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L***»___k_|Qfl_B___a_gßi in. afT ir'-iir* iltiirrr WmW^'^U^^^ mm^l^*m*m**mVo' r ~ iTj__rin"asWi.«i___PW.ai___________________.
n.11.-twtit* tint's fruitless effort to
Obtain *. restraining order from
Judge vHi.itsiiu. direct'it against
Comptroller iwitl . to prevtnt the
latter from certifying to _th* suffi
ciency of lb* recall petition, the
mayor made a desperate attempt to
get ,m( an immediate Injunction
order from Judge C 11. lianford of
the United State* circuit court. He
met wtth the same disappointment
In the federal court, hi* aft* St
being dented. „r
The complaint betdre Judge Han
ford is brought tn the name of a
Frank H. Scobey of Illinois, who is
moved lo run to the rescue of Mayor
aiil, according, to hia petition, by
Si** fact that he la the owner of
' wVS3SZZS2VSZ3SSSSL-~~. , , „ ',„_ -j—TT—
Moissant—Air Victim
Skymen's Heavy Death Roll In 1910
January 4—Leon Delagrange, us
lag ''.»> heavy motor In light liter
let. Bordeaux. France.
April 2—Hubert le Dion. San Se
bastian. Spain; broken motor.
April 6 — Dirigible balloon. Pom-
Bt.rti. driven into sea by hurricane,
three kilted: Stettin, Germany.
April 10—Prof. Richard Abegg.
white attempting to land with
dlriirible balloon, near Brealau.
. ' April Dirigible , struck by
lightning near Bittertield. Ger
many; four killed. "'
May 13—Chauvetto Mtchelln. An
toinette monoplane, hit derrick,
near Parte..
" June 5- Zogily. Hungarian. Buda
June 3— M. Popoff, Instructor of
aviation in Russian army, Catchina,
June I'J -Eugene Beyer, boy, San
Francisco. . experimenting with
June 18— Robe. Herman aviator,
fall. 200 feeL Stettin. Germany
July 3—Charles Wacbter. In An
toinette mono-lane, Rhelms.
July 15 — Char!** S. Rolls.
Bournemouth, England, fell in
Wright biplane •
July 13Oscar Erbsloeh .nd
four companions, dirigible balloon
exploded, Lelchitngea. Germany.
July I&—Daniel Kinei. Brussels,
hort by fall, died three days later
The question of city hall bonds
has popped up again Only last
Novemb«r the '.rat of Seattle
voted against any bond Issue for
the purpose of locating the new
municipal building at the old city
hall site. Now the measure la
brought forward again before the
<dty council. .
"The Municipal league ha* writ
ten a letter to the councllmen call
ing attention to the fact that the
municipal plans commission waa
asked to provide a civic center for
Seattle,'" said President C. J.
France at (be meeting of the league
I "Betides thla, the people have
clearly Indicated at the November
election that they want to wait fori
the report of the plan* commission,
lor whoso work .60,000 baa been
appropriated, before locating a city
hall that Is to I.* a fixture In Sbß
city for at least 60 years. There
are certain influences that want the
city hall building pushed through
right now. This must bo overcome"
WASHINGTON, Dec. 31,—Attor- !
neys for members of tbe so-called
"bath tub trust," indicted for alleged
violation of the Sherman act, called
st the department of Justice yester
day in the Interests of tln-lr clients.
Tb« lawyers refused to ssy s word
regarding the piirpoß* or result of
Jhelr visit, but It Is generally be
lieved an offer was m _ ae _- , hc _-
Jer s pi, of guilty and sn imposi
tion of fine, rather than Imprison
PBt,The golden wedding of Mr. and
•*___ John Wesley De Mott, of
utorgetown, was celebrated under
tat suspire* of thft Ladlea of the
___*ts*N -netnbers of the O. A. R.
th « f-"a-*---*- War Veterans In
_.?„ . . ,d Arin -'' lusrtcrs at tho
armory last night.
a lot In Interhay and therefore ii
taxpayer. Oltl'a law partner, lleber
H. Hoyt. swear* to th* complaint,
on au affidavit from Scobey, who ta
Still In Illinois.
Judge llanfoiil will allow 11..M
to appear before him next Tuesday
to show cause, If any, why a re
straining order should 1... Issued
against rim of the city otflclala who
will be connected with th* arrange
ment* for the recall election.
Shortly before 0 o'clock yeaterday
afternoon, the comptroller certified
the sufficiency of the recall poll-
Hon. which he found to contain
„654 names entirely qualified. Not.
mill.ln tilling that nearly I,sou were
disqualified, there were neverthe
less 953 names to spar*.
