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Phott*: Trh *! o If*.• Urnny Ma I n »*»<' r*—wr t:
WWlisw or Tiiiv si hii i-* noirrii*w*i C*4ut m or
«CTTiUr.i. HMW k.*i.a ion Ir«c- -It. «»• •« 1 ""•*
~ . ,ii'« w... r-i-n'" •• »••'••"" nir
»r mall -Ttv. TKi p-i m..n l» .U moa .It ..... » "
Piklirtri ilnllr fc* "'#*>• Siar rMkli.kina '»■ *"»«■*' * —
The superintendent of Ohio's Mate reformatory
that 50 pet cent of the boys in his charge »re the
divorce, and it is likely that all the other similar
of the cotintrv contain a high percentage of nut » v
The tumble with these boys u that they couldnt m ect
their parents, and the state- society—wai indifferent in
spect of such selection. , ,
Doubtless the state makes a better parent, after the boy
has started wrong, than do quarreling individuals. ' '
who marry really burden themselves with respons.bihty'to
the state, and it docs not WW reasonable to
to bear all the cost of caring for children left derelict by .li
vorce growing out of the usual causes.
Wlien divorce is granted, the court seldom. If pv , rr «
quires bond for proper raising of the children, or My '
nity against the state's being forced to care for them. J c
court merely severs the existing marital bonds, leaving t e
parties to make new unions and breed more ch.irg< s for
* Ut The court 1 may "soak" the husband for big alimony, lest
the wife max suffer, but there's no consideration for the
financial burden thrown upon the state. Why not take from
the fellow who "buys his freedom in the divorce court,
is often the case, a little alimony for the taxpayers who have
to support Mate institutions for the reform of victims of
divorce ?
The Archbishop of York is making artistocrat.c Ei.Kb.ul
pay attention, bv expatiating, for the benefit of the idic ru >.
upon that parable about the camel and the needle s eye and
ether good things from the Htble tending to show that all of
tis must apply to St. Peter at the gate shorn of stocks, bonds,
quitclaim deeds and other impediments. *»•:«.
The good archbishop has already got Lords Bentink,
Shaftesburv. Methuen and Avebury warmly interested in the
|.and and Home League, an organization which declares that
90 ber cent of the drunkenness and crime in Lngian<l is due
to bad housings and bad surroundings and which proposes to
ret hold of land for better homes for the working people.
That anv part of the clergy should go off on the slant 01
Chancellor Llovd-George's land reform schemes tremendously
chocks the big'landow ners, who are one of the heavy curse*
°* A back-to-the-soil movement in Britain radically differs
from such an enterprise in America, as there is little sou to
go back to save that held by titled individuals who have ac
quired it by divine right of inheritance.
Yes, indeed, Christmas is coming. Shop early.
So far. Bill Taft hasn't expressed surprise that he got
l»ny electoral votes.
Really now, don't-chc-know, Sir Thomas had no thought
of advertising his tea.
The "original Wilson man" is already a regiment. How
the world loves a winner.
Our idea of misdirected energy is trying to bold down
jrour wife's Christmas expenses.
Turkey cries peace but there is no peace in sight for the
poor critter until after November 28.
Grocer reports to police that his wing has vanished. As
though that's not the ultimate fate of wine.
And otir idea of well-directed energy is sending a good
fat turkey to Mother Ryther's children's home.
That 30-foot leap by "Peg" Kelley for hi« $6 "beaver"
•et a new estimate for hats after the way the colonel's was
We arc requested to announce that Jakey Furth will not
heat his street cars as a Christmas gift to his motormen and
If Hay's tax commissioners had practiced on cutting
taxes maybe they wtould now be more successful in cutting
down Lister's lead.
It requires two columns to print the names of the
Itandpat statesmen who have joined the "lame duck" brigade
during the past four years. And still there are some people
•o pessimistic 4hat they claim the .world does not progress.
"They bad a dreadful quarrel laat night."
"That so? What about V
"She wanted to get one of the latest tight fitting skirts, because it's
ffcahionaMe, and b« saJd tf «he did bed follow the latest fashion note
for men and grow slds whiskers,"--Detroit Free Press
■ ■■%WWM
fl V ■ ■ B B• A I B H
>4 Pure Cream of Tartar Powder
Dr. W m * Sedgwick Saunders, Medical Officer of
Health of the City of London, Eng.. was good
enough to say that a long and universal experience
has proved a cream of tartar powder the most effi
cient, safe and economical, making food which could
not be deleterious to the most delicate stomach.
