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I Th« bride navar marrlaa the txat man at wadcHng, b"* She
| probably think* ehe doe*.
MOORE—"Pully of the Cirrus."
SEATTLE— The Harrier - Se
attle atock company
ALHAMBRA — I'hotoplftV* anil
vaudeville *
ORPHEUM —Oreaay and DuM
and vaudeville.
EMPRESS— run at Sen" and
PANTAQES—"The Surf Rath
•rs" and vaudeville
GRAND—Vaudeville and motion
CLEMMER — Photoplay* and
MFLB<M<<VNE— Photoplay* and
a a ****** a a a*a a a a »
The Itallay a Mitchell atock coui
pany strengthened th«»lr hold on
the public at the 8 oat tie theatre
Christmas Welcome A wails You Here |
Third Avenue Between Pike and Union
Useful Presents Reasonably PriceT]
Commencing Wednesday
This store will keep open evening* till 9 p. m.,
10 u to accommodate our many patrons who find
it inconvenient to da their shopping before 6.
| Merchandise or Glove Bonds Are Always Safe.
You can secure Presents in our Premium
Section with your tickets—bring them in.
Women's Christmas Slippers
Handkerchiefs Wirrn Sli pp« r «'« Wom
.. . , . en's wear. See our special
White, Hemstitched, col
ored embroidered IQI- ™ lue> ~n wl,h
corners \C2U Fur trimming, Qo r
a pair JOU
White Handkerchiefs, put ~~
«p two in folder. has aatin Mens Slippers, special
•tripe sad neatly OR. values
embroidered tdW 59c, 85c, $1.00 and $1.50
Handkerchiefs In neat Children's Slippers—
SsrJ^...S 1.50 50c, 75c .nd 85c
Women s Hand Quilts
and Blankets
\\ hen In doubt what to Specially priced for Christ
give a lady, give one— r .
75c. 98c. 11.50. $1.98. $2.50. sellmg
s3.oo and $3.50. Ssc French Beamed Sheets,
72x90 inches, ARf*
Gift* for Men °° w - —
Cuff Buttons — Prices to seamless Sheets, . 2x<so
please you- ,nch "' Wp
50c, 75c, $1, $2 7 : - .
$1.50 Quilts, extra •I QC
Scarf Pina and Cuff But- gi/c, now 0 I ilu
tons in a neat Plush Box,
Special eO nfl $3.50 Quilts, very fine and
price tPfcilHl size, QQ
Pajamas, in stripes and now T*»wo
e1 cn to nn 13 50 value ,n B i anket#
51,25,51'50, $2,UD p ri « d J2.98
Men's Silk Handkerchiefs,
with initial— $1.25 Cotton Blankets now
25c 50c 98c
MacPherson-Grey Co. Third Avenue
cl * ,b " jffil Ju.i pmr •« »«•»■
far II — Balaar*
Ckrtetmaa. rayacafa.
gk Dollar Down Sale &
This mean* that you have the > /Jj
unrestricted choice of this Kri.-at yr " iUWjt
Istock of women's wearing; apparel I W&&T'
njLjKs by paying just |l down, open an ac- U{JQ£Z~i
count, and pay the balance by ths '
week or month. Hundreds of hand-
Eggllk Manhattan Tailored Suits and i
WsM ft Coats, Furs and Millinery iff
H; Thin sale will last till Christmas II \ I
BLwm SI ! day, but it will be wise to come I 1
■BHKM& Si l early, while the «tock affords such I I
a wide choice of Models, Materials \ *
■iftvV-'i'K and color ' n ß H ' > \
piP Millinery at Half-Price | V
U% $1 a Week Pays the Bill $1
h = t
l»*t night, whun they presented
"The Harrier." a virile melodrama
founded on Hex lleanh * book
There la plenty or action In ihc
atorjr, a little comedy anil a pretty
love theme The play la well acted
anil Maceil
* *
* *
Will M Creaay and Hlanche
Dm tie are headlining th« bill at the
Orpheum theatre thl* week with a
Creaajr aketch. "One Night Only,
which I* aa aklllful and pleasing a
mixture of laughter and tears aa
haa come thl* way In many a aea
Traveling." a Pullman ear
t roe. la all comedy, and last
«ht'a audience enjoyed Monroe
opktn*' and Lola Axtell'a fun
inking Immeuaely, Marlon and
l. aale Standlah ling well and made
jod. Warner and Rlanchard
pleased with their comedy and
oong*. Nip and Tuck are acrobata
|of merit. The Harvey*, a family
of tight-rope walker*, aeem to
hav* thought (Hit thlitft* to on
tba ropo which nover ocean-ad to
other member* of that populou* de
partment of the vaudeville profee
A life on -the hounding billow
muat be all to th* n» rry If It If
anything like on the Ooaan,"
the fifth or the W*l>er * Held* tnu
alcal production*, which top* the
bill at thi» Kmprea* theatre till*
week, The action take* plaoe on
a liner lit midocean, and, In aildl
tton to Introducing a lot of pretty
gown*, prettier girl*, fun aud tnei
ody, feature* a lyric soprano,
Yvetta ltugal. whoao voice la of
wonderful quality,
"I Died." a aketch. Isn't a* *om
bvr a* It aounda, Inec I.aw*on
play* the cornet, and *he *ur«
doe* The Three Ale** opened the
•how with a bit of herculean gym
naatlc*. Harry Sauber rendered
character long*, Hlele and Olr
ard, Yankee aud Swede, won ap
proval yesterday.
