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•" ,r ITu i« •* «*»■ *• >m "
T<,ur w . J! r ' » It aland* »|>
•KCT.,'5?* curling lr>>na. *>>J
tM " »<" < h '"
k **ST tU watch f»r tha
M ,r .MK«V mat turn stray, fail
« ,,h "<•«
kno w that tharaa
«r,»n« If M'»r hair »ai
V** Ih*«'t!» " woul4n t fall «»wt.
I B jgm i thai Th#^
*.«"••"' wrona at tha root nt
MSES*? •
f«j»r»r. ( h , ( t || r „ir,H-
Wh '?kTla 7-O' «ra« I!.
«ra> fkiuns out. era both
W i fha hair !>«• of ' '••mWalnleg
Vmnii It raat do It In_ anv
iv towr f 1 1 • ■
** W !>%'»•* "» tH MK *' '
an 4 Mr •« !»»«« *»r
SSl* !*■». *— «<*»'
Mar « • • "tr«ar«
, 7T>« ** D KE< «>»»-
-Jtnrn ■* »*htki i DRtu
-If Walling Says '*"• *•**
Wa »r» showing beautiful
dUb>m. player-pianos and (rands
fnun ih.- factories of THE
(Mtataant t«nu* a* low a*
ur firm
Price# lower than any ©'her
Our Second Floor
Piano Store
Will Save You Money
Mn (. Willing Cfimpany
KW.tK.IM «m4> Wi
ImN tUm. t>»■ ill» Klfitlan.
«M 3 1913
Safety Through
At Uhl»er»?lA4r tkOW Mfr a Sa
turn*} ta * * ,
fat&afa<t fbat at ifiii f|v*- itrnM
i f—r *r» »r* r«tl»4 ttp*»n by tfcg.
Otwrimni. Ihfovfh ihr
trallar of Curravtcy. 10 Ift th#
Mfrftfc know }Htt Ijow ft- »un<i
Ow or H«)an< • »h#«t
If ptbHfthad In tt»« n^ww^Mip"-»
w that wwyMv «ki) •«» || aim!
aaalyt« n. Til In ta In m*dHU>n
ta mt ir«n*iiai ai*p«r>!ai«n in l
gl' jfaw* by fha NiHonn H*r>k
«rh«> ar* liab!» l«
aww at ai>y t!m« and atw«ya urt-
Established IM2
Jam at Pioneer Square
ladies* suits
Strictly Man Tailored
125.00 to $32.50
'•'diet' Rtady-Tallorad Suit
** !*■>" Karfcaace
etfaet«. aurh aa >!»«.
*rad any .hade.
"z*™' *»<! rurl»4
MODEL millinery
___j*T . H.BH ki^
ITOT® 1 ,0r *'*«
*" wjff&r"-- ?iu " h
•M Slalk iff.
Striking Values In
Tailored Suits at
tIC Ike Most Effective Fall Styles
for Wom#n and Mutt
TTi#h<- correctly designed mod' 1 !!
finest of the
tatt'-rials offered the most popular
<fF^^r mmmmmm " an, l ■•tract
'w Store XTiaf lvft tlw
Gives You Liberal lnK " lh "
/> nnK ._ Hnlngr are
CREDIT nt {h " u "* l
r * tll/< 1 luallty
splendid an
,rtment of carmen's shows many t
shades brown, and all the var
■ B#
th * prlc * T*»trty-ft*"
and with credit
3* Second Ave., NflniMjtiion SI.
_ Bottle'. Reliable Credit House M
Mr*. William fttro# Seott of NVw
York, who I* an nntl nuffraglet.
think* th-tt the aw cat shop* are
hera to atay unlll women conaont
to nt«k>' their own garments. Mia.
Marx W, Knight, rsgfylAg to her
»«t> that wouien did not ha*e to
build their own turner* In order that
carp titers. plumber* and *o on
<ltuuld have batter wage*. nor did
ihpy ha»e to print their own papwr*
to aet-ura livable Wug»« and pioper
hour* for printer*.
Cynthia's Answers
to Many Questions
Thar* «r» nald to be 3.434 apoken
language* In the world
Th« college color* of thi* Wash
Ington t'nlv.rslty «r»> purple and
t'talldren ahould b<» taught to
aay: 'Y**, Mr*. not
"Yaa. Ma'am."
