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■ftathe f° r Catarrh
plyaiciana Proacribe it
and Pharmacists
Recommend it
Clears Stuffed Up
"iked and Stop® Snuffling
and Haw Win*
tatbe Burning, shortly after you
JV I)Mr Header, do yon have t«
? I , b 4 strain to get that stub
** alece of wuctt* out of jroul
rtd at catarrh now; It will
C, wa* >•».! grow older On*
kr*eth»>« pleaaant. heallnj
wriiuKl i pronounce It lllgh-o-rae)
STnaranteed catarrh remedy will
JJL (u ch wonderful relief thai
C trUI wonder why you doubted
ftatentenl that Hooth a HYt>
M wodM end the moat aggrarat
ZT<Me of catarrh
1 hard rubber pi cket Inhaler and
• Mtle of HfOMKI with simple In
L— (-<kxi» for u*e l* II 00. Thla It
2U the HYOMKI outfit If i>n«
not hanlah your catarrh.
JJiran get another for only !>0
SL t%ou*a»>ls use it for coughs,
asaßd croup foW by druggiati
»».00 TO iK JO
Ladtea' Tailored Suit Shon
Mfrtaa i.a«-i»» > »<•>«»«> MiJa
1 Vt ra> rt-block your »ol»»!
Ijit valour, aatln or f*it
Ktft thr lat«»i ttvla
hlmnrrhnn Railway
Mm It.lt a nt. and lit a n»
1«M Traini ■> *». t It. » Se » Jfc
|T» a 11 M a m . IS la. t it U
IBT I'M. I Sll 11, tW T 40.
IN.I «. 11 ll * ra. dally KaUa
(rata Sat»r>J»;r and Sunday at
It tt 9- »
MM OKI." Seattle. Sth av.
Mf »nett«**: afwn«i>»l. AM*
Drag M»~" »ltb ami Oreenw ><t
tnda* lat a hi and i « p m
Lmi train. It « t*. !a IH
Ml B '♦ *\ 11 at a m ISM
mm a IH 1H loetdtH
ist i t*. ;to i <»t it it p. m.
Mly Ettra train g*turdar aed
Mtr at » te p nv
| te®'.»«B»g« tralna
!»*>«■• fr.i«ht ahed at
>i I f a
ft»». IK ! :* a. m. II tl. Ils
> tat. I»$ *>1 ft*. I 40. It M,
doacaTlSH TT> EVISRETT —• U.
•at. iis ti i* a l ee. i ia.
1:1 V «IV Clt t:l». lit It St,
f >10 not dread to keep den-
with u*. You may
rf ahy Simply because your
Pjt will and can be done with
■» fain. It'a not neceaaary to
• pa»i« ii' suffer like they uned
g. wa pra-tl< illy ilimtn. fi> pain
n» fennt 4ecT»»4" the efficiency
* y work- »( aae the hlgheat
**** ®at»rial« obtainable, and
•jn dwiftat in this of Tier la an
•part. W» are so aure that we
•*N*»e you that we say to every
} pi: If your work la not antia
j y* l ' J"»a we will refund your
fT Could we aay thin if we
*ot mr" of the kind of work
"»»r» out? Think thia over.
Ktfal Dental Offices
L R. Clark, 0. D. 8. (Manager*
I Third Ave., N. W. Cor. Union
I thla Ad with you
Bay Your Christmas (I \
Gifts Here! llfcmjM
We dlaplay a great array of r»»- 1.1
Ible klfin <lr* * ier#Morl«i of per- ///
•OflMl «ae that ere much artmlrwl / L
and ifr»atl> appreciated by ev#*ry '/j
nZSVIn >kt WAiaTa 1 t/ -A
**ii.h rr/rriro%Tn [♦ J \
I NMItKLUN. KT('. llrfHrffllfl It
The various line* ar« utrlrtly up II II Ui
to-dftta—-'the prifef ar« th* «arn<* an y|||| ||||| II
' hhh ari'l /'hi tiavo th* advantnK* lUl| ji fr
of «>ur lite ral credit ny»t»rn In the
T ti
I ) ToJ "
I3SI-34 swond Ava., NnnrHnirin St
"Seattle'* Reliable Credit Mouse"
you neglect your feet you are
doing wrong to your moat faith
ful and loyal aervanta.