August 3—Nicholas Klnet .broth
er of Daniel Klnet I fell €.0 feet,
August 21- Lieut. Vivaldi. Italian
army, near Home, after successful
long distance flight.
August 37- Maasdyk. near Am
helm, motor stopped.
September SB George Chaves,
after flying over Alps from Rrigu*
to Milan, rising at times 9.000 feet,
fell 3' feet, died five daya later.
.'.iii.'i 3>— Hon Plochmann.
Mulhansen, Germany, fell ISO feet,
-lied next day
October Z— Herr Haas, Wallen.
Germany, fell and waa Instantly
October 7—Capt. SU,i, v of
Russian army, lost control 2.000
feet up; fall broke every boa* in
hi* body.
October (apt. Mad French
army, killed In practice flight at
October 2»!—UeuL Mentha, Ger
man army, killed while alighting
near Magdeburg
October 26— l • rnund Dlanchard,
killed when machinal fell short dis
tance, after flying from Dourgea to
I say. >
October 57 —• Ueut. Bagllette.
French army, killed while gliding
to ground at Centocelle.
November IT —Ralph Johnstone,
Denver, while turning too sharply
off banked air.
December—Cecil Grace, lost In
flight across English channel
An Inspection of all Seattle
school, was laat night ordered by
the school hoard, and Fire Marshal
Gardner Kellogg, together with an
architect and a member of the
board of fire underwriters, were
requested to report ••,.- necessary
changes. If any. that should tot
made In order to make the at ml.
safe In case of fire
No complaints have been receiv
ed, but It I* a matter the board
feels should be done at Intervals.
The funeral services over th*
body of Dr. A. M Crlts, who drop
ped dead in Templara' ball Wed
nesday ■ring, will b* held at the
residence, 1540 Market st., lint
lard, tomorrow afternoon at 2
o'clock. The remains will be In
terred In the Crown Mill cemetery.
The services will be bold under tbe
auspices of th.- Masonic lodge.
HOUSTON, Tei.. Dec. 81.— He
cause the local express companlos
refuse to transport his "pets,"
William Johnson has brought suit
lie raises snake, for the circus
PHILADELPHIA lh.c. 31.—Mar
garet Corwiors. employed In a local
Matt*, as dishwasher, has died,
leaving a fortune of $.17, < i*o to
three nlectts In the WcsL
CALAIS, Mo., Doc. 31.— Frank
lip.lyk today celebrates the begin
ning of his Hit year as manager
nf ih<- Central hotel. He baa had
35 days off during his tang service.
BERLIN. Dec. 31.— Hugo Mock, a
"andymnker, is dead from drowning.
lie tumbled Into a vat of cane syrup
and was dead when pulled out.
PORTLAND, Mb., Dee. 31.—
Officers of the Fraternal Order of
l.agt<>s who permit liquor to be kept
In tbe club rooms In this state will
be prosecuted as rurnsellars, the
authorities have decided.
ATl.a7iTa7 "oZTncr.li.— Mrs.
Wary Mitchell. 30 years old, has
)nst given birth to a son, her Hth
child Mi are living.
To Consider "the fitness of Mr
J. D. 0. Cowers' leadership In 111-,
relation as minister" of the lloylston
Avenue Uultartan chill a meet-
Ing of the members been called
by Josephine 1.. Stuff, secretary of
the board of truatetig, for Janu
ary IS.
Powers, It Is Intimated,, has been
morally in support of thn Vice organ,
In Its opposition to the work of th* i
I'liblit! Welfare league. On one rap
fusion he questioned, during one of
his sermons, the advisability of at
tacking the* "fair name of our city",
by the council probers aad th* Web
far* league.
Survived by six children, 16
randchlldren and »even great
grandchildren, Mrs. Arthur A. Den
ny died yesterday at tha prime old
age of 18. Itoth Mrs Denny and her
husband were member* of the first
party of white settlers who arrived
at Alkl point on the steamer Kiact
In the bleak November weather of
ISSI. and laid th* foundation of the
present city of Seattle. .
Tbe fuller*! will be held tomor
row afternoon at S o'clock from the
residence. 12.0 Itoren ay., Tlev. 8. M.
Freeland and llcy. W. 11. O. Tempi*
officiating. Mr*. Denny wilt rest
beside her husband. A. A. Denny, at
laskevlew cemetery.
"Th* testimony ef employee of
j th. lighting department show, that
they thought Arm. was working
far the interests of th* Seattle
Electric company when he turned
i down profitable business contracts
down town, when he refused to .*
tend the service to Ballard, when
he hurried to t*k* cut th.' meter*
In new hou***. in spits of th* fact
that there wat plenty of :water
power, machinery and money to
take car* of It all."
