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HUNDREDS of dollars for one doll and her equipment—
' Vfctf * uuld ,h "■ lrl of UmUt 1,0
morning if ih<* woro
■ with th» aifta that m*4*
w* ■KXtf'
h nothing ha« tharw tvon anoh
TI.j —. toward lu*nr» and •«-
In Iho laat t«w y«ar» u
t toy*- . _
'■ZT--..H. u thla tru# of tha
th« trinket* for thwlr
Thla y«*r l« la l«*r
u*tf ttirr to $<00. for a
In "t*rlo>l •t.vle" »r
BOdvm droaa of a faahloa
*i. iMnui Rwal laoea and r««l
Sen *r» » P* rt of th * wardroba
S'iMi dolls.
k | window oo Fifth ar„ Naw
»JL l« » "101 l |OWM« for
!Q w nh « real laca frock. nach-
and an arnilna
JJLj Of couraa. thla doll
?fc»ttiwd for tho homo of »«ma
"ujumi-,. baby, but tha child of
Hroumataiuaa ia
Sjn, too. for do 11 Ira with c>m-
Tlwlr mothora
J, •atiaflnt With a china doll In
_ dr»«« If iha pluibai
LgjgosVd on and could b<> taken
£ tfceir Joy waa complete.
tmr Ike clofies moat not only
off" hot th.>re moat be ward
pka trunk to put them in. an elec-
Mi wa»hioic machine in which to
them. and electric irons to
Ethem There must be neg
with boudoir cap* for morn
d there nut be afternoon
pi ■resist tawses and outdoor
kp. tociudin/ motor and raio
• MiS-4 C.HKY I an 11 Tear* old. and I know rot* will
'ID I '* m • Perfect fool , but I want your advice any way.
iaiU I h«v- lured and lost . and now. after three year* of
mourning fot my lo*t lorer. 1 am engaged to a man two
year* younger than I I don't lore him aa I did my first
(Mr. hat think a* much of him aa I erer can of any man He seems
»tew me better than any car else, and ear* he will never try to do
' pftfcteg tor himself tf 1 don't marry him I hara told him of my first
he *aj« be doesn't care about that, tf I will only lor* him
•f help him make a home. He rays ha will never lore any other
MM. Ml** Gray, don't you tbiitke be will grow tired of me, aa I am
Mar tbaa ha?
Be tea gerer none with any other girl. en don t know whether ha
IpH Oka other* better than me. I hare gtvsn blm chances, but ha
VWlfa. Please tali me what U> do. Miaa Grey, for I really don't know
Hit would be baat CNPORTWATK t.AHHIE
t A.—tl>e difference of axea la alight. I »e«» no reason why It
; make a different, bat lam a little ' leary about marrying a
igm who ssaerta "he will do BOtbbUC for himself." takinf it be will
P** ■» If you don't marry him.
We I* roue*, eo are you. Why not wait until his character la
■Jt»e*tied* There le no greet haste A man or woman should hare
■Milt; en-nigh to lire a gr»d and oaeful life whether or not bo or
PHI the special one without whom life seems colorless.
Bjir Visa Orey I hare been
| Wh| your letters for some time.
Hp give S'lcb good
ITpijaaring to you myself.
tW *ther night I got acquainted
■pa young hoy through filrtln*.
■I cum borne with me and told
MMh be loved me M'ss
•V. he wen asked roe If i «
ftMy Mm Christmas. I told him
lym." Waa I wrong?
Ifca*e an mother and am working
|Mnu«ug m the city My father
B,a> away from here, I don't know
f M *hrrr. so I have no one to ad
young man Is 22 and I* well
fi«a k* says, and can support a
Ml without working. IJo you think
fllJwMy lores me. or Is he just
• love him as well aa If
|'O*k»0* r n him for month*. lam
f you think lam old enough
g"ally lore? Please tell me juat
SPf to do about this. > D.
j*#~l think it waa very wrong of
P ** Utt, for no good can ever
o*. L. R. Clark, 0. O. 8.
