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111 wMm ■£ 9LJL "^^/'/A^^ B^mamo& JL aJb JkJk
"""vol. ■-• Nl
OH on Pleasure Trip With
Railroad Bill at Stake
and Leaves Aldru h. Etc.,
Fight His Battles.
.'■■* WASniNOTO^" M»}' < —Hcpub.
feu IW*»«
tj»Bty W»mln« Pr««ld«nt Tafi for
ta.-o*. u '.»■•> *h*r***l * rrvk'*' hl"
|kl>M«t* program. Th<-jr »r» In a
In** hiiwe'llw pre»W*ni «*m«
tediK«*at U> U» «wi«r»Mltfiuil «Uu
: HI-*. •.. ..; ■
■ Mmi wh» J"" 1"* fowfht ft" »•»•• T«r»
■ncrara l« both h*»u»«!i <>r con«p*»»
t^Uy tnii.-oit' that lh« pr»»td»>nt
Ui bo ••«• o* n>»l>»n*»bimy for
:tk**tNwt><* °* lhp rfput>lki»n party.
..Alt's ■»♦*•*««• to r»puMlc-an
jrtilM* rwdvwi y*»l«rday and ur*
tg U»ia to try to r**» -*onw kind
«| i W!T lu« .»•!•!>>! to the anger
«ftb* r»*ular*.
j; T*»" *r*a<d*ni'* J«f!«i>hi>n«> nwi
■ hi* tram PJtt*burr to P»nat<»r
'Kikkh i* *» much r»»p«n*!ble for
MM , the raKroad bin a* *»• the
«t'»i.*ht ef Ifc* ln*ar!Crn(*. th« r» k -
f TkM tt«T wtil r> ai| the rt«t art to
,vt rrt«id*tt wh*-n b» rf-turn* from
W«it«m pt««*i;r« jaunt am! that
- *•» w»!l b- «■''••'• hot •«••■*!. n« tn
U» WMt» H«u* betwwn Tafl and
0» rtmbiteiin 5«.Vr« i> h<lnx in
10MM4 t>Uy in bo anr*rtain trrni*
'.if Dm ikii .wM »olunt«*r»d to
: ■Mr the i, administration j-rogTam
; fewIflKKW. Tlr regulars In
eseut th»« thi-rr |« do r*«»r>ti why
T*ft ftoiiW bat* matte the ("■«. nt
*«(«■» trip Ju»t at thin tfm- Tt i •>
fws (Sat If Or h»it b«>n h*>r* to *«
<nprmr«re en the "n«-»r iiumrgrntii*
At n!trMA MO mtshi have l->.r.
I \.:K6«fc»4 rcawinod tn "Wnihtr.*-
I s to* **i (uvcht v'for th* O!<it-«ur<-,
MeariaHy Jut at a Urn* mh»-n ■ h*
&*.{ r«c*irc<l prumlxe* of -««ni
rai^ort, th* r»«'iUr» ff.-> that th«
f NCffaM wMch »-• throwd over-
I tmt mtgfet hav* b«n »avi!
j; T»fl'» Maac from ■ innatL
«Uat liM" lender* to pnM *n kind
!** MB tiury re- ild. the rr-rulani «!<■
*f», w»» Sttlc nwrt than an Itivt-
Misato the ln*ttrgr&u to cttnp the
Ml it wit theme*!v<n and to (-«•<•
U* U(nMI r»mel»». aecure In th.
WWtkal Tan voutd aXfU hi* >ik
Bad b* M««IHmMJ Aldrtch frnm
*Ht»Smr« If ■ fVtht l« lh* ■■n.l. it la
l«*T. Uwrjr Uf, tluit •oraethina'
Mftst kav* i,»ef) d'/fl< to wv the
|MbV«t atJwMt'pottpone th« fl«ht
•M Ute pretMrat bad returried to
I Tu&lar-na u> •>• rt hl» r»iiti«!
[Mksmt* la ff«r favor.
is try com
ltA _J* lol<-4 rrm.)
■OHTEM.N'j. w.mi 4t»y,4-—
«» pnttc«auon u»ed on* of th« re-
v-****** t*trmptorr challenge* nml
i2lr ****''** te th* trt*' Of Wm
t "■1 fw th* murdi • °* Chaa. Olrn
'1? iU<!b*T * *>w« today. Thl» l«rft
'J» pr-««ruti»ti ■:• thn•«• i*remp
<Hf(h«!Hc«i and the d*r*-nn« si*.
