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hLtt. turkey l« *< M centa a
m this year. Some lucky Star
r§ C. 0 r girl is going to have the
. ,_k -i the butcher. Going • R" a
Jfht 10-pound turkey for the price of
*Itut atamp Head a»H>ut Uncle
Turkcv contest, page 4.
-Uncle Sam'* Independence
*V will aUo ** ,hat ° f h,s
PKlk brown brothers,' the
was learned to-
the plan* of leading
yjjUocnts do not miscarry.
I To five the Filipino* limited
on July 4 next
kXned at the special tes-
Wgtof eon|Te#s to be called
u preudfnt-elect Wilson for
April 15. He announced Fri
that ne won Id call this
Ibhxhi to revise the tariff.
1 Menry, of she house
IHll eosMalttr*. listed today that
fattt (Hr "err first measures to
S| takes BP by the house. with w
»mr r< of paaasxc would b»-
§5» nfltpptcr Independence bill
''flfc waaar* vaa drafted by
(Mniaa Job** idem Virginia* of
At few lasaUr affalri committee
I "Tfcs rmlM committee haa nlvrn a
Vttia pWge to Representative
jftm to rait up the Mil tinder a
■Kta) privilege rule." said Repr»»-
Hetn todar
| tk» weal' was staled to be tha
IfMbUac ' ,iock ln ,h " r' (h of
fißMate «oar r meu° of the taw. Ita
mSmm*n fear the repuhiicaia
iSstwmrt to prevent Ita pisaaac
iTW Mil provldaa fbr an **»em
tf of Ft It [4 sos to be alerted by
wpli im< intinatp withdrawal
4ti Kmfrtcsa supervision of the
°Moa» government la slso pn»
I Isaarl Qaeton. delegate In con
kmm tma tha PWMppmes, la lead
*tw mm
ft*** ******** ******
J& MUHIAi«. Nov li. TV *
iifUtMaa of K»r»t<r.iit Turkejr *
ke 4tartta*rd here next *
HlkMi; at * meeting of *
|» iwwlMi of the Balkan Mate*. *
•ft Wfriln* to annouucameat *
I* Mk Wre Mar Guar Krrdl *
ftMHI at Hnljarii it U.«! !. *
I# *18 bt preaeot at the confer- *
Nov 1« —
Wtof «fB act accept peace on
P Jl» Md town by the Hal
aaaooacem.-M In thl* ef
*••* mad* ber>- today. .Tbe
»4 Ma advisers sent a
proposition to Sofia *o
the allies coo Id get about
~*)j"t they daman. 1 »<) Turkey
to grant autonomy lo
jHMNIa, but wants to retain
■Jhalaojeraltity there
P> (Hhasiu government la on
abandon tke real of
2J> *4 object* to tbe Inter
•PMllMUoa of Constantinople,
—i■» aad tke other cttiea.
MLS; I treasurer
' *«WOTON. Nov It Bee re
~*-a» Treason HacVeaah an
*"JWay that Carmi Thomp-
Tafts secretary
baenwe treasurer of the
vnpf etatss next Tuesday, soc
** MeClung, resigned
CBAIUXgToN- W v, Nov. 16.
J** *•* "Win pro-
I^T.« Kanawha coal field*
Ot»sacf« k Soldiers
'3gg, to Creek to eecort
Z^yss"*' r * to work In the
. gMk IT ' n """ Kanawha
12"' **• «ll*d several month*
®* °* !€ of the finest instincts of the human family.
man who owns a home site in a growing city
••w ts Seattle is, not only has a splendid invest
®«nt but he has a feeling of independence and self
'J* nce l^at worth a great deal more to him than
the amount of the actual money invested.
On page 3 in today's Star David P. Eastman tells
■ow it is very easy indeed to become the owner of
» homesite. This is just one of the good messages
appear daily in the advertising columns of
The Star.
Want ads are little wonder workers. They
rent rooms for you, sell or trade for you, or if
~ ere is something you want to buy they will put
V* , in touch with the person who has it to sell,
JMcWy and cheaply. Phone Main 9400 or Elliott
°r call at The Star's downtown office, at 229
nu> n »t, with the Souvenir and Curio Shop.
