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"IV*!* your husband object to
your taking part In politic*?" asked
Mr* »>' io tnlii
Vert' ill* not." replied Mr«. ltar
log Hannei*
llien wlo'tea the fun In doing
so?'' O
YKNIt'K Hair S«pt Count
m TWM***'. the beautiful and
wtckrd "V»ao« of Venice." may
toon tx> from prison by a
w*»l pardoa She has served only
two years • M * r vicht »car
(or !kr murder of her lo\er, Count
Paul KarwarovNky
thk rot
A wealthy Russian duke, who
first saw her during the trial, be
came Infatuate! with her rare
b*aut>, like to many othera. and he
has since Ihed near the prison.
pavia( snd working for her par
dun His Influence Is reported to
t« responsible for the kiua'a con
tmplated action.
The duke has been spurred on by
kaowtedx. of the brutal treatment
ol t: •> eoutt'ess In her Isolated cell
Ikert ii oblv a small table, a stool
tad a wooden tou< b. or sleeping
Italia:; prison rules say that con
«to» Butt arise promptly at (
o'clock la the morning If they re
tasla on the couch a minute longer
they grs sever >iv punished So. no
matter how tired she Is of standing
to that lonenome relt or how hvr
bark aches from sitting on the
•oedea stool, whether sick or well.
Ite countwis cannot lie on th« wnod
es bed during the daytime.
Several limes was the eouutess
cagght rating on her cou'-h during
the day Ks<h lime her hands were
tied to the cell bars, while a whip
*as brought down again and again
spon the graceful form of the
writhing woman.
The prison punishment has brok
«a her proud spirit Utif |ut»«e«
much of h-r time praying and read
lug books Her appetite
for loort has deserted her That
■itb h«r mental suffering, is rapid
ly taking from her the !>«auty of
which she was once so vain.
WTiile the Countess Marl. Mr
*l»vaa Tar mwsky exists in this
ftttiig 4m; h, b*r fellow connpif*
tor*. Lull Prliukoff, tb. once
wealthy and respected Moscow law
y«r. and Dr Nikolas Naumoff. the
brilliant young Russian, are con
Coed in other cells, each egper
fcneing the same harsh treatment
ftlhikoff has eighi years yet to
mrve; Naum'-ff will be free next
Weigh* 300, but Not Too
, Fit to Rescue Woman
8W It— Miss Mary Mitchell of
JHw York City, guest of the »««
View hotel here, was rescued from
Jntwninit by ex-Klre Chief Louis H
™"' r flttt ahe had rone down the
AM time
Abater fully dressed. who weighs
MO pound*, rushed out of the
p«*tltou and dived Into the water
••thou: removlnr even hia shoes
"« wm'iitht the woman ashore with
P*at difficulty.
MEMPHIS. Temt , Btpt. |7,
BandlU held up the Memphis spe
«*l. on the Southern Hallway, near
Al * **rly today and
tb« registered mall pouches
pMsengrrs were not disturbed.
«• Mioont of the booty secured la
** let known
r.:, s« pt ; 1?
rail mlHUry honor*, funeral
were held her.- today over
jaetadw* 0 f the *|x naval
n»> , diowud when a
««*r from the United Stat.-*
™"h»« rtatlon at North Chicago
"aftoed during a squall.
. Clemmer movino-picture
•t 4 night m»% crowded to
«.reasonable to sup
,hit ,h « bulk of the folk* who
WrOBH* the v«udev.lle and mov-
SP'Ctuce thowi to kill time of an
•1,.: ,r * e 'lb«r chitdlex or el*<
children have grown up.
th« t*' do you » u PPoae made
ror« ! 8 I"' the c 'en"mer's pat
ron» l»*t night?
th « travel film*, though
•staruS r " oOd - " Wa "" lh "
hj „ **<"•». though their work
w «» «celii-nt
aUtiy micklng It* thumb.
theatre rocked with laugh
thHr* y * n t , thal ''aby sucked It*
tarUfo* ! 11 wa * n 1 'I' 1"
Jok. *5 '»ughter that follows a
lion n a humorous situa
« laaiL\ tb " fllll " r - r "'
"Bufi V """ haK " ; " h »
«am filing the the
1 ' I|J(1 ' oy * led to a ha*ty and
VOL 14. NO. 171.
