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Supreme Court
n. 11 _P ■!
Stands by Furth
..i'l- Not. »°-nir **•*. U"
«*•■;. writ of mandate ag-Unai
Pirn, Mltfbrll. compelling
„! i *'r" ''f ','
■*^ «ka R «■*••mm* °_* »:u^'.
__Ci «.'•■
-^rSctricl eemp«ny In th* In*
_••";„ ra... *»* i'"'-.->enl
_Ti.-«r court, upholding the
_T_>t-a* •••*•• »lln" commta
__M«M I*1 " !" ,M on '"•
• •aE^-a'toleniihsii la alay
J^Tui* appeal to lb* state
a*.,, valley people "H> niake
r^ire demonstration when
. ___rfl trorporatlon* commit
*2«» Wd-y night. v com
i- tf valley resident* today
MM tn* eaaacllmen and ra
____ committee to hold It*
J_ tread* halt Tbl* will
*T'rtmtm_*r. Rainier val
n H_pl*—>C* • o'clock Pri
* ataM *t th* Arcad* hall,
•ai-id iv. b«tw*«n Union and
.-,-- B* (h«r« and tell
M-cwMltmen what you
mL V*** pr***rac* **"
mm etevaay ■» ln>r*lC ta cc-
__.!_• p*opl#." Mid 11. 0. Kel*
mit lb* mill!.."! valley rest
«.-.,.£>" Insisting o* the
Mt datf* today. They wool
tPM. Vt*} know what Craw
pttrrmlatt are."
%__% *•**• council committee on
.padou planning to meet Krl
g-.U-r up the matter of seta
_{tis«tttle, Kenton & Southern
ami ia- opera.ing it as a muni-
M («_, the Crawford officials
it e_!r today to eat out of the
_tt_* ptapm of Rainier val-
•satac. urn and up to that time
li Intoa ha* was charging 10
•a)tin-.* fcr car fires Inside (he
gr trait*. Tb* courts bad ruled
pen it, tat It appealed and went
***• cbargtag tha extra fare*.
Kb the people objected Mon-
MM* It provoked a riot. The
tammy em* pa*, bad fonr val
peep!* -mam. wer* going to
It, MM _ it-re,.
ikon Makes Hot Reply
____\sm^'fV'K' ■ '" mm
to Ministerial Critics
I 137 ORANGE, N. ... Nor. to.—
Mte Bla* l* the substance
--tea.* A. Edison* ram.-; tot
al -tpsa mlnlateraal crtiictsm of
■Britons eipres«lon (ha. ha did
RpSevt. to a ' her**"
Has Edison annoaac-ed bl* ha
lt th became the (arret of many
Kara, notably Charlea V.
■L pastor of the New York
fere, ot which John D. Rockefeller
■tt. Kdl*oa afaowad tbl*
An.-, that be oculd "coaa*
at* tad land with either band at
Tub sot an at-Jeat aad Merer
-ttsss" aald the wizard. -Thoso
aiiaa one bar* not read what
la I better* in a tuprea* In
•hr**. but gravfiy doubt
Mar tie good tofk* of the
MM going to be n.-isad from
m n*m to go to a beautiful.
fill Tell Railroads How to
rTell Railroads How to
Save a Million a Day, Gratis
t'SH'NCTriV Nor. JO.—Louis
Ik-tad.,, mm recently said that
hmti mm oat to the railroad*
■*-.'-> nearly $1.000,000 a
__K-»**r «Tpa_tse», and who waa
■■_ » position by O. U. Dlcko
•kfX-klag for presldenU of 2.
•**- railroad line*, at a salary
____** •» » greater part of what
***** tart, accepted Imsm'i
at 'amy
*******' only reservation was
_^*_ *''*'c' of ChapulUpec, on th* outekirt* of Mexico City.
g^ftUtt, Ky. Not. It,-
i ™*-»ors of various state*
fcfcr, her* to discuss uniform
t_m ta j *• conservation and
>fc,? rrl?e<l here mater,
N of __-' lvn K«-- at once Into a
km _?____*%__**• -""i -anrjuets.