• * •
A couple of frltnda came Into my
dreaalng room tho other day One
whom ! had not aeea In a long
time waa looking ao unhappy and
her face aeem'-'d «o drawn and wort
that I almply bad to remark about
Whafa the matter, my dear." I
mid; "you look beartalck**' My oth
er friend, who la aowewhat brtiaque
In her speech, anaweted "U'a not
her h«art that la giving her trouble,
but her feet
"We have Juat come from the
-hlropodlat't and It aeema almoet
acred I hie to me hat Mabel abuuld
bear the pain and Inconvenience for
th - If ngth of time neceaaary for
hrr toe nail to have grown Into her
fleeh to the eatent It had done, t
iiev»r knew ahe had ao much pa
The chlropodlat aeemed to think
Cynthia's Am wen
to Many Question*
One Invitation la sufficient fur a
couple who • dance.
South liakot* adopted an Ini
tiative- ud Referendum amendtn*nt
in I*9*
Children born of American par
•nu traveling in alien citlea ar«
American CltiMM
Dyspep'ia ">r catarrh la often the
rausn of a r>-d wt".
A wicker bo*, nicely padded and
lined, containing all tbe neceaaary
article* ua«d In Hawing and meod-
Ing. ia a very nice Xmaa present
tor mother
The interval daring which the
earth make* one abanlute revolu
tion around the *un la called a ai
de r»al year, and constat* of 365 riaya,
G hour*, » mlnnte* and M second*,
which la Invariable.
Daniel Frohman la preaident of
the Actor* - Kund of America,
which la a home for needy actor*
and act re* Ben The office la at the
f'.altey theatre building, 48th and
liroadway, New York city.
* All letter* cannot be an- •
* awered In the paper, and many *
* are without name or addreaa *
* A atamped. aelf-addresaed en- #
* velope alwaya brine* » prompt *
* reply. CYNTHIA OHET. *
* *
Letters to Cynthia Grey
BKAH MIHS QHKY WI wn* IK 1 wna married fur Ihn aako
of a how* 1 thought I loved, liut 1 have *adly found out
«lIff«-i«»nI I married a man who ha* been through roll>(*,
and I have never been through th«% Drooad grade of *choo|;
but I have worked In ffcrtorlM, nnd learned what I could
when I rould.
I have never gone with any one but my huahand, lie In St n<rw
and a fine looking man, but he ha* been *o cross n|ito« we worn tnar
rted I know ho lovm di«, but I do not undcrataml hint. I have twin
boys thru* years old. 1 would lov»« my huahand If he would ho hind
to mi' I have talked to him about thl* and he *aya he loves urn, hut
his life I* too full of work to think much of home
I will never desert him, but I have *een th« man I really Jove, I
will never let any one know It but you. an glv« me nome advlne. la It
wrong to love when you can't help It. If you keep It to youraelf?
A It la wrong to entertain thought* of a man other Ihan your hua
hand Wrong action originate* In wrong thought, ao deatroy the
thought at once, not by fighting It. but by auhatltutlng aomethlng better
In order to gain your hu*band'a love, you tnuat flrat win hta i eapeet.
You can do thl* bv aoeklng to Improve. You are young The fact that
you could not g'-t an education before marriage i* no reaaon you
*hould not m»w See the city superintendent of achiKila and make ar
rangementa to attend the free night achoot. lie will tell you what
atuillea to lake. You tnuat make youraelf a companion to your huahand
and children. A* the children grow up, you will not want to be lack
lug In the knowledge they will gain, ao the time to begin to help them
la now.
