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Member of United Pre... Published
Daily by The Star Publishing Co.
Kntarad ai Seattle, Wash Be at. III.* *a ae.-.-n.l . lace mailer.
So. of our readers have 'in-lit this newspaper has been
radical in its insistence upon the superiority 04 human right.
over property righto, Read attentively the following recent
church utterances on the subject :
"Property is .1 trust held for the benefit of the community.
The church must throat her chief emphasis upon th. value of
the human life-. The property right ii merely on. conferred
upon the individual by the community. Morally it exists only
„in return for social service. IT MUST IN EVER. CASE
Whose utterance, arc these, you ask? Not by a Christian
socialist, but by one it the oldest .nd generally regarded M one
of the,most conservative churches, the Protestant Episcopal.
..The quotations are taken from the report of the "Joint Commis
sion on the Relations of Capital ami Labor" to the recent gen
eral convention of that church.
Standing upon th.- threshold of a new year a year of hope,
promise and expeetancy-—w* ,_*>■ well picture in words th* nulla
of the passing "Old Year."
Tbe grower, from his garden, field* and range*, has filled our
storehouses with grain, fruits ami meats.
That he has not labored In vain Is self-evident In th* million*.
of homes where the proverbial wolf do** not haunt th* door.
Undoubtedly In some homes, relatively few, want and hunger
Still east a pall of sorrow.
These we believe hsve. during these twelve months, become
less and lea. In number and In Intensity of suffering.
From the bowels Of the earth we have gained a vast fortune
of minerals. *
From our reals we have hauled vast quantities of lumber that
we might be the better boused.
From .•unlit-** number* of machine, we hare million, of dol
lars of manufactures.
These are but a scant'portion of tbe material fruits plucked
from the tree of 1.10.
That they have not been shared fairly by alt la of course unjust,
but we have taken steps forward, and 1.10 ha* seen the greatest
advancement toward equal privilege ever witnessed upon this
And now. as we sip the last few drops of the glass which typt
'. fie* * year of life, i. dr.ln not th* dregs, tho bitterness of a last
swallow, for Uiere Is none—not for th* most of a.
A new leaf of life w* will at coming midnight turn, but W*
steed not necessarily blot out the old.
. Blot the year 1.10 from memory, from history and you leave ft
frightful chasm o'er which mankind conld not leap.
Gladness and sunshine, happlnc** and smile* have been thft
allotment of most of us, nod we feel thankful ami happy for It
while still remembering the sorrow, anguish and misery of somft
of ua.
Old Year, w* see you not a* an old. feeble, inraperlated. os*>
less ne'er-do - ell. Rather do we took upon you in the prim* of
your strength, doing deeds of valor, accomplishing thing* of mani
fest good to all; feeding and clothing, educating and ennobling th*
whole human family
Greater ami better things da we expect of your hopeful suc
cessor. To record them we do this night start afresh upon another
'*,' leaf.- ■•■■■■-■' ■- •*- - ' ■ ■
God gran- that from the voiceless silence of the burled past you
| may watch the handwriting upon the new page of time and not* ft
multitude of smile*, an ocean of love, and an a.aurah!'- quantity
of h.pplii.ss meted out to all of us and more especially to th- least
■'• of us. to the poorest of the poor, and to th* alnfti!.>*t of all us sin
rare-well. Old Y-ar.
w Year.
Pl****. Father, nils-Men the rich and have pity on them.
Enlighten them in the way of int.- happlnt***.
Pity, them* for th* pleasure* they ml*. In not knowing thft
comfort of happy no, .deration.
Teach there that more money often mean* more worry, and
sometime* misery.
Let them r-a!l.e that honest hunger Is far, far preferable to
dishonest luxury.
Sealskin coats warm only th* surface Overfed stomachs
BSften coming sickness. Pamper d bodies presage weakened mind*.
Riotous living surely leads to th" madhouse and the grave. Ve
hicle* a plenty reduce exercise to the danger point
Point out these things to our rich brethren, we beseech Thee,
for they aa well as the poor are your children.