VOL. 14. NO. 224.
tßr I I'rvaa U*»4 »lf«i
l«OS A.NO ELKS, No*. !«.—MIm
Mabel Normand. a moving picture
artreaa. la reealvlng the congralu
lationa of her friend* io4»r on her
barrow ea<-ap« from drowning.
The acme waa laid on the heath
ne*r Topanco can run, lh* plot be-
In* that th» heroine »k«iiMl he tied
to rorka and overcome by the aurf
At •itx* targe breaker w*»n« ti
Ml* Normaad a way *n<) daeheft
her icatnat (he Jacxed rocka
She »aa drawn front the aurt ba*
tered and uueoaacioua
iWr I «»t#4 r**— t mm—4 Wl
PORTLAND, Or. Not. 1« The
parent* of Gustaf Eai'iy Vail. •
young plumber, missing alnce
Auguat. have rrr>»»fd search for
hlui ilnr* Mr* Hattle L. Vitl saw
hi* ltr» clearly outlined In » mov
tnr picture film of the last »;am«- In
!k« Pacific ('wit h«|Uf at Han
fVurlira. The mother had the
thratre management rur the pic
tar- over again after the plir» waa
> lofed for the DlKht.
The particular portion of the film
I* being photographed to aid In a
BPOKANK. Nov l«.~-8eattW- Tll
llkume arrived in Spokane thl*
morning. JR atrong They were met
at tbe depot by member* of the
tribe of Knakop*. aod formed part
of a parade that afterward* broke
up Into a atght aeelng excursion
At noon they were given • ionrh
eon at Davenport'*, then til ad
journed lo the fair ground*. whera
the National Apple ahow la being
Democrat* of Seattle will hold
their flrat official celebration over
the election of Erneat Ultcr tonight
In the Collieum. wh< n the gowrnor
elect, atate and county chairmen
and other promlnen'. democrat* will
orate and celebrate An automobile
parade will precede the meeting.
The Seattle Star
This man. Morgan Powell, la a dangeroua fellow,
You have only to look at the picture here
to I*' convinced that he'a a menace to aoclety.
Powell la one of the S»0 m«n on strlko
at the Itcntou coal mine, which Is owned
by the Puget Sound Traction. Uglu ft
Power Co., which la owned by Jskar
All the strikers are turbulent fa!
lowa, Tba company says so. Powell j
may be a dynamiter for all anybody
knows, according to tba company s way
of thinking. Duly the other day
the tuarahal thought he had to ash
the government for 10 additional depu
tlea to protect the company's property
from such fellosra as Howell.
If you didn't know how tur
bulent Powell la, you'd be In
clined to like him He haa
Rental wavs When be maeta
• tsakes hands friendly
like There's a friendly twlnkla
In hta n>cs of course,
a -Iker tar
and dangeroua,
you are uils
these surface
algns an amiable dl»•
There Is sin"
la a dvnsmlte
a oopy the '"Pop
u I a r Mechanlra"
magaitne That
show* b«'s cunning
ms ss turbulent.
a k
la aoma can
trap lion at home," J
tt may Iw true for
there are many Incon
gruttles In thla viol, at
man'a make-up You
see. ha actually does
home —bought
and paid for, every nail

up a family of
children now grown.
worked In the
mine years. haan't
ever been arr. »ted.
and has l»«rn a tax
l«ayer for years
It "a a »j jeer strike
■' w " « I PIIIKf
anrltow. Tftoae "dynamiter*" t#r§l»t '» beh«v
toe therowltea. poaalblr with the Idea of mta-
•UFFALO. N. V, Now. If.—Miaalng since October It. ths body
of Joseph Joseph*, sevsn years old, waa found hsr* today burlad
In a vault In the suburb of Lackawanna. Police ara looking for hi*
Whan th* child disappeared M waa baiiavad h* had bean kid.
napped. Hla fathar, a grocar, recently offered $1,000 reward far
new* of hla child. Yaaterday ha received an unsigned poet card
marked Chicago, saying the boy had been murdered and waa hid
den in the vault.
