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•I Knt«r*J ■! MMtlla, \V«ih., poitoftk* «• ••r.m.l v-Um ntllli, * m MM^ *** * A MM* ■■■* M M \*r M *.M A M MJk AMA WJU^ JLIMA M. \*M A MMatMA IMS M ■*■ M. "V-# *-* for tbP<o month* Of more. ™"
V . .J
lung in Part the Secretary 1! Report for th* Y*ar Ending June 30,
Orantlnß dpfi-rta In tho ■■rat mining lawn, they have acconv
ptlnhrU thrlr purjwso In .aiuiiiK the mineral rwaoureaa to I" •!••
vrlopi-J »n$ ha>e tint* contributed .•iioiniou-h in Urn would! of tka
"Y*>u bet! Hurrah! 11 —Th* Guggenheim Gang.
Tho fi«<!.'inl Kxvi'itiinctit ihouK] not uitit.-it.tUi> or ma»» tht
#ntir.- burden of tho consfrrvntlnn of the nntural r«>»ourr«<a of the
ttatoa In »hkh Uu' public land* are :.iiu:it.'.l. for It h-<-< I■■ •" 'I-»'
onntrat«d that the state* ar« capable of (aklnß care of then© qtioa
turns In a Isiri< i!i'-*<iirf.
-i.«t th* ttatea do It."— The A«t«l.»imjtrct Crabbing Clan.
Tran»f*r the Cunningham claim* In Alnuka from my depart
ment to the court of appeal* of th« District ot Columbia,
"Can it k* that th* ■•crvtary hat decided that th* people do not
like the idea of the attorney for the defente also acting at Judge of
the court"" Innocent Dyttander.
I'nknown and unoxplorod lands I would havo op«»n to i<>jplorm
tlon and location. Thi* would give a reward to the diligent pros
pector. " *■■'
••And me such a dandy little diligent protpectorf*— Standard Oil.
It would !»<'«-iii a direct and effective mothod of control would
be to trustee the water sites tt.4J0.000 .to the status.
"It's easier breaking each stick separately than the whole
bunch tied together."—Western Power Trust.
No new r<>clamatlou project* have been undertaken slnco March
4, ISM) 9. but prior to that time 3 primary projects had been under
On. March 4. 1»0t. R. Achilles Ballinger moved Into the Interior
The large national parks should be gradually opened up for
th. convenience and comfort of touruts and campura and lor tha
careful pre*<«rv4t!on of their natural featurea.
"Fine! Great Ideal Go to it "-Grand chorus of Everybody In
The scenery and natural wonder* found In other count rlea fre
quented by our people ar« InnlmitfUant compared with that of any
of our Kfrat national parks and the mountain ranges In which
thejr are found.
This "parks for the people" matter was placed last in th* re
port, but it alone pay* one for wading through what may be th*
farewell message of Richard A. Ballinger, secretary of th* Interior.
_ __——I
A *tr«nr»». triumphant life was her*, possibly raori> Influential
than that of any other woman, not a hereditary quren, who • rat lived.
Th« test of her works Is still to come. A poet of the day rv
"Stone cttle* melt like mist away.
Hut footsteps In the sand—endure."
Mr- Eddy's Influence reaml many a pll» of stone, lint these
are nothing compared to the school of thought and the spiritual at
Biosphere she sptvad through many lands.
Mark Twain predicted thai In a hundred year* two churche*
would divide the world betwwn them—the Human Catholic and the
Christl&n Science. If that prediction Is fulfilled, the nam* of Mary
IlAker Eddy wlil live long In human history.
Coicaco proposes to limit the height of skyscraper* to IS
stories, and thus to protect public rights In air and sunshine.
England has her law of ancteni llghu." which prevents greedy
landlords from shutting off tho daylight from tn«lr neighbor*.
It Is well to have a similar ir.m.-m.tit In America, befor* th«
light goes wholly out of our metropolitan skt«-e, and bvfor* In
ventive genius interests some trust magnate in a proposition to bot
tle the air and sell it by the quart
The United States' population a.i a whole aa Increased allghtly
more than Mam cent In the last 10 year*, Hut thta ratio la •!•
ceeded all Ika way from th:>— to ten time* In certain localities.
The blgx«*st growth Is west of the luOth meridian, which cnta
the country tn twain from north to snuth. Th*. Southwest, the ■•% •
treme Northwest, the Pacific coast—'Us there the star of empire
now take* Its way. And these hi* sections of the republic harp only
began to grow. They are the lain!* of tomorrow.
DON'T sass the girl behind th» counter till after Christmas.