» patient will writ® to us
?V ty °° r work gave perfect, sat
there Is nothing more to
can show von a number of
4 B,ter * t **"' non ' r '
'* nnd as to
Bp- *ell, we have cut our com
price In two.
rjjjsr $10 Qotd Crowns $4.00
■•Pw $10 Plate* $5.00
Hark personally oversees all
n '' ! '' ut ttn< '
B wis reason we are able to give
Muaraute* that l» bona fide.
Denial Offices
"• Clark, O. O S. (Manager)
"•Third Ave, n. W. Cor. Union
yPIHBk - SP"B ,(l 's Ad with you
Toilet and manicure set* la
the bow celluloid that Imitates
frory moat h*ro dolly's mono* ram
on them. Ttett mu*t be hairpin
and hatpin holder* with diminutive
hairpin* and hatpin* *tock in then*;
aIM) union aulta knitted of ailk for
winter wear with all the rest of
the un<Jrrrl.>»h.-« made of the finest
"line of It. The right kind of a
boy baa no respect for a girl who
flirt*. Beyond a doubt, the young
man waa Just trifling and you would
do wall to drop him at once and n«*
er again gain the attention of a man
In tbia way.
Aa a rale, a girl of 18 la too young
to really lore.
I>ear Miss Orey: We are two
chuma, 16 ami 17 year* of age. and
both in love with the same fellow
TMs fellow is 25 years old and baa
be«n married one*. He is a gam
bler and travels a great deal. He
stayed away from here for quit*
a while and we got over our affec
tion for blm, but as soon aa he
came back we care aa much for
Mm a* ever.
Now, Mts* Orey. please tell u*
what to do? Shall we both give
bim up; or ahall we ask him which
one he cares the mo*e for? How
can we do this and both remain
chums? Pleaso print tbe answer In
tb* next paper, aa we are at a los*
to know what to do
TWO Olßl.fl.
A.—By all means drop thia man
at once. A gambler Is not a fit
person for any girl to associate
with, and If you continue In this
way you will liv* to regret the day.
If you rwUly loved tbla man you
would think just aa much of him
when he la away.
Oiria of your ages sre entirely
too young to be bothering your
heads about love, but Instead,
should be storing your minds with
thoughts that will be of use to you
In later year*. Read good booka,
study your lessons and develop
your mind and character and you
will have no time left to puzzle
over love
All lettera cannot be an
awered In the paper, and many
are without name or addreaa.
A stamped, self addressed en
velop* always brings a prompt
Ml»« Grey: Will you pleane
print the following In your column*
for tha benefit, of those who think
they cannot lives on $18 per we»k?
My husband only makes $15 per
week and wo live very well, lie
side* paying for a home on month
Ijr Installments. Of coartM, wo do
not spend much for outside pleas
urea and amosonienU, but are con
tented and happy to upend our
evenings together at home with
our baby girl, who la eight month*
We think two or three people can
live on an uiul! salary If thoy know
how to manage right and are sav
ing and economical, We alao have
aome chick dm v. l<-;i are fed most
cambric and lac*.
The up to data doll mu*t be fur
ni*hed with a pair of *llk corset*
In a beautiful box and • number of
hat boxes filled with hat* for ail oc
casions. There in tut be bed (Up
per* to place beaide the bed. which
la'also provided with a *mall table
on which la a amail realm* lamp
and diminutive glsss and pitcher.
ly from ecrape. Thank In* you la
Cynthia'a Aniwert
to Many Question*
Whn a young man preeenl* a
rirt with a hoi of randy. U U cor
rect to offer him the flr*t piece.
If a person haa th* name of hi*
piece of bttslne** registered. an
other person ran b« sued for oalnc
the name, otherwise not.
I'roiwt y acquired by a wife or
husband before marriage remain*
hor or hi* pmpjrtr after, end ran b«
■old without consulting Iba other.