Grasping greed Induct-* hatred Hatred I* a ills ease, an un
healthy symptom, for which the rich ar* principally responsible—
for they too frequently flaunt their vulgar rich** in the faces of the
poor who would otherwise be content
Tea. rich and poor that happiness Is contentment.
The city of St Petersburg is reported to have beaten th*
world's record In the Installation of telephones for th.- period of
one month Daring September, 1910, 1.138 new telephones were In
stalled. The number now in operation la J.OO, while It wa* only
4...00 on November 1, I*ol, when the telephone service was taken
over by the municipality.
When thft telephone trust squeeze, again, think a little harder
about municipal ownership of telephones.
I' Is told of Victor Moor* that out on a fishing boar, be began
to complain of a thirst which wa* consuming his vitals. One of
bis companions, unknown to him, attached a bottle of beer to his
line. Soon tbe actor felt a tug and began to draw Is what he thought
was the biggest fish of the day. When the bottle came up he open
ed It, smelted and tasted it suspiciously, and then drank the con
tents* at a gulp. Then running to the front, he shouted.
"Captain, stop the ship, quick!"
"Why, what's the matter?'' Inquired the astonished skipper.
•'Heave over the anchor, I tell you," shrieked Moore. 'The
ship Is passing over a brewery."
PLEASE, Mr. Taft. relieve this holiday monotony by nsraln
throwing Into us that "confidential" war scare.
IN HIB youth Champ Clark studied for the profession of prize
fighting. The 'i.nd congress will please take noUce.
DR. COOK says that Danish explorer, Rosmussen, Is only after
self advertising. Do* lias tbe North Pole of sarcasm, all right
WE'RE telegraphed thai the Washington diplomatic corps
spent Christmas "appropriately." And we'd been worrying lest
they wouldn't.. ' 0 0 0
A FEW more explosions, with nobody nominated as chief
dynamiter, and the general public will suspect ___) i.„, Angeles
I. doing her own exploding.
o I. o
TAFT pretty near killed Winona, Minn., with that speech.
Win shown a lost in population,, nnd (ho clergy bars got to go
to preaching against race suicide.
o o o
IN PRESENTING 102 turkey, to White House employes Taft
omitted the unmarried folks. Fine! Just think of one's having
one whole turkey all to oneself! Awful'
O l, o
. IT 1. **M 3 'oo0'000 people are starving In China In conseqnenc*
of riood and famine. There Is nothing small about China. Her
calamities! are always on a magnificent scale, ami more** tho pity.
0 o o
. ,T'B expected that the grand Jury will Indict 1,500 men In
Adams county, Ohio, for selling their vote*. Already MO Indict-
I 7 «a..Borne ■'< t <ha*o vot*rß held out for 110, too -*t theso rates,
that Ohio senaforsblp I* golne; to cost Htnndard 041 ft pretty penny.
1,.11 11..vi _e*_r *__** *■ I i 111111-111 it
VMiilttlJ, / ___f Wa_*_\ sill llllll*
The Star %Jfr Circle
Address All teller, to UNCLE JACK, Th* Ot.r, Brattle, Wssh.
Th. Star has th* b.sl horn.
page and th* brat page for
mother and th* best depart
ments for everybody but th*
""bay and girl readers.
That Is, it ha. been so until
now. H*r*afl*r th* bey and girl
reader, of Th. .tar will have
thl* little* corner every Saturday
for their very own. and It I*
going to b* th* heal department
in th* pap.r.
You have all got to help m.
mak. It th* best, however. Just
to show me, I want you all to
Join Th* Star Circle Club right
away. It doesn't coat you any.
thing, and you'll be vary' glad
that you *r* on. of v. Lot. of
surprises coming— it will bft
Just Ilk* * Chrlstmss tr«* every
w..k. ."%*.
Just ..nd m. your nam* and
address and your ag* and **y
you'd lik* to join Th* Star
Circle Club. A postal will do it.