*'Mf' tl examining Juror* wti
|*» »r, Oohl today denied th*
I "Mr. Oat'*!i«. lud mtttmpißa , n
>SL**TU> lr»tJmldat« th« «tate"a
'■■■"•- Rb* ni<] tt-* had not
**f»i» a witness fine* the trial
•to. ,>.The prosecution *tl!l main
* tstH *** *" •"♦T* **» m!e to
122"* °* ttutimony *f rnaln wlt-
I«i J **4 tJuil tlM!>f *w* approath
;*" *«W not to testify in the
' »*~ J** n *JJ*urned May fjohl
s-V** «P to Judg* Kh»«k'ii bench,
R ■•> WnlMton. and re
-iivl r«
{ 2*~-K<*V 8b«rr Payett* allow
■JrVj "*** nxor. II- r!itiK\ thai
ir™ ••< kitMMi to do hlm»«lf any
i Mm. Jndgf Bh*ek» look
?"I. 1""* und*r advisement.
-*!■» Coart ni caller! turr ■ ww ,
ibL .S to the lui lK>x- Krnnk m. "
y ■• rir»t Joror call*' , wu paw
. rt..^**!!•*• Tb* P^ eutlon then
. S»W* Jolmlc *«*' n<l' • ""'on
r^W.trfAlwdtJTri «nd the de
|2^ an "'««d Krao Nobte. tlm-
Z2**' ■"•■ •
i^SL 11 Ul*»m*" *re examined.
'•re ac»lnM
I ShS"** 1 of the d< «h Penalty.
iZr ■ J'>l'llM<l oplnlo. .a* to the
f Srr* <* Kuilt of th« lef«-ndant.
**-H L r *m*lnder for various
**li "**i''r«**M* that tin Jury
kin-pi'.*' '"""l l"""*'
£T** .«'« nfternoon that Post
•McT* "'"' c. Young "' Portland
Htk'Vf'"' to "»o until nlgbt.
from cancer of tbi
mlr? H* h«« been 111 foi sev
•at UiiZri, '■■' •»»• lltion wai
t»^T*J« to be serious ui.ill
Hi^*" Ho, when be mirn r-.l a
Labor CandidMte Will Have
Chance to Prove Charge
of Being Counted Out on
Election Day.
A recount <>f tbe ballot* <v.«t tn
the 11th ward tn the la-' city elec
tinn will be held to determine the
troth or th« fattlty of the charges
of Harry Kilduff that h« waa count
ed out In hia race for the council.
K il. Krans ha* been appointed
by Judge Uay to act aa referee, and
to carry on the recount. The re
counting of the ballot* will prob
' abl> occupy tour dajri
Kilduff ajicert* that h# n<« l*<-.l
a larger tiunib«r of votes tbitn W,
H ■ Mr, who was certified a*
the successful councllmanlc candi
date, and who U now fitlisg the
seat la th* ruuncll Tn« official
returns show that there waa a dtft
rr«nc»- of tes* than M vote* be
tween Wearer and KUdutf. Kil
duff assert* that thr election of
ficial* counted ballot* with a croaa
In the circle In tbe republican col
umn, and also with a rroM amtntt
hia name, a* atralKht republican
ticket*, giving Weaver a *olr
Kllduff brought a »ti!t In tho
■uperior rourt aaktnic for the r»~
count. It wa* agreed between the
partlr* 'hat Judge •<■> mlcht ap
point a r«fvre« to attend to th«
The coroner*!- Jnry. ln»e«tlK»tlnK
tb« ooitlalnn oa the .<.».u!<\ Krnton
k Southern, went out •hnrtly aft«r
noon today. Th« taking of testi
mony, whi'h iitartfd y«>aterday
morning a' 10 o'clock and w»» r<
*nni»xl thl« morr.liis. wa* flnlab«4
Just before noon and the ea«« «tv«-u
to toe m^fi who ar»- to fU the biam«
for th.' locs of the two llvi-w and
th.- Injury to 17 pasaenfcrni.
