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One Cent
la • mighty •mall bit of money to pay for a
nawanapor lit* The Star; eapeolally whan thar#
a aomathlng of Inlaraat to avary mambar of
tha family avary night.
VOL. 12, NO. 289
fUj l mU+4
TOKIO. Jan. 24. —Disregarding a
itrtam of protests from all ovtr (ha
world, the Japanese government to
day wiped out by meana of the gal
lowa the Uvea of Denjiro Kotoku,
hie mistress. Suga Kakano, and 10
other Japaneee socialists convicted
by star chamber sessions of the
charge of having conaplred againat
the mrkado'a life
The hanging of the 12 victims to
the government's fear of socialism
began at t o'clock in the morning in
the central prison and the trap was
not sprung on the last one until 1
PITTSBURG, Jan 14 —The girls
at Allegheny college, Meadvllle.
Fa. have declared war on eleven
•plendld yellow Vandyke beards,
the pride of eleven senior*, invi
tation* to claaa functions have
been cancelled, and the co-eds have
delivered their ultimatum that they
will not recognise tbe ttffvndtag
<Bj I ■>!. <! fw.« >
OIRARD. Kan* . Jan. 2«.—FYed
Warren, the »«lalist editor. sen
tenced for srongful use of the
malls, today made It very plain
that be was not concerned in the
application to Prwtldfiit Taft for
hi* pardon, which ye*terday *■*
mad*- by Congressman Campbell, j
We think we're pretty wise on
this recall thing, but Chozo Yama
oehl, a young Japanese employe In
a down town cafe, says they have
worked that gag over In Japan for
many years.
Chozo take* a keen Interest In
politics despite the fact that he
cannot vote. To blm, Slncho (a)
Of 11 Is a gone goose. He says when
Kellogg et al stirred up the Olln
(b) he started something worth
while. Over In Japan, »ays«dChozo,
they choose mayors by the conven
tion system, but if he doesn't be
have they pat Jhe honorable skids
under him vlaVhe recall system.
"Bat," smiled Chozo last night
while discussing Oill, "the mayor
says to his enemies. 'Wafashl wa
•hicho nl Iku de aro ka." (I'm
■till mayor, ain't I?)
And then ChoM drew the accom
panying cartoon for The Star.
(a) Mayor.
(b) City council.
Poindexter Aid
for Frisco Expo
Ing a personal as well as official
' plea for San Kranclsco aa the site
for the Panama exposition, tele
grams from Gov. Johnson are today
In the hands of Insurgent leaders
In Washington.
The messages were addressed to
Senators I.a Kollette, Clapp and
Wrlstow and Congressman Poin
"Do what you can to aid us. San
Francisco's achievements represent
California's progresslveness," was
the tenor of the Johnson telegram.
Poindexter replied: "We wish
you success and we are doing
everything possible to aid you."
p. m. Not one of the socialists
i weakened a) the end. according to
, officials who witnessed the execu
tions, but all declared their willing
neae to die for liberty.
The 12 socialists shflM death
. sentences writ commuted are con
> fined in local fortrruMS,
I While th<- attitude of Premier
i Kataura and Tils colleaguea had for
t day* IndVaied thai they were fs
j solved that nothing short of death
i would serve aa the punishment for
i Kotoku and his fallow socialists. not
i an Intimation was allowed to ••scape
i up to today that their end would
II come so swiftly.
seniors till the beards are removed.
At the close of chapel yesterday
the men seniora were met In front
of the entrance by twenty co-eda
each carrying an umbrella from
which hung the emblem: "Our
beaux are clipped." The men of
the senior class declared that tbe
beards thall remain /
.of Kansas. In a statement to the
I ! I'nlted I'rea* today. Warren said:
"I have not violated the law.
Only the itullty ask pardon I have
i not asked for pardon and I abalt
not. My conviction Is the result
of political persecution. Thla la
admitted by everyone. except the
courts through which the caae
i dragged for four years."