And I want you all to niter
th* Merit Competition, today.
Th. rul.* in slmpl*.
I Importance In Washington society will entertain at let-it once la
her honor during th* season.
NEW YORK. Dee. 81.—Maybe
you hat* thought that all that
staff about th. had reputation of
the Connecticut Yankee. in the
early days of this country, was a
Joke. Maybe you think there never
were any wooden nutmegs, sad
that (he story of (heir manufac
ture and sal* waa Just one of the
many libel, an the Cum. t ti. ut
folk. •_ :,'
Perhaps so—but read l>. fol
lowing, copied verbatim from the
file, of the Surrogate* office,
where It appears In Ih* will t»f
Lewis Morris, of Morrisftnta, ad
mitted to probate In 17*2:
"It i. 'in desire that my son,
Gouverneur Morris, may have the
best Education that Is to he had
Delivered At Your Home
To show my appreciation of the fair and square policy of the
Seattle Dally Star, I herewith subscribe to The Star for a period
of one month sad thereafter until ordered stopped, to be deliver
ed to the following address at the rate of 26c per month In city,
or 30c per month by mall.
Cut out and mall to Th" Seattle Star, Seattle. Wash -
nSJ.aI Winter rtr-lixt.it* Kflx-Uva li.liiber to. till
P_-__r»-^-jT J _.,t "PRINCE GEORGE" an.""PRINCE RUPERT"
Victoria. Vancouver .nil prince iiui.en Connetlln*
st Crißo* Unpen with ' h «. l'rlne* Albeit" lor
mew.rt .nd One*, il erlMla Islands
law,.* lame 1 an. inn ar. II O.
Seattle. IVeeh. Kvery ttund.r „ 1 I 00 p.
i ar, SuaSa, .1 1 '.» ... . * .... I.' ...I
i' "' il i ot p.
rtortkbout.,l m . routitbnuntl
Meats at,.l llarlh ln.lud*<t North t.r Vant-oiivrr
"NOIITIt t'Acririr* COAST roMMKIifIAI. KXt'ltKMit.V 1.. Hawaiian
I.land. and return on '•«. a. I'HINCK nui'l'llT"' r'eb. ?.| Sill, 11-iio till.
li.r tick.!* arid raearvatluti. apply at .-its- Ti.se. uftlie. I'lr.t ay, and
Va.ler w.r trioneer ■qa.r.l, Hestile, vV.eli I'hon*. In I :•'.!; Uliilii tot.
J. 11. il'li'lillSlt. C. ('. ft T. A. J ,: I I. l.ilil, lle.i'l i,.,il
Dock Foul Mn.lls.in VI
Buy or Sell Real {.state. Business Chances. Sea
I Classified Page..■■'" • .ft
Just see what a nice d.p.rt
m*nt for Th* .tar Circle Club
you can mak. for nail Satur
day', paper. UNCLE JACK.
ITocle Jack will give a reward of
11 In cash for the best letter, writ
ten by <tny St** or girl reader of
The 'ill (under 18 )eat* of age)
oil this subject:
"What Occupation I Want to follow
Whsn I Orow Up—and Why."
Kvery In.) or girl ha* soma Idea
of what he or *hr wants to It. after
school days have ptvaaed Just writ*
to Unci* J*Ck and tell him what
your ambition Is and why you hay*
.In.axil Your letter roust not Im.
mote than HO w.ud* in length
Head th* cults.
Can you draw a dog? That sound*
Ilk* a very simple thing to ask.
doesn't It* 11. II unit la* harder
than you think Just draw a inure
of a dog. th.- very teeat you can, aud
send It in Uncle Jack. Tb* best
dog picture drawn by a boy or girl
reader of I lie Btar trill be reward
t'ii with 9_fth?