Sir Wands Wyatt was bom In
1575 and died In IM4, 11 .> wa« ap-
CotnlMl govarnor of Virginia In
Thare will b« a partial arllpae of
the moon September 14. rlelhla In
the t'nltad Statea eicept In tho as
tro ma Kaat
Women (>o*aess equal auffrage at
all elections in all states, Wyom
ing, Colorado. I'tah. Idaho, t'ailfor
nit and Washington,
The Dickens Fellowship la a
world wide league of English speak
ing m«n and women whoa* purpose
Is to exemplify the teachings of
Chntlea Dickens
A solution of 1 teaspoon oxalic
crystals and 1 cup lukewarm water
will remove Ink stain from while
material Ulna* well, or It will e«t
the gooda K wilt take the dye
from colored material. Be careful
of scratches, aa It la said to b«
Ivory Is Finding Favor
Toilet seta of carved Ivory are
fast taking the plan' of those of
sliver. an>a an Eastern exchange
These ate very beautiful and do not
need the vigorous cleaning which
uiust be given the sliver to keep It
bright. They am expensive, but
are more saUsfactory than the
Tlx tollswlnr »f» the a verag#
art.-ae paid by »"»al eommlaalon mar
rhant* •" th" produi-are ami prices
1 r»atd t>y the retailer In tha
' atoners. The en. »a [>■■<! t!-. tano-ra
' rmw under "bi.Jrtn« price." ami the
, >um paid t>r the retailer inder "sett
, lo# prl>-« " l*rl«-«a In all ra»i ara
! t n Tartarian. a- -arillng ta
| irnhn'M and g*n«ral mrelkmra bur
llw prb e». unlraa atlierwlee Indl
<at*d, era for atrtt tly flrat grade*
t'«na —Trie*.
, K<t«», ranch 11# .11
rnlt—teniae rriw-
Olit spplea I •»# 1.11
N*w ipplra Itm t It
Val»a«-la orangae .... 1 Utf I ••
rear# IS* I.M
llrr«ar<l Wca It— 'r 111 ag l*Ttce.
rhti.kt . o»
t»IRt No I. full cut.. .11
iiih« ? n« t .it
Costs Ko t no .11'*,
lllmla elear .|J
fore stear law
Moumla . U'a
O* tomrue. freah .... .jilt
lJ«r ,»T
lleart u
Mutton —
! K. «a .»«
| W-thart .It
> Ij»- ib .11
|ir"«.| ho* a .JJ
i Trimmed sitae* ...... * . 10* i
<!.iirt loin p«rk .If
M-«iitl4er* .11
Pigs' f.«: .!«
apaie rib* .lIH
fork sattsaga ........ ,11
tjver aauaaga .It
t«»l<igna .It
' Tuba It V 4
'»nk»< *»•«—Trtre.
llama ItVfc
l«a>on lt» .11
Boiled bam ,|l
i (>x tongw. earn ,jj
I>rle*t beef ......... ,11
I'aallry, Ural—Ra|la ( frir*.
'sortng broilers lifl ,u
i ll»na igfr ,i«
Turkeyt, ilv# .j§
; tlmietor*. It*e. lb .... t/9
Mprlngd ii' k!ln(< .... .14
j I'mka, ll*e, lb ,j|
. iteeaa it
: Hquabe. del 1 tt
1 fl'laMn—Mllat I'rlrr
Pi>uio»«. new. lon....U.«egitH
Watarmelvna .§; u
Cmrrof lw«l l.li
II" sa. lotal IK
1 Turnip*, aaek | no
, !ta<l!ah<-a. doa. 1«
i <8ra;»e» "O I. is
I'*i»l<-y. 4ox 30
Ti)ni4f'ia», 20-lb. boa.. .6Qft in
c'eoliriowar. >t<»* | jj
llnttuiuan letiute. cr'ta It© i.oa
j Mawd lettuce. <toa .... ,u
Ob- iimbera, doa. .200 .10
iilerjr. d«*. ......... . Id
■ 'aulaloupe 1 1 . ~,i
►>ed. Irlllag l*ri« r.