In speaking before the Municipal
leagu* last night. Councilman Kel-
I.'**. who acted a* pro*, cat. for
the council '.era, tared Arm*
grossly Incompetent for th* posi
tion of superintendent of lighting.
as shown by Arms' own testimony
He farther showed that, the city
plant is not benefiting by la* sus
picion which th* employ** enter
tain of their chief, intimacy with
S. E. Co. interests,' .
. ...
A tumble of some 5,000 cubic feet
of esrtb whet* "h.- new Watlake
boulevard is being graded, near
Fremont, paralyse.! Fremont and
Green Lake car service yesterday,
residents of those section* being
routed over the Fjuttlakit line to
4-th st and Woodland ay. Sliding
down with an Irresistible tori the
earth came tumbling 30 feet below.
carrying all In lis pathway, striking
lb, Westlake trestle of the S. E. Co.
and -ending three bents and 11 pi!
ings Into the lake.
Halt & Jeffery have the contract
tor the regrading of Wftattafca bottle
vsrd. Several cars passed over the
trestle, the support of which was
practically entirely undermined, be
fore he .'anger was discovered. Tbe
slide oc.ur.ed about 4:30 p. m. A
crew o* men was Immediately put
to repair work
TAlilM I*. 31,—While hunt
Ing rabbits In tb* heavily wooded
country lying east of Lemons
Beach, less than a mile from the
Narrows. William Hock, a rancher,
waa shot through the right leg by
his friend and hunting companion,
George W. Newburn. In less than
an hour the victim died from loss
of blood while being rushed to a
local hospital on a car.
Pinch for Aviator
If He Shoots Ducks
(nr "He* rreaa >
LOS ANGELES. Dee. 31.—1f
Hubert. Latham, the viator, at
tempts to go hunting in bis aero
plane agnln without first procuring
a hunting license, as required by
law, he will b- arrested, according
to notice served on htm by Deputy
Game Warden Dm m.
CRANSTON. it 1., Iksc. 31.—Al
though tendered a raise in pay
from 1100 to II 000 a year. Mayor
E. M. Sullivan has refused the
nut- ii. I
11l tailed I'rea* >
sharp earthquake shot was felt
In this city at 4:20 o'clock this
morning. The vibrations lasted
several seconds. No dsmage has
been reported.
GIRL OF 11 WED 3*.
roSTON. Dec. 31.—With full con
sent of h.-r parents, Grace M Pig
gotl, only II years old, today be
came the bride of Austin Wards
worth, aged 20. Both comt) from a
small town In Maine.
BOSTON, D.'C 31.—A 1,,.,; of
trained fleas Is exciting Immense
curiosity In Keith's vnudeville
theatre this week. The fleas are
vtowed through magnifying glasses.
PARIS, Dec. 31.— The millinery
apprentices—girls from 15 to 18
years old have struck for higher
wages They get 12 cents a day
and want 15 cents.
Odds and Ends Frpm Everywhere
New York.—Joseph 0. Itobln, in
dieted bunker, while on bin way to
trial, swallowed « do** of hyoscltt,
thi deadly alkaloid with which Dr.
lilppcll killed his Wife. Hell* 1.1
--more. ll* collapsed before he
reached the court room, and waa
taken to li.ll. i It is thought
lie » 111 recover.
In,, .......1....it. *( iltrarr* war* filed
!«, .lien )e*le,.lt*v *i the. relirl ftaa.si
..a* i.latl .liars-.! 1.1. alt, with in. ell,
aad Ilia ..titer Mill. .1e.e.11...i
According to Rudolph Samel,
who holds tbe controlling Interest
In tho HllllllirKt-iill building leaso,
a deal will b. made tonight for the
sale of the leas,-hold to 1-istern In
North Yakima.- It V Holler, thft
Seattle wrealler, has deeded half
• section of Wide Hollow land to
hi* wife, according to a document
filed with the county auditor >••»
terdsy. The deed, which was sign
ed st Chicago recently, shows evi
dence of hasty execution. . '„. . -
I Sin. i.„,. aaft ee.ea .lat* wet* barm 1*
H-wllls I-el c..la. sft*ae_aust__
■ ■ ■
London Private advices confirm
public statements that general dis
satisfaction prevails among the
people, especially tb. working
claaftea, and that a rising against
tbe provisional government Is
threatened. No alarm Is fait In
official circles.
Sb ewarrtaa* 1t..»« were I saw eft c.»
lll.eas.lt svaftllaar ,-alar.*,
I. iea.l~r.la,-. (*wr .teal* r-aaarft* (bat
wee* ie.el.ea by lb* liewl.h „.|_,.,-i-nl
Ibrew nt lb* pereaa* wer* la lli*4. a*'*.
