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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, September 17, 1912, Image 7

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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>k, a ( undtf Jii»>ilni*ti»n
M »»n> of i ,r,,j, " llc *
fc* mXe« * r » rh " ns * ~f V "T;
f lit auperlof
«<• •<•«*'«
ofthe Jauira A Moore
the Metropolitan Truat
&• - ***Leover) of the Weatern
+—2u K„| hern atarted before
f* * r stni at Pi»r< Town
••'T' V'tn>H' un Co
Erf ito 10 °° *
• ,i r w!r to :
"*■*7Minnaav. t«M ihe court
#* 2* (h ,, the whole ault »"
ami ttiat he could prove
ft* SJL tea dave la which to
f* lk# afflJavlta Oled on Hat
•*£?„, aht. h the name of 1-eelte
tnwt aecretary of the
„ hivuitht tn aa an al
prwow r of the ateel corp,>
Tga Valuable Recipe#
for the Hair and Skin
W«k!«< head with aoap
1» Jltrolored. atringj hair
"J, tkat l» dry and ecaty or
oitr Shampooing withi tan
EE,,teas mm*» < h * «*«»**•
STcaaiM <•"*• " d •
m a cup hot water la am
tha thickeat head <* «»»''
h •oathlrc »»<« Invlaorat
w jaJ »><«>'' fleanae* thor
Sialr I*4 eoiapletely but ailmn
hairroota to healthy a<v
Sen Hair ahampooed with can
Ewlail»«J» »fV fufT. luttroua
•ed «f a rick, evea cotor.
*«■»» havlaf eaviable complei
taaa lartnibK uae Juat a plain
ietlee which la a treat
ZL«I haaatlfl'-r. Thla la made by
< ouacea apurtuax In
—I yjtrii kaxel or hot water to
rtrk ka* heea added ! teaapoon
j_w g{Tterla>' The lotion drt«a
caaaet he delected
UlToe and rlvea to the ftneat
ao added charm and el
!t la specially K»od to
riMrtke >kta of ptmplea. black
fcafc kletckev aaliowneas. olllneae
"ui atker rompleaioa defecta and
It pnrt«: it fram ha rah or cold
hLI Clark, a 0. *.
•eb*ry, aa «• practice It not
Mlt MaatlfV* the mouth but Itn
pMM the patient * entire facial
MpsNiue Our method* arc pain
fcaiaat ear work la («arantccd to
l» Mttnty *att*?*ctorv Th»re ar»
Mind* rf satisfied patients In
fcaKto «feo win gladly attest to
mmn aad tklll
¥• u* offering the Anchor Sue
JmJW N«»ar Slip Plate* for |i.
fcfMr ntn kw|i $19 Gold
Oinfer R
B >M want a plate that merta
matrawent of the moat fa*
W*M M particular people, then
«r Caawiattc plate
fMljMa correct* aa 111-ahap. I
WWt liMtßiag by year* the old
MMM—cr #f * prematarwlr old
•Mia. AD the vtrtue* of an} pute
■* Fwtm la thia one Added to
•Sfc3 iMtk** coaD ' iri **'
fcfJ DcnUl Office*
►•LA. Clark, 0. 0. t. (Manager)
*»TkW Ava, It W. Car. Union
WtTI >i »n thia Ad with you
Plnl*hin« of (he
" kind, la
on *- n«<
W Ql j F.-t Btag.
fmu Mala m
°««* 1H Jarksen St
Work .1 c»i
* &e Easy Pay
ment Plan.
•# »I« r L^ e l U4l,)r makln ß »
UiHra£2h? AND p< > R ce
Ant F0 " MM. we
«tr» a? i 110 AND 112
«o»ri T "™ ron » 3 50
!?i!" , *°®« Dentists
prices f OT
tr« Eft-, .i*®' ,n<l Cement F|||»
51K2S *)"* ,r * "•»
*!™5 e "og ii f rPe
fUr. 'om"?* * ortf f " r 12
m rton J? <lar 00 not
|ft that v nt 'li> c *
"U I)» W l,u. th * re " cut -
. dentists
"**' ** c ond and Pika.
* k * Eltvator.
A auldde epidemic brukn out yea
tordav afternoon In Henttle. One
man aticceeded In killing hlmaelf.
nnil two young women are In local
hoapltala todav In aerfoua condition
John Hamilton, 62. «ho( himself
through the temple while crossing
the Stnn» nv, bridge nvcr l.ak«
Vnlon yesterday. No other motive
than that h» brwtijinl over a aural
ral operation which ho waa to
undenm, la ad^on l»y hi* widow.
Hamilton waa employed no fore
man of the H K Norton tannery, i
Me leaves a widow and eon.
lirai e Mcltonald. 24, living at the
New Northerlaud hotel, and Mr*
Kittle Dale, 3ft, of 300* Slath a*.'
"Thou ahalt not bear falae wl'tieaa against thy rival. He may be
a coming white hatw.'" —O. T,
"Honor thy awi-etheart, ao that thy daya may bo loni In the home
ahe will make for thee."—M J.
"Thou ahalt not covet the poaiUon of ber poodle d>g but endeavor
to deaerve It —P. C, H.
Kemember the tryat, to keep It holy."—M J,
Thou ahalt not eteal a klaa, when you can have all you want for
the aaklng.'~U L. K.
Thou ahalt not endanger the life of any girt. or thy own. while
ahe la rldlna behind tbee on a motorcycle. Wall until thou dieiuount
cth. -W O. 8
"Thou ahalt not (ell her of thy undying love and then chaae around
with aome gay affinity "—W. W
"Thou ahalt not talk about the hl*h coat of living to thy beloved,
and then tell her the aalary thou recelveat Mra. <S H K.
Thou ahalt not throw klaane at a gtrl. leat thou ahouldat not hit the
one at whom thou haat altnrd O O O.
"Thou ahalt not apend all thy money upon a girl before thou mar
neat her rthe want* aomvthlna afterward ' —L M A.
Thou ahalt not aay unto thy aweetheart. I am not worthy of thee,'
leat ahe believe thee and chooae another."—W O. 0,
Thou ahalt not go l>eg«lng. but thou ahalt do like the Romaua of
Ml Cowe, aee and take" Mra, M. C D.
Thou ahalt partake of no high acented aweetmeata lieforo thou
mak>'st thy call, leet ahe lay, * I xi, I have atiared me a wine bibber *—
W, t».