* *
I# * *
*********** ******
There I* a good bill a** Pant&cea
theatre thla week, the headline be
tag "The Surf Hathera," a tuu*lrnl
comedy, carrying an octet of pret
jty girla. billed u> "the Klght Kit*
Hah lieautlea." The cloalng acaaa
i ahowa the antlre cant of 10 bath
j tag in the aurf
Kllllan and Moore ■!*« well and
' couveree Inanely. If humatoualy
I.lbonatl ramble* all the way from
claaalcal mualc to ragtime on hi*
i xylophone Ted Halley ai.d hln
j dog* poae The poaea .tre novel,
notable among them being "The
! Wounded Paw." "Prayota," "Bor
row" and "Death."
WANT $4,041,039
Appropriation* amounUng to 14.
041,0.13 for the state penal and
charitable Inatttutlnna for 1913 to
191& will be aaked of th« neit legls
lature. according to a report no*
being prepared by the state board
of control.
The report shows aa actual In
creaae of 2S S In the number of In
mate* and an Inrreoae of 82 per
cant with the number of thoaa pa
roled counted The Inmates today
number 4,986, compared to 4,0t9
In ltll.
Annual ball of the Barbara' union
of Heattl* will he BlTen In Dreuiu
land tonight.
OHIO rate
Second Av. and University St
Opposite Stone-Fisher Co.
Other Dantlata' Ohio Cut Tlata
Prlcaa. Prlcaa
Set of Teeth frP
vZJ Guaranteed <+>0
•1C Set of Teeth
Y'W Guaranteed »
lift Gold or tfQ
VI U Porcelain Crown .. yj I
WGold or Porcelain frO
Bridge Work <PJ
Solid Gold fillings, 75c Up
Silver Fillings, 25c Up
MAS* PAYMENT*— Part flown
and balunca tn puymanta.
I'm glad I'm young and fund »f foothlul laughter,
rinding much Joy In *11 thl* wondrous earth;
My heart a houao filled up from floor u> rafter
With Inve of llfi< anil light am) gentle mirth •
I'm glad I'm young, with ey<» that allll fan twinkle,
With ear* that plea*ur«« when the *»ug* are auug.
And lip* that *tiil recall the way to crinkle
At Jest and whlmsy-»ab, I'iu Bind I'm young!
I'm glad I'm young, although my hair ha* whitened
And 1 am near my threescore year* and ten;
Youth la my heart hag kept my »|dnt* lightened,
The way* of youth are Mtlll within my ken;
And If I cannot dnnne—l watch and lUten,
Thinking Of memories to which I've clung;
My lilood mill leaps, my eye* are *1111 agllslen,
And, though I'm old, I'm glad that I am young!
News of the Day Condensed for Bu»y People
Suherrther* to Th* Seattl* Star
will i.mf»r « f*»"r by aotlf|t«Wg
thl* of fir# at one* of »»* fall-
Mr* tc ircurt prompt ti"! reg
ular delivery of th* P«P*r. er
any attempt to *ut>*tltut* an
other paper for The Seattle
•t*f. It I* tti* de*lr« •' ,h *
management t» **■ ure th* y** 1
e*rv| ( * for all, and complaint*
are given <<>urt*oue ami p tempt
attention If your paper fell*
to arrl»» «ny night, *f_ »
e'cte, k, klr H> phono thl* orftce
*« once Moln »«««- A»h for
th* Circulation Department
Forsstry aervlca will conduct ea
pertinents thta winter at tba unlvor
ally In wood dlstllistloa and land
cWaring Congrtea baa aet aatdv
110,000 for tha work.