Nineteen members of the Turrell
8 bo* Co.'* force. In Seattle were
! entertained at tbe annual banquet
at tbe Arctic Club last evening by
their employer*.
The Sunday evening sermon In
th* Madison st. Methodist church
Kill h* delivered by Mrs. William
Park, wife of Ih* pastor. Her sub
ject will be "A Good llc-solutlon "
HI Rev Frederick W. Ke.tor,
bishop of the Episcopal dloc****, of
Otympla, will ft. the guest of honor
at th* first annual supper of the
Seattle Ministerial Federation In the
Y. M. C. A. auditorium, Tuesday st
7 p. m.
Ksnsas City. -Dynamiters partial-'
' v wrecked Walter Vanstone's sheet
metal works ftt 2910 E. IMb *t. last
night, Vanslone runs an open shop.
No one waa injured.
Kansas City.—Dressed ft* a mm
s -.' -.:--tr-a':----ts—-aU--i_-Ji.
Canada Moves Against
the Shoe Machine Trust
It, I ailed Ire- I
TORONTO. Out . Dae 31.— As the
first teat of th* new Canadian anti
trust law. whereby patents used to
establish restraint of trad* may be
voided. lb* suit against th* United
State* Shoe Machinery company,
KI.I.KS'Bnt'RO. Dee. 31.— J. C.
Hutchinson, a Sea***' Telephone Co.
lineman, waa caught in • snowsilde
while repairing wire trouble In tb*
Cascade mountains yesterday. After
a frantic struggle he worked his
way up th* pole to th.- surface and
established communication with bis
pocket telephone set-
Two of the relief party worked
Chicago Trolley
Warfare Held Up
11, I alls* rreaa.)
CHICAGO, Dee. I.—An srmlstic*
ai rang.-d between the cltlsena ot
Chicago's outlylynyg suburbs and
the Chicago lull ways company.
which, at least temporarily, ends
th* warfare between the company
and cltlsena over double car fare*.
went into effect today. Peace till
patched between th* warring fac
tions by Jttdgi Peter 8. Orosscup
snd will last until Lincoln's birth
day. February 12th.
The lellowlag are rti* a. eras* urtre*
quale.! h, th* lea-el wholesaler* aa Isral
l.riedu.e. meal, iin.l fee.l Frier* 1. ell
i..e> are e«t.'e. 1 ... *erlall**>. sreordl...
... (rearm*** and trerral e.rellear*. hail
ll.eae ttrlte.. sale** eakrrwlee ladlraled.
era fa* -Irl.tl. Ural «...!.-
I ... ,111.1 ll.nie, — '.rlllßi I'rla*.
V.tl-.e VVh.l.i..«i..ii 1..i11*l I .11
r*r*.h rt.e.erp 1.-liter IIS) II -
el .....a lii.iii Imllar... .1-4) -• ' *,
Mt*.. '»' 'It .11
la.f !'!■_ it 4.
I-....1.1,— Hi.,ta. rrlre.
Spring br..li*re .11
H.l)*, Illl.ler 1 the .11
ll* is. t ii.a and 0ver..,., .11
It"..Btar.. ll.*, 111. ... ■*»
Tin Lie live, It. ........ Ill* .tt-n
Dwi-a-a, in- I* .11
Sprt <( du'ks .11
Oeeva .ta
F-pitl... il.Ten '„1......,, 1.199 i tt |
Plteona, do.ea t.tt
llreee.lt Ileal*—-ktllla. Trie*.
Ckurk. .t«V»
Ixilne, No I. run „ .... .it
Hi... T. No. 1 . . .!!• .11
Cow*. No. I .tl
111.d.. .tear .11 'V
I rifle, cow It* II -
V re, steer . -ttvt
r*..r*. cow ............... 0.
1!... 111.1 It
St.en. No. 1 lit) ,01V.
' Ii lie. No. 1 till ,11
v..i HO .11
O. lon.us, f.een „,.,.., .11 'i
I.ivar .et
Heart .ll
Million -
Welher .... .«.■*
ri.ll .tl
lellllh .IH'.*
Cork —
lirea.ed hog* ............ .14
'I 111..1.1...1 aula.. It
I...itia sin! shoulders ...... .it',
-i,".i loin purk ii
Pigs' (set .tt
Pork -.<- ...... , .014* ,ii
t.lver ...... ...,,, .01
11..1' ..... , .01
Mat lard .14
Tuba .11 V»
Smoke* Meats—Selling Trie*.
llama .11
I'll nn >.an,a .IIS.
United bain .11
third b.-ef .....,,,, .11
Heron .11
Meals, lira VVelglil M.irlu* I'r I. *
Ileal* , .... . 01 V,
Heifers, lb. 01
Cows .04*.
