RoMnbtum,
' on* t( th« two applicant* for fran
. M««t, |T«-»»Mr.l »!i tut" ll.ml l'>
give tliQ city tin- I per cent <5«-maod
r<i ixit in ctldtilon to glv# >••' <»v
a i*u#*>inm of 10 i»r . rni on the
•team that majr b« un-a by the rlty
tn It* buildlnr*.
ThU ♦ 111 force C f Smith and Ma
jt»'H.s*!f* 10 rum* to the •.mu
irrmt • • It la b*ll«ved that ">»
councilman »l.« l«<: «»H took a
• lan<l br irimiMi"«it'ii charges on
francblves will stand pat.
s-nUh »t»l r .>• a««»<~tal»« are
fighting th«- payment of Hit* Z it
■ "iit i«i«. and II Kit i:i..!'i»ti.c"l la«l
wf«k ih>i ii.»! would IhrMK' to
ri>fu*« to •> • 'ii the fninchlH- In
■*--* thl* rtau<« was lnrlud»4, hop
ins UM thv nrrd for «lram hrat In
tt.r apttrtnx-nt house dlitrict s>mil<l
fore* the rounrtlman to turn about
on th* ttand O-.< > havt taken.
In * i)>i> connctlon ■ ■l«itm
itated thla mornlnc that *h»n the
proper time came h* woutd be pre
pared to ahow th« committee that
he hart more twrktnt than »ny !•>■
ral rapltallDta, and would be pra
{.•ird to »" throuah with the Kteani
heatlna j'loVci In Iho Immediate
GET 54.50
I'ulim carpenter* will hfrpafter
rer»-i»e |4 M h fl.n for eight hours.
Tlu> ttew scala went Into effect
In Seattle y«>»terday. ThU means
an li>cr«>»t of CO cents U day In
tl!«' wage scale,.
Although wh«n tbe notice was
Riven by iht- district council Ol
carpenters ol s.-,itiic thai a war"
scale >>f f4 SO p»r <!»>• for carpen-
I'-ro would go into •■(!■ ' on May
I, Kntin> of Um iiiiMl'«rn of l)M
Miist. r nulldrm «Ut«d thai tin- in
crease'would not b« paid, yester
tlMjr *vnry contractor and building
firm In MBit] employing < >"t"
ters *|th tlii exception of i»ii
agreed to pa] lbs new n le. Thcso
■two firm* bavi signified an Inten
tion of agreeing to thu D«w scale
wltlili a few day*.
The carpenters prior to the fi
nancial paeii of i"". received $"■
• tM$ Tlh'.v voluntarily reduced
thn scale, to ti a day at that time.
This lf< the firii tiin»- lin toale has
been brought toward the old flgara.
Jly (ho torrtiH Of nil ordinance
|i.ih»cil last night, Conlractorii Haw-
Icy & Lane will oomplete the Ollvo
st. lagfulti at once. The con
tractnra, who were beld up by In
lunctloi milts iiiul »ho claim a Inns
thereby, irere flven |S,OOO addl
tional to tin' contract amount ftnd
they In.turn agreed to have tho fills
im 1,1, by July IB and tho whole re
f-rftrlo completed by Nov. 1. Thin
district ha* be«n nothing bul ■ mud
hole for ii' mi ■ ■ year.
1,,. Seklumpf won bti final point
In iiic Madison st. repavlng fli 11' .11
11,. meeting of the cltj council lant
night. In the face of tho bitterest
opposition Brhlumpl nw 1 eedrd In
retting f13.0in.35 cut off th< amount
r>.Kn>-tiKcil iii'mliihi the property owners
■ (01 this Improvement.
a way to lOTM IM oween to brln*
them down to Kri.-li , but |M doesn't
know Just bow bet la going to do It.
There are nil of tbe»« hlllii.
owned by five dlft«r«*nt men or
corporations, and It Is • •'inn■ 'i
that It will rout t&0,000 more to
tear Mi.-i.-i iii.r. ii by liklid after the
tt..un (hovel* and hydraiillcklng
machinery are removed, than It
would now, with tlil« machinery on
the Job.
Judge Gilliam Holds That
Under the Law Nothing
Can Be Done by Son* of
Mrs. Hill.
Afl«r it »n K t\r\, t«-<l to t>-!>tliii"ny
• r..l i.fnnr..|-,i/i. Judge (iilli.un thlx
morning oitlrrvd lh<- IlilfnUt.n
brought by Hi. hHr* of William <".
and Alice 8, Hill ac»Jn«t W. It.
l-««!«, the rtr.-iiii.r <>( lh« »hl of
a Her ■ tllll. dl*mt»«e<l. \a « l«. who
I* a >im-lril«« «f Um i'>-ii'l woman.