To clean a white hearrloth coal,
nib well with powdered magn.-ala,
roll up and lay »wt) for several
days, then (hake wall. If badly
■oiled, repeat this several (Imet.
The "Rock of Age*" represent*
faith In God The picture portray*
a woman < Itnglng to a rock ero*»,
while Ihe tem|» st* of Ufa heat at
bar feet
"Had I-sods la a name applied
to the arid region* of land, hare of
nod and broken by numerous gui
nea and ravine*. principally lu 'he
Western Dakota and Central Wyo
For a selection of gamee tc play
at a party, get a copy of (tame
Curtsey'* Oamea" or Indoor and
Outdoor flames." at the p-ibllc li
brary. or purchase saraa at a first
class book store.
A Smooth, White Skin
That Defies Weather
During the coming months of hit-
In* wind* and Intnn cold, you wbo
would k «»p your skins smooth, whits
and veiv«ty. should turn your atten
tion to mercnlUed wai Nothing els*
will *o effe< tlvely remove s chapped,
roughened or discolored siirfsre lly
■ m'luslly absorbing the weather
beaten cuticle, the rompleslon I* kept
In porfect condition. *nd even the
l.eauty of esprseslon appear* mor*
pronounced. If you skin tie blotchy,
pimply, freckled, coarss, aallow or
over red, why not *hed It* One
ounce of ordinary mereollted was. to
be ha«l at sny drucglst's will com
pletely trensf'irm the moat unsightly
rompleslon In lee« than a fortnight.
Use the was nl*htly like cold cream,
watlilng It off mornings
If weather, age or poor health ha*
marred your face with wrtnkl»s,
Itere* good new*. You can tiulrkly
remove every line by using a harm
less. refreshing fare lotion prepared
by dissolving I T>*. powdered saxnllte
In % pt wllch hasel The firmer,
smoother skin, the more youthful sp
prarance. even after one itpplloatlon.
will astonish you. -Advertisement.
Wanted Knrnltar*. Msln 6RIB.
Modern Furniture Co.
nftb anil I
10-|tlrr# linlou Orrhrwlra.
i)Mni'in| T*sikM bf Coniprtrni
926.00 TO $32.50
Ladle*' Tailored Suit Shop.
Re-Block Your Hals
We run re-hlork your velvet,
• Ilk. heaver. velnur, net In or felt
Into tlia laleel ntyle
*2T Prn|»l«>'* flunk Wl«l., stl» fl«M»r
We Sell
For Any
Pattern «
All Bags, Suitcases, Trunks at
Extraordinary Clearance Prices
Quick, absolute clearance is essential—therefore we have chosen
the grift-buying time to hold it in. We think you will buy them for
tfifts and then buy more to put away for future use. For the follow
ing clearance prices are upon the very highest qualities manufactured
here and in Europe.
$7.90, |t Md $130 cow fC
hide Ox(<>rd Club Ban - * "r"
$10.50 and $11 Oxford ffP Qfj
Club Mai** cowhide h>UiJJ
$15 and $10 Oxford CQ Eft
Club Bag*
$20 Oxford Club *19 QE
Hag* . . f IJi JJ
$7 and $7 50 Suit- t* QC
All Steamer and "Regulation" Trunks Reduced
$10 and $11.50 Trunks $6.95
$12.75 Trunks $7.95
$13 50 Trunk* $8 75 and $8.95
$14.50 Trunks $9.25 and $9.45
$15.50 and $15.75 Trunks $9.95
Trimmed Hats
All Half!
Many of them have been
received just recently—there
is splendid representation of
the new small models the
Parisian reports are so full
of—excellent assortment# of
soft crown Hats—strikingly
pretty Millinery in black and
white —hundreds for your
choice, with no two alike
and no trimmed Hat of any
kind reserved.
Qualities and styles are so
very fine that there has
never been an opportunity
like it in Seattle,
$5 Millinery $2.50
(Thin wara llat* worth many
limM »• much which cam* i» us
In th« purrhtMi we" advertised
two »r «*k « «i|a. Rvon at thl* *rlc»
Ilia <|ualttla* km I l«h and the
atyla* »r® |iml!)
