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Ph'>ut<t t>e < •■'•fully and
ftttsd with RtfflkiMi or Hptt-ln*
fcr an »*p»rt v< ho thai hi» »i>.>
flail* If »<>u »»ff«>c from •*• stixln,
RMda> hK nervousness. «t«„ see
J. W KI»HI M»*. Il|*la 11.
Wl-TM I 'sr? HIJ* . »<l aad UmlUaa,
P*»w Mala >174.
Are You Not Happy?
If ymt eannot sleep nishia
difficult to pet breath gastritis,
dyspepsia, ulceration of th
stomach, constipation. In tac',
all diseases of the stcmarh and
bowels, appendicitis, acute or
chronic. it will pay yon to In
vootigate and .tee some pati. mi
1 have cured.
Private sanitarium an t office
5517 ISnd N W
Dr. Nuernberg
Gorman Specialist on Chroma
Diamond Kings from $10.00 up Dliimond Ear Screws
from 13500 up Digmond Brooches, Studs, Scarf Pins.
Klgln or Walt liarn Watches from VvOO up (Jo Id Mnks
from S2.CO up. tidies Solid liold Uc« I'ina from |H\
•1.50 u ids. Net-It , CTO
ling Sliver and Silver M lets, vlso White
I»Oty Mea's and I.ad 100 It • no lutirelUs FS 'jTA
and at the loweat prices n the city targe line of f*\ Mil
Mesh Haas K»ne Cut Uiaas. Clock* largest ssoort 1' x * *j J]
ment of Leather Hand Bags In tho city. It voars in H A y/if
business 1 ■ \A*- ' J/
Third and Vesltr. Hotel Frye Bulldinf
"Fifty Years Ago, When Golden Wedding Rye
Wu Young"
aTR War i
Jw £y tj ■" ajK^VjttKjl
Many people do not know that whiskey can have an
agreeable taste. Fhey do not know that it can have the
ntiM, mellow thrill, with it a unpleasant after
They do not know
ha* the agreeable fttror and Quality wkf-:b .
thay have imagined. hut nevrr found In Ifl
ordinary whiskey. —, t Aft.
""< » M]
Ooiden Wedding Is maUe differently from »i«"awm|
wdlatfy whuklce. STAMP!
fta formula and proceaa of manufacture keep i^^E~
the original quality abaolutaly pura all the way
Try Golden Wedding. lut -rr
The flavor and mellowness ripened fnfo the
flneat grain by the sunshine. and kept in by th«
marvelous aclence with which It la distilled
_ _ . . *#!**«*
That a why It la the preferred whiskey for
the sideboard.
"Made Differently"
Eat. iau
Take a Dose of Nature's Medicine
Throw away your half filled ■«—■■■■■— l Mr. I. B. Mrf.lt, South
bottle of 'lop* ami poison. your Itond. U'anh . says: "I am wall
patet* nostrum* and doctor*' BHR|n||lyJKHn pleased with your ElectraVlta
ccmrocfttons Yoa Know th«f HAHfIHIEVMRn My hu*h*iu[ ami my** If both
haven t doneyon «»r ttood and H|tIPPU||QH wear It. and think It ba* helped
diet your stomach 1* all hp- us my much Wa would nsVer
set a* the of filling h« wPhdut It
with these poisons. You know nWB < • •
they hare wakened your HI Mr W F Morgan, 1»4« 80
nerres and take. the life out HHUS R"* ■ Taoma. With, say*. "I
of your blood. H3Ka 4 " wfifM should have written you before
Get bark to nature. Consld -V WJHj regarding my use of Electra
er how »he cures and gives her VIU. but thought I would have
assistance Nature will cure JQRI in opportunity lo call, *0 <ie
you if «be has the power. Thia N layed th. matter. lam perfect
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bacaoee electricity build* up- * ~~ baa done I will gladly recotu
supplies aew life and energy lo I mend it to anyone, aa I bave al
the body Drug* destroy, tear WHa ready done to three or four.'"