The murderer la believed to have written the card.
For land's sake! We Ju*t re
membered What with polltlee.
and ' he war In Turkey, and other
Journalistic trifles, we clean forgot
all about the more Important mat
ter of Mrs Jones, scrubwoman
But now that election "a over, and
the I'napeakable Turk la a* good a*
licked, we've come to our Journal
l*tlc sense* again, and are now pre
pared to report progre** on that
"home of her own."
The deed la drawn and will
be filed Monday. It glvea to
Mna. Mary M. Jones actwb
woman In the Lumber En
change. for her lifetime, "lot
3, block 0. Wetrnors addition"
In Columbia City, and pro
vldsa that, whan Mrs. Jonee no
longer haa r.aad of a homa on
earth. It and the home that la
aoon to atand upon It, shall be
a haven for other old and tired
ladles similarly altuatad.
The plana have been drawn.
They provide for a four-room bun
galow, eiactly 20 "feet square, and
containing a living room, a kitchen
and two bedroom*
It Is hopecl to begin the excava
tion for the cellar nod the leveling
of the lot on Tuesday of ne*t week
The addition being practically level
and having natural drainage, but
little leveling will be necessary.
It will be a substantial house,
built to last. The foundation will
be of stone or concrete and will be
sufficiently high to give a free cir
culation of air tinder the floor, In-
I ■ ————■ ——.
SEVERAL THOUSAND, MISS LIBERTY® carried torches down
Fifth iiv In the suffragette parade.
SIR WILLIAM RAMSEY of England lays the Unltod States Is
the most wasteful nation on earth.
A CIGARETTE BUTT served In the water glass of Thou. Nance
In a Portland restaurant, caused him to throw the glass to the floor,
breaking It to bits Then he notified the board of health.
THE BODY OF a blue heron which tried to swallow a large fish,
the fins of which punctured It# throat, causing It [a bleed to death,
was picked up at (»lg llarbor,
FRANK LUCAS WAS held up nnd robbed of his money, bat,
■hoes and trousers In Han Francisco last night. Lucas got home via
the back alleys
PORTLAND, OR.—FRITZ VEDDER Is minus a V shaped sec
tion of bis Hp, where a militant suffragette. Into whose room lie had
climbed while practicing to be a fireman, hit htm with a bootjack.
THE HUBKY BAGGAGE smasher's chortle as he throws truuks
to destruction Is heard no more. The Halt Lake road hus Installed
rubber mats, on which baggage must, be unloaded.
TO OVERCOME THE handicap of a dry town, Frank Kern of
I*ong lleacli. Cal„ took a generous drink of ocean water. A night In
i Jail restored his sanity.
aurlng a houae thai will tw free
from damp. For old hor.ea art
prone to rheumatism
It ought to be a perfect little
houae. ao many mlnda are at work
upon It. The roof man, the chltn
ne* man, the real eatate man. the
union carpenter* and plumhera—all
are giving material* and labor and
are taking a peraonal »n<l active In
tereat In the enterprla* and co-op
crating with The Star for all tbay
are worth.
But there la one matter of tre
mendoua Importance concerning
which there la aome diaagreement
What color ahall we palm the
It seems, howevar. to be the con
sensus of opinion that a bungalow
ought to be green
<i>r Cmiml pw« wu.»
PRINCETON, N J.. Nov. I#,—
Yale and Princeton tied here today,
Cto « Karh team kicked two goals
from field.
* *
* Kalr tonight and Sunday. *
* brink easterly winds. Temper- *
* ature at noon 65. *
leading the publlo into believing they art nut dan
ger<>ua feUowa.
The strike la four month* old, yst there are
oo moba, no aaclted gr<>upa. snd
tfca atrlkera are not nrmr<l Chil
dren cuing to aehool uae the
couutry road which brlnga thmn
two feat from the gutea of the
"bull pan" loading to the mlu<*
Rren the company'a guard*
Uil the deputlea aeem to regard
tielr dutfke u t>erfunctory They
ha*« no rtflaa. They are buay
Wiling tint*
Hera's another funny thing
about the atrlke: Seattle la
the chief market for Ken
ton 4 coal. There la no Ken-
Uittttoal aold in Kenton. K>>r
k Kefl(nii haa become the beat
A rlty In the atate
Mru* the atrlke a'arted.
