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TOirV* heard thin** "bout the
ÜbM Sta,< * * u P reme courl « of
Everybody lw» About the
ffutf ftoon." »nd « 11 th *' Hl " «*>
kK)W a bout what it i* doing to
Übor? Seepage?.
On Saturday. November 30. 2o Rmton coal mine striker*
-a h* hauled up before Federal Judge Cinlmun for contempt
■ 'ißßjieY ire cited on the complaint of Jakey Furth. charged
Sk htviu been 'violent" towards the *trikc-break«rs im
:K| fey Jparth from all parts of the country when he dis-
Rentt>n miners had orjjanwcd a union.
Wp* specific complaint against each of these 26 men is
thcr *»ed "violence" by applying the wonl "scab" to
W; 5,000
to Comptroller Harry
llpil, the recall petitions agalmt
rjpr Cwtsriii fall short by
[mm • The check was completed
H ths AW same* on the petl
|m SSly 11.614 were found valid
check wade by Chief
Ma Ctork Gsi»e» sad his corps
ftarimis. The number nee**-
m t> Ktvsfce th* recall election
: Hi B«csll aaseriatton. of * hlch
I ft. Kahaler. a former teamster,
ft to "toauny prssldent. will
iMMteyt is which to rile addl
tmt amss to the petition In
MllW—Hit, the original petitions
;J| |» lift aader lock In the
,-W<tthe comptroller
>• NffirMt son)her of new
fgfm in DM to iavoWe a recall
BMm, th* petitions will become
Ml yroperty nays Comptroller
•M. If ant. they are to be re
(H M private property. Car
ifltMfc, tad will he returned to
■PMai MMtistiors
—-— •* *-» i
I. Wo* I*.—Conimittlon
IfcfctJ JBU« coatampiatea put-
Mt tflM th» Um Anclr*
tf Marias all light* In th«
t| Richer tor a moment In ad
>ti Hagta* the curfew bell at
>• • sotlee to boye and
tm thay mml go hone
BMdi warnings
ordered dla-!
■HP*** Morning at all port* in'
•*! Oregon A atorm j
K yjjWW'lllM, the roaat, and will
I ton '*' ,t or to 'j
•**!(»» Urltl*h Mediterranean squadron, and who
Hfc it t,,., { be bid international fl*;et, U battleships, '12 crula
: * ni ' l ftlu ' ,,ar, ' r *' Bl Constantinople to save 300,000
I Twiriah *o) IL t ' hrl *" lin * ,n that c 4, ,' ' rom and
|Pt'ii«K * ow ' — Britl * h marlnee are guarding the United
"•tr* Constantinople, according to a dispatch recelv-
Mm i. MZr 2 1r '" n th « commander of the Britleh warships assem
»nnl j porui
' **** *S efftM Amb """ dor w - w Rockhlll have 118 men to pro
' marines and blue jackets In all, from the war-
Tlw vy<re l» n ded In Constantinople this after-
U "NMIi tai»a JL-. h government was willing that the powers
HH|||2gjy their 'orcea, but the marines ware moved Into the
VOL. 14. NO. 225.
Attorney tleorge II Kummens.
for th* *trtk contend* that a
strikebreaker Is a mb "
Calls 'Cm Dangerous.
Hut Jikef Furth* attorneys ar
gue that the blanket injunction
against the striker*. Issued by
Judge Calhoun, rovers the wlde*t
kind of possibilities where eon
tempt iharci-s would lie. And the
men caught saying "scab," accord
ing to Furth's attorneys, are with,
out question dangerous and "vio
lent" . haraeters, as defined by the
Vartoos vague rh«r<i'i of other
brand* of 'violence'" have l»<-n
made by the Furth *<rnt* again*!
the strikers. Hut these have been
in general term* ami mode "on in
formation and belief.**
But the Cher** that th«r strikers
ha«e been "violent." because they
u»«-d the word "•cab" hi mad* s|>e»
rtncally. and is wholly relied «po»
to substantiate th* contempt case.