down, because they contain Wm
poison Of 'ourae, poison will U V| THI— * I
mm pain Why? Because it / I PC I fllC |C
paralyze* the nerves'' If you V' A » I M I III>3 I
poison your nerves with drum W 1 If
yon can't feel the pain until the ■ I > " J Et4l C. —
atutor wears off. Then the I J jyfife I wTL^f^
pain comet* back, and you have flj J . W ■ ■
to repeat th<- dose until Nature I * M *»« *D 3 ci;T OI'T THIS COUPON
removes the cause. | j WM and bring or mall It to us for
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.'."Tn 7"7, , „li Rk M V,U '* a "d
' kidney En M man things you should know
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rwto«U>e kidney, to a heaJthy , f y„„ can't rail, well n«tid
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Oor Ki.'tra-Vlta |rf»iirs a «tr<*am of electric life i-i-l-V. I l\r% VII n vv/.
Into your nerves while ym Kleep, and they eon DEPT. 4,
duct the force to every organ *nd tl«*ue of your 205 EMPRESS BLDG., SECOND i*>VE , COR
body. Kivin* Ih ;»ltb and strength to every part SPRING 8T„ SEATTLE, WASH
Klectra-Vlta Is a dry r*«s*ll batttTV Which Vf»u i I r»i I
wear while you sleep, and giveg out a cor Mnuoua 111 r 88 ." I mn ' P r< "l»al«J, your free, P0 page,
current of electricity You n.ver have to rSarg" 12 17-12
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only sensation I* a soothing glow. We have per
fected Klectra-Vlta *0 thnt It convey* a Hlreurn STREET
of electric life direct to the part that I* ailing.
so that the great force of current goes where It TOWN
Is needed, and none Is wasted.
I.ONOON, Dew. 17 Following
hu victory on points bore Inst night
over Hugh M«-hi>ga.n, lightweight
champion of Australia, In 10 round*
•if spiMUliflc tuning. Freddie Welsh
Announced today its at ho would sail
for the United States ImwdlttHf,
to fore* Willi# Ritchie, the world'*
I title holder. Into a return match.
Welsh iHitilawKcd Mebrgan. the
Australian not landing more than
*l* solid punches during the 10
rounds. Welsh's cleverness and
ring generalship more than offset
Mohegan's aggressiveness The
men fought for * purs® of |5.000,
MODERN elegantly rurnlshed
rooms at lowest rate# at Hot»l Vlf'
gluus. Fight h and Virginia, near
Westlako. fclllott 103. •••
* —As S protest against thslr A
A joining tha Amsrlcan Powsr A
* Boat ooaoclation, with head- *
A quarters In Now York, th« P»- A
A clflc Motorboat club of Sao A
A Francisco, tho San frsncisce A
* Vocht club, tho Corinthian A
* Yacht club and tho Sacra- A
A monto Boat club aro In roooipt A
A today of telegrams from the A
A Pacific Coast Intsmatlonal Mo *
A torboat aaaoclatlon of Seattle, A
A asking thorn to reconsider A
* tholr action and join tho latter A
A organliatlon. A
A According to prominent mo- A
A torboat snthuoiasta hero. It A
A would not bo practicable to *
A join the Seattle aoaociatlon. A
A Tho Amsrlcan aaaoclatlon of A
* Now York, thsy claim, la ths A
A governing body of tha sport In A
A tho United Statao and Is rscog* A
A nixed all over tho world. *
* *
> '■ —
Soccer reeulu of gamea played in
(1m old country last Saturday,
DM. 14.
Engliah League
Bolton Wanderer* I. l»l*«rt»ol 1.
Bradford Oily I. I*rby County 3.
Cbninea 2, Mlddleboeougb L
Kverton 0. Hundorland I
Manchester CHy 5. Htackburn Wo
I * era I.
Newcastle trilled t. Mancheater
t'nlled J.
Oldham Athletic 4, Notts Comi
ty 9.
Sheffield I'alted S. Aaton Villa »
Writ Hrtimwlrh Albion I, Hhef
field Wrdnowtajr 1
Woolwich Arsenal #. Tottenham
j i lotspur 8
houtharn League
Merthyr Town 0, Quean'* Park
Ranger* 0
Plymouth ArgyleOtlllngharn, pa«-
I poned.