* The count*** «»< the daughter of Count liurllt. descended *
* from an Irish O'Hourke Marie when youuK. waa forced Into a *
!♦ loveless marriage with Count TarnownWl Two children 'were *
* born to them. The life of the couutess waa filled with maternal *
* love for her children, and wild scandal* with lover* *
| * At a dinner one night *he threw her anna about a young a
I * Adonta who happened to be her lover theu. and pressed passion- *
A ate kl*»ea hi <>n hi* mouth, In the presence of her hu*l>and Tho *
* count promptly «ln>t the younii man and aecured a divorce a
* Then followed lo<e adventure* auch a» even th« blaxe Ktiro *
A pean* gaaped at. *
* At her dlvorve trial the countess captured the heart of her A
A lawyer I<uli Prllukoff He deaerted hla family, hi* honor*, and A
A hi* friends. even stealing money from hla client* to elope with A
* tho collate** *
* Tiring of him, the countess tried to drive him to aulclde A
* hv gtwng herself |o her own brothsrln taw Dr. Nikola* Naumoff. A
* a brilliant Hi-lan student of an old family, met her and waa a
* lost lie |t waa whom the countess chose u* her tool to slay a
* another lorer Count I'aul Kttmarovitky, who had insured hla a
* life for (IOO.uOO in her lavor a
'A The murder waa committed In 1!H)7. The counter Naum A
A off and I'rllukoff were arretted ahortly afterward* and all three *
* confessed #
By Florence Hazel Moore
"The Woman Who Did Not Care"
Foreword lam «riling this confession becgupe Mauri Moore ha*
asked rim to write It. I canuot In fairues* mlw Nor do I want to rw
i fu*- Fur it v'ai The Star who llkvncil Haifl Uuore lo Klfllni'i "Vani
plre " She. ' the woman who did not care." stripped Ortla llamlHon.
! we wild, "to hla foolish bid*." and sent him. by I- direction, lo hla prison
| cwll.
She put II up mme "My tide hna never l>een (old. Lei
me make the beat case I mm. I promise you that ! will not spar* my
And so I am telling the story of llasel Moor*, the notorious. It
shall be told chronologically, frow the day sbe was born It will
carry you ihiomh her childhood, her girlhood, lo womanb<iod It will
tell you of the lemplatlooa she met. the mistake* sbe made. It will,
I perhaps. help you lo understand why sbe made those mistakes
The tale will tall of a girl of 14. Impulsive and Ignorant of the
world, who waa released from a content at 10 o'clock in ibe morning
! and became a wife at noon'
It will tell of lb* plunge »be took into the nolle, unnatural life of
I 'he Great White Way. II will tell of the blrlta of her child, the death
|of her boy husband
And finally It will lell of the day she crossed the dead line betond
(which society s*>» good' women may 00l step. And there. looking
)*ck serosa the chasm sbe bsd crossed so easily, with a single step.
I but nhirb she could never recross, she met Ortla Hamilton, rich. ga>
1 xnd debonair, who had loved her goorUj in the days when she wss
j good " and who now Instated that she should go with him snd leave
' the life of shame
ilaiei Moore says sbe did not know Hamilton waa stealing the
state's money to win her smiles She denies tbal she is a "woman who
did not rare
The narrative will follow Hamilton to Walla Walla, and then pursue
>he woman along the downward road. It will tooch on the Vancouver
trip she made with an Rngltsh nobleman, the trip that brought her into
conflict with ibe federal aulhorttiea by whom she now stands accused
of trafficking In white slaves And there, when sbe baa reached her
crowning shame, ibe story ends.
Try. now, to visualise Hatel Moore as she Is today, atlll In her 20s.
|stlll voluptuously, dangerously beautiful—so beautiful that it la pos
olblc to understand Hamilton's Infatuation, which drove him to steal
| the state's uioney to win her smiles.
Her hair of burnished copper she wears coiled low and compactly
over a fr.rehead which la low. broad and whit#. Ilrows. which n>ed no
| pencil's aid, arch over slumbrous eyes which have In them an opaque
| quality curiously baffling It Is as though white-hot fires were burning
i behind translucent curtains.
Her llpa are full, her form supple, her step elastic Her voice la
' soft and musical.
She la the sort of model sn artist would clhmhm for a picture of
, 'the woman who did not care."
"Hut I do rare, she said to me. and In an unguarded moment the
fires burst through, the curtain of her eyes Of all the things the
newspapers and the public said about me. that la the thing thnt hurts
■ the most. If 1 sent, or bel[>ed lo send. 'Ortle' Hamilton to the penlteti
I tlary. lam more sorry than I can say I did not know h« was stealing
! money for me I thought be had money I loved him then, and I love
, him now. 1 shall always love him Give me credit for that. Had as 1
| have been, lam not all bad Olve me credit for one good emotion,"
If'on tinned Tomorrow.)