in? I *U*S rntm Urn—4 Wt»*>
TACOMA, No* 1* —C. K Hous
ton and John H. Bullock, convicts I
at defrauding the goverrutserr on
collnaive eosl bids, were not sen
teaced In federal eoort this morn
ing. their cases going ov*r null to
night at « 30
A private agreement between the
attorneys for Houston and B. II
Townsend. government counsel,
postponed th* appearance until this
(■r t»t«»« »•»«• !.»«■»< wiwi
TACOMA Nov t«i »r )</•
delegates. representing the various
romnwrctal bod In of U»e state, will
meet h»re Wednesday to dia<-uaa
Washington* eihlbit at the Pana
ran-Paciflc etpanltton In I9IS. J. E
Ohllberg of the Heattle Chamber of
Commerce. and president of the A.-
Y.-P. fair In 1909, probably will be
chosen chairman of the meeting
Th* Seattla delegates ara support
Ins a suggestion to rerororoend to
the legislature an appropriation of
The Seattle Star
The Star presents today these first photograph* to reach Seattle
showing lbs Turkish flight from homey ravaged by shot and shell
snd torch.
This photograph Is a rlassie. The artist who could havs psint
it from his Imagination would bar* found himself famous, lis
might have labeled it "War."
But artists, like other people, both great and smalt, think thai
•sr has to do only with maps, and plans, and tactics, and bodies
of troops and glorious rorabat. They don't slop to think that ths
common folks on both sides sre the bssls of all war. Just .is tfeey
*»» the foundation of every other enterprise In the known world,
in war It is not the great and the rich who suffer. Their suffer
l«Mf. as well as thehr fui.ting. |« done for them by th* comnw n folks
j * r ot Thrsie. for five dsys. plodded, ran. stum
rs»ed snd died, old men. women and children,
arid Turkish fighting men who had been torn fr«>m their h »mss st
the word of Turkey's rulers, to fight for what*
Cheer for lh.> iiul~ar* If >ou wish, but don't forget Ist ths
Turks ar* human people their children human children, like your
tiod help us all when war comes our way!
PORTLAND, Or. Nor 1»,-W
H. All##, irar bilm) bwlarw man.
la today dying frutn the effeeia of
effloroform takm wlih suicidal In
tan I on the nth floor of the V M
C A. building. and Jack Rlgo
gypsy vlollnM. C U. tironnsr N
B Healay. II I. Row*. Karl Van
tiulen. Karl Drown. Lionel {lean.
Robert Ji.hi son K. Taylor are tin
der 15.000 bonds each. a* the result
of the unearthing of evidence con
tt»~ tin* !tu rn with alleged Illicit
conduct toward young boys
The Investigation was started at
the Instigation of Y MCA offl
clals, evidence* of the practice bav
in* bwn found In the dormitory of
that building. All have <-onf<»s<-d
with the exception of Rico, wbo la
I am a rlrti Italian widow owning
tour spaghetti factor!** A hanrf
some padrone U paying m« violent
attention rx. yaw think hi* Inten-
Hon* ara Honorable t— Mrs. H«. «a«
I apt
Undoubtedly. his object l« mac
Where can a poof- rrlpple with a
wooden leg work '—fit Bmping Wave.
If yonr pas ha* a good braaa
ferrule on the and you mlKbt got a
Job mashing potatoes Id a hotel.
Kindly print a rei-lpe for scram
bling oyster* —Mrs. f- H. II
Remove the nalr from the oys
tera and peel In the usual manner.
I'arch In a alow oven, then cover
with grease and scramble a* you
would eggs.
Plea** tell ma how I can acquire
self-control.-—T. t>. R.
Eat In a restaurant where there
Is an orchestra. Whin you learn
to eat without lotting your appetite
you can conalder your aelf-control
Kv«ry Mm* I comb my hair I lone
a ban<lful of hair. What will pre
vent It from coming out?—M D. It.
Btop combing your hair.
I have b*en keeping company two
year* with a beautiful ami reflnt-.l
yoitrix lady of 22 llor mother la a
willow worth lIKB.OOO I hava pro
posed to the young tarty at !«•«•! 20
time*, (nit «h«> has refused me every
time What shall I do?—K. It.
