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SOME proplf *p*nd all tbcir lives Just wondering
will happen next. —
Next Wednesday morn In* a
number of butrhera and grocer*
will appear before the public safety
committee of the council and iiir>
In the "Bon Marche" Men's Store
Men s $20, $22.50 and $25.00
Suits, the Famous "Holtz"
Rochester and "Griffon"
Brands, Repriced (or Friday at-
Fir »<■'*» takm all our lino* of |10. I:; SO and
t:" aultn In Hn»*a wh*ro t'-.o <ltr« mix al all broken
at»l roprtood thorn for Fridat at 11 *> -only 1 or 1
aulta of a klml hut lota of klnda. and thoy art tho
fantoua "Holla" RoolM»»t»r me le clothao and tho no
lo.«» famoua \lrlfton ' ILallluiorr aulta-non* hotter
at tho prlro that wo know of In Iha muvt'i boat
rolora and fabric*—aulta that you will bo proud l >
All «la«« fn»M XM Im 4M Mutrnhtrt la Ik# !•!.
Another Big Bargain Day '
Af Seattle's Great Pure Food Store
Not o*«r S bur* in
a csiionxr No
phono ordcra.
$1 An Acre Down
$1 An Acre a Month
Buy a Fine Tract of Potato
and Fruit Land at
Rest potato land in the state.
Ritfht near I'uget Sound.
Quick transportation to and from Seattle (fare 25 cents).
This is the opportunity of a lifetime. You've wanted land. Here's your
A little farm at Silverdale will make you independent.
The opening of the Panama canal will double and treble the value of
every acre. 4
Silverdale ii a well-settled community—it has churches, schools, storei
and fine water.
But you must act quickly—these tracts are going rapidly at these aston
ishingly easy terms.
Many are anxious to buy without even seeing the tracts.
But I insist on showing the land to everyone unless they wish to take
the recommendation of others who have bought.
For plats and complete description call at my officc.
ST' A. B. Newell
AgCnt # 120 Snrin S St. f C,ewp
I the paaoage of l>r f'rlchton'a meaa-,
ure Thla proponed ordinance
makiD 0 It a misdemeanor punlah j
utile by fine and lmprlaonmvnt for;
tiny merchant to offer for »ale any
fooil product*, fteh. meat, fruit, etc
not protected from outalde dual or
A 35c No. 9 Sack ol Paltry Hour lor 29c
B«l Marihf brand of uartry flour, no(oi) for Ha ra
colionl baklni quautir*. fur -K Friday ItiiHid of IN*
uiuat Ik
k »«•. ii... 1 Q1 r
w« tufit «trlp« I- jntl I Oil#
Parr «•«■«» \S A |t*krr • fur* f •• fr,
around * <■ vatu** OC *•
PIUUy, a poti l iV O
KlaiM-rr«l ««lnmit * 4rrfu!!< ««•!*. plr «■« 4 .
rorr#« th »»♦•' f'» I . •» !01
Noa ( rtUa IVa »il« i- put* and lruffr«nt arlt»
did eti|»*inir <iaa!lil«a. a 4< <■ vafoa, QQ r
Krl-lny, a pound . J"i#
► i.urU l l-f
white In ahopa or on delivery
County wag* seal*, which »ai
cut down In aome remxx'ta laat
month, *11 raUed to Ita former
atandard yeaterday.
A No. 5 Pail
ol Pare UN
A 7Or *»lu»-
will nmk* "lolle
tvu* i>«»tr).
Msrs ara CHirln Murphy, boss of Hall, and Smith, its
secretary, sagar to follow ths 0 O. P. aaampls and Hum roll tha
dtmocrallc progressives al Baltimort Murphy la at tha right.
I News of the Day Condensed for Busy People J
Hubeertbers to T»i« HeaUle Star
will a favor by notifying
(hi* of fit* al «ii« of an* tall
ore t« n< ur> prompt ana reg
ular delivery of the neper. »r
any attempt IO substitute an*
other i»|»r for The h»IH«
(•tar It la the ilealre of tha
maiia|feti«nl l«i m» ur» Ihe M»l
aervlre for all. an.l romplalsl"
are glv»8 courteous antl promt>l
attention If your papei fall'
t» arrive an* t>l*bl by *
o'rlm k klnaiv pbona thle wfftri*
el ■>«'• Main »«ee Aeb for
tha Circulation Impart men I
At annual meeting and dinner of
bar aasoclatlon. held al CuoMuat
rial club last night, apraker* spokr
for and aaa'na' the retail of
Judges and Judicial decisions
"I'm a self-made man," said
tha ptoud individual.