Hear Mia* Urey lam an usher
In a theatre, and cannot get off very
olien to aee iu> lady friend Oen-
that I wa* not quite right In w*
head," »at<t 'he unhappy on' l . "when
I t»:d her%hat for t> n yearn 1 bad
(he earner* of my toe nail
with • peu knife and lorn the ald«-
out and tti«n cut the mn»ind«r of
t h«* nail very abort i»1r» •* ,f J
" You don't aeem to reallae.' ahe
told me. thai the nail waa placed
on lb# end of the to* to protect
lh« nerve* which He on the aurface
of the akin there Aa the nalla
upon the toe do oot grow aa rapidly
aa tho#e upon the flngera. It la not
twMMrf to file them aa often and
they ahould be filed atralghl acrwea
ihe toe. If there la a tendency for
th* nail to grow In. Ikm ahould be
a alight depreaalon filed In the cen
ter of the nail leaving IJ lons
enough not to deatroy the iponft
aurface below the nail, aa thta la a
aprrltl guard to prevent the nail
(root growing Into the fleah "
No bodily ill that heaoe the
mlrd engroaeed In material
thiega la too trivial to tuea
llf re in .Nch iork'« newest
beauty Idol, hailed hi successor to
Maxlne Klllott, who ban long !»<■<•!»
touted a* ''the moat beautiful wom
an on the American stage." The
new wonder In TKItKHA MAX
WKI.I, CONOVKR. who has a tead
l»K l»>rt in Helanco'* latent play.
"The Governor'* Lady." Hhe I* 30
yearn Old
New York doesn't agree with
Hftra Bernhardt, who aays that a
woman's hour of beauty xtrtkcs at
103, nor with Paul Helleu, the
French artist, who say* It'* 16.
What do YOU think?
Dear Mian (!rey: 1 read the let
ter* every evening and have espe
cially been taking notice of "Why
Are Bachelors?"
1 wonder If all these bachelors
really mean what they say, I doubt
It All a fellow does nowadays Is
seek the company of "Baby Dolls,"
and on them spend every cent he
earns, and more, too. Hut wllen It
come* to the respectable girls, all
the bachelors can afford to spend
I* an evening No wonder you are
bachelor*! A respectable girl who
knows that a fellow keeps company
with "llaby Dolls" I* not going to
waste bar time entertaining him.
| ernlly nap her Monday
I love h«r dearly, and littrt l>«n
going with her about three month*,
lut the u tie* t ion la: l»o you think
»lia caraa for me? She go*-* with
another uahar, usually on Friday
tlight Ought ahe to do thla when
I object? I'leaae lel I roe what you
think. Mi«a Orey, for my heart la
breaking, and I have talked to hurt
but It aeema to do no good
A tf you are engaged to the
girl and intend marrying her, and
she haa contented, knowing you are
narrow on thla question, I think abe
»tumid regard your wlahea.
Dear Mlaa Orey: I am a girl of
I* and waa 1a love with a man of
11 I went with htm r«'al oftrn till
lately he went away and aald he
would writ*, and he didn't. One
titue he c«m« ba< k and I wouldn't
have Anything to do with him
Mlaa Ure>y. he wax • nice young
man. and everybody here thought a
gnat deal of him 1 know I did
HI Iff or at leaat f am real aorry
Khali I write to him and tell him
so. or shall I drop him entirely?
A The beat »»y la not to act
too strenuously un'll one knows the
reason for another's action. II la
)ust possible the young man may
have written, and the letter mis
You might write and aay that
yon have con.'lud.-d you were 100
basty In condemning him without
glvtng him * chance to explain, and
are aorry If you misjudged him
Atop at that, ttan't be a "softie"
In the matter.
Dear Miita Orey 1 have been
reading your columns for some
• tme wilh much Interest, ami eape
daily the * Hachelor letters." I
am 34 years old and am earning l»«
a jnontb. with good prospects for
advancement Have knocked
around the country tor the past 13
years, with the hop* of making a
fortune before wetting married, be
lieving I »aa doing the right thing.