■auT **»l«r« governor*
***i_*_ , .M.! ny "' th"m c»mß
mtm__l" th» ********** ex
** "m what they thought of
•upreme court. .
Tha high rate* against which the
eoraplatnt was inn.!. io the railway
commission by tho residents of the
Whlta Itlver Valla) will remain 111
force until th* -'..peal haa been de
cided In lha supreme, court nest
The decision waa written hr Jus
tice (loaae and concurred In ha
Chief iiiaM..* Riidkln and Justice*
Kaillenou Mount and Parker.
It's different now.
l.att night passenger* on the
Crawford line were requested to pay
tho ovcr-chargf. Valley residents
atalloi themaelvc* along tho line
and on the car* to urge everybody
J nut to pay.
Police Didn't Interfere.
On* conductor un a car opposite
tho King »t. station appealed to the
police to help him eject one man
who wouldn't pay the over-charge.
"is he drunk" asked the polio*.
la he disorderly
"Then forget It.' said th* cop
par, turning hi* back.
Tht* »»• th.* last .ho* of reals
tance mad* by (he company.
I.a*t night the conductor* simply
took the nam.** of the people Who
refused to pay the over-charge
This morning (hey didn't even do
that. Everybody rode for fir*
Tbo railroad officials had laid
Councilman Revelle, who will
push the matter of buying tbe road
for the city Friday, think* the plan
1* feasible.
"Via can appraise It at Its physi
cal valuation and take It oral he
said. "If we find (ha( the city ran
not operat* the road profitably. It
' will be tlm* enough to talk of sell*
I lag It to another company.**
Tbe four man. Jess* ParshaU. D.
iR. I.add. v. C. Wilson and William
> Hasty, who wore arreatad Monday
' night, were released vt-*t*rday af
j ternoon by Judge Cordon.
shining place aloft. 1 can't mm it.
II can't understand It. and neither
do the minister* of the fashionable
"Tbey tall to* I ant beading ,
straight for hell. Maybe I am. but
it will taka my chance* with lb*
'l-ahtonar.lt' minister. if there be a
heaven. I bet 111 get to It flr»L Ye*.
'even before Dr. AketL
| "Her* i* what taeao men will do
A poor reporter, whose lag waa shot
off la th* war. cam* to dm for an
Interview He write* splendidly and
tl gar* blm (ha Interview, wishing
to help blm. A certain clarity man
read my atalem-nt* and made corn
men's. The reporter asked him for
an interview.
"How do yoa suppose that "man of
God" answered T
lit mat, 'Ye*. 111 giro you aa
later-lew—for IMS
I that It should be without eompensa
! Hon. Intimating that the burden of
I paying bl* salary ultimately would
: be bora* by tbe consumer.
Will Think It Over.
CHICAGO. Nov. 29.—0. I* Dick*.
, »on. spokesman for tbe Western
railroad president*, said this after
noon that be had received Attorney
Braadela* a«wpun_w of bla offer,
aad would consult wltb the pre_l
d«nt* tonight to frame aa answer.
a lot of Iters of national Im
portance. They yet hate most of
their speeches bellied up, while
iho Easterners have been paying
more attention to in., pretty prattle
of the women of Kentucky.
A* a result an Insurgent move
ment among the Western gov
ernors Is threatened. They are
ic.uai.l.-ilng demanding considera
tion of tin- direct election of Unit
ed States senators and lie Income
tax amendment.
After a trart .*:' moro than two ,
montha, Jim Nlcollrh, an Alaska
miner, today caused the arrest of
Jamas Clark, a switchman, ami Joe
Krnney, a carpenter, and wtth thetr
arrest the police betiare that a do*
an or more highway robberies will
be cleared up.