"Well, you are all r.ght. aa
cept as to your head," com
merited the listener,
"How's that***
"The part you talh with la
too big for the part you think
"College Club" will occupy its
sue Inn Mi nc near Fifth and t*ni
retail*, on July "College Cl<i!i
la aa aggregation ot foetner fotl»i«
With gold bullion to the
value of |in«M a consign
ment of valuable furs sad
■ log passeugera. the sl> a«M»»
Umatilla arrived In Seattle
t yesterday froat Nome and Rt
1 Michael A baby girl «aa
1 born to Mrs M W I.yurlt.
1 wife of a prominent mining
1 man la the Idllarod, while tke
r vessel was us lia way bar*.
Metropolitan Building company s
new structure, on fifth aad tfal
rerslty. Is rwarln* com pi et ton aatl
will be ready for ua«» aoiae IKb-
In July. It la being made an that
one large room ma> be u»ed as a
dance ball.
Because ha was removed aa fare
man of outside construction of elt>
electric light department. C K Oil
mur yesterday fllerl suit agalnet
the city, askinic that It bo enjoin™!
from removing him
"I wouldn't try to ba a tool."
• ■claimed the angry party of
tha argument.
"Huh! You dont hava to
A man held up Mrs. J. E. Steal
and. 1117 21th a*. S. laat night,
struck her. seized her purse and
ran away. Mrs. Htceland was un
able to give a inscription of him
There waa Ik 9i In the purse.
An effort to have the next
convention of the Intematlon 1
al Alliance of Employe*
In Seattle will Im> made by
Charlea Crlckmore and W W
I.niM, who toft Seattle ye*t«r
day to attend th« convention
In Peoria, 111.
The school board opened bid* for
the erection of srhool buildings at
Alkl Bud Kurt Ijtwton They
ranged from $f>l.ooo to $85,000. The
contract will be awarded later.
Harry J. Smith, chauffeur of the
car that struck Mm. Beeves, fatally
Injuring her. was yeaterday ar
ralgned before Judge lUmald and
wua given three daya in which to
plead. He la charged with man
Alaska coal claim holder* at a
meeting last night appointed a com
mittee of three to draft protects
against the passage of the Hmoot
Mil, which elates to the leasing of
coal landa In Alaska. Their objec
tion la to that portion which says
that no lease shall be made without
the consent of Ihe secretaries of the
When Peggy goes walking,
Aa fresh as a rose,
Her petticoats tell me
The way t bewlndbol 4Ll.t>tnoln
The way the wind blow*.
Skirts flying, eyes shining,
She flushed, she glows.
And her slim ankles show me
The way (he wind blows,
—London Opinion.
Rev. Q. R. Cairns, pastor of Tsm
pie ltaptlst church, and wife cele
brated their 25th anniversary yes
terday, at Ihe home of Rev. Cairns'
i mother.
Movamant la on foot to hava the
county treasurer's office moted 10
Prrfonulne building. Itankei* and
real eatate dealers have already pe
tliloned county commissioners
Salesman — Noun, h a ra,
madam, la a place of goods that
•peaks for Itself. I—
Customer — Then euppoee
you keep quiet for a moment
and give It a chance.
"Jtch and Jill' want Into a
Meat lie store today lo get
weighed Jack stepped on tha
acsle with his overcoat on hla
ahouldera. the pockets of
which wer« full of booka, ate.
Maid Jill
"Hey, Jack, you betbs rtake
your coat off if youre going
to gel weighed."
"Oh. sure" answered Jaeli
Mo he step|>ed off the aeale,
took bis «*' off. pul it on hla
arm and stepped back on Ihe
•urate sad wonder* d how It
waa that be gained so much In
a few days.
Irstillation of the officers of tha
Nstlv Itattahiers of Waahlngtoa
will tske place inmorm* ni(ct>t at
Faitrot'a ball, 16th and I'ikr All
native aooa and daughters at< fa
Or. L. H. Early, the Phila
delphia millionaire who died
from cancer, had offered 11,-
OOCOOO far a cure.
J. L. McPheraon, aecretary Alas
ka bureau. Chamber of Commerce,
ha* left for aa extended Northern
1 rip
Although no flracrackera will be
allowed. Havenna district la lajlng
plans for her biggest fourth of
July celebration
United States army transport
Sheridan la reported 30 milea from
Nome The transport was In Her
lug aea Ire floes for some time, and
fear waa felt for her.
Special demonstration will be
held al Fifth and H'uhlnition to
night by Cor pa No. J. Salvation
Presidents Young and Gray of
Mill Ilnea went to Victoria today on
an Inspection tour.
Catholic Social Betterment league
had a meeting and elected officers
last night
A plan to reform tha state rave
nue system will be discussed In tha
Chamber of Commerce rooms KVl
tlay evening, at * o'clock
Chinese steerage passenger rates
from cobs! points will be raised
August 1, |3 SO.
