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The Seattle star. [volume] (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, March 04, 1913, Image 8

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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l>uiinj> that time it will l>r possible t>> buy pure \lll)jl|^7
\AJmjSMmI household .unl mi.u fil niMirr at tin - kVHPSM
luwost prices six months
Ikttei look in youi che»l ind on '''•>*
s|i<-|| m \ * 'iit b.ilh
*^ What's short.
/Cihmw I |M'l ffi I ||l» >Tm 2 m tr> I•- It II) AI fi Vltlu# it. . . 59C (omblnallonN
S\rln«r. Worlh lloi \\ Hirr llm 1 fir f %*• I'' • 11. »•»•« ••%#■•> »»n** 1C « Hater Hulllr
' 1 K' I.*l (4 '.»••! r»i»* N" .-! fl \ulu at IJ U |
>1 ._'s, Special 1 it>it ii.-i «•<»«• nmiiM f • )ii#im» luiitiri qq. 1H ■
* I " rolfi.l .\ 9! ■ . \alu<- 09 V /• ft
mm i(|A lliihbvr I itblna, i« ijulat Iki t#*«> kll• on 25c -M.W-
Of, • r* 51.25 Ofchoco .
l'' y \ 1 on a \" '' )
f«»» V -lim Jt.lnjr at WJw
JI Kssfiicf Pepperainl V ,\V" 7 c SfWHzPewder 1 V '
t„.Ji 8c 10c
k.'.'.l l'«n..l.rr.t llrrU llxl. t, "|_ u , , IDC
. I ' «ltl gj I > ' U.a »•«*> It ...J l.ltff 1111,
11..r1.- *.ld. .r I 1 , , .• ••! 'I. rn.
■ r... unit Wtß» " gp OUfc
1 (•> A A . < K««nr« lumiltp I'lIU, I 1 < O *
ti „ „ 29C l'rr« l|»li «»r«l < hnlk. 1 m I 4 C
11..M.rfc..1.l twia'lla. thr It'. t
Hnar » Hirr. (I ■ 4 I M..11. Hull*. I ■ . k»»- t t,». „ «-*(!.. "1 -
1 fir Fr I l<
»' IUC r .... - 01. „ ~...
I milNUl oil. t'. If. t I *l»lrl»« < •W|ifc»r. I 1 A 'f. 0 A
pr i> •• \ \V. ft,. -! <> 1 • I'"' « "»' »« > ■ NV U; ll# ,j„ Ol#
' I'rruiUr «»f ll»tin** rat. Ih«-
"J" 6c —'W 12c
% r «!«-« *itl %e, tli w . m a.
10c 10c
l*o»* iter?d \lttt«». "] « M 111 It Mattel *«I%V. 1A «
h.» - Ij •• '• « rt' IV 'f i i||t hi>\i>n |»t I. t ill IWV
4 nut (too ml I l«-or l»tr iMWilfr, 1 f , Nt»rlllaril i.u uir » ;«r<l V*« k
' .' c tihreriiie on#»
11. lliitl. num I'lm.lr r», 1 rt * - 0 tj U C
IUC and .... r ..
< hlorl.lr of l.lmr. 1 m (| - Mrll • I'lttr "ttr i.urt . p
K IC Kosruatrr •' <hr " 15c
\% lilimu. riok lilli. t; ur | f * fww
33c At 1 (|/» i 10c
Hi* cell "m'« I*ll.*. ill XV V . WI.Hr |*latf I Much llaltniti. 4T -
pi i .-t :-r \V. t n IC. |. . . . I3C
»l lUL I I L . .... j j
1.r..,, . N«...rr < f f I 11fi
thr s ... .1 Oft. .• I. I « • '' 11 W
at 3 v py Krralrnr Ittltnlrr f«r 1 nlnrrlt.