On September 27 last. S'lrhollchl
wa* walking writ on 11. 11 st.. near
lit*! ay. Two men stepped out
and on* fired point blank at htm
when be refused to throw ip hi*
hands and deliver |_S. which ha
carried. The men fled, but Nicnlleh
pare -Calient description* of them.
Por two month* be kept a lookout
for the highwaymen, and (hi* morn-
(Ny all.J In- I
LONDON. Nor. 3d--Widespread
vloten.e at elerdon rallla* contta
tied throughout England and Ire
land today. Boor** of meetings
laat night and today were broken
up. tbe apeak* r* and candidate*
egged, and la •<>-_« place* attacked
and beaten.
The central Issue In th.* election
I* the rlrtoal abolition of the h-.u*e
of lord*. The liberal* will not at
tempt to eliminate absolutely the
KtCWANFr. 111. Not. 3d—Boot
ted Dandy, th* 11 toot India hah
constrictor own-
Ed aa a house.
bold pat by Mr*
Ada Packard. I*
Mr* Packard
baa rheumatism.
and she believe*
that through
handling H. Dan
dy she Imparted (
the disease to
him "ihe «»y* I
aha will aurally
die ante** she get* another snake,
and rwtaUve* la New England are
sanding ber a tuutdsome 19 year-old
rattlesnake. '
Mr*. Packard I* deeply affected
by lha death of Spotted Dandy, and
baa Buffered a relapse
'make a general appeal to the coun
try at large.
How did It atariT
A little Jewish girl led 16 cf her
fallow worker* out en October 7.
Crushed under unbearable condi*
dona, th* worker* needed but th*
word to strike. They came out of
on* (hop attar another until 90.000
had quit work, third of them
girl* and women.
*'W* work many hour* every
day," aald * lltti* girl. "We get
up long before daylight. We rid*
on car* long distance. We get vary
tired. Sometimes sick. Then they
give us 'drop*' and headache pow
der* that make v* feel very good
for a while, then very bad. We do
not get a drink of water when we
want It; we must have a pa** to
get it. I get about $4 in a week. It
costs 60 cent* for car far*."
In "good" times, the girl* were
speeded to the fainting point, Tlmy
had to work overtime at rcKtilar
pay. In "bad" time*, they hml to
sit around the shop to keep -ii- ap
pearances of prosperity, and were
not paid for It. Olrla bad to thread
needle* at homo until midnight,
after working all "lay Foremen
were Instructed to bent down the
wages of each simple-minded work
er to tin' lowest point that worker
would stand. Hum'- were paid mora
than hers for tin- Identical work.
'>*".n ear* insulted by foramen,
and having (to Onion, they wore de
fenseless. Clila were fined IS centa
each 'or running to tin- window to
see the Masonle parade; as much
as $5 for mismatching a lining;
they were not paid a cent for hast
ing because they took more than
one stitch at a time. Men's wages
were cut by In, i. Ing their work
at the old pay.
Individually helpless, tin- work
ers no* stand united la a demand
that their nalon be racognlsad.
lag hi* vigil waa rewarded at First
ay. 8. and Main at Mooltch fol
lowed the pair Into several saloon*
and store* Tb* *hadow*d *u*p«ct*
■trolled to Third *r and Data- at.
befor* Nicnlleh saw * patrolmen.
Sergeant Wllke* and Patrolman
flpelr were together, and Nlcollcb
pointed out ht* prey,
Kenney and Clark were arrested,
but denied tbey aver engaged in a
holdup. Nlcollrh I* poslitve In hi*
Identification. Their description*
tatty closely wltb tho*e of highway
men wbo were responsible for other
highway int.baric s In th* past three
months. Krnney and Clark will be
.objected to a rigid Investigation.
, house of peer* A* a concession j
'they are willing to let the chamber
•slat, but without the power (<>
veto any IcgltUllon enacted by the
pa-.-j.lt-'* pc*aan(*Ue— — lb.* bouse
of common*.