Ami the people of Ken
.ton. merchants and work-
Ingmen alike, aeem »<•
tually to be In aympathy
with these violent men,
end they will not buy
Kenton coal while
the atrlke I* on
"The union
care of the atrlln-ra
and continue the
atrlke.' said Preal
dent Kussell. of
District 10. I'nlted
|Mine Workers. to
"Tbl« district
haa not asked the
■ ! national oraanlna
tton for help None
of the men carries
arma No Ttolence la
You *«•? DUboHc
al. Ua'i It?
"No violanc* twntem
Knaaell la a
fellow, too But cute.
Kuaeell la a type of the
"Mtliator," lh« "dan
gerotie d—ggngue,"
w ) who 'appeala to the
baeer i*»stona of the
unthinking mob.'
And I'owell la the
* ro<tt>"
J. 1.1 r-.o* thing* irr lo R*nloo. Tb» «>l»
pu; • «u*rd» wd J»«r
Now, L«t'» All Go to
Shucking Oyster#
16 Bdviri Burn*, a cafe wait
er here. i» in »y—»—<tf today
of to titiuaually Cm pearl.
« blch h* found while >huck-
Id*" oyater* for a fintomw.
-I ll give yoo »IM» for It," aald
a Jeweler »bo w*a In the r**
Rare* refuaed
•| would have let yon have it
for JO cent* If you had told me
that 11 *u only worth that," h«
INDIANAPOLIS. tnd . No*. 1« —
How Jamea B. McNamara. re mora*
i flit ov*r the beery Umm of llfw In
th* 4yf>amiflug of the Ixmi Anxelea
Tlm< ». w*eplngly declared he want
ed to die ami basiled to be ahot,
wee 'i>l4 In the t*. 8 court here to
day by FYank Bckboff. Cincinnati
i Iron worker, at the trial of the 47
'union lii'ii rharged with illegally
tranapertlng dynamite.
"We were hunting In the wooda
Vrk of liallagh. Neb.." aald Kck
koff. "when Jim nuddcnly began
• talking of the I-on Aneolee affair
John McNamara had aent Jim on
the trip to make him forget the dy
''aamitlug John gave me $75 and
•»i>enae« to go up there and to help
cheer up bin brother
"Jim and I had aat down together
an a log.
"'I want to die,' he auddenly
thouled at me. 'Won't you pli-aw
promlae to ahoot uie aome time
when I am uot looking?' "
Paaadena, Cal.—Wm A. Scrippa
ban donated to the Emergency
laagiu* her* an elgbl-arre tract,
with a houae for a home for the
Victoria. B. C.—Soon aft*r th*
arrival of (he Panama Maru, >ea
torday morning, a quarrel occurred
In the fire room, In which 8. Iknda,
a fireman, stabbed W. Ito, an oiler.
ri*aa* prtut a re< Ipe fur stoning
ppiniiklim and print It at once, *<> I
■•an ian my pumpkin* l.ator* thvy
ret. V. n.
Sandpaper or file your pumpkins
and ran the filing* or partlrles Just
•a you would preserve blackberries,
•ut, whatever you do, don't can
Uieni after they rot.
Three different time* the name
gvntlemun h*» offered m* hi* *rat
In a *tr*ct car. What doe* It mean?
—Annie V.
tt mean* that yon are very hand
some or very old, or that, the gen
tleman hua not llvrol In Seattle
more tlian a week or so.
What I* the best way to reduce my
■»» bill? It M W
Hum coal. That Is the best and
only way.
When la the bent time to have tny
hair out?- Algy N
When it's long.
To decide an election bet A ln't*
11 thai Taft got innrn vote* by 17 In
Uiiktlten anti half a* many aunln
esccpl three In Tukwlla than T It.