The cauao of the wreck la (till
laiaed. ■no teatlmony b«lnK
brotixht out which would abow how
the coal car eot looce from ttio reat
of the train. The r:iltro»i| commie
*lon ia here from Olympla. noldtnK
Ita invntUiitlon In conjunction with
Coroner Bcyd<?r and the public utili
ties >partmen of too city.
t* *
*• Water will b« »hut off on *
* BeU«Yue a».. from iMsnnjr way w
• to I'tn'- Kt . on Thtsraday, •
* May 6th, from 9 a. m. until ♦
• j I» m ♦
♦ ♦
¥¥# *#######»*»
R. Hanaon. a loucer, I* ftt the city
bosplUl In a •« >rlou» condition a*
a result o( creosote poltonlnx. ur-.r!
Inhallnn t»: H« wa« fonniJ ihl»
tnorntnK In hU room at tho Bt.
Charles hotrl, on Mrtt av. 8. The
eaa Jot had bwn Jurtifd on.
It U not known whether the man
attempted •ulcldf or not. He rarae
to thP h'>t'l drunk, and went to
hf« room. The nnt h«>ard of him
wa« wh' n iKirooonc noticed ua»
ftimea comlnn from 1)1. room and
fntered. Hanaon wu In an uncon-
Rcloua condition, and wu rimli- il to
th»» hoaplUl.
Annl»- Wiirkman who rr.ntii) a
sensation laHl week In front of III'
Havoy hotel bj attacking her former
employer, P. Oovurtz, becauso he
would not pay her lIM money she
claimed was duo b< r, this morning
admitted on the witness stand in
Justice Gordon's court that she was
married In January, of In-- year,
to Ijoi l^iuiiK Kum, a Chinaman, In
llMltimor.'. M'i Bho was testifying
on behalf of her brother, George
Workman, who was fined $10 and
costs for committing an assault on
m, Qevurti earlier on tho same
♦ ♦*****•***■*****
*■ *
* They work during tho day •
» nr.d Iblb Into the nlgbt. Th.-y *
* vl«it all part* ol the city. *
* *
Will You Help to
Build the Fence?
In lIM Chiitlr.-n - Orthopedic hnapltaMn (lit* city there t« »
li> j.-ur «>UI boy by ilw nan).- of Tf.<-'«tiTr who«e r'.KIH kg "ixt
knw were tt>rjr limlljr twUu-tl and tlfforroH « («>w wrcka ajt". but
who 1» now «o nincb bettor that doctor* !..■!!.•».. h« will b« «bl«>
to walk <.(i liii limn i.-s< for (h* tint time «lnc«> !>.• can remem
ber. The tMjjr'a iu'ithi-r in d'-mt aad Ms father • wanderer.
And Theodort hat two ■lattra and a brother, all younger
than hlmiclf. A f«w mcix ago thry *«r« four of tht dirtiest.
Half ttarved looking little Mnl that tv*r wtrt taken in
charge by the Washington Children's Home soelety. Out to
d«)> the oldest girl has been adopted into a good family! the
boy ■» being cured In the Orthopedle hospital, and the other
two young ones are sweet, attractive little Inmates of the re
ceiving home of the society here, waiting for • mother and .
father to come and adopt them
Th<- utiT.v el th.».- four children, bnd other •tori««,llk« thi*.
»«rr told to ■ it..r» at : Uto. h—dquMtri of th« society, 323 Now
York block, yesterday, »h*>n they rallwl to Inquire tato thi- work
€>f lh>' (MHirtj and It* im|i»!in for «n endowment fvind. which
h»« (Him. ifti w!d«epr«a(l attention uodrr tbr eaten >!<<''. '!■:;■
build Hi" fence."
I.ltili- huro«n anecdote* tike that of Tb«nlor» and bt» brother
and «l»trr» *Im»iii'! arou&d the Children'* llomr society office.
The worker* hardly tlitnk them worth repealing. Hut, n«^<li to
«ay, tb« llatenen yesterday all "helped to build th- fence," which
mean* that th"? contributed li».»-r»ll» to Ibr pfiilo* tM-iit fund
Tltr >ani|<alitn (if pewter*, lf>tt«-r» and phem* calla I* going mer
rily on, and thouiand* of people In Ibli and the other rttiea of'
the »t«t«- »r.- hearing each day about the "Build the Fenc«"
eampaißn- Superintendent Cortncton aaya II la |[oln« to b« a gr««t
Odds and Ends From Everywhere
I. It. J'nnln**, manacrr of the
Hxattl* Merrantilo I'.nij.nnr. «'••
fir.i.l fid yctieriUy fur failure t<
ahow up for Jury acnelre.