Propose to her mother.
PREBIDENT TAFT HAS lost hi* amlle. tiout, not election.
WESTMINSTER ABBEY HAS been burned out. Mr. Abbey kept
a warehouse at No. 61 Pront at., New York, where he sold everything
from a needle to an anchor.
CAPT. CODY, THE English aviator, has been mulcted *100 for
killing a cow with his aeroplane.
A SUFFRAGETTE SCHOONER, manned by women, hut reached
itoaton from Calais. Me
GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE Mrs Kmma Miller of Elgin, 111., cut
her huaband's hair and shaved him for four years. It la not ho who
Is seeking the divorce.
ORGANIZED SPOONING IS a new experiment at Wellealey. The
front house has been thrown open to men callers.
AFTER LOSING MONEY at poker ho had savrd to get married
on, a young Catyden contractor bound and gagged himself and told
his fiancee be had been robbed. He fooled the police, but not the
young lady
ELOPING COUPLE WHO won .ace from Mississippi, the bride's
father reaching the pier juat In time to see them on a Hamburg liner
pulling out. lost after all The old gentleman didn't want to make
trouble, but did want U> give them $1,000 or so for expenses abroad.
'notorious becsu** of his eseapsds
with the famed Prtne*** t'htiuay
several years agn. and Johnson who
has not yet been eismlned. All
sre prominent professionally.
Tkr men contented to have h«tri
ed a vice clique fnrtn«-<j far th<> pur
i t*ise of ruining young bar* No
officer or active roember of U»e Y.
M V A was even rtraolflf t<m
#k'hl with the practice.
The cnnfesalons are unprintable
Dr. Harry I. ttlort »>ml i»r K. ft
llodgman were also arresie<| In
i connection with the scandal. Nit
llw llodgman was r«l«a*ed and Ur,
Htart la twin* examined tbta »ll«r
Allen left * not* dcelartnu he
»«« Innocent. but couldn't bear the
A permanent organ- rat. cm la
j planned of procreaal. et In King
' county, and also an organisation
j for the whole Rial*.
Informal discussion of tha plan
took place In the Henry building
assembly hall Saturday night. and
aa a result a maaa nwilni of pro
gressives to form a permanent or-
Habitation will b» called for n«xi
Thla organization la to t>e main
talned on a dues paying baala, and
will have for lia object to promote
progressive legislation and ptogrea
alve Ideals.
All a result of the trip to the uni
versity last w#ek of L. J. Donovan,
(leotv H I-on* and K P Itinkv.
prominent lumbermen of the North
west representing the Pacific l/og-
King congress, a movement has
ttfi'n started to establish a chair of
logging at the university.
The men were eulhuslaatlc over
the work of the school of forestry.
# Rain tonight and Tuesday, *
# Increasing southeasterly winds *
# becoming high tonight or *
# Tuesday, Temperature at *
# noon 51. *
ONF PFNT thai** **»
V "' t - M, H» H A.M>» Br
Any strong man can do It If
h« takes great pains Half an
Inch below and at one aide of
tbe none It the base of the
"eye" tooth A sharp blow at
the has* of the "eye" tooth will
Immediately render the victim
unconscious, It la aa well to
contrive to have the knuckle of
the middle finger land with
precision on the apot Indicated.
Una mutt not blunder A miss
of a fraction of an Inch will
hurt the victim, but not dis
able him. and will make hltu
fighting mad.
The one-srmed footpad never
John llendrlckson, logger,
catue In from csmp Saturday
with a pocket full of money
and a disiiosltlon to spend It.
He never got a chance.
At 1 o'clock Sunday he met a
one-armed man at Washington
si and Second sv. He didn't
know the one-armed man was
the notorious footpad The
footpad asked for a match.
It Is one of the rules of that
free masonry which obtains In
the street at 1 o'clock In the
morning that when mm man
asks for I» match, or even the
"»nakln's," the other shall In
stantly oldlge. Only a boor
Would refuse.
"Sure," said Hendrlckson,
fumbling In a i>ocket.