Thou ahalt pralae no other woman before her. Nay. not even her
own aide-kick, leat ahe aay la her heart, 'He la a tool, for what can aay
man a«>e In her" W |)
If the Saxon* in '•Tli# Heart
Breakers." which mimical comedy
opens at the Monro theatre Thur*
day night and continues tbruuch the
*fk. fall to |jei a new *et at com
raandnicuts for their lnvrßu>mi It
w||j not be the fault of Star read
tn The Contest Kditor ha* re
ceived hundred* of commandment*
for Cupid, many of which ir* more
clever than lb-** published aa w
tag In on- by the Satotta In the
»ver> mall brine* its quota of
commandment* to the Contest Kdt
Metropolitan—lffKee Rankin In
"The Typhoon
Seattle—Hilly Clifford In "The
Olrl. the Man and the Game"
AlMmkra — Photoplays and
Orpheum -Vaiidevtile.
Empress Vaudeville.
Pan(»gt» Vaudeville
Grand- Vaudeville and motloa
t'limmif- Phot op I> y» and vau
Melbeume—-Photopiaya aad v*o
* *
Orand opera la vaudeville mad*
sufficient headway at the Orpheum
yesterday to give U the headline
place. The Ofed>a Macon com
pany. cocslsting of two men aad
two women, put over the heavy
The reat of the bill la tlpay with
comedy of all aort* Dorothy l>*l
ton la at the head of thla branch of
the entertainment, po king a bunch
of laugh* out of a farce called "The
Smugglers "
Owen Clark. magtriaa. haa a line
of mysterious good* Fred Gray
and Xelllo Graham furnish music,
with more or leaa comedy in ' The
Musical Bellboy."
There la variety on the Empress
Mil thia week, from the ordinary
patter and aotig to a reallatlc lac-
* LOS AN'OKLKB, Sept. 17. —Col. RooHevelt's two missing *
* pair* of aocka. whose loss caused a flurry In the private car, *
* »ere safely welcomed back Into the Rooaeveltlan wardrobe here. *
* The coloned la "traveling light" on his campaign tour- one big *
* black leather bag and two auit case* constituting his entire sup- *
* ply of baggage, and two pairs of aocka loomed large In the *
* colonel's Hat. Aa Illustrating the Rooaeveltlan simplicity of the *
* colonel's wardrobe, th«- progressive candlda'e haa Just one ault *
* of every-day clothes along with him. Crinkled and creased *
* they are, but the colonel doean't rare, and refuaes to go to bed *
* while they are pressed. *
At last, the city in to have a
garage. This used to l»e one of tho
fiercest questions that ever agitat
ed a councilmanic body. But, with
out noiie or oratory, the question
was yesterday resurrected long
enough for the Introduction of a
bill by Councilman Hlaltio, author
izing the building superintendent
to lease the southwest corner of
Yesler way and sth a*, for a mu
nicipal garage. There la no evi
dence of opposition to the bill.
SPOKANE, Wash, Hept. 17 Tho
nouff habit Is gaining a great vogue
in Hpokane. The users say tho
snuff Is floe for nose trouble# and
deafness. Cigar dealers, from the
unialieat to the largest, find so
many calls for snuff that each car
ries a stock. Some people, they
i»y, use it with their chewing to
bacco, but the greater number
whiff It,
.were l«»th found In (Mr respective
rooms yxalerday afternoon In erltl
; cal atute from the effecta Of polaon
j Ina Today they each deny that
they attempted auldde. Mlaa Mr
| Donald waa found uneonselona by
I ht<r roommate, fteorgla Thoinpaon.
8h« aaya that ahe waa fr>.ain« itn
j wrtll and hud merely taken au over
d<»*e of chloroform She la at the
j Seattle tietieral hoapltal.
Mra Kittle Hale waa found tn
her no® by Mra Webb, the land
lady, ,\U empty bottle of boracle
acid waa on the floor, Mra. I)al4
| nay* ahe had been In a party and
they had been drinking a area!
I deal Sim did not know what ahe
waa doing. aha said.
tor's desk and It will be a Job to
d*«Hde upon the merlta of them
There la vet time for more, how
«'"f. aa th«- contest doe* not cloae
until noon tomorrow (Wednesday)
and If you bare a good Idea of ad
v!ce fi«r t'upld tn your mtnd. t»ow la
tbe time to unburden It and Inel
dentally *tand a good chance o(
winning a bos, au. four, or a aei
of two seats at any performance of
I "Th» Heart Breaker*."
The ritar print* above aome of the
commandment* written by Hecttle
|MN»pl« today.
tare by a Titanic survivor. Kdward
Itorking told t>f tto» horrible die
The headllner I* the Verona
troupe of lady cyclists Gertrude
Verona and Master Walll* are f*a
Hilly Link and Hloaaotn Rohmann
made good wltb son* and atory.
Robert Hlldretft presented "A Foer
l««af CU>v«r." a sketch la which ha
played tour character*
Pantag»-« thla »«* b-adllrt«« a
good bill with a telepathic piano
playing act. The set la put on by
M erred «a and hi* waiatant, Mm'
Hfantone M»n*d*a rrw* through
(It- h»u«e. and fwraona In th« audi
vera wblaper to dim the a»l«-tk>n»
they want Mine B'antone. seated
at the piano instantly ptaya »b«*m.
flrat calling out what waa aakad
The Or««t Himk nomptn; put
on • roller *kattng act that I* very
pleasing Th«r are yo'ing i«dl»*
*nd perform many dlffV ult and
cl»v»»r feata on the »k*te«.
It'a the aame old Hilly "Single"
Clifford at the Seattle thla we-ek.
and the comedienne I* even better
thla trip. "The Olrl. the Man and
the Game" la the mualcal comedy
Clifford and hla big company offer
Jack Trainer, In the role of
I'ncle Rudolph Cattermole, geta off
almost aa many laugh* aa Clifford
himself, and one could not be bet
ter adapted to that part than he.
Mlaa Mae Colllna la a rule bundle
of femininity who win* the audi
ence from the moment sho appeara
on the stage.
S Iba 4#r riff**, II: 6 Iba baking
powdar, 65e; ifn cnron, 10<; lb : l>»tk
. hOopjiU, tto lb.; cocoa ahidla. 2 lb«
lie; 6 01 vanilla or latnnn attract.
Mcl choiolata, X6c lb .
all 60c teas, 45c- lb.; Imported ollva
■ill. 4>ic pt . 76c ill.; 8 lbs, roasted
P"*t>uta, aio; 2 Hi* Cream blenil
o»ffee. r>sc; H-lb. can cdooa. 20ik
Imported cor oa, 4«c lb.; aaaortau
aplcea, in can.
ion MCK
plr-nlo bama. 10<- Ih club aai>*age,
KHc lb.; I-af lard, 14c Ih,; l*n unit -
ti>a, I3ty< lb.; pot ronat, 100 lb., boil
ing inaat. 9c lb.: Shoulder lamb, Ic
lb.; nwi>ft pl« kled pork, 14c lb.;
bonaleaa corned b"«f, lJVifl lb.; Yak
ima potato**. It Iba. 26c; *wc*t po
talooH. 6 lb* 26c; dry onlnna, 6 Iba.