This It Mis*
Helen Taft in her
"co in I ngo vi"
dress. The presi
dent's daughter,
rguorcd th. tradi
tion which pre
scribes white for
the debutant*,
and appeared in
a gown of an ex
qui. lie new ah ad"
of rose measallne
satin, made with
a i long, •jointed
tunic over a satin
taftr_*wdr»t_t, th*
top of th* birdie*
finished with
point lac*. i
Sh* Wore Kline
V»w*rl* and , dia
monds about bar
neck. Her soft
brown hair was
dressed la , ft
mas* of soft part*
and sb* carried
an armful of pink
rote** ** she *t l* Ml
with her fattier
and mother to re
reive th. I I.M.
gne*ls la ■. the
flower laden east
it ii* Tart Is 'he
thirteenth Of the
"daughters of th*
nation who bar*
"come out 1' st the
Whit* House, but
despite that, on
lucky number bar
"coming out" re-
i*. ton *** I ooft
Of the most bril
liant la the hi*
tory of thft execu
tive mansion.
. From now SB
Shft will b* th.
central figure la
the *esarin's gay*
etlet for th*
younger set
Krttry hostess of
In England or America, but my
Express Will and Directions are
lhat he be never sent for that pur
pose to th* Colony of Connecticut
least he should Imbibe In hi* youth
that low Craft sad cunning «> in
cident to the people of that Country,
which 1* ao Interwoven la their
constitutions that all their art can
not -guise It from the world, tho
many of them, under the Sanctify
ed garb of Religion, bare Kndeav
onred to Impose themselves on the
World for honest Men.
Prom which *■• may Infer, in
the vernacular of ***- preset day,
that some worthy resident of Con
necticut had at some llrao put tbe
bee on Lew is Morris, and thai
Yale thereby lust a student. Won
der if the old nut megger, were
A Pin* Cloth Bound Book.
You just draw your dug In Mat
Ink on plain white paper or card
board SOd send It unfold**. Don't
use anything but black Ink or your
drawing will not count
Of ..inn... you all know what a
limerick I*. It's that funny kind of
poetry that everybody boars almost
•very .I.i If you w^ll supply the
laat line to this limerick that Uncle
lack has written you in»y win »
fin* cloth bound book. That I* th*
reward bn will sag*, to 'li" boy or
girl who sends In th* beat last linn
11. i- I*, the limerick. You must
furnish the In.l line of It:
Than was ft young girl of .settle
Who alway. wa. glad to do battle
With hard spelling books
Or big fishing hooks.
fiend all your replies beforft
Thursday Bight Ken week I will
have ftom* bettftr ■>■« still for tbe
members of '... Star Orel* Club.
Just send your name on a postal
ami be one of tbe clirle
Always address UNCLB JACK,
csre Tb* -battle Btar.
a* bad as Morris mad* out. any
Poll.-man Morgan was strolling
along West Broadway, when be
saw a man with tils Mr pressed
to th« street ear tracks.
"Wbat are you doing there?"
Inquired tbe '-man.
The man looked up with a moat
annoyed expression.
"I am trying lo consummate all
religions Into one." he replied.
He was sent to li.-ll.viie. where
he I. Still busy on Ms Jo!., though
somewhat hampered by the ah
ai'ii.o of street car tracks.
During the strike of taxlcab
drivers, s timid man hailed a taxi
cab at llth st and Hroadway.
Having read of strike violence and
aaaaolt on passengers, he question
ed ihe driver asking him why he
wa* not on strike.
"•Well. 1 did think soma of going
out" answered tb* man. but when
I went to the man who owns the
cab and demanded ahorter hours,
better treatment and recognition of
the union, he .aid yes to every de
mand. ll* said I could hay* any
thing I wanted from him. If It waa
la his power to Kit. It ll* said
my Int.teat* ware his Interests.
first, las' and all th* time "
"My. my'" said lb. passenger.
What an exceptional man' Who
owns your cab?" *,-..