< rlr r» KIRK — . „ , Wr • . kr* I' ' CQ p
4 C r - 7 m OtfU
mm ' u v Hurlitr l.*r Hrninl*. th 0 0 f
I n'lf thli •»» rttjt of n n . OO- Hot lirllr *»•!«•. 1 A '■;«* I CU V
VU i I v IA*MI It r lira in «t l|»tl»l«lr. 1 0
NfW -Mklrt. *»fr| Oil. I- f lOt
*7 « \v r r I Irlrkrr't I H*tiirl«. I •
It OC 1Q A
ll<*itn'« Kltltir* I! ll* I Inritin %rttl«M. 1 a I«l I#
; AQ . 'fit tf«M««itl U •Irr. •»
UuL lliiorlirHl I Hllllß. f u 07 f*
lllrn't I >>««I I i*i». 4 4"I a i f V
I UU I I L Mrtimo lf»rr, * 4 C a
I'm pr'» Jr M.iU Iphiii ll.*rtt«. ' '' n» f IOV
I t QQ » I a I «rirr'« lllilr lltrr ••III®, 4Q .
it. tal v IC K- ' • lot
The Annua! Sale nf Rose
Bushes in Fn ! l Swinji Now
Hufi»lrf«l« «»f I ar«!y 2 nnl 3-
K'"*n btmhti
at*- I>#lnK told At
10c, 15c, 25c Each
—I <»urtb Klwir.
< .V
lOr, 15c and 19c Swiss and Nainsook'
Edges and Bands tp to 15 Ins. Wide
-5c Yard —
Bmbrotds rtn, fOMlltlßf of und»*rw#-ar r»I f
fling, lte< trfmmed, up t«» IS Inches wi«i*. Rim<
Mwim and nainsook foir*fl »n<i biodi op to 1
lr si w) , f i; Main floor. t
On sale from 9 lo It a. m. only. No
telephone order* accepted.
59c Plain and lancy Silks, Special a Yd
1,000 yarda of fancy niikg and «" plecaa aa
of plain silk poplin* and tiatural |.oii /UO
IN, 29c a yard til) ii a. m. Main Moor
$1.00 Kid Gloves. Sizes 51-2, 5 3-1. 6
In I.lark litoi Kill pa
tan *i|lf*
«jid gray, till n a m. 60c M Wv<
l inen Torchon l aces worth lo 8 l-3c Yd
All linen Tonf >n I..<<*• E'\w :«nd In ft
sertlnn, assorted widths. Values to
11-Jc yard al Se till li a. a. Main 'v
L — Main flMr J
Grocery Bargains—Just lor "Slar" Readers
I Trait I «»» nl lliififh I'ttlC*. . Mir %<i,i r M r-♦ <•#»'!
Li L
<nnnr«l Tonmlor*. NT idfOf)A bfltld ROl
8 C
«»r f>r 'i> ir I . U "f
•sirs quality, jiacka** fC
Kuril ** O
ivhit#* m . i up. rt A. I* * Jt 0
>»-w llrNxll \ni«. 1 4 m
,■ w.i! -i ni > '«\ n« w it {■ •■ i r»<l I Hw
I MHV H'| i »|( ONI) \\IM K" rili I'- HTltllilT
Timely Sale ot Rugs and Draperies
For happy house cleaning time is fast approaching, the
time when careful housewives overhaul the home —and dis
cover what furnishing have seen their best day* and must
be replaced—for furnishings will not last forever—even when
given the best of care, "lhis, of course, calll for an outlay
of money, but your outlay will be much less if you take
advantage of the savings of tomorrow'* sale
SI Lace Window Curtains al
— 49c Each —
*00 odd Curtalna and |>«lr« of
Ijicr Curtalna, 3 and 3Vfc yarda
loriK 40 to Inrhea wide. nice
for odd windows. Value* to II 00.
10c Carpel Samples Special
— 19c Each —
Fa« tory BampUa of hlglfirrada
fViKraln »arp*t j4.juar-« alar 20a
3< mchea, all worth lOr each, t'»
K<» at 19*' h. Nice for aniall
Meal 25c Cretonnes Priced
— 15c Yard —
15c a yard for choice t'retonnea
j In the French dealjrne and color
, ln*a Nice for curtalna. bed *«t*
und ahlrt waiat boa coverings;
' worth 25c.
New 12 l-2c I ignred Scrims al
— 10c Yard —
A aavinir for you on Curtain
fkrlvn* Wednesday at 10c a yard:
US' value that make* nlm looking
curtalna at little coat to you.
$10.00 Smyrna Rugs Priced
—$6.95 Each —
TVtalot* Smyrna ltu*«. rnplM of
the Turklah Itus*. and arc p»rf«tly
reveralble Will Siva the wrvlcn of
two rug* 9)0 00 value at !< t&
New Scotch Wool Rugs Prlccd
— At $11.95 —
Beautiful 9% 12 Rcotch Wool fluffs
In the art and craft efferta. No
aeam* to rip or pattarna to mismatch
Muy them at fll t»*. each
—-Third I'laar.
r >
15r and 25c Fancy Trimming l ares in
%%<.!* Up lo 5 Inches Priced Special
— Yard—
2,000 vardi of fancy Trimming t<Ar«fl In white,
crearn and •rrw In a variety "f *l»ad«-w point
Venla** and flunv Him and Imnn* width* up
to 6 Inches, at 7 V Mmln floor.