In England the sale of baking powder
containing alum is absolutely prohibited.
Victims of Divorce
It Stirs 'Em Up
Nothing' Serious
I It la MtlißiM ltd 100,000
'boya la IMi wastry are working
ttwtr ©wa wtrelees telegraph owl
I'oaalMr the reimhltrane are
figuring on mi tine litlr CbrliiMM
dinner In Conataß(lßn|>l«
They won't eat any ThanVaglr
lug dluuer.
Tk.r. < mmmr a mmm »H» kl»ka ytM
Th. frtr* mi |K»fk aa4
Who —> • Ik. I Ik* R>M »l ohalkr willk
Ultra hlv • tMXIM Mk*,
w h<* ku*la *t>«« li. i>«*m • 4—* i fi<
Aa4 rwnra * k.lf na I .r
Khn l».> I*a . oak. •» laMhlrr ► »»
Or half a H, h M flour.
Who ihmiiM «• » mmn«« n'**l
* M rail. >aalt<M Ik* (MM.
An.l Mr. Ikal ika <»•• •>» mtna w«
Will Hkl lit. Mlloa fc«M —
Who'll Ml« ta a *""4 fl»a 'lailar kill
rat ana a( ik. miaai akina,
Alt,l pli-k aoi • •»«! Ikr«e 4 .lla» (la
AM mnk« •• M kitrta
Wko II H..4 .1 a wiik ivaair mt%
And kuf iwiml tMw l«Ml
In Ircattaa Iko I» tt*>w Snake
Au4 w.t.r iwfta a aonaST
"The net ortmnii worn hf
ihe police," aajrs a Now York t>«
par. "khow tho uraeaful rurraa at
the *larara." More eaideace that
the Now York police are not
Mladlrectod energy-
Trying to pro* on t a flanaol
ahirt rrom shrinking.
Throwing oonfeitl.
reeling aorry for the Turks.
Cheering tor the Ilalkan allies.
It.*r«u lug that eoneltody waaa't
o tec ted.
* Religion Today. *
* Mr*. Wavupp— Ma Uwr hare *
* Jual had their Oral quarwli? *
* Mra lllaae—Tee, altar lk *
* yeara of married tlfa, thay *
* bar* Jimt diacuvered (bat *
* they belong to oppoelto #
* churcbea -Ufa. *
Tba Turku may bo hohind lha
tlmaa. but iboy ar« eliminating tba!
at ops In tba ruah hour.
ilano to \V»r. Hark FVbrutrr
A. t'apitailoroM." ia tho sign
on • Oreek'a fruit at two in Rocbaa
tor. Tbai'a our idea of Lha quin'
caaence of confiilenre.
A monitor In tba Kp» York «*>
geta • airloia steak and a chow of
tobacco every morning A whole
lot of mm bar* to gat along on
ibe chew of tobacco.
Mia Own Mailir.
"Drinking t*»er? Why. t thought
you «rnt a temperaaco man "
"*> I am: but I'm not a «la*a to
tba coldwater habit'—rack.
Out of Place.
Hawaii—l faal Ilka a fie* out of
Powell—l faal Ilka a horae In a
garage.—Heal (state (ipnu.
A hort Tlma to la Da ad
Ijml Monday night on* of tba
horaea owned by lieonre Ratu-b bo
r ante /*■! in tba stable and would
hare rbokod itaelf to do«#h bad It
not boon for the dog tla awaken
ed Mr. Heath, wbo aroee and weal
to the barn, where ha dlacoTerod
iha horao nearly dead from eter
'lon. M« baatlly untied It. but bad
It not boon for tba do* tho horao
would probably bare been dead un
til morning. CraaUlag* O, Ad»o
The Editor's Mail
Editor The Star: I read with
murh Interest In last night's Star
the article entitled, "Ooddard
Spouts, but Council (Joes Ahead
With Work." It Is tbe Seattle Stsr
that the people must depend upon
(o get after the obstructionists In
When t hesrd the Ooddard bark.
I looked around for a cause, and
found tbat former CUT Knglneer K.