*«• u. i! of jUKtllng ilir affair*
•'f thi estatr to nklllftilty that his ,
»if>. a .'.iiiiKl.i.r of Mr*. Hilt, ob
'•'rjMl all tlir i>r<ij-. ih for a m< t>
•onii l.^v* i- made an •■ v <-ut<>r> re
port, irhlcta ■lln. 1..-..1 ih« fact that
Um pru|»>rty of Mr*. Hill, mid to be
worth t1.000.000. had found It* way :
Into hi* wlfr'i li.uhl- \\hl\r li. wax
nctlnK n» executor. j
Two MM of Mm. Hill. n» i>etltlon
m, and nix ilaiiKlilcrs, u* Interrrn
■•m. aikrd tin court In tirrlnra the
prop, rly In Mr*. Lewis' h.uil- t.' Im
trtut prapvrty bplonrlnjt to nil the
tirir*. and to i imii'i'l !.•■«(!> to make
an ui'i ountitiK.
The li>lliiiii»', bore out the con
tention that threwd manipulation
on Hi'- J'«rl of 1 < nl« had gi>t the
prnixrty Into hln wife'* hands, to
the |o»« <if the ■■llni h»-lm. The
court, undrr the law, decided ili.it
he wii- farced to dlsmlii* the cane on
technical ground*.
; -, »-•■ .^ -'
When n man BaVI <I<\ll tnltf tli<
hindmost" It U a tlca that in la
In tin lead.—Dallas n>w».
Ruth Bryan-Leavitt Wedded Secretly
<ll> I 1.11..1 l'ir»«.)
LINCOLN, Neb., May 3.—Lieut.
Reginald Owen of the llrltlsh Royal
Knglneera and Ruth llryun Leavltt,
daughter of W. J. Hryan, wan
quietly married at Fulrvlew, Lin
coln, Ilrynn's country iioi.i'.. today.
S> rri linn Hhrouded I li' .11
rangements foi the wedding and
Ihi honeymoon rip to follow.
It is believed that the ceremony
was performed al 11 o'clock, I
though nothing beyond the mere
statement lli.it the wtUiliin lia>, .
Driven to the Wall, the Senate Regulars Will Fight to
Save Remnants of Taft-Klkins Railroad Bill—Traf
fic Agreements *»n<4 Mergers Barred.
' 11. I »M, I ,
WABIIINUTON, M«y ».—Drivrn
to the wall by tbe nttark* ui the In
font a, but urgsd to contlnur
fi«i.' ' . by lag mm from Presi
dent Taft, tr>«- s«nat« regular* to
day began a ttrufgi* to s«\* kucli
rnnnsnf* ot tho Taft-Elklti* rail
roeit rrgulHtton bill as tli"/ can
force to |>ttsnkg«.
Thai the bill a» finally pa«t<-<] will
tn> v*ry iiiffi r.ni from the on* irlifl
nally |>l*jin«<l by Mir chlrf eZMUtlxr*
Ic ii.lii.iii.il soncrally today. :•- j•«t• ■
r>'» 'itur* have acrerd to abuttdon
•■Mtltf provlnlona an4 r«rtlons to
nlil. h thn InaurK'nta obj*ct »n<l for
i: L. RaaV ■ who I* said to b«
"turvinc to df*th iunl»r t}i» treat !
ment of l.lii'ln Bnrfield Haxzard,
wbo preacbM ftiNt:iic fur all ill" I*
reported to be very low todfcy. H»-
It still in a room at tbe \<o»rtitiK
house at 123H N. Rroadw*y, and
tlifn- has been no change la his
treatment Mrs. llazzard Ir till In
rhnrff of the case and fiadcr,
though very weak. Mill init'iHts that i
she in the only one *no ran cure
**•««******♦•• • *
* *
. —««■— tr
• Seittle. *
«■ Clearing* today . .»2,253.54 2.40 •
* llalancr* 2J3.«9a.84 •
• Tscom». ♦
* Cleirtnr* today ..»2.H6.?<1.00 •
1 * mianrrs 117,6JJ.00 w
• Portland. •
• Clcarinit* today . .11,917^74.00 •
* Ualanres 207,Ti0.C0 *
* Spokane. *
• 1 I. Htinnii today ..$ 521.0f3.00 *
* lUilances • 101.Ci0.00 *
• *
************ »♦•*
.Hi I nIIMI rr»M.>
HIIIJtDELJ'HIA. Pa.. May 3.—
Believing that the Jeffrlen-Jobiiuon
fight will be riothlnr lesx ttian a
national illdKl. tin- Methodist
preachers' association here <lay
adopt the following resolution:
"Resolved, that Hie |«*-rinl - of
thif fighi oaa be regarded fci noth
ing less than a national fi-.rn.rc.