Special Ail Day Wednesday
On tale all day at thete pricca gl.id
to take telephone orders!
15c Printed Madras, 32 Ins. Wide, a Yd
Tarda of printed Mad i*m, ss incbw j 4
Mm endi in Hat woven oorda 111/*
Ol ■ .1 •. 11 > I ivl/
25c Crepe Plisse, 32 Ins. in Width, a Yd
• I'llmc 111 in-11l mrl|if(| rfffrlt. m m
al naal pattarna and plain atylaa, | •*/*
In «Ml ii si i .1 *,1 mi aV;
Isc Dress Ginghams 32 Ins. Wide, a Yd
Nit Olngbaou, st laefcw tlda. ja
all nh»d<«, and mm» In li-nutlm from 1 llf*
10 to vaniH. «i i"i a yard i"v
- Illtaritu 111
llrl tfonlr * riiwfnnl I'rmhr* or Iprlroia,
- ■ ■ • r# ii i.i i j • -'I. .V• 'li . Ii > 4 a
IVrl.-if % «i»nrnat l/« i ri.« r•»' ,! 11 n
M » ■ I • • 1 i k 111 ■ v f pound OTi #%
0 1 1 c
lnJml, I' wit i I If • |:||> 4A A
■ i<y !«' < * f"i tin>> p'Mifi'l I UC
1 hl|> llr-9 ; i !,«{.«■ I. I 5 A |
10 • »" ■ • »r ' I J. - ii,.| Ufc '-.'C
Oh, »n, I had ipilt It "forever,'
The aclaaora unit |inmi •• and alt thai,
The huaie urn) til rriintl. h4NW(,
Th« marry rai tat;
I llre.l of the holler Tor "copy,"
I lonned for a life lhat wan lame,
Ami my Friend* called me shabby ami altkppy,
So I dropped from the Newspaper liame.
Ilut •oinethlnft kept »lilht>«-rlriK. "Hilly.
You're oul of your a I erne tit here.
Till* alneeure» meant for aoma Willie
Who don't know u acoop from a leer.
Thl* Joint la too tied by decorum,
Thla routine la alwaya the aame;
Youi rloihen (lont wear out where you were em
When playing the New*pai>er Uame."
Whenever the newalioya would holler.
Whenever the extra* came out,
I tiiKKed at my atiawwated collar
And my heart-«trtliKa were tUKKed !>y a doubt.
Till at laat well, I doubted no louicet,
1 panned up my etneh. and I came
To the cull that I knew waa the ilroomr,
And I plunged |n the N'ew»paper Uame.
The typewriter* rattled to areet m«,
The Ktuell of aonr paate pota waa aweet,
1 found the old "mill ' there to ine«t me,
I dropped Iq my battered old aeat,
The new* room waa dinicv and amoky,
Ilut a altlver of Joy ahook my frame,
Kor I'd tpilt the Kmrd Job that waa pokey,
And waa back at the Neaapajier (Same.
Below were the linotvpe* clicking.
And the atiM-ii of hot lead earn a to me;
The *|iorl man waa nervotialy fllcklnK
The ash from hla "clgarootee "
My typewriter acted unruly.
My finaera r«-lt rlumay and lame.
Hut I knew 1 wa» bark attain, truly.
To the joy of th<\ Newspaper (lame.
You can awear you will leave It behind you.
• You can flew to wherever you will.
Hut the newspaper fever will find you.
The newspaper fervor will thrill.
It make* or more likely. It break* yod.
You die and leave scareely a name;
Hut not until death overtakes you
Are you free of the Newapaper Game.
News of the Day Condensed for Busy People
I* Th* M«Mi* Hur will
rohfar a f»*or br «tv »•
. „I# rn upt «• -I r#a If 4t> ' '
»h« pAf*' M| AtIMMfM I" * lIMMI
lilt* i>«| •» f»r KaaMla
It la tl.a f»f lha >■ »•
ag< «nt to M"ur» t|»* h*ol omr*b*
tot til ftftri 'nn-l-'nlh't ar« • »»ar.