11. Thomson was In town. It <*>r
tainlj la smustng to hear 'ho little
ones barking at tbe big ones. It
will be an easy matter to get una
"S(a 'ena. Alfonso." as long as fc«
Alderman Murphy remains out of
th« city council and Mr. Thomson
M Th' trwataea e'
■aalayaport hev
ivad tar dleclpllne
Hickory Bled
gaen, th' marahal.
He get aassy W*
Mayer rridamuah
whan th" latter
aahed him tar
full atealln' milk
off Hl« front
In the past 14 months 171 chll- i
drew have been killed by vehicles
in tha streets In New York cliy.
e e e
It takes all kinds of men to make
a world ome marry rich women
and idhera run for vice president
s s e
A f<» hound of average speed
covers M feet a second.
•urh Men Are Numerous
I buy second hand men's • iothee
sad shoea, send postal Hera. M
K 4th st Advertlsomeat In New
York Telegrnm.
And another gnnd thing about an !
egg strike Is thst the national,
guard la never called out.
What baa become of paper bag j
e e e
John langtion of New Hamp
shire was Ihe first president of the
senate. altUug when W ashing too ■
was Inaugurated and remaining In
tbe senate IS yearn. He waa a
e e e
A girt named White, of New j
14mdon. Conn . Insisted on nothing
hut white * her wedding, on no
count of her name. Kven tbe
bridegroom was white.
Thsrs Must Bs gem* Such borne
WANTED--Cook, lady or gentla
man; must be sober; country hotel
Gibsoa house. <1 !, acy. O —Adver-,
(laement In Cleveland (O.) Plain
Newfoundland baa 6W> ml lea of
s s s
There's a girl la Southern tn
ft i ana whose u» me la Dornfhy
Croaa, but sb. all* herself ttol aad
always signs her nsaie X.
The world's coal ronsußiptlott
has just about doubled every 10
year* for the last century.
s s s
n Orgy—ln lowa
The workmen were then caßed
together and Mayor In* man treat'
ed each one to a cigar and • fine
large appla—VUllaca ,la.) Newa.
• • •
Tobacco and sail are the only Im
ported articlee wot taxed toy Tar
e e e
Ranting* of tha hsrve*er trust
Increased 500 per r«nt le five
tears t'ongratutatloaa. farmers
s * e
The melancholy day* are enme.
And boobs with noodles narrow
Will pay their beta by pushing'
The winners la n harrow.
e e e
When Do Yeu Want te Deliver Him?
WANTKD Young man to dellv
la In tows.
KOc (hi* mm Ui|«T*r> mgal (It*
13.500 * year. OSK OK THKM.
Kdltor The Htar I read with
aorrow atxwi< the of Julius
Wa> land, owner of Iha Ap|>»al to
Reason. Isn't It strange that with
ao many In »ar land claiming to
• land for what la gn>4 and elsvat-
Inf. no on* other than socialists
asked or demanded that ths nor
ernnienf bloodhound*. I. a. ths t?
8 prnssrutlng sttornsy, !>« railed
swjiy from the throat of that kind
'v man ? lan't It a fart tuat hla «i
posur* of the raarala who were In
cbsrgs of tha convicts brought'
•bout Lbs |o«»mm»nl In * oat teat lon
of tha charges, which resulted In
ths discharge of (ha officials In I
I do not bells** tha fact of h(« I
coming I rial bad anything to do
with hla death. for he waa natural
ly a fighter. Rut. being an enthu
siast, and seeing (after stectlon)
how easily hla beloved humanity ,
could be fooled. ha simply thought
It waa not worth while. and ao laid,
down teh burden of Ufa Ilia llfa la
an lna|>lratlon to aoclallata to osrry
on the fight for humanity, for we
can see already on the hor I ton tha
dawning of a better day.
Kdltor Tha Btar: It la Intsr
eating to read tha proa and eons
In thla Krye A Co. mattsr. I want
to tall you what the small dealer
stands for. Whan a fellrtw idu
out of work and on hla up|)wr*. the
amall dealer la the man to whom
he cornea with hla tale of woe and
gete credit. Rut the moment he has
a Job, off he goes to FYye * Co , or
the market, pay a caah for nfa mint.'
and then cornea to the amall debtor
to borrow n poatage stamp. And
he will I willow like a bun If ha
doesn't get It. STAR RKADEIL
Bdltar The Star: I hay« read
Mrs Nobody's poem, which Appear
ed In The Star on November *, and
I do agree with her In that the
contest wna one aided. All moth
era In law ara not alike Mra. No
body'a little poem waa written
from a weman'a standpoint; mine
la from a man's:
My Molher-ln-Lsw.