AR MSTRONG,.Mo., Jan. 24
The baby daughter of Mr and '
Mrs. James Bpotts Is blessed 1
with six grandmother*, possl i
bly more than any other child
In the world.
On the father's side there Is 1
the great-great-grandmother, •
Mrs. Kray; great-grandmother. >.
Mr*. Susan Spotta; grand
mother, Mr*. 8 potts, and
great-grandmother, Mr*. N.
D. Wlckes i
On the mother's side there
Is the great-grandmother, Mr*.
Nathan Morrl*. and the grand
mother. Mr*. J. W. Robb.
Mayor GUI attempted to apologize
for his administration In Ballard
last night. He was received with
applause by a "packed" house.
The mayor solemnly declared
that no open gambling existed under
his tenure of office, but forgot to
mention the Northern club, which
ran notorlou*ly open for 54 days
The mayor Just as solemnly de
clared that Richard Arms had been
appointed superintendent of the city
lighting plant because he was the
best man for the job.
That the only shoemaker to sign
the Declaration of Independence
wan Roger Sherman of Connecticut?
That President Jackson wsim once
shot at by a painter In the capital
building at Washington, I). C.?
That our national debt I* $2,704,-
That the wealth of the United
States In estimated at $125,000,-
That there are f.,»&6 banks In the
A severe hall storm hit Seattle
at 1:30 this afternoon and sent the
shopping crowd scurrying for shel
ter, "It Is a dogasted poor storm
that brings no good," observed the
man who sells SB-cent umbrellas
Then the hall oeased.
The Seattle Star
"Hare you ever seen a circular like thla before'"'"
"Yea'' < ( '
"Where did you see It'"
"I received one like It through the malls."
"Will you examine this to see If It correspond* with the one
you received?"
"It la the aainr "
There was little of formality (his morning In Judge Donworth'a
court when District Attorney Todd took up the case against C. D,
lllllman. millionaire land agent, accu-eil of tampering with the Jury
which waa to try him on January.il for fraudulent use of the malls.
Home 15 nien who will be members of the Jury to try llllltuan.
Including Q II Martin. Sieve Maunders and Charles W Cook, who
are named In Todd's complaint against lllllman. were railed to the
atand this morning
Two men testified that thev had not received their mall yet
The rent had received the circular At noon the case was continued
o*er 111 l 2 o'clock The circular 1* a defease of Hltlman'a methods,
and an apparent Justification of himself against "attacks "
As the Cartoonist Sees'Em
Tom Bird, representative from
Snohomish, is an energetic and se
rious minded legislator now, but
he used to tear around the baseball
diamond and make as much noise
as Mughey Jennings, lie was a
catcher, and captained the team at
Ann Arbor, had his picture In all
the papers and all that.
Representative Kelly Is another
busy man —with a sense of humor
of course, lie couldn't help It with
that name. They sing that song
(By Staff Special.)
OLYMPIA, Jan. 24—After the
senate had passed the deficiency
appropriation granting $12,600 to
the state inllltla, the house of rep
resentatives today turned the meßs
lire down cold. The vote was 6
for, 81 against.
Hpeuker Taylor left the chair and
led the attack on the measure
"Two years ago," he ftald, "I helped
vote $700,000 In one night for de
flclencles. 1 will never do that
In addition to other things
against It, such proceedings are
contrary to the statutes, said Tay
Knnls and Ohent of King, Eshel
man of Spokane, and Scales, Ward
and Hpedden voted for the measure.
On Restricting Immigration.
In the senate Nichols of Seattle
made a fight, on Campbell's mentor
lal asking congress to restrict lm
l migration of people from the south
and cast of Europe and Asiatic
Seen KellyT" but not often. He's
usually around.
Senator Joseph Arrasmlth -of
Whitman county, republican, has
the only set of whiskers In the
upper house. He Is chairman of
the committee on agriculture, and
a busy member of the committees
on dairy and live stock, on clalmg|
and auditing, on railroads and trans-j
portatlon and on roads and bridges
The rest of the time he has to him
about blm, "Hasn't Anyone Here
Jensen of Tacoma joined Nichols,
telling how he, "a poor foreigner,"
had come to America In the steer
age. "Mr. Senator Wballey also
came to this country In the Bteer
age," said Jensen.