■ nil I>eh* combined did In (Ha Har
bor. C cupper* the bet* of both by
lnyli»g !' to t that Cliafin led the
flt-lil Who winsT
Wilson; that's all.
The arrest last night of A. A. Nordskog, a private detective, on a charge of tapping
a telephone wire leading to the Burns National Detective office, in the Hinckley block,
promises to develop into a sensational case involving certain higher-ups. The evidence
against Nordskog and involving others was gathered by the Burns agency and the warrant
for the arrest was issued by Prosecutor Murphy, who announced today that he would push
the prosecution of all involved to the limit.
Nordskog;, it appears, was employed by the Burns agency during the Hanford investi
gation but was discharged ju>t before the congressional investigation of Hartford wan be
gun. It is alleged that soon after his discharge he was employed by person* interested
in saving Ifanford, and sensational charges of attempts to tamper with witnesses in the
Ifanford case are made in this connection.
According to Prosecuting Attor
ney Murphy, Detective Nordskog.
while not broaching the subject In
definite terms, put a number of
suggestive questions to him relut
ing to the prosecuting attorney's
policy with regard to promising Im
munity when he made his state
ment about the wire tapping Satur
"I told him that the prosecuting
attorney's office was not in the
habit of promising Immunity. 1
told him that the truth ought to be
told whether It Involved no one
else or Involved a dor.cn of the
moat prominent people in Seattle.
Nordskog came up to iti> office
with Deputy Prosecutor White,
whom 1 sent after him. We out
lined the cfcae against lilui Nords
kog tried to remain unmoved for
"He told me that he whs not con
scious of any law breaking., when
I charged him with not only tap
ping Ihe wires but using the Infor
mation to aid In the obstruction of
Justice by selling valuable items
he thus learned so that certain
people got away from th« authori
ties In important cases. Nordskog
paled perceptibly when I turned to
him. saying:
" 'I know that you have In your
pocket at this very minute a little
memorandum book in which you
| This photograph shows Norda
kog's room and hla fakad phone In
Iha Right hotel. With the receiver
over hla ear the detective could
I hear every word passing over the
' telephone wires that led to the
i Burnt office. The picture below
shows how the wirea came In
through the top of the single win
dow In Nordskog'* room, then con
nected with hie phone receiver.

(R) I nlird I'm** Wire)
I.ITCIIFIKU), Conn . Nov.
j 16.— Gustav Schwab, former
| head of ' )elrichs & Co., New
York, died from hanging, and
I not from heart disease, a* was
i supposed, according to a ileath
| certificate on file hpre to<lay
[by Dr. Page, medical exam
-1 iner.
Schwab, who died Tuesday
i in l)r. Heul's sanitarium, com
mitted suicide by hanging him
self with his bathrobe cord,
i His family withheld the facts
lof his death.
kept the names of those who gave
you money, of the casea you worked
"Nordskog had nothing to say In
reply to that. The little book was
afterward taken from him when he
waH booked at the city Jail.
"Neither did Nordskog have an\
reply when 1 »ald to him:
"'You were right when you told a
certain person a few days ar.o that
Murphy must not, under any cir
cumstances, find out that you tap
ped the wires, for there would
something awful be to pay for It.' "
I Takagaki and N. NaKasklna.
ringleader* of the gnng of .Inpaneae
tut lion huiulh thai attacked and
severely beut up lliakeim n Josl.vu
and Thurston at Klchmoud lleach,
were caught in a lumber yard at
Kdmouds last night by Deputy Sher
iffs Beebe and Fteemau.
The .laps escaped after the gang
hud been driven back by the revol
vers of Engineer Parish and the
t r.ductor of the w : ork train at Kich
n-ond lleach.
Wahklacua. —This district loses
one of lis most prominent citizens
In the death of Malcolm Mclnnla,
iheatl of the Kyle Tradiug Co.
YKS, and some woman reader in going
to get her Thanksgiving day tur
key at The Star'g expense alio by
winning Cynthia Grey'a content, page 5,
And Cynthia promiaes the biggest and
fatteat bird in the market.