Dam*l Cowan Jack ting, cop
par mmar, he* o'dsred atldi
llona in tha plana of hla yacht
that will Incress* tha coat
IM.OOO, making It coat MM.OOO.
Whan oomplewd, tha v****!
will be ona of tha moat palatial
yscht* sfioat. It la being built
by tha Seattle Construotloit
and Dry Dock Co.
If C. 0. Mlllman. now aarvlng sen
tencw at McNeils Inland,
kla pardon, he will not again enter
buainees In Hasttle, a syndicate
having been forma<l to buy all bla
fleet! le bold.n**
Una • Fjarmastad waa awardad
a verdict of ♦3.000 by a Jury la
Judge Krerett smith a court (or tha
death of her ton Itarry. K R.
flat la A Co were defendant*. tha
young man ha ring nirt hu death
shlle employed on • bridge on
Vancouver I aland
Philadelphia. — frank L.
Fordnay told tha oowrt that hla
wife waa a awffraglat and
amokad cigjrata. Ha wii a*
cuaad from payment of ali
Woman of St. John'* Eplsoopsl
church have charge of ow< ssle of
Red Cross Cbrletniaa se*l* today.
■ id* have baan opanad for alter
ation* on tba urawr Admiral Rir
ragut. bought a abort Uum ago on
tha aaatarn coaat for Hit Alaaka
Steamship Co.
New York. —Salomon Loon
wy. who haa ona lag and walka
an crutches. aawaraly baat tan
pollitmtii. A reserve of alght
bluecoate waa aant to tha aoana
and arraatad him.
Oilbart C. Kidder wn appointed
rereirer for the B<-aUls Dyeing and
Cleaning C« by Judge R B. Albert
Aftar a boay day maating elty of
ficials talking public afalra,
Andrew J. Oallsgher. member of
tba board of supervlaors or Han
Frsncisno. toft for Portland Mon
day nlgbt, on bta way borne from
New York. *
Jacktonville, 111. — Bacauaa
formar Vtca *re*td*nt Fair
bonks wanted coma other ad
drcae than "Somewhsrs In
Oraane oounty," while at hla
ranoh, thr village of Haypraaa
haa baan Incorporated and a
poatoffica created.
"1 married tny wife for apllr."
"Well, you certainly got good arid
•yen with yourielf."
Chicago.—Coming hare from
Fort Worth, Tax., to wed Mlee
Myrtle Pierce, Rudolph E. B.
Muller, a wealthy young man,
aloped with Mlaa Dorothy Re
gal, hie fiancee's chum, and
waa married In Cincinnati.
Among the Important revlslona
In courses for the next, college
year, decided upon by the general
faculty of lb( atate unlveralty, In
tbc eatabllahlng of a night coume
lu electrical engineering.
Edmonton, Alberta.—A motor
man refused to take out a car with
a broken fender. lie waa dla
charged. The company la now
facing a atrlke.
For loalng part of hla face in
an exploalon on board the
ateamahip Buckman In >910,
Sanford Wlleon received 910,-
000 damagea.
Tokto.— Declaring that the Kum
amoto barrarka In haunted, every
Ifnll by a terrible MM((f wUlcb ut
tu'.ke theiu la their aleep, u regi.
h D r.T3TON
»iiicnt of Japane*e Infantry ha* petl
'tinned the war office to tranefcr
them elaewhere,
"Writ, tba bluiii' d raltruail coin
pany haa found my lost grip "
"You abould be glad"
"Would you be glad u> g<-t a 16
grip back lit place of |?$ damage*
you had etpecU-d to cotlectT"
Chicago—Asking a police
man If ha had aaen "that kid of
mine." Clem Harpllng learned
that hi* S. year old aon, Harvey,
had baan killed by a street
Senator W. H. Paulhamua will
lecture on "Tba U>ffged Off I And*
of Western Washington." at S
o'clock tonlgbt In tha Y. M C. A '
Washington.—PreeMfent and Mrs.
Taft, accompanied by thalr family
and Whlta House officials, will aall
for t'autuua nest Thursday night
on tha Dreadnought Arksnass Tha
battleship Delaware will ba escort
Tha praoJdem'* party will return
to Washington. Decembsr 11
Poughkeepdt, N. Y.—Racing
at 60 mile* an hour, Vincent
Aetor lost control of his cor
snd It wn wrecked. He ss
capsd without Injury.
Cincinnati.—At th* trlsl of th*
Nstlonal Cash Regtaler Co todgy,
A U Delkln and K E. t<ad I teal!