1i... mat
Shop . .01
1....,1.c. lb. a..,. . .0114
feed—Selling Trie*.
1;,..!., in Waal,in Tim
othy If , 0(1 a SO . 00
Puset Sound '•' '.otpil.lt
and beating her way to San Fran
claeo to reach the aid* of her sick
slsttir. 19 year old Klliabeth Carr.
of St. Joseph, Mo., was arrested
with four hoboes best.* a fire In
the railroad yards. One of her com
■ Along ha* been ,i ilfolong fib nd
Will waa acting as her protector, the
girl ays.
O.nv.r. the officers of li.
--' American I'll. I ft Iron Co, IlllVe
made fraudulent entries on their
books regarding coal lands In Routi
county to ue extent of 11,000.000.
Is the conviction of ftthelbert Ward,
assistant United Slate, district at
torney, Tho company may lime
to produce its books In court, ,
V.ld.s. report that lione*
of men were found In a crevossn of
Viibj.it glacier is not true. The
bones of several horses with pack
saddle, were found by miner* last
summer In th* erttvaaso but this
has in. connection with th* stam
pede of tk'l7'S. when a number of
men perished In I nasi-., for
for home, were not used then;
N.W York. dynamite plosion
below th* surface of Ka.t river, be
tween Manhattan and Break]] I yes
terday morning, resulted In the In-
Jury of six men, on* of whom will
; probably die.
St. Paul. t.in,.tl- Wliford, IS
year* old, a waitress, apparently Is
the person who was burned to death,
together with Anna Rrd, when an
apartment house was dostroyed by
fire early yesterday morning. While
the body was burned beyond recog
nition Ml*. Wliford was the only
one unaccounted fur. Twelve other
resident* were seriously Injured.
Birmingham, Ala.— A dptiamlle
explosion In IS*) engine bouse of the
Tennessee Coal Iron a Railroad Co'
near Hnsley yesterday killed Joe
At well, engineer, William Hunter,
fireman, and an unidentified negro.
The tatter was thawing out soma
froxen dynamlttl when the explosion
El Pass, Tea.—The bodies of Fits.
Provlneo, hi* wife and 16 > ear-old
son were found in an Isolated farm
< house 50 mile, from (his iin yam
1 ii-r.iny. Physicians a'ale that death
; was due to drug poisoning. Thi
family ta known to have been alive
and well Thursday evening.
Augusts, Qa. Hie first establish
fed school of aviation In this country
will be started hem aoon by the
I Wright brothers. Sufficient funds
| were pledged by business men last
| night <n assure half tbe expense of
j getting a site.
.charged with feeing an Illegal com
bination. I* to be pressed 111 the
! court, bare The stilt wa* brought
st tbe .inn. of a number of man
ufacturers in Quebec, who alleged
that the machinery company bad
' combined to boost prices In re
s-ratal of trade
their way along th. cable for a
quarter of a mile to lb* Imprisoned
man. After placing htm In a cable
«eat, the linemen worked their way
bsck, hand over h*nd
The half froxen man was taken to
the cle Klum hospital, where It was
reported that one arm was so badly
froxen that he would probably be
crippled for life.
a '. -a . it mi at
Wheat liar >. t.|ii>t
ti.iul.te CQiepreaeat ....... It.lt
"vis par to. .tt.ttsil.tt
fieie. I a.i.. WaeMaertea II tea) 11. ot
Urea, low ...............1. *tA it.tt
•noil*, uss .ll..»0'» at -
vtrbtile irtti. tea . It too 11 it
i-r.ke.l e-ra. to. ....... ll.ttSl" ot
J4l.l.|ilr.*a l-.n 11. »*
hailed . *'. .it.l barter.
11. net tl.lt
Ve.et.brr-—SeiTlasj rrtr*.
ear* It*
lir ..a* a *|....ula .......»•« .11
Oraeoa Unless I It
l-.lai ... lor si. ltt 1t*.... I.HO I i.
|*ot.tn*w. V.ktra* l.laO 11l
in..!.«.,.*. i-..»i. ttt Iba — i nut I. it
Carrete ........ '»• > ♦•
I'eala. ... X I « ■"• o 1.11
T.rnin*. aaeft ... i m* 1.11
li.diel.ee. ■ ..'. it
t.eltu.e. .1..-.1, ........... .ttO -11
t.eii'iee. h"'..."i**. rtala.. 1 "f 1.11
lere.er, it«v,-n „...,, ItQ It
Csbba.e. lot-si. tb. „ .el**
(/•«. urn tears, doss* toa I'll
Cauliriower. ttotea 1.11
Celery, dosaa ....••..«.•• iia .11
l-tiei.pkla .11
H-Juaeh .11
I.*n — Selling Me*.