Nine boy* and itvan girl« were
born in Seattle veiterday.
han rn * • k i- ■
r it Kraft ln<ll< ttnrnt
KKDDIKft, r'onn.—Mark Twain
left tKe.OOO. IIU datlKhtvr. Mr«
Oaslp Oabrllowltach. la lain aole h<-lr.
sv iSHINGI i • "mi
«t». Bri • I
Tin marriao* lic«nics w»r« ia<
• u«d. ii« complaint*. in divorcs filed
and on* divorce drc-«« granted in
King county y«*terday.
11. . • Knlrn for ' .'. h. 1111 In tti»
I'nUt- I Hi»t«n. broke all Vtotll
wnrd* for that month In any year,
l.riJ.T'.'S ).iin<i« tißVlnc t" ■< 'i •'•"
--lumMl. Th* lax pal<l to the «"vrrn
mrnt *«» II P*">" Utrrel.
WONDERFUL 10 ro!.-»t.v thp rail
roadi arn Knliif to try to talc* U '»•'■
ral»«* of w.ich o •'• of raiiu-« In
frclKht ratM On wllb I'hilaii
ha: ■'
kinir wrlll
IlurllnV'i' • In
WAL.DKN. Colo.—J. M. Imvle ahot
,irnt w(iiii><l«<l AlfrrO 11. U* and
thin killed liltnxi-lf. Law l« a n'-wa
pitj.r nann and had written aomc
tiling that •'">;■ '■ I>oi-i».
NOPE. I *'" I ll"' " * R hR"
(Hr I nll"l l"r»« )
I.OS ANOKI.KH, May 4.—The
run on the All Day and Night bank
of l^ih Angeles, which began Mon
day at n<K>n. Is over, according to
statement* by tb< bank'i officers
i b« Hn«, which at oa« tlmo ft
(■■ru!> '1 for I'.-.iriy two bloahi from
the bank, had dlmlnliihed at noon
today to about 100 i><-iH<,riH Thene,
President Skinner declared, were
r.ir the Kr-aliT part patrons de
siring to transact commercial liiikl
Othera a ho stated, were return
ing the money they had with
ilrnwn According U> Hklnner'a
ujftit, the deposits up to noon
today wero greatly In mmm <>i
•i. withdrawals.
GENERAL complaint that high
mirli'iy folks K-i'ini- ti. see the cen
sus «oum< ratora. Ought to have
uolfornn the enumeratoni In the
first placo. Might havo known
they would be mistaken for bill
I ! i I . WASH WI.DNKSDAY, MAY 4. 1910.
got to find some uglier, shorter
term than "Inftnltexlmal mlcrob«a"
to apply to tta Insurgent alstera.
. liISHKi:. Arts.— 1i.,, ■ i. Iturh.i. a
promll younic man h*-r», *hut and
Inotantly killed MariruvrlU M«th»-«.
«<>n a chnrus girl, .m.I then killed
ANYHOW, Tom Ta««arf ran KM
up an unihrrlla an qulrkl) a* th* 1
NEW rOHM — nth«l Crokcr,
4au(ht< «f Itlchard Crokcr, him
mnrrtpd Johi J. Mrecn, »r....rn at a
SV» Tori riding academy.
KaTWARD, Al«»kn.- The wreck t,t
th« *team*r Farallon haji ih»;i|
i. ,ir. .1 fr..rn th» r*«r at lllamna tmy,
Thi» wrpeknKp *>i |ir"l>ali)> . nrrlt-i)
away l.y the Ir*.
TAFT 1< K"ir.»r to Indoroo Hrrmtor
IMrk A> Dick liai alrcttftv Ih'lormvl
him*' If all h.' iniw n«><-<ii« Ik the In
dorsement <'f Ohio.
i i»
It* . from
I tin
MR. JEFFRIES has n carbuncle.
Itefore wi jjlac" our money we want
to know If ilmi. anything In the.
rule* preventing 1.1 Arthur fi-om
I iiik liliiK hi* f"* whi-ri' the car
bunclo Is, wa* or l« Ilk.ly tu I"-.
jr."- i: vi ii i. Hutlx rland «mi
J J Hoyr* .11- lmrnf.l f. .(• „1 nffl
Ihi ■ 11 \ ..f
ii. t.. . .
■ iuk
Thirteen dtaths were recordrd in
Seattle yesterday.