Cad that the Nstlonal offered to
buy item out or tnrcm them out
ltalkln and l*dd ware former part
n«-r* in s cssh register agency. In
IM« they were forced to sail.
Enoch SanfortJ Fowler, aged SO,
died st 1)1* home, 813(1 K. ttpniM
st this morning. He had lived In
Bnattle 25 years snd had been en
gaged In the lsundry business
Naw York.—When Herbert
Heneel. oonfeaaed thief, said hs
•tol* * eoat "to keep his wife
warm," the judge dismissed
him, gavs him money and got
him s job.
Rev. Wm. P. Pease, retired Con
gregatlonal minister, died Sunday
on his farm nasr Hnoboinlah.
Denver.—Emitted men In ths
United Btales srmy will present
Mm* Helen Qoitld wltb s wedding

London.—A provincial news
paper announce*: "Tha lecture
on 'How to be always healthy,'
announced for thla evening, haa
had to be poatponed, owing to
tha fact that the lecturer la
oonflned to hla bed with a se
vere attack of gout."
Water will be shut off In the
district between Ferdinand St. aod
Rraudnn »t.. from 46th av 8. to
l>aki< Washington, on Wednesday,
December 18, from 8 a. in to 6
p. in.
Aberdeen.—Stormy weather yes
terday delayed shipping In Uraya
Portland.—Mrs. Jacob Kamm will
take charge of the Kamm Stearn
»hlp Co. Her hußband recently
New York. — Inflammable
Christmas dscoratlons cannot
be used by holders of fire In
eurance policies, say the un
Waahlngtpn.—"More army avia
tors are needed," announces Gen.
Allen, chief of the signal service.
A regiment of 1,000 aeroplanes Is
being planned.
Chicago.—A proposed bill prohib-
ItIUK the hip of telegraph and M
'•-phone for conveying wain quota
tion*, Is causing terror In the
stock market.
Ashtabula, O.—Six persons are
dt-itd nnd three are missing A
atreet car collided with ji Michigan
Southern coal train.
The Woman's Union Card and
I.abi-1 League will glvr an enter
tainment at Arcade hall ut 8 p
in. Thursday.
Los Angelas.—Martin Rlckert,
14. who shot and killed his father.
Daniel ltlckert, was arraigned tic
fore J nil Re Hose on a mtmlei
charge. Ills preliminary examlnu
tion wim set for next Monday.
An':, PW,^lr
{$ W*U u ONE hour's shopping WuTl%\
mi 2 1 ,N ™ E mo^ n,ng will pM
accomplish more than *1 a|
' \Store opens Dn/Jy at S. JO
Gift Furniture: Suggestions
CIIOOSF. now, and have us hold for Christmas delivery. Make a point of visiting the
special displays on the Third Floor—thoe arc devoted to appropriate gift-item* for
every member of the family, and are so arranged that selection is exttemely ea«y.
Jnat a few suggestion*:
fi Cheval Mirrors Leather Chairs Tabourets
Chiffoniers Library Tables Tea Trays
HtjQKr » Chiffonier Watd- Linen Chests Telephone Tables
robes Magazine Racks Tilt-top Tables
|IwSVssa Chiming lisdl Clocks I Mission Chairs and Umbrella Racks
(J Si M jPj Copper Lamps Rockers Work Tsbles
■ Davenports Muffin Stands
Art Mirrors Desks Music Cabinets
Book Hlocks Desk Tables j Nested Tea Tables
Bookcases Desk and Table Pedestals fr f* Jt
Book Racks Lamps Piano Benches J'unoj
Candlesticks Dinner Wagona Rockers II jfoafc
Card Tables Foot Stools Smoking Stands Wl •P 2 B3t
Cellarets , Humidors Storage Chests • ™
Gloves for Gifts
Glace Kid. $1.00, $1 15, $1.50 and $2 00.
Chevrette Tanne, $2.25 pair.
Suede, $1.50 and $2 00 pair.
Doeskin (washable), $175 pair.
. Mocha (unlincd), $1.15, $150 and $2 00
Mocha (silk-lined), $1 50 and $2 00.
Cape. $1 00, $1 15, $1.50 and $2 00 pair.
Oauntlet Gloves. $100, $1.50, $2 00 and
$3 50 pair.
Silk (silk-lined), $1 00 pair.
White Kid. $2 25, $2.65, $3.50, $4 00. $4 25
and $5.25 pair.
Colored Kid, $3.50 and $575 pair.
Mocha. $4.00 pair.
Cape, $3.75 pair.