PRINCBTON. W Va, Rcpt 17
That a mistake was made In th«
choice of victim* In the lynching of
Walter Johnson. negro, foftnwlng
an attack made upon a 14-year old
white girl la the liellef of the an
tborltles here and Governor Glass
cock has ordered an Investigation.
In his letter ordering the inquiry,
the governor declared: "He who
lives by the sword dlea by the
a word "
John*on wa» taken from officer*
on a train, the mob having held up
the train The negro wa* hanged
from a telegraph pole until dead
and then hi* body wa* riddled with
bullet* Following a conciliation
between Prosecuting Attorney Pen
dleton. Judge Maynard Mayor Pen
nington and Hherflf Klllaon a state
ment wa* l**ued In which they de-
unwise marriage. And the young
widow, penitent, came home with a
baby in her arms.
Baby Best Actor of 'Em All.
The joy of the baby's grandfath
er was beautiful to see II was fine
acting. Hut the baby was not act
ing Probably It had he<<ii borrow
ed for the occasion, and wanted its
really and truly mot Her. It was an
uoyod by sUI the fuss.
no, while its moving picture
grandfather I* jouncing and kissing
It, It concluded to roar. Its face
puckers, Its eye* go shut It pull*
Its moving-picture grandfather's
And then It changes Its mind. It
Isn't going t'i roar, after all.
You know what I* happening.
The camera man Is dancing and
grimacing to attract baby - * atten
tion and inviting baby to "see the
little birdie' In the camera, just as
tho old fashioned photographer!
ut ' d 'o do when we were young, In
The Seattle Star
dared there *u plenty of frMfno
(hat Waller Johnson did not corn
nil l the crime for which he waa
lynched It I* ml<l the negro fell
far ahurt In dress and physical ap
liearance of the man described by
the little girl who wa* attacked
Ma>or Cotterlll'* advisory board
lonslstlng of city official* In all de
partment*, will meet for the fourth
tlrnc since hi* taking office at the
Commercial clnh rooma Thursday
night at 8:30. The program will he
chiefly taken care of by Judsnn T.
terming*, city librarian, and ('apt.
I» Thomaa Devle*. port warden,
who will discus* their work.
the days when they put Iron clamp*
behind your ear* to hold you *tlll.
The baby look* straight out of
the *cr»en at you. done are the
pucker*. Gone, all the storm signs.
And -pop! goes baby's thumb In
baby's mouth.
That * the big hit. That'i» tl»«
laugh getter. It wasn't rehearsed.
It wann't planned. Yet all the In
genuity and enterprise of the mov
ing picture people, all the *klll and
art I*l ry of their high salaried act
or*, could not produce anything
half *o fine.
And thl* la strange. I wonder If
the film maker* have taken the
trouble to study the psychology of
moving-picture patron*. I'll bet tho
people who laughed hardest at n
baby aucklng ll* thumb last night
were chlldle** people. I'll bet the
big. grizzled man who Hat next me,
who looked like an Alaskan, and
whose big body rumbled with laugh
te,r, either never had u child of hi*
BEVERLY. Mass.. Sept. 17.—Satisfied that Col. Rooeevelt will draw more heavily from
the democratic ranks than from the republicans. President Taft predicted here today that he
would be returned to the White House in November. The swing toward republicanism as ex-,
emplified by his administration, the president contends, has already started, and he expects it
to have increased sufficiently by November as to make his election over Col. Roosevelt and Gov.
Wilson certain.
<tl> I sHmI I'eeaa tnwl Wire)
1? —GrfttfJ all tkmi the rout* by
cheering crowd*. (]nr, Wt«<row
Wllaon, «>f .Nf* Jerwey, the «l«*ino
mile nominee for ptrtliteni, «n
given a roo*lng reception upon hi*
arrtial here today The crowd si
the station wan one of the larnet
to greet Wilson on hi* Middle WW
em ' «mp.itgn trip
Qo*. Wllaon taken to Mom
lng»ld<- college In an automobile,
where the student* had gathered
on the rampu* to greet blm Tblx
afternoon he conferred with demo
cratic leader* of lowa. South (>•
kola, Nebraska and Mlnne*ota ami
«poke at the Interstate livestock
fair here.
«Hr V Mtled 9*rr«a Vllr#l
I l/) 8 CJATOS. C*l. Bept. 17.