Mint Anil'THiiii |h today HHkinK
U Jill y in .liiilk<- Ai: I MMI
to Klv>- MM ii vii'lii I lot $60,000
. ••» iiKHiiixi I" H E Orljcss.
The woman i.'illi.il that in Bep
tiiiiluT, r.iuK, OrIKKR lr<"Hi«-il her
Improperly, and performed u M
■rattoo on ii'-i that •ai no po«M Ij
lllllll' that »lll' has bad to nubnilt
to three other, operations ulncn.
All'-r tin' .i|" iil mil, when ihe
wan 111 in i...i in Hi.- Irving ii'iini,
OrIKKM •■uiiii' to her room .itnl
threatened to kill i>*'' If i-11■ ■ mudo
known tin' uuUpractlcaa o( which
1,, bad in-, ii guilty I.HI'T Kin
i I,ilih ill.-.' h.- i BJM to her I'i'ilii
mill iiHK.iiilti-il lii-i
in addition in Hilh ib« claima
took 111 • an .i> from bar.
Opportunity nmy knock again,
l)i> t hlk'h not In I lit- habit <>l coax
iuk —Florida Tlm'-s• i Hh'ii
WASHINGTON, D. C, May 4.—There are 15,121,036 more people in the
United State* todny than there were in 1900, according to an unofficial an
nouncement made by the census office today.
This means that the population of our country, as shown by the 1910 cen
sus, will be 91,424,423. The population in 1900 was 76,303,387. This is within
nine millions of double the population in 1880 and is three times the number
of people in the United States at the opening of the civil war.
The Firtt Man to Shake
Hands With Roosevelt
at Chrittiania Was the
King of Norway.
(By ■ Staff Cerrttpendcnt of th«
Unii«d Pr«»i i
cVtniSTIANtA. May 4 — King
lUak and Qsn-'-n Maud *• •■ thn
rirtt jtrtxnm to k'ni t Colonel
R(>a»*T*lt whan Im arrln-ii h«-rr nt
Mitin |i«l»)-. Tli'- king was actual-
Ijr lh«- flrtt man h<-ri< to shake*
ttoos«velt's hariil al tin- atatlon.
Th« ltoot»vlt> »<■!• t'i< n present
<■<! to lh« qu*«D
Uotb ltw(«'vi-l! i,n<l tb<> BlnK
won- plain (rcH k rout*, whll« th«
nawn «aa p.«rt<Hi In a «lu:pl<
mri*i dreaav
The colonel wu »r»>«>tiHl by
rhe«<rlne lhun«iin<!« who crowded
lh« »tr.:<<t» and housetop*. Tn« wel
come wa* U>« gr*«f*at ovation »T*r
icivrn any visitor her« Id tb« taeni
ury of th« oldest Inhabitant. Kv n
th» r^r«ptl"ii» accorded popular
vtsltJcg biur.archu wera outdone.
The royal band b«ad«d the car
rtl#M that bore, thn i*rty to the
ulna: ■ palao*. tn tbe ktiiß's rar
riage Col. Hdosevelt waa seated be- j
laid* tbe qti< ■ ti. while Mrs. ltoos«
--\<U sat with thi» ktM
Aft«-r th« iou— party had
«Jlcht«d from the special royal trnln
which bad b#en sent by tb«- king to I
carry thoin from Kornjo to Chrlitl
anta, they entered the carriages and
wore taken Is <hf palarr
Later (li- Roo*«velts had luni h
•Hin with Um kinK and quwn at thr
AiM»ii' embassy.
Th* Roosevctts tnnUht will be
thi" iroMts of royalty al a »tat<- din
ner which will be attended by U
dlstlnimlshed men In the 8«fdl»h
The iecrptary nf tb« N|lh<ll prlte
comrolttloD conferred brtrfly with
nooaaTelt this afternoon and >'•' de
cided d«flnllply to tn»J«» th* Nobel
prl*o addren tomorrow afternoon
at thei National theatre.
* fihowert tonlßht or Thur* ♦
* Any. Moderate south to wroth- *
* west wlmW. ♦
,»„,,». ****_** * ¥ *
AND Imi.l.v .t«.tli Hearst *«•• nice
ly Mated In (be c|.m<" ii»H< bund
wagoa when Oaynor ariaaa to notlfj
the. party that a forger and falsifier
ha« Just got ahoard! Oaynor »n<l
Hearst for 1912 now seems to i»e al
most au Impossibility.