When first the dandelions nnit
Anil settled on my
I welcomed them with great ao
Kor then I wasn't "on "
I thought thetn very pretty flower*
(Anil that, of Qourae, la true.
I used to look at them for honra
When they were far and few.
lint when they came to go to seed
I learned this fan —alaa—
The dandelion la a weed
Which raises Ned with grass,
And when I'd dug three thousand
With lonic and bitter toll.
Three time* thnt lot began to
Within the turfy aoll.
No matter how 1 fought, tliey Rained
With energy serene,
T ntll at Inst m.v lawn remained
Without one hit of green;
The dandelions grew apace
And forced Ihe grass to yield,
And when they went to see. the
Looked like a cotton field.
Hut I have made a deep laid plot
Tty which to get ahead.
Next year I'll make my little lot
111 fight the (111 ASH heyond a
It will come marching on,
And choke (he dandelions out-
Anil 1 shall have a lawn!
Clearing of Women's Tailored Soil}
Results in Unusual Value-Giving at ftt.7s, $12.fi0, VI 918,50, man
The style* rang* from the simply fashioned, simply-trimmed Dress for outing *0,
to those trimmed in Irish crochet, Macrame, Cluny and Valenciennes laces and hand-®,
broidery, and suitable for the informal afternoon and evening affair.
The sizes run from 34 to 44 bust measurement; also Misses' sizes, 10 and 18
Women's Silk Hosiery
Special $1.00 Pair
WOMEN'S "Wonderfoot" Silk Hosiery,
medium weight, with lisle-lined *ole
i and deep double top. Colors inclndc pink,
sky-blue, lavender, pongee, gray and navy.
Specially priced because mzc* are
broken, at Vi.oo pair.
Lisle, Silk-lisle and Cotton Hosiery in
broken size*, priced except ionaliy low for
clearance at, the pair, 25c. _ rir „ Floor
Wash Belts in New EffecM
Wash Belts, in plain and hand-embroidered designs, with pearl bucklcs. Sim 22*
28 inches, special each. • -nmnal
This Open-Stock Dinner Set
50 Pttcet—A Complete Struct
for Six PertonM
rp HE pattern is as illustrated, on fine grade
American semi-porcelain—all selected pieces
with fine glaze finish; the design is a dainty con
ventional border delicately treated with red and
green. The Set consists of si* each, Tea Cups,
Saucers, Dinner I'lates, Tea Plates, Couj>e Soup
Plates, Sauce Dishes and Individual Butters.
One Small Platter, One Medium Platter, Two Open Vegetable Difhes, One C
Vegetable Dish, One Sauce Boat, One Pickle Dish.
—an excellent value, for the set of 50 pieces, at _ckissv.m v*
Furniture for the Summer Cairn
Moderately Priced I
Fly-Proof Meat Safe, $1.25
Fly-proof Meat Safe, fitted with two shelves ami covered
with galvanized wire screen on front and sides—will not rust.
Price $1.25.
Canvas Lawn Chair, $1.00
Strongly-built Lawn Chair, with frame of light maple and
back of one piece of striped canvas; adjustable to several
angles and to a reclining position. Price $1.00.
MANY a fellow borrows trouble because it* v.
only thing Ins cr««Jit is for *
At $19.00
T HE unusual advantages offered to
■ during our mid-season Ready-to-wear CW
ance are strongly examplcd in this selling at |||j|
'I hi- group a choice <,f many of the mo«
Spring and Summer styles, in Serges, Worsteds,
Whipcords, Novelty Suitings and Taffeta Silk
All arc from our finer lines, and reduced only
deplete! M/r-a-*ortmenls do not afford the range a
customary at the regular prices.
Every si/e, however, from 34 to 51 bust
is to he found in this group at 91fMK>.
A Special Purchase of
Lingerie and Shirtwaist Drm*
Upholstered Camp Cot, $3.25
Trice $3.25. • "J
_ from
Other styles of Camp Cols at prices ranging
to $3.75. .
Women's Kid Glorei
Special 85c Pm
fTI HE month end clearance of brokm fa
in V\ < men's Gloves, including KM,
Suede, Mocha, Washable Doeskin and
All are grouped under one speoal pxt
for quick selling 85< pair.
Exceptinnal values in French Kid Glottk
12-button length, cut full in arms, vkk
clasps at wrist S|>ecial f1.65 pair.
THE season's meat popular <tjlrt w
featured in the showing of Wvk
tyelts, which inclndes plain, stitched ■
embrriidered effects, in Linen, Madras a
Both Mraight and shaped styks M
represented, fastening with pearl
and prices range from 25c, 50c and 6k
to $1.50 .
Frame is of well-**'
fir. with woven fabric
padded with * hltt u
and covered with g<**'
striped ticking. f
,„„ 5 are hold i> P»
small helical steel
Measures 30
and six feet long.

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