At that instant, when the
logger's attention was else
where, the one-armed footpad
started the punch It was per
fectly timed, adiuliably placed,
and had exactly the right
force. It was the punch of an
Ha Loses His Roll
As Is often the case with one
armed men, half the strength of
the vanished arm seems to
have gofle into the arm remain
When lleiMlrlckson woke up,
his roll $100 was gone.
The one-armed footpad is a
newcomer to these parts, but
his fume got here before he
did The police of Raateni
cities know biro well. They
know bl|i partner better The
partner la a peg-leg who pre
tend* to sell shoe atringa.
For several year* the one
legged and the one-armed gy
rated around Detroit, Cleve
land. Buffalo. Pittsburg and
Cincinnati. Peg-log ««a known
aa tbe "king of the w«ga. and
hi* partner was facetiously
dubbed hla "print" minister."
Hla real name la {'barley.
The "king" I* a neat dresser
and look* respectable lie
has, also, tremendous shoul
ders, powerful hands, aud a
hypnotic eye. He halls you
respectfully, and asks If you
will please buy a pair of shoe
strings from a one legged man.
At the same time he lays a
hairy paw on your shoulder,
digs a stubby thumb into your
collar bone until it hurts, and
stabs yon with his hypnotic
eye All this on a busy corner
and In broad daylight.
This Is general enough You
give up 50 cents for a pair of
strings of a kind not worth a
nickel a gross.
The "prime minister's" work
In less classy, because hp uses
violence. It Is. nevertheless,
scientific violence, and the one
armed man standi* high In ycgi?
With the discharge of Court Clerk
Will Campbell. County Clerk l>. K
Blckels has fired six deputies for
political reasons since November 7,
when he became assured his be
queathal of the office to his son.
Will K. nickel#, proved successful
at tho election.
Slckel* declared the county
clerk's office Is strictly it repub
lican party" office. So when he
wus sure his son wua elected he
Immediately discharged those he
suspected had lost faith In the par
ty of Aldrlch, Penrose and I .or I user.
(By United Pre** Lrated Wirt.)
VIKNNA, Nov. IH.—Turkish dispatcher from Constanti
nople ileclarc the Moslem forces have repulsed the Bulgarian
advance, but 2,000 sailors and marines have been landed in
the tapital from the combined fdreign fleets to prevent a
massacre when the Turkish rout, which seems inevitable,
does come.
Dispatches from Constantinople late today sav the foreign
residents have appealed to the representatives of the powers
not to permit either the Turkish or Bulgarian troops to enter
the city while cholera is raging.
An artillery duel which lasted nil
day Munda> *»» followed by a bay
onet charge, refilling Id greiit
leases on both aides. Night stop
l>ed <be attack, and under cover of
darknenti the Bulgar regiment*
withdrew. The thunder of gun*
wan plainly heard tn t'onntanti
nople all day, Sunday. and thou
*and« nf wounded Turkish soldiers
fill the public building*
Must Win Quickly.
Military e*perta here say If the
Bulgarians are effectually cbeketd,
tbe allien will be forced to modify
their demands and make peace
Bulgaria. Bervla and Montenegro,
It Is pointed- out, have sent every
available man lo tbe front and can
not reinforce the trnops now storm
ing Turkish points. Winter also Is
approaching, adn If the Bulgarian*
retreat they will have to wait until
spring before renewing the attack,
and this would give tbe Moslem j
troops ample time to reorganise.
Cholera Menace* Europe.
Foreign phjalclan* at Constan
tinople aay that all Europe I*
threatened by the epidemic of
cholera -u the vicinity of that city.
It I* reported that 12.000 Turkiah
soldier* died there last week.
Aa a warning o Rervla, Auatrla
t* believed tiiday to be preiMirlng
a demon** ration at overwhelming
military ctrength on the Hunga
rian-Hervlau frontier. and a naval
demon*) ration in the Italtlc.
May Defy Austria.
Sofia Intima'eK that Bulgaria
has assured ServU of <itroii« sup
port if Servla def'e* Austria to
Interfere with the plans of the al
lies fir the partition of Turkey.
Ninety thousand Austrians are
kr.ovn to be within striking dis
tant© of Servla The situation is
regard' rt as most ■> ruinous for the
peace of Kurope.