Wen*- apples I. *'" ft I II
Winter .1.1.,.. lot) It*
Ftni,* applee .tto Itl
Chappie. ....... ItO .tl
t'esrs, torsi 1 '-J I. .1
Strawberries I.ltt) t.lt
AUBURN. Deo. 31. — William
Itlhh-ud found a yellow butterfly,
feebly fluttering, in an outhouse at
the local condenied milk wort to
KANSAS CITY, Doc. 31.—Be
cause 111* wife gave him a purple
nightgown for Christmas, when he
preferred plain while, William
' Boris beat Up his wife and paid flO
fine In court today for it
MISSOULA, Mont., Dec. 31.
! Mrs. Emma Jackson of this city
has a .'■ yiir nl.l house rat that has
such n fondness for tobacco that ii
steals the plug from the coal
pocket of its mistress" son,
' LBWIBTON. Ma, Dee. ..L—
Kturgls deputies searching for on
11.iiiiii.il liquor In a local cigar
more found three quarts of whis
key In a .oil of rubber hoso.
AUGUSTA, Me., Dec, 31— A
wholesale firm In Canada sent a
box of perfumery to W. 11. I'm'ride,
the most prominent druggist In the
city. Zealous game wardens on the
border seised tho box when they
.aw the name of the druggist. They
thought It was a case of bird smug
NEW YORK, Dec 31.—When
overhauled 111 I etinse by Frank 11.
Vtck, burglar John Hugh*, turned
and hit bis captor In tho face. The
police got him
Star "Want" Acts Are
Business {.ringers
A Mystery In Four
To the reader* of The Star:
Here la the Venus of Mllo, She
I* * marble lady with a dark mys
tery. That mystery The Bt«r pro
t*i*es to solve.
Will you help?
The Venus of MIL. was plowed
..ul of the ground by a farmer on
the island of Mllo. Greece, In 1820.
HI-., a supposed to "hay« reposed
there 2,000 year*. The art critics
aald that she waa the most perfect
Image of the feminine form divine,
so they hauled her to Parts, and
tens of millions have since given
her the stesdy glance at the Louvre
1 pronoun!.- 11 ls.it >
The mystery? Its this: Mow
did Venus If*** he arms? What
was she ring when overtaken by
tbe sad accident? Look over In.
position of the stumps d arm*, of
her body and the pu*-» of her head,
and *••<■ if yon can figure out the
lady's position.
Tomorrow well give you a pic
ture of an artist's solution of the
! problem.
(Continued Tomorrow.)
.ft •■. 'ft
* Roses blushing red sat] white ft
ft For delight:
ft M..n. <*... Kb- wreaths above. *
* For love; ; * *
* Dim sweet scented heliotrope, *
ft For hope; *
ft Shining lilies tail and ft
* straight. *
* For royal stale. V*
ft Dusky pant.!, let them be *
* For memory; *
ft With violet* of fragrant ft
* For^th. *
* > *
* *
Saloonkeeper. Wife Runs for
On a ticket snd platform all bar
own, Mrs. Antoinette Loach of Sul
livan, Ind., Is maklm: a strong cam
paign for the state legislature. She
handles her own advcrtlalng. M.ikes
arrangements for mass meetings
nnd speaks to the crowd* "But I
can't do all mi own voting." she
nays. "I'm making as good a nice
as (he other buys, and my cam
paign Is clean." v
Several years ago Mrs. Leach
studied law. Now she has a good
practice, which help., consider
ably, for bar Inn.Land's saloon
business was voted out of existence
when the count] .1 mining district
—went dry. Her platform Includes
woman suffrage, county local op
lion. eonoervntlon, better labor
laws. Initiative and referendum,
direct vote for United Slates sen
ator nnd free Industrial and business
* Moore — Florence Roberts In ft
* "The Nigger." *
ft Grand— ph* Chinatown ft
ft Trunk Mystery." *
ft Seattle—"What Happened ft
ft to Jones," ft
ft Lola—l.*nwla ..ml Lake Com- ft
ft pain Musi' Comedy. ft
ft Alhambra "Sold Into 81a- *
ft very." *
ft Orpheum—Vaudeville. ft
ft Majt.tic Vaudeville, ft
ft- Pantagas— Vaudeville. ft
ft Star—Hurlc-tuiuo. ft
*********** .-***
NEW YORjCDecTsL— Sam Hock
Loe, a Chinese inereliiinl who con
trols 300 laundries In New England,
linaiust quit business life. Ho is 66
mid worth $500,000. s
Her* I* Hie letter Ih.t M|,|erare.l mi 11.1. pace VV .-,!..._..1al anil *.*— 11l
Hie letter, tleast I..V* fallow** , - -, - .