• art•<»>*• »n<l *t , ♦ •Miliar 'f
Mr f»i.a • . mttlsm *ftt
t>» 4 •. rlwli hl"«tl* »•» thta "f
f • at • U*ii 10# Alk f"
th* OrciitiU'iA f>n'»r'w»*i»t
THE PASfMNO of tit# ngrlrul
lure hill mid unu-ndmrnt. which
provide* $70,000 for tha nixltiii*
nanr«. of thr university format
•lallon. la the raum- of
much rejolilnii anion* lh« atudrnt*
aa wail a* the prof<-*«oi* at th«»
A REWARD of I'<o has been
offered by O. K. Orihtm,
grandfather of Philip Graham.
t*e 14-year-old boy who ha*
been milling since the Harbor
Island mill fire. Fr.Hay n ght,
for information leading to the
location of the lad
NORTH YAKIMA- The «|»er|al
election on the $i«n.o«n sewer bond
Ibmic March 20. ban beea po«l
poaed In order that a sanitary ••n
--gtheertng eipert may p;i»* on the
plan* liefore submitting thetn to
the pee|ile.
a puirnpr ll*t of 200. reached S<-
attle from Hun Kranclaco M mday
night at *> <-*•
I' 8 Grand Fortress. Daughters
of the O. A K Will give » nertes
of three progressive wbial parties.
In Veterans hall. Armory, the first
\V. .ln> »day of each month The
flint game* of the aerie* will lie
|i|a>.d next Wednesday night
of New York, who le receiving
>1.000 a month alimony from
F Augustus Heime, has sued
Charles A. Henderson, a for
mer husband, for $125 a month
fluhinic »t« , aiii< , r Hhttinrcwk.
•till*. I* In iH)rt i«nU' In « FlnklriK
condition, na ihe result Of being run
down by the steamer Puritan. of
a j.roiiellor blade which l -he lost
during a atorm off Cape St Kltus,
the Alaska liner Mariposa. la pro
reeding to Seattle under half speed
CIETY held It* aeml-monthly meet
Ing ai the C'liamiier of Commerce
Monday night Paper* were read
by Dr A. IV l/enaniand and Dr. A
O. l.eo
1.1 KI.UA AYERB *«* elided
president at a meeting of the Heat
tie Hutlneaa Olrla' club, at the Y
W. C. A Monday night Other offl
ccra were elected.
WORD HAH lu'i'ti rerelveil from
Toulaaant. Ariz . of the death of
Thos K Roberta, vice president of
Beoley & Co. a K. attle company.
Kolierta left Seattle ten da>» ago,
going to Toulaaant for Ills health.
The police have so far been
unable to locale Bridgman
Smith, 14, who disappeared
from his home at 1068 E.
Thoma* at., last Friday.
Beattle, and Mux l> llumnie, of
I .<lm<>i>ll in, wen in; Unndav
hi, hi iii til" trinity PtrM Miurob
Til® couple will Itkt up a MMidn
In fc.ltnoiiton. •
W'< lit I» ill' ilenth of I'. O. ftn |i
VI, upeilntend"ti! of city construe
t lon 111 I'hlhldl Ipblii, hiix been i
reived here by his nil. I. ('. Itoon,
an employe of the school bom I
i Hoop was a Civil war veteran, and
H personal aeiiualntance of I'resl
I ti' McKlnlcy.
►"HANK DAKItOW, a mftumnn
of Mradow, ha» fliod a petition of
bnnliniiitr). placing IUMII(l.-« at
$•;"< fty and iiKMt* of f!4(t
IN COMMAND of tin new mi«-
It. ('apt I Drayrr. th»- I>lk (}rr
loan fr«'l«lil<T llaml'iirK. arrival
in l« Monday lilghl, 104 da>»
From Hamburg.
Tonight will be the lait right of
"Pickwick Pa|>ers. the i wo-reel
\ Itagraph feature at the Clettimer
John Runny, tbe famous niotlr
con»-dlan, appears in the role of Mr
Pickwick. K\er> scene In both
part* was made In the famou*
haunts of Pickwick, In Merry Old
Knit land.
• • •
Itetectlve William J. Hums ap
pear* personally | n # threereel
Kalem entitled Kxpoaure of the
l.«nd Swindlers." to be seen In Se
attle soon The atory I* baaed
on one of his adventure*. and vivid
ly demonstrate* hi* modem scien
tific method* In criminal Investiga
• e e
At the Clemmer Until Wednesdsy.