White her aimer. Mr* Hobt. Tib
bltta. wife of a millionaire Ban
Krsnclnco contractor. eutertslned
guests In the msgnlflcent country
home of the Tlblillt*. near here.
Ml** Zanonl Halford. sued IT. left
Ihe hon*e. and, going to a Iwrn.
ended her life. She knotted fine
j end of a rope about her neck, Hie
! other around a rafler and stepped
off a feed bin. She died of strangu
• Istlon.
The girl's faintly luid friend* to
•tay are at a lon* to sccount for the
j tragedy.
Burro an Auto Horn
PASAI>KN'A, Hept. IT -"Tommy
liynamlte," * Mount Wilton hlirrn.
ha* formed a habit which I* grad
tidily bringing him popularity and
ne»r fame It I* leading the auff>
mobile *t»ge from Martln'a Camp,
where he goei dally of hi* own ac
cord. to the top of the mountain
lie ha* traveled ahead of th" motor
vehicle every day for week*, an
nouncing Its coming with *ucli blu
taut bray* that the driver of the
Htiige ha* permitted hi* horn to real
Into Innocuous desuetude
own or else lost one
Why Is It that folks love babies
so? Because they're scarce. No
heed to stndy statistics. How Is It
with you? I/ook übout among your
married friends. How about the
married men lu your office?
Bcrtiit Tslls Some Secret*.
Consider this office as typical.
The spArtlng editor, one of a family
of eight children, I* childless. Ho
Is the editor, one of a family of
seven. Tho managing editor, one
of *even. has one. The city editor,
one of four, has none. 1 am one of
five, and I have one, And so It
goes There are more married men
In The Htar office thnn there are
children In the home* of Htar work
Three a Large Family.
It's the same everywhere, Three
are three children In the largest
family In my Immediate neighbor
hood. Three is u large family thmte
ONF PFNT iit»t*« ai*p
vl '» v-tn I a K wa •tamos m
Thli-fM and holdup men were out
In force last night. Those* suffer*
Ins from Ihelr activities were: Dr.
|A. J Stealmaa, 4529 Brooklyn a*.,
house entered and a har pin. with
i $175 diamond set In It, a cameo
, iiMklira, gold ring, gold foh. solid
gni<! esse will h and $4 ea*h were
|itt)lKfl. Mrs M B Morrll. five
• blocks up the same street, lost a
'(old chain necklace and a gold
brooch Mrs, Mary Itlslr, 14*4 2Hth
nv a solid gold ring, ruby ring and
:s diamond brooch K K Quest fell
'asleep in th* Whit# Mouse hotel
and was "touched" for bis wallet,
containing $113.
Two rooms In 'he Alaska Com
mercial hotel, 107 West Msln st.,
were entered and ransacked One
waa occupied by J. Edwards and A.
Clausen Bach of the men lost a
suit. Pete McArthur occupied the
other room Two of his trunks
were dragged across the hall, brok
en open and rifled. J. Johnson,
lairing hnt#l, 1410Vk fourth «* ,
had a suit and s suit case stolen
from his room 0 F Ixtud, learned
hotel, 2041 Westlnke av„ lost a suit
and three pairs of shoes. W. II
Mndsav, en route to Vancouver
from San Francisco, had a suit
esse full of clothing, stolen from
the Canadian Pacific dock
Anlone Kundell, 5643 39th av. 8
'W„ was held up at 11 o'clock last
night near his home snd relieved
of $25 John Struhe, 106H Pike
'st.. look a few drinks with a negro
In the McCoy saloon. First and
l'nlon, and then walked out with
: him. When they reached a quiet
'spot the negro knocked him down
,md took a watch and locket, valued
at $<0. from him Mia. Louise
debar, proprietor of the St. Charles
hotel, 4722 Ilallard av., reports
(hat Charles French, u roomer,
1 stole $75 from her yesterday.
It I* not for us to know why fatn
Hies are so much smaller thnn they
were. Perhaps an Infinite Wisdom,
ever alert against over-population,
prefers small families to the more
radical remedies, such as earth
quakes, epidemics and Titanic dl«-
Greatest Story of Them All.
It would pay the film makers to
cater to this child hunger, as many
writers have done. I am one of an
army of readers who consider Bret
llarte tho greatest story teller the
world has ever known. And the
finest story IJret ilarte wrote is
Tho Luck of Roaring Camp."