Tha .mat of th* tori*. 1* that
the abolition of (ba lord* really
la being attempted by (ha Irlah na
tionalist*, with money furnlahad;
(hem ii. th* United fttatr*. They
•re Imploring Englishmen not to
permit American dollar* to dictate
, Brtdah politic*.
* *
* a
* Oasis Bam I* not going (o *
* eland for a proiy Santa Ctau*. *
* It you ian prove that yarn t. a
. tbe real thing, you're wetcome *
* to let'em *ddr*«*ed to Mm *,
* Othcrwla* all Santa (.'Uu* Ist- a)
* tera will bava to go to th* *
* dead latter department. *
* With (bt* announcement. •
* Assistant l-os! master Colkett a
* yesterday frustrated the hind *
* hearted plan* of a number of *
* women wbo requested p*rml* *
* aloe to open an.l answer let- *
* tar* addressed to Santa Claua *
* a
Wendllng Trial
.Mr Celled I'rraa I
M.fIHVI! I.F Nov. 20. - The
taking of testimony In the trial of
Joseph Wendllng, charted With
having mardrred Alma K. liner and
burled her body In tba basement
of Ht. John* parochial school, be
gan today.
Frederic- k Kdlner. father of
Alma, was the first witness railed.
He testified that h* last saw hi*
little* girl December *. and that he
conducted a "wide sear, for
her, thinking aha had been kid
Mr*. John Vail .entitled that ahe
saw Alma at St. John's church
alono with Wendllng, who was Jan
itor of th* edifice. Hi,,, fixed the
tlin» and date IS 10 o'clock on the
morning of December 8.
The third session of Hit* seventh
annual convention of the interna
tional Broth, i 1n....1 of Electrical
Workers was held nt tlie Labor
Temple ttils afternoon. Among the
speakers wero M. .1 Sullivan. gen
eral vice president, and Charles
Perry Taylor, secretary and irons
tirer, Washington State federation
Of 1,11 111 il.
The convention closea next Sat
HONOKONO, Nov. 30—Several
soldi*!** of the I'ortugucso garri
son nt Macao, augmented by a
strong detach men t of Bailors, ara
in revolt again it the mm Portu
guese republic, according to ad
vices received bars today It i*
reported that forolgn residents ar*
in danger frets tho mutineers, who
hart, rioted through tho streets.
Macao I* a Portuguese depend
,ency aouth of Canton.
Herbert Fleming. Percy Hunt
ington and Chart.** Mitchell, ar
r.-.t.-d Monday night by Inline]
Slate* Secret Rervlc* Agent Tom
Foster, yesterday pie-dad not
guilty to the charge of passing
worthies* bank note* United
State* Commissioner W. IX Tot ten
Hied ball In the sum "I 11.500
each. None of the prisoner, waa
able to furnish lhat amount. Flem
ing end Huntington will b* given
n hearing nest Monday morula*
Mitchell will be heard Monday aft
...GUTHRIE, Okla. Nov. 2».—Jack
AWernatby** Job a* United State*
marshal I* In Jeopardy A confi
dential report to Washington, made
by Inspector Fisherman, doe* not
reflect cradltabty upon Itoosarelt'*
friend. Fisherman was sent down
her* to InvesHgate several federal
appointee*. Bine* hi* arrival Ab*r
natby I* said to hay* paid hla dl
vort-d wit". 11.100 back alimony,
and to have nettled num.*- other
Ab*rn*lby I* the Oklahoma man
aliased to delimit In catching
AI.IVK the lobo wolf i railed by th*
row boys a loafer wolf), and, Sam
*..n Ilka, apliiting bla J*** with hi*
bare hands
Many people In the Southwest
laugh at the idea Hint ANT man can
catch a lobo alive- for it Is an es
tablished fart that a hungry Inlm
will jump at a bora*"* throat an I
throw th* horse even when there
I* a cowboy on hi* back who can
■hoot a* straight as Abcmathy ever
Abernalhy'a *ons mad.* th* spec
tacular horse bark ride from Okla
homa (o New York to welcome T.