Crndt Pslare I. Northampton I
Southampton I. Norwich City 0.
1 Heading •. Bloke 3
Coventry City 3, MlllwaJl AU>
j l#Ue 0.
Weatham Cnlted «. Swindon
; Town 1.
Rsetur City I, Portatnouth 1.
j Brighton and Hovo Albion J.
i iirlatoi Ro*em I
Scottish League
Pnlklrk I. Aberdeen J.
Clyda 9. Atrdrlecmlans 0
Morton 1. Celtic I.
Dundee 3, H«Vtl 8.
Hamilton Academical* I. Patrick
TUlallua 0.
Hibernian* J. lUHhrorers I.
Kilmarnock t, Motherwell I.
yuecn'a Park 0. Third l-anard I
Hangers J. St Mlrren t.
Trugtees Are Named
for Lipton Trophy
At its lint mwiin* the HealU»
Yacht dob named th« following
\ arht Hob nsined Iho following *>"»•
Upton trophy cup John Oraham,
Miliar Freeman, Judge Ikm worth.
F'retl Fischer. Mmtrl«* McMlckao.
i H V. Wurdeman The regatta wm
follow* H W. <T»uttsr.
| Hugh H. William* and D. 0
No official art lon ha* yet b«n
•aken. but It 1s believed that the
j first mem for the cup will be hald
ow the Sound course and that
»mAll craft only *111 eonpitt The
I Upton trophy will cost (I.MO.
I,OH ANQKI.KH, Dec. 17 - Unlher
McCarty la bark In l,os Angelos
today ready to begin training for
lils championship match with Ai
falser at Vernon Now Year's afuir
noon lis will go luto camp late
tills week,
I'alier la going through hia daily
grind with vim. Vestnrday he en
tertalued aeveral hundred at bis
mallneo workout. To date there
has been tittle betting on the mill,
but a few small wafers at oveii
money being recorded. It Is «»
peered that mow money will
change hands on this fight than on
sny r»cont bout hero.
Tom Jones *nd Ad Wolgaai are
reported lo be ready to bark I'alter
heavily in the hope of reooupiug
lh«dr kisses when Mot.'arty beat
With Joe McQlnnlty of Taco«r>»
demanding more name* for Usstlgy
own in nest seaton'a *<-hediils, Mid
advocating the split serts* ptop-jsl
jtlon and with Victoria deiMtuliltg
an even break with othVr cluba nti
laiim In Heal tie. It la egpocted that
a warm schedule wrangle will lake
place wb»n the North weatern
league magnates meet tn Tacoma
neat Haturday.
Cap*. Blossom, of Vale'* betrhaJl
team, baa announced that wmu»r
training will start on January SO
and that by February 10 the squad
will be rut down to the men who
make the first or second team*
Pittsburg.—ln the fleat pam* of
an It 1 Inrh balk line billiard
(natch. KudJl Yaina defeated Or*
Murningaur here last night <00 to
a*JI In 81 Inning*. A pure# Of
11,000 has been hung up fur a aim
liar match between Tatnada, Morn
ingatar and Oeorge Hiuaaon.
Philadelphia—Coach Brook. w*m
reached the Swarthmore team la*t
Muaa. baa been removed aa a poe
aiblUty aa a coach for Pennsylvania
by announcing that he will return
to Swarthmore neit ••-neon
Portland, Of, Oec 17.—final *r
ningament* tor the football gaiitr
between the Wendell PhlUlpe high
school of <"hl<a*o and W**binglon
high of Portland are completed
today. The affair wtll lake place
on the Multnomah field December
S* and will be the biggest lnt»r
scholastic event of the aeaaoa In
order to bring the Chl<-agoaiis here
It waa necessary to guarantee them
IS. 000
Los Anoslss.—vsnlcs probaWy
will |»e the home or llap llogan'*
Tiger* when the »e*t Psclflc com*
league *tii**trti open*, hccordtng to
credited reports here today llogan
went to Venice loday to look ow
the (round
1.1 4
Los Angeles.—Wol«a*t today
baa entered a vehement denial of
report* that he need foul .***<*»««
to hi* opponent during his ■»•!< h
with WIH* Hllrhte to Han Prsncts*
ro Thanksgiving d*y. "In all U*
years Tve been In the rtng I l»*«t
have talked foully to an opponent."