Why* Tlecause there is a baby In
The best touch—do you remem
ber It? "The Luck's" mother —
about whom the less said the bel
ter Is dead. No one knows the
Identity of "The Luck's" father.
The camp appoints "Stumpy" offi
cial midwife and nurse, because of
Probably not until the official
canvass of the returns is made by
the secretary of state will It be def
initely established who la the dem
ocratic nominee for governor. The
contest is eaceedingly close be
tween Judge W W Black, of Ev
i-ref t; Ernest I4ster. of Tacoma.
and Hugh C. Todd, of Seattle. the
former leading by about 200 rote*
and only a dor.cn votea separating
l.liter and Todd
Charles <S. Hetfner. state demo
cratic rtialrman. has been keeping
(he wires hot In an effort to obtain
absolutely stir© figures, but there
are tour more counties to be heard
from yet. The figures obtained
give Black 7,015 votes. Uster 6.TM
and Todd €.770.
SPOKANE, Sept. 17.—Evidence
waa given by Kreda Kuhl. 15. and
Pesrl Stevenson. IS. when the case
of George Marlowe, a former Wal
lace attorney, charged Jointly with
Edith Pepugh with having violated
the white slave law In trans|>orllng
the girls to St. Maries. Idaho, for
immoral purposes, wss opened la
the federal court
The witnesses answered ques
tions In almost a childish manner
Several women from llerrlck tes
11 fled that they had paid Marlowe
rent while living immoral lives at
(■r United Praia Leased Wile)
PARIS, Sept 7. —That terms of
peace bet wean Italy and Turkey
have been arranged with the excep
tion of a proposed loan to Turkey
of between 500.000.000 and fi00.000.-
000 francs, concerning which Italy Is
negotiating with French, English
und Keiglan financiers. Is the an
nouncement here today.
his supposed "experience," he hav
tliK left aeveral wives In the Bast
And "Stumpy," remember, Invites
the camp to a reception which he
and "The Luck" hold In their cabin.
KmharriißFi (I, these hard, rough
men pats solemnly around that
soaphox cradle, and, passing out,
drop duet and money for the main
tenance ot "The Luck" Into the hat
of "Stumpy" at the door.
Itut "Kalntnck," braver Ihun the
rent, dares to poko "The Luck"
with a horny finger. "The I«uck"
grabs It with a tiny hand, ami, for
a moment, will not let no
For teveral days thereafter it it
observed that "Kaintuck" keep*
that favored digit apart from its
common fellowt, a* though It were
In lomi way hallowed by the touch
of a baby't hand. And ho It seen to
smile to himself, at he mutteri,
over and over again:
"Wrattled with my finger, the
damned little cust!"
(a* I »<•«-•! I'rrM «.«•«•*»I \llr«)
SPOKANE. Sept. 17.—With the
myatery aurrounding the killing
near here of J. D. Pollock, a ehauf
feur, partially cleared away, the
police today are confident they
will arreet hla murderer within
a faw hour*. Preaton Thayer, a
plumber, la aought by the police In
connection with the crime.
Wlllard Hmlth and Jean* Andera
ware arreated, and admitted being
In Thayer's company the nlKht of
the murder. They aaaerted they
had neen Thayer ride away wilh
Pollock In the latter'* car.
Mr*. Thayer. questioned by Ibe
police, aald Thayer went home late
tho niaht of the killing He changed
liU (lothlng, cut up hla trouaert,
and told her to burn them, which
«he did Hhe said he blho told her
to waah hla sweater, aa It wa*
blood stained.
NKW YORK, Hept 17.—Irving
W. t'hllda, one of the moat apectac
' ular spenders along the great white
j way. la dead of "old age" at the age
of 26. Within a few \ears Child*
I f600.000 on act reanea
Btoadway habitues mourned over
ithe |>aaalng of Chllda, because hi*
death removed one of the moat
1 spectacular character* that ever
burned up a fortune. The youthful
apendthrlft waa a son of the late
William II 11 Chllda, who left a
big fortune Young Child* noon
ran through the legacy which fell
to him and within a few year* wax
, !>ennlleaa. Th< n another fortune —
this time 1600.000 came to him
It took lesa than two years for this
amount to go.
Child* spent practically all his
tlfne among the white light*. He
! waa married, but divorced from hi*
wife The trial furnished much
goaalp and threw con*iderable light
!on the habit* of the Broadway
*l«'tider. At the time of hi* death
j Child* wa* paying hla wife I'ZOO a
week alimony.