11. on hi* return from Afrit*.
The hoard of regents will begin
an action In a few days to regain
property In Plana niily sold by
the land commlsaloner to the
Hewitt Land Co. flvo years ago for
.» 3.150. Tin* propert) Is now very
valuable. Ilecently Ihe N. P. paid
120,000 for a right of way through
iln- regent* claim that the sal*
was Invalid because It was not
made with I he consent of the board.
The state land cruiser had describ
ed the land as worthless for farm-
Ing purposes, nnd neglected to say
that It was valuable tldo land
KVance, Nov. 30.—A passenger bi
plane, , apabla of carrying flvo
men, la soon to 1... shown to the
public, according to an announce
ment tiiadn hero today. Tho ma
chine Is bains constructad by
Henry Kantian. li Is called an
"uerobus." i'.n man hs* already
i,1.1.1.- several exhibition flights,
t-iinyini; four parsons besides MS
■jiatr. It It estimated that hi* ma
iSfine will have a currying capacity
.of 1,000 pounds.
Mr*. Whit* called at police
headquarter* today, but aald that
111 it -ktu, th* Jap arretted, wa*
not th* robber. He waa r«t*a**d.
Confronted by an armed and
nt.'iriked lapanaae In th* kitchen of
her bona, at 712 N. 72nd at., Mrs.
Mary White »,ih given Ho- "tare of
bar life shortly alter (J o'clock last
"I want money," demnnded I ||<-
Jap, a* he flouili>h.tl Inn revolver.
Holding the gun at. bOT head, the
Jap forced Mr*. While from room
to Men, compelling her to open
drawer* .in. chest* In hla search
for money and valuable* Mis
Whit* protosted lhat she had
neither, hut tin* Jap threatened to
choke her If all." did not produce
what lie wanted.
"1 kill you.'' exclaimed th* Jap
a* be pushed ,Mi« While til., a
chair. He then locked her In a
bedroom and li:' lb* bouse. Karl
White, the woman's noil, returned
home to find hi* mother In 11 fain!
The police ware Informed that
tin* robber wa* on bl* way to the
city. Patrolman Heath and Has
aelblad boarded a Ureen take
street car and arrested M. Illgur
ashl. He proiraled his Innocence
11. I* held fur Investigation.
HOUSTON, Tex.. Nov. 30—Pos
ing a* a tramp, Irwin A. Ilrown,
millionaire clubman of Denver, waa
mil rat.-.l hare laat night while. Bak
ing for a bad In a cheap lodging
house. He had gone there In pur
autt of sociological Investigation*,
lie wa* Identified by a local news
paper man and released.
Ilrown was In Seattle a year ago.
Investigating condition* here. HI.
researc 1 ■■« have carrtad him into
every city tn the country.
* *
* Ulead. Nearly to Death *
* From Bit* of f*l*h. *
* BOSTON. Nov. 30.—Fovored *
* by a gale of wind. Capt N. 1- *
* son of the fishing schooner *
* Reliance wa* able to land *
* Thomas Key, a member of hi. *
* crew, here today before tha *
* sailor bled to death from a *
* wouud Iliad., by lha bite of a *
* fish. *
* Yesterday, while th* R** *
* llama wa* on (he 10-org.-a *
* bank, an a_»l flab, a SO*. I** of *
* shark, which bad been caught *
w In a trawl, bit Key'a right *
* band, the sharp teeth almost *
* severing It at the wlr«t. Th* *
* fisherman will recover. *
.hoinch not more than toe men are
Involved In the strike of It > tatlcab
drivers, which « a* Inaugurated ber*
Monday night, already half a dozen
arrest* have boon made and a acoro
of shots fired.