000 "
A PIKE ST. dealer In tombstone* says he <loeta*t notice any
Chriatma* ruth in bin Ho*.
DARE to do! Wellman and Dr. Cook got two blu • word
for telling how they failed to do.
"PARTY lines no longer cilst." says Jim Hill. And It Jim
can see It everybody else ought to.
o o o
NEGRO porter slashed a customer in a Seattle barber shop
Saturday night. Moral: Use a safety raxor.
THAT New Yorker who votrd for Rockefeller for 0 8 supreme !
Judge maybe believed In taking the short cut. as he saw It.
t 0 o
OWNERS lost $50,000 on the Johnson Jeffrie* fight pictures.
Simply made a mistake aa to the public love of high art.
o ■ 1
GOVERNOR MADLEY of Missouri has been an ardent advo
cate of "back la the soil." Now ho has gone back himself, plant-
Ing 100 acres of fruit. Hit orchard will be a* eloquent as hit
speeches. ;. ; ; ■ tl
IN ENGLAND miffragetf^i get jail sentence* and In Washing
ton they get the ballot Come went, you English women, and grow
up with tho country!
. 000
RIF Miss Elkin* really wants the duke, and If the duke want*
ills* Elklns, why In thunder don't they, and give the rest of us
a change of thought?
LARGE country! Rig snow storm, Monday last •"••nt 20
New Yorkers to th« hospital, and at San Dingo fresh strawberries
went down to 1;, cents per l.ox
LA FOLLETTE advlsos everybody to read a new book on rot j
lernment ownership of railroads In the United Btates H»y »hat '
doe* Bob take us for—eocialists? '
0 '1 o
GENERAL FRED GRANT say* »-vrry man should be a aoMiar
merely for the moral uplift of military discipline. Yes but can we
all afford the luxury at 111 pc;r month?
o 11 0
STOPPED for not paying tax™, Tacoau street railway com
panies got an injunction from a federal jurlgi and resumed bust- j
ness, tax dodging being Included In "business."
th SEATTLE .-,-*:- not ralnt- "W PHe« of sugar, even though
the rj-flnerlcs havo advanced the price 20 cents on a hundred
pounds. However, milk goes up a c.-nt a quart today. niin«f»«
MR. WALL, father of Isabel, aged *, excluded from Washing
ton school because she I* a Mgro, has tho circuit court by the •
short hair Court decided that 1-ifith n, K ro blood nmd« Label n,
gro. Wall asks why 1.,-|,;t|,K *),!,.. blood doun't make her white
DICK WAITS, Mountain View, Ca", marshal, hold, the record
Ile> ■ulns for divorce, being s u ,-d by two -omen for divorce
and l« charged with doming a third woman. Maralial Walts
it to renlgn, so', t^glv<. his entire time to women, porhap.
Here are a few "wet" »tallsllrn: I
The Pacific ocean wnter weighs 94S . I ULiiiuiiuMLauim ''i00.000 ttniH and t!.i- W%2,''^ E^Pf'Pi^^fltS^E?! ;
■water In tin- Atlantic about f>u<-. R?y*-V/"- itWHIBH :./'•'■*■'-''• .1
third a;i much. To niiiw away the ll^Cl h*tyttc*^iKtJPyZf& I
content* of it..- I'aniric li would be v I UI i VlaL^ ifmEH if^B
riecensary ". fill :i tank a mlln lons, n P/l I f uW%] I ill V^^% VI tm
a mil" wide and a mile »J.-. every ■Iwnßnvlnm'WßnlH^EHß^Pl
•lay fur II yearn. Tho Pacific coy j^>^P?i3SS6plfC!'3^^J^ ; ": ■ 4
it" cm.ijO'i oi)o mll'-H, ih" Aii.iiiii' Mc'.-V:* v!W^»r3+sß>W'^«H !
£0,000,000, and the Indian ocean, I I
Arctic ;iml Antarctic, 12.000,000 li I S3i wvnjlo lfltf^ irfiif^WfSm
would take all Hi n<-d w;it<. r In the ■■■BMlMgjdl
v.orld 2,000,000 years to flow '„. I''Ml 1 LTTLN T t.T. 1!
Niagara. Rl /ffi.^nfiAJ «^|L'j->il^liiLLxl
Chrittmat. ||^Sj^f*yyl ry4pßyJT^wfiiW6Mj^|
Buy the hoy a good blcyoln at A t*~4JmiitiTSmtAVilimi lUnirtl
I 1.. Hall's, 1111 Flrat av.-nui-. »*• —^—a^a^B^a™
Postmasters May Come and Postmasters May Go \
But They All Keep Wm. J. Colkett as Assistant
. .— .