"Judge" George W Sampson did
not convene court this morning. He
did not appoint two bailiffs. He did
not fit himself into a silk gown.
You see, "Judge" Sampson didn't
become Judge, after all. although to
day was to have been the day.
Deputy Proeecutor Kvans has
given the county auditor an opin
ion that Sampson was not duly
elected for the two months' term
Ull next January, because the spe
cial election had not been pro
claimed by the governor So there
waa no election certificate for
Sampson this morning.
He will now bring mandamus
proceedings against the auditor,
and by the time the supreme court
Is through witlj tf-e cane. Samp
son's term will be up, but then, he
may collect $666 for two months'
Edwin F. Meyer, on trial three
weeks on the charge of having con
spired with J. A Kcttlewell atid P.
H Wheeler to defraud the govern
ment In the purchase of supplies
for the navy yard at Bremerton,
was acquitted by a jury In the fed
eral court Saturday night.
Opportunity Offered
by Well Known
Dry Goods
On page 6 in today's Star you will find an ad
from the Panton and London Co. which is just
full of special inducements for Tuesday shoppers.
You will find merchandise that you want right
now listed at most attractive reductions from reg
ular prices.
The advertising columns of The Star are filled
daily with money saving opportunities which the
frugal housewife will not overlook.
Would you like to rent that room which you
are not using? A Star want ad will find you a
good tenant quickly and at the cost of only a few
cents. Call Main 9400 or Elliott 44, or stop in at
The Star's downtown Want Ad Office, 229 Union
St., with the Souvenir and Curio Shop.
HERE you, Mr. Bachelor, why have
you never married? Have you an
excuse? Cynthia Grev want* to know.
She's inviting you and vour ooor, inin
guided fellow* to write her all about it.
See page 3.
On ether wave*, a wlreleaa me*-
aage. flaahed from North Yakim*
to Keattle. Saturday, telling Omv
K Defoe lo come quickly and da
fend the honor of bl« name
The wlreleaa waa from Defoe'«
Defoe, a member of the crew of
a boat plying between Heat lie and I
Victoria, atepped ajtbore at tba '
Grand Trunk dock Saturday night,
and a meanenger banded him th«
wlreleaa He had juat 15 minn;e*
to catch the Northern Pacific train '
No. 2. He aprlnted for the atatlon.
The houra Defoe * peril on tb«
train mere whlled away by hi*
wife dancing at Wheeler** hall, la
the Naehe* ralley, eight mile* from
North Yakima.
At 3 o'clock yesterday morning
Mr*. Defoe and her eacort, John
H. Hagerman a young farmer,
ataried on the long drive home. at>
com nan led by Georga Ogburn. aa
olber young farmer, and a second
Defoe, watching from the bourn,
la* the buggy (itop a block away
and started for It He had cover
ed half the distance when Mrs. De
foe and Ogburn stepped to U»e
ground Defoe began to shoot
The first shot struck Ogburn !■
the leg, tnfllctlng a flesh wound.
Hagerman whipped the horse into
a gallop. A second bullet pierced
his brain, and he died instantly, bia
body faDlnc forward over the dash
Although wounded. Ogburn
climbed Into the buggy and drove
to the police station with the dead
body of Hagerman.
Forgives Hi« Wife.
After the shooting Defoe return
ed to the house, and to him later
crept his wife. It is said that, in
the tragic hour they spent alone
together, the woman begged the
man's forgiveness, and that they
were reconciled.
police went to the house a little
At any rate, when Sheriff Day
and the police went to the house, a
tittle later, it was the wife who
answered the knock at the door.
"George isn't here," she (old the
Hut they searched the house and
found Defoe under a lied, the re
volver still In his hand.
At the hospital Ogburi) said he
and Hagerman met the women a
week ago. that they called them
selves Flora and Cherry Delmore,
and that they represented them
selves as unmarried.
An inquest on the body of Hager
man will be held at North Yakima
this afternoon. Hagerman was
only 19 years old. which is also Og
burn's age.
Defoe Opens Fire.

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