' Pickwick Papers." "The Chll
dren of Japan, "Kwag of Destiny,'
"Native Industries of Soudan,"
"llulldlng Pontoon lirldge* "
• • •
At the Melbourne Until Wednesday.
Capt Scott's 1-ast Dash to the
South Pole." When Dreams Cotne
Tn»e." "Tell Tale Hat Bands." Ka
mou* llllm.l* Canyon." "Father a
• • •
At the City Until Wednesday.
"The Will of the People," "The
Cold Storage Egg," "Odd Occupa
tion* In York." "The Kn
e • •
At the Circuit Until Wednesday.
"A Kltnona Tragedv," The Vam
pire," "Moss of the Ranch," "'Till
Day llreak*."
• • •
At the rOand Until Wednesday.
"The Message nf the Cocoanut,"
two reel* Doctor* d Affairs," A
Red Hot Romance."
At the Class A Until Wednesday.
"Pathe Weekly No. 10," "The
Cheapest Way," "A Chaticv Decep
e • •
At the Dream Until Wednesday.
"A Will and a Way," "l,ove In
»n Apartment Hotel," "The Old
MuiU'd." "Oov. Wilson," "The Col
lege Chaperon."
At the Black Cat Until Wednesday.
"Satan, in two reelß.
• • •
At the Alhambra Until Thursday.
"The Man Who Dared," two reel*.
"Animated Wi« kly." "Hink*. the
Tightwad," "On CI ('amino Real."
e e •
At the Yesler Until Wednesday.
"Off th< Road," "lit Might Have
Iloen," "The Cowboy Editor,"
' Wlh.ho Wife la I lilhT" "l.tfe of
Aula," "Ritaliogiaphj in Practice."
Metropolitan Dark
Seattle llHlloy & Mitchell stock
in ' l lii' WttchliiK Hoiur. »
O. pheum —Vaudeville
tmpress—Vaudeville. ,
(JRANO —Vaudeville and motion
— I'liotoplnjß and
MELBOURNE —Photoplays and
\ audcvllle.
ALH.AMBRA — I'liotoplaya and
Your Spring Needs in Floor Coverings
You May iill Them to Excellent Advan'age Now, While Selection! Arc Wide*
TN choosing otir Spring stocks of Floor Coverings, we have anticipated as {*
1 |,o il>lc every pradical and arti-ti. re.piirement of pre-, nt day
ments, and have included only such qualities whose pa-t record for ervice hasp,,
their claim to your consideration.
The present showing is notable for the
variety <>f new patterns presented, as well
as for the hro.id choice afforded in color
ing, in size and in pricc.
Three hundred patterns in ''*12 ft I<,
ranging from $1.? 50 to $65.00; 125 pat
terns in 8-3xlo/) Hugs, $12.00 to $.s7.')o,
20 patterns in 74x9 Kuj.; h, $12.(X) to $18X10}
72 patterns in 6x'f $K V) to $38 50;
62 patterns in smaller carpet size Rugs,
$8 50 to $24.00. A good representation of
Clearance Prices on Odd Domestic Rugs
In Various Carpet Sizet
A CI.MAKING of Rugs in small lot* remaining from several special pure ha**, jJ
of them in discontinued pattern*, Rome subject to slight iinper feet ion s. Notts
low prices: I
Two Seamless Velvet Hugs, size 9*12
feet, to ch'-c at JM.VOO each
Five Seamless Velvet Rugs, size R 3xlo-6
feet, to close at Sflil.riO each.
Five Axmin-tcr Hugs, size 8-3x106 fee
The New Foulard Silks
Styles and Coloringi Art Prtttirr Than Ever
THE Foulards of the new season are
exquisite in design and colors, which
furl heightens the favor they have won in
past seasons on the score of their service
and draping qualities.
Some of the especially-good numbers rep
resented in our showing arc a>- follows:
Foulard Silk in French-blue or Navy
blue ground with allover rosebud design,
4ft inches wide. $2.25 yard.
Foulard Silk with small fheck ground in
French blue or golden-brown, patterned
with allover blue berry design; 40 inches
wide, $2.25 yard.
Foulard Silk with blue and white mot
tled ground and allover leaf design in
brown or blue, 44 inches wide. $2.50 yard.
Foulard Silk in g"ld mixed ground with
blue flower; also green with lavender, gray
with lavender, blue and gold changeable;
also gTecn and lavender or blue and tan
floconne or flaked effect. Forty-three inches
wide, $3.50 yard.
—First Floor.