Ad declared "I klddod Ktlchle a
bit, naturally, but I dido t aay any
thing nasty. I don't bellavs In
dtriy work like that "
With Harris «f th« Blus Jays
bowling high score at 111 and bleb
average of I>B 14 against >b*
Hawks on the H A C. *11*7* Issl
uight. the lmi«f team grabbed two
of the thr»e games by th» flow
ing scores:
Mine Jay* *30 7*7 *31—2449
iu«k« *ie >63 at—an
With a record of 10 game* won
out of IS played. the Hawks head
the ligt In the 8. A. C. bowling
toartiey with a p«ccsnlg#r of 666.
the Pheasants come n«'ii with 600.
The ('ranee and Oriole* arc llml for
third pl*c« with 533, while the
Blue Jay a ,*nd the Kngles ar« tied
for fourth place with 466 The
Owls have a percentage of 400
an 1 the Pelicans 333.
Harrla laada In th* contest for
the monthly prtr.es for th«» roost
scores of 200 or betiar, having 26
to big credit.
"You Juat got to quit klckln' me
arouu " In the burden of a plaintive
aoog Issuing from an old homestead
on the hanks of the Wabaah upon
which 1511 Catea pay* taxe*
It waa well known when Ell left
Vancouver that h» would not be
drawing down his peanut money
from Rob Rrowa next season, bnt It
waa hardly expected that the North
western would lose the company of
the famou* Indiana grouch Watte
let got hIK hooka on Kit In the trade
for M'Creory right after (he closa
of the season, hut Rll didn't last
long enough to see the Inside of
the ball park, a later trade by
which Victoria secured Hunter Hill
aa playing manager, sending him to
tlui Alkali league In Texas.
Ell doean't like the prospect and
the first clouds of a protracted
hold out «re on the horizon
Ballard Meteor* Win
From Walla Walla
The Mallard Meteors had their big
gridiron fight of the season at the
Adams playflnld .Sunday afternoon
when they met and defeated the
Walla Walla *~<!, team 1 to H. tfo
gardless of a Weight disadvantage
of about 1 & pounds to the man, the
undefeated Meteors went altout
their knitting with a vim. Walla
Walla scored In the second quar
ter but failed to kick goal. The
Meteors scored In the third quarter
when l'tke grabbed off a forward
pass and sprinted down tho field
for 41) yards. A touchdown fol
lowed and the Meteors kicked goal,
giving them the game by one point.
Htarllug thin afternoon on the
university Held, *ecrat practice will
l>«* the dally order for the all star
team of the Washington Athletic
club In preparation for the flral
battle wlib ib« Multnomah elub
team on iHmny field ae*t Saturday
That the personnel of the W A
C. team la such to atrtke t«rr«r to
any football aggregation In the
Nor'hweet la aoncadad, but It ta
alan conceded that the atara are not
•11 playing together, Ud, an a team,
are badly In ne<d of algnal i>ra<'
tlc« and aucfc other practice that
will glv* lh"tu tho necesagry ma
chine Ilka team work to enable
them to (at away with tha Portland
l.ocal fan* who belle** that the
W A C tram will have a cinch
neat .Saturday, owing to ILa apian
did ahowtng la at Saturday when It
defeated tha Navy aiuad to 0.
figure without tha dope MuKao
mah wtll send har faateat and beat
team to Seattle, realising that 11
will hava to do ao to heap op Ita
winning streak. and In no manner
underestimating tha hunrh of foot
ball <-laaa Tom McDonald baa got
Tha Multnomah team will come
ti> Seattle on a special trala which
will oa rrf aomethlog like 150 club
member* and loyal booater* Thay
will bring up at laaat 2t) playara In
order to be prepared for any
emergency and a glance at the Una
up «>howa that Manaar. I tori aha.