'I do-
Splendid for Old People
When the human system decline*
the accumulated poisons In tb*
blood aits.' rheumatic pain* in the
Joints. ufli*. 1- . and back. These
warning* should be promptly re
lieved and serious Illness avoided
by using th* following ptetvrrlptlon
hi. h show, wood' I results even
after the first few do.es. It will
eventually restore physical vigor
"One ounce compound syrup of
Hartaapartlla; on* ounce Tori* com
pound; half pint of high grade
whisky Thl* to be mixed and used
In Is*poonful dose* before each
meal and at bed time. Tbe bottle
to be .banen each time." Any
druggist has the*. Ingredients or
will quickly get them for you. Any
one ran mil them.
On deposits in the Sav
ings Department of this
Lasts**, will he credited on
our hooks January Ist.
Interest DO, with
drawn will be added to
principal, and hear
interest thereafter the
same as original de
New deposits made
up to and including
Tuesday, January 10th.
will draw interest from
January Ist, at the rate
a iw. a ■■■— , , m,.. a.
Bank Open Saturday Even
ing from fl to 8 o'clock.

Mutual Life Bldg.. Corner
First Ay. and.Yesler Way
E A N A A 0
-The above letters spell "square
deal." Call at 1314 First ay. and
See for yourself,
-rt-ttimt'iil of
Willi Hnl-N..no, thf-iti I* I-: i.l r*ti<if «f nil
*yiti|>tiini», i-«j s. in ** ** In tit, In nerve nnd
mum it* |ri»wt-r nnd In 4-nrikv. Without
rriUrlrtiM. iltnt Kftri'Mt'tit ft-aiiltß a>vt*n In
CftliKrrii**. ,At ii'nlhir ill «t ac •».
h \ I M A > (I I'll.
ut. Till' .liMiklr-t,
**"• ■•"", *l "•*• ror- I
A great man)- years ago a lowly
Herman Immigrant passed through
lb* portals of Csfttlft Harden. May
bap at MM time prior to that ha
bad beard of thi- splendors of the
imperial court at lierlln, the beau
tlfully glide*-] crown and nil , that,
but tin.... things were not for him,
and history doesn't record the fact
that It grieved tiliil any
Hut be became (be father of a
son. destined to appear In the busy
man* of trade near and about the
»n. red precinct* of Wall at at lin
early ago of It, and in the capacity
of messenger boy, which hi. later
ou shift. .I to thai of ' Insurance
agent and .Ml! later to that of
newspaper publisher.
Hut during ell these days—and'
years—this German lad held firmly
in bis embrace tb* longing to go to
th« fatherland, not a* th* returning
son of thn Immigrant of long ago.
but as Ihe official representative of
America to th* court of lb.- kaiser,
which Job would allow him to wi.lk
right up and *lap Wllhelm II on tbe
back with a Jocular "11. Re, 111!!'"
which the lowly immigrant would
never bare thought of. .' .-*,
To this end Herman Itldder. pub
lisher of on* of tbe best known of
German-American * paper. In
New York City, li*» contrived and
plotted and watted. It I. aald tint
while be landed nb.- fat Jobs for all
of his .henchmen, from the office
boy up. called in New York "lb*
llldderbond," b* ha. not made hi*
debut at the Berlin court as yet
We observe that our bald beaded
colleague, Henry Edward Warner.
ha* reentered the lists a. an expo
nent of th. Climb-on-papa'akne*
brand of poetry to boost Ihe sob cir
culation of the lialtlmore Sun.
She— lit, you believe in marrying
for money*
11.-Vri; but bang It *o do all
the girt.
By the Regal Dentists
Are You Neglecting.
Your Teeth?-
Physicians snd dentl.ts die world
over are now saying that pyorrhea.
loo** teeth, missing and aching
teeth will cause got only nervous
ness, bad temper. Insomnia. Insan
it) and bad stomach, but also loss
of flesh and general breakdown of
the system.
ruinous beauty doctors claim
that nothing spoils beauty ft* much
as ugly, disfigured and decayed
How to solve the problem— .
(.'all and have us examine your
j mouth free of charge.
Lots*, teeth and bleeding gums.
pyorrhea or Itlggs' disease '--si
tively cured .