Kaalern Waaiilnirton
Umotby ... IT oa|». oo
Pubpl Bound timothy 11 on
Alfalfa .11 w<)« 14 00
i Wheat hay IS uQ*t U <i»
. Rran 1« 00i> 17.00
Khorta 27 (ir>{»st.oo
j Whole corn it. (too
M'ru'liail torn It. Ooa? 11. ofi
1 Ulddllrga It. 00
• ftoiiMi oata and barley
mixed 11.00
Prettily dreaaed rhlldren ronalltuta half the lirlghtuea* of almoet
any acxne In which humanity play* a part. Ho children'* fnahltma
havw grow u to bo a btialneag, too
A a 111 u ■' h
thought limy lie
expended In thn
attire »f I ha
llt tlx nmlil aa t!i«
debutante, with
equally HI at
tractive it-milt*,
the chief differ
eneo In'l mi Hint
It In i>oa*lble to
make alt aorla of
becoming ap
parel for a four*
yinrulit with the
mid* and end*
whlrh ao oft •• it
find theli way to'
the acrap bag
Olio of liw*
b«»t way* of>
UalllK up pletea.
I x upon Ihr
ainalt lady'a aep
mate hat. A altk,
i-UiUc, paaalntt
tinder the rhln
prevent* the
chapeau ahown
on the head nt
I his pretty owner
from blowliiK off
The aharply pointed crown, covered Miuxithly Willi brown velvet,
•upporta a lon* looped lirowu aatln ribbon bow, and the lirlm of
ahirrwd valval la partially covered with a fluffy baud of white and
brown marabout.
Letters to Cynthia Grey
* *
Hear Mlaa Urey: We have been chums urir alnra we were 10
years of age. and shout alx months ago we were married to two hoy
chums, aged 19 and SO.
After three morn ha they left us. and alnce then we have been work
Ing for our living. A few nights ago we met two nice young boye, and
they wanted us to go to the show (Saturday night Now, Mlaa Orey, It
la hard for two girls of our age to aettle down like older woman, and
we don t make enough wages to give ouraelvea thoa<* pleasures, so do
you think we would be doing wrong?
Please don t think. Mlaa Urey, that It was our fault they left us, be
cau«e we did alt In our power to make our little flat as bom-like ss
poaalble. but It didn't make any difference, bscsvas thay ran away with
two chorus glrla.
Thanking >ou. VEI.MA AND THKI.MA
A Ido not doubt yon did all In your power, aa you aay, to mak<'
a home, hut the mistake was In marrying so young thai you were not
experienced enough to eelert men for husbands who would not run off
with chorus girls
It Is pretty hard for you. I know, hut at the same time, wheu we
make n mistake In one of Ufa's lessons, we should correct it before mak
Ing apother. or the example will get so full of blunders It will take a
lifetime to solve It. Now, doo i mak* the mtatake of accepting the
company of oiher men until you ran honorably do so.
• *
* *
liwr MUI Orey: C'jui Ton help
■ very foollth woman? Mv hair
wa* fading an. I a friend aald If I
*ou!d uw a «(a!n It would If all
right, ao I waa allly enough to do It
It iraa ao atlcky I wouldn't Have It
on my hair, and though' I rotild
ao>n bleach It out, ao I tried thai,
and now my hair la the most horrid
yellow you »»er aaw. I have triad
everything to turn It white again,
and now com* to you.
I am vtaltlng. and won t en home
until 1 gat It flaed up. or gat a wig
A —I' la too had you ruined yoor
hair, for thfr« Is noAlng p«ltl»r
In that line than white hair. The
only thing you can do fa to shave
It off and wear a wig until It grow*,
out the natural color, or wear It aa
It la until K grows out.
pear Miaa Orey. lam a widow,
have a nice ptmltlun and have kept
company wttb a bunlneaa man for
■ctme time. He would like to mar
ry. but for certain reaaona I do not
rare to. and do not know aa I ev«r
will, under the clrcuronlance*
Yel I Ilka to go out with him oc
raatonally. Kepently I have heard
acquainlaorea were aaklng why wa
didn't marry, aa wa had been going
together long enough Of cqurae
that rr-mark made me fe««| unpleaa
aot. Now, what I would like to aak
la thlt: Fettling aa Ido about mar
rying and for what people will any.
would you ad viae me to quit going
with him. PKRI'UiXBD.