Ladies' Home Journal
THE March Numbers are now on
sale in the Pattern Section, First
Floor. Monthly Style Books free.
A Demonstration of "Wear-Ever" Aluminum
Special Values Featured for This Week
TIIF. Houscfurnishings Section is conducting this week an interesting demonstrati
of "Wear-Ever" Aluminum Cooking Utensils. This demonstration shows yoo w
food does not scorch in these utensils as readily as in the ordinary enameled and ii
wares; whv fuel may he saved by using them: why they arc not injured if food
accidentally burned in them; and how they may be cared for so as to give many yes
of service.
WEDNESDAY will be "Fudg-" day.
THURSDAY the "acid test" will be dem
onstrated, and Fruit Salad will be served.
FRIDAY the "Wear-Ever" Fry Pan will
be demonstrated, with fried chicken. SAT
URDAY a lecture on Aluminum ware will
be given.
Famous Makes of Coal and Gas Ranges
Pan en Wth an Established Record (or Service and Economy
NO than six makes of Ranges that have won
National reputation are distributed in Seattle by tk
hotline, and it is an unusual stove need, indeed, that ci
'Mf nir •
r|l Jl<>t ' ,c !, y a selection from the stocks maintain*
i There is the time-tried Great Majestic Range, in t
l! | There i> the Ohio Steel Ratine with its itnpron
■Jt* plain nickel trimmings (kept clean with the greaß
i I;., v'' V l '" ease); tin- Hcckwith Round t )ak t ..c viW
C Jq wflßiqt '•> tke makers of the Round Oak Heating Stove,*
U k ___ '>' 'I av M..1 hi its line» tin Dit \ction C
Be! Ran. . tlti Bridge Reach Superii i Ideal Gas Ran?
! ) P the Champion Interchangeable Coal and C.as Ranf
Mm Sfe tin"-, and other i;.n d Rattles, in our Sto*
B|ffi Jj Iji Sect i. oi. Mo. .1, Mam
First Floor, Ann**.
the larger carpet sizes, Mich as 10-6x|
10-6x12; 106x13-6; 106*14.
For Bedrooms, many style* in
Squares, including Ka/aV, Scotch and
fashioned wool weaves.
A new showing of the quaint Col«
Rag Hugs includes various stylet and i
from 24x36 inches to o*l2 feet.
Linoleums to meet every need
kitchen, pantry, l<athr< in, office, jr
building or institution
Six Wilton Velvet Ktig«, mzc 9x12!«
to clo-r at $11).5© e;nh,
Seven Axminstcr Hugs, si/c 9x12 fc
to c!'i-e at 8l7.r»0 tai h.
t, to cl" v e at *15.50 e;<<h.
- H+rond Floor, Anr.ei
Spring We'ghts in Womei
Knit Underwear
A Wide Range of Practical Styles tf Seltti
Materials end Workmanship
ANEW Union Suit of very fine mt
ceri/cd li*le ha- a deep yoke of Ita
ian silk, and is finished with double bin
facing, run with ribbon. In low nca
style, sleeveless, with cuff knee. PriJ
New Lawnette Union Suits in low n«
sleevele-s style, with cuff knee, have dotib
band facing and arc rcinforced under a
and at thighs. Price $2.50.
Women's Swiss-ribbed I'nion Suits
mercerized lisle are trimmed with has
crocheted yokes and have shell crock
finish at top; low neck, sleeveless, a
knee. Price $1.75.
At $1 50. Women's Mercerized Li
Union Suits, finished with ribbon-run i
ble band facing; low neck, slcevele-3, t
At $125. excellent values in I.isle >
Mercerized Lisle Union Suit> in fine t
Swiss-ribbed weaves with hand-crocha
yokes and double band tops, riM" n-dru
Women's Lisle Union Suits in low tw
sleeveless style, with band facing and rem
forcement; cuff or wide, lace-trimmed lew
Price $1.00.
New styles in Vests of lisle, nierctrii
li-le and silk, with crocheted yokes, plx
tops and double band facings, 35c, S
75c and $1.25. - n«
During this week a special valof ■
offered in a set of three "Wear-Ev®
Aluminum Utensils (1-qt. sauce pan, IV
qt. shallow stew pan and a 2 1 /i-qt. pill
serving kettle} at $1.25. An opportwtitjl
t<> start to equip \<>ur kitchen with alnir-J
inum ware, or to broaden the collection
you may already have.
— Hott*«furnl»Mnft I

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