If you have two or more teeth
In either Jaw we can give you a full
set of teeth without the necessity
of having to wear plates. Nothing
to drop in the mouth; a* good, if
not better, than tour own teeth, as
they can give no pain.
If you must wear a plate, let us
make you one of our Smooth Suc
tion Plates, guaranteed never to
j drop la the mouth.
Painless extractions or no pay
accepted. _■/.
We give * written guarantee
with all work.
' 1409 Third Ay., N. W. Corner Union.
"fill YOUR own .Rill"
II ye.,l hurt a Cft-vltr In your teeth
and rennet afford ..penafve A.nlal
aerate** „ r you are too.aerroue lor
the ordeal, i.nr a naeksae o( Klll-o.
It Ib an smi.eiitii (miner malarial and
will .Ufa an ■ chili* 1....H1 i'.-rr*rtir
harm -.a If v.iiir lruf_Tt4rt .It* nut
keep 11. nift.li 10c lo
Fill-o Manufacturing Co.,
SSI Umpire Hide , Seattle, ll .ah.
.fa, ■ sb.
"N^t^N" *.**
:■- - Y**tE»aaaf f% 1>- t «
_" li V lor «, >
— ft. -cv **^_/ 2 -, _.
o B _egSS* _- _-.
* __ _____ -I lii >,
A <^ -*- «
I*l __rft *-> c >
.:■.'••■ ■____ *.
t*M |--«t*_ vi °-
L__f V * in
ffle-T S
Bfi a-fs
>v SlaS.^^ Ul 3*T!
*3 \y a. _I«M
- ° iia
" • a ft
* * | <Is
_ *■ - ' a* I'
s I i 5 fe
ci z " >
By Mall, out of city-30 cents for on* month,4.
cents for two months, 75 cent* for three months.
Twenty five cents per month when subscription is
for thre* months or mora.
Harry lain announces that he
haa gone Strath to take * rest lx-t
iitti. hare It—he's given us on* for
sever si years.
In l*nss*|i, N. J., aiii.ii 1.0.1y .hot
an educated burglar, ii.- knows
I even more now.
We tried * college graduate on
these and bis average was .000.
Yet they're not so bard:
At which mid of it..- Suez (anal
Is Port Hald?
What la an anachronism?
la there such a thing as a left
handed monkey wrench T
What la Hit. translation of "J.
I'lurlbus t'l.tim".
Is Valladolld a disease or a city?
Hryan «ay» the Oemocratie party
I* more radical tban ever. That Is
bearing down rather lightly upon
certain Jo. Cannon Dunns rat* In
Meslco has « poet who has killed
four men. lie. ought to be great on
obituary vera*.
I.veti with a micro.' ona
couldn't find any Leap and Grip In
a blah hool debate on "Does So
cial Progress Follow thft Ftvn
O'Clock Tea?"
Because freight rates on a fossil
dtplodrVtis from Utah to Pittsburg
were ao high, Carnegie refused lo
ship It It'S different .'!. steel—
Ihe consumer pays the freight
It's now denied that Pasadena
society girls refused to dance with
Japan.***, naval men You cheered
too soon, fellows.
Indiana telephone girl dislocated
her Jaw while Jawing Evidently
Breaks a Cold in a Day.
And Cures any Cough that I.
Curable. Noted Physician*
Get from any druggist '"Two
ounce* of Glycerine and half an
ounce of Concentrated llno com
pound. Mix these with half a pint
of good whisky. Take on* to two
teaspoonfnls after each meal and
at bet] time Smaller do*** to
rhlldren according to age." Any
one ran prepare this at home. This
I* the best formula, known to
science. There ar* many cheaper
rations of large quantity, but
It don't pay to experiment with a
bod cold. Be euro to get only the
genuine (Globft) Concentrated
1*11,4*. Each half ounce bottle
cornea In a sealed Un screw-top
case. If th. druggist doe. not
have ft In stock he will set it
quickly from hi* wholesale boos*.