Present Deputy ILf* Been on
. Job Since Hr Graduated
From College Some M Yens
iv.im.t-ti-it inuy come and post
im:i 'i.-r.t iiiiir 80, but you're Kill" In
find William John Colkett on thn
Job hi ni.siHiiuif. He* boon Ihern
for mure (him 30 year*, and It*
nil Hip morn n'ltiai l««lili' mi ni'hii \ •>
linn! when on* learn* that I! waa
lint until 1.. .ml'rr I of thin year
Hint h<* «ii» first protected by
rlvtl ■>■ -nl> i< ratal!
Hut W. J. (he seldom cnlli him
self by lilt full na,me> has other
• j.iiiMi for distinction bvslde* thli
poHtoffiee Job. ll<> viaa tka first
man to Ki<«itu.if« fiuiii Hi.- I'niv.r
--»IIt of U'uchltiglon. and put It In
your think rap riitht now that any
one who ■mi lit at any time (.11 IM
M«'»ny, now professor of history at
said Institution, that ho waa •
fi.. ki, ,| (i. i.l frrshman la some Im
portant bug.
And 'here ta tllll another reason
for pun! W. J. 1. thn hall of
fin.,. Half or the riaai of is to of
the I nlvermltjr of Washington,
which consisted of fuar members,
llvr>a at tilt homo, aaid half being
Mr*. \V. J. Colkett. BM Clara K.
l.om'iard. and W J himself. I'.n
lui«*«nt. It might b« noted that Jtitt
30 year* after f»ere and Mere Col
krtt irot thoir sheepi-kln*. Marlon
X kilt. th.-li Mil)) daughter,
graduated In a •'.> -■> of 130.
Colkett irti-.t working In the
poatofftco at Seattle Immediately
after graduation, umi-r O. J. Carr.
11.- on the only assistant, anil be
did everything from making on'
in.in, •>• ordera to cleaning tb« win
dowa. tin r«-fl».sl tin. mimlfl. t-iii
mini of Ml a month at fint. This
wan gradually ra!*ed until bla sal
ary now amount* to $1,000 a year,
and ho ha* a Urge, well appointed
office all for himself, with alee
mahogany furniture, and a slrnog
raphcr to take car* of hla corre
A little change from the life of
assistant poctmaater a* It used In
be miftt upon • iiiiKi* Tii.-to arc
now 221 clerk*. U3 carrier*. I*
«i«< vi delivery .I'tMDiiTi and
eight laborer*. 427 altogether. Col
kett mi to do the work of all
these In ISSO.
!.(«.- a Xt- it many other '..'•■
long republicans, Colkett i.---! to
be ■ democrat h--f.ii-" ih- great
•;■ .■;"(■«' of 1 *>'.'■'. 1.-it jw>tltlrs really
never worried W. J. Itrpubtl.
ran*, democrats, standpatter* anil
"pops" yon and loat It* atlll re
m;ii!i."t asutttant pontßiaatrrr. II-
Ik ■>. r*it;c und<*r !.:« <.<•.• >:•}•. chief,
md hi' la only &3 now.
During all thla Urn* Colkatt hat
ir.«nif-«i.-.| a de*>p, though Dot oat
tentatlons Internet In tha welfare
of the city he maw rapidly growing
op. II« »er*e«l for «li year* on th«>,
■Cboollxtnl. two je.tr» a* [.r> «i i
■ !--:i!. I'luliT hi* «i!i-.-r > lvi.-ii. about I
100 arbnolrooma wvra built, and
ri> - children of hi*, all 1...m In Ku
Jill', have «lnr« mad« liberal un«
Of tii.m« Of thrux
All In all. ('. k.-tt la quite a
fatnoua man. K»*o th« •tpmenta)
.onuplred to mak« him mo whoa h«j
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] -J ** '-'I in clmHo lentlinr. inclics, rxtcud fsyJ3'*'u.,.,,t'7~
waa born, which Important event April l". 1I&7. exactly tl year* to
took place In Cbalrvllte. N. J. U dot after Taul Itevere made hi* ,
(named after a < hair factory) oalfamou* tide In mooullghL i
In the Editor's Mail I
Short letter* from Star reader* will be printed In this column j
when they are of sufficient general Interest. You may writ* about
anything or anybody to long a* personal malic* it net your
motive. . t
Tho Ktlltor The Star: On your;
editorial pagea I notice you nr«
fighting the corporation* and »««■»'•
shops for not paying their girl em
ploye* better wage*. You have my
hearty approval In your cause, but 1
I would it not be a better Idea i» I
go back farther than the present!
s&d better tbe future by gtvtug j
more space to the parents of lb***>
girl*, who marry and raise cblt>
I drett with no visible means to sup
i port them until eld enough to t-\p
port tbennKilvra? Mould any man
or woman marry and raUe I ''.•'!;
without stopping to cnntlder wheth
er they ran support tttrm until ».if
ftrUntly educated to go out In U.n
I world and earn a decent living for
ihcm»«lve«. Instead of b«*tng thrown
(I and fac
, . • I '•
tory taskmaster*? No.