10c; tomatoes. 5c lb., jfr&en peppers,
10c lb.; crab apples, 26c box.
25c Jar preserves. ldo; l#c bottle
sour pi'kles, to; 4 pkn* v«ftnlcelll.
26c Value rom, 2 can*, 2»c; peanut
butter, 20< 11) ; 10b pk** slots or
corn staroh, 6c; No. 1/ sack flour.
26c, lard wheat flour, »5o nark,,
10 j! patent 4l"ur $1.10 suck; En
Kllth mufflna, 3 for 10<-; II loaves
luiniß made Jsu; watormalona,
10c oa'li, p'-MWiaa, 36u orate.
Augustus u I'cabody, truatea of
lh« .Seattle, Ronton a Southern.
*«• denied I tin right t»y .Indue
KYatar yeat onlay to aui the re
ceivers of tha company for tha fore
closure of an |K2!»,obi) moi-tuske
Tha com I held that Paabody tiiuat
file hla claim with (he racelvera
Ilka other creditors or ho tiiay In
ten una In the caae now pending he
tween William It. Crawford, for
mer prealdant of the rom|>atiy. who
I* Nanking to protect Ills II o*o,ooo
stock, and the railway cointiany.
The tiody of the man killed by
the tnternrlian at tha danßeroua
Kiado croaalnß at the OrtH'tk *ta
tlon laat Hattirriay mornltm. la atlll
unidentified. It has been removed
to lintterworth'S The man ap
prara to have been a lumlierjark
Thera waan'l a alnitle Una of writ
tiik lo Identify him. however
Thla Is the a<H<ond fatality In two
montha by dangeroua srade croas
Ings Dr Klnlnßer was kllleri at
Klvertoa In the latter part of July.
Idr I'Mltrg I'r*** !.*••*J l%'lra|
HAI.TIMOMK. Md.. Sept 17 C.
0. Morrison, a banker of llaltlmore
nnd prealdant of tha llavrti I>»
t»rare Hacotrnck aaaoclatlon. com
mitted aulrlda today by aatihysla
tlon In hla room* at the Italtltnora
Athletic club Morrison left a note
In which he attributed his act to
attacks on him by "yellow Jtiof
HHfc I «!#•! |ielaal«ar«M U|m(-
Heart** Milk K<« ..d "if.n,**will
«'—»■» l. t, . .
» 'ftarrful U|Mrt«i)r« for >uu Ii«
wonderful ability to a*ntJ>, but
•uraly panetrats and itvuhMi the
! dormant m. In the ri*«Mn many
of our tt*tr« r«fomm«<n(l It for it*
« uratt va
Olfrr Aft »0« «tl|
*"i»b to try tH* mo«t hlchtir ptrfw*|.
HI hvtrtof In«tfuni9f;( Tn yoar own
horn* bafora 4«*Hdi«f <•« lu pur*
| « h*a#. W* but* ltl4W|Mlll(lN| « llait
wher*bv you r«n ohdin an Audi
phone for « J© -day ta*t on payment
«# ft fttnall r»nui a« thli nttui i«
applied on p'jr< 1.*«9 uricft if |ro*i
*ho in 4 we malt*
euttahU illofftArc In «irH«nt« on
any hearing 4»v|m rtm m«v t»* itiinc
now »TOI ft ll l iTlin
r»io>r. i ix. *a« u»«t. «».
Ckarttr cm ii««i9r«. Mud«ni
Knralture (uhumb; •••
Stevens' Academy 5}
»»«rtfc *f« riM
(Nil. in| Unrialnd in
4 Private Letoona wB
Ital. r• ctt.*(. laaa»na MIH
i»»«n <ar >*4 aia
tii»i (><« iMifM^an
Wa4«aa<«ar lM Kulmltr
Mats I*ll. HW
ro mail guaacaiaaaa Tha data
■In 1 riitif ■ut>*rrißltoa tiptiM la
on tha agdiaaa lahal of Tour pap«r
Whan Hi«l data arrtvaa If i our Ink
acrlpt'on haa nat baaa paid
fo a <1' ar. i» yaur i» ama U IHK
from tfl Hal A rkaaia •' iala
an Iha adilraaa I aha I •• a raoal pL
i Hi» -.*ai.ia«»\» of aui raa'lar*,'
•a bat a aatabllahad agaoetaa at Iba
9. U- Malta*. ItaUard a*. PH"«a
Italian! :M
Ada n 4» aa lafl aj Oi»aa branr:,aa
aktra aim* rata# will '-a »l»an aa
at m»tn a# Oca Tranalaot rataa
tr> tOc par Una or • tlmaa lor tha
prlra of ( for raid ada
New 1 oday.
fthlrtwalata laundarad at rt>aa«nab!a
prtcaa All work gu*i allt< ad W»
• all for aad dallvar. No laundry
Phona llaaror* Itlg. '
Ulaaaaa fluad. I.* ■'■<> up llr.ikan
ianaaa duptl>-atad Bchwarta. <>p
tl. mo SI? Kplar Bill.
Kvdax •• • plug. lo< mil. an/
a|y* la "I «' Photo *h"p P• I Itld
Funeral Directors.
1111 Pirat a»a Main or Llltott »4»
I Hi »-.l', I i.H.'i i i k li.g I'ar hit a till
Mth N K North lit. W B Pork-
Ikumar Walaan Co. Punaral l»ra«-
tora Third ar. aad Unlvaratlf.
Main . I nil. It ?U
1411 Cnt f|nw»n 'leajgtf "■'Hi
Help Want«!d—Male
Solicitor wanted at once, aalary
propoettton. Hee circulation man
a«ar. Tha Htar. 1107 havanth av.
WANTKI)—Man and woman to |
laarn the harbor w»««i
paid while laernlra Call or wrlta
Mi*u Grade School.
\v,»"tili'i;t'>n Pt.
W*nt»»«l I*. r . imi '« «ir n n u<
quHlntr.l wllb tht retail grocery
trail* to handl* line «»f broom*
mail* by an Ka*t*rn manufacturer.
A K" >ci position to tti* right party.
A ppJI ant* *huul<) *1 vp full parti'
qltra regarding themselves as to
experience, i'ii' Addr*** r«pl(«l to
X-490, c>f* The Btar
Wanted 25 man at hntiee to l>ouae
aollejtore, "an make from 14 to
|S a .lay. "all at Thayer Mf*. Co.,
301 Lyon Block
WHV doee t,u»id.|iil«i ■ n I auita
TiniM trPHTAIItm llooni »»4 Km-
BT—a Theatre IlMlldlPK.