A.—lf the man la worthy of your
friendship, you have a right to It,
regardleaa of what your frlcnda aay.
Decide the matter from the atand
polnt of right, your Inclinations
and bla If he can be a good friend
until you make up your mind, let
him remain no; yet. If you are mak
ing It more difficult for him. by all
meana refnae to aee him Hut,
whatever you do, don't let ldW» gua
alp Influence you.
************* r***
Dear MiM Orey: Fifteen years
ago 1 married a man In the Knat.
H» left me three yeara later, when
I wa* alck In bed 1 heard he had
gone to New York.
Nine year* later I came here and
have not teen or heard from him
since until a month ago a friend
aald he waa divorced and married,
and that he fried to find ins but
could not. Now. I would like to
know If 1 can marry again without
getting a divorce.
Thanking yon, H.
A If you can get proof that he
obtained a divorce, It will not bo
necessary for you to get. one in or
der to marry again. If not, you will
file your application and muat pub
lish once a week for aevon consocn
llve weeks notice of same, and mall
to his last known address. If he
la not heard of within AO daya arter
the list publication, the divorce Is
Dear Miss Qrey: I am a widow
29 years of age and like a young
man better than any one olso I
know, who Is five years younger
than owelf, but there Is a Swede
that suciua to think a lot of me,
and I don'l care for blm liaraim* ha
apMka ao broken.
To m« It mvqis »• though (b«
•Iw»d# la lb* od#, aa b» la In Iwttar
rtrfnmiiiWM and could rltp m* a
***nI horn* I could not Inv* a»>
on* '»>«• aam« aa I did toy dead hua
hand, and am not In (ood rtixum
atanr**, ao t ruuat marry again
A —lo you are ready lo a# II your
aclf to the man who ran Kl*i> «b*
b*»t Jirlcf * Surolj. you ha»t> not
»*»n It In thai llitht. jriM that I*
what tt iiioana wbon a woman a#lf
lahljr Ju«kI»« ntvn bwk and forth it)
brr ml ml un'll aba d<M-ld*« from
whieh aha will cat the moai money
or lilt home.
You may not h» able lo love u
you did: but that do** no? (!«« you
■ llrena* to |)ti( jmurtrll on ■ par
with the girl of the atreeta. which
l» what an; woman does who aalla
h«ra*lf (or mono)' or poaltloo.
Hear Mlaa Grey: I want jour a<H
*lw. 1 ha» a rhanra to ro to work
In a (boot In# Rnllery. but I hear »o
much about Rallerlea I don't know
what lo do 1 hare never worked
In one. *o I aak yoti. 80 many fel
lowa toll me there are auch Rood
timea In on* BKI..VIA.
A If a Rlrl baa backbone, atae
can !>*> Juiit aa Rood one place aa
another; but there arc aomn placea
where It la more difrtrulr than oth
er*. and t would advlae you to R«t
employment In a leaa public place
* *
The Star haa. from time lo tlui«.
a baby to Rive to aome man and
woman whose hearta hunger for a
little one. and would like th»
namea, addrnaae* and reference* of
thoae who niadn application when
the laat Star baby wanted a home
Theae will be kept aa appllcanta
for a future Star baby.
* *
* Th(» Ptdcnted Industrial *
* <luba of thf Y. W. C. A will *
* hold thHr rally and opening *
* party on Tuesday evening, #
* September 17th. All thoan d«- #
* siring supper mum hav«> platna *
* reserved h"foro that date All #
* Kirla employed are gh n a *
* cordial Invitation to nn i et with *
* the clubs on that evening. *
* *
Belllngham, Waah.—An attampt
to chanßn iM-ata yflxtordajr In a Mtnnll
rowlioat In which wore lhr»>« oc
rupanta, coat the llfo of William
t'alrnea, when tho boat lipped over.
gi Ju9t Say"
It Maint
Original and Ginulna
Malted milk
Tht Food-drink (or 111 Igts.
More heallliul than Trj or Co If re.
Atjrers with the weskm ditc«iiun.