Now. aa I get older. I can aee my
mistake and can asm the wbnt*
thing up In one word, and can aay
tbe reason I am a bachelor Is
"HKDFIHIINKHS " and this will fit
the majority of casee where the
men blarpe it on the high <-.>st of
living, small salary, the Inability to
find the "OtJVFAfIMIONKD <JIHt.~
and the numerous other flimsy ex
cuse* I was unwilling to take a
chance and to make some sacrifice
for a good girl who would have
done her part, and more, too This
Is something which Is required
from both parties In order to have
a happy marriage and pleasant
bom*. It U not too late now, and
I will try and profit by past expe
In regard to strangers getting ac
qnslnted with the right aort of
gtrls. thejr are not likely to meet
this class st pvbtlc dances and the
atrea. Not that there are none
there, but tbe others are in the ma
I consider you are doing a great
service to humanity by your un
selfish work for others who sre nc*
fortunate enough to be endowed
with your great philosophy
I>«ar Miss Grey: I am 30 and
have l>een going with n verr aensl
bio. saving girl. with the best of
character, for two year*. Hh«> la 28
an<i haa made her living since aha
was 14.
I have m*lo my own living for 15
years and started In business with
my own money and am making a
aufwiw Wo are engaged. but my
folka object. because wo aro not of
the itai« nationality
A girl of 26 of my own nation
allty told my folka aho wanted to
marry me, although I havo never
paid any attention to her and my
people aay If I don't, they will not
regard me aa one of the family.
Don't you think It all rlgh; for me
to marry the first girl and May
away from my folka aa lonK as they
don't ahow better sense than to
break a good. honeat girl's heart,
because ahe la poor and of differ
ent nationality?
What would make a nlre. useful
Chrlatmaa present, She dont rare
for jewelry. DOUBTFUL.
A -Sometimes It la best. and
sometimes not. for people of differ
ent nationality to marry. It de
penda on the dlapoaltlona of the
contracting partlea. nnd hoiv wide
ly different the conditions under
which they have been reared.
Aa for the family, It la not their
affair, aa you aro a man growji,
and muat decide for yourself. I
cannot ndvise you to marry the
other Klrl Jilnt because aho la the
Bame nationality
A nloe pocket-book, or a bo* of
pretty handkerchiefs will make a
aultablo Chrlatmaa present
NBW YORK. IK»f 17 Following
the plan adopted In i'hllad><lphla,
the women'* clubs have begun a
campaign for cheaper egg*
Twenty-ala cent a a doaefi ha*
hi" n fixed a« a fair price. If Ilia
HnxerH don't agri>e, the woman wilt
lake {-hart?" of tb« egg market
"Thl* I* only the beginning of a
general movement to lower the
price of all neeeaaarlea," said Mr*.
Heath, member of the llouaewlvea'
i 7 * |^yV\ a( cyouthwick(o- 7 ?.<>.
Patterns Hvi v* . *'"M«' Sabitalion
tSL tffhsfittas <S>/j{r/f $9
In CO nnicthn Ilk JAMES MtCHEERY A CO., Ntw Ymk Slo r« optn (torn 9 a m. to bp m dally. SECOND AVENUE ANI) PIKE STREET
TT NDKKST.W'I) ll*. pltasp We IIH.HI l,||r follltll that the sale
price of every picture in our stock will lie 25 per cent of its /
■ . V ■■..inaaiiiiiiiminoanilHllß
ougmal price. Wc think this la without <|ucst ion the lowest flat re- ■-r —wi — "f «
duct ion offered upon merchandise here, but the end justifies the r:; ..;^ r|[ . jj
We've got to get them out of the way to
make room for Christ mat merchandise, and J '<>*
we've got to do it quickly, for the store contains . M %s£& i dw l -*u>t J
twice as much Holiday Merchandise as we have
space to show. Both framed and unframed pic- nrnVv*., JL
tures are included. t t < / ~W~ M w {
Hand-tinted ('holograph* are among thetn—French Head* — \r
Jt.tl.y I'utuir-. I<elisions Subjects—ltalian Skucs funis in • < .!<»r — ,
after noted American artists. Many are framed in weathered oak —
some in gilt, ovals, from narrow to heavy—circles, panels, every M
125 c Pictures 7c 1 $1.50 Pictures 38c $7.50 Pictures $1.88
/ n /> <n - rt ~ . __ $8.50 Pictures $2.13 I /
X 35c Pictures 9c $2.50 Pictures 63c I /
/ _ $12 Pictures $3 m S —
/y| 50c Pictures 13c $3.50 Pictures 88c $2fj p ictureß $5 //J
/ I $1.25 Pictures 32c $5 Pictures $1.25 $25 Pictures $6.25 ' ' W
$3 Express Wagom $1.75 amdl So Om!