Nichols cast the only "No," how
ever, when the matter came to vote.
Se*eral progressive bills were
gathered today Into one bill cover
ing the initiative, referendum and
recall, and Introduced by Teats,
Todd, Buchanan. Denman, Phipps,
llalsey and B. J. Wright.
Let Poor Man 8u«.
Senator Landon Introduced a bill
allowing a poor man to sue without
payment of fees, on signing an af
fldavlt that he could not afford to
Huxlable of Spokane put In a
measure raising the salaries of
legislators to $1,000 a year. Sen
ator Stephens put one In repealing
the act which created the state re
formatories. *
LOO ANQEI.KB, Cal, Jan. ll.—
]( you iibuuld chance trrni • trim
little saleslndy In some big Now
York department store anil should
reoognUe ber fr<ini this picture,
■loa't tell anybody that she* Miss
Pauline Wilson Worth, a magasine
wrtter of comfortable means who
la behind the counter Iwcuuse her
heart (i*s out to Ihp working girl
sn4 because she's trying, by living
Both Convicted of
Murder of Ketchel
(By l'all«4 CrtM )
MAItSHFIfcXU Mo, Jan. 24.—
Walter Plpley and Goldle .Smith
! Werr today coi.vtcted of the murder
of Stanley Ketchel, the middle
•lght champion pugilist, and sen
tttired to life Imprisonment.
fl*l«-ai< by counsel for Dlpley and
(J* ttmltb woman, who claimed to
lpve been his common law wife,
••re Ineffectual with the Jury,
wtilch after only a brief absence
/torn the court room, declared by
tlelr verdlcf disbelief In Dtpley'a
plea of self defense.
The Woman's Story.
The contention of the defense
was that Ketchel, left alone In the
[ —■ac=Si ,"i t ,r. «■, r-— -..-j......
"Yoti can say that we are going
to watch the polla on election day
Just as we have done before, as
itrlctly as possible," said Deputy
John Roberts this morning to a
Star man In answer to a question If
the sheriffs office had planned on
placing men In the various wards
to preserve order and see that
everything went along smoothly.
t "Yes, and we are going to deal
severely with those who try to use
shady methods around the voting
places, and we don't care who the
person may be."
In direct disobedience of strict
order* from City Comptroller Both
well and Chief Clerk Chandler, A.
Wright. an usher lti the registration
office, flit* morning tacked a "Vote
for CH1I" card on a "Register Here"
placard thlir afternoon Five min
ute* later Chief Clerk Chandler
fired him without ceremony.
"We allow absolutely no election
eering In the registration building."
said Chief Clerk Chandler. "Wright
knew It, and I discharged him for
disobeying orders."
PRESIDIO, Tex., via. Marfia,
Tex., Jan. 24 Reports received
here today state that 100 federal
troops were killed In a battle with
Insurgents two days ago at OJlua
When about 200 of the troops
had entered the trap, a deadly fire
was poured Into them by the hid
den Insurrectos. ltefore Dorante's
Uien could retreat at least half had
feeeu killed und others wounded
i the life of mf, to find a way to help.
Miss Worth Is a Tennessee girl
She bas lived In Los Angeles five
i yeara
"I mean to live Just aa the other
girls do." she nays, "and on my
wages only. There la one way to
know aching, and that Is to live It.
I shall find plenty of places to help
with whatever money 1 may have
above my wages 1 shall spend
] none of It on myself."
ranch house of U P. IMckeraon with
the Hmllh woman had attacked
her. She wan (aid to have reported
Hit matter t<» IHpley. The following
morning. I .ley (wore, he entered
the dlnlDK room of the ranch house
while Ketchel was eating hie break
"I'm going to quit." Olpley said
he told Ketchel. declaring In reply
to a query that he knew of the al
leged attack on the Smith woman.