President Carl Dreg*r of the
Chauffeur*' union and five other
union men were admitted to ball
following their arrest for alleged
stoning of a non-union cab.
The drivers are standing pat on
their demand for 20 per cent of the
each far** and free gasoline. Three
of tha five companies against which
tha strike was originally Instituted
hava given In.
Stole and Killed to
Get Candy for Bride
CHICAOO. Nov. 30.—Leigh
fthodua, th* "candy bandit,"
was Indicted yetlerday by th*
Cook county grand jury on th*
charge of murder and highway
robbery. Th* "candy bandit"
got hi* sobriquet because of
hi* confession to th* police
that he led a life of crime to
•upply hi* bride with candy
and flower*. Rhodu* I* charged
with killing Dr. Wm. Michelle,
August IS, and Anton Halbig,
August 7.
STALL-*. WALLA, Nov. 30. — _t_
Indorsing the otter recently made
by Samuel Hill of Seattle, son-la
law of James J. Hill, It. H. Thom
son, J 9 Hartnian and J. J Don
ovan, the special committee ap
pointed by the Washington Good
■Mdi convention, now in session
here, approvnd convict labor 'ii the
construction of roads throughout
the slate of Washington. The
committee's recommendations were
referred to the legislative commit
-1.-. which will report this after
Sam Hill's plan for the building
of peat roads embraces the em
ployment of 1,000 convict*. He
askS to be paid such sum as will
accrue by taxation tor four succes
sive year*, together with a sum
from the state double thai appro
printed lay tho legislature during
the past two years for state roads.
Mr. HI agrees to furnish a bond
of $1,000,000 to Insure faithful per
formance '•( the work.
*********** *****
A *
a *
a Patrolman Harris: "How *
*do you manage to get your *
P beer If ion don't work and *
A htm no cash?" *
A George Davis: "I get mine *
a the same as you do." A
A- Police court spectators: A
A "Hat ha!" A
A Judge Coition "Co get a A
A Job." *
A And George got A
A Delayed Importation of
Alll- v tt i • r x
All-Linen Handkerchiefs for
Men and Boys, on Sale
Beginning Tomorrow at
Unusual Prices
■"_ " ..... .:..;■.... '„..-■■
12 \-Uf. EACH —Men* Pure •£,-,<» EACH—Men* Pure Linen
Linen Handkerchief*, hematltch- Handkerchief*, %, '/* and ".-Inch
mti quarter or half-Inch hem*, hemstitched border*; packed 6ln
worth a third more. box f or • I .1.0
iHc/* EACH— Pure Linen. 281 EACH—Men* Initial Pure
quarter-Inch Hemstitched Hand* Irish Linen, '.inch Hemstitched
kerchiefs; regular *!_e; 111 each. Handkerchiefs; neatly packed, «
6 for ... aI. (mi in 1,.... for $1.1.0
„.*»# EACH—Men* very fine ,-*•{, EACH—Men* very fine In-
I'uro Linen Handkerchief*; % 111 a 1 Pure Irish Linen -..Inch
and H-lnch hand drawn ii.-m Hemstitched Handkerchief*;
stitched border; regular alia; neatly packed, 6in box, for ....
„f.e each; 6 for |2.00 $2.00
.-,OC EACH— Men a it. fine j^p EACH—Men* -si fine In
Pure Irish Linen Handkerchief*, .J „,,.„ , ri _ •„„„- >4ii,<li
'. and %-lnch hand-drawn hem- Hemstitched Handkerchief*;
atltch*d border*; too each; 6 n< , a tj- packed <", D box, for ...
„)r $2.7.1 ....... $a.7„
7.1.* EACH—Men* extra hlt..', , H , EACH—Hoy*' 16 Inch Pure
very 'in.* Pure Irl»li Linen Hand- „.,,,, Ulifsn Handkerchief*; neat
kerchief* y. or V. Inch hem- j band embroidered Initial; Ihe
at Itched border*; made of 23- „.,•, 6 for *| 00
Inch cloth. -l„.l 11.-.',.