I.®urn to 1... u <ood mi at
MOLKIt riAltllblt C'll.l.KdM
Orel.let tat Ava
Ili.rr.t. Norman. tit Vnal.-r way.
Ki.' in* ?5e nnit '"<■ Men only I:..:
Wanted w»ll — lilt — leeroan. liiun
Third av.
iatea TfoteJ, Ml at It ati.l pTne I l ' iae
hath and jihona |l 11 w-. k up
I aaw It In Tlia Htar "
Tenvanutig h'a |ZOO kala Hit let a/.
It you *r« übl«i«
% n ! it» |» •rf c * t J
limrliiK fir I
mi old I
Can trumps horn I
or «lrum. * 10 <t«y|
irUI «>f the {
Impravtd ti#«rinic
loilfumcnl. A ll
Bfrir'-'" * K!, l
I m t 0 » t (n '
• (miiauvouii
la «vt««*t fti!
\ f ft'l (Jti ! ;
kijfl or
M ,
mrti(a *»fl
Help Wanted—Female
i -
rating woman hnnkkaaper and type
wrltar for out of town, ona with
family who would move prafarrad
To work undar kaad hookkarpar,
write atatlng »«* per l»-n< a ami ref •
eranoa |»raa Toll Townalla Co.,
Jo« Central Uldy ttvattla.
Waniaii fuuii) woman. alitor •»•
patlamad or laliparlmrad. to
Wuik aa lolopi ona opaiatura At
►If IHIII Ird av, ar tit* 17Ih
• * Tha Pa. in. Telephone and
Talafraph '"o _______
Mlaa ."inilti. nl llii> M'uttla. Kai.l.
man ami woman In town, M*l
emtka in and out of town, imt pur
«-'• A|>}.ly 1617 Third av
Mliorthaiol. bookkeeping II a tha
teacher! Mra Lan'a Itualnua.
Brl.eol Rnixi now aerurr bonua
111 Artade RMI.. Main fVJI
Wanted iIIt la for aenaral hmiaa
work l-*r«* Public Kiiuiloyment
Office. :oi 1.1 bell) Mldg . Third and
Nlgl.l ai'lmlarahlp i heap In flr»i . In.a
bualnaae college Bookkeeping or
•hoi *haiul K 111 iir« Mtar
Will «Un N it| fiit a iiume. •••.all
wagea, for )lnht houaawork. family
*f lliii'ii Meat IT»|7 1
Ijlrt foi HiMicral hotiaaworfc. tamllv
or three Ivl 17th av , near Ma
ilrana park
~•< tu lit rf POINT IltuN 14 M
KVriITTIIINd Kl.KfhltlCAl.
Hound ICle.trtc Co 1018 flral A*.
Ktlla Wet V'aali I Hindi) Italian)
'Male and Female Help
.HalJiHVtira for publlahlttff houaa, com*
mlaalon and aalary guaranteed, as-
P wrUnra unnweanry W« Ivaoh
you. /'ratnoni - Mallard, fiallard
nhout new dlarovery, Moward'a
"400 " Muparfluoua l air poaltlvaly
removad parmanantly fnaxpan
aive. etmpfa treatm«nt ITH nlK
i ICN i. N i -vwrtW.f I». Uk « '«• Agt*
Br. A l-aa la, eonaultlng chlro
piaf lor Moura 1 lo Id hi t4<-7 Ar
rede Annas Main !14t attend
l>of la Mr'll. tnc (liirantri'i <ur-«
CvTAIUtII Ii will braak up culil
II tiuura Hlopa cough 1 mlnuta*.
rm trial. *•( I'lka at
I 'i'M IL| COitn) parinanant.
•»atallan or d.t.Mlor. (row latar.
o*ar l#o raaaa cutad paat t«a
IMII. aaaa 1 in ff. Harvard
ftrat»m <1' Mttal BM* H*ftla
Vibratory lr«alrn>nl »>y graduata
aura*, ladloa only, raaaonabta rata.
Warn Hit.
OiU KTIH UI.AtV* ihmrw*. IH
■V'r . • . #« r MM 4||| •»
BKvSjSI? »l*y in ante tiring
mfiy ui*t«
Q*l A - jiulJitr ; N«m«> ai»<l
1, ftl ytot Hfwt
*• > 1 •% *» It In Th» m>r
Loot and Found.
Ntoien launch Klwha from Alkl
point 11*7 faat low how. fantall
• trrn. finished In oak an«*"mahog
any. half glaaa cabin. I cylinder,
10 h oraa [civ*r Huffalo •nfflß'
lAaml raward offered Addraaa
C Waff U0» Hit «v. S
Iml <m M.liann or M.ildlan airart
i'lr watrh with Initial* J to
I. Mi«rav*d on far* I red. I hlua
anil I whit* alone Ftnd*r plea**
Ohona Knat UM K. w a r<l
l/WT ranriilmon In *>l<h>ut<r.'
Why not try The IJHI* Htora That
(•111 for lailT Work « j«ran'**>
I^>al—A ill valor piara* on I4ih !•••
Iwaaa ilih anil I'oaraii iwrk ra
»ar '1 •»)! Jlrd N K I'hona Kan •
w«wl H
Parral ronlalnlna two nuraaa' <-ar
llflialna atata r«|Uirall»n. Krl -
_ !ar Jul OS K«#t »]»
>*<any a«alaa il.li lummai * l<*l
ut <ut a 11J mount th«m tn arii«ti<
)»vralr> Mir»n K>moni 111: ird
Li* Kit |[kwii Knsllali f.i|.<r
ttup. with collar, near Madlaon
park Vjiat «««*
an<l • laantaa C«*lortum Ilea
Worka Kaal sfl Wagon ai:» and
dalltar*. __
WIM »\<>ua« * ofhra Ni'ntinra >-a»h
<Ilbann c hanOlar (I* IMka M lIIT
r. lat lai ir.lai ..i«f i l_a«'» watch
i-h»r*n J*hrtn* N« lit* raward
L«at -<"ai f.mala. m<- Paralaii ra
maid Mra I l«.tl»i Atom it'-
llun.Ult.* I aua 1f a Mr ur* lafai-
Q A U»«
Houses tor Rent.
Family no ihlidrrn. lo rant l-room
«'«!•«. thoroughly fumlahad rot
laM Mallard »Mf hoard with
fainllt * 'hrtatta n famlli pr»f"r<-1
Haald..,, - liJt W t«th at- Phoi.a
ll* Maid ttOI John W I'atar.
nam-'-Ji »>««« wh«r« y»» ran gat
w»p»rt furnltara rapalrlna mat*
Iraaa ranoratlng and t<« hlni A.