UI-KY stroiuHv ma!i- limlw • I I**xj>re«* \Vaj:>ns with iron axlr> an<l flat spoke! M
* «Mi «!'" welded tires- made wKh t lie seat the quality >•>.- tell f«fo- I
larly at $3 the year ar<>utnJ we offer as a xpccial tomorrow at
25k Kindergarten Games 15c Mosaic Kindergarten Games r- • ' "I
Cob.rgraphs H«wrr Hewing. Htril Hewing. They are fasclaattng. Instructive work— r'•< I
Weaving Picture Hewing St ry IC. these Mo itc wti, of which we have «ev | 1
Hewing Regularly Bu « IJU ,, r> | f orm , Reduced, tomorrow. Una — j • x »' €> d J
norKcrn ia/\i ■ c uai c ••' ,c *i*e Mc. '® C| i j/
1/KUoLU LHJLLo rIALr SH- a |r< 35c, II site 65c, II 25 ilu 75e, II.M I J—li i
Itaby Italia and "Chsracter" Doll those „)«, 85 0 . V/|YWr r YflPTt 7 -3
are the ones with human expression — each 1 V 7 -1
~»,, 7 * «* i Lss^aa^J
Just a few acta are l**fl —of the always _
50c ROMPER DOLLS 25c I Interesting Parches!. And tomorrow, la- -. __ y.ACONS AT 95c
With "cant i,r.„k >m" celluloid l.e.ds' at. «d of we will sell them EC- J1.75 WAUUPIS A 1 »8C
tt.-gular price Do. Ot mX www , pj 4 ( n hardwood 1-xpress V agons with Iron
for . 25C ~ „„^ t _ __ axle*- tbeae without seats-regular plloo
BOY SCOUT BELTS 10c tl 76. Tb«re tr« Juat a few. QC*
CLOTH BODY DOLLS HALF" Made with pistol bolater —regular 1 f\#» While the quantity last*..... WWW
Made With («-. u M h-aV luffed * Ith price 2'*.', n«>w Iww Mpy~v *7 CU/CCDCDC DITTM TrTn
hair -ft-K-ilarly Mr 18. _ . _ , A TOY bWttrtKS KLUUtLU
for ,lOC $1 WASHABLE DOLLS 50c Blsaoll's toy fsrpet Sweepers are made
f Cunning little curly headed Italia which exactly like the larger ones—they ere pel*
Cv 1 ' n Vjjrroacope washing won t hurt—and they tw durable f«ot working model* told for very lttUo la
Tope 15c la other way a—regular price II orter that little glrla may get used to Bta
.. . —soiling tomorrow at 9Uv sell name And tomorrow —
«-»/ '** n '°•* The 25c Kite is 15c The 40c size ta 260
K WV Vk wonderful toy a 25c BABY DOLLS 15c The 65c alw la 35c
ffi 11 mad»— they w. rk .