Untitle: companyXl
CALL M Willi
m.fi*-a* tCof,t> r*-_i_--^»_f. lift
tl r.Bßl.laa. ll.tele ar Claenkat.
Get th*
Orijjimil ««d Genuine
*OlfbmUmm JmiialiCThi
The Food Drink for All Ages
lll.h Milk, Wall l.rala r.strael. I.
Not in Any Milk Trusl
J^-* Insist on "HORLICKS
Takt * »■-»- -*«■«- hmmm
.. - i ■■■■i. ssssßaastaswtsssts sss *».*■■
•mi Sara a Hulls, i I Make a ll..liar.
nil lb* 11e.,1.1 I .in,1.1..c Will I ..a* Tie*
I...liar* Ham I 11,. >..,,, 1.,,, i.l Work.
! I ausrsi.'e. all work (or half Ih. char**
o( Ccinblne Dentin. Advanced pain-
I*., matlin.ta 111 Hernial,, li.i* made ■*•*>.
I ceea and r.put.lli.n (or ,nr .((Ice. Call
and have (roe e.amlnatlon and learn
price, (or flr.t -elaaa work a anient.
thea 1i... your work done 1,, any ilen
llel rr.ii car* to „. to
lir.sir.tllir.il. I .... net Dr. J. Ilrawa,
hat Dr. 1.1.1 a J Hr._, aver I. W.
?.•"."'• a.**"- r SaasSt, 11. I lr»l .venue.
I 1.1...1 bla.k.
. V.f*. n •*** l*«. until I, .nd Sun****
! .nam I (or pe-pl* who *****
what she overheard on lbs __.
didn't bar* much ;.•-..i or Orb, i.
It. * *
Hsybfl they will yet put Ou
t-leaner on that bath tub "trttstVH
Are You Writ Informed! -
Uracil up and entw.r tbes* thing*
of supposedly general ksowlea-.
What Is a dinosaur? .
When death notice* say "jj_j.
timora, Hoboken and Dearer ■
papers plesso co^y," do they
copy? „„
What a holding cofflpu-.
Milton lived In what century,
The Orinoco I v.i Hows Una
what ocean?
Ho woman is gradually bet-o_t_*g •
Ilk'- man In figure? At the Mist
time it.'- front row of the ebort*"
has no place fur that kind of fig..*,
Hslllnger by this time bo* '■'„'.
many eoata of -aliiiewask that at
can without difficulty lea*. a „__.
ter cast of himself for t»*tertf*/ggl
Ohio man has a grateful s/jtdrra -
that keep* hi in supplied with _-**_.
els of hickory nuts. Living „-it
| door to a crocoanut grove wha a:
grateful mom would be aa trtft
better paying proposltloa. •
Your Time Has Com
To Save
■**.-'"'""*"' ,''^*li!!^3l*«"?<*
The beginning of the
New Year is ndw..-Tb!i
bank i. ready for you
$400,090 Cash
Strict Attention
to Saving. Account.
Absolutely Safe
Strong Director
Certificates of Deposit .
Savings Accounts
Accounts deposited -
before Jan. '. 1911, get
six months' interest on
July !-t.
Bank for Savings
Cor. 3<l Ay. and Pike St
L la L
Is Your Chance
Mr. Bald Headed Man
' - ■ ■ ■ ■■'
We are tlio only .eft.** *»
America making this liberal «*
fer. Why* Because we ■*■**-*
Itlggs Kt-xema Dandruff Cur* tt
tin- hair grow . and we trt
going to show vim if *c "*•[
to pleaso you on a three nwrita*
ecntrnct, you pny us no! hl™"
tint If you are fully satisfied «*
growth of bftli Is sufficient ',''",
Bflt to you. pay us 50 cents {*•
treatment, or. If this **•
pleaae you, let It be known, how
ever, Ivlr-Kx' Kcsems-tnmdros
Cure will grow your hair *_?
euro skin and scalp discs**
Cull and get acquainted with ,j
and Cure Co., Inc 1
1216 Third Ave.-J

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