Delicinui, invigorating and mitntinui.
Rich milk, rn illnl pam, powder form.
A quick lunch prepared in a minute
no substitute* Ask (or HORLICK'S.
PV Others are imitations*
. That Tired foaling may he over
• wiili proper eterntM, whole
•OHM fiHMI, pure Mir. water and
pun* thoughta. (.earn to cotißvrvv
)OM)" vitality Hnatch a few mo
menta, hi ra and there, during the
•may day for teat, either by i la*u
tlOtt or change of occupation.
Strengthening (h« Lunge.
For Boys
Ask your doctor how often lie
prescribes an alcoholic stimu
lant for children. lie will prob
ably say, " Very, very rarely."
Ask him how often he pre
scribes a tonic for then!. He
will probably answer, " Very,
very frequently." Then ask
him about Aycr's non-alcoholic
Sarsaparilla, LSJrtuS:
Here's a Plain Statement
That Should Arouse All Seattle!
First, because it has to do with the welfare of i The opportunity to get thai piano has now ar
every boy and girl in this city. rived.
Secondly, because it means many hundreds of It is today and now.
dollars saved in Seattle homes, and You can get a magnificent instrument at a saving
Thirdly, because the facts stated are really facts, such as has never before been possible,
and You can buy a piano for less than wholesale.
Fourthly—but why continue? No, this is not a spot cash proposition.
The reasons are apparent to every intelligent You can pay six, eight or ten dollars down,
reader of this paper. You can enjoy the music while you are paying for
Every home in Seattle is going to have a piano the piano.
some day. You can get the big savings and the easy terms.
For home is scarce complete without one. j But even that isn't all.
Here it the famous Decker Piano, I for yourself or for your children.
three style, to choo.e among. ■ % Z° u yOUr ° W " teacher *
The superb new $500.00 Style B for J9inß You make your own an-angements
$348 00 Itv \di ( You take the lessons whenever and
Here is a Kimball Piano, .tyle 17. I wh ' rev<?r » uiU your convenience.
Over 250,000 Kimball Piano, are ■ f ITTMIW ™ e p,ano manufacturers pay the
in um in America today. H ■ V V te ®cher.
The Kimball .tyle 17 ha. never yet ■ *I ± - » No fuss, no red tape, no rigmarole.
been sold for $475.00. ■ X ou *?* the p,ano ' > ou ** *****
It is in this sale for $315 00. 1 ** t"? te " tM • atop of *"
The new .tyle 21 Kimball, in a mag- 1 You get the free music lessons,
nificent mahogany ca.e, which wa. /i musical education without a
tnade to wll for $600.00 i. in thi. .ale Pi pe ll^rx to «K J Dr » llv -n Ir - nI .
for $435.00. „ *Hg HERE ARE THE PIANO
Term, of $10.00 a month buy. J JEM F Ar T r , ,
them. H \ You re not asked to buy unknown
Here', a Smith & Barnes Piano, a I pianos.
hoble piano, big. impressive and fine. ■ IWHWy L You . re not P utt,n * money into
Once upon a time this same piano ■ lKfl ch * ap mstroments made for sale,
was represented by another music irl Aj I t y° u re g«t|mg pianos that sell
concern. ■il ■ ~/l ■ for a half as much again.
Quite a number of Seattle people I "I L Not onl / onthe C®" 4 ' but ever y*
paid $400.00 and $450.00 for a Smith I I I where in America.
& Barnes Piano. " , Such pian ? a# W *** !° ,d
Here's the same instrument. a , fter y ear * ? u ~, and f ° r m ° re than
Just as big, just as fine, every bit as they are selling today.
valuable. And everyone u brand new.
In this sale for $267.00! . , . ... ....
Terms of $7.00 a month will buy these Smith & . Look at } h, » *>e»utiful Mahogany Piano which has
Barnes Pianos! just come from the factory.
Look at this Steger Piano. Dull mahogany case, with a velvety finish.
Every business man knows the success that Steger , case '* P' a ' n » which seems to be in the fashion
has had ' these days.
He put piano making on a purely commercial 11,6 a^ lion l '».«•* and the tone » wonderfully
sweet and melodious.