Ketchel, he awore, then drew a
pistol, and he seised a rifle and
fired. „
>ue prosecution alleged thai
Ketchel was killed uy Dtpley and
the woman during an attempi<»d
P. 0. BILL
The house this afternoon passed
Jhs pcstofflce appropriation bill
carrying a total of (250,000.000.
An amendment was adopted
providing for steel mall cars
and increased sslaries for mall
carriers from $700 to $1,000.
Wanta See a Show?
Tills coupon, with 25 cents,
entitles any woman In Seattle
to any seat In the house at the
Seattle Theatre between now
and Feb 10. excepting Satur
days and Sundays.
Do you get the point?
By arrangement with Manager
Harry Cort, of the Seattle, The
Star has secured thin bargain rate
for Its women readers. This
coupon will be printed again be
tween now and Feb. 10. Perhaps
every day, perhaps not. You'll
Just have to watch for it. The
Baker Stock company, at the Se
attle, Is playing "The Three of Us"
this week.
Cut out the coupon and present
It at the bo* office. With your
quarter, if you want to go.
BAN DIEGO, Jan. 24.—'Vaudeville
performers at one of the local the
atres at least must refrain from all
swear words In their acts. Fred
Mnlleln, manager of the Princess,
posted notices today saying that
"iluuin" and "bell" art' barred.
la Not Nrarly aa Awkward aa She Seama to Be,
and Haa Real Sanaa of Humor. Read All
About Her on Page 4 of The Btar Today.
Tells Star Man He
Was Angry at Sire
"Yes, I killed my father. I was frightfully angry. I told
him to stop. lie walked away. I gave him fair warning. J
told him to stop. He walked on. And I shot him."
Without emotion or si;fn of remorse, John Drost, 22-year
old college student, in the county jail today, told without re-
M-rve this m rtiinhow lit shot and killed his father, J'eter
Drost, 55, on their farm near North Bend yesterday afternoon.
."I didn't mean to my bister, though," said iJrost.
"She got in the way when 1 started to shoot my father again
after he had fallen."
The girl. I'hoebe, 10, will recover. {
"Why did you shoot your father.'" Drost was asked.
"I will e.* plain more about that later," the young man.
is intelligent ;»nd well dressed, replied calmly. "Father wa#
too slow. We had many si ill argument- -nothing serious.
He was old country Holl.nH. you know. W hen he wanted to
buy 10 cows 1 wanted to buv JO. We quarreled over thingfl
like that."
"I'm glad he didn't suffer much," he added. It was his first
sign of feeling.
All Mallard and Interbay la pre
pari iik to turn out and give George
W. tuning, recall candidate for
mayor, a roualng reception tonight.
Men and women of every political
belief who stand for civic decency
and the end of vice role In Seattle
will be on hand to regiater their ap
proval of the timing candidacy.
Mr. Dllllng will be the principal
speaker at both meeting*. He will
ap|x>ar first at Interbay In Mlnch's
hall and later at Junction hall In
Hallard. Heslde* Mr. Dllllng Ole
Hanson, Mr* Rose Simmon*. Harry
Wilson and George R Oooley will
apeak. At the Hallard meeting
Mr*. J. H. Webber, George H.
Walker. Councilman Bohlke and
other* will apeak.
The Dllllng campaign committee
ha* mapped out a busy week for the
recall candidate He will attend
mass meeting* at York station Wed
nesday evening; at Georgetown and
South Park Thursday evening; at
Kldd'a hall. Green Ij>ke, and at
Harn'* hall. Mountain View station,
Friday evening, and at Pavsee'* hall.
station, Saturday evening.
Tuesday night, January 24. a mass
meeting will be held In Phalen's
hall, ColumblH Councllnien Kel
logg. lllalne and Wardall, Dr. F It.
Underwood. David Zerwekh, Rev.