NASHVILLE. Tenn.. Sept 17.—
After having cursed hla wife In
their last talk. Just a few minutes
before he waa taken from hla cell
to the gallows. George Hoae. 70
year* old. was hanged here for the
murder of a neighbor, J. M. Miller,
One of Rose's norm 1* in prison for
Loa Angeles—"Made up" to look like Roosevelt. a spieler for a five
rent theatre gathered a crowd around an automobile oil Main at. A
traffic officer kept the mob In order five minutes before he penetrated
the disguise.
"I wish to remain a perfect lady, though a suffragist," says one New
York woman about the Ohio result, "so 1 won't talk."
New York.—The distinction of being the only surviving member
of the class of IN3I of Williams college l>e!ongs to Wm. Rankin, once
law partner of President Taft's father, and the oldest living college
graduate, who today ataned on his 104 th year, still hale and hearty.
Oov. Wilson'a rvew pet alligator Is threatened with starvation. He
eats only standpat republicans.
Sarah H. Caldwell, wife of Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Cald
well. haa been drawn for jury service next month. Mrs. Caldwell is
going to uak to be excused. She laughingly rays tbat the "combination
would be too strong for criminals."
While waiting two years for the payment of their embalming bill, a
furniture company at San Marcos. Tex., has kept the mummified body
of Andrew J. llalley standing In a corner as an advertisement.
Vancouver, B. C. — Moses Mossadara. a Russian, celebrated his con
valescence from a mild attack of fever by eating 21 eggs, and the change
from the light diet resulted in his death. His body was brought here
from tip the Powell river.
Coming events are still in the shadow-casting business. Harry D.
Taff, a cousin of the president, has lost his job in tbe custom house at
Friday, the 13th, is a welcome day in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank F. Caldwell. 627 13th av. N. I*ast Friday was the second tlni®
that the stork brought a baby girl to the Caldwells on Friday, the 13th,
Mother and duughter are doing well at the Minor hospital.
Paris.—Aviator Le Gagneux broke the altitude record here today
by rising to a height of 18.534 feet In his monoplane.
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Hli' It wiih dreadful. He rocked
the bout and nh<- waa drowned.
He. Lucky girl! Kb* might have
••enped and married the Idiot.
'■» I «llr4 l*re»« I,*aw4 Wlrfl
PORTLAND. Or., Sept. 17.—
Harry Barr, owner of the Multno
mah Hotel omnibu* line, waa brutal
ly murdered near hare early today.
With a bullet wound through tha
head, the body waa found on the
Linnton road.
liairs murderer or murderer*
drove bin ear bark Into Portland
after he waa killed The car waa
found todny In the downtown see
tlon of the city with the driver'*
(••■at covered with blood. It waa tho
bloodstained ear that led to an In
vestigation and the r.uhi>e<|uent find
ing of the body.
Hurra bod) waa found by V. I).
Hmlth. who live* near the *cen») of
the killing. Kvldently robbery wan
not the motive for the murder aa
about $T0 wa* found In Harr'i
Two commercial traveler* whom
Itarr had carrlwl aa pacaengere to
"the Hut," a roadhoimf. were taken
Into cuatody by the police In con
nection with the murder, but after
close (jiieMloiilrig. were released,
the officers being aatlsfled they had
nothing to do with the crime.
Mystery aurrounda On- murder,
and ut noon today the police litul
absolutely no clue to work on.
One or the two men queationed
l>y the police. Chaa A Bartcher.
the police later in the day decided
to hold a few houra aa a wltnNt.
Several |ier*on* told the officers
they had Keen Hartcher and Bald
win leave the roadhouse In another
tatlcab The |iollce this afternoon
were working on a theory that
after leaving Hartcher. lialdwln and
two men with hltu at "The Hut."
Barr picked tip another paaaenger
who ahot hint from Uiilde the car.
The nature of the wound. It wai
stated. Indicated the murderer
fired the gun cloae to Barr's head.
Or DulUi frail LMHd Vtrat
DOUGLAS, Ariz. Sept. 17—The
minine camp of Kl Tlgre is In the
hand* of the Mexican federala to
day. after two days' occupation by
the rebels under (Jen Kalazar. The
recapture »a» accompliahed with
out firing a shot.
Three Americans held as host
age* for $100,000 ransom demanded
by the rebels are aafe in the camp.
The rebels are reiforted to have
carried away bullion valued at
* Fair tonight and Wednw- *
* day. not much change in tern- *
* perature light northwesterly *
* winds. Temiterature at noon. #

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