The parent* of 'he most of the»«
J girl* are Ignorant, bavin* no wb*»|
ration tbemsHtea. and. upon mar
rying. Immediately prot~e«d to rals«
rblM «ft.-r child, wblrb tboy are
unable to support. The result I* J
! that our factories are filled with
three children, who are underfed.
) underpaid and are never able to
tope with the belter educated class >
of childr«u lv their old age.
Children should be 11.ought of
and planned for Instead of being
east Into tb* world Ignorant and
I aw sure that an article In your
paper on tbe subject occasionally
nould tirally lirlp to better the
coming generation*.
Editor Star: Th* Pttuburg
evangelist commit!** I* going to
entry the Go*p«l hundreds of feet
below the »urfn--e of the earth to
tho miners working la tbe crtray.
dnsky depths. Also open air ir.ivt ,
Ings will b* hrld a* th» noon hour*.
Now, that Is all f#r» well for «be I
benefit of the soul* of th* mlaer*.!
and M also augur* welt for the
pr*r« -•.-.■ pocketbooka of tbe
cual treat, but It will not help tbe
I tarred mind* and muscle* cf the
miner*, nor will It be of much
ronaotattoa to th* starved and
emaciated wive* and children j
boused In those «rlm. cheerless
company-owned bouse*, and fed
rum. hi »:li iii load • "ii.[>.• stores.
Why don't these enthusiastic
evangelists first carry Hi'- true
Uoiipel n.. tag* to (he nfflt <• of 11..
1 mil trust and demand ,111 honest
di-nt for Hi' miners and the public)
(11l Ihn Illi»»M|ri' to Hie slain leg
lalatur* and congress, and demand j
honest laws; carry I lull mxtixiig" !
to th<) governor mid thn president,!
and dl Miami an lion. ' i-nforcernent
of aurh laws; Hint finally 1.111, in.
tnrntini to our courts and demand
an honest hearing?
When these evangelist* do them
thing*, tin- iiiiiK'in will have aM
fidence in their effort*, but until
then It will look to them much aa
though Hi- rvangelUta w«rn hire,
lings of tii" coai trust, working In
their Interest, not for "Peace on
.nth. rood will to man," but for
pence under the earth and good
will toward tin- coal trust, which
would lie much cheaper than
strike* and lockouts.
A H:i: ".II
There's a gift In each closet.
And mystery rulgns.
Thn coal bin Is loaded with
Toys, dolls and canes.
Tls ■ while before Chrlstma*
Hut each one I* Wlte
To thn present that • for him.
Bo when-D tka surprise?
a man begin*. "Now, I like a good
joke as well as the next feller—"
you ran make up yuur mind that be
If your grouch appear* to be I
"■»>• that won't come off; II you feel 1
the universe has loaded dice on
yotj; if existence seems profitless
and stale and every man seems
against you. go make tunne poor
little kid happy thin Christmas. If
you don't feel better then Iron a
ton of cyanide of potassium Into
your coffee and KNU IT ALL.
What do you Intend to do with
the .'.it centa you II save on account
of tbe reducUoa of th* Pullman
berth rate?
Sklnney A. Nuff, th* Village
I The Gift That —-,
Keeps on Giving
Did you ever stop to think that if you gave your
wife, your mother, your son, daughter, sister, fiancee,
godson or any one who is close to you, a Saving Book
with $100 entered in it. you would be giving them not
merely the $100 of NOW, but the $4.00 interest that
the $100 would earn In each of the succeeding years?

In other words, YOU give them a Holiday Present
THIS year, and that same Holiday Present will give
: them an additional Holiday Present NEXT year and
the year after, and so on through ALL the years that
Jfc. They may spend this interest each year for other
dr^^V^^ little gifts that they will remember you by, as each
nCW Holiday Season comes around, or they may let it
•2$ If ' accumulate and even add to it from time to time with
»»'*' « |[i(B,O/!i a I"1111-1"1""1 appreciation not only of the gift but of
'i'?l 15i^i'V»it' tIU" X ' Vtl ul'° ll<lli In:i'' Ilis {4 "1 '" Mu!l a i iractical
II'JL""""! Kn'l it. after all. a 'lllv nice idea? We firmly be
■ II«. it it M (i I lit '
If ON"SAVINGS licvc tllat tnc mor* you think of it the better you will
J^4SLfi4*V?W*''fJ^ lil<l " ' ''° rot' 'P'cnt of llu% K''< is certain to like it.