1 Manager Thayer of the Hum*
■iwcy claims be learned hi- wires
were tapi>ed early In July but the
1 api>er hart at that time been at
work nearly a month Thayer al
lowed Nordskog to continue on hia
faked phone tn the itiirht hotel until •
lie could Ret hi* evidence against
the tapper complete.
It la hinted that certain evidence
In the Hanford ease was secured
off the Burns wire by the tapper
, and waa turned over by Nordskog
to hia employers.
Nordskog remained in the employ
of the aatne p' r»on« after the Han
; ford case *m finished. and during
jtihe past few weeka he has been
i Kathering "evidence' against Rev.
j I Leonard of the Flrat Methodiat
! church and lealnst member* of the
women police protective force to
j l>e u»crt for political purpose*.
Strong Evidence Becured
Affidavit* and evidence already
km the red in the ca*e. It I* aald. will
warrant the bringing of criminal
charges again* t at learf two promi
nent men. and the nam" of a so
; iierior court judge utay be drawn
Into the disgusting mess.
Nordskog remained in jail all
night and had not been able to Rive
ball up -o noon today, although At
! torney Hammond visited him to
day Books and t*t>ers in hia poa-
Keiwlon when arrested showed the
eases he waa working on. and gave
the name*. It ia *a!d, of hi* em
ployers. Thi* evidence is all tn the
IxwirtMati of Prosecutor Murphy,
who ia closely guarding It.
Rented Room in RiQht hotel.
Nordskog, it is alleged, rented
a small room tn '.he Right hotel,
which Is two blocks from the
Hinckley building, where the Burns
concern haa Its offices Nordskog.
who I* an expert electrician, tap
ed the wires going to the
Burns office and then ran his wire
through a network over the build
ings and hrourhf It through the top
of the window of hia room Here
he attached a receiver, such aR tel
ephone girls nee. and thus he could
nit and write down the conversa
tion* which passed over the Burn*
wire. It is hinted that Nordskog
had a confederate who took turns
with him at the receiver of hia
fake pbone.
Not Afraid. Bay« Detective.
"I am not afraid of the trnth."
! Nordskog told a Star reporter this
He refused, however, to talk spe
cifically about the charge against
him. on the ground that "It is not
policy for a man in Jail, fighting
along against a big machine, to
commit himself so that his stnte
! ments could be distorted "
Nordskog refused to sav whether
a certain publisher was hla em
ployer. He would not deny It.
His Statement to Murphy.
Referring to his conversation
with John F Murphy, prosecuting
attorney. In the presence of Deputy
Prosecutor White and Manager
Walter Thayer of the Durni agency,
yesterday, N'ordskog admitted that
he "might have said" to Murphy
something to this effect:
"I don't see why you are squeez
ing me. I'm only a small fish."
"I did not ask Murphy whether
l.e would prosecute any accom
plices of mine In thle case " \ordn
kog said. this morning. "I merely
talked to him in a general way to
Inform myself In the law as to my
rights. I put a hypothetical caae to
Murphy, asking him what the usual
procedure was In a case where
more than one was Involved. 1 -Ask
ed him whether all Involved were
equally prosecuted. Murphy replied
that It was up to the prosecutor."
Nordskog admitted he was cmu
tloned by Prosecutor Murphy that
whatever he would say ma> he used
against him Then, referring re
sentfully to Murphy and Thayer,
be said:
"When the whole story la told
thev will smell their own tracks."
Nordskog comiiaincd that ho wna
not permitted to telephone to his
fam.ly or his attorney while In
Murphy's office.
Xordakog is married and has two
Shot below the heart Wednesday
while attempt inn to enter th< home
of Wm. S, Cocks, which he mistook
for his own, John J. llvlaml, real
estate man, died here today from
his injuries. Cocka will be loriual
ly charged with murder. The men
were neighbors and friendly. Cocks'
aged mother summoned him. be
lieving a burglar was breaking in.
CHICAGO, Nov. 18. —William
Lorlmer, deposed senator from Illi
nois. was operated upon for appen
dicitis today at tho l'resbyterlau
hospital here. The operation, It
was announced, was successful and
l.orimer Is reatluf uusilv
Tapper Dismissed

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