Bander and Mas Raklna, and tha
mat of tha W A C. atara wtll have
to glva tha beat la them to ooai
the bird of victory to their parch
Tha lineup of tha Multnomah
team follows: Cherry, canter; Hog
era and Carlaon, guards- Coovllla
and O'ltourk*. tackle*. with I tuna
tan. Rupart and Woraham aubatl
lutes; Mlrkstin, falllcrate, Iridium
and ftmlth, ends; (.alouretto and
Ilhlnehart. quarter*; Clark and
Wolff, halfbacks, llurlburt and
Keck, fullback*
Oakland—fight fan* an* s*garty
awaiting the l>ou( bel ween Bailor
Pelrosky and Charlie Grande
•rbeduled before the Oak lan <1
Whwliuxn'i club bar* tomorrow
night Two special sli round bout*
af» kino on lb* card
What the Success ef a Den
tist Depends on
Tit rint A I Mlerh
Wh«a 1 bought the Brown Dental
Offlcee In the t'nlon block. 71S First
on July It. l»oi. there wore
not mors than three dentlste In
Seattle who did not ear that Brawn
would not lael three months The
fake advertising offlcee (hen a*
now ware kn«<klr.a other dentists
111 order to decoy the public to their
obhle at pa to ha nkinned. pollad
and drilled ifur their money!
The more honest and hatter class
of Uental prattltlon«ri contended
that "high claaa dental work could
not ho done for the prices I
charged." and they ware correct, un
leaa I could sat a large envunt of
I work to do The rule had bean for
itha advertising dentists to so sfter
'heir patlenta Tike a fo* after chick
ens (be aroart and gat the money).
UIVINO A KtVigg »Rit rtft.
I made up my mind to llv» in
Beattls the remainder of my Ufa and
do my heat, ao that I could look
•eery person In the fa. a friend and
foe 4 ilk a I knew I was not aa
amart aa e»me dentists snd I did
not flaurs only on msklng money I
wanted to be eticraanfol of course,
and 1 could not underatsnd then
and cannot underatsnd now how a
■enlist could ha suoremful unl»aa hs
ssvs everybody a eqnare .leal I
knew that hundreds of peopl*
wanted dental work who could not
pay high prices, and they never
would coma back ttnlaas thsy sot
good work snd a squars deal
I attended to my own buslneas.
My prices wars and are right. and
Imy work was and 1* right My
prl.ea brought ths people. and my
I honoat work and aarvlce has kept
, my patients with ma. until loday I
require twelve dental «pc. ts!l«te and
I nevan lady saalstants, sixteen oper
sting rooms, thr.se extracting rooms
and special hospital room speclel
recaption room for ladle* end aleo
one for gentlemen snd a apeclsl de
partment for each hrsnch of dent
latry. and yet my prlcea art the low-
I est In the world and my work Is as
good as you csn get In the world.
I becauee all ntsterlsls are the best
and workmanahlp Is unescsllad, and
Ibis Is the aacrat of my aucceae. and
| any dentist could do It If hs would.
I could snd did do It, and the fact
that right hera In neuttla I havs the
Urgent private dental practice In
j the world Is the proof of my aerv-
I Ice lo the people nnd I shall con
llmi# to do In the future aa I havs
In tl e peat. eivo a aquarn delll In
Dentistry and guarantee my work.
Edwin J.Brown, D.D.S.
TW Ktral Ave.—-(Jnluu II 1...a,
OiiH door .South of the Postal Tele
gruph Building.
Open •vnnlriKH until » and Hundaya
until 4 fur puupl* wiio wurk.