"Hear Mi** t.r.i I a... a fnun. man, '(7 fear* eld, anil have a peelUm.
In hi. ..Ill.e. Mr .Ml«ri la Sit . week. a...1 I rwrears SI M Baa** Ire*, mtuithrr
*....,.-, Hist l.ri.i.a mt weekly liienii.e tap 1.. til a M.rit I l.aie It.** I.
Seattle litre- tear., 1...1 In all that 11...- hat* ne-,er leer-ome a. ri'.nlnleal will,
a ,".ll,e M....1N.. I Hill ..I a • .....e||l..l ...a.Mention, .rill I M..1 * lIBIHS villi
1..M .Ire ..,. a-,me Idea, a. 1., hew a li,,**i ill ml .In ......tn.,. c* ii.i.1.l I.e. ..in*
„ .|...n..l eel with a send, wlmleaeima .Irl 1,., weulal, Bl Ummt. ...neldrr ma mm a
raa.ti.late I.tr l»..el»*n*l" I Kit. m native „( Indiana, not red.!,.tie, .Bat bare
a f.lrl, «...-! d1.|..a.11|...i I lie, ...I drink, 1...1 I *>n,tk-, anil Ilka Hie IKealre,
an. *.* .... 1* there int. lit.lie ..( in, .... having * hum*?
• 'ratal r i tin
Prince Carl:—Noticed your letter
In Tbe Star tonight and thought I
would writ* to you,
You said yon would like to meet
a Bias young lady. I am a stenog
rapher, working hero in the city, I
am good natured and Jolly, easy to
get along with; like theatres; not
religious; am twenty-three years
of age. Da not keep company with
any young man
I would like very much to meet
you. Should you care to meet me,
pleas* answer this letter.
Patiently walling for a letter from
you, I am
Respectfully yours,
:,, ,; LILLIAN.
. Seattle.
Ml*. Cynthia Grey: I read In
last night's Star of a young man of
57 who has lived in Startle three
year* and never met ft young wor- '
an lam a young lady of 18 and
would like to make his acquaint- j
ance. I am a stranger In the city
and like occasionally to go to the
theatre. I have few friends, and
my evenings it' very lonely.
I am not bad looking— have dark
brown hair and brown eyes, I am
about 5 feet 6 Inches In height and
weigh about 132 pounds. I am of
a very Jolly disposition.
Dear Miss Ore*: I was much In
terested In the letter of "Prince
Carl" In las' night's Star, sad if lie
I* sincere, should like to bear from
him. Would you be kind enough
lo forward my address to blm or
write to me on the subject?
R. it
Dear Miss Orey; I am a young
lady of 18 and would like to meet
a steady, industrious young man
with • good Income. I aui five
Cynthia. Greys -Letters
vil.a flrry will .-.tare tVttrr* li, mall she. srldre-aeed atem|N-d em elope la
•Wlee-at. IHh-l a»e.,K„. will tee antarred lhr..H.h till* talutaa Ml*, t.re/
• 111 Belt ****** tc..|«lrt-* B. l-leia-.-we
I-tier. .Lard 1., per*-** ill, a "t.eweral HeUrrry" addrrw* will re, rive *V*
Iksr Miss Grey—Would inn
please give me some Information
In regard to date of the birth of
Christ in your paper. I cannot
find any one hat seems to know
where to get the fscts, or if there
were Xmos celebrations held be
fore the birth cf Chrl«t*
A.—Tbe Christmas day Is in
commemoration of tie birth of tbe
babe of Bethlehem.
Dear Miss Grey—l am a young
I man 22. My wife died some lime
ago and left me with an Infant 3
months old. My mother is taking
rare of the child at present, 1 know
this Is too much for my mother.
So I think the Beat I can do Is to
find soother loving girl who would
make a good wife and mother.
Please (ell me th" proper time
I should wait before marrying
again. Hope that you will give
me your opinion of this matter
whether I am doing right or wrong
when I am thinking of marrying j
so aoon again. 11. H. C
A, —The length of the mourning!
period la best determined by cir
cumstance*. AH thing* considered,
it is my opinion that you would tot
In ft better position to rear your
child -and relieve your mother of,
its care providing you can find the
right Mrs No. 2.
To "Big Fat Girl"—The remedy
you mention Is a patent prepar
ation and I do not recommend It
Your only hope lies In dieting and
lots of exerclae. 'Consult ■
Dear Miss Orey—l should be
very grateful if you would kindly
tell un upon what day of tin week
did August _.",. 1*837, tall.
A. —Monday.
Dear Mlas Grey will you please
■ ' '
Af ler-Siippe*^
T^lll^S. _>
ItiNft-IRvS. >
Thirty—or was it forty!—years ago women hobbled at tin* wasp
wair i .mil expanded rapidly to a circumference at the feet that took
tip nn ordinary sized ballroom, and this was eminently correct. Now
the Idea has '.li reversed.