■ .-— tm ■
Lawyers Now Want Pay
for Advice Given to .ne
Alleged Scheming Wife.
Charging th.it Al<la I. »each hired
them tn aflvlw hrr and to '-ll"
«tm>* 1,, enable 1)1 1 to *ecure II
larira p«rt of the ISOO.OOO fortune nl
her aged hu»l>and, Kllxur I'l •■"
and Uiat *he fulled tO l>ay tln-i" af
ter ihe had secured ■ large *ttce of
the fortune. Kdward J, Oelbrldgo
and Kdgar C Hnyder, lex il attor
ll..\«, commenced milt 11l th« *upor
lor court till* mornliiK against her
lo obtain lii.lkm,. hi for 1U.753 and
for one-fifth lntere«l In property
worth $100,000, that the woman •••
cured from Ik'i ihihi..iihl
The „ ilaini recltea In d*t«ll
,1,,. iitory "l Ihl ■"'ll matriinonlnl
illffli lllll' .-■ Iti l»02 A 1.1.1 I. Keene,
37 y.iiiH old, married Hllxur Ileuoh.
H cattleman and widower, ■" year»
old. ■
Ileach owned $300,000 worth of
property. lleach'B k'.m and Krand
chlldren objected to the marrluife.
Hunhand in Control.
Tin- wife. »t once, nay* the eom
pliiliit, • • tranifi 'I llcach from hi*
relative* mid got him completely
under her Influonre. Sin Hi. «e-
In an endi-avor to prprent thft
MHroimllua ; llulldlnu company
from fucajilnK from paying tan*
on tJinlr bulldlnga €>r«?ct«Kl on tbe
unlver«l(y trnct, at Fourth a*, and
Cnlun »l . 'li<- <i«ihih of otber
office bulldlnM In Seattle li«v
blrrd Harold I'reaton to a««Ut tbe
pro»ecutlnK attorney's office. Tbe
(«».• ni . all-<l for trial before
JudK" Und»ay tbta morning
Tba Metropolitan Ilnll.llnit com
pany la t«i«d 116.000 upon Um
lra»<> wbleb |i bolds (rom tin- r.
if.nm of ili«« sUt« university. Tbe
leaw prorldwi that tbe title to tho
buildings »e»t In . tb« utilv«T*l<»
upon completion, and that the
u*« of tbo bulldlncs remain with
ihi- company until tJbe explratluu
al tbe U nt- Th»< corporation
claims that this provision makf*
the butldtnics lb«» property of tti
university, and h»-nr* fre« from
taxation. On this ground it U at
tempting to escape tbo tax.
Tba county claims that lh«« l«>a««>
as i>«-r»».nal property Is worth |1.
000,004, and Is taxabl*.
Detwller. Indicted In connection
with th.' alleged bribery of the
boodllnK board of Kuef supervisors
by the Home T«-l« phope company,
will be arraigned tomorrow. Dct
wller rvtun.fii to Ban FranelKco
after an akMOM Of nearly three
years, and surrendered blmself to
Judge L*wtor, ll<- was r«l««a«d
on ball.
IHMriil Aii.ri..v Flckcrt, dis
cussing th»> case, said:
"Th<T<' Is little doubt but that w«i
win be able to proceed against i»t
wtirr at once. We will be abl« to
put wftMMM on . the 'stand who
never before testified."
ST. LOUIS. May 4.—"Pre»i
dent Taft Is one of the most
honest and sincere officials the
country has ever had," declared
John Temple Graves today,
while the president himself
was driving about the city.
Graves, who is allied with the
Hearst Interests, was address
Infl the convention of the Farm
ers' unk>n. He praised Taft as
an efficient president. .
Roosevelt, Graves declared,
took up only such measures as
were popular while he was pres
Following after Mr. Hun! ■
recent eulogy of President Taft
In the Heant papers, politicians
are wondering what the astute
journalist Is up to.
, ut. from him tranafen of prop
erty worth (60.000. Hhe also Imii
Ilench make a 111, giving her a one
third Interest In hla fortune In cane
of hi* death.