Suede. $375 and $4 50 pair.
—First Door.
Suggesting Useful Gifts for Men
A HINT st the broad range for selection afforded in our
showing of Men's Dress Accessories, which feature , — -
n Tie but designs and qualities a man will find real pleasure f
in accepting and using.
Bath Robes, $4 00. $5 00. $6 00, $7 00. Infl T IJ
tfSGTWfe $8 00. $10.00, 112.00 and $15 00 I |fl
Cuff Links. $1.00, $1.50. $3.00, $600 and W i
Dress Stud Set*. 50c. $1.00 and $1.50. . , IP
WSSFi Evening Waistcoats, $5.00 and $8.00. t\j J' Jf
£ Gloves ' $150 ' $20 °- $2-50. $3 00, $3 50
and $6.50. ffijT *
i'J li\ Hats, $3 00, $5.00 and $S,OO.
Uli I \\S Handkerchiefs, 15c, 2
\L iVB for 25c - 25c> JSc - 50c> Scarf Pins * soo to * 300 *
$1.00 and $1.50. Silk Hose, 50c, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50
juH House Costs, $5 00, and $3.00.
50, $1000. $15 00, Silk Neckwear 50c S1 QO, $1.50, $200,
$18.00, $20.00 and $22 50. anJ
lounging Coats $8 00, $10.00, $12 00, Shin*. $100, $150, *2 00, $2 50, $3.00,
$15.00, $4.2.50 and $<.5.(X) and $5 00
Mufflers, $1.50, $2.00, $3 00. $3 50, $5.00 Suspender*. 50c, 7V, $1.00, $150, $200
and $looa and $2.50.
*****»-. V m 125, ?I ' so, *'°°' Sweater Coats. $5.00 and $8.00.
$5 00, $7.00 and $8 00.
_ , Silk Underwear. $12.00.
Pajamas, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50, $3JX), $3.50,
$5.00, $6.00, $10.00 and $12.00. T,e and Hose Sets - 50 ,n<l * 2CO '
Rain Coats. $5 00, $10.00 and $15.00 Walking Sticks, $1 00 to $5.00.
. -. - 1 —Flr«t Floor.
Decorated China for Gifts
AS illustrated. Chi
n a Candle
yfl; \j3T sticks decorated with
« 111 tiny clusters of
|l *|1 roses, violets and
■ll *[ jl forget-me-nots and
/ j jLwiiwl wi,h 80,(1 f(,KC
PV lW dainty pattern for
•M '' 1C dressing table,
and excellent value
at 50c each.
Other Pieces in This Pattern Include:
Plates, 25c, 35c and Celery Trays, $1 25
50c cach. eac h.
Cups and Saucers, c ,
K Syrup Pitchers
60c cach.
(with plate), 75c
Sugar and Cream
Sets, $1.00 and $1.25.
Pickle Dishes, 75c E « Cu P B ' set of
each. six, $2.00.
fTMnftwnr* So Hf»
■ v«r nolle# thmi all ol«M»tMon«dphotoyph# «f
groom look Itkl thty w«rt •tanking up to b« ahotf
WOMEN'S Shamrock Lawn Handker
chief#, hand-embroidered, bo* of 3,85 c
Women'# Sheer Linen Handkerchiefs,
embroidered by hand, in fancy folder, box
of 3, $1.00.
Women's Shamrock Lawn Handkerchief*
embroidered in six different designs, box
of 6, $1.00.
Women's Linen Embroidered Handker
chiefs, choice of two different packings,
Women's Linen Handkerchiefs, Irish
hand-embroiderrd, box of 6, $1.76.
Children's Pure Linen Handkerchiefs,
with embroidered initial, in boxes of two,
25c and 50c
Children's Handkerchiefs in lace edged
and embroidered cffects 20c, 25c and 35c;
al*o colored-bordcr effects, 25c.
Men's Pure Linen Initialed Handker
chiefs, with white initial on colored «hie!d,
bo* of 6. $1.75.
Men's Pure Linen Initialed Handker
chiefs. 25c, 35c and 50c each.
Men's Plain Linen Handkerchiefs, 12#c,
15c, 20c, 25c, 35c and 50c each.
—Flr«t Floor.
Brass Ferneries
Special 52.50
AS pictured, Ferner- »
ies of "Karnak" jl
Brass, with character- I 1
istic Egyptian decora- I 1
tion. In the -ix-inch / 1
size, with earthenware / i
inset and 17 - inch I I
A limited quantity JpL
of these, to closc out
at, special S*2.f>o.
—Chinawar* Seclton

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