He stopped the waste, he refused to subsidize I Jl? e manufacturers' guarantee goes with it.
professional musicians. E,ler# Mu * ,c Hou » e B IVC# a further grantee, for
He refused to subsidize trade papers. enyears.
But he produced piano, at a price that staggered p,ano » have never been sold for leM 11,4,1
Yet we have the.e fine piano, in this sale to sell T Y° , ? undred and d <>Hars is their true
for $264 instead of $400. retail value.
Yet you can get them in this sale for $186.00.
lhe Keasons Are rlamly otated many of these
I And the list could be continued.
A FEW DAYS AND THE LAST OF THIS sereare5 ereare noble Chickerings for $585.00
The old established Marshall & Wendell piano,
BIG SHIPMENT WILL BL SOLD which sells for $425.00, is in the sale for $274.00.
And terms of $8.00 a month will be made on the
There is no attempt to disguise the facts. latter.
No attempt to tell anything less than the whole And with e , ver y one y° u « et th « fr ®« mu »«c *«-
, sons, as stated.
trU l . . . . . . • r Th e °^ er » however, can not be continued in-
Because business has been good only in a few definitely.
favored districts. Time is flying, when these pianos are gone we
The manufacturers were overloaded. shall not be able to sell for so little, nor to give the
They had more pianos on hand than they could f re e lessons.
#<! |j Come if you can, the sooner the better.
Hence thee pi.no. were thrown on lhe market. !{ you c, " nol com f< l «M>one or telegr.ph.
... V ■ , , If every home realized the importance of this sale
And because business on the C oast was good, and there would not be enough pianos to go around!
promises to be better, we bought them all. 1 A few more days and the last of this big ship-
We only paid part of the ment will be sold.
cost of production. The opportunity for free
And so we can turn them m music lessons will be
over to you at far less than 1 closed.
the regular retail prices, Jr I # time to act right
and we still get a fair re- SUCCESSORS TO J now.
muneration for our serv- p. s, JOHNSTON CO. Doors open at 8:30 to
'tc*' Third and University morrow.
I pedaliy iho apeiea, may bl done by
! " rM ' filling the lungx with good air
; iliihallnic through the noatrlla) then
blowing through a a mall pipe atem
or OUMT aiftall ttbl The Hftl
ahould In ao allien I hat the air I"
"inltted alowly A few tlrnea dally
at Interval! will he aufflctaut.
A Sallow, Muddy Complexion
uaually Indli atea pnoi illgeallon and
poor circulation. It won't Im atnlaa
to forego white bread, rfaam In cof
fee. rich aauo->, gravlca, paatry or (
anything that la likely to overtan
the liver or atomach. Cleanae the
body Inaldn by water drinking
Have an abundance of freab air at
night aa well aa day. Include v«ge
tablet* and rlp«-, Juicy frulla. In aea
non. In your diet.
# All letters cannot bo an h
# BWered In the paper, and many #
a lire without name or addreaa. *
# A atamped, aelf uddreaaed en- *
# velopa alwaya brlnga a prompt *
# reply. CYNTHIA UHKY. *
To Clean White Serge
I.av the Raiment to ba cleaned
on the kitchen table, and tub freely
with powdered magneala over the
dolled parta. Then place In a linen
bag for four daya, living the bag a
good ahake every day. Take the
garment otlt. and ahake vlgoroualy;
It will then look aa good aa new
V HUH I nil.l KIMAHfK, KTO. Krw ll'lltfrr ««•!«
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Canadian Pacific Railway
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f,e«v« H*«a• 11•» V 00 a.m. I.*«va Hcattlo l\ 20 p. rn
Arrlvn Victoria 118 p. rn. Arrlva tloft m.
Victoria 2 4 r > p rn. I«#ava Vanrouvar 10 o©a. in.
Arrlva Vincouvtr 7 Ilp.ro. Arrlva Victoria «•*•••••£ SO pm.
Vaixouvtr II 00 p in. { Uava Victoria 4 SO p tn.
Arrlva Haattla 100 i rn I Arrlva Haattla • SO p. rx
City Offlca. 71S ftacond Avtnuc. Phoaa Main £611
All Clay Products
1007 Hoge Bldg.

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