In the fall "i Ml ileach'a »on and
relative* micceeded In retculnlng
Ileach's confidence. Then It wna
lli,il according i" Hi* omplalnt, the
woman lOUKhI the two Heattle l'« -
yer* who are now brlnclni milt. She
roqiMN i>.i them to rim) 'mi if BaMh
had li.illlli'.l 1118 will; If ho had
done ■!• to learn tin . ■mill ii t .if the
new n ill to keep her advlocd aa to
way* and 111.'.H.s of Kettlnir hold iif
more i'i.'|..rt\. and If necewmry to
force 111 ,i. hto »h«l' hi* l.'ilmi.' fur
ther and to nun liltn fol divorce.
Followed Thair Advic*.
Kor thl work 111. .lawyer* W.I.
to |(..| OIM fifth "I .ill money or
property ni't ii iii»-<i from lleneh by
the wife. 'I''l' lawyer* Hi 111 ault
■ny that by following their advli-e
Illr womun Induced her huxlmnd to
Klvr her at one tlim (58,668 cash,
and much other vitliinl'l' property.
Last AiiKUitt, the lawyer* chiirge,
till- W'lliuitl yt"|i|'.il . 'iisii It I lu- with
them licriiiixe til.* "uiii not i.i. 'i'i
underlmtid method* to - • i-.ii .it.-
Ilench from mor« propi 11 H |h
.iiiuk.il that «he necurcd other law
yer* mil that *he Mli'tl Ileach for
divorce. Tin' dlvortM suit In still
Hindu Mystic Held Her
Prisoner Until the Law
Stepped in and Jailed
Ml>h Owtiud< !.■■<>. 19 years old,
former st«»nographer In the offices
of tbe Pacific UotUers" Hupply com
pany here, and a rculrient of TV
I'linia, has been rt.'RCued from the
clutches of h white slave procurer
ri Hit York.
lotari it*d in a Hindu f<-li< of
occult mhiiif here by a Mr*. Kan
ler, Mlhk I,»'<> *;»»■<• up her position
and wan lured to N>« York, where
»he. became stenographer for "Om"
Bernard, *ln> rlllmwi to b« a Hin
du, ki;<l rhn a school of occult sci
ence. Mrs. Kahlcr Is an aunt of
Left Year Ago.
Ml** I.«o 1' ft S'-attle a ><nr sro
In March. She continue to be a
stenographer for Bernard until
<hro.- »i<ks ago. Her suspicions
itirr»iiM>d until t-li' finally quit th
placo suddenly and disappeared.
A f<-» days ago Iternard lured ber
back acute, anil mm In his office,
she »uk kept a prisoner.
Miss Z«|!a llopp, her room mate,
bMUH nlaniiwj, and »In<l Mrs.
I' H Mtll.-r of Tacoma, wife of n
n«i>l ■■''..iii- man mid a sister of
MUs Leo. Mi» Miller left Yacoma
at orifi- for New York, where she
appealed to the police.
School Raided.
"Om'i" school wan raided Mon
day nlnht T' officers found ■
score of men and women draaawd
iu llk^i flttlDK gowna wrlgiillnß
about lh<' floor. It'-rnard explained
that tin contortions wero part of
bis system of preparation lor oc
cult work.
IU- was arrested and Is now in
jail. Mr* Miller wired her »iub
band today that nhf was lenvinr
New Vurk with Miss 1..-o for Ta
Miss Leo api.i'Hli to her former
employer in S.aiiie three months
ago, saying afca was practically a
priaon«-r He Immediately for
warded her money to Mi an her
release If possible.
* *
* ii i i ■ *
* Seattle. *
* Clearing* today . .Mi611.159.M ♦
* Balances 220.945.5ti *
* Ticami. *
* Clearlngn today ..$ 79C.994.00 *
* Ualancea 32,090.00 •
* Portland. *
* Clearings today . .|1.5. r.6,185.00 •
* Balance* 195,249.00 *
* Spokane. *
* Clearings today ..$ 949,026.00 *
* nalancca 121,807.00 •
* *
DI TI I CTIM "Osgar and Adolf" Become
DULLJj 1 111* Sponsors for a Gold Mine
— s^\\ N"! pnt'rely overshadowed liv I"red Rehaefer,
•A . J who writes "Ospnr und Adolf" nnrt other humorous
_ ~- tlllllKr for The Star. Is a namesake discovered at
v jT>ijA /0 Toppenlah, Wuoh. TtaU numei<ake is Kted W
"\ Jsnfr^&H Bchaeffer, who describes himself us being n war
r>Si"«c% i?j* veteran nn<l prospector, "'"' who "livs In dot tent
\Y"tSi Vv I)JTv liy dl'r c<Hnlent works," Besides this he subscribes
«\\^/?V~M^* hl""1'" nH an admirer of Schaeferlan comicalities,
\\ \W*jk>A\ir And declare* that the next claim h« locales will be
i /*Kj\A christened "OHBar und Adolf for luck. While
-A 111 '6\ wnltlmr to make his lucky strike. Namesake
J *aa»»- Vw^^ ■ li:i< rfi l:i \ down his prospector"* hammer and
r. < -^ti^m^* r pick* up tba pen. nn i proves i.in.sf if ii rugged phil
nnuphaf who voices liln lirond views of life In unvarnished verse.