$7.50 Millinery $3.75
$10 Millinery $5
$15 Millinery $7.50
$18.75 MilUnery $9.88
$20 Millinery $10
$21 Millinery $10.50
$21.50 Millinery $10.75
$22.50 Millinery $11.25
$23.50 Millinery $11.75
$24 Millinery $12
$25 Millinery $12.50
$27.50 Millinery $13.75
$30 Millinery $15
$32.50 Millinery $16.25
$35 Millinery $17.50
$36.50 Millinery $18.25
$37.50 Millinery $18.75
$38.50 Millinery $19.25
$40 Millinery $20
$42.50 Millinery $21.25
And bo on up.
The MacDougall & Soulhwick Co.
,' } g/oudiwickG
ciffore fifristmas Spirt/*
In connflferi %,lh JJMES MtCREMRY ACO . N.w Ymk Jft op,* /nm 9amh 6, m. dally. SECOND AVENUE AND PIKE STREET
$18 and $19 K.iglUh CIO 7C
Club Hags 51i.1i u
$24 and $25 Kngliah CIP QC
Club Hags I Ot J J
$20 and $21 black fl»14 QC
goathral Hags v IfiJw
$22 Suitcase*; CIC QK
cowhide ylUiJd
$1»> and $16.50 Trunks $10.25
and $10.75
$1675 Trunks $10.95
$17.75 and $18 Trunks $11.95
$10 $19.75 Trunk* $12.93
$20 and $20 75 Trunks $13.95
35c Suites of Doll Furniture 18c!
$4-50 Tool Chest $2.75 f - « Parlor Sailet Dm ngroom Suits
What a boy learns from a Tool Chest he v Bedroom Suites
will remember al! hit life. And these
are full set. of carpenters' #1) 7C ' Wf 4 Made of hardwood, nicely finished
tools—worth $4 50. for fZilu ■ |A' —and absolutely necessary to Doll
Checkerboards 8c ,/vr "fejm comfort. We have .Icelched one
Fold.. Chnkrrb.»rJ.. „p>- Q M )'&%, fftj, " t *" ~e '«« ul " l » 35c '
larly 15c, tomorrow for OC *4 * * rpe « 1 O
doiu with closing Eyes at i9c Thursday 18c
"Bisque Rabies*'—jointed—with curly flaxen wig* 75c BABY DOLLS 39c
and 'closing eyes imagine buying a l>oll whose eyes Bisque head Dolls with real baby faces—good value
close, at 19c- will sell as follows: evcn at their r «*K ular P r,ce of 75c—will QO
,, sell while they last tomorrow, at .* Jul#
35c m« 19c. 45c sue 23c, 60c size 30c, 75c size 39c, —^wmm
$1 si/e 59c. Railways Reduced! vE'*,, fl; j,]
The market price of stock in fU' tifi
75c NESTS OF BLOCKS 45c 1 ves' Railways has fallen over tjNf t; ; ; , 1
v jt> j •>. . night! $1 Mechanical 7Q** P*i ; *t|
Nested I yramid lilocks—soc mzc 35c; 75c size 45c. Sets are IwC -»* I t|
Embossed Nursery Blocks in brightly 4C Appurtenances, Too!
lithographed boxes, regularly 30c. for IDC (£ H| l>ck Signals 35c; $1.25 „)V\ Wl
_ , ones 65c; $3.25 ones $1.65. JFft:
$1-50 Walking Elephants Turn Tables, regularly $2.50
ißn fj to see them walk; durable and productions of a modern de
sl.so. A few to sell at.. 89c LAsrii <»»■• rurrsfiias - s i«k mekt ki.oor.