T"rot>p A Co. II llall at. Phona
*•>""" WH
Viouaa for r»nt. aiao > eilrlni
lioMaa Inruhalor. brmvdar and IOA
rhlikana. for »al* ill a*
Mudarn i.uni >i <• 4 too ma anil baa*-
mant. til a month. W»»l Woodland
ar >i: W ««11. at
FUtsfor Rent.
J-room lowar unfarnlahad flat, mod
ern. walking dlatanca. It Adulta.
iy■ laan Anna J»»l
Apartments (or Rent.
Tha WaiUnstoa, i»ai Jgtkeon at.,
modern, miftirniahi-d four-room
ataam haalai! apartmauta. (t«
rang-a. prlvata hatha. lot kara.
alaatrlo *««b»r, ala<trlr a*aaper,
111 and up Janlii r
IITSO i mm furninliad f:»i lri~
■intra *11 Ttilrd av H, naar Hoy
at Phona w A. I»I7.
Copaland lour 1, 1 to'j Minor, t ro.nin,
furalahad. fit; phona. light lj |il«.
Ki I i»lor Apia I ui nl»i.» 1 anil u-•
furiilahad Ith and Plka Main 1141
M U»r»nra, IIOIW ill.--Comfort
abla. >l»aa In Main »it«l 111 up
Furnished kooms.
h'urnlahe'l room* to rffnt. $1 &• a
m»tl ohihlrrn (o t«k«* mr« nf,
tt c«n(« « «lay K«om ( nlc*ly fur
nl»h*rf and r|f>«n. 119 W K»t>ul>-
llran af fhon* Q«»een \». r,.i,i.
At o*orir#town, t rooms. rompFet«lr
furttUn«*>l. with pt«no »»n»l <«le<'trlC{
liichtm, fl*oo p#»r month. P)ton«>
Ailmtia ill
ll'»TKI Hhml* liiind, *U VltKlnlft ■(.
*Or -!• v nntl $3 Sfl 1* ftftk an«! tin
Mi' II 11 til* I Main «i.. brt» k
tiulMlr<« Ra»#» '.0» «t !up Hath.
l- jral »• .. ■ y n »| v and tig
ft""11a r.*■'• ami 6u«- 61; Slxlli av
Hotels And Lodging Houses
Nl o Clean housekeeping rooms al
Hotel l'mfton. iJii Ualierd a* Bal
lard 1181
11. iTV'I, < i A HKNI.i iN ll's 4lli "av
H Ho..ma '.0. an.l 7r.0 Rlllott Mil J.
HoTKI. nxKoHli. l»i» lit av . mod
«rn relet. II 50 par weak and up.
Barrlnatuo, lill Hecoud. week
1 gfc ...
Hotal Conetll. Ith and Waah.; rma
|l HM'l up, lifda I ftc I'rea hatha
Tt< iYA I. lit»Tl'llr 401 Mfth «v iia
to 7t. night; II 71 to 14 waah.
Hoiiiekeeplng Room#.
Kit nil abed. heated housekeeping
room*, kh*. light, Included. Queen
Anna 10*8* 11 N
OlVyNfriC APT A. *«io Wi>it«m IT.
—Hlngl* room*. $1 60 up; suite,
|8 AO up Nf«r pub 11 n ,nerk*t.
Cheap. w*ll furnlnned tran*l*nt and
' , mk«*plng i f"m* at Nj ' How
ifftii ifk >«-f»t*ifc. bin helor room, gun.
KA. $1 per week. Main 4812. 7)7
' vfdmhla.
I \ I l '-h ••• •'!" (/ f < •)
1012 Hike *t . Klllott .111*W
Karj«. >>'M H. K room." 71. Msrbm
Bonrd and Room.
■t».l for liouac rrni 4016 7lli av.
■N.. ffi, Kenwood 238^
I afK" ' ony rooina. flrapla.-.-a, plnua
ut.t. homelike place. Mciln 2951.
Special Notice*.
Halr»r| patronttgn
Situation* Wanted—
lirraamaklnir aawlng ra.ll for work
• '<<1 do mill.* gotta work llallatd
Buimeia Chances.
Kor your chnlre of 4 dapendabla
mm*. «|ean it'M u psylng bu»
iic.m k "..I to« i worth tHm
11.too. It,ooo, ft.ooo and
IJ.SOO P-tter he aafa that) •orrjr.l
Slid I** na AIJ4<) aho ut othtrn
that will < onalder trsda OTMIBIt
Nto<kn II AIU'WAKK, general
marrhaudta*. I 'I/ »TII IN<I and <11 y
gooda 17,000 to ft 0,006 I>ept II
A I«. fIJNK A ''O, ri'iniir Jfldg
For Hal* A good pacing mercantile!
hueln«*aa. muat a«II to m*#t rartalni
ohllacnttoii* Will aa<rlfl<** Ad
dress M« Mutray M«*r<antlla Co.,
M< Murray Wash
1 ' Irop •11 at and manicurltif parlor
fur a«la, good bualnaea *10 Üb
-16 i»ei «. Nt iim ]ri\t-nfiiM-iit
tstae. 9100 tu $10,000 201
Exchange — Real Estate
ft paaa«ng*>r Mlt' hall automohlla. In
good rapalr ond running order;
muat ha ao|g at o»ii-a For quick
-ale. $160 takaa If Moat be aold'
tomorrow hea J, L M
Ml '1.1.1N BHOS. laA.NI> CO
Main 7177 170S Third Ar
V " ! '» • [ * •• » ! t
lirnton-Southern car llna, on Ta
com* Interorhan not hayond Tuk•
wlla, for modern I-room home, ha
twean fratnonl end Woodland
1 1 g • "Vrf yfl.lrn iwi ) wUrc
at any tlma, If your prlca la rlglit.
f|e«| Katata K*rhange. ItO-btl
litmbsr Hi'-hang*
i lindar touring « ar. II
tfa.!. for lot K M Illnl, Noril.
Wil led lu to «0 ant I'tipr«.»*«d
ranch for a<iuitv In home In Me*
attla. owners only. Addr«as X 141.
Il»ro*al«a4 or ilmrt claim rallnqulah
m-m. Kantorn WaaMnftnn fruit
b»lt OtulMt bargain rvrr of
fate) Thimux 'Val« ♦«» Klrat
Farm Land*.