One of the worst of our many follies Is the sartorial. Men, all
angles and awkwardness, wear precisely the kind of clothing which
emphasizes ugliness if you don't believe that, look at a bunch" of
graduates In caps and gowns, the Human Catholic priest la church.
ly robes, tho pictures of Sir Walter Raleigh In his sweeping cloak,
or Roman senators In their togas Can modern men In modern at
tire compare for dignity with any of these? Not at all. Whereaa,
a woman, all soft curves and grace, Is tied up in habiliments that
gr* nothing more or 1n:,.-. than SOTO* evolution of the guunysaok. A
skill bumpers her in every detail Of housework she does, it sweeps
the filth from the highways, not one time In a thousand is It worn
prop' ii' Half th.' time it sags In front, boas up In the back, or
"flnps every where in ridiculous fashion. Tho woman who really looks
well In ordinary modern clothing does so in spite, not because of,
what she wears.
Should we put men In skirts and women In trousers? Nil, but
suitability, not sex, should be tha criterion. The working woman
should lie a.-. free and comfortable In her clothing as Is the working
limn In bis, In tho hours of evening .as,', wouldn't it be refreshing *
to see both wear the flowing lino garments, tha lain 'and frills to
make each a PICTURE? Tho average woman wears a tnilor-made
suit with an evening slipper and a Charlotte Corday bonnet, or it
smart turban with a lingerie frock, if we had a national sense of
humor, the ordinary street crowd would be fatal— we'd laugh our
selves to death over the sheer absurdity nt th* male sad female la.
congruous get-up. •;.-■•'. ->V,:
Business Bringera. Star classified ads. Buy or
sell real estate, etc. J
j feet three Inches tall and weigh 120
' pounds. I have black hair and
blue eye* I am of a Jolly dispo
i sition and Ilk.- to go to concerts and
theatres. _*___p_t^pßfH
My Ideal of a young man I* tall
with broad shoulders, with light hair
and brown .yes. He must have no ;
bad habits. .
If yob know of any young man
who would like to meet - me, an
swer to BESSIE.
Prince Carl:— In response to your
letter of December 2kth In "Th*
; Dally Star," I am an office girl, not
, quite 18. I lire wlm my parent* in
a nice modern home, also have two
older brothers than myself. Can
have room and board and get ac
quainted. Will have opportunity to .;
meet other nice young ladles. For '
better address, please write.
Dear Miss Crey: I have been liv
ing in Seattle for three years and
have only formed tbe acquaintance
of ouo gentleman. I am working
every day and don't go out much
evenings. I would like very much .
to form an acquaintance with Mr.
Prince Carl through the columns of
i In Star. Your*.
• r > TBI LADY.
Sedro-Woolley. Wash. V.
Dear Miss Grey: Would you
kindly send me the address of
Prince Carl, whose letter was pub
lished In Tueaday'a paper*
Thanking you for your past favor, '
1 remain, very truly yours, E.
Dear Miss Crey: Would- yon
please tell me whether or not
Prince Carl found a lady friend to
suit him? lam a young widow, and
know all the comforts of a home. Is
there any way that I could see or
hear from him personally?
tell me what I can use to clean
college pillows and pennants?
R. C. L.
A.—Sponge the material with
naphtha or wash carefully with
Ivory soap and cold water.
Dear Miss Grey—We hear so
much talk nowadays of the
small salaries paid to young ladies
who work in the stores, of how
bard It Is for them to live decently
on the money they earn and of
some of these girls being driven
Into the white slave traffic as a
result of these conditions Of ours*
we know that the majority of the
girls who are employed as clerks
are living at home with their
parents, who are not dependent
upon their wage*. But there are
a few. I dare say, who are practi
cally alone, far away from home
and friend*, who are solely de
pendent on themselves. Many
of these girls only earn I* or 17
per week and have a hard fight
to make ends met.
Now there are many young menl
clerks who earn 112 to $15 per
week who would like to marry,
but who are handicapped owing to
their salary not being sufflcent for
two. Now would it not be a good
Id.-a to bring together these two—
the girl who Is having such a hard
time and the young man who need.
torn for a wife? The girl could keep
on working until the man had
sufflcently advanced himself to
permit her to retire This would
lift a great burden off the girl's
shoulders and at the same time
spur the man on to advancement
I for mi.- would be glad to marry
one of these girls or any young
lady to whom this may appeal. I
have a steady position at $12 per
week with excellent opportunities
for advancement and would be
very pleased to hear from some
good wholesome girl who would
appreciate this effer. T. M. B.

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