K Tremaynt Dunchan and George
R. Oooley will apeak.
Record of George W. Dll
ling In the legislature of
Voted on e»ch and every
ballot for Harold Preston for
Vntted Slates senator, cv>>n
casting his final vote for Pres
ton after more than a major
ity of the King county mem
bers had violated their plat-#
form pledges by deserting
Voted for House Bill No. 90,
providing for an eight hour
day on all public work
Voted for House Bill No. 35,
forbidding trusts and mono
polies. Bill failed of enact
Voted for House Bill No. 94,
providing for a slate railroad
commission. Bill defeated In
the senate.
Voted for House Bill No. 145,
local option bill. Vetoed by
the governor.
Voted for House Bill No. 147,
making It a felony to operate
gambling games.
Voted for House Bill No. 187,
direct primary law. Bill
failed of enactment.
Voted for House Bill No. 309,
making it a felony to live off
the earnings of a fallen
TIUONTON. N. J.. Jan. 24. —
.lames Smith. Jr.. this afternoon
withdrew from the New Jersey
senatorial rare. James Martlne
will be elected. *
liws anyone need a bright, healthy 11-year-old boy?
Is there some out of town subscriber to The Star wants a boy
to work on his ranch or help around the house for his board?
William Halt*, manager of the Rhein hotel, Is guardian for
such a boy. Mr. Haiti has no family of his own, and doesn t like
to have the youngster grow up-down town. He Is willing to pay
for the youngster's clothes.
If thin appeals to anyone they can communicate with Mr. HaiU
at the hotel. »
Young Drost wan born In Holland
coming to this country with hi
family five year* ago. settling ii
Ml>-souH From there they went ti
Idaho, where young Drost enters
i the university at Moscow ntudyln
minimi engineering. He waa at eo
lege for a year and a half, then th«
family removed again, lilts time ti
North Hend.
Drimt. using a »hot gun, had flre4
<wo shuts at hi* father. The abet*
iff* office waa Immediately notlfl«4
i of the r hooting. and Deputy t'harlea
F'haldorf wa* sent after the man.
Young Drost made no res:*tMc«L
imt waited calmly the arrival of tbj
"Beauty" Is a
Poor Watch Dog
When Mr*. Alice Meyer finished
shopping and turned for her ui»
brella. Iteauty': was a picture ol
valiain Mi.: .ii hunting the umbrel
la. but It was no go The prix*
winning purp slunk home besida
his mistress and crawled under th«
"She can't hand me any of tha|
silent reproach stuff." growled
Beauty to himself. "I'll Just work
the sympathy racket myself"
Thereupon Beauty feigned IIW
ness. dragging himself about th«
room and whining and wagging hta
little stump of a tail.
Beauty's sympathy gag didn't get
him a thing, so he tried another
He ■ '• -i d to eat, and Mrs Meyer
to a ... i. ibis afternoon Beauty
was still on a strike.
Hut. as intimated. Meanty got him
self In horribly bad yesterday af
ternoon at the |iubllr market. First
av. and Pike st. While Mrs Meyer
was busy shopping. Beauty, as in a
score of past Instances, was allowed
to hold her gold headed silk um
brella, in the approved doK faslv
But while thus holding the bum.
bershoot, a thief made off with It.
The workman's compensation
act. a proposed law for the benefit
of the worker, will be discussed by
the Seattle Commercial Club at ita
weekly meeting this evening at 8.
That has NCT happened yet.
The Dilting campaign committee
announces that every name regis
tered from the First ward is bona
Councllmen Kellogg and Conway
are seen together a great deal these
Wappy and Col. "Jack" Thomp
son always eta lunch together.
Mayor Gill and Councilman lUalne
hope each wins.
Ike Rosenthal Is working hard for
But remember. It hasn't happened
distress. Obser»»
lug Uie look of r»
j.rtiach on the fae®
of his mistresa.
Beauty made a
Is beginning to
worry. She nays
she doesn't mind
the loss of th«
umbrella half sa
uiueh as Bautr*!
"fox pass." Up

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