Christmas Aprons at Special Low Prices
A sale that any woman will lie glad to read about — sale
that involves enormous quantities of dainty styles at less
than prevailing prices. By way of suggestion:
35,*, VALUES BOo—Matron*' .-,<|<*., VALUEB 75e—Tea Apron*
Apron*, of fine lawn or barred and Fancy Work Apron*, mado
muslin; one style with embrold- of fine lawn, 1 1 oa.h.ir muslin and
err and Insertion, the bar with dotted Swiss; trimmed with the
ruffle and pocket. daintiest embrotderie* and lace*.
R_._. VALUES T.tt _ Maid*' !»„.», VALUES 11.25— .1 i,- Lawn
"• -a b^.d Mb 7-nd "tit Apro-s. "**_*«« "-'M, B"d, 1 °,,
--*.>!.-*. of i___a !_»,,. mail- *j*. **"* at rap . *-_••■ "___***__'
dally full, some plain. other* '!'''''''**l hws_i_ss_f_\ em
trimmed with embroidery and in- %s£&,__'_____?*____? I™ h __
.ertlon, or Itching <™' I",' l a,,d wl^* $£ g
and long, wide (le*.
7.*i<». VALUES —Parlor $_»j»_,. VALUES 12.65—Fancy
Maids' and Chartng Dish Apron*, '.ift Apron., of fine Bwis.es.
of fancy embroidered Bwlaae* ,»-,„, and dlmltle*. charmingly
and crossbar muslin*, edged with trimmed with German Valen-
Imltatlon Irish crochet, l.erman -lennea Insertion and edge, em-
Valenclcnne. lure and SwU* em broidery, beading a - d ribbon.
broidery. i - _Tl.lrdfl.ar.
> /fouthwicK Co.
children. Some of the shrewd**
reporters followed him, ye(. with
Dr. Cook making no endeavor to
hide Ma identity and wearing no
disguise, be was lost to public
M..-.( of (he time be was away,
Dr. Cook aays, be lived in l->n
don, though part of the Ilia* wa*
spent in traveling. During con
siderable of the time tbe Cook
family waa in Paris, and later tbe
children were left there while the
doctor and Mr* Cook traveled on
the continent.
During moat of thla time. Dr.
Cook says, his physical condition
waa deplorable. ll* say* that
part of tbe time be could sleep
only about three hours nightly,
and waa exceedingly nervous.
III* desire now, be says, is to
return to America.
"I hay* been called th* great
est liar In th* world." he continues,
"th* most monumental Impostor In
history, and I believe that. In a
vary undesirable way. I stand the
unique object of such vituperation
and suspicion a* has assailed few
Sine* he began to prepare his
narrative, Dr. Cook aays, the dis
covery of the pole ha* meant
nothing to him. Ill* »ole desire
has been to make Americans re
alise what he endured during his
long stay In the land of Ice, so
that they might am what mental
processes led him to announce
that he had found the pole.
Or. Cook Coming Back.
Dr. Cook and his wife will re
turn to America Dm 22, In order
to spend Christmas with relatives
in lirookiyn.
No Comment Prom Peary.
WAHHINUToN. Nov 30.—Capt.
Robert* K. Peary, who first de
clared that Dr. Cook had failed to
find tin' North 1',.!., read with
evident Interest today Cook's ad
mission that in- di.i ii... know
himself whether he bad reached
Hie big nail. "I have lately
no comment," he declared.
_____ ™
Armstrong Subpoenaed.
R. 11. Armstrong Pacific Co4kt
manage, of th* United Wifeless
Co. who** testimony resulted In
the Indictment of C. c Wilson, 1
president of th.- concern, on a
charge of using the malls fur fraud
ulent purposes, was yeitciday
placed under a bond of $500 by
Feleml Judge Hanford to it sun*
his appearance at tho trial In New
York next June.