And here it Is, with nolhltiK done to It i.) spoil |i:
The World a Mine
By Fred W. Schaeffer Skookum, the Trapper).
Kvcryonc we meet I* .1 prospector, no matter where we K' 1
Every man nnd woman prospects while traveling lo nnd fro;
Ami through Um day or even of night* whan tha moon doth shine,
■ih. |..|ii, uro all prospecting—the world'B .1 busy mine.
Tradesmen, shopmen, merchants, l»lv nre DOck*l hUOtlni found;
Kaloon iixn run u ground sluice In the bMrt of paying ground;
The. lawyer . i.-.ill up bedrock from the duy the case begnn,
And when < In- verdict's n mliliil, Illi' gold Is In his pan.
The mechanic la n drlfler Ib pny rtriwlri near iind fur.
Hut the plck-and-«hov«f| laborer must taki> the ihallow bar:
ili' pr< irhrl ruim lln air pumis ami an odd tl mi: to relati—
iii du«t II lms the stump on iii ii it pause* tin the ptai*»
I.iiiiii!' nnd nulKh-s us.- livilr.mll. •■ —they work th« surface ground;
Tin- ncholar blaxts the deep hard rock in learning's mine profound;
Tiir HtatcHumn tendi the tramway geur from \,iii. tn the crest.
And v.inii ii,. plnnaclu Is gained, looki down upon Um rent.
Ho everyone's ■ proapaotor, no mutter uh.i' you say,
Hut In tii' urt of cleaning up each i' '- a different way;
Kni ii the mii rluuiup the neighbors gatlur round
Ainl sink n "Inifi |U»I two by six, and lay yov mi the ground.
nwp riwT THAI** *«■
UfNC. V-C.JN 1 .NEW* HTAJ»n» »«.
Hill Won't Talk, But Those
Who Know Say That
Figures Won't Pass Thia
With tl 18 anil the
king up on it pi
: is admitted
i \Ae v\ ill b p1 ipß"
■ 'tie.
While Supervisor Hill rc
fuses to make any statement for
! publication rcfJ ding the popu
lation of Seattle that will be
shown by the census taken
tmrlir hi- direction, he is known
to have slated several times re
ccntly thai it would not be over
215,000, and that if it did go
over that number he would be
inclined to believe that some
| mistake had been made, that a
duplication or ovcrcount had
occurred some place.
From (lie first <!;iy that he
and his enumerators began tak
tag the censui Hill la- stated
that hr thought that there
were few, if any, more than
200,000 people in this city. De
spite all argument* and claims
: to the contrary, he has held to
this opinion ri£ht along and has
been beard several times recent
ly to expreai the opinion that he
would be discredited as an
honest cenaoa taker if the count
■houtd run over 215,000.
All the enumerators will have
their final report! h\ toinorroaj
»tul the result^ will be rushed to
\\ Bshinston. The civic barett
prad it- work
I ati• 1 will be all througfa by
ktlajM Fisher and J. I. \Vc«xl,
owners of Dreamland, will not
have to stand trial on the grand
jury indictment charging them
with being guilty of a I rime for
running a iaain hall. Moth men
arcra indicted by the grand Jury.
■ The wom«>n'» societies of the Se
attle churchea collected the testi
mony that resulted in the return
of Ibe indictment against Fleber
and Wood. Walter s Fulton Snt
urday argued a demurrer to the
Indictment, contending that, under
the .a, it ni no erima to permit
fetnnlrs in u dance hall provided
intoxicating; Illinois were not sold
or the plaoa waj not conducted In
an Immoral manner. Judge Ronald
held that ton 'i contention waa

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