Owing to tha Io«« of l»*r huahand,
thlft lady mfttift us to ftftll har !0
ftrr«M of good land, with small
huu»«v running stream, duck p«>nd
and enough cord wood on the pla« •
t<» pay for it. for 11,0*0 It Is tfood
aoll. without •tone or grava). part
ly wall « leared \ mile lo railroad
siding, t% inlla to »< hool and
church. on milk rout#. It K. IX
and phone fan gl** terma on
11l I -11 Am ar I ran Hank Hid*
ICaaie Itartfor Chl« kan Ranch
Will (live l'oa**aaion at On<a
TWO ACHKH. $ 1.200
Half rash. balance two years, 7 per
rent. S-room house, t chirk en
house* rf»»« ken*. < «w. i alf Impla
mentft and furnltura. fenced half
«leered, and som* fruit. Ilabel
It-ally «*., 402 Ar.ft.tr Rid*
in HNuiloMiHii ' orSTr
NKA It Ma<hla«. adjoining mw milt,
wa have 10 acre* of fine land
rroaaed by larita at ream Improved
with I room hou"** and tliraa •mall
outhouse* Pii«« for 10 acre*,
• TOO. tarnift 140 caah. batan<« to
ault Itay from owner*
Third rioor Hew York Mlock.
I At ~Ktrkiand. on count}
road, within a few mln
uteft" rtda of the f*rry
do* k ideal location for
nou It ry and fruit farm,
will aell on ea»y terma.
ITVOO «a«h and 910 00 par
month Hurke A Farrar.
101 <Vrr> ,Ht
A create.
Tuaaday morning wa will ba pra
par*d to ahow our now addition,
altuata wf.i of poulaho and a*at
of Itangor Klna rich bla<~k Itmni.
Una flaw of muuntalna and ranal.
Ilaa wall, aurroandad by proapar
mia farmara. all dolag wall, ona
half mlla from aalt watar. wllhln
II minutaa' ilda of four boat land-
Inga I'rlra of anjr a«-ra. 111. I
a< ra« f ; IIM; tarma |l« i aah. It
montiilr Fur aala l>jr ownar*.
Third flo®* Naa York Hlock
IIS arraa In Kaohomlah rom. % i,»«r
Arlington. 10 a«-ra> rlaarad. Iwl
ani*a aa«da>| and In paatura. moat
ly rlrar hottom land, aafa from tha
rl>ar. moj houaa and barn, it
cnwa, ( hi tm. 1 horaaa. harnaaa.
top buggy. mowing marhlna.
wagona. ate . n«ar It It. alatlon
and county road. Prlca IIO.OOO;
fart trada
'UK WI-.UKOOT 1.1 Mlt Kit CO
ill Lumbar Kxrhanga Itldg.
<-|'>»HK IX IVAVI'II IIN T1: 11M M
If you employe) in A«>attU and
want a lift!* ranch to haip aup
iv*.rt tha family and add to your
bank arcount, romi* ovtr ami —f
thla j»la< #. for It la cloaa In on tha
new maratlam highway, a few
mlnulfn' rid# from the farry d«»rk.
Thrra flna trarta <>f rich tand, new
houaa. outbuilding*, well, etc You
can lira on thin place and work In
battle Hemeinner. It hoata dally.
Prlca 11. "»00.00. tarma llio oa raah
and IIS.OO par month Come direct
to Klrkland Take « Madleon car
and county ferry H.uk- A Far
rar'a office In Klrkland. or call 104
Cliarry Ht
110 acrea of wheat land. 120 In crop.
liouae. ham. windmill. ic«»«>d well.
II K. surveyed throuali land, all
fenced; amall payment down muat
he aold to aav«» other property,
hand all around aetllnn f«»* a 2. r » to,
ISO p«*r acre Take thla for the'
nast few daya for n » 00 pat ai rt
Bl*««»at baijffalii ever offered
No. SI.
MI'IJ.tN nnos. LAND CO.
Main 7«7:. i:o:. Third Av.
Five acrea of rich aldar bottom land,
only to minute*' walk frOM tha
Hound, 11,000. tcrma ISO • «ah and
1)1 a month. Will divide to xult
fturchaeer. Suquamliih la only one
lour'a ride from Seattle, and the
fare la only 2ft centa. Why vg a
htindred mllea front Heattle when'
you can Ret thla? Development;
taklns plate.
\.i lott lltO >01 iO New s ik Bljk,
<•» acrea In Hkaalt county, n-ai flcar
laik«. 7 acre* ciear*d. X-room
house. nart bottom land, balance
n#*<l*d In pn*tnr*. good noli, llv*
stream through the place, two
u• ••»<! Npiinfc*. unlimited riinaf n-1
joining for stock, ftn* dairy farm.
Price 11.000. on term*
WRBrOOT M'.MliP.lt CO.
Lumber R*vhajngc Hldg
I,l** absolutely l*vel and covered
W 11»» grow I h of li '• 11; 1<»• k i."iii Ma
rhla*. In Snohomish county, close
to mill, etc. Th* soil of this dis
trict I* very productive and market
aood. Tb* canning l factory at Sno
homish contrail* In advance for
all produce. If desired. Buy from
Third Kjoor New York lllock
11.M.. in 'what you are looking foi
lfio acre*. clo*e to 81lverdale,
Wa*h. 100 good shot clay, balance
upland; 800,000 feet of fir, Vfc mile
from town and boat landing.
Price $20 per acre. Here I* a bar
gain. No. 88.