and a calamity tn the tnor»l life
of our people;
"That the Philadelphia preach
ers pTOtMI against the. pcrmi*jlCD
of this llglit. and that they rltl
the ministers of all denoniiuetlons
in the state of Pennsylvania and
In other states to unite with us tn
protest to the governor of Cali
fornia aKHlnst thn p«rmiß«<oo t<i
conduct the fight,"
***•*•*****«* • • *
* ♦
* *
* Occasional rain tonle><t or *
* Wednesday. Moderate west *
winds. *
* *
occurred ' .1- been given out. Mr.
and Mi 1 Owen will 11.ui on their
wedding jmuiHv today,
r is believed they will go to
Klngßlon, Jamaica, whi Owen
Is stationed. The route they will
take Is kept -1.1
Simultaneously with the an-
Douncemenl of the Hutu Utynn
-1.1 111 wadding today eam< u utate
nieut by T 8. Ulan, liryan'i
brother-in-law, fcoi'luk Homer
l.<avir 111, brtdl former IlllK
r»ivf rt'NT num »•«''
V/I\E« LtlN 1 >r.n» KTAMrMI «•
* *
* _______ *
* (By Uniu« Praia.) *
* WASHINGTON. May 3— •
* The. hoime tula afternoon, by ft
* a vote of 172 to It, suttaintd A
I the lout and Ihofi baul pro- •
* visions of th« railroad bill, d«- *>
* xigti'-ij (or the relief of Inland *
* towns not getting the b«D«fll *
* of tormina! rates. *
* *
which t/iey off- <•<} substitutes M 1
Whan Um bill hu finttly PMMi
th< MMtl thera la danger that It
will lose *tllt othtr of Its provision*
In conference, as It now »e«ma very
| r>r»haMf according lo IfllllTt— II
leaders, ilia! the cenata bill tad tit*
home bill will be rtrj different.
Av«rt Burr«nd*r.
lAvart Surrender.
The senate regular*. In order to
avert completa surrender to the In
► '.i»p-ni>, have agreed to give up th*
.-<< H..11 i f-iiiilttinic traffic agree
ment* and tIM section allowing
merger*- Th* liimi«. ni» hava
fought both these sections, end th*
c • 'ar» decided to eliminate them
entirely rather than permit the bill
to be killed or the provisions no
changed that they would Incor
porate the Idea of the iniurgenlf.
Th» swtlon providing- for the m
t>ervl«ion nf railroad >i>vki and
bond* I>> the Ini'r.-ia'c coromtrrt
commission su.-iy a!«o be >;ropp«d by
the regular*.
Mm republican leader*- are pr«
dicting t1..,t the bill, whM finally
■•!■•■ ii. »i:i contain only the •ac
tion* providing for the court of
commerce, tha provision authorizing
iii« hitmti commerce commission
i" InMltute li.vi vt)j;.jt|,n« on It*
own complaint*, the clause compell
ing railroad* to .|n..l*°r;.lM corrart
ly to shipper.*, and the provision for
CO <J*-. suspension of ,i rate pand-
In** Its Investigation by the commis
sion. The senate committee on In
terstate commerce has agreed to th»
amendment striking out the nil
iii<th« and merger section*.
Announcement Mad*.
This announcement nai made In
the naif lad. by Senator '.Iklnr
The announcement was greeted by
the Insurgents a« an offer of com
promise by the regulars, but it Is
believed that the ln.«iirgrnl* will still
I fight the other provisions rf tht
bill which are distasteful to them.
It n on the railroad l*£ulallpn
bill that the senate Insurgents mad*
their strongest fight, and the vlc
tory, many leaders say, is as com
i plete as that of the house Insurgent*
In the recent rules committee fight.
This victory. It Is declared, will
have much to do li shaping th*
coming congressional elections.
The progrefslves uill tM able to go
heforo the people victorious in both
hnuses. and It will make the posi
tion of the regulars ralher embar
rassing. It Is declared, if they at
tempt to read the insurgents from
the party.
The Fly—His Birthplace.
The <hi!(!iMi of Dt«t are mag
gots till they get grown, then
th«] ar« files.
Mnggots live in manure &nd
filth, nnd oat manure and filth to
grow up and be tiles.
Allen said: "Tho •<- ertlon that
I><avltt wns asked by Mr. Brj M to
v.arry ltuth Is i<o baseless as to ba
üßworlhj of reply. iA-avitt, la fact,
Invaded iiif> Hryan hom# and court
ed the Impetuous girl ol it over th«
repeated protests of her parents.
"Ilryan even offered I.eavltt
moncj If ho would ko away.''
llryun announced that the wed
, dlnjc ceremony had been performed
b) tli.' Hev. Henry K Huntlngton,
of Oi-olp, Neb., nu old filend of Hiu

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