She la old and wrinkled and gray.
And we all love her mrt)*e every
Rut, oh. ao awoet and gentle and
My wife wanta her always, and 1
She huan't it fault—no, not one.
And 'twna through her only daugh
ter I won.
Her virtues are, oh, ao grand!
Shea the doareat old lady In the
I'd cull i hla a Joke, but can't you
I love thla old lady because alio
lovea me.
er. 1M High *t —Advertisement In
Huffato ,N, Y.) Newa,
re •
"The price of mei# hi* gone hp
In thi. last year," say* the agricul
tural department. "but vegetarian*
have saved money," 'Peas up. veg
etarians. How much have you
No Headache, nillousneaa, bad
tan to or conatipatioa
by morning.
An you keeping your bowels.
Iteer ana stomach rtsac, pure ana
fresh with Caaearale, or merslr
tarctag a pseoagewar through
tbrss alimentary or drainage or
gens ever* few daya with Halts,
I > sihartle pill*. Castor OU or Purg
ative Wa b*raf
i Mop having n bowel washday,
let Oaenareta thoroughly clennne
and regulate tbe glomarb. remove
the nndlgaeted. Soar and ferment
log (bod and teal gases, take the
*f#«M bile from tbe lTv» and
> arry oat of tbe tystem all tbe de
• 'imposed waste matter and pot
•one la Out intestine* and bowels.
A Caaoarot tonight will make yon
feel groat by morning They work
while yon sleep — never gripe.
al< kaa or eauae any Inconvenience,
and oort only 10 oenta a boi from
your druggist Millions of man and
woman take a Caacarot now and
then tad bev«r hava Headache
milounaaM. Coated Tongue. Indi
gestion, tour Stomach or Constb
paled Pnwsla. CaatsceU belong
la afarr household. Chlidiaa Just
lore to lake lb eta. i
200 mjj| 200
W pim
|i _ We have no Pianos to offer for sale at less than cost, NEVER have had and .#1 FA
p(Q MEVF.R expect to have. RUT considering the many friends the»e Pianos will make |£f|||Sfl»Jf
fbr u* we arc g<>mg to be satisfied with a very small profit on each of these 200 old
Interest e * la kli*hed, we " known, standard make of Pianos which we have agreed to sell within Wffli
Guaranteed for IO Years
_ - This Piano is guaranteed for ten years, not- only by us but the manufacturers'
Tprmcl S|| guarantee is cast in the metal frame of the instrument above their signature.
lUIIIJfItTv Now this 10-year guarantee does not mean that the piano will only last 10 years,
Dor ULnnL ' or a P'*"o °1 tHu grade will last for 50 years if properly cared for. But the 10-year
id "Ctn guarantee d>>ei mean that if the instrument proves defective in either workmanship or
material within a period of 10 years from date of purchase that it will be properly re
paired at our expense, or replaced with a new instrument of same make and grade. Kg
No interest will be charged on any contract made for the purchase of any one of
these instruments between now and Decc:«bcr Ist.
Regular Prlcc $375.00
These piano* have been continuously manufactured by their present manufacturer!!
since 1850, and are recognised everywhere as standard high grade instruments and are
■old throughout the entire Hast by reliable dealers at $375 and are considered and ac
knowledged to be good values at that price by customers and dealers alike.
Our Sale Price $262.50
The Bush Ac l.ane Piano Co. of Chicago are manufacturers and have a large and
well equipped factory, but their trade this year has been such that they have not been
Turin* CI CA a^'e t0 '"Pf'y *' ,c K rcat demand upon their factory, and not wishing to lose dealers, U.
101 HIS fI.JV whom they have supplied for years, they have been compelled to purchase pianos from HO
D ||/ I other factories for their various agencies, and in order to get these pianos at such prices t , 4 9
iCr Wo£k ?* knew to be right, they being manufacturers themselves, they have had to buy lllltfKl
in very large quantities, which *he> have done in this case, and which makes it possible
to carry out their well-known policy of quick sales and small profits, and for this reason
this $C 5 piano is to be sold during the next six weeks at $262.50.