Ilr Pnftwt I'rase 1......1 «rts»
lending that the two battle* he In
tends to (tags this month, Frank
Mot an vs Ounboat Hiulth Dor ember
27. and FVankie Hums v» Harlem
Tommy Murphy January J, will
have a dlrsw;t bearing on the chain
plonshlp of two division*. Promoter
'as W. ('-offroth la laying plan* to
day to secure two real champloo
*hlp mat' ties for Han Francisco, to
be *taged during the 111-It fow
Th<- winner of the Lutber Mc-
Carty Al I'aiser bout In l«oa At#
iseles New Year's day, Cuffroth lie
lievea. will be matched with tho
winner of the Mnran Smith bout
here, as the climax of tho hoary
weight elimination contests,
<'offroth further figure* thai the
winner of the Bums-Murphy bout
will bo a good opponent for e*
champion Wolgast
The Mallard football team cloaed
Ita aaaaon Sunday by defeating the
Time* team. 7 to 0 and anneilog
tha city < hamplonahlp thereby, lial
lard outplayed the Tlma* bunch at
all stages of the game, and at no
tlma was har goal In danger. Hal
lard has a clear record for tha aaa
aon. having played nlna games, won
7. tied I and lost 0 "Irish" Rich
ardaon atarrad for tha Times In
Sunday's contest
"ln» Mao" Joe MHilnnlty. new
owner of ths Taroma Tl(«rt, and
Kd Welkin*. fortiiM owner of the
team. ware guests of U K Ougdale
and Tealey Raymond yesterday af
ternooii on an automobile tour of
the city, during which I bey drove
to the alt* of I)ug's proposed ball
park In (be Rainier valley, Juat
what Impression MKlinnlty gained
of Seattle aa a baseball town be
failed to place on the records. but
be waa a booster from aotip to nuts
to everything else. and It appear*
that Ibe "Iron Mil" la well satisfied
that he baa made a »!*« deal In
buying the Tarorna team and that
be believe* he will put Tarorna on I
the baseball map.
Packey Mc Far land
Victor Over Murphy
KENOSHA. Wis.. Dec 17 —
Packer MrPkrtand or Chicago la
the victor here today over Kddle
Murphy of lloston after ten round*
of slashing battle, durlnit wblcb
I'ackejr llterallr tore Murphy to
ribbons, knocking out two of hi*
teeth and rutting open hl» right
eye Murphy waa urn* and ait
greaslve, however, and fought bark
with dogged persistence
There waa no doubt at any stage
of the game aa to the result
Mr Pariand left the ring with
hardly a (cratch upon hi in No de
rlalon waa rendered by Referee Ed
Hmltb of Chicago.
_ Snunny to «M
I mfl INOW H \ from California *i« th»
"Road a Thousand I jffj Sou hern Pacific
with America's most beau- flSj I I i.tUC cUACTA
tlful.ren.-ry munificent 123 "J I|^Hft 'Ht OrfA3*«
rivers, valleys K| ' K LIMITED"
H j<j a nest
W, »rm dayg «nd balmy ® \ t "houim! trip ticks** »
ti»«bis will bring you reo ffi { Lou Angeles and rrW".
ration and ro»U IB | RtH>d for mogtUj^
1.1 us Klve you Callfor- H jhVv. ; stop-over pHrHsges *wm
Central Wet Wash
t'bMMr *|nee n 4 KM# 1*134
Auto Hirvln Hftt of Work
20 pouo<f« for 6#<*» I l *' for
mvmry *<MMIon«! pound Kouk'
dry 46c p#r (joian.
n%4 wiMih *» *
r.m n m Ml'
jTL?* ImS jZ llj
v. j y > w
HOME, because it is situated in the best section of the
Skykomish valley. It has mountain scenery, pare health
building winds from the hills, excellent water ptped di
rect from the mountains, and unexcelled fishing and
hunting right at its doors.
GOLD BAR has churches and social organizations;
it ha* the best dancing club in the State, with a hail
where well conducted dances are held every two weeks.
As a town where young people can find an abundaace
of clean enjoyment GOLD BAR leads the State. .
GOLD BAR has only one saloon, under strict super
vision 'if a council composed of MEN who desire tie
| upbuilding of GOLD BAR along permanent lines.
VICE is not, and will not be tolerated in GOLD
OVER $50,000,00 per month, averages over $50.00 for
every man, woman and child in GOLD BAR. (This
leads any other town or city in Washington by more
than 35 per cent.)
To the workingman struggling under the con
ditions existing in the larger cities, Gold Bv
offers financial and social salvation.
GOLD BAR PROPERTY is honestly priced, terms
are most reasonable and profits are as certain as day to
follow night.
Ask Us About Gold Bar
We Arc Delighted to Answer Letters
or Questions
312 Northern Bank Bldg., Seattle.
Branch Office at Gold Bar. Jay Sigworth, Mgr.
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