Main 7677 1806 Third \v
HNA H I ha\ e a fine plei th i e
age, on a good road, within a few
minutes' walk of the ferry dock,
that I will sell for $425.00 terms
$25.00 cash, $10 00 per month. Ideal
for chickens, fruits and veg tables
\ big snap. Clyde Hack worth,
Klrkland Hotel Klrklnnd v
n civ* $I H ft, t! • Mown, f « monthly
Good land, easily cleafrtd. 2 miles
to Sound. u<p*i Seattle. 20t L.cgryj
Acreage Continued
Tllffi TWO
and you will find the** features
' oml'lßtd to baat advantage In the
Wbldby Inland land* ta ara aall
ing at
126 TO ||0 I*Kit ACRB
Now, bear In mind, thai theae land*
ara not out In the wlld«*rne**, but
» loan to tk *ettled fttrrulnu «orn
fuunlty, will flii*' farm iioiifa,
good roada. rural free mall dellv
•ry. telephones. schools, milk
routes, at#*. Tl»a *01l la deep arid
unuauallv rich. NO M«>ltK FKH
There are no stump* and few
larga tr##l. ami thin miana a big
eavlng In the Hearing of tba land
It |a aorh good land such cheap
land that you owa It to youreeff
to make a trip of lnapa« lion at
your vary flrat opportunity
301 Column |tlo< k.
(Muf cnWHN MAhcm
A Hnap Klna tra't of aldar bottom
arri'bga all and fancad. In
rrop. naw houaa « bb k*»n boua«- and
outbuilding*, fronting on a flna
trout lake, making an Idaal ram h
for dtu'k*. poultry, ralary or vege
tables. lajw prl« a and terma of
|U 00 par month. Maa Mr yran
ii*ruan. et offb * on Anderson's
wbstf, Madison psrk
Only $t0 raah and $10 par month
This Is rich b!*rk soil, and ha*
fr«eh water stream through It. on
gu • I • I own t > ar-hool, near
town grand vlaw; cheap fare to
|20i Third Av j
Nagr Huquamlsb, on county road, waj
have aavan l-a're tra«t* for *ala
at |T6 per atr*. soil is light loam,
suitable for barrle*. poultry, etc.;
feat growing town Ju*t a abort
watk away, improved ranch arroas
the fence, $ ac-rae for $176. 310
cash aer urea I acre* Buy from
owriara. ilast boat service on the
Third I .or New * rk 111 *
Itleh level land, easy to Improve,
slsatf of work near t»> coti*#»«
lent to Heattle market 3X& raah.
11.4 f . •. i >wner *»" i Third ;»*
ft acres rich alder bottom. 332-0. $2S
• a«b and 310 p*r month, on fine
road, close to a< boob It F. U,
phone, chemp fare to Heattle
Mo* Tl.ltd Av
Cilr Real Estate.
ir rot* wiu. uimcN to rbmon
Wa ran pr«vi» to you that you ahould
Inveat In our North Knd propert>
Only 4S minutes" car tide from this
off 1< «. (ood roads from car to
property. a«-H a rich loam, plenty
of pure water, land easily put Into
garden AaHe from briny no ac
ceaalbte to Heattle. thla land It
only a f*w minutes* walk from
K'lmondi. where the bl| Reaver
ftoard plant la b»ln«t built at a
roat of 92*%0<M1, where the Mil
waukee ft It la putting In apur
track* IXKIK Tfl in t'l* Prlra
• 12t a tract, lit caah. f& per
114 Northern Hank MM* 4th A l»ike
fio raah. ft monthly aeeurea any re
maining tra» t In the K. K Addi
tion to Aubura Thia addition ad -
Jolna N I* It It Juat five mtnutea*
walk from roandhouse. I*. 0., etc.
bota He level no tax*>a no Inlet*at
on deferrod paymenta. Buy from
Third Floor Sew York Rlock.
I room modern cottage. »1»< trie flx
lurea. ihidfi. pantry, good base
ment. frull tre«Mi. splendid view,
•aa»«amenta paid In full, large lot.
50alto. «loa* to Woodland park
ind two good «ar ttn**» Owner
rut price to I*.o*o. cash ftoo. bal
ance like rent. Take Phlnney car
to 46th »t. Ask
Phone Ballard lt"4.
$ • !x>\\ N. . \ MONTH
t-roorn modrm cottav*. ha. concrete
basement. furnace heat. firm clas.
ptumhlna. IlKhi futures nnd
shades. itilM lot. all Improve
ment* paid, near two car line*
Itargsln at IMOO no mortgage.
KZBT Ballard Av
Ftu.no Ballard 40»
nWNkn wim. si:i i.
Four 40-foot lota In WKMT SKAT
TEE, at real sacrifice: changing
business and will aall on easy
farm* If you can If- per and
want a real anap, address
The Star ______
ONE ACRE TOR 11.550.
$109 raah iccurei spier .lid. level acre
thla aide of Country Club, leaa than
■4 mile Everett Interurban and too
feet ft'>ni new boulevard, at-oiit to
be inai udamlied. underprlced 12*0,
will (five a period of five yeara'
time on balance
Third Floor New York Block
S-room cottage fine large lot. Sfixinn,
with a beautiful Sound view, otic
half blo-k from Phlnney oar and
near park entrance Owner com
pelled to aell; call today; easy
Mth and ITUnney Ar
Within walking distance of the rail
road ah ops. He., fine tract of rich
valley land, cleared, fenced, with
house, chicken houan, artesian
well, Price $l,o<M»o{>: terms
$75 no rn«h fIO.OO monthly Burke
* Fai rar, 104 Cherry St.
si'i.ENnti) MOM"'-
Of 7 room#, bath, pantry nnd closet,
right on two car lln»*a. corner lot.
acrons street from grocery and
market, nil Improvement* In and
paid. Priced $300 below market
for quick iilf, at f2.700; only f2OO
518? Ballard Av.
Ftoat Ballard 40t.
We have placed with tia for quicTc
sale a brand new 5-room home,
one block from Phlnney ar. car.
hath and toilet, open fll <>pln<e, ca
ment basement. piped for furnace
You ran buy 4hls for f 1,650, cash
f3OO. balance easy.
Thla la giving It away.
64th and Phlnney Ay.
100x125 feet to alley lu West Seattle,
ffo cash, balauce $15 per month.
511 Bailey Bldg.
Neat 4-room plaatered house, lot
50x100, improvements paid, st
$1.12 ft. Good Investment.
. 111 I -II N.i. Kll nt ftOjg,
For sale at a sacrifice, 2 modern
bungalows, all improvement a paid
In full, on corner lot. 80x120 Call
or nee owner evenings, 31f R
71nd. Phom Kenwood f|sl.
13-foot lota Phtnnsy av. cat
line, $200 and up, at $f» down nnd
$."t monthly; city wattr In. 20C
I/eary HUlg _
Lota front hik i" ■ K f ioa. i..t i s
19. bloc k 125, Woodland Park Soi>-
plemental. Jsa. Mitcheil, <17 N
«;oth :
Hl.tt'k north Mr nd -1: i\ . vi w
corner. 128x115; apartment site;
$11,000; 1-3 caah. Queen Anne u:
T\v«» rooms and lot . '»x 100 clt > wa
ter. gas, $550; part caah; good
term* PI one S> dnev :•!
Ifino 7-i'oOtu modern l.oine on Wliit
man uv., lot S0x1«0, $5,500, $1,000
caah. 4-room cottage $Sso. F. M,
Bird North *07
A beaut If ul lot near Itavenr.a park,
| $4uv/ cash. Qusen Anne 4i'H.
Water Front
('ormlatlng of 12 ncrea of th# beat
lend /•>( aeen. highly iifiprofti), 14
mil** from th« poutoffba, 4-room
bouae. iih» barn, <hl'k<*n hooaa,
water f»lp*d to the door. If# fruit
I reae, p»-arh*«. phi mo. p<-ar«. »j»
t»laa. jfunti, «herrlea t «
highly cultivated. S mrrmm elaahed
and 1 at** in timber I'rl' *
ft,(Of) Can you beat thl§? Mo 433.