■^' p^^ I*l^ '' applies, in proportion, of course, to a hook with
V-**^ $10 or $1,000. Whatever sum you can afford for a
Alaak* HiiH.linir llama <■< ((.• „ , .
Hcodin.Tian limfiß uuk gift, this suggestion is worthy of your careful thought.
Such a gift can easily be sent to folks far away—and
so timed that it will reach them on Christmas Eve or
Christmas morning. Likewise, if you live far away,
we will be pleased to have our department of Banking
by Mail handle the matter for you. There is, of
course, no charge and no obligation —we arc glad, in
deed, to enter into the spirit' of it.
Accounts opened from $1 upwards.
Scandinavian American Bank
RESOURCES, $11,000,000.00
President Vice Pre». Vice Pr«». Cashier
tuauu.m.iH tihsbj ALASKA BUILDING, SEATTLE, U. S. A. Bsnjjuuua*rtf/
Cop—Hey, what are you doln g?
Husplclous Character— Kr— 1 in Just doing my Christmas •»»«.
ping early. ™" tlu>>
Washington, I) C. D«c>. 7.
Ik-ar Dud : Kurty-slx yeara ago. In
the little town of Winchester, Va ,
there were two sister*, daughters
of a Southern gentleman, tbe prom-
Imtnt and wealthy resident of Hie
town. Th* two sinter* were beauti
ful, of sweet, retiring naturt-s, popu
lar, and with every wish gratified
that social prominence and wealth
could grant. The world looked
bright and promising. Uut one dark
nieht thn girl* were awakened by
ttm negro butler, and were told that
General Sheridan was tn itottAfssion
of the town, and that thrlr house
had be«-n taken at a temporary hos
In the morning they went down
stair* to find the wound*»<l lying on
tbe fUfor In every room and In the
h&lis. That waa th«> beginning of
he «nd The home wa« swept
away. Their father and their for
tune went, and when the war was
over thn two sister* were glad to
.->■ - ;-i the aiutatance of an old fam
ily friend, who secured them clerical
appointments ri the government
service here In Washington. The
health of «>no sinter fatted. Tbe oth
er worked for both, and rendered aid
to relatives in th« South who were
less fortunate than «hi- She be
c&nto an expert tn tbe disbursing
office, and the long year* of ex
twrlence were rewarded by promo
tions, which finally brought her
$1,200 a year. She »a« protected by
the civil service system—or thought
she wa*. Bat one day, not so very
long ago, she bad a note from the
department head "demoting" her
from her place In the disbursing
office to a clerkship In the library
of the ■erteultunU department. U
niluclnK her ealary to |»go • j «f.
I looked the matter op, and £03.4
that Jaipur Wilson, too of tie we.
rctary of agriculture, wanted ti«
|i!««h for aotne friend of hi*. Ko
he took IL The little Bo«th»rn hit
had do powerful friend. She had
Kray hair. That wa* all.
• • •
It w»i a new and almort •«•*■
tlonal »howi D « mad* by Lj^i
Drandolt b»fore the lnt»nute co»
merc« commUtloa when h« prwm
'•-I bit *Lati«tics and irfnawu la
faror of more efficient manageiaett
of railroad*, and It la (trance that
chain:.an Knapp ahoold hare cat
«plcuou«ly absented binuelf boa
the bearlnei during all thii pr«w»
If It If of any Intemt to th« pub
lic. that patient composite ma/
make ready it, mind lor the as
nounc<>m«-ri' that the rallroadi win
bo granted taeir tocreife of ratet.
We will not aay thai ■ the card* an
•tacked." It Will luifli-MBtly «
plain to nay that a nayjrtty at tie
commission bare wtal ta* l*«
Irrnnnl "the railway »lad" 81»
--e«rely. RATH.
"You'd better keep •tUTor ton*
thins will happen to you," mii Use
tired mother to Inqulsltlre Kdvta.
"Cnrloalty killed a cat, you kue»."
Edwin waa «o lmiirt«M< by (Ml
that he kept allcnt for two islaca.
Ttien: "Bay, ma. what was it (tat
rat wanted to know?"
Wall *t. had president's meow
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