Terms $LSO Per Week
It is our aim to make it possible for anyone, who is desirous of owning a piano, to #1 FA
N|j t* sble to take advantage of this splendid opportunity and purchase one of these high TprmCjlSQ
w gTade pianos at the price they would ordinarily pay for a cheap instrument, and for
lllforoct '' la, rca,on wc h* ve made the terms on these pianos as low as $1.50 per week, which DAfUfiik
llllil wl •* no more than you would have to pay for rent if you were renting a new instrument »0 Itwß
of this grade.
Privilege of Exchange
Knowing these pianos as we do, we see no reason why anyone should wish to
Turmc CI CA an Mr ' ,>n ß e this instrument so long as an upright piano would he satisfactory 1^
Jll ' n the home, but for fear it might be their desire to do so,'we will agree, by written con- |W
n ill I tracyto grant the privilege to the purchaser, to. at any time within a period of two . , 1
ler WeeK y fars " «*thanje this piano for any new upright, Grand or Player Piano of equal or IntCTCSi
greater value, sold by us at time of exchange, we allowing all payments made on this
piauo to apply on the purchase price of instrument exchanged for,
We Do As We no extras or any kind BrSgTEi
AifuArtitA k'° extras of any kind will be added to this price of $262.50 for this instrument, ur.iL Vta
Aaventse free stool—free cartage. itiib iw_
Bush & Lane Piano Co.
Seattle Store—l3ls Third Avenue J
"They slsrtlld It. I'm going to
finish It I'll win this fight If It
take* m<> 36 yaara."
Thua Chart** It. Try*. president
of Pry» a Co., |*' kw», to The rttar
"Kvery ralall meat dealer In thla
town," be said. "I* a member of
Hi* Muster Butcher*' association,
an organirailofl wblrb fl«s* price*
and Impose* pnnsltlee for under
•elllng Ido not kiMiw It the meiu
bere of the organlsatlon know thai
such an association la unlawful In
that ll la a conspiracy a»:»inal
trad#,' but such la the fact.
"Horn* tin* before November 1
tha aasocimlon delivered an ulti
matum that Krye A Co. roust g«*t
out of the retail business or atand
• boycoit. Wo must ba packers,
and nothing more, the association
aald We musi close our retail
stores and rjull twilling to retail
rant*, logging cainpa. conatrnctlon
gJUiKa, and the like, We might aril
U) Utera, lb* member a of the nsso
elation, wholesale, but we inuat let
i tbeiu have the retail trade.
/'Two day* before November I
!wa announced a cut In price*. It
waa our auawcr to the ultimatum
Wo have all retail alorea. If n*c
'eaaary, I will open more We havo
; reduced th« price of freab meat
' from 16 to 25 per crnt.
"We are losing money, but we
ran afford to lo»e money If the
other aide can We have #00 men
on our payroll. We could let
1 tbeae men go, and quit cold, but
what would become of our trade?
I d rather aell at a kiaa and bold
the trad*.
"You understand we ara not
wholesalers now, but retailer*. No
retail dealer will buy m«;at of ua.
We are boynotted."
"Wbat will be the effect of the
fight upon lb* email dealer*?" wa*
'If they meet our prices they
will loae money. I am sorry, tor 1
suspect many of Ibe small dealer*
are unwilling members of tbe as
socialion. But there am big later
<-st* back of tbe asao< l»Hon la this
fight, egging It on — Inn-rests that
know tboy can never get a monop
oly of the trade hera unless they
kill off Prya A Co "
' What Interests?"
"The h«-f tnist."
"What If the beef trust killed off
Prye A Cor
Meat prices would go hack to
the old figure* and higher, and com
petition would be deader than a
cured bam "
Thl» li rryr« ild« of tfee k«
Ma d'-nlea hf I* a trwrt."
•ttr th" roerlta of th» cue, It kg
leant (rue that Krjre k a Bfkkt
ll« )• a biff man, with hnfe to.
bams, a body like Jim Jettrim. M
a brow Ilk* Wllllaa J«gZ
Chauncejr Wright, tlx rtrtaaaf
man, «ai lnti-rvtewed.
"Let era flfftat,' tald "Ckvemf?
"It m< ana <h«*p meat WM*
ever aide loaea. the public via?

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