MUJ,MN jlltOH f.ANI) <V>
Mill. V«. 77 120S> TMrl Av.
«"■' — ~ 111 .Mil ■ mtmmm *• M
For Sale—Foultry. _ _
All kind* of pure blfd pullet* bought
itnd •'ilil We have some escep
tionally fine Whit* Ho- |g and
Wlillo Orpington co> k*re!« fer **le
h♦ rMiontblft Drlcni Agent* for
M ' • i##-n i X I!m)T
Ineubfeton and brooder a Orders
taken for Pfiflo' coo pa. lull Una
of fw<l« end r«fnt(JtM. Fine fat
"poultry 4r#«««d dally
Top Floor Oomer Market
FM on« Klilott 32',* Flr*t • ■ I'lke.
Trreened rhbken Ifc par lb.
Hpr inic chl# ken ......... 260 par lb.
Live and dressed turksys always <>a
hjrS*le—Wood and Coal.
Patent duat pan with fir at load coaL
Wain wrlght j, Mcleod Phonea 111 I
Money to l,o»n
cirr and cofNTHr i/ians
On Improved or vacant pro party#
any amount, 360 to 3SOO, lonf or
abort lltua. «a*y payment*. no da
lay. Hturtavant 4 Co. 11l iioeton
lit WO to loan <»n Improved
propart*, «jui<k action
OHO Alt J FN«KN * CO.,
314 Northern Hank Bldg
314 N .rtbarr l' ■ k it, u 4* *■ £ J'ika
Ix>*n« from 11 00 «o to
Without Mcurlty or ln'lor*«m«nt
Planet, warohouan rcalpt* «le.
t.tb*r«| (.rina. prompt ••rvlca.
>«: K rt! ■• ■ I:.11 i, I. |* 4t «, i'lh«
l(»ai>v< t*t.!e plac. to borruw rnonar
on diamond* and )«w»lr)r; low
rat** private offices. American
Wanted to Buy—lrurnitiir®
. ■ - • « =..' -ft' rr;
ro» aale -- MiaceDaneous.
r —One (ixxl farm hora*.
««l«Iit I lo«, » r „n old Hot*
from work Trie* »I 0
™"*l be aold to com. farmer. All
kind* of boggle* and barn*** for
«»'e clie-,p <|] Weatlake av W.
yonder runabout with rum
ble. wind *b|e|d, top llglitt. *C'»od
tire*. Cen be u*«d for dollvery.
b* <julck. 11 <1 .a*k 1402 llth «».
Phone Kaat «»<.
damaobu hath tub*
L>*ma>ed bath tub*. |i:oo and up.
. otnplet* It -i»,l . 11l j„,i aT H,
l*l.fir» K""-i .-uoukli f-»r «(.> home,
very cheap r..r c»»b. tjratit
Vavtchan |1T Valley *t g.ieen
rre.iwry fir aale rhen, rood tmal
n.aa corner IT. A I.) neb. Q. A.
2 < 30.
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good a« nt-w, 3iJ Wan!-.inyton tt.
Klllott lit
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Addrena X-461. .Star
Naw nlmr.cm fur rant, rant nt/pilad on
pj>r«bAa< Mayar-fontr. 114 fnlon.
o*_»»ificd Directory
Tli« Cuidlu Lmdk of Commarc*
Ha».d ortlra. Toronto. Canada <!»«
l.ranchra In Canada, etc.) Oancral
banking bualnaaa la'.errat alio wad
on aaili jci and tlina d*i>«aita
.Sratt;« Htanth. Q. V. Holt. Mgr.
!&».*» l A*~~ M,iw AND CBCOKO
HANI) Urom and I'ocket Billiard
tabids and bowling aJlaya and m*
eeaacrlea; bar fixture* of all kind*;
Paymsnta. THK imi'NH
Klrat Ar. S Syattla.
WbHlwricu, wood turner, block
_n.»ker K K SOHK 1424 fl R. A*.
CAM. K.helman A Wilton. Main llf.
***'J*- Arcidt Blj( . formerly
W alker_ Bldgr.
*' <'• l'* r month: A~W~ Kline. aow
302 Denny BMg., formerly Arcade.
it repaired; guarantee!.
Hlnrkr«r. Elliott
141f. Free delivery.
nRTKi-TiyK »nnict
Arcade Bid*. Criminal and dtrll
private work: consultation confi
dential Elliott >4T«.
l,eß*! advice on any'subiect Yrea'Cr
pir®l Aid Bureau: la we coa'
cernln* husband and wife: ex
emption* from rarnlahmente la
_ -*T '» I.«IMI.»
CJ llerdle 15 yrs. experience In lilrh
e.t court, ill Boeton P!k Phone.
—Off.. Main tfu* t«iA
, li .aur A Kulin, Un-im ?I1 New
Tork Block. Probate practice a
»pe< laity
Hornrrer. t-awyer. 11l tnd & Con.ul
tatlon free.
Corwln TownaanX Batley WE
Coneiiltatlon free
that sell." Wnltxaa that nre (rood
"Clrlblrlhln": "Val«» Bl *u K»-
tudlantlna"; "Whlupcritiirn of
T-ove." etc. Frv Muntr r-0.. «2«
Wnlker Bldr Mell order, .nllrlted.
WAI.I.TNCJ Pluno Co, Jcin-TPI Arcade
Anne*, iwnn.l floor, opposite ele
vator*. Seattle
SvkeV Mu«l. School Mnndolfn wju
tar banlo Free In.trumenu CI
People's Bldr
OptomVtrt*t. 70t-fos L*kry r *BuU«-
tng Mwtn lIT 4
P»TF\T »TTmi\Bt«
end Trade Murk Attorney.; 31 year.
In Seattle SOP Oentrel Bnltdtne
Fen wick. Lawrence 4tt
Burke Bldg
rvnwm *>'H trnnri «
Seattle I'.ttcrn Works. SuTmtTPaP
South. Best equipped .hop Main
COfiS "
THrns n\mi\«- day
r"huto» that piraaa art mad* M
I.lhrrti Pld|r . .<rrt nnd Union
flc» SE«-T Main 7?lj>
i i * • \ i i i ? ■»
nmns .int AYI ?^~
For rheumatism. Tjikevl.-w Snnl
larlnm. 11th X '■' N'itili sr.'.
si:\i.h imi nrnnt-n
4TOII <f>K i*n Tlii\iiri»i ,-o
Willi"in ToUy 30? Tine nf
el h( K \v *Tr» nfWumt;",
NprhifpC Jcwols Jf.o o.u li, s.ujm •*,
lie Jacob«on. First uml s'iowait.

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