" -J. ,Jfc_-zxsszsx
EVEN AT $2.95
Though there aren't very
An lone »* the quantity hold* out
you may chomn» bet wmii women'*
nlderdown and blanket Holies at
12 »ft
There are morn at 13.96
AND AT $6.00
Are aoft, IlKhtweUht ltathrol>e»
In prettiest of patterns, on
■rounds of light colors —mad«
with collar* or square neck, aatln
trimmed. Klderdown Robes. too,
with wlda aatln bands, we have
In grey, pink, lavender, blue, old
AT M.SO TO 117.90
Are beautiful assortments of
blanket and eiderdown Robes.
—Third floor.
Practical Qualities in Men's Furnishings-We Have a
Cravat for Every Sort of Man
• - 1 !
J-jfpJ, I We have hundreds for every sort of man. We have men's socks
f \Jj I ' 7'|, jf from the serviceable Everwear line to finest silk ones. We have every
/ ' A \' y*T jl| v thing in furnishings that a Seattle man is likely to want. And let us as
, \*i" I | SUrC " ICn t ' l ' n^ S *° wcar " We are men, and Wfc know!
See These Ties at 50c!
,111 I \ A furnishings store would ask you half more for such quality! Plain
/Bel c°' ors or patterns —flat silks or knitted—thousands of them at 50c.
'I/® Bath Robes, Even at $3.25 Real Mocha Gloves $1.50
Vfl I 1 And even at J3 25 they're nicely made Her® again there's very fine quality.
W Iff JiV th " blanket of Rood quality- the Robea Oray Gloves, very neatly finished; slzei
I I Bill I worth far more! 7to 10, $1.60.
Mi wH I \fj I |p N Other Blanket Itathrobes at $f>. Com- Dent'* Street Gtovas, $2. Porrin's
1 yTpR I 11 II P blnallon Blanket Kob<s and Housecoats press llloves. »2.
/*> \ \ ] Wi< M J ;lt oth, r l' rlc "" "1' to $12.50.
•• 1 I 1 / / Slllt Handkerchiefs, plain or with In- trimmed with silk frogs, striped or fig-
U— «»».l * A lllnls, 6t>r. 75(" and fl. ured patterns.
—~~ ~ Uneti Handkerchiefs, plain, to $1. —Ju»t iu»iiU* <i»i* Fruni ENtrnnre.
Sample Bags
Still Lower
One of a kind- worth com
ing early for. The world'* fin
eat leather* are in them—both
tncn'a and women's sizes.^
113.50 and $14 Hag* $8 95.
$17 and 118 Bag* $11 95.
$18.50 and $10 50 Bajt. $13 95.
*21. $31 and $23.50 Bug., $U.#S.
$24.50, $25 and $26.50 Bag* $16.95.
$21 and $22 Trunks $15.95
$23 and $24 Trunk* $16.95
$24.50 and $25 Trunks $17.95
$26 and $27.50 Trunks $18.95
$30 and $31 Trunks $21.95
—'Hmmrm+ml floor
Why Shouldn't a Baby Have
Carriage Boots?
They are just as beautiful a* they are useful—these cunning little Car
riage Boot# or quilted satin with fur-trimmed tons!—sl.9s.
Or • Bath Robe?
Eiderdown Robes for tiniest babies —white with pink or blue cord, $2.95.
Other styles, up to three years, $3.75.
Or "Snoozers"?
Sleeping Wrappers with attached hoods. Blanket cloth or eiderdown,
trimmed with satin ribbon, $2.75.
Silk padded Wrappers — Dresden pat- Br *'\ P lo l h, "„J, r * #^T lnT ;« t< L C< wlt
tcrna or plain, *f> to »10. P° nd T ,,h the Mttle cl ' )th «« to b « hun «
upon thorn, $8.60 to $10.
Long Caehmere Wrappers with hand Folding Clothe* Racks of white en
embroTdery, designs simple or elaborate, amol, with dainty flowers for decoration
$1.60 to 117.60. —$4.60 and |6. —Tfclrd Floor
Second Avenue and Pike St.
The MacDougall & Southwick €■
We Soil
Glove Cer
tificate* and
Soroai* Shoe

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