V Mil»U<r o« a i-rlnriplr. Imagine buying ble<ju*-b*ad Oolla for l«c. pitDnpD DAI I c
a\ flr2nv W which la rrally Italia, too. madwwlth abort hair IC* OILa RUDDtR OALLO
Am to l»« | l" 1 r ,, ■ Hegularly -ic for Iw v • p 4 i n t c d Balla wulch won't harm furnl
ySJ Moat faacinatlng. . LjnilSF FIIRNITIJRF turo—many dealgna.
XA The JSc alze LWJLL nUUJt r Ulxitl UlxE. &0c 30C) s5Ci tl#e 6SOi
W If. Of hardwood «>ach a<t parked In a box— jug fUc 75c.
I3C 26c aeta 15c Ssc acta 18c —Hu»m»nt Flooa
All Trimmed Hats Half!
we have—not even the hats with ostrich trimming are excepted. Note (j
The showing of black-and-white models, most of them trim
med with plumes— j -
The showing of soft Crown Hats. I i
The exceptional variety of small models, for both street and ji
The table of trimmed Hats for children. \U , -f A 'fj
liven our recent underprice purchases of street Hats will go into the I "■ >'
sale at half their former price, so the event offers most striking values even VVL'Y -' jmr? ih\ j
as low a* $2 50. And it includes most superb qualities—s9s.oo Hats at \ \«Tjr U /
$47 50- $75 00 Hats at $37 50 $45.00 Hals at $22 50— f VV\ « « lj j
and so on —in as great variety. The values the sale ) 1 .1J
offers are nothing less than wonderful! AH the Trim- H \7 jj
med Hats wehave are ZZXSL& «.' //
—Heoonit Floor '
GLOVES — The Gift He Will Surely Have You
f Appreciate! Friemk In _„
T) UYING in combination with forty- — - - - — —-
odd other stores (the list of
towns ie at the right) we can offer Altoona, Ga., Hamilton, (an
you caprskin street (lloves of quality Augusta, <-a.. °"
stores usually ask $1.50 or $2 for at Hrooklyn, M»nneai<olts,
just $1 15! Buffalo, Montgomery, Ala,
aa 1 l Butte. Nashville,
Made With heavy spear- Cincinnati, Newark,
back and red stitching—me- " " v ',' r „ ~ n>* York city
.. , , . i _ (Irand Rapids, Heading, Pa.
dium and heavy weights—
long or short fingers. St. j.ouis.
We assure you they are quite fine Spokane,
enough to give anybody. $1.15. Terr!'' Haute,
Toledo. •
We Also Carry
*=-—■----- - - wrr it'g easy for you to send them
Mocha street or dross Gloves S|«'clal $1 60. I Itoal Mocha street Gloves, $2. gifts this year not to speak of the
Dent's capeskln Gloves, $2. White kidakin full dress Gloves, $1.60. savins In express.
Porrln'H light-weight dress Gloves. $2. Mocha or glace Gloves, silk lined, $2.00. . , , „
Pnr llned real Mocha Gloves. $4 and $4.60. In »">' department of the store
the Moorman will give you a Mer
' ' chaudtac Order upon a store in any
. V r f • WAT 9 iT* n " f " ,<> fr "">'Kolni; cities. You pay
Great Values in Mem s Lravatts
there gives the recipient the mer I
- i ii 1 ' i 1 " ■" ■ - , ' ' ■ ■ » ■ ■-* chandlse.
You can't have any Idea until you have made the actual comparison, how much finer these
Ilea are, than can be bought In the average furnishings store For wo add no more profit upon I,u ' " r "'I 1 " 1' >•
them than we can do upon our calico. Finest silks In broadest assortments are ready. or „?T . , !X H,?,i
811k knitted Scarfs. r,oc to «3 50. Cut silk Scarfs, 60c to *3.60 <" t, " !, " lue
Man'a Bathrobsa —exceptionally pretty patterns at the prices—$5 to $12.50. of
—Just luslilc th«* I'rußl litil rnm'f. _ g
■ ___
The MacDougall & Southwick Co. Sccond Av. and Pike St. The MacDougall & Southwick Co

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