The seniors cleaned the Juniors,
5 to 0, yesterday In the second
game in Hi., chaaaploaahip scries
at Hie Lincoln school.
r Beautiful Willow Plumes i
i I OK < II Id**- M '
' ___%______§§ from j.iur aid feather* a,I am, ill,
Vtaur iilil _Mfcj___BM Mini muffa ran '
, laca mad* MM into 1u.1i..,, and
I .M|ll— t of ill* lltlf-sal at.a let. Our '
rharsaat Vary iu»»d<»r_.f«-.
k fct* r«Hn>l*'« Hank lUIMln*, I
OMMi Him* ond and IMl.** jfo
...Im I .... War.
T_wl_„» , -|m-.i_i «_,!»„ .It.,
r.r.llr. 1t..,, ftmmr. 11. |,_|.__,
I.V wad 4CV.
Iltnrr W. jt.a.«a offer* lh* ■•■•,.
*"' la * Ilrllllaal lltai.tj
tub rm\« „ or* iiim:>.
Ny lititr and I.u.ltrt i*,i,., ■_-«_.
'*««■ II *». ll M T.c trad He.
GRAND OPtRA HC.s. J';, 1 ,
T-olcbl, Mai. T"tn.--T«*M He*.. h**_.tp tmr
WilU-m r. Mann Submits tht l_*i«tt
_-,*,.»-. *i Fart la
**A UlU»kl_*t Dm."
tl.ar "A China Doll," "Alabama"
■ H|arlt._ll-it." "__, re 1 attt 11,. World
'la. 'Hound.'*
__-*„*Ui-____-_L__ a fr-r Km ........
Haifa, M.ailnr* Taadar
T_* I am. a. H.Lrr Klerk f„ |.
•-iio.sK or a (inn *a.\i,
Price*—-ISO. lee, _$«, i.e. viai-saaa—
• »c, ri<-. lc*
Sat! Praam, "Charley** AMl.**
_mm_, a 11..th »•».*"»• SIM
Bth ***_ lit' .....'I 1 oi.laalllt
I .laaln Ardea * Co. In
"( in V.IV VKt.VI.T
*—lleeor,|.|ln->kln. Vela—V
_l»t*. He. i»c. tt,.- I*ll,-. I til *n.i i..»
I'l 1 \M.
i.ra.ia.i at ItypßMdtla.
A Dollar Show for »<■ and See.
11*. Tilt *»_ *.
Lois Theatre
l>r*m»ilt*tl.n of MM famous Auruata
Evans V\ lltun Novel.
"ST. .1 Mil"
rresanle- by th* Prapulsr
I ..arm. a- I'l*) art.
M»(ln*c>*—Tut*. Wed. and Sat.
I'ri.a*—l",-, Ha, IS* .nil H)c.
"I'nequaltfl YatitlttllU**
Mile-, ll.nelrur'a 1....a
Al - so
7 and • Hilton rrantalan Co.
Major l*-.,1r rir.
. I«m»«* Mtlßl.**l Corned- Co.
Till". TOWN'S DIG i,ihi SHOW.
ttt- and Silo—Thr*« lime* .lallf
11,.i1.1„u At. ran.l llllia si .
1 llll.AY I MM. 1.l I I Mil. It f.
At SilS
Ihe Schubert Club
Offart *. Ornt.il Vocal and Inafrumi-ntal
Cone-art, t-i-tlfil by Ihe followtn* mil
in-ill talent: Mm. Arthur Hun tine ton
Hrußh, a-ov-rnna; Mr. K. KtJttyn lUrl-a,
l«nor; Mr, John Kparßtir, vtu-linUt, and
choral aelertlona ■'>• th* Club.
It' k.'' • SO rr-nt*. unr< a.rv***... can hi*
sri-urnl At Khar man-Clay Co. and Wood
A Duma' uuialr atora.
Star "Want" Ads Are
Business Bringers
• a*

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