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Tlx*' rtor *V h * ?, Ur bjr Molh< T : ,on * a " the of lhe mine.," begin next Monday. YOU CANT AFFORD TO MISS READING A SINGLE ARTICLE. Mother Jone. i> the mott famous and
t'" K* 0 * ' "' Homrn In * *° r union* in this country. For 35 years the ha* traveled over the continent, caring for the weak and helping in the "battle of men." Read her fir»t article Monday.
"Kay C."
Gel* Hoi An»wer» to That
Question of His
See Page 9.
picture* From the
jIJ yne in Fierce
°* ,he Cotton-
f Jo** C<mpa. victor*-
leader, who whip
iHm'i *rt*e
Kloyers start
libty Striking for a Living Wage Are Clubbed and
ry Armed Deputies Hired by Mil! Owner*.
lis tits (bat brought on tho strike of common laburere a<
ltd tberdeen mill* I'p to two Wombs ago thry aere
lay and It nreda no tnmniriil 19 pcove that thry found II j
Itnalr for rtsstence on that tetttrv wa«e Many of thr
pportlag. «r trying hard to support. families of (our. five
1* cotnnmn people read thi newapai-ent *» etfj no* and
1 thr prrdictots* of (writer ilium made by thetr own ra>
ij read of how thr Panama < anal wotiM immensely profit
al ihrsr Itnsbrr bitou
roamwii "«U>»ri» atrugg'rtl hard to make rnd* meet and,
lor thooa. Utter I truer aad hoped Km rvrn thr patience
laborer, atruggilu* on lit* and Hi a wewk. may somnific
And It tan «ilun««r4 whrn ilhw aantr (umber l«arnn«
laned a of I# prr rrtu <x> thrli already too Inauf.
. cutiia« thrm from 9: a day to tI.M
m «>• thru uu Tlvrr- wrrr no hla ma*a mrrilnK*. tbrrr
7 nralionl thrr- www no rtocona acrn«a «h«
1 of the walkout aerrnrd to carry on ihr wing* of ihr air
ut (rw data thr laborer* ia one mill after another walked
I wa* n Hoqi.taan and then In Aberdeen fVir two w«>k»
* conducted la a reacefni. nrdnlj manner.
ter* ortcanUed, of nmrte. held meeting*, paraded, eatalt
p" bou*. for the hunary «r|. and remained firm In their
'a H*lag waae." A maa* meeting held la Klretrlc park
►•* the two citle* one Hu«da» afteraoon. drew a crowd of
he atrtker* were winnlna llh- aympathy of ihr people
I owner* adored rleaperair measure* Palae atorlea began
led of violence, lawleaanean and riot* Some ahoollnir In'
1 reponed
■ghout the strike the working men never had any arm*,
id any one, never used force, never indulged in violence.
i« Aberdeen *ai done by an ovenealous apecul police
man shot wa* a atrtker. In Hoquiam not a atngle gunehot
until ia*t Monday and then tt was that the special police,
itside cities, brutally and without authority of law. under
the strikers into boa cars, by slugging them with clubs,
and kicking them, in an unlawful attempt to ahip them
they care If they eeparated husband* from wives, fathere
ecial policemen were summoned by a socalled citiiene'
rgsmced laet Friday and Saturday. The committee In
'eading spirits men Intimately aaaoctated with the interests
•ners. Through this committee, the mill owners called In
tputica from here, there and everywhere that they could
mg to do the work
militia waa called for to quell rlota thai never exi»!ed to
1 bat neter waa attempted. There *pe<ial deputies mere,
of the regular |x>Ure force of any cltle* In Washington
sal. rtea promised had their lure tor them.
night the special deputiea were beginning to pour in and
>e on things were beginning to take an entirely new turn
e on lawiessnese was in evidence, violence was indulged
clubbed and lives became endangered. ®Uk it was not the ■
were guilty of these It waa. rather, the tactics adopted
iwners' committee Over the protaet of Mayor Ferguson.
gave the special deputiee full swing. The mayor waa
ir the city's police department, being outvoted by the two
Stoners in Hoquiam.
olght Dr. Hermon V. Tilua. representee the Hhinale
fin. and three others, repreaentltia the striker*, were »<•
Wow of Hoquiam by Police Chief Quian r»n trumped-up j
tl were band. »ffed In couples and drl»en In automobile*
V the county seat. The ' beiiff waa told a wild-eyed *tory
m, and that Ibe men were brought to him for safekeeping,
is feared ihr cltliens" woald lynch them.
lerlff Payede learned the true sit nation, In- Immediately
*k a veritable reign of terror haa boen kept op by the
les Kvrn those who are not striker*, wlien mistaken for
laiuter of their lilieriy. And In Jail the vllesl sort of treat ,
4 oni to the prisoners A dotteti men, when released from .
wa the effect* of brutal lieaUnK
bers active In the atrlke.' wrlttn H. <*. Krlt*. a member of
nrr.il .. h;.\ ■„ keep In hltjmg Uic not bee., im we ;if
»t. but w« dtm t want to be knocked down, clubbed and
h»!l« have lieen nailed up, and any sort of meeting by com
1 tyr bidfl» n
trail- the methods being employed here to subdue the
latlmldate their lympa'hlzera," wrltea Mr. Frltt, 'i will
*lng rase*
ainsoii, a pr<>inittent rnert built of this i lly. *a i brutall)
'akitn from his pl.u 1 of bualneas and thrown Into jail, and
It agaitint the offlciala of the city.
rrie Walker, a woman barber. In pasnlne the guards at
pa*h»d a joking remark to one of Ihe 'special' guards, and
unceremoniously thrown Into jail and kept there for 12
t food and finally released on *1,00 hall on the absurd
'ini- a Hot.
'be "SS'oer of between «0 and 70 (Including Innocent by
T* arrested Monday, and most of them were beaten and 1
■we Up Regrade
*®'l Kllbourne a*, re
>» Ballard will not b«
ibf matter ha*
' or e»r» Coun
■k* "5?". "• ami ' tlnK of th«
■ ' * €W « r » conniltte«,
VOL. 14. NO. 3a
Twi PliotyrxphSnw Victory » Hex'\co
Homer A. Scott, wh# took this photograph. waa lying behind the trench with the Mesican revolution.
>*t* In tho "Battle of the Cottonwood*.' n«r Jiminei. on March 2#. Thla photograph was taken at the
height of tho firing. A group of revelutioniats carrying a wounded companion to taltljr, riaking their
necks to do tt. Tho fedsrai* w ere rout ad after right hour*' Ha. <1 fi,htmg
moved to Indefinitely postpone It. I
The motion paaacd unanimously,
and about *>00 'Mallard (Itixeli* ap
plauded the action In the council
lobby. The property owner* In the
dlMtrk't affected hRt b«#n protect
itiß again*! the regrade be« auae of
tb>' vnortuouM coat.
The Seattle Star
Monday—Elks' day
J Tuaaday — Morchanta' and
Manufacturer*' day.
Wodneeday — "Alaskan" pa
rade and arrival of tho king.
Thursday—Fraternal day.
Friday—Army and Navy day.
Saturday—Automobile decor
ativa parade and carnival night.
» That will W ibr program of I'M
laieh aerk. It will br nUrtrd off
' !>> lh» Kill, tin the antteied on<-a
are hrrdinir up a maae of •»« stunts
that will Irliilit tire thousands Who
wtli attend ihr city's annual celr
hratlon beginning on July 15 Ibla
• far and rndlK on Ike night of July
H'rdiirMlit. July IT. will br blue
bloodrd" day. wben lb* kink" and
hla royal court. Including* 'dook*."
dgokMa' and My "dook*" will
arrivr In t©«n nix) will bwi the
i|ittrn mnl bei court
Thr roval party will take par* In
ithr lilt; Alaakan paradr, in which
eotirdough* of th< old Klondike 4a> *
and lalrr daj Alaakan* will partic
ipate. Floats of all aorta will murk
ihr proKiwaa of the gold country
alocr Ha pioneer «aya
I (>n »>lday Ihr army and navy
I kit* will march through Ihr prln
■ Ipal at reels. Thr I'ot latch con
■j millrr la working hard no net aet
' «'ral liaitlesblps a<*nt lirri- e*|>e>elal
ly for Putlaich week.
j Tk» grand wind up will come
<iatuiil*> night. *bieb will be con
| verted Into rral carnival merrv
I making. whrn masks, horn* and
control will br in ordrr. Oaring
Ihr aftrrnoon thr floral dKor»llT»
I automobile parade will takr place
A iptcal feature of Pottatch
week will bo tho dally aoropiano
flight* by Capt. James T. Martin
and Miaa Lily Irvine. Other feat
ure* are being negotiated for.
|Sr. 1 Sited I'rtaa i,i*i»* Wlrrl
PALI<B CITY, Nth. April s—"l
am Just brginnlng to fight," declar
ed Senator Robert M I■» Kollettr.
candidate for the republican nomi
nation for president, In an addreas
liefore bundled* of people at I'latts
mouth. where be ojieiietl his cam
palgn tour of Nebraska today.
"1 etpect 10 carry lotb Nebraska
and California." continued the st-na
tor. and I extant to go to the na
tional convention In Chicago second
in the number of delegates "
a *
A Pair tonight with light *
* frost; Saturday, fair and *
a warmer; light westerly winds; a
a temperature at noon, 45.» a
ft •
Mr*. BlaoK—To tninH or oe ror
mali lH'lle of Dahktown comln' down
to witahln' clo'h.
Mr. Iliac k Yon can't complain.
I loan' a bell "ring" wtwn »he am
tolled "I
Kca«l: •
Remember the ili»«i>ltt!ti>n—which mean* tliaiHciitl>erinciil
—«»i old Jikhn I). KtH'kcfelk'r'* St#wdanl C>if coni|uitty?
Sure vou tin!
Now, catch thig: Since the aupreme court ordered Stand
ard Oil aegregated the Standartfg price of crude oil haa ad
vanced from 20 to 25 centa per barral and the price of refined
oil has ;umped up about 12 a barrel
And lhia:
Since JANUARY I the various companies in John D.'s
collection of corporations have distributed no less than $10.-
316.826 in dividend*. In addition • 2.900 per cent stock
I dividend waa declared by the Standard Oil of Indiana, amount
ing to $29,000,000.
\\ alt ill, look* for the combined 191.' distribution* of the
j "diamembertd trust cofporatKlrtSi to be considerably more
I than MO/KKMJOO. ihe sum which the old Standard split
tip among ii% stockholder* last year.
And THAT'S the way these pooi old truala are hobbling
along under Brother Bill Taft'a scheme to bust 'em.
One Third of
I Hazzard Fast
b Now Over
treomi«n!ed by two guard*, <)r
Linda liaasard. the fast speeiallat.
' took a three-mile walk this morn
, lug. At MM>a today she completed
the first third of her 30-dav faal.
"I am anxious esjiretallv from
| now on to have as many people as
possible keep watch over me," aald.
Dr. Ifattard I am now entering
the period nf my fast. when, accord
ing to some physiclana, I should be
fas* ebblug away and begin tn set
death staring at me You can see
that I am In excellent spirit, al
-1 though I have lo*t considerable
I)r Haraard again Invited anyone
'at ail to art a* her body guard
either singly, or In groups, regular
ly or at intervals
Her watchers this morning weie
Mrs J. A FYird 700* IMh av. N. W,.
and Mrs M K Ihinhar. 211 lkih N
' This aftermain she gave her third
lecture of the week at the Theoao-j
j pbical hall.
Yesterday afternoon Or llazzard
rode 20 miles in the company of
Mrs vi li Kvan*.
Anna Keoitgh was yesterday
a*Brded a verdict of $2,597 In her
damage suit nsyiinsi the Seattle
Klectrk- Co Hhe fell off a Jamea
street <ar. when It stopped sud
denly and *ustalned a broken wrist
among other minor injuries.
T. R. Delayed by Wreck
CUMBERLAND. Md„ April 5.—
Col. Theo lloose*elt'a special train
was dela>ed here two Bours today
by a freight wreck. More than MX)
person* greeted Roosevelt al
Keyser. W. Ya . and a similar num
ber heard him here.
All political eyea aie fixed on the
King County Republican Central
toiiimittec. which meets tomorrow
t«> determine the method of choos
ing delegates the state conven
tion, meeting at Aberdeen on May
ir "
Will It be primaries or R hand
picked delegation? That la tha all
absorbing question now.
In I'lerce, Spokane, Clallam. Che
halls. Whatcom, Bnohomlah and
other counties the primary method
has been decided on Will King
county refuse to fall In line?
It Is a known fact that the Taft"
people are anxious to have the
delegation hand" pick**!, for they
control a majority In the King coun
ty executive committee. If the
committee does the Job there will
'It a no comic opera revolution In Mexlc*, aa this grim picture showa. The photographer with the rebel
troftpa anapped thia wagon load of dead federal soldier* as they were being carted to a trench for burial.
Fifteen wagon leada ilk* thia were dumped in one trench.
Of Waited Vreee t»oaa*t Wt~:
CAIRO, IN., April s.—William
|Ly»»h, hla wife and three children
were drowned in a flood near Birds
PeHtt, Mo., today, according to re
port* eaceivad hero. The farm
hotMe in which they lived waa awr
rounded by water and the family
mat death in an effort to reach
higher ground.
J. S. Carey and Henry laktr,
farmer*, also are reported drowned.
CAIRO. 111.. April 5, —(treat ap
prehension and eaillrmeut pre
vailed here for a tin* tmliv, tbn
rapid rier of water mi Tenth street
trading to a report that the Ml*.
»laaippl lever had given way. Af
| ter preparation had been lompletrd
10 combat a serious flood, officials
discovered that the water ruahlng
Into the city waa the overflow from
the dlsetMirge race of a drain pump.
Cars Tied Up
Fauntloroy and Alkl cars, as well
as the Tacttma Interurhan line,
arte lied up for a whole hour dur
Ing thr rush prrlod last night, and
a ntimlier of lutertiibsn passenger h
•etc eonsldera' ly shaken up, as the
result of a near accident on the
R.os Interurhan train at Klr*t av. M
and Spokane at.
A "spilt switch" Is believed to
have been the cause of the trouble.
Which sent the forward car straight
aOuth, but which turned Ihe rear
ear ifi tl ■■ * est '-anning it to smash
latO a telegraph pole
Hurt by Motorcycle
George Lainbert, laborer, was
slightly Injured when a motorcycle,
driven by J. M Sherman, an em
plo>e of the city light department,
r*n htm down last night.
b» » solid delegation of 121 to the
state convention from this county,
when, If left to primaries. Taft
would probably be left at the post
a la Dakota style.
The Taft managers know that
they will not break even In the lest
lof the stale, and their only hope Is
in ateal the King county delegation.
So do not be surprised If the ex
ecutive committee picks the dele
Kates. But the progressives still
have nun last appeal, and that Is to
the precinct committeemen. These
can be cnlled together by the chair
man of the county committee, who,
fortunately Is a progressive him
self, Thomas F. Murphlne. The
precinct, committeemen are u body
of over 100. and they may prove to
have a progressive majority.
1 111 CHURCH
"You are a pretty hard man to
meet," laughingly declared Rev. B
F. Miller, 7S, greeting Rev. Joseph
L. Garvin in the latter'* study in
the First Christian church at 10:30
, thia morning.
With that, be took a sent, and the
1 next moment he fell back In a
1 falat Ikr. Uarvln, alarmed • ailed
'up Ihe city hospital, ami when I>r
KlMinr arrived the aged pastor wa*
dead lie died of bnart failure
iKev Miller came to Heat tie about
la year* ago. lie held a pastorate
at Kedro Woolley. but retired from
| active service alnce couilng here.
He aa? connected, however, with
the Preabytritan church, of which
il>r Major la pa>tor. In an active
i Thl* morning he left his home.
1 litis Thomaa at. In apparently
good health. Ilr had an engage
ment to are |)r tiatvln between Hi
and IX . He had hardly finished
greeting Hev Car tin * hen be «aa
, stricken.
He leate* no children here.
Hot Cross Bun*! Hot-Cross
On*-a-p«nny, two* penny, buy
them for your ton*.
If you haven't any sons, buy
them for your daughters.
if you haven't any of the**.
Merry Elves,
Why buy them for yourstlve*.
Thl# Is (Sood I'M day and "hot
cross bun" dajf.
While eating our hot-cross buns,
how verv tew of us stop to think
where and when tliey originated
The very first ever heard of were
away back in the tltue altnoet lie
fore history, when they were of
fered to Astarte. Goddess of out
door Hie. In the shape of little waf
ers on which were the impression
of the horns of the sscred 11*.
When the .lews left Kgypt tbry
continued to carry vut the Idea In
the paasover cakes, but without
marks of kind The Greeks
and Itomsns also used them, mark
ed with a cross to divide them info
four parts, to sacrifice to Diana,
the ancient goddess of the hunter*.
They were first Introduced Into
Knglaud when under the Roman
Finds Her Muff
Mis- Allele Klelde, newly a|»
point til member of the laiaid of li
brary commissioner*, lost an Alaa
kun muff In the library a year ago.
At the board meeting yesterday It
waa announced that a muff whtfh
had not been clHimed would lie sold
aa city property. Recalling the
loss of her muff, she asked to see
It. It waa the one she had lost.
She offered to buy It back in case
It bad been turned over to the
city, but It wa- given back u> her
Tomorrow In the day!
Take a ltr|« basket of groceries
or a bundle of gold coin*. walk up
1(1 No tl Ir> Ninth nv., take a
at a modest little cottage around
which there seems to be a lot of
activity and hesltutn there Tomor
row la "Donation day" for the l>ay
Nursery. The main feature Is the
effort of a committee of repre
sentative aodety women to obtain
fund* and donation* toward the
maintenance of this Institution.
There will be a receiving line of
the ladle* who have given much
time toward the success of the In-
Htltutlon, composed of:
Divorced Wife of Accused Officer in Naval Court Martial Con
tinues Her Story on Stand—Says She Came West to De
fend Her Name and That of Her Children.
BREMERTON, April s.—At noon
today Mr*. Mcßeynolda had not (is
'shed testifying in crom-examination
by the prosecution. More preaene*
at tbe court-martial and h«r sensa
tional testimony today attraetod a
great crowd of the curiowa. It i* *s
pected that the trial will be ended
and a decision reached within the
nest two or three daya.
BREMERTON. April "I came
here to testify of my own free
will bee suae I am innocent, and be
cause I want to clear my name for
the sake of my boys."
When the court martial trial of,
IJeul. K C. Jonea waa resumed
thl* morning, three word* still
seemed to ring through the <Wrt
room. They were spoken v ester
da} afternoon by Mr* Margaret
Meßeyriolds, divorced wife of laetit.
C. S Mrßei iwiklr. the complainant.
She s|sike feoliugly and convinc
ingly. frequently she waa com
pelled to stniggle against tears, as
she told of the quarrels a lib her
husliand that led to their sepai-a
Hon and to their agreement for a
<By Oaltsd Press UsstJ Wire)
KL PASO, Texas. April r.—Pear-
Ins refusal would mean Inter* en
Hon by the I'nited Slate*. (i< 11 I'as
cual Oroaco. commander-in-chlcr of
fhe revolutionary force*, itunplled
with the demand of the state de
partment for the release of Powell
Holterts. an Kl Paao cltlren. and he
returned to hla 'home here today.
Roberts saa arrested on charges
made by .lenarlo ("enlcero*. w ho 11a
aerted that Robert* stole |">(W while
searching his house for arms
CHICAOO. April 5. —Testimony
In the trial of Mrs. Ixiulac Vermilya.
alleged wholesale poisoner, who 1*
being tried here on a specific
charge of murdering Richard Smith,
was concluded today. Arguments
in the case began at noon.
Don't pay your good money for the circu
lation claim* of any newspaper, unlets those
same claims can be "metered" into proven
facts. Every automobile salesman claims his
car is the best, but watch them climb the hills.
Every newspaper salesman claims his circula
tion is the largest, but ask him to prove it.
The burden of proof in such a case should be
on the newspaper making, or allowing its
representative to make, such a claim. The
Star's Circulation is accurately "metered."
The Star welcomes the opportunity to prove
to any merchant or reputable committee in
Seattle that its actual paid circulation is
In Excess of 40,000 Daily -
And The Star welcomes the opportunity
to tell you just where this circulation goes—
how much in the city and how much in the
surrounding towns.
It's Funny
How They Chooae a Pre»ident
Under the Old Sy»tem
See Page 4.
Rebel Leader Who Whip
ped Madero'a War Min
iater, Who Later Com
mitted Suicide.
Gen. tiiuir, who led the attach
on the federal forces which caused
Gen. ftalaa, Mexican minuter of
war, to commit suicide.
"I refused to sign a renewal of
1 a unt« for l.'.'Hl, and tlwt made Mr.
Mtßfjiwldi w> angry that It *a«
Impoacihltt to live any longer with
Mk. »fc«' uld
Many Quarrel*.
Mm Mcfteiuoida emphatically
asserted thai the -1 with
bei huatMiud turlod Mor« they
, ever auDr to HmivrUM, ud thai
'lJeut .Itmen was in no viae con
tiecud w Itli the final break. When
she lef< her husband. ahe said »he
1 was dm* b) lJeut Jone? at Sewnle,
and h«- • scortod liur 10 !h* Stewart
He asked for two rooms,
abe said hat (hat tie was able to
get only one. He told her that b»
. registered a* "C B. liavis and wife"
in order to give her the protection
t. she wan entitled to. but that hd
| went down town for the night.
They Are Engaged.
"He n« rer entered my room eje
eepting for a few moment* In th<*
day time." .»h« said. "I would se«
ihtai only at breakfast In the morn
ing and at dinner." Mr* Mcßey
nold* said that her husband did nut
civ® her enough money to no East
P» ndlng the dlvorre suit, and that
Lieut. Jones scried to escort her to
Baltimore If she would promise to
marry him.
On cross examination. Mrs. Mc-
Reynolds was asked if her engage
ment to Lieut. Jones was planned
before the divorce.
"We are now engaged." sha
flashed back.
In proof of her testimony 'hat
the domestic trouble in the Mcßey
nolds household had been brewing
before IJent. Jones appeared as
her friend, a letter to Mrs MoHev
uolds from her husband was Intro
duce. reading "I cannot go into
court this ; ear as I have to srranee
my finances first. If wp cannot
cora< to hii agreement, the court
I will decide about the children"
Mrs Me Reynolds said she was
not subpoenaed, but that when sh«
was Informed of the natue of tbe
charges against Lieut. Jones, in
' volviug her own honor, she MM
to the continent and give her
"I felt thnt to di otherwise w< ul<t
he an Injustice to mv children. - *
she said.
Her